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xNovel - Second Grade Teacher


Second Grade Teacher

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Indian Summer carried well on into the beginning of the school year, and the hills of Lincoln, New York in the center of the state were bathed with the warm rays of the sun, even though it should have been much cooler. The trees were changing color, turning the landscape into a picture-postcard setting. On the first day of the school year, just before her classes were to begin, lovely Karen Heller stood at the window of her second grade classroom and looked toward the hills. It was hardly a day to be teaching school, she thought to herself. And it’s certainly not a day to keep children indoors in a stuffy classroom when she knew they would rather be outside playing. In a month, perhaps less, the ground would be covered with snow, and the air would be icy cold. Then would be the proper time to be studying. But now… Now children should be running around the small wooded area, she thought. God knows they had enough to do without being denied the pleasure of childhood.

Karen sighed as she thought of the things she wanted to do for her students. It’s a shame, she thought, that they would all be boys. The school was somewhat experimental, and the Superintendents believed that if all the students were one sex, they would be more able to concentrate on their studies. It was a belief that the voluptuous twenty-three-year-old redhead did not share. At any age, people should be with members of the opposite sex. There would be no way they could avoid it in later life, and the longer inter-action was postponed, the harder it would be for children to understand about life and love. There were enough problems in the world without making things worse.

When she had been a student in college in Buffalo, New York, Karen had developed the belief that it was a teacher’s duty to teach everything, and not just those things that were written in the textbooks. At best, books were only a partial education. Her students, she believed, should have as much experience as possible. When she had learned about the experimental school, she had applied, not quite understanding that it was an all boys school. When she had been accepted and learned that there were not only no girl students, but also no other female teachers, she had almost refused the job. It was not the type of situation she had envisioned herself in. But then she thought the better of it. It would do the children no good if she deserted them when she felt they needed someone who thought the way she did. She believed that she might be able to do some good if she joined the faculty. She wasn’t exactly sure, at that point almost two weeks ago, about what she could do to. But she had joined the faculty anyway, believing that something would present itself in such a way that she would be able to put to use some of her own ideas about education.

After all, this was supposed to be an experimental school.

What bothered her the most was that she was in a fairly secluded part of the state, and she knew that many times, areas away from large cities were conservative, if not outright backward. How would the people of the town react to her methods of teaching? She found that her mind was wandering as she watched the children playing in the school yard before the first bell rang, signaling the end of their summer and the beginning of a long, hard school year. Karen was new to the area, having moved there only after she had been informed that she was hired. She was not yet used to the small town atmosphere, having lived all her life in large cities. Her hazel eyes focused on the crowd of eight-year-old boy playing tag, and she thought about what darlings they were. Children were so loving and wonderful… they gave without asking in return, and their eyes were always filled with wonder and bright excitement. She hoped that her students would never lose that wonder in her class. They would probably be well behaved, she thought. After all, they came from very well-to-do families who could afford to send their children to the private school rather than the public school in the center of the town. Although Karen did not know exactly how much their parents had to pay, she assumed it was quite a bit. She was being paid more than twice as much as a teacher at the public school, something that had helped her make up her mind about whether she wanted to teach at an all boys school. The other members of the faculty, all men, had at-first been apprehensive about letting a woman enter their staff. After all, they reasoned, since there were no other women in the school, her presence might provide a distraction to the young boys, who were just starting to reach the age where they thought about sex a great deal. Well, why shouldn’t they? Karen thought to herself. After all, sex was the basic reason all the children existed if it weren’t for sex, there would be no children at all. She had said that at the faculty meeting, and received a great many dirty looks, and she decided that she had better not bring up her views on that matter again. The last thing she wanted to do was lose her job before she even got it. But she could sense that there was more to “educational theory” about not having girls at the school. She sensed an almost frightful fear of sex in the faculty, as though sex was something that was just not mentioned. What nonsense, the lovely teacher thought! She remembered when she was a student in college and how she had spent her first year doing little more than hitting the books. Then she met Mark Lester in the library, just after her last final exam. Something inside her opened up. There was really nothing all that special about Mark, but she fucked him later on that night after they had gone to the student union for coffee. It was as thought a whole new world was opened up to her. She could remember having orgasm after orgasm with Mark that night… and again the next morning. God, just thinking about that first time made her vaginal lips ache with the same tingling she had been feeling a great deal lately. For the whole summer after her first year at college, and for the rest of her college life, she never spent a night alone in bed… getting fucked by as many men as she could in an effort to make up for lost time. And there was an added bonus she had never thought about. Her school work improved. Studying was a great deal easier if she could release herself sexually at night. She had thought about it a great deal. Some students took drugs such as pot to help them get through the rigors of college. She never found the need for any drug. For her money, there was nothing like the feeling of a man’s steel-hardened cock fucking in and out between her legs. Though there had been little emotional attachment with the men that fucked her, there was not the empty feeling that might have come about. She made certain that all he men believed the same way she did… sex was as basic a need as food and water, and as natural as breathing. Some people chose to have this basic need with only one other person, but that was not for her. She wanted to provide as many men with that basic need as she could, and in the process, she had learned a great deal about the pleasures to be derived. She could remember sucking some of the men’s cocks until they emptied their hot loads of cum deep in her throat… having two men fuck her in the ass and cunt at the same time… sucking two men’s cocks at once… licking other women’s hotly squirming pussys to orgasm while she herself was being tongue-fucked by either men or women. There was nothing she wouldn’t try once she heard of it, and she looked back on that part of her life with no regrets what so ever. Some of her friends warned her that she was leading an empty life, but the facts did not bear them out. Her grades were among the best in her graduating class, and she acquired an intuitive sense about the world which was formed by her willingness to do as much as she could with as many people. She hardly thought of herself as strange or perverted, or even loose. With all her experience, she found that she could make any man happy with her mouth or cunt and it brought her a deep comfort to know that she was able to do this.

Of course, since she had come to the tiny town of Lincoln, all that had changed. While the people of the town were nice, most of them were as straight as a summer day in the desert is long, and she had been forced to use her fingers on her cunt every night since she had arrived. From the short, simple conversations she had with the available men in the town, she learned that all of them wanted to get married and settle down to raise a family. Maybe in ten years she would be ready for something like that, but for now, she wanted to be as free with herself as she could be.

Her thoughts were suddenly broken as the bell rang, and she could feel her heart fluttering at the thought that she was about to begin her first day as a teacher. Although she had been a student teacher before, it was not the same as having her very own class room. She took her position behind her desk, and could not help but smile as she watched the children filter into her room. Clearly none of them had been told that they would have a woman teacher. Some of them stopped and looked at her as though she had just landed from another planet, and, to her surprise and delight, there were even a few whistles. She could tell that her ideas about not having members of the opposite sex around had been correct. Most of her children had no ideas how to react to the presence of a woman.

Well-l-l… this was very interesting! She could see that she had her work cut out for her.

“Class, please come to order,” she said as the children took random seats. “My name is Karen Heller, and I can see that some of you are a little surprised that I’m a woman. I hope you’ll get over that initial shock. I have some rather different ideas about education than you’re probably used to, and one of them concerns seating. For the rest of the year, you can sit where ever you want.”

With that, there was a mad scramble to get as close to the front by the children as they could. Some of the smaller ones were pushed aside, and one of them was actually thrown to the floor, hitting his head. Karen could see that she was more correct than she had first realized. They wanted to be as close to her as possible. The wailing cry of the boy who had hit his head filled the room, and Karen went over to him, picking him up and holding him against her to comfort him. She could feel a warm, seeping wetness beginning to flow from her previously aching pussy, and she decided that she would start her new education with this boy who had wanted to be so close to her, and who had been so rudely pushed away. While she was holding him to help him stop crying, the class remained quiet. She patted the boy on the head, told him to take a seat at the rear of the room, and then went to the head of the class. “I want today to be as short as possible,” she told her students. “I know how nice it is outside, and I don’t want to be in this class room any more than you do. So I’ll just call the roll, get to know you a little, and then you can go home early.”

There was a unanimous cheer from all the students except the boy who had hit his head. He was sulking, and Karen couldn’t tell if it was because he was really hurt or felt bad because he was so far away from her. As she called out the names of the students, she found that he was Alan Ribner. After half an hour of calling names and general talking about what the students expected for the year, she told them that they could go home… all except Alan. She wanted him to stay after. There were the usual jeers about how he was in trouble. Karen could see that the smaller boy had few, if any, friends. No one told him that he would wait until Alan was let out, and there was a look of fear on Alan’s face, as thought he was going to be punished for something he had done.

When the class room was empty, and with Alan sitting in his seat in the back of the room, Karen closed and locked the door to her classroom. It looked as thought this small boy could really use a friend, and if there was anything Karen had learned in college, it was how to be a friend to men. Turning around and leaning against the door, she canted to Alan to come to her. The frightened boy slowly rose from his seat and walked to her, his head lowered as though he was accepting his punishment without question. He was still sobbing slightly, and Karen could feel her heart melting as she thought of how unhappy he must be feeling right now. He looked so miserable and lonely… When he got to within arm’s reach of the lovely red-headed teacher, she gently put her hand out and drew him to her waist, gently running her fingers over the area of his head that had been hurt. She sensed that tears were once again welling up in his eyes, and she wanted to end whatever torment he was going through as soon as possible.

“Now… now, you couldn’t have been hurt all that much,” she soothed, stroking his lovely, childish head. “You should have stood up against the boys who pushed you out of your seat.”

With his head resting lightly against her chest, Alan spoke through his sobs. “I’m too little,” he said, his voice carrying all the sadness of a boy who was used to being picked on all his life. “I can’t wait until I get bigger… Then I’ll show them.”

In spite of herself, Karen smiled at the boy’s threats for the future. She could see that he would never become the physical giant he wanted to be. He would probably become only average in size, which would be all right if he had self-confidence. Well, Karen, she thought to herself, why don’t you instill a little confidence in him right now? She put her arms on his shoulders and knelt down to look at him face to face. “I think you’re a bigger man than any of the other boys in the class,” she said to him, looking straight to his forehead from his tears, and she brushed it away, running her hand lightly over his face to wipe away the tear stains. “In fact, I think you’re the biggest man I’ve met in this whole town since I’ve been here.”

She could see by Alan’s expression that he thought she was merely saying those thing. He must have heard them before, and there had to have been a point where the words alone were meaningless. She was determined to show him that she really meant what she said, though. She was going to back up her statement with action.

“Do the other boys talk very much about sex?” she asked soothingly. Alan looked as though he was trying to think of what his new teacher was getting at, and she decided that she would take the pressure off him. After all, this was going to be his first time, and she wanted to make it as easy for him as she could. He had enough trouble with his life as it was. “I’ll bet they do, Alan, and I’ll bet they think you don’t know anything at all about. Am I right?”

The boy nodded his head, and the curvaceous woman was delighted to see that he had stopped crying. Then she noticed that he was not looking her in the eye, but rather was gazing at the sensual jutting of her breasts. She drew him against her again, pressing his face tightly into the full mounds, all the while feeling her nipples harden and her cunt juices beginning to flow at the thought of what was about to follow, “Well, Alan, as a teacher, I feel that I should teach you a little something about what the other kids talk about. Would you like that?”

The boy mumbled something, but his voice was muffled by the firm fleshy mounds of her breasts. She could feel him nodding his head, though, and she knew that she was making the right decision. Still kneeling, she continued to hold him snuggled against her rising and falling breasts. His smooth young head felt warm and his hair was soft against her hand. She allowed her hand to slide down over his youthful back and downward to cup the firm pants-covered mounds of his boyish buttocks as she held him tightly to the ever increasing rhythm of her breathing. “Would you like me to suck your little cock?” she asked in as soothing a voice as she could. Already her mind was swirling with the excitement she knew she would experience by swirling his boyish cock around in her warm, wet mouth while sensations of obvious sensual desire raced uncontrollably through her tingling belly. She could feel the young boy stiffen at her words. Clearly, he had never heard such language, and he must be trying to think of what she was talking about. She pulled him gently away from her and began hungrily kissing his smooth, boyish cheek… and then her lips found their way to his mouth while his hands continued to caress and knead the cheeks of his ass through his pants. She dropped to her knees to get more comfortable, and she opened her eyes to look at his crotch. She had thought all along that an eight-year-old could get an erection, and now she knew that she had been right. She could see a swelling in his crotch, and she raced her hands around from his ass to that swelling, gently kneading and squeezing it while her lips continued to press against his. The throbbing boyish hardness of his small penis thrilled her, and a wantonly abandoned sensation charged wildly through Karen’s experienced, voluptuous body as she clutched Alan tighter to her with the one hand on his shoulder. Her brain reeled with emotion and pure sensualism sweeping over her, and she opened her mouth, sending her tiny tongue between the sweet-tasting boyish lips of this, her first student.

“Uuuunnnhhh… Miss… Miss Heller… what…?” the boy garbled in surprise against her openly breathing mouth. “I… we… oooooohhhhhh…” he tried to find the words for his feelings, but what was happening to him was so new and strange that he didn’t know where to begin… or what he should say. He had heard the other boys making jokes about what was happening to him right now, but he never thought such things actually could happen. From all the things he had heard, though, he was expecting something dirty to happen. But this wonderful woman was anything but dirty. She was nice, and he somehow sensed that she was trying to help him. He got those feelings even more when she thrust her tongue once again into his openly surprised mouth! In fact, she drove her tongue so deeply into his mouth that he almost found it hard to breathe. And all the while her soft hands were stroking his buttocks and crotch in a way his mother had never done. For the first few moments, he was totally frightened, but then, as he became accustomed to the touch of her hands, he noticed that it was feeling very good, and he found that he did not mind at all. She was so gentle and kind… and her tongue tasted so good and wet and warm… He never thought another person’s tongue in his mouth would make him feel this way!

“Now, Alan,” Karen whispered in a husky voice that betrayed her ever-mounting lust, “I’m going to take off your pants. After all, if I’m going to suck your tiny little penis, I have to see it.”

What she was about to do to him went against everything he had been taught. His mother especially had told him that he should never let another person play with his “pee-pee”, as she called it. But what this new teacher was doing held him totally spellbound, and he was already feeling so good with her fingers “down there” that he didn’t want her to stop, ho matter how wrong it was.

The beautiful red-headed teacher slipped his pants down over his slim hips, letting them puddle at his feet on the floor. She noticed with glee that his penis, although small, was nevertheless erect, and she knew it meant he would be able to cum in her mouth. That was exactly what she wanted him to do. Now that his cock was exposed to her gaze, she now longer kneaded his buttocks, but rather brought her hands around to his penis and began stroking the hard, small cock.

Alan was getting more and more excited. First she had been soothing him… but this! This was something else. He had seen his mother and father kiss several times, and he had seen people in the movies kiss as well, but he had never seen anything like what was happening to him now. Alan was amazed at the fact that his penis was hard and pointing straight up. He had never had an erection before, being just a little too young to begin masturbating. He had thought several times about what it might be like to have a woman touch him there, but he had never paid all that much attention to those thoughts. Now he was, though. This was a real woman touching him!

Karen could feel her moistened lips quivering with her own excitement. She had been for a full two weeks without a man’s penis in her cunt, her ass or her mouth, and she was looking forward to again experiencing the sensations she had found so pleasureful in college. Smoothing her hands up over the boyish hips again, she fixed her eyes on the throbbing hardness of his tiny penis. In a way, it reminded her of a dog-cock she had sucked once… so small yet so hard and pleasureful and wonderful. Not that Alan was a dog, though. He was a boy about to become a man, and the sexually free teacher wanted to make sure that his loss of virginity did not destroy his mind.

Her mind reeling with licentious thoughts, Karen bent forward to place a kiss lightly on his quivering young ass-cheek, and she felt the boy stiffen with excitement.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

“Uuuhhhh… y… yes…” he stammered, his eyes almost touching the swelling rise of Karen’s full breasts. She avoided stroking his cock for a while, moving her hands warmly over his chest and belly in small circles, teasing him into greater hardness as she came closer and closer to touching his now achingly, throbbing penis once again. Visions of what his father and mother would do to him if they knew what was happening entered his mind. They would kill him if they could see him now. But even though he felt a little guilty about letting this woman touch his cock, the sensations were so blissfully overwhelming that he didn’t really care what his parents thought at the moment.

He looked down at himself to his groin and the way her soft, slender hands were gently flowing over him. He felt delightfully strange because his pants were at his feet. God! His cock just kept getting harder and bigger… and there was a funny feeling in his belly… And then he sensed that she was going to touch it again, this time differently than she had the first time!

Karen could hardly breathe she was so emotionally strung up and tense that it was all she could to do remember that she was trying to teach this sweet boy something new. But there was no denying the fact that she wanted his cock in her mouth more than she wanted to give him a lesson in sex. Her sexual appetite had been highly sharpened by the fact that she had been using her fingers in her cunt for two weeks, and if the Superintendent were to come into the room, and catch her, she wouldn’t be able to stop what she was doing. Christ, she would fuck him as well. Se would take the two of them on at once. She had to have this sweet, innocent, loving boy. She held him between her full spread thighs, his naked back and buttocks pressed warmly to her electrified body, her hand quivering with excitement as she found once again the throbbing rod of his hardened penis.

With her other hand tenderly spread out over his belly and chest, the erotically aroused teacher felt the reflexive lurch of his boyish form as her feverish hand encircled the jutting rod of his blood-swollen hardness. Eagerly, she looked down to see the bright red-tipped young cock resting in the soft palm of her warm hand, the outline of its mushroom shaped head visible through the covering sheath of its foreskin. Her mouth went dry at the wild lust provoking excitement the sight and feel of it sent racing through her. It had been so long… Experimentally she took it between her thumb and forefinger to gently draw the outer layer of skin back, revealing its moistened purplish head. Again she could feel the eight-year-old boy lurch back, and she kissed him quickly on the forehead. “Don’t be frightened, darling,” she whispered. “I’m going to do something to you that none of the other boys have had happen to them, and I know you’ll love it as much as I will.”

“I… I… don’t know…” the wildly excited young boy gasped, totally unable to understand the strange sensations searing in his belly, watching her hand move back and forth with his “pee-pee” right between her thumb and forefinger. This time she slid the skin over and then back off its head, and the more she did it, the stronger those feelings became. And the they were added to with another strange feeling… this time in his tiny, hard balls… feelings he had never experienced before. Oooooh…

“Do you like this, Alan?” she asked tremulously as she continued to move her hand lovingly over the swollen shaft of his eight-year-old cock.

“I… I don’t know… I think I do… I… I… I…” he stammered, not able to think of what he should say. It felt so wonderful, so tingly, the way she kept stroking it back and forth, and his belly was tightening up in knots of excitement more strongly than he had ever felt any excitement before. Another wave of fear of the unknown washed over him, but he could not move away from her. He was held in place by the wonderfulness of the sensations.

“Lay down on the floor, Alan, darling,” Karen whispered hotly in his ear, actually pulling him around and down before he had a chance to do it himself. And then he was on his back with his head near the desk, and she had face was just above his cock!

Karen could feel her natural sensual talents coming back to her. She hadn’t sucked a cock since she left Buffalo two weeks ago, and she thought she might have lost the finer touches of the action. But she could see now that she had nothing to worry about. Everything was coming back to her mind now as though she had sucked a dozen men the night before. It was all so familiar to her now. She knew that she would be able to please this young boy more than he had been pleased by anything before… and she herself would get the satisfaction of once again having her mouth filled with the wet, hot cum she wanted so badly. The thought that she would be the first woman to ravish this sweet young boy made her feel all the more determined that she would really show him what sex was all about! As she looked at his cock merely inches from her face, an overwhelming desire suddenly came into being inside her. She looked down at his tender, hairless balls and thighs. She had to kiss it… to touch it with her tongue… to taste and suck it! God! It was larger than she had thought it would be, and his smooth, pink balls reminded her of tiny cherry-tomatoes. But the puffy flesh around the base of his boyish penis was as stimulating to her as anything. As she smoothed her hand upward over his soft, pliant thigh toward it, she was surprised to see the slender length of hardness suddenly swell even larger.

Briefly, she wondered just how large it would grow. After all, he was only eight-years-old. Perhaps it was because he was able to be so free with her that his cock was growing larger than was believed possible by all the “scientists”. How many eight-year-old boys are tested for sexual ability under totally free situations? Very few, if any, she reasoned. She could see the folly of having younger children removed from the pleasures of sex, she thought. She could see conclusive proof that younger children were capable of enjoying sex as much as older children and adults! And that meant that she would really enjoy having sex with this young boy. That sudden realization added new fermentations to her intensively aroused desire. Once again, she took hold of his cock with excitedly trembling fingers and began to stroke it, feeling it pulsing as she extracted the moistened, swollen head from its protective foreskin. The way the slender length of it tried to hug snugly against his flat white belly in its rigidness fascinated her. The wanton young teacher, in all her experience, had never seen a young boy’s cock. The sight only added more fuel to her lust-inflamed mind. It seemed a little strange that an eight-year-old penis could produce such intense feelings in her, but she reasoned that it was because she was helping this young boy become a man. All the people she had fucked before had had other experiences, but she was holding in her hand the virgin cock of a young boy, and the thought that she was able to use all her training to open the doors of sensual delights to him sent a wild shiver ripple through her body. She could remember the fears and tension she had felt when she held her first cock… She could vividly recall the apprehension that had swept through her at the thought that a man’s penis was finally going to enter the moist slit up between her legs, and she understood that young Alan was feeling very much the same thing.

“W… What are you going to do?” Karen heard Alan’s choking question as she went on stroking his stiffened young cock, aware now of the wetness that had seeped down from between her vibrantly tingling vaginal lips to dampen the narrow panty crotchband under her skin-tight pants suit. She writhed on the floor, clutching her full thighs together, the action causing further sensations of erogenous delight to wash through her pelvis and belly.

“I told you, little darling… I’m going to suck your beautiful little cock,” she hissed, her tongue slipping out to moisten her feverishly dry lips. “You don’t have to be afraid… I know you’ll like it very much. I’ve done this before, and all the other men have liked it. And I think you’re as much a man as any of them.”

“But… but… I don’t know if we should…” the boy whimpered, lifting his head off the floor, feeling the waves strange guilt washing through his young body and watching wide-eyed as her face, nearly hidden from him by the tumbling masses of her full light red hair, lowered toward his jerking penis. Then he saw her mouth right above it, and the pinkness of her tongue darting out to touch the swollen tip. “Uuunnnhhh…!” he grunted with a lurch of his hips as her tongue-tip tried to worm wetly up into the tiny little slit at the end. Again he whimpered and a confusing chill raced along his spine as he watched her bring her open mouth down closer to it… then enclose the moistly glistening head in a lip-locking pressure that made him want to die of happiness!

Alan could no longer hold back the frenzied whines of strangely confused pleasure, and instinctively he thrust his boy-hips and loins upward, fucking his stiffened penis into the wet cavern beyond her ovally clasping lips. He watched them tighten like a rubber band around it, then slip all the way down until her pretty nose was pressed into his naked belly, the entire length of his cock sucked right up into the moist warmth of her luscious mouth! God…!

He watched, his breath coming in short panting gasps, as she sucked up off its thick red tip, then began to lick it avidly with her moist little tongue, brushing and laving all over its underside to the narrow ridge of its pulsing knob which was shiny and wet and sticking out from the pulled-back shin. The thought that this was wrong was something he could not put out of his mind, although it was not nearly as strong there as it had been before. The feelings were so wonderful… and no matter what his mother had told him, he liked what was happening… It felt so good! This lovely new teacher was washing, playing, loving it with every lick of her tongue… and then she was going back down its throbbing length to his belly again… and below, to the little pouch of his strangely aching balls!

Karen’s belly was an inferno of wild sensations. Memories of other cocks in her mouth were matched with the reality of the one she was now sucking. The delicious piquancy of his tender virginal balls and cock was actually driving her to the point of cumming with the mere thought of her loving seduction alone. God he was so loving and tender and beautiful. If only he would hurry and cum so that she could taste his boy-sperm when it shot into her mouth! She would swallow it right down into her belly. She would… yes… yes… yes… yes!

Saliva dribbled excitedly down her tongue as the lovely young teacher licked the smooth flesh of his hairless young testicles with warm sweeping strokes. Then she crawled still closer to him, spreading his legs on the floor and wedging between them. At the same time she raised them, pressing them back to expose his tight, brownish little anus, and trailed her damp tongue along the raised pink ridge between his tiny, white buttocks. She let her tongue tauntingly circle the tiny, puckered little hole of his anus, painting his quivering inner buttocks with the warm moisture of her saliva. Finally, as a tremendous charge of lustful excitement spiraled through her loins, she stiffened her tongue-tip in an effort to penetrate the tightly locked mouth of his tiny, nakedly throbbing rectum.

Oh, God, she thought… if she were only naked, with her swollen breasts hanging free to sway and ripple as she worked over him! Her pussy was so hot and wet… she had to get something in her burning cunt… something in between those hair-lined pussy-lips… something to caress her aching clitoris…! She had to cum! Had to! Reaching down between her spread thighs from the top of her pants outfit, she forced her middle finger down the top of her panties and into the sensitive wet flesh between her lust-swollen cuntal lips.

God! Oh God! It feels so good, she thought as her finger began to gently caress the tiny erect bud of her quivering clitoris, making more intense sensations of heightened stimulation spread hotly through her voluptuous young body. Sucking on a cock and finger-fucking was a good deal more pleasurable than only fingering herself. Quickly, she trailed her laving tongue back over the small boy’s balls and along the still solid shaft of cock-flesh to its pulsating head, slipping her lush lips wetly down over it once more. Oh… Heaven… sweet, delicious heaven! She had been simply too long without a cock in some part of her body, and she made a determination right then and there that she would not allow something like that to happen again! She wanted to suck this young boy’s cock again and again and again until she tasted the hot delight of innocent, virginal boy-sperm from his sweet, lovely boy-cock!

Alan was totally lost in the incredible sensations caused by what his new woman teacher was doing to him and the almost hurting tickle in his young loins was growing stronger and stronger. Never having even masturbated, he was completely unaware of what the growing tension in his belly meant… but he did know that he did not want it to stop. It was something unknown but wonderful… wonderful and delightful, and even though he was becoming more frightened by the second, he hoped his new teacher never took his small penis out of her mouth.

While she was doing something between her legs, she was holding his pee-pee with her thumb and forefinger right next to his belly and sucking it steadily, moving her pretty mouth up and down as she curled her hot tongue around it each time she raised her head. Uncontrollably, he tensed his virgin pelvic muscles and pushed his loins up at her face. He heard her moan as she began to suck him harder and harder, nipping now and then with her teeth and making him gasp as well, his penis looking bloodless beneath her soft-scraping sucking, and fiery-red at its tip. His eight-year-old mind was losing control and a crazy sob tore out of his throat, but he managed to swallow it as Karen began a harder sucking motion on his cock, taking it as deep into her throat as it would go. Her fingernails tickled maddeningly at his hairless balls, tickled the base of his tiny erect penis and caused a boiling swarming sensation to build up deep inside him.

“Uuuuhhhh… please…!” he begged urgently.

Karen smiled around the swollen cock in her mouth. She had been correct in her assumption. Even an eight-year-old was capable of enjoying sex. She increased the abandoned mouthing of his penis, letting her tongue ream the opening in the small, mushroom shaped head, tantalizing it with her heated breath, running her nails faster and harder along the rigid underside of his burning, quivering flesh. Dimly, Alan felt an overwhelming tension in his balls. He knew his mother and father would want him to push the head of his teacher away from him, but all he wanted to do was let her mouth grind down harder on his aching cock, and his fingers now splayed on the back of her head.

It was really amazing, Karen Heller thought as she played with the young boy’s penis. She could see that she was showing Alan the first glimpses of independence. She was helping him learn more about sex than she ever could by just talking to him. And she was being satisfied herself! The young teacher was realizing a total emancipation she had never known before. This young boy was so innocent and unknowing that he would have none of the hang-ups that might come with a lifetime of what people might call normal relations. There was no reason why this sweet young boy should wait until he was some older age. She had waited, and she could see that enjoyment of sex based on how old a person was only made things worse than they are. She loved pleasure, and there was no reason why everyone shouldn’t love pleasure as much as she did. Nothing that felt as good as sex could be bad in any way. How could something be wrong when it brought such wonder and bliss and total ecstasy? Suddenly, the young boy’s hips jerked forward, and she could feel his lust-engorged cock slither up the full length of her mouth, depressing her tongue and filling her cheeks with its pulsing young hardness. Holding her face tightly between his hands, the panting eight-year-old began instinctively fucking into her mouth, causing her to choke and gag as he slammed his small cock deeper into her throat than she would have thought possible. The full length of it disappeared between the full lusciousness of her lips. Struggling for breath, she gasped for air on the out-stroke.

And then she received another shock as she heard him groan: “Oooohhhh… shit… teacher… suck it… suck it…!” in an instant, Karen knew that all the theories of education on which the school was based were wrong Alan heard words that he “wasn’t supposed” to hear… and he knew what they meant. There was no way a person could be sheltered from the joy of sex. And Karen decided right then and there that she would not even try. His words aroused her more and she sucked hungrily as the stiffened penis buried itself deep into the warm moist cavern of her mouth.

Tiny droplets of seminal fluid seeped from the opening of the glans at the end, and the sharp pungent taste and odor caused her nostrils to flare out in excitement. She closed her eyes to keep from choking as the fleshy young shaft fucked in and out of her oval-shaped lips. She sucked at the pounding virgin cock, aware of nothing in the world but this small, hard penis ramming back into her throat.

“Suck it harder… Miss Heller!” he groaned, his young, falsetto voice husky and breathless with passion. As he spoke, Alan’s hands pulled her head down harder on his upthrusting cock, gagging Karen as the madly throbbing head hammered into the back of her mouth. As he watched his cock slither in and out of the teacher’s lips, Alan felt as thought he was growing up… adding ten years to his life in just a few moments. All time seemed to stand still for him, and he felt more important than he ever had in his young life before. And to think he was the only person in his class his new teacher had done this to.

The love-starved teacher increased the pressure of her mouth around the throbbing penis that almost filled her mouth and on the instroke, brushed against her tonsils. Her hands clung to the blood-engorged shaft now, her head bobbing up and down, laboring over the rigid young phallus, mouth clamped even tighter, drawing on it with all her strength. She wanted it. Wild and lustful things were happening to her own body. A lascivious warmth was flowing through her limbs as she performed this act of education and love combined. Her thighs were squeezing together between the eight-year-old boy’s wide-spread legs.

Eagerly now, her numbed brain still and silent, watching the contorted face of Alan, Karen took her virgin student’s cock deeper between her lips and sucked hard with all her might, drawing the rigid penis straight down her throat. She could feel the young boy’s cock jerk and throb inside her mouth, his groans spilling from his throat as she sucked him. God! How could she have gone so long without doing this? The two weeks without a cock somewhere in her body had really taken their toll, and she was making up for those two weeks right now… here… with this sweet, innocent boy.

And then a thought occurred to her that increased all the more the fires raging in her own body. She was the only woman at this whole school. There were at least three hundred little boys like Alan here who needed to be taught the joys of sex. She could have almost one a day during the whole school year, and she would still not be able to handle them all. She decided that she would think about that later, when she was better able to concentrate. Her thoughts were broken by the rasping voice of the young boy beneath her…

“Yyyyeesssss… suck it… suck it… teacher…!” Alan had never felt anything like this before, and the words just seemed to come from deep in his brain, words he had heard some of the older boys use. Until now, he had not known what they meant, but now that he did know, he was not adverse to using them. He never thought that a woman would want to take his thing into her mouth. After all, he had used it only for pissing. But it was obvious that Karen loved what she was doing to him… just as much as he loved having her do it! It was the most wonderful thing in the whole world, and he felt as though his mind was about to split into a million pieces.

Growing more adventurous, Karen ravished her warm tongue around Alan’s hard young penis. She brushed and grazed along its underside, licking the thick base, and gradually lapping up to the thin coroneal ridge, protruding thickly from the foreskin. Then she flicked her tongue back and forth rapidly across the sperm-filled cord on the underside, playing it like a banjo string, sending the young boy totally wild. His boyish hips heaved forward, hands clenched in her light red hair, and she could feel the muscles in his eight-year-old body tense and stretch tautly.

“Ggggooddd… ooooohhhhh…!”

Her tongue swirled around the bloated cock-head to slit the tiny hole in the tip with the end of her tongue. She could feel him lift closer to her as she knelt over him, his hands pulling her face to his pleasure-mad young cock.

Karen’s voracious mouth returned to the hairless sac of her virgin student’s balls and the strong young base where his long hard cock jutted up. She slicked them all over with saliva from her wildly working mouth, coating his balls entirely with sweeps of her hungry warm mouth as he lay moaning on the class-room floor.

“God… Oh, God… Miss Heller!”

Her tongue ran up and down the rigid cock-shaft from base to tip, licking the young vibrant flesh as though it were an ice cream cone. Quickly, she trailed her mouth and tongue back over his churning balls, along the shining, almost purple shaft at its pulsating head, and then slipped her lips down over it again.

The wildly aroused young teacher no longer thought about anything but the tiny, hard cock in her mouth. Her body was wallowing in the familiar sensations she thought she would never have again when she first moved to this small town, and the waves of licentious pleasure blotted out every other consideration from her mind.

The young boy’s hips lunged upward hard as he fucked the entire throbbing, jerking length of his excitedly jerking young cock into the warmly welcoming cavern of her mouth. Oh God! He was going crazy with sheer rapture. So close now… not long… he could sense that he was going to shoot something into her mouth. Just what it was he didn’t know, but it felt as though there would be a lot of it. She was using her mouth like a vacuum cleaner, sucking and pressing her lips so hard as she withdrew slowly that the jolts of frenzied pleasure that raced through Alan almost set him off!

“Ooooohhhh… Uuuhhhh…”

Then closing in sensual tension, Karen was aware that her own aroused body was seeping copious vaginal moisture. Her own erotic juices were seeping out from deep within her burning cunt! God! Oh, God! How she wanted him… needed him. She wanted his sweet, young cock fucking into her aching pussy. In Alan’s frenzy his hands were all over her… smoothing her face, stroking her arms as he lunged again and again up into the deep wet chamber of her slaving mouth. Wild little electrical shocks were coursing through her with each brush of her sensually swaying breasts against his youthful thighs, and those shocks sent currents straight through her tremulously aroused body to clench and create a drawing-in sensation in her needing pussy.

“Ooohhhhh… uuuhhhh… ooohhhhh something’s happening… Something’s happening to me… don’t stop… keep sucking me…!” Young Alan Ribner was raving, arching his hips wildly up into her mouth, hands growing tight on her tender flesh in his frantic reaching for his first release. The moans and groans spilling from his mouth measured the degree of his rising pleasure that threatened to carry him into complete delirium. Karen would never have guessed that an eight-year-old could get so utterly carried away with the throes of sexual pleasure.

“Don’t stop… suck me… suck me harder… suck it… hard… hard… suck me harder…!” He was shaking her shoulders, then clamping his fingers around her lips to close them again on his throbbing, nearly bursting penis. “That’s it… God… GOD... yesssssssss… ooooohhhhhhhhh…”

He was almost there. The sight of his beautiful teacher’s renewed sucking, drawing with lustfully contorted lips on his almost exploding cock set the pre-climatic mechanism into action inside his churning belly. Alan ground harder and harder, fucking deeper and deeper into her pinkly ovalled mouth and working throat into that blissful sanctuary. He could feel the boiling cauldron in his balls as he fucked into her mouth as hard and as deep as his young virgin hips would allow. CHRIST!

The long column of rigid flesh that nearly filled Karen’s mouth began to swell even more, and she tried to increase the moist sucking around it as the hard bulbous head rammed into her throat, expanding even more with every hard thrust. All that mattered was the sweet, innocent shaft of flesh that was instinctively fucking faster and faster into her mouth. Saliva dribbled down from the corner of her lips, coating her chin.

The lust-crazed eight-year-old was watching her, his face wrenched with sheer animal passion. Holding the sides of her head in a vise-like grip, he pulled her lips downward, even closer to the base of his cock, pushing her into his totally smooth, hairless groin. A thundering roar beat through his brain and he knew he could hold back no longer… What ever was going to happen would happen very soon…

Pressing his fingers into her cheeks to make the warm moist cavern of her mouth even tighter, he fucked his pulsing distended cock deep up into her face and forced his hips upward. His blood-filled penis throbbed and expanded in the channel between the softness of her tongue and the firm slippery roof of her mouth as he speared into her with amazingly long and powerful strokes until he felt as if a thousand volts of electricity were shooting through his body…

And then… all at once, he felt the eruption take place, felt the first stream of white-hot fire leap along the passage of his fucking penis. He gasped, his lips pulling back across his teeth as though he were going through some sort of agony. His cock began a sudden wild convulsive jerking that flooded without advance warning Karen’s madly sucking mouth with rush after rush of burning semen, bloating her cheeks outward with each youthful spurt until she was forced to swallow frantically to keep from choking. Mewling and cooing her approval, she tickled his emptying balls with the tips of her fingernails. She would never have thought that an eight-year-old could produce so much cum, and she was more than pleasantly surprised at the amount of boyish sperm flooding her mouth and throat.

“Keep sucking… sucking…” Alan cried. His hands were working wildly in her hair now, ramming her head down harder on his burgeoning cock, burying it deep in her gulping throat. And then, with one last mighty groan as his lovely teacher sucked wildly at the juices of his young passion, he emptied the final drops of his sperm into her mouth!

But Karen was not quite finished, for at that moment her finger was working furiously at the tiny spasming bud of her clitoris. She fucked her hand deeper between her spread thighs from the top of her pants into the wetness of her passion-flushed cunt, tweaking and stroking the palpitating nerve center while she continued to nibble on his young penis long after it had softened in her mouth. With one hand jab of her frantic fingers her own climax erupted and bathed her in blissful spasms.

For a short while, student and teacher said nothing, each trying to catch their breaths. Alan was trying to understand the strange yet wonderful sensation still searing through his body. He had never thought that what had happened to him could be so wonderful. He had never thought that anything like that could be so wonderful. His teacher looked up from his limp cock and smiled at him.

“Are you glad you stayed after now?” she asked breathlessly.

“Oooooohhhh… yes, Miss Heller,” he said, his eyes blinking rapidly as though he were trying to wake up from a deep sleep.

“Well, I think you can go home now. I trust I don’t have to tell you that this will be our little secret.”

“Noooooo… you don’t have to tell me.”

“That’s a good boy,” she said. Quickly, she helped him to his feet and pulled his pants up for him. In less than two minutes, Alan Ribner was outside, walking as though he had not a care in the world. Karen stood at the window and watched him skipping through the school grounds and down his street. All the while she watched him, she could think of nothing but the incredible luck she was having. To think, there wasn’t another woman teacher in the entire school. She would have these precious children all to herself. Briefly, she allowed her memory to dwell on the innocent faces of the students she had spent less than an hour with. Some of them had looked at her in wonder… some of them had looked at her as though they didn’t know what was expected of them with her. Well, she would teach them all. Each and every one of them. They were so darling and precious… so wanting and innocent. It would be better for them to learn about sex with her than out on the street where sex could be made something dirty and unwanted. She believed that an all boy school could turn repressed sexual passions into homosexuality. In any of her students turned out like that, that was their business, but she would feel guilty and lax in her duty as a teacher if she didn’t do everything in her power to educate her class in everything the world had to offer… and if that meant getting fucked by and sucking all the beautiful young eight-year-olds in her class, well so be it!!



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