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xNovel - Deeper, Daddy, Deeper


Deeper, Daddy, Deeper

Cover:cover: deeper, daddy, deeper
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“Come on, baby. I’m so hot. Can’t we go all the way this time?” Marvin Madison said breathlessly.

“No, Marvin!” Sally Symms said firmly. “If I told you once, I’ve told you a million times. I don’t do that. I am saving my cherry. You can’t make me.”

“I could if I used brute force,” Marvin said. His lips were very close to the girl’s neck. She could feel his hot moist breath, on her jugular vein.

“But that would get you in a lot of trouble. Besides, I would find a way to castrate you before the night was through,” Sally said. She turned up one corner of her mouth into a half smile of inward amusement.

“True. But you can’t make me go home like this. I’ll have a horrible case of blue balls. It is cruel to let a guy walk home with a limp.”

“You are driving home,” Sally said, furrowing her brow.

“But I still have to get up to my room. My cock hurts. It has been hard for — my God! — three hours now! It aches, Sally. Have mercy on me.”

“Marvin, you are such an animal. I swear, you are going to have to learn to control yourself. You turn into a real beast sometimes.”

“I’m not a beast, Sally. I am more human than I have ever been before. You are human. I am human. Let’s get human!” It was clear from the tone of the boy’s voice that Marvin Madison was desperate.

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you a blow job,” Sally said. She frowned.

Marvin sighed with relief, and leaned back. He opened his knees.

Marvin thought that Sally was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

Both of the youngsters were sixteen years old. They were in the summer vacation between their Junior and Senior years of high school. This was their third date. The first two dates Sally had not even allowed Marvin to kiss her. This time the teenage boy had done much better. He had been allowed to tongue-kiss with her for three hours. He even got to feel her tits, but not under her shirt. Now he was going to get a blow job.

He considered himself a very lucky young man. Sally was a notorious virgin and prick tease. He figured that getting his rocks off anyway was a bonus. He hadn’t really expected to get laid — but he did feel that it was worth the old college try.

Sally was not a very large little girl. She stood five feet even.

She was built on a small frame. What they call small-boned.

Her hair was golden blonde — just like her Daddy’s — and it grew all wavy down past her shoulders. Her hair was parted in the middle and fell down onto her forehead in downy bangs that came almost all the way to her brows. Her skin had a perfect peaches and cream complexion. She was the sort of girl who had never had a blemish in her life.

Her eyebrows and, eyelashes were the same color as the hair on her head. Her hair was so blonde that it bleached almost white in the summer sunshine. Sally had to be careful in the sun, however, because of her fair complexion. She burned easily. Sally always had to peel a few times before the tanning process began — no matter how much oil and sun screen she used.

Sally had a round face. It was the sort of face that might have been painted on a doll.

Her eyes were round and baby blue. They tended to open very wide — with child-like amazement — whenever Sally was excited about something.

Sally’s eyes twinkled merrily whenever she was happy, and they could look filled with sorrow when she was feeling blue. She had a tiny nose that was turned up a little at the end. A button nose — with oval-shaped nostrils. Her nostrils flared whenever she was excited.

Sally did not have a large mouth, but her lips were full and sensuous. Pouting lips. A slight overbite. Her lips always looked as if they were partially puckered.

The local boys had said that Sally Symms looked like she needed to be kissed very badly. But most of the boys had struck out completely with Sally. She wasn’t the sort of girl who would be seen with just anyone.

Sally dated rarely, and when she did, she usually only allowed the boy to kiss her good-night, and that was the extent of the physical contact.

This was an exception. Sally felt sorry for Marvin. And besides, she thought he was very handsome. Sally had never given a blow job before. But she had often thought about it during sexy fantasies. Sally often wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. Something in the back of her head — something instinctive — told her that it would be very nice.

She would soon find out, that was for sure. Sally’s mouth watered.

In spite of Sally’s slim frame and diminutive form, her breasts were large.

Sally’s tits were perky and rested high on her chest.

They were ripe melons — both firm and supple. She never wore a bra.

Her breasts jiggled deliciously inside her tee-shirt whenever she moved.

Marvin had tried all night to get his hand under her tee-shirt so he could stroke those hot scoops of vanilla ice cream. But Sally was a notorious wrist-grabber.

Sally had a beautiful little body. She had the kind of body that made the men in town — both boys and adults — ache just to look at it. Her waist was slim and her hips were round.

Sally had a way of swinging her round hips from side to side when she walked — like a pendulum — that drove guys wild. There were men who crossed the street of even turned around and walked in the opposite direction just for the honor of walking behind Sally Symms. She liked to wear designee jeans. Dark blue. As tight as possible. Sally’s jeans were often so tight that she looked as if she had painted them on with dark blue spray paint.

Her legs were not long but they were slim and shapely. She had trim ankles and tiny feet. Her toes were chubby and all very close to the same length. Sally had the kind of feet and ankles that looked great in high-heels. Sally liked to wear open-toed heels with her tight jeans. She thought that was the sexiest thing that a little girl could wear. On her top she wore a white tee-shirt with a decal of her favorite rock and roll group on the front.

Sally’s fingernails were long and slightly curled. It was obvious that they had been carefully manicured.

They were all exactly the same length and had an equal roundness to their tips. She painted them dark red.

She thought that the color went well with her peaches and cream complexion. Her toenails were tiny and round. She painted them the same color.

Marvin Miller was the quarterback on the high school football team.

He had a better chance than any of the boys to pop her cherry.

Sally could always feel her blood pumping when she was with him.

That was why she had agreed to go down on him — a first.

He was a huge boy. He stood a couple of inches over six feet. He weighed twice as much as Sally. Sally had never weighed more than ninety-five pounds in her entire life — and that included times when she had weighed herself while she was soaking wet.

The boy’s hair was dark brown and a bit ungroomed. The hair tended to look mussed. It usually fell over the tops of his eyes and flopped down onto his forehead. He was very handsome. But not as handsome as Sally’s Daddy.

His eyes were dark brown. So dark that they looked black in the limited light. The two were in the back seat of Marvin’s car. The quarters were cramped.

Marvin had more whiskers than most of the boys his age.

He shaved regularly.

His shoulders were very broad. Just like Daddy’s.

He had thick slabs of muscle across his back and shoulders.

The skin was stretched tight across his chest — which was almost hairless.

In spite of the girth of his upper body, his waist and hips were slim.

He was built like a triangle — point down, Sally thought.

She figured he had been constructed by God for a purpose.

Marvin had been put on the Earth especially to fuck. Part of Sally wanted to let him fuck her. Wanted it badly. But there was a bigger part of her that knew her heart would always belong to her Daddy.

Marvin’s legs were very long. His thighs were thick. Sally suspected that one of the boy’s thighs was bigger around that her waist. Maybe not. Marvin’s thighs were not as muscular as her father’s.

His hands and his feet were very large. Sally wondered if the same was true of other portions of the dark haired boy’s anatomy. She could see a bulge in the crotch of his tight jeans.

She had noticed the bulge in his crotch getting larger the longer they tongue-kissed. She knew that he was telling the truth about having a throbbing boner. Sally could feel the rate of her heartbeat increasing as she saw the boy reaching for his belt. Sally had never actually seen an erect penis before. She found that her expectation was piqued. She could feel herself starting to pant. She tried to hide her horniness. She didn’t want Marvin to know how sexually aroused she was becoming at the thought of sucking his cock. She wanted him to think that she was doing him a favor. She did not want him to know that she was enjoying herself. Marvin quickly unbuckled his black leather belt and unbuttoned the single button that held the top of his jeans together. Marvin’s jeans were old and faded. They had worn through at the knees and in the seat, and had been patched with other squares of denim. He was wearing a black tee-shirt with a little pocket on the front. On his feet were black high-rise sneakers. He wore no socks. It was a hot muggy summer night and the windows were fogged. It was the sort of night when everything is sticky.

Sally could feel the blood pumping down her body. She could feel a warm flush on the insides of her slim creamy thighs. There was a tingling in her loins.

Sally could feel both her inner and outer cunt lips swelling rapidly and she could tell that it wouldn’t be long before they were fully engorged with the blood of her arousal.

The little blonde could feel a tremendous ache down between her legs. She could tell that the glands between her inner cunt lips were beginning to secrete her natural lubrication. She could feel her cunt juice starting to flow. She could feel the honey-like pussy cream pooling at the base of her pinkness, between the inner labia. She could tell that it wouldn’t be long before that juice began to spill out, and when that happened she would start to make a wet spot on the crotch of her pink panties — the panties with all the little red hearts on them. She hated when her underwear started to get wet with her natural lubrication. It always made the material crawl up between her swollen lips. Her cunt felt as if it were suffocating. She felt as if her crotch were trapped in a cloth prison. It gave her a deep itch to be naked — which, of course, was out of the question.

The focal point of her desire was at the top of her slit.

Her clit.

Her swelling love button.

Her little man in the boat.

Sally’s center of womanly pleasure.

The clit was growing to full engorgement along with the rest of her pussy flesh. That ball of fiery flesh was poking out from under its foreskin — the fleshy sheath above the clit that all but covered it when she was unaroused.

Marvin pulled the fly to his zipper down all the way to the bottom.

Sally could see the strained whiteness of his underwear.

She could tell that the boy’s cock and balls were huge.

Sally knew that they were going to be bigger than she figured.

She had grossly underestimated how large aroused male genitalia was.

The diminutive blonde licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

When she was horny her nipples began to swell and get very hard.

They protruded from the tips of her large pert breasts.

Sally’s tits were so perky that the nipples pointed upward.

Her feminine erections were making bumps in her tee-shirt.

Marvin could see the dark outline of her nipples through the material.

Sally’s rosebuds were large — about the size of silver dollars.

When she was horny they stuck far out. It was hard for Marvin to not stare.

Sally Symms took a deep breath, making a little gasping noise, as she saw the boy hook his thumbs under the top of his faded jeans and the elastic band to his underwear simultaneously. He lifted his ass from the back seat. His knees and his ankles were close together. He hitched down his drawers anxiously, and his cock came popping out like some kind of horny jack-in-the-box.

The little girl sucked in cool air through puckered lips producing a low whistle. Her eyes went wide with awe. Her eyes opened so far that the whites were visible all the way around the baby blue pupils. Her golden eyebrows raised into arches. She had to concentrate to keep her jaw from dropping with her astonishment. The little girl could feel a great pressure forming inside her lower abdomen. The little girl could feel the ache in her pussy getting worse by the second. She could feel her love button throbbing sharply in sync with her racing heartbeat.

“Wow,” she said.

“Do you like it?” Marvin asked. He grinned at her.

He bared his white teeth, pulling back his lips a bit.

“I have never seen one before,” Sally said vaguely.

She had not blinked in a long time. She was staring.

Only when her eyes began to burn did she blink them.

“What do you think?” the football quarterback asked her.

“I think it is beautiful. But how does it fit…” Sally stopped.

“How does it fit in a pussy?” Marvin completed her query.

“Yeah, how does it fit?” Sally said. Her salivary gland worked over-time.

Her delicious hot pink mouth was watering freely by this time.

She had to swallow more frequently than usual to keep from drooling.

“Girls are more elastic than you think.” Marvin said.

“Wow,” Sally said. “Can I touch it, Marvin?” Her hands trembled. Her skin was slick with hot sticky sweat. Her cheeks were rosy. Her lips looked puffy with lust. Her eyelids appeared heavy with her lust.

“Of course, silly,” Marvin said with a manly chuckle.

Sally could feel her breaths getting shorter and closer together.

“That’s the whole idea,” Marvin said. He stroked her cheek with gentle fingertips. “But kiss me first.”

Sally pressed her lips against his. For a moment their lips writhed together without their tongues. Then they touched the tips of their tongues together lightly and the inside of the car crackled with sexual electricity.

Soon they were rolling their tongues together, and Sally was pressing her firm yet supple breasts against Marvin’s chest, and he could feel her pebble-like nipples.

The kiss lasted for a long time.

It was a sloppy kiss.

Their lips were wet and slippery with shared saliva before long.

They quaffed cheerfully of each other’s hot spittle.

They were breathless with passion by the time the kiss was through.

Sally could feel the crotch of her panties getting very wet.

The material was already starting to crawl up between her lips.

She tried not to think about it. Her clit was demanding to be stroked.

Her nipples burned and yearned for a sweet caress — with fingers or mouth.

When the kiss was over Sally moved in front of the seat on her knees. Marvin pushed his jeans and his underwear all the way down to his ankles. He kept his black high-rise sneakers on. He parted his thighs. He separated his knees as far as he could. Marvin pointed his knees at opposite sides of the car. Sally could see his stiff cock sticking straight up in the air, pointing at the roof. It was close to the fiat plain of Marvin’s belly.

Sally figured that his cock had to be eight inches long and it was thick enough so that she would have to open her mouth very far to suck on it.

The pretty little blonde could see that the cock was thickest at the head. The glans at the tip of the tool was shaped like a mushroom. Sally could not imagine her inner cunt lips opening far enough to take that cock head. She found herself wondering what her Daddy’s cock looked like, but she always tried to keep her direct thoughts of incest thrust into the back of her head. Marvin’s cock head was fully engorged with the blood of his arousal and was as hard as a rock. Sally could see that the skin covering the cock head was stretched very thin, and appeared to be as smooth as a plate of glass. The glans looked as if it would explode if another drop of blood tried to pump its way inside. Sally could see the little hole in the glans opening and closing with tiny spasms. She knew that this was the little hole where both Marvin’s piss and come emerged. She was surprised to see that there were little lips on either side of his quivering urethra. The lips were swollen with his horniness, making the hole look like a nether mouth. As the hole opened and closed it appeared to the little girl as if the nether mouth were trying in vain to speak. She lowered her head. Pausing to pull her golden hair back over her shoulders and away from her face, she began to kiss and lick at the insides of Marvin’s thighs. She could smell the scent of his manhood. She couldn’t stand it, it was so good.

Sally flared her nostrils and inhaled exclusively through her nose.

She filled her lungs.

Her chest puffed out.

Her tits rose.

She sucked the scent of Marvin’s cock and balls deep into her sinuses and sighed as she exhaled. She began kissing and licking him close to his knees and worked her way toward his crotch.

The shaft of Marvin’s cock was not quite as thick as the head, but it was just as hard. In their position, Sally was looking at the underside of the shaft which was lined with dilated blue veins. The veins ran all the way from the base of the shaft to the base of the glans. They made his cock look craggy. They made his pole of masculinity look more like a weapon than an instrument of lovemaking. Sally kissed her way all the way to Marvin’s balls. She placed the tip of her tongue on his scrotal sack and began to flick back and forth lightly and rapidly. She could feel her face flush and turn hot with pride when the boy let out a whimper of pleasure.

His balls were huge.


Like golf balls.

Sally could see that his scrotal sack was larger than she thought it would be also. She would have to open her fingers as far as she could to cup the whole bag in her palm at once.

The sack appeared to be filled to the brim with come. Sally wondered how long it had been since Marvin had last had an orgasm. She didn’t know that the bag always looked like that.

Sally placed the tips of her fingers on the base of his balls and lifted the sack. She had her palm turned toward the roof of the car.

Her knuckles were slightly bent and she had her fingers arched so she would not scratch the handsome boy’s delicate tissue with her long red fingernails.

Sally bobbed his balls up and down on her fingertips for a moment, and Marvin found it increasingly difficult to keep his lower torso still.

As Sally moved his swollen testicles up and down sensuously, the pretty little blonde appeared as if she were trying to determine their weight.

She lifted them as high as she could, and began to flick the tip of her tongue across the hypersensitive patch of skin between his balls and his asshole.

The boys breathing was becoming harsher. He was panting like a wild jungle beast. His cock was throbbing so hard that it began to slap him in his hard stomach — the tip striking several inches above Marvin’s bellybutton.

Sally switched to the flat part of her tongue and licked at the boy’s balls until the entire scrotal sack was wet and shiny with her saliva.

Sally could hear his whimpering and whining becoming more desperate by the second. She placed the fingertips on her other hand on the underside of his cock. She caressed up and down a little and then pinned the head against his belly. She could feel how hard it was. She could feel it throbbing against her fingertips. She was anxious to take him in her mouth. The little girl did not want to think about her desire to take him in her pussy.

There was only one man who could take her cherry.

And making love with him was breaking society’s strictest taboo.

There was only one man that Sally loved enough to fuck.

Her father!

Her loving Daddy!

Sally parted her lips and made her mouth cottony soft.

She had been doing a lot of reading about sex lately.

She liked to think that she was researching how to be a woman.

She had read everything she could get her hands on.

Sally wanted to know how to give a man pleasure. She had rehearsed all of these moves many times in her mind. So far her techniques were going over well. It was dear from the frenzied gurgling noises Marvin was making in the back of her this throat that he was having a splendid time. Sally wrapped her soft pouting hips over his right testicle.

She began to suck it lightly, drawing in her cheeks.

The little girl drew at the gland with a steady vacuum.

She kept her pink tongue busy licking as she sucked.

Marvin could feel the muscles in his thighs tensing.

He could feel his semen begin to boil inside the sack.

His silver seed swirled about his swollen nuts with au ache.

His balls throbbed — along with his stiff thick prick.

Sally began to move her fingertips up and down his cock shaft.

He began to thrust up and down with his ass furiously.

He found that he was tensing and relaxing his buttocks rhythmically.

The boy’s face was very red. His back teeth were clenched.

His jaw was so tight that the muscles at the sides of his face were protruding. His eyes closed tightly — so tightly that the lids wrinkled.

The handsome football quarterback could tell that the little girl was not going to have to suck him for very long. He felt like he was going to blow his top.

The dark haired high school jock could tell that he was going to feed the horny virgin a hot meal soon after she wrapped those pouting lips around the head of his throbbing purple prick!!!

Sally sucked at both of his balls for a long time. She could tell by the movements in his lower body, and the sounds he was making, that he needed a come badly. She decided that she had been a tease for long enough. She was finally going to find out what it felt like to satisfy a man.

She moved her mouth to his prick.

Sally stuck her tongue out from between her sensuous lips and her pearly white teeth as far as she could — concentrating on keeping it pointy at the tip. She placed the tip her tongue at the base of his cock. She moved her fingers up toward the head so they would be out of the way. With her other hand she cupped his balls. The little girl parted her fingers as far as she could so that she could clutch the entire sack at the same time.

She began to pump his swollen testicles — squeezing once for every beat of Marvin’s racing heart.

In this manner the blonde virgin simulated the natural throbbing the boy felt in his scrotal sack.

She looked at the swollen veins. She could feel them on her tongue. They reminded her of lines on a road map.



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