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xNovel - Warming Her Young Body


Warming Her Young Body

Cover:cover: warming her young body
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Mike lay the girl on the floor, his mouth still hot on her stiff nipple, his hand exploring all the crevices of her rampant virgin cunt. His prick was hardening and he felt it pressing against her thigh, anxious to replace his fingers in her tiny slit, anxious to plough to the unknown depths of her virginity. He tried to control himself.

Sueanne felt the hot weight of his hardening prick against her thigh and seized it in her hand, pulling it toward her slit. But the big man resisted the pull — she knew the kind of man he was. Like her father, a small town, moral man with a hell of a stubborn streak. She continued to hold his prick in her hand, marveling at the changing contour that pressed against her palm as the dick hardened and pulsed.

Sueanne moaned as Mike’s finger moved in just the right long, slow movements up and down her rigid clitoris. She could feel her cunt-hole expanding, grabbing at nothingness, waiting to be filled. His prick in her hand, she tried to imagine how it would feel, slipping into the hot little hole, filling her up. Would she feel the pulsing of these veins once it was inside her? Would she feel the intense heat and hardness, the indentation of the little hole at the cock’s end?

His big finger moved across the erectile tissue, finding the hard little knot that his wife had told him was the seat of women’s pleasure. He moved his finger on it and the girl moaned louder, pressing her rosebud nipple deeper in his mouth.

Sueanne felt the tongue moving on her puckered breast, the back and forth movement across her straining nipple. It felt to her as if the nipple must be inches long, aching to pierce deeply into the man’s hot throat. She stroked his dark hair with her fingers, clutching at his head, holding him tightly to her. How wonderful it would be if it were her father’s head, needing her nipple, wanting her cunt. She entwined her fingers in the man’s thick hair and held on tightly as his finger picked up speed, moving her throbbing clit in a progressively faster rhythm.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! I want to come for you, I want to come all over your big hand.”

Her swollen cunt lips were fire-hot and pressing hard into the man’s big wrist as her clit seemed to suck at his finger. Her cunt-hole dilated with the increasing speed of his finger on her clit and she could feel her insides beginning to spasm.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she shuddered and moaned, “I’m coming, I’m coming!”

And she felt her clit jerk furiously, her cunt-walls slap his wrist, hot and wet, as her aching, empty cunt hole grasped at air. Her juices flowed, steaming, across his hand.

Sueanne could still feel the weight of his thick cock on her thigh and she wished that he would plunge it, even now, even after her orgasm, into her tiny hole. But he moved away from her and sat upright, his prick jutting from his loins.

“Put something around you,” he ordered briskly, and tossed a comforter from the battered couch. “It’s cold. I don’t want you to catch cold. Your daddy’s gonna be mad enough when he finds you.”

Sueanne pulled the comforter around her naked body and moved closer to the fire — and to Mike. She looked up at him innocently.

“I don’t know why you’re so frightened of my daddy,” she said, “He’s a wonderful, gentle man.”

“He’s a powerful man in this county,” Mike replied and continued to force himself to stare into the fire. He didn’t want to see her naked body again, he wanted his stiff prick to melt, to wither, to deny itself.

“But he’ll be thankful that you saved my life.”

Mike shrugged. “If a grown man had my little girl overnight in a God-forsaken cabin,” he said, “I don’t know what I’d do — but it wouldn’t be nice, or gentle.”

“I’ll swear to him that nothing happened,” Sueanne promised, hoping that the big man would relax, would let himself follow through on his instincts. She knew that he wanted to fuck her, wanted to be the first prick inside her small, hot hole. He was afraid. Afraid of her father, afraid, she guessed, of himself.

“You have a daughter my age?”

Mike laughed. “No, my little girl’s just a baby. But she’s going to be a beauty, just like you.”

Sueanne wondered if he would kiss his daughter on the mouth, as her father had done to her. She wondered if his daughter would stare in fascination at the hard lump in her father’s pants, would wonder what his prick looked like. Sueanne stared at the rigid cock now, jutting from his pants, bobbing as though it had a life of its own.

She reached for his prick and held it in her fist, feeling the pounding heat, the veins pulsing against her palm.

“Enough,” Mike said and pushed her hand away. “I’m just a normal man, honey. Don’t push me.”

She knew that he was afraid he couldn’t trust himself, that, even though he had sworn not too, he would roll over on her, his heavy body weight crushing her to the cold, wood floor, and drive his spike into her virgin hole.

“But,” she reasoned, squeezing his aching prick, “you can’t sit here all weekend like that.”

He watched as she took his cock into her mouth again.

“Wait,” he ordered, “let’s do it right.”

He lay down, his back against the floor. “Straddle my face,” he instructed Sueanne, “let me suck your cunt while you blow me.”

Sueanne smiled at the expression “blow”. She’d heard boys use it in the schoolyard — but now that she was face to face with a real live prick, she couldn’t figure out where the expression had come from. You didn’t blow a prick, actually. She giggled out loud as she thought of “blowing” hard into a prick. Maybe the man’s balls would blow up like a nickel rubber balloon and he would float up into the air and away.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing,” Sueanne said seriously and straddled Mike’s hungry face, “it’s just that I’m so new at this.”

Mike smiled. “Some of these positions seem silly at first, I know. But you’ll like it, I promise.”

Sueanne let her body weight fall across Mike’s body and she took his rigid prick into her hand, licking the entire shaft with her hot tongue. She felt Mike’s tongue covering every inch of her cunt with long, slurping laps, sucking up the fluid of her previous orgasm. She felt his tongue moving through the thick curls of her silky pubic hair and the end of his stiff tongue darting at the end of her virgin cunt-hole.

His tongue plunged in and out the hole and Sueanne felt herself opening up to receive the thrusts of his hot tongue. Her tightly elastic cunt muscle grabbed at his tongue, hungry to pull it deep inside her, to feel a thick, hot organ filling up her virgin hole.

The tip of his cock was hot inside her mouth and she pressed forward, trying to take as much of it inside her as possible. She felt his cockhead pressing against the back of her throat and she tried to maneuver her head so that she could open her throat to take more of his meat inside. She loved the soft head of his cock, throbbing and wet against the back of her throat and his distended, throbbing veins beating against her tongue as she worked it on the sensitive underside of his thick shaft.

“Squeeze my balls, honey,” he ordered her and she took the sac into her hands and gently kneaded the two hard nuts inside, feeling them growing, swelling, threatening to split the hot sac wide open.

She felt his hot tongue leave her hole. The muscle jumped and spasmed, wanting to be filled again, grasping and clutching at nothing. His mouth found her stiff clit and closed around it, moving his tongue in the same, quick and steady motions that he had before. Sueanne, for the first time, could feel her own clit stiffening, a little cock, growing longer and thicker inside his mouth. She felt her hips begin to pump her lengthening clit into his mouth, fucking her clit against his tongue.

Her head began to bob in the same motion, in syncopation with her thrusting hips and with each movement Mike’s cock went deeper, hotter into her throat.

She felt his hands rubbing against her buttocks, squeezing them as she thrusted into his mouth. His hands caressed her back and waist and found her small breasts, buried tightly against his belly. She felt him slide his fingers between their bodies and clasp her rigid nipples with his big fingers, aiding them to pierce sharply into the soft skin of his belly.

“Ohhhh,” Mike was groaning and moving under her, pushing his hips up each time she bobbed her head, driving the hot prick deeper into her. His balls were swelling and simmering in her hands and she could feel the slight convulsions that preceded his shooting off.

His tongue was moving wildly against her thrusting clit and Sueanne felt the spasm of her own steaming cunt lips, the explosive dilation of her cunt-hole and the wild shattering of orgasm. Her nipples thrust out even further, her whole body stiffened and she could hardly continue to suck Mike’s cock as her body blasted and shuddered, spilling hot fluid across Mike’s face.

At the same moment, she felt the jerking of his testicles in her hand and the thrashing of his thick cock inside her mouth. His jism covered her throat and rolled down to her belly, a red-hot waterfall.

When her clit had softened in his mouth and his cock was a small, damp piece of flesh against her tongue, she rolled off the big man and leaned up on one elbow to look at him.

“You ever come before?” The man looked at her curiously.

“Only with my finger,” she admitted.

“Like it?”

She smiled gratefully and turned her body around, crawling on top of him, covering him, pressing her cum-covered lips against his rough, scratchy face.

She could taste her own sweet cum and it excited her. She licked the thick fluid from his face, enjoying it, savoring it, as though she were making love to her own sweet, virgin cunt with her hot, little tongue.

Sueanne felt his big hand moving along her bare, satiny skin, feeling the slender, fragile outline of her back, her hips, her thighs, her buttocks. He pressed against the flesh of her buttocks with his palms, pushing her into him. She could feel his soft cock pressing into the padding of her cunt, nesting in her silky pubic hair.

She moved her legs apart and caught his soft prick in the warm opening of her slit, holding it there and feeling it grow thicker and harder, a piece of dough rising in her fresh, hot oven.

“No,” he said as his prick thickened inside her hot little cunt-lips, “No.” It would be much too easy to roll her over, to press his cock-head to her virgin opening… “No.”

He pushed her off and Sueanne rolled onto the wooden floor, feeling its cold draft whistling up between the boards. Outside, she could hardly see the black pines through the windows. The ledge was piled high with thick, wet snow.

Mike stood up, his half-hard prick still bobbing from his hunting britches, and hefted two huge logs. He threw them on the fire. Sueanne listened to the sizzle as the wet wood vainly attempted to protect itself from the blasting heat of the roaring fire. Sparks shot out of the fireplace, hissing and slamming against the protective screen.

“Green wood,” Mike said. “I cut it last spring.”

“Thank goodness there is any wood at all,” Sueanne answered, cuddling to his warm wooly jacket. “I’d hate to be out in the woods tonight, trying to chop firewood.”

Mike smiled and ran a gentle and fatherly hand over her tousled blonde hair.

“We’ve got enough to keep warm through the night,” he promised. “And I’ve got some canned goods, too. Are you any kind of cook?”

Sueanne blushed. “No,” she admitted, “we have a maid who cooks for me and my father.”

Mike stood up, his flaccid penis nestled against the rough material of his pants. “Well, come on,” he grinned, “I’ll show you how to open cans.”

Under normal circumstances, baked beans and canned corn would not have been Sueanne’s idea of a gourmet meal. But she was ravenous tonight. The hour-long tramp through the icy blizzard, the violent emotions and physical responses to her first session of love-making. Sueanne thought she could eat a horse. Raw.

She watched Mike’s penis as it bobbed against his crotch, moving with his footsteps, swaying as he reached around the rough-hewn kitchen shelving, trying to locate a can opener.

“If you don’t find it soon,” she teased, “I’m going to open this can with my teeth.”

Mike laughed and reached as far back on the shelf as he could, his limp prick pressing onto the edge of the kitchen cabinet. Sueanne smiled at the flaccid meat, lying on the counter, like some careless housewife had tossed it there and forgotten it. Sueanne had certainly not forgotten it and she was stroking it as Mike pulled down, his hand gripped around an old-fashioned metal can opener.

“Come on,” he said sternly, pushing her hand away from his crotch, “let’s fill our bellies. I don’t want your father saying I didn’t feed you.”

“I’ve had about three hundred calories already,” she grinned and indicated her cum-smeared face. “A girl at school told me that semen is highly caloric.”

Mike shrugged. He’d never heard that — but it figured. Maybe that’s why his wife always spit his cum into a Kleenex. It somehow shamed him every time she did it. Like his hot jism was distasteful, not good enough for her to swallow. But this hot little girl had swallowed every drop and seemed to love it. Of course, he thought, looking at her slender, young body outlined in the comforter that was draped around her, this girl didn’t have a weight problem, either.

Mike took a frying pan and poured the beans and corn into it. Although he tried to keep them separated, the vegetables seemed to blend together even before he could carry the pan to the fireplace and slip it onto the brass rack near the top, just above the flame.

Sueanne felt her hungry stomach growling, grabbing at the emptiness, the void, just as her cunt as grabbed at its virgin void, too. The vegetables looked totally unappetizing but she was too damned hungry to refuse any kind of food. And she didn’t want to offend her mentor, the wonderful man who was taking care of her during this unseasonable blizzard.

She could feel Mike staring at her as she watched the fry-pan in the fire, the vegetables moving, swelling with the heat. She knew that he wanted to plunge his cock into her virgin cunt and that he was the kind of strong man who, no matter how he wanted to, would not do it. He would respect her age and her virginity. But the hell with respect, she thought angrily to herself, what about her desires? She knew her father would never fuck her — and Mike was the next best thing. She certainly didn’t want Billy’s pimply prick to be the first one, in her. She wanted the first time to be with a gentle and experienced man.

And there he was, squatting next to her at the fire, his eyes caught in the beauty of the firelight glinting across her sweet, young face. His cock hung half-hard, out of his pants, between his legs.

As Mike pulled the fry-pan from the fire and stirred the food with a hunting knife, Sueanne stared at his rugged profile against the yellow flames. He would be the one. She vowed that his would be the first cock imbedded in her hungry cunt. Somehow, she’d make it happen.

He handed her the knife and she carefully took the bite of the warm vegetables, not even tasting them as they slid down her anxious, open throat.

“Careful,” he warned paternally, “don’t cut yourself.”

He took the knife next and carefully balanced a pile of vegetables on its silver surface, half-sucking them into his mouth, carefully avoiding the sharp edge of the knife with his tongue.

“God,” he said as he chewed on the food, “I was damned hungry.”

“Me, too,” Sueanne admitted and took another knife full of food into her mouth, this time chewing and tasting it. Fire-cooked food tasted real, unlike the carefully prepared meals that the maid cooked in their Micro-Oven at home. It tasted from the earth, like it did when she went camping with her daddy.

“If we can’t get out of here tomorrow,” Mike said, looking at the feet of snow that surrounded the cabin, “I’ll try to get to my trap. I got a quail trap set outside. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll have fresh meat.”

The thought of something solid in her stomach made Sueanne’s mouth water — but the reality of having to pluck the feathers from a bloody bird and carve out its insides, as she had seen her father do, was repellent. Her face wrinkled in dread.

“Don’t worry,” Mike laughed, “I’ll do the cleaning.”

Sueanne giggled and moved close to him.

“You read my mind,” she grinned. “I never cleaned a bird or a fish, either.”

“My wife’s real good at it,” Mike admitted and then hated himself for bringing his wife into the room, for entering her image into the wonderful unreal world he had created with this young girl.

Sueanne closed her eyes and tried to picture Mike’s wife. She would be a local woman, short and maybe a little plump, with a warm smile and sparkling eyes. Her hands would be red-rough from doing laundry and changing diapers and her eyes would be far-away sometimes, dreaming of a day when she didn’t have to do such labor. Like all the rural ladies that Sueanne had met — she would grow a healthy vegetable garden, have red-cheeked healthy kids, and she would, of course, know how to clean a bird or fish.

It was a life that Sueanne had never led — and never wanted to lead. Her father had brought up her to be just like her late mother. A lady. Taken care of, provided with the best of everything, always respected, always admired, always loved.

She knew that was why Billy wanted so badly to get into her pants. She was a good catch for any local boy, especially a farm boy like Billy. And she had heard that the boys all had bets on who would be the lucky boy to cop her cherry. Well, it wasn’t going to be any boy, Sueanne smiled to herself and sighed. It was going to be a man, a grown, strong man. A man she would respect as much as she respected her father. It would be Mike Blocker. He would plunge through the resilient tissue of her maidenhead with his experienced cock. His would be the first hot load of semen to fill her virgin womb.

She felt his body shift, moving from her uncomfortably, as he continued to poke knife fulls of the vegetables into his mouth. She could see that his prick was growing slowly in thickness and length, as though each mouthful of food were giving it immediate strength.

The comforter was slipping from her shoulder and Sueanne made no movement to prevent it. She watched her slender shoulder and arm appear from under the thick blanket, then her pert breast jutted out into the air, its rose-pink nipple hard and ready. She knew that Mike was watching, that he was licking his lips, not over the food he was eating, but in anticipation of slipping her hard nipple between his lips, of pressing against it with his tongue.

If she got him hard enough, she thought, hot enough, she could get him to forget his morals and to push his cock inside her virgin cunt. She spread her legs and watched the blanket fall away, exposing her silky pubic mound, her pouting cunt-lips, still glistening with cum.

Mike almost cut himself with the knife. Damn, he thought, didn’t the kid know what she was doing? That pouting cunt staring up at him, those rigid nipples on those tight young breasts — he couldn’t control the stiffening of his dick. It was pointing at the ceiling now and Mike couldn’t do a thing about it.

He pushed the fry-pan onto the hearth, hoping to keep the vegetables warm, should they want them later. He sat cross-legged, staring at the girl.

Sueanne smiled at the big man, her breasts jutting toward him, her cunt pouting open, eager for his stiff prick to fill it for the first time.

But he didn’t move toward her. He did nothing but stare, trying to control his instincts.

Sueanne reached forward with her feet and took his hard dick between her arches, rubbing up and down. He smiled and let her continue to masturbate the rampant prick with her feet. They both watched as his cock throbbed against her arches, his balls pushing against her heels as she moved her feet up and down on his cock.

It was safe enough, Mike thought, far enough from her tantalizing cunt. He stared at her breasts and the pouting cunt-lips as her feet moved rapidly up and down his cock-shaft.

Sueanne loved the hard, ribbed feeling of his prick between the sensitive arches of her feet. She could feel her own nipples jutting forward hungrily, her cunt pouting and wet, beckoning his cock to enter it.

The cock throbbed wildly and jerked and Sueanne was dismayed to see that it was going to shoot off — she had hoped to get it hot enough that the big man would lose his self-control and mount her, slamming the big dick into her virgin hole. No such luck. His balls swelled against her heels, his cock convulsed within the prison of her arches and a shower, a fountain of semen exploded from his prick, splattering hot droplets across the hearth with a sizzling noise. Sueanne’s bright pink cunt was swollen and glistening, seeming to stare directly at Mike’s wilting cock. She lay back on the floor, bending her knees and spreading her legs open to him. She saw the big, older man smile at her budding pussy, widening in excitement, slippery with hot, fresh juice.

He leaned forward and found her clit with his tongue, lapping at it gently, cat-like as he slipped one finger into the tight opening of her cunt. She could feel her cunt muscle squeeze and grab at the eager, invading finger, trying to suck it inside her. She felt his finger moving in and out of her slippery tight virgin hole, fucking slowly and easily, each thrust bringing it closer to the impediment of tissue which blocked the entrance to her womb. His fingertip touched the maidenhead and bounced back.

Sueanne felt a slight discomfort as his finger pushed against the tissue and she wished that it would break, would pour its virgin pitcher of blood and be done with. She wanted to be fucked and so long as that hymen was existence, she knew that gentle, strong Mike was not going to fuck her. She was about to reach down and grab his wrist, forcing his finger through the hymen but she was a second too late, the big man slipped his finger out of the hole and trailed it down the tiny sensitive patch of skin that separated her cunt from her buttocks. He pushed his finger between her plump young asscheeks and found her pink, puckered asshole. She was amazed as the pleasant sensation as he pushed against it, his fingertip slipping into the orifice, pushing the minute hole open.

“Ohhhh,” Sueanne groaned, a stab of pain running up her backbone as the finger pierced her asshole.

“Relax,” Mike whispered as he licked her stiff clit, “Relax, honey, and enjoy it.”

His finger lay easily inside her asshole and as he moved it gently in and out, she felt her asshole muscle loosen and accommodate him. She liked the constant stroking of his finger against her rectum, syncopated with the quick licks of his tongue on her rigid clit.

“Suck me,” she begged quietly, “please suck my clit, I want to come in your mouth!”

His lips fastened around the base of her clit and he tongued her clit as he sucked. Sueanne felt her hips thrashing in excitement, her pelvis pushing hard against his face, bathing his chin and cheeks in hot, wet cunt. Her buttocks seemed, of their own control, to open up and her asshole sucked at the invading finger as it fucked in and out the small pink opening.

“Come for me, baby,” Mike growled, “come all over me, I want to eat your hot, thick cum. Give me that virgin cum, honey, give it to me!”

Sueanne could feel her cunt inflaming and shuddering, her cunt-lips slapping against Mike’s face, red-hot and swollen to bursting. Her clit throbbed and jerked as her asshole grabbed tightly onto Mike’s finger, vise-like.

“Oh,” she screamed, “Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’M COMING!”

Sueanne had never felt such pleasure — it was wild and long-lasting, her body shuddering and quivering long after his tongue left her shriveling clit and his finger pulled hard out of her hungry asshole. It was the best cum of her life — and she hadn’t even lost her cherry. Yet!



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