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xNovel - The Widow's Hot Family


The Widow's Hot Family

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Judy replaced the phone on the receiver. Jane’s line was still busy, after all this time…

Judy had been thinking all day about the off-hand remark she’d made earlier, about it being too bad their kids were their kids, and not just the horny teenagers Judy and Jane had been reminiscing about. And the more she thought about it, the hotter she became. Bobby and Scott were such strong, handsome boys, and she knew from the number of heavily loaded tissues in their wastebaskets that they were oversexed.

Still, it was a momentous decision to make, the taking of her own sons into her bed, and she’d wanted to discuss it with Jane. Now it was up to her. She’d only been postponing the inevitable, Judy thought, and trying to share the blame for whatever she decided. Her courage was fading, but the burning itch in her cunt was stronger than ever, and she wondered how long this incestuous desire had been smoldering.

Judy didn’t want to scare her young sons off by being too aggressive, so she planned her seduction with care. First, she removed a tube from the back of the TV set in the living room. Now she could invite Bobby and Scott to watch their favorite programs on her bedroom television.

After supper, she told her sons she was going to take a shower. She asked them to wash and dry the dishes. Bobby was a year older than Scott, and Judy knew that Bobby, and perhaps Scott, too, had sometimes walked casually by her door when she was getting ready for her bath. Tonight she decided to leave the door open just a bit and get them really excited.

Judy was so nervous that her legs were shaky as she waited in a corner of her room for the tell-tale squeak of the floorboards in the hall. She was out of the line of sight of the crack in the door deliberately. She didn’t want them to wonder why she was waiting to take her clothes off.

When the hot-assed mother was certain her boys were outside, she took off her blouse and skirt and slowly walked in bra and panties to her closet. She knew the sight of her full ass cheeks quivering under the white nylon would hold their attention. She took a robe from the closet and threw it on her bed. Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Judy heard a gasp and some shuffling as her huge tits jumped out of her cups and slapped against her chest. Her heavy, white tits shook and wobbled like jello, then swung out and down as she bent to slide her panties off. Her pendulous, swaying tits aimed their large, brownish-pink nipples at the floor until she stood.

Bobby and Scott were awe-struck. They pushed against each other for a spot at the crack. They were so excited by the sight of their mother’s enormous jiggling tits that they couldn’t think straight. Neither of the boys had seen a pair of tits before, except in magazines, and their young minds weren’t equipped to handle the sensory overload of seeing tits, ass and pussy all at once!

Judy’s cunt was oozing with the depraved thrill of exposing her gorgeous body to her two teenage sons. Her face felt hot, and she was having trouble breathing, but she managed to turn and walk to the dresser.

Bobby and Scott watched the soft flesh of their mother’s bare, snow-white ass dimple and quiver as she studied herself in the mirror above the dresser. From where they stood, they could not only see her ass, but the reflection of her tits and bushy cunt in the mirror. Bobby took his cock out and stroked his hard and throbbing organ. Scott glanced down and saw his brother jerking off. He’d been wanting to do the same thing, but felt funny about playing with himself while Bobby was there.

“Cripes,” Bobby whispered, “take a look at Mom’s tits, will ya? Boy, would I like to touch them!”

Scott fisted his stiff prick. “Yeah, and look at her behind, huh? When she leans just a bit, you can see her pussy!”

Judy found she was having the time of her life. She’d always been a bit of an exhibitionist as a teenager, and knowing that she was being watched by her own sons as she examined her naked body was perversely exciting. She could imagine what the sight was doing to her young sons. The teenage boys she’d teased years ago usually began pulling their pricks out before her tits were halfway out of her lowered bra.

But one thing she’d never done in front of her dates was play with her tits and cunt. Looking at her reflection, Judy decided her boys would find no fault with her body. Her tits were extra large, and still firm for all their size, and her ass didn’t sag a bit. Her smooth-skinned, white ass cheeks were still unmarred by age or weight.

Judy cupped her heavy tits and moved them around, letting her long fingers sink into the jiggling fullness. Soft, white titflesh oozed between her fingers as she kneaded her warm tits, and the hot-assed mother licked her dry lips and felt her pussy drip more juice. She knew Bobby and Scott were probably going as crazy as she was. She began lifting her tits and letting them drop. The sound of her soft jugs slapping her chest excited her even more.

“Holy shit!” Bobby whispered hoarsely. “She’s playin’ with herself! Look at that, will ya?”

Scott was looking, all right. His eyes were burning from going so long without blinking, and his cock was like a red-hot iron pipe in his sweaty fist. He was whacking it like crazy, and his balls ached, but he stopped pumping every time he was about to cum. He wanted this to last forever!

Judy grabbed her swollen nipples with the fingers of both hands, pulling them out from the white globes of her jugs. The two nipples stretched and darkened, and she was reminded of a bondage photo she’d seen. The woman in the picture was wearing a bra with cut-out cups, and the base of the cups was equipped with drawstrings. By tightening the strings, the blood was forced into the woman’s nipples, making them fill with blood and bulge out abnormally.

“Ohhhhhh,” she sighed, staring at her aching, tortured nipples. They were a deep purplish-red, now, squeezing out from her thumbs and fingers. Knowing that Scott and Bobby could see them made it all the more enjoyable for her.

“Hey!” Bobby nudged his brother. “Look between Mom’s legs!”

Scott looked, and saw something wet and shiny smearing his mother’s upper thighs.

“She’s gettin’ wet, just like Frank was tellin’ us!” Scott said, amazed by the revelation that his mother had a cunt that was as leaky as the whores their friends discussed.

Judy began to moan, partly from pain and partly from pleasure. Kinky pleasure, she was the first to admit, but she couldn’t help herself. She was so horny, and her boys were so big and handsome.

Her nipples were so hot and swollen they felt as if they were going to burst! In the mirror, she could see her lust-contorted face. Her eyes were narrow slits. Her nostrils were flared. And her red face was damp with sweat. She was tempted to jerk off, but she wanted to save all her orgasms for her sons’ cocks. She mentally crossed her fingers and prayed that everything would work out the way she wanted.

Sighing, she released her nipples and took a few deep, shuddering breaths. Then she tugged on her robe and slowly started for the door. She gave her boys time to make their getaway, then she padded on bare feet to the bathroom. She shut and locked the door, and hung a towel from the doorknob so they couldn’t peek through the keyhole.

Then she collapsed on the toilet seat.

Jeez! How had she been able to do all that? she wondered. She gently rubbed her swollen nipples, then lifted one tit to her mouth and ran a soothing tongue around them. The throbbing flesh was extremely sensitive, and she thought for a moment about the chances of having them kissed and licked by both Bobby and Scott. She could hardly wait!

Judy forced herself not to hurry. She showered slowly, as usual, and dried herself thoroughly. Then she applied some sexy smelling lotion beneath her big tits, on the dimples of her ass and the insides of her thighs. She was about to put the bottle away when she smiled and smeared a little through the tight crack of her ass. Her asshole tingled pleasantly when she touched it, and she pressed the scented fingertip against it. She wanted to be ass-fucked again sometime in the future.

Putting her robe on again, the incest-minded mother returned to her room. This time she shut the door, then opened a drawer she hadn’t touched in years. It was filled with sexy underthings from the first years of her marriage.

“Oh, they’ll love this!” Judy murmured, lifting out a pair of black bikini panties.

She stepped into the panties and looked in the mirror and smiled. The twin white moons of her ass were completely bare, because the panties were so tight that they ran through the crack and only covered her bung. In front, the plump bulge of her pink pussylips and hair lifted the thin fabric, outlining everything. Dark curls escaped from its sides.

Then Judy pulled out a pair of bright purple fishnet stockings. They reached the tops of her plump white thighs and clipped to a red garter belt.

“Jeez,” Judy muttered, “I look like a hooker in a James Bond movie!”

With her tits dangling as she rooted deeply in the drawer, Judy finally located the bra she wanted. It wasn’t much more than a piece of pastel pink gauze to cup her huge tits without giving them any support. The bulging white flesh of her tits oozed over the top and her stiff, dark nipples made two big lumps in the bra cups.

Judy slowly turned, looking at her reflection. What else? she wondered. Then she remembered how some kids liked a lot of dark lipstick and proceeded to outline her full, pouty lips. Her lips twitched, and a smile formed. A really kinky thought had occurred to Judy, and she tugged her crotchband aside and smeared the fat lips of her cunt with maroon lipstick. Then she turned and thrust her ass at the mirror. Pulling her panty strip to one side, she held her cheeks apart and circled the lipstick on her asshole.

“If you’re gonna go, go all the way,” Judy said to herself, feeling just a little twinge of guilt mingled with anticipatory embarrassment.

But those feelings were nothing compared to the horny itch in her wet cunt. The thought of being alone in bed with her two sons made her grind her thighs together.

“Hummmm,” she sighed as she milked the fat lips of her pussy and stimulated her tingling clit.

Before climbing into her bed, Judy got out her bottle of gin and placed it on the table beside the dresser. She deliberately left the glasses in the cabinet. Then she turned the TV on and slipped under the covers. She had no fear of dozing off before Bobby and Scott discovered the living room set wasn’t working. She was far too excited for that. But time had never seemed to drag so slowly!

She felt her face flood with heat when Bobby’s voice reached her. He was griping about missing some older horror movie, and Scott, as she’d hoped, suggested they ask to watch hers.

A minute later they knocked on her door. “Hey, Mom, can we watch your TV. The other set’s not working!”

“Come on in, boys,” Judy said, pulling the sheet up to her neck, “we’ll watch it together.”

The door opened and they walked in.

“Wait’ll I get some chairs,” Bobby said.

“Don’t bother, you can climb in with me,” Judy told him, “just like you used to when you were little.”

“Oh, okay,” Bobby said.

“Don’t forget to take off your shoes,” Judy said. “I don’t want dirty sheets.”

Jeez, what a hypocrite I am, she thought. Dirty sheets indeed. If everything worked out right, the sheets would be covered with cunt juice, jism, shit smears and lipstick!

As Bobby and Scott were removing their shoes, Judy said, “You might as well put your pajamas on now. You’ll be more comfortable in bed with them.”

Of course, her sons had not even the faintest idea of what she was planning, but just the thought of being near her sexy body made them hurry. They were back in her room in two minutes, and Judy could see the moving bulges of their flopping cocks and balls under their pajama bottoms. The large lumps swayed and rolled back and forth against the thin fabric as they walked. Judy’s mouth watered.

“Don’t forget to turn on the right channel,” she said, “and no eating in bed. I don’t want to find pretzel crumbs in the crack of my ass, later.”

She had deliberately mentioned her ass, knowing the word alone would excite them. Judy was right.

Bobby and Scott looked at each other, and their faces were flushed. She knew that the memory of her naked ass was running through their adolescent minds at that very moment.

“Come on, climb in,” she said, moving to the middle. “Scott, you take one side, Bobby, the other. That’s it. My goodness, I feel like the filling in a sandwich, with you two big boys on each side of me!”

She twisted a bit, ostensibly to get more comfortable, but in reality it was an excuse to brush her big, unsupported tits against both her boys. The actual physical contact sent an enormous surge of passion through her, and she knew she couldn’t delay making a move much longer.

Her two sons were snuggled up close against her, and their body heat and male scent were like an aphrodisiac. She was sure it was their sweaty balls she was smelling, and the thought of those four plump, rosy, and nearly hairless nuts made her mouth water.

It was time to start things moving.

“Would you boys like a drink?” Judy asked, indicating the bottle of gin.

“Uh, sure,” Bobby said.

“Me too,” Scott quickly added. This was the first time their mother had ever offered them anything stronger than root beer.

“Oh, I forgot the glasses,” Judy said. “No, you stay and watch your movie, Bobby. I’ll get them.”

And Judy crawled from under the covers and knee-walked down the middle of the bed while Scott and Bobby choked and grabbed their erecting cocks.

Their mother’s semi-nudity and sexy outfit made their eyes bulge. Her tits dangled and swayed in the wispy covering. Her bare ass cheeks quivered. And below them the bulge of her thickly haired cunt showed through her damp crotch piece. The purple fishnet stockings and red garter belt left a lot of white flesh exposed between them and her skimpy panties.

Then she hopped off the bed, and for a moment everything rippled and shook wildly, placing a terrible strain on Judy’s bra and her sons’ will power. Both her teenage boys wanted to wrestle her to the floor and jump on her.

“Here we are,” Judy said as she bent for the glasses.

Her ass was aimed right at Bobby and Scott, and she knew they were both getting eyestrain. The Wolfman was trying to tear Dracula’s throat out on the TV, but Bobby and Scott were no longer interested in the plight of the heroine cowering in a corner of the old dungeon.

Judy gave each boy half a glass of gin, then climbed up on the bed again. This time she faced them as she crawled up the middle. She saw their eyes on her hanging tits. She knew the material was so tight that every little goosebump on her areolas was visible, and she wondered how much longer they’d behave like good little boys.

As their mother slid between them, Scott and Bobby held their breaths. Things were a lot different now. Before, they hadn’t known how little she had on, or how sexy the little was. Now, their horny minds were overloaded with colorful visions of their mom doing dirty things with them. They both gulped their drinks without tasting them.

Neither boy knew what the other was up to, but it wasn’t surprising that they were both tuned to the same wavelength. They pretended to watch TV, but soon Judy was being accidentally touched and rubbed.

When Judy felt Bobby’s fingers brush against the side of one heavy breast, she turned and asked. “Comfortable, honey?” with a smile on her lips.

And when Scott’s hand touched her other tit and she looked at him, he said, “Uh, sorry, Mom, it was an accident.”

“Don’t worry, baby, it’s all right.”

Scott would, at any other time, have objected to being called baby, but tonight he just gave an idiot’s grin and turned his eyes to the TV.

Their brief touches were driving Judy crazy, but she didn’t want to hurry her sons.

Bobby shifted around, and when he’d settled, his hand was resting casually on her bare belly. Since she wasn’t objecting or complaining, both the boys gradually became bolder. Judy pretended to be deeply interested in what was on TV, and she knew her passive acceptance or actual ignorance of what they were doing would excite them even more.

It wasn’t long before Bobby’s hand was slowly inching down her belly. It took about ten minutes, but eventually his hand was lightly cupping her crotch. His body was rigid, and his face was red and sweaty, and he was staring like a zombie at the TV as he slowly, hesitantly, ran his fingertips across his mother’s silken, juice-dampened mound.

Judy sighed and lay back on the pillow. Bobby couldn’t believe she wasn’t aware of what he was doing. But he was so young and inexperienced, he wasn’t sure if a boy could touch a girl there without her realizing it for a while.

Meanwhile, Scott was busy with his own investigations. He’d turned on his side, curling his body a little. One hand had accidentally come to rest against her tit. Over the same period of time that Bobby had inched his way to his mother’s pussy, Scott slowly cupped the end of his mom’s fat tit in his sweaty palm. He thought he was getting away with something, that she didn’t realize it was his hand that was pressed against her, and he was thrilled to the feel of her hot, hard nipple nuzzling into his hand.

Judy still acted innocent of anything going on. Occasionally she sighed while watching the movie. She parted her legs just a bit, but not by a glance or unusual sound did she let her sons know she was aware of their secret fondlings.

But it was getting harder and harder to pretend that she was unaware of what Bobby was doing. She could pretend she didn’t feel anything, but there was no way to keep Bobby from wondering why his fingers were getting so wet through her panties. She knew her cunt hole was practically swimming with juice, and if they once lifted the sheets, all that trapped odor would rush out.

Bobby’s fingers were wiggling more insistently, now, as he became even bolder. He was getting so excited that getting caught wasn’t as much of a deterrent as it had been. He’d been rubbing the crotch of her panties for nearly half an hour, and he was ready for something more. Slowly, he picked at the elastic edge of her crotchband, tugging her cuntcurls in the process. He was working faster, now, and soon his fingers were sliding under to touch her bare cunt.

Judy bit her lip as her narrow crotchpiece slid between the plump lips of her pussy so that the long pink folds bulged out on either side of the soaked material. She groaned, giving herself away, and Bobby looked up at her red face and caught on.

He grinned joyously. He rubbed his fingers all over her warm, wet, squishy pussylips.

With her dreams coming true, Judy lifted her hips and threw her arms around her son and kissed him passionately. Her tongue slid out and slithered around his, and Bobby automatically clutched her cunt with his hand, rubbing it with the heel of his palm as she kissed him and kept hunching.

“Hey!” Scott cried, shocked to see his mother throw herself onto his brother’s body for no apparent reason.

“Oh!” Judy gasped, breaking the kiss and turning to her younger son. “I don’t want you to feel left out, baby!”

She kissed him full on the mouth and ran her hand down his stomach until she found his prick standing bare from his fly. She fisted it and squeezed.

“Jeez!” Scott cried, torn between fear, embarrassment, and horniness as his mother rubbed his throbbing pecker.

“Do you like that, baby?” Judy asked. “Does Mommy’s hand on your cock feel good?”

Scott was too shocked to answer. But Bobby wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He took his mother’s other hand and guided it to his own hard cock. She squeezed it without question, slowly pumping up and down.

“Ohhhhh!” Judy cooed. “You’ve both got such big cocks! Take the covers off, quick! I want to see them!”

Her clutching hands pumped faster and Bobby threw the sheets to the floor.

“Ohhhh, God!” Judy moaned, looking at their cocks. Two cocks at once! It was more than she’d had even as a teenager, and she couldn’t help comparing them with their father’s prick. They certainly weren’t smaller, and Bobby’s felt bigger.

Her needs were about to be satisfied she thought, grinning.



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