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xNovel - Old Men And ?


Old Men And ?

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ILL-1027 OLD MEN AND ? by Ned Moore


“She just kept on watching my peter and playing with it. She was really getting me excited. It felt good. I didn’t want her to stop, but I was scared somebody would come down the hall and catch us.”

“Then Ruthie asked me if I jerked off like she heard boys do a lot.”

“I said, ‘Once in a while.’ I was ashamed to admit I did it practically every night, sometimes during the day, too.”

“She asked, ‘Do you squirt stuff?’”

“I nodded, and she said real quick, ‘Do it now. I want to see it.’”

“Something made me say she could make it squirt if she jerked me off, and she said, ‘How do I do it?’”

“I said, ‘Just jerk the skin up and down like you’ve been doing, only faster.’”

“She started doing it real fast. I had to make her slow down. I showed her how to hold my peter and told her not to squeeze too hard. She was eager to do it right so she could make me squirt.”

“After a minute of showing her how and telling her, then she got the right hold on it and the right speed and God, I started to get super-stiff and tingly right away. Getting jerked off by somebody else, especially a girl, is the best way to get jerked off there is.”

“Ruthie jerked my peter just right and after a half minute she asked how long it took, and I said, ‘I’m almost there now.’ And I was. I made her stop and dig my hanky out of my pants pocket. I spread it on my shirtfront. Then she started again and said, ‘Tell me when it’s going to come out.’”

“She pumped me faster and watched and watched and I got that tight powerful good sensation that got stronger and stronger until I was all stiff and holding my breath and my peter was like a rock in her jerking hand. It was a terrific feeling. Stronger than I ever got from doing it myself.”

“I told her, ‘Here it comes,’ and the stuff shot out like a bullet and hit the wall above the end of the bed over my head. Then another load of it almost hit me in the face. It landed on the pillow.”

“Ruthie stopped jerking me and I was cheated of a lot of sensation. But she was surprised. Her eyes were real big. She said, ‘Gee… wow… it really shoots, doesn’t it?’ She watched the stuff pump out and run down onto her fingers. ‘Is there more?’ She giggled. ‘It missed your hanky. How come?’”

“I said, ‘I don’t know. I never shot that far before.’”

“She said, ‘I bet it’s because I was jerking it off.’ She took her hand from my peter and looked real close at the stuff on her fingers. She smelled it and wrinkled her nose. She watched me wipe the pillow and wall. I handed the hanky to her and she wiped her hand.”

“Ruthie asked, ‘Can you do that again?’”

“I said, ‘Yes, but it takes a long time and I don’t squirt much the second time.’”

“She said, ‘I wish I could squirt.’”

“I said, ‘You can’t squirt, but you can get the same strong, good feeling. You can come. Haven’t you tried to masturbate?’ I stuffed my softened peter back into my underpants and zipped up. I was safe.”

“Ruthie said, ‘Sure. I diddle myself a lot. Dorothy showed me how a year ago. She tells me all about sex and things. She’s fourteen.’ She finished wiping her hand and smelled her fingers again. She said, ‘If that stuff gets inside a girl’s crack far enough she can get pregnant, can’t she?’”

“I said yes. She said, ‘I want to jerk you off again pretty soon. I like to see you shoot. It feels good to jerk your peter like that. I like it. Do you want me to do it again?’”

“I nodded. I sure as hell did. I didn’t care if she was my sister or not.”

“She smiled and said, ‘Okay, and I’ll let you put your finger in me and diddle me if you want to.’ She hopped off the bed. She said, ‘That was fun.’ And she went out and I heard the hall floor creak and heard her go into the bathroom and wash her hands. After that, she went into her own room.”

“It took me a while to get interested in reading my social studies book again.”

“The next time something like that happened was three days later, on a Saturday. Dad went off all day to fish and Mom went downtown to shop. I was supposed to go over to the park to play some baseball with the guys, and Ruthie was supposed to go over to a girl friend’s house for a sewing lesson, later.”

“So there we were all alone in the house.”

“I was in the kitchen raiding the refrigerator when she came in and real quick groped for my peter. I didn’t stop her. I’d been thinking this would be a perfect time to do something, if she started it.”

“I took an apple from the crisper while she squeezed my peter through my pants. She said, ‘It’s getting hard already. Want me to jerk you off? You want to diddle me?’”

“I said sure, okay. She took an apple too and we went into my room. She took a bite of her apple and said, ‘You take down your pants and I’ll take down mine.’”

“So we did. We lay on my bed side by side and she started jerking my peter slow and easy while I started fingering her.”

“It was the third time I’d ever gotten to do it with a girl, so I knew what to do. Every girl has a little sex button in her crack that’s like the head of a man’s peter, only it’s real small and sometimes real hard to find. But it wasn’t hard to find Ruthie’s. Hers was a stiff little bump and she told me when I touched it with my finger. ‘Rub me there. That’s my hot spot.’”

“She was sticky-wet inside her crack and that made it easy to rub.”

“We had our heads propped up with pillows and we were chomping away on our apples. I asked Ruthie if she could come from the way I was diddling her and she nodded and said sure, in a minute. So I kept it up. It was easy, just rubbing the end of my finger over that little hard bump in her crack near the top.”

“And she kept on jerking on my peter, too, and she had a smooth way of doing it. I was all hard and tight and getting that special feeling. I hadn’t masturbated for three days, hoping we’d have a chance. I had a big load in me ready to shoot.”

“I finished my apple and dug my hanky out of my pocket. Ruthie asked me, ‘Is it close?’ I said yeah and she said to stop diddling her, to finish her off afterward, so she could really jerk me off good.”

“She got up on her knees on the bed by my side and really started pumping me up and down fast and hard and good. God!”

“The feeling got stronger and stronger. I started to get all tense. Then she shifted to her other hand and it felt even better, if you can imagine — it was something about the way her fingers gripped my peter.”

“Anyway, I just barely remembered to hold my hanky up over my peter to keep the stuff from shooting all over me and the bed and everything, but Ruthie said, ‘No, don’t! I want to see it shoot up.’ And she pushed my hand away.”

“So that’s what happened. I said, real tense like, ‘Okay, then, you clean it up.’ And she said she would, so I pulled my shirt up and just closed my eyes and let it build up and it just about wiped me out when it hit — God! I just let it happen! It felt like my guts were shooting up out of my peter.”

“Ruthie kept on pumping me till I was all pumped out. I had to stop her. She said, ‘You had an awful lot!’ She giggled. ‘It went up higher than my head!’”

The temptation presented by a lush, ripe young girl, ten, eleven or twelve years old is often too much for a man to resist. If circumstances arrange themselves just so, many men of all ages (and an occasional woman) will succumb to the lure of a fresh, young, well-developed body. It is a legal crime to yield to that temptation, but for as long as Man has been Man it has happened, does happen, will happen.

It happened to the five people whose stories I am presenting in this book. These cases are the result of interviews, some taped conversations, one wild, incredible late-night phone call, and a scrawled confession on high-school notepaper.

Names and locations have been changed.

Don’t condemn top harshly the adults in this book whose experiences brand them as child molesters, technically. Whom a ten or eleven-year-old girl has the body of a young woman, or nearly so, the male mind naturally tends to think in terms of sex. The body is old enough, is the inner whisper. A rounded, nubile body is often impossible to resist. Often there is no will to resist. Often the girl, curious and intrigued, impelled by newly burgeoning sexual urges, will invite exploration and new knowledge.

What then?

The stories in this book show you.



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