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xNovel - Graduate Course In Sex


Graduate Course In Sex

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The sight Lynda beheld when she looked below was too much for her to believe — both Tim and Claire were avidly sucking and licking her hot organs at the same time. They were even kissing each other’s lips as they did it!

Lynda had lain for some time with her hands comfortably rubbing and caressing Tim’s penis. Now she was inspired to do what she had never, in all her fifteen years, ever done. She wanted the fat organ inside her mouth. It was only inches away and had been all along. But up to now she had confined herself to masturbating the instrument with her active fingers. Now she was ready to use her lips and tongue where her fingers had been employed before.

She watched her tandem lovers at work on her genitals for a few seconds and almost fainted from the thrill of seeing as well as feeling their mouths on her genitals together. Then, while Tim was licking one of her vaginal lips and Claire was gently sucking the other, Lynda pushed the stiff organ to her mouth and quickly enclosed it between her lips. The second she tasted it with her tongue, she was overwhelmed by the flash of passion that raced through her body. She bucked her posterior rapidly and felt a hot, sweet thrill growing deep inside.

Tim was completely taken by surprise when Lynda took his penis into her mouth. He gasped and nodded for Claire to look and see what was happening.

Just as he motioned to her, Claire had noted Lynda’s violent new movements and knew the girl was nearly ready to climax.

“Oh, wow, Tim… she’s about to come… she’s going to get her cookies fast!” Claire cried.

Tim yelled, “So am I, baby, so am I! Oh shit, she’s sucking my cock like a freak. I’m going to unload a hot wad… oh, it’s coming, it’s coming!”

Then Claire watched in amazement as Lynda and Tim both hit their peaks at nearly the very same time. Tim’s movements were so violent that his penis came out of Lynda’s mouth and spurted sperm all over her face and neck. But she didn’t seem to even notice it, much less to care. She was too involved in jerking her body to and fro in the heat of her own excited orgasm. Claire looked on and watched the writhing bodies before with dry lips and sweat pouring down her face and naked breasts. She was very near her own climax.

By this time, Tim was past his peak and back to normal enough to see that Claire was at last about to enjoy the same wonderful sensation experienced by him and Lynda. She was straddling Lynda’s naked thigh and rubbing her pubes against it as fast as she could and she was jerking her fingers in and out of her wet orifice with each movement of her pelvis.

Lynda even raised up to watch too. She saw her friend working to orgasm by using her thigh as a stimulator and was very pleased to have her leg in a position where Claire could get pleasure from it. She saw that she was also using her fingers on herself and knew that Claire was bound to reach climax any moment. When it came, they both saw her screw up her face as though she was in great pain, then expel a shriek from her throat and fall forward onto Lynda’s naked torso and collapse.

After she was back to normal, Lynda kidded her about how her orgasm was reached. “Used your fingers on yourself to get your cookies, didn’t you?” she commented. “Just like Sally does,” she added.

Claire smiled. She knew Lynda was only kidding and that she wasn’t really making a comparison between her and the nine year old.

“If it feels good, do it,” Claire answered. “And that sure did feel good. Besides, you were both too busy with your own thing to help me out any. Or don’t you remember? I wouldn’t be surprised if neither of you did, the way you were going on.”

But Tim had caught a piece of the conversation that interested him very much. “What’s this about Sally?” he asked. “Who’s she, anyway?”

“Oh, just this girl in the troop that plays with herself a lot,” answered Lynda.

“Yeah,” added Claire, “she’s always frigging herself whenever anybody goes past her cubicle. And she tries to hide it by being real still all of a sudden.”

“If she was old enough to have anything a boy would want, maybe she’d get some real loving. But at her age I guess there’s not much you can do to satisfy yourself,” said Lynda.

“Why?” asked Tim. “How old is she? You mean she’s younger than you girls?”

They both giggled. “Sure she’s younger than us,” said Claire. “Even Rosa’s older than her — Sally’s just nine years old.”

Tim hadn’t seen Rosa, but he thought he’d heard Vera mention her once or twice. Something about some pictures one of the girls had smuggled into the camp. “You mean there’s a nine-year-old girl who has hot pants so much she frigs herself a lot?” he asked.

“Guess that’s what she does,” answered Lynda. “She does have her hand inside them a lot.”

Tim made a mental note. This was a subject that was definitely going to have to be looked into. While the girls were putting on their clothes, Tim kept thinking. Hmmmmm, a nine-year-old girl that likes to play with her pussy. Wonder if she can come, or if she lies and diddles around with it? I’ll bet she’d groove on having someone else play with it then, too. Wonder if she’s ever had anybody do it for her?

By the time the girls had dressed and he had said good night to them, he had made a note to admit to Vera the next day what his interest was and see what she said. When he finally returned to Vera’s cabin very late that night she, was already asleep.

In the morning, Tim and Vera discussed the events that occurred during the busy past night. Everything was admitted, confidences were exchanged, and they had a good laugh at all the people who had been spying on all the other people. Tim was amazed to find Vera so accepting of his sex with Lynda and Claire, because they were only fifteen and fourteen respectively, and the girls’ ages was what had seemed to bother Vera in the past. But after she unloaded the surprising information on him that she had not only had sex with Dana, which he had seen, but also with Lynda, and indirectly even with young Rosa, Tim felt much more at ease about his next admission.

He told Vera what the girls had told him about nine-year-old Sally. He admitted his interest and asked if she’d give her approval for him to try his hand at seducing the youngster. She told him he could have a free chance to try his luck with her if he’d observe one iron-clad rule: be absolutely positive that he didn’t break the child’s maidenhead. Vera explained that since that would create unarguable proof of seduction, she didn’t want to risk the legal possibilities that might follow if her parents found out.

Tim was more than happy to agree to the limitation. “Hell, Vera, do you think I’m crazy? If she’s only nine, she’s going to be much too small for me to get my cock into. I just want to see her with her clothes off, kiss her, fool around with her some — you know what I mean.”

When Vera told him about Sally being Oriental, he almost blew his stack. How had the other girls neglected to mention that to him, he wondered. He had only had one Oriental lover in his entire life, he told Vera. And that was a twenty-year-old guy with whom he had had a brief homosexual fling. Now he knew he had to seduce the youngster.

“Have you ever had one that young before, Tim?” Vera asked him. “Seems to me a chick that young wouldn’t be very much fun to have any kind of sex thing with.”

He told her that the youngest he’d ever had was fourteen-year-old Claire. But he said that he had often wanted to experience sex with a girl that young. He just hadn’t ever had the chance, he said. Vera said she’d make the arrangements for him to be alone with the youngster, but reminded him again to “go easy” on her. The next morning after breakfast, which included many curious glances exchanged between Vera, Dana, Claire, Lynda, and Rosa, little Sally was called aside.

Vera said, “Sally, I want you to meet Tim, here. He’s a nice man who is going to take you on a special little nature trip up in the woods. Remember the one we went on the other day?”

She nodded her head and Tim saw her black, perfectly straight hair bob up and down like a doll’s hair.

“Well, this nature trip will be a lot like that, except it will be just for you. Tim is going to show you a lot of things in the woods and you can ask him any questions you want to. Now go and have a good time,” Vera told her.

Tim set out with the youngster toward a place Vera suggested — an abandoned ranger station about two miles from camp. It was far enough away, Vera said, to be sure none of the other Campfire Girls would interrupt the proceedings; yet close enough so that the young girl wouldn’t tire and not feel like playing any games.

After they rounded the first bend in the trail, Tim stopped and told Sally she could rest a while. Although she didn’t appear to be a bit tired, she did as he suggested and sat down on a big rock. He was able to look at the child for the first time in a really thorough manner. He was very well pleased with her appearance. She was an even more attractive little girl than he’d originally believed. Sally stood about four feet ten inches and was rather slender. She had delicate, pale coloring, straight black hair which she wore in bangs, and the attractive and typically Oriental-slanted eyes. Her complexion was utterly flawless. The girl had bright white teeth set in perfect rows and, when she smiled, her red lips provided a contrast to them. Her little face was rather narrow, with a perpetually alert expression.

Tim looked carefully at the child’s chest for signs of developing breasts, however small. Not a trace of any were present. At least there were no traces visible through her white Campfire Girl’s uniform blouse. Tim hoped to have that off the youngster before long, but he couldn’t be absolutely certain how she would react to some of his plans. He watched her sitting on the big rock and found himself unable to even picture how any little girl as sweet and innocent-appearing could, in fact, be such a confirmed masturbator. He even began to suspect there might be some mistake. She was not a very extroverted child, that seemed certain.

As Tim sat watching her, she did nothing but look down at her shoes and idly play in the dirt with a stick. Tim wished that her skirt had been at least a little shorter. He could only see as far up as an inch or two higher than her round little knees in the skirt she wore.

Suddenly she said something that seemed out of character for her. “Tim,” she asked, “will we see any baby animals on this nature trip? And will we see any mother animals having any babies?”

Instead of answering her questions directly, he said, “Does that mean you’re not sure where baby animals come from, Sally? You can ask me anything, you know. That’s why we’re on this nature walk — so you can learn things.”

“No, I know where they come from,” she said. “I’d just like to see it happen. My mother told me about how male animals have to get with the female animals before there can be any baby. Then she said people do it the same way, but when I asked her if I could watch people doing that sometime, she got real mad and said no and to not ask her anymore about it. But my uncle told me about it anyway.”

“And he explained it so you understand now?” asked Tim.

“Yeah, but my mother doesn’t know he did. He told me everything and even showed me stuff,” she said.

“Like what?” asked Tim.

“Fucking,” chirped the youngster.

“What?” repeated Tim. “Did you say your uncle told you about… fucking?”

He was incredulous that the word came from the mouth of such an innocent, sweet-looking girl.

“Yes,” she said, “about fucking. And showed me about it too. But he doesn’t live with us anymore. I don’t know why. My mother had a big fight with him after he told me those things and he had to move to another house.”

“Sally,” said Tim, “we still have a long way to go. Will you tell me what your uncle showed you when we get there?”

“Sure,” she said.

The two of them started walking and the farther they went the more Tim thought about the child lying in bed at night and handling her young organs. He began walking so fast she couldn’t keep up, so he offered to carry her. She was placed astride his neck with her slim legs hanging down on either side. Before they arrived, she began giggling and when he asked why, she said, “Because it tickles me to feel your neck between my legs. Makes me feel real funny.”

As soon as they reached the ranger station, he took the girl inside immediately. When he sat her down, she said, “Tim, do we have to go walking around outside anymore? I’d rather stay in here and talk to you. You’re fun.”

Tim quickly agreed and asked her to tell him what her uncle had taught her. The child grinned and looked up at Tim with her big black eyes. “Are you sure you won’t spank me like my mother did if I tell you what he showed me?” she asked.

When Tim assured her he wouldn’t, the girl said. “Well, he told me people take off their clothes and get in bed with each other. And then they hug a lot and if they want a baby they fuck. The man puts his prick into the woman; that’s the way they do it. And my uncle showed me his, so I’d know what they look like. He had me pull my panties down so he could show me where it went. My cunny was too small though and he said I’d have to be a big girl and grow a lot before my cunny would be big enough to have anybody put their prick in it.”

Tim was flabbergasted at what he was hearing. He asked the child whether her uncle ever touched his prick to her cunny.

“No,” she replied, “‘cause it was too big to go in. But he did show me how to stretch my cunny so it’ll grow faster.”

“He showed you how to stretch your cunny?” repeated Tim.

“Yeah,” she answered. “See, like this.”

As Tim looked on, she hopped up and raised her skirt. When she had it up above her waist, he saw for the first time her white cotton panties. He didn’t have to coax the child; she did everything without prompting. She calmly took the waistband of her panties in hand and lowered the front. Tim was treated to a small, flat stomach as smooth and free of blemishes as a weathered beach stone. She pointed between her legs. “See, I just put my fingers here and rub it. Pretty soon it gets warm and loosens. Then I can get three fingers in it. By the time I grow up I’ll be able to get a man’s prick inside me there,” the precocious child stated.

“Sally,” asked Tim, “do you ever put your fingers there just to make yourself feel good? Have you ever done that… you know, run your fingers around in there so it’ll feel good?”

She grinned. “I didn’t use to, but I do now. At first, I was just practicing to make myself bigger there. But when I didn’t seem to get any bigger, I went ahead and played with myself there because it felt good.”

“Did you ever have anybody else touch you there?” Tim asked the young girl.

“No,” said Sally. “Do you know how to make me grow faster there?”

“No, Sally, I don’t,” admitted Tim. “But I do know how to make you feel good there. Real good. Want me to show you?”

She beamed and raised her skirt high again. She pulled down her panties once more and exposed herself all the way to the hairless, purse-shaped lips between her legs. “Sure,” she said, “go ahead and show me.”

It was all too easy. Tim knew that something bad had to happen. The little girl was pretty and bright on the outside of her clothes. She was the same way inside her clothes. Tim scanned her pubes for the sign of just one hair. There were none. She wasn’t at all ashamed about opening her legs in front of him. He found himself peering directly into the child’s most secret and treasured spot. The pale exterior was sharply contrasted by the red, damp inner surfaces.

“If I tried to put my prick in you it would hurt,” Tim explained. “Your uncle told you right about that. You’ve told me you touch yourself there with your fingers. But there’s another way, Sally.”

“How?” she asked.

“I’m going to do it with my mouth. You watch now and you’ll see what I mean,” he told her.

She giggled uproariously. “Silly! With your mouth? You’re trying to fool me, aren’t you?”

“No, honey,” Tim said, “scoot back on this cot and spread your legs wide apart. That’s the way. Now, here. Let me pull your panties down. There, that’s right. What a sweet-looking little cunny you have! It looks so nice and clean.”

“I don’t have any hairs there yet,” she said apologetically, “but I’m going to get some pretty soon.”

Tim put his fingers on the girl’s pre-pubescent genitals. He stroked the fine line that marked the vertical aperture of her orifice and she smiled.

“That feels good,” she said. “Better than when I do it. Oh, that’s real nice.”

“Before I put my mouth on you, tell me how many times you do this to yourself?” Tim said.

“Oh, just whenever it kind of starts itching and tickling here,” she said. “I guess about once or twice a day. Sometimes it gets that funny feeling during the day, but I have to wait until night to do anything to help it. I can’t let any of the other girls see me doing it because they will laugh at me,” she told him.

“Don’t worry, sugar,” consoled Tim. “I won’t laugh at you at all for doing that. Here goes!”

Tim bent forward and placed his tongue on Sally’s soft genital flesh. The two lips of her vulva were closed shut when he first touched her but as he kept his tongue moving on them, they soon became warm, pliable and moist. He looked straight up into the little girl’s eyes as he applied his tongue. Her face was radiant. She was looking down into her lap very detached, almost clinically, trying to see exactly what he was doing to her.

“Ooooooh, Tim, you were right. It does feel real good! I can’t ever make it feel that good myself. Your… your mouth really is on my cunny, isn’t it? You weren’t kidding!” she cried.

His mouth was closed on the tight separation of her vulva and his tongue and he was moving his lips on the surface of her tender flesh. He could smell the delicate scent of her sweat. He looked and found that her inner thighs and her flat, pink stomach were breaking out with beads of it. His tongue was gaining entry little by little to the interior of her organs.

“Oh, that makes me feel all… all fluttery,” she said. “I don’t feel like this when I finger myself there.”

“Just sit still and keep your little thighs open nice and wide,” advised Tim. “I have a hunch you’re going to get to feel something today you’ve never felt before.”

“Oh, I will, I will,” she cried.

“Do you know what it means for a girl to get her cookies, or to come?” Tim asked.

“I know what it is when men do it,” she replied. “A lot of white stuff comes out. But I don’t know how girls do it.”

“Have you ever been playing with yourself down here and begun feeling so good you couldn’t stop,” asked Tim, “and you felt real warm and wet in your cunny?”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t know what that is. It feels real good all right when I finger myself there but I’ve never wanted to stop and couldn’t.”

He smiled up at her and indicated with his hand that she should watch if she wanted to. She was very eager to learn the details of what he was doing to her, so she stared intently as he worked his moist tongue and lips all over the surface of her hairless organs. She was sweating more profusely. He made sure his tongue touched her small, grain-sized clitoris on every stroke. Soon she began to move her slim little legs in rhythm to his oral contacts.

The touch of her downy-soft legs brushing past his cheeks sent a thrill through his spine. His pants bulged out in the center and his hair was down in his face. Because of Sally’s hairlessness, she was able to experience something that none of the other girls at the camp had been able to detect. Tim’s moustache made no headway through the girls’ pubic hair, but with Sally, there was no hair to obstruct its touch. The youngster felt the firm bristles of it on her stomach and it seemed to stimulate her sense of play as much as it excited her physically. She twisted and giggled, turning her torso and buttocks back and forth to alternately get away from it and to seek it out. The panties were hanging from her ankles and almost ready to fall onto the floor and once when she jerked sideways they dropped off.

Tim looked at her sitting there with her dress up and not a thing underneath. She was much too young to wear a brassiere. He buried his face in her crotch once again and this time she put her hands on the back of his neck and pushed downward.

“You like that, huh?” he asked her between breaths.

“Ungh huh!” she said. “Ooooo… lots and lots! You got your tongue on my jolly button now, don’t you?”

“Where?” he asked, his voice barely audible. “On your what?” But before she could answer his tongue licked past the girl’s tiny clitoris again and she cried, “There! Right there… on my jolly button!”

“Hmmffff!” said Tim from between her legs. Now he knew what she meant. He gave it a long, slow sweep instead of the little nips he had been giving it as he went by. She lay backward on the cot and he could see the sweat roll off her legs and chest in rivulets.

He inserted his finger in the child’s vagina and began manipulating it alongside his tongue. That did it. The youngster began breathing hard and fast. She bounced her firm buttocks back and forth on the taut canvas of the cot and hugged his head as close as she could get it to her small hot orifice. A few muffled moans escaped her throat and she strained her pelvis forward in the throes of her first real orgasm.

He let her lie on her back and rest for a few minutes before he tried to talk to her.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to make myself do,” she said after she had rested, “but I never could quite make it last all the way like you did. It felt so good for me to even just touch myself there that I did that a lot just for the feel of it.”

“What you needed was a nice hot tongue up your cunny, my little lady,” he told her.

“But that’s not fucking, is it? My uncle said I’d be big enough to take a man’s prick in me some day,” she said.

“Well, no, that isn’t exactly fucking,” said Tim, “but it’s awfully close to it. And you don’t have to wait to be able to have that done to you.”

“Can I see yours now?” she asked. She was still seated on the edge of the cot with nothing on under her skirt. Her pubic area was very red from what she had just experienced and Tim found it so cute that he was sorely tempted to sink his head between her juvenile thighs and apply his tongue to her once more. But if she wanted to see his penis, why not show it to her?

“Here it is,” he told her, unzipping his fly. “Does it look like your uncle’s?”

She examined it avidly. She had no fear about touching it. As soon as he had taken it from his pants, she ran her fingers along its shaft and investigated the loose skin of his foreskin. “Quite a bit,” she answered. “Except his was a little bigger.”

Oh, well, he thought, win a few, lose a few.

“But will it make white stuff come out like my uncle’s did? Will it do that?” she asked.

“What did your uncle do to his to make the white stuff come out?” Tim asked her.

She smiled sweetly. “Oh, he didn’t do anything,” she explained, “he just stuck it out and let me play with it. I did it for him, I made the white stuff come out.”

Tim smiled broadly. “Well then, all you’ve got to do to get my white stuff to come out is the same thing you did to him.”

“Really?” she innocently asked.

“Try it and see,” he told her. He was very pleased at being offered such special attention from the child. Apparently she was versed not only in masturbating herself, but also in performing the act upon males.

She took the head of Tim’s penis in her hand and started sliding her young hands up and down the shaft. He was already so aroused from mouthing her genitals that he was nearly ready to ejaculate just from looking up the little girl’s dress. The touch of her was much more than he had expected. She hadn’t made a dozen passes up and down his penis before he did it. The red head convulsed spasmodically and a stream of white, thick liquid came rushing out into the air. Most of it went onto the floor but because she was taken by surprise, Sally was struck on the forearm by some of it.

Tim started to clean it off for her but was amazed to hear her say, “Wait, I want to see what this tastes like.” And she stuck it to her mouth and licked it. Soon she made a face. Then she carefully wiped the rest of it off her arm.

“It isn’t very good, is it?” she responded.

Tim waited for her to clean herself up before starting back. She hadn’t yet put her panties back on and it was so much fun watching her skip around the room in her skirt with nothing under it that he would gladly have waited much longer. Then came a knock at the door. “What the hell is this?” he cursed out loud. “No one knows I’ve got Sally out here!”

He peeped out the door, then threw it open when he saw it was Dana. She dashed in and blurted out, “Vera said for me to come get you right away. She can’t leave the camp. Sally’s parents have come by early for her because they’re taking an early vacation and have to have her with them. No time to explain!” She dashed out the door and down the trail.

“Hey, wait a minute, Dana!” he called after her. “Is this on the level or is this another one of you girls’ jokes?”

She turned around in the path and stuck up some fingers on one hand. “No, Tim, it’s for real. Scout’s honor!” Then she was off down the trail again.

He sincerely hoped the parents weren’t giving Vera trouble because Sally was absent. A thousand thoughts crowded his mind. Her job, his reputation, the parents’ wrath… he’d just have to put it out of his mind. He took Sally back at a dead trot and he must have told her fifty times to keep her mouth shut about what happened.

At camp he was confronted by her parents. Uh oh, it’s the worst, he thought to himself. Vera was nowhere in sight. Sally’s father began by demanding to know why his daughter had been separated from the other girls. He was red as a beet and Tim could tell he was going to be redder before he got better. He started to open his mouth with the first cock-and-bull story he could think of when Sally hopped into her father’s arms and started rambling on a mile a minute about how interesting it had been on the special field trip Miss Kressler had organized for her.

She had learned how woodpeckers build their nests in sycamore trees, how caterpillars hide from groundhogs under crab grass, what berries are good to eat the year around, how to find gopher tracks after a hard rain, where to find wild potatoes, how to make strong rope from dandelion stems… she went on and on.

Tim was utterly amazed, not so much that her father believed the malarkey his daughter was telling him, but that she could think of such a blatant, complex, out-and-out lie on the spur of the moment. Her father was a confirmed city dweller and Sally’s tall tales didn’t sound too strange to him. He gave only one indication that he might not believe what she had told him. The events he seemed to swallow — but the time element was more difficult.

“Dear,” he said to the girl, “you mean you learned all that from this gentleman during a single day in the field?”

She completely devastated him this time. “Scout’s honor,” she said, holding up the same finger sign Dana had given to indicate she was telling the truth.

“What’s that, honey?” her father asked.

“I learned that today, too,” she told him. “It means what you say is true by the honor of the Campfire Girl who says it.”

Her father beamed. He had been won over. He congratulated the other girls, Tim, Miss Kressler, and everybody concerned with the camp. He assured them that he would be sending Sally back to camp the following year. Both Tim and Vera saw young Sally wink as her father spoke the words, but they were both afraid to return her wink.

When the father was walking out the gate with his daughter and Tim thought they had made it by the skin of their teeth, he overheard Sally’s father say, “Wait a minute, honey. What’s that white stain on the sleeve of your blouse?”

Tim grabbed Vera’s sleeve and whispered, “Oh, my God, we’re done for. That’s dried come stain!”

But then they heard a high, clear voice pipe up with one word. “Milkweed,” they heard Sally inform her father.

Tim and Vera collapsed into each other’s arms and managed to get out of sight of the man before they started guffawing. On their way to her cabin, she said, “Tim, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to talk to you. You did make damn sure not to bust that kid’s cherry, didn’t you?”

“Absolutely,” he said.

She was still concerned about it. “Tim, are you sure? If they ever found out what I let you do with that kid, my job would…”

He interrupted her with a tossed finger sign. “Scout’s honor!” he cried.

“You ass,” she said, smiling. But now she believed him and knew everything was okay. For the moment, anyway.

Vera slipped her arm through Tim’s and started swinging it in rhythm to their stride toward her cabin. Once they were inside, she let him take her in his arms and squeeze her close. She hadn’t made love to him for some time now — the girls at camp had somehow managed to occupy both their time — and she was anxious to have a man love her again, to feel the presence of the male member deep inside her vagina. She stretched her arms around Tim’s neck and felt her breasts push against his hard chest.

His penis was already hard before she had even touched his clothes. She could see the stiff outline of the member. Soon they would be in each other’s arms again, and the constricting clothes would be gone, and — suddenly she stopped. She took a step back and put her hand to her chin in deep preoccupation.

“What’s wrong, Vera?” he asked. “I thought you were really ready to groove.”

“Oh… oh, I know it’s silly, Tim. But I just had a thought about the girls. Did you hear any noises as we walked past the dorm cabin just now?” she asked.

“No, not a thing,” he told her.

“That’s just it,” she exclaimed. “No noise. And you know how loud the girls always are. I think maybe I’d better take a look.”

“Aww, Vera,” began Tim.

But she silenced him. “No, really, Tim, I’ll feel better. You don’t have to go with me if you don’t want to, but…”

“Oh, no, that’s okay,” he answered. “Let’s go. I’m sure everything’s okay.”

They crossed the clearing toward the dorm cabin and still none of the usual loud noises could be heard. Now Tim looked at her and shrugged his shoulders. Even he was becoming concerned about the silence.

She slowed him down. “Tim,” she said, “now that things are a little calmer around here, there’s something I wanted to ask you. I know you’ve been fooling with quite a few of the girls around here. First there was Claire, then Lynda… I don’t know who all. That’s okay, that’s groovy. I’ve been indulging a bit myself, as you know. But I don’t have the same problem as you. What I want to know is whether you’ve toed the line about penetrating the girls. I don’t care what you’ve done with any of them, as long as you haven’t broken any of their maidenheads. I know you told me specifically about little Sally being all right, but I thought there might have been a girl or two I haven’t known about and that…”

Tim stopped and took her by the arm. “No, Vera. Everything’s cool. Really it is. I think too much of you to jeopardize your job by some fool stunt like popping a kid’s cherry and having her run home at the end of the week and tell her parents. You have my word on it. By the way, this weekend is the end of camp season isn’t it?”

“Thanks so much for assuring me, Tim. You see, this Campfire Girls idea about ‘Scout’s honor’ is very important. Their books try to teach them to live by that rule, you know. And their physical virginity is really an awfully central issue to that ideal,” she explained.

“I know, Vera. I understand your concern. Let’s just be glad we got through the period with no big hassles. Right? I mean, I don’t see a thing in the world they could fault you on about your job, do you?”

She smiled. “I guess you’re right. Thanks for being so understanding, Tim.”

They walked on to the front door of the dorm cabin — but still heard not a breath of sound from within. Now they were genuinely puzzled. They exchanged looks, shrugged their shoulders, and then Vera pushed open the door.

Insanity! Flap! Chaos!

Neither Tim nor Vera could believe what they saw. She wanted to go back out and try coming in again. He wanted to bolt for the city and leave the whole crazy scene behind.

Sprawling all across the floor of the huge main room were the Campfire Girls — oh, nothing was wrong with them. Except that they were all almost entirely naked. And so many of the girls were in each other’s arms that it was difficult to locate a solitary girl in the entire room. The ones who were wearing clothes might as well been naked too, because the frilly nightgowns and sexy half-slips they were wearing made them look more erotic than the ones who were naked.

The young ones, the older ones — all were present. And all were incredibly and unaccountably intertwined with other girls. Tim spotted two threesomes just out of the corner of his eye and was afraid to look any farther. Young Rosa was there, Diane, Claire, Lynda, Dana… Carol, Betsy, Jane, and a hundred others Tim didn’t recognize except by face. After what seemed like an eternity of simply staring at the sight that greeted them, and after convincing herself that what she saw wasn’t the result of a mirage or funny cigarettes, Vera thought it might not be inappropriate if she found out just what the bloody hell was going on with these girls.

Already she feared that her bi-sexual influence had something terrible to do with the panorama of girl love spread before her. But it had to be done. She stood up on the center table and, assisted by Tim in maintaining her composure, she finally asked the obvious question.

“Troop 73, Campfire Girls, this is your troop leader speaking… will someone tell me… will one of you please tell me — what under the sun you think you’re doing? This place looks like a Woman’s Lib meeting on Fire Island!”

The girls seemed amazingly unruffled, under the circumstances. At last Dana rose from the arms of some girl Vera didn’t immediately recognize.

“Well, I’m the oldest, so I guess that makes me spokesman. It’s really, not quite as zany as it looks, Miss Kressler. Or may I call you Vera — for old time’s sake?” She was hitting below the belt with that one, thought Vera.

“First it was me I guess and then it was Claire and me and then it was — well, I don’t want to implicate you personally, or you, Tim, but you know whatever part you’ve played in all this, so I won’t be specific — then it was Claire and me and Lynda and then Rosa was telling tales and Diane was involved and even little Sally. I guess the simplest way to put it is that after living here together in one big place for a couple of weeks we just slowly grew together and now we all dig each other. It’s true!”

The girls all nodded approval and a hundred naked breasts jiggled.

“But don’t think you’ll get in trouble for this, Miss Kressler. Really, I’m serious. We know your position and we’re very concerned about you being back here next year as our troop leader. Honest, Miss Kressler, you’ve nothing to fear. We’ve all sworn not to breath a word of our… of our new interests to anyone. Much less our parents! What we all want you to know, Miss Kressler is… is… well, we think you’re the grooviest troop leader the Campfire Girls has ever had!”

Vera was stunned. She turned aside to Tim and in a low voice not meant to be heard, asked, “Tim, what do you think? Are they on the level or is this some kind of terrible joke?”

But some girls near her heard her last question. Their hands went up with the finger sign and they shouted, “It’s true, really it is. Scout’s honor!” And all up and down the huge room the girls rose as one body, on every hand the same finger sign and in every throat the same enthusiastic pledge of truth and sincerity, “Scout’s honor!”




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