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xNovel - Spouse Swapping Twins


Spouse Swapping Twins

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“It’s so good you could have lunch with me, Mandy,” Candy told her twin sister. “I’ve been going out of my mind lately. I feel like I’m in some sort of a trap and can’t get out.”

The other blonde, a virtual mirror-image of her sister, nodded solemnly, thinking of her own problems with Charlie. “I know what you mean. I’m at the same place in my life. God, did getting married ever complicate things!”

“Yeah,” said Candy fervently. “It was a real treat going out four or five times a week with a different guy each night. Goddamn, but those were good times. I could get laid a dozen times by a dozen guys if I wanted. Now, it’s not so good.”

Mandy’s concentration wavered. She hadn’t been the socializing type like her twin. She had stayed at home a lot, even though she got plenty of requests for dates. It seemed better to her to only go out with a guy when the mood moved her. And fuck? Hardly ever, which was just about the right frequency for her.

“You’re pretty lucky,” said Mandy, “compared to me. I can’t keep Charlie off me! I mean, he jumps me all the time. Morning, while I’m fixing breakfast, he’ll bend me over the stove and fuck me from behind.”

She shivered a little. That had happened only that morning. She unconsciously rubbed her hands over her ample tits, remembering the feel of the burner just inches under them while the man had fucked her. The thrill of it had turned Charlie into a wild man. For her, there was nothing but minor irritation that she had burned the toast.

“I wish I had that kind of a problem,” Candy said. “Stan doesn’t seem to have any sexual instincts at all. I guess I knew that when I married him, but it’s getting me down. When I want to ball, all he wants to do is sleep. That’s driving me crazy.”

Her fingers dipped down and pressed into the front of her skirt, but that wasn’t good enough for her. She slipped her hand under her skirt and slid her fingers up and down her snatch. She shivered deliciously at the idea of masturbating in a public place like this.

The others in the restaurant didn’t seem to notice her at all. She became bolder, her finger dipping all the way up into her cunt hole. She was already beginning to froth and boil over, her thick fuck oils drenching her hand and panties. If only Stan was here! He could fuck her under the table. Maybe he could slip under the table, push her skirt up, and lap noisily at her cunt.

To be eaten out in public! She would love the thrill of that. It was so much better than simply rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs for Stan to fuck her in the missionary position. Of course, lately she had been lucky to get even that much.

“We got problems, Sister,” Mandy agreed. “You can’t get enough cock from Stan, and Charlie’s insatiable. I never realized he was such a satyr until after the honeymoon. I went along with all that because I thought it was expected. I didn’t know he was going to keep on like that after we settled down. It’s positively disgusting.”

“What is?” asked Candy, her finger moving swiftly up and dawn her pussy. The words of her twin sister pushed her passions upward. The idea of listening to all this illicit gossip while finger fucking herself almost got her off. Almost.

“He frightens me,” Mandy said earnestly. “He wants to do all those acrobatic things he reads in those filthy books of his. Why, the other night he actually wanted to tie me down to the bed before balling!”

A delicious thrill shot up into Candy’s pussy at the words. Bondage! That would be a real turn-on, she thought. And she could never in a million years get Stan to agree to try it.

Her mind refused to give up on the idea. To be helpless and at a man’s mercy. To struggle futilely, muscles straining to evade the bonds on wrists and ankles. To be unable to stop anything the man wanted to do to her, no matter how depraved or disgusting.

She shivered again, her finger fucking reaching a speed that burned all along her pussy walls. She almost came, but the other woman’s words brought her down from her pinnacle.

“You okay, Candy? You look a little flushed.”

“Okay, just fine. Tell me more about you and Charlie. I mean, what all he wants you to do.”

Mandy blushed. The thought of some of the horrid things Charlie had come up with was bad, but the things she had allowed him to talk her into was even worse.

“He took pictures one night. You know that video tape machine he brought? He got a camera for it and set it up next to our bed one night. He he’s got every sordid detail there on videotape! And he watches it! I think that’s disgusting!”

Candy thought it was great. To be able to have instant replays of her lovemaking would get her hot all over again. She loved to watch the ripple and flow of a man’s muscles as he fucked. She sometimes went alone to X-rated movies just to see the stars’ hairy asses moving tightly above the chicks they fucked. The sight of the prick going into pink cuntlips turned her on in a big way, but not as much as feeling it actually happening.

To be able to combine the two stimuli — visual and physical — would be a real treat!

“God, Mandy, can you play it in slow motion?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to know. And he put mirrors up beside the bed another time. I made him take them down. I didn’t want to see what was going on like that.”

“Why not?” Candy was confused. For her, this would be the next best thing to paradise. For Mandy, it didn’t appear that way at all.

“It’s the kind of things he wanted to do. I well, oral sex is okay, as long as you don’t do it too often.”

“I agree. Shouldn’t be eaten out more than five or six times a day.”

“Don’t joke about things like that, Candy.”

And she wasn’t. She wondered where her twin sister had gotten such prudish ideas. Their parents certainly hadn’t been prudes. They were real swingers — like Candy.

Mandy heaved a deep sigh, her tits wiggling around with the motion. She shook her head and said, “I think you’d be better off with Charlie than I ant. You say some of the most terrible things.”

“And it sounds as if you and Stan are a matched set. Isn’t it ironic that we seem to have married the wrong man?”

Both twins stared into each other’s emerald green eyes for a full minute, then they broke out laughing. Candy said, “Why not? We swapped dates when we were in high school.”

“Yeah, I remember some of them being damned good dates, too,” Mandy said.

Candy almost laughed again at that. She had given the real duds to her sister to save the real studs for herself. The woman hadn’t realized that she had been doing them both a favor.

“We can’t get away with it, though,” said Mandy. “It’s nice to think about.”

“Why can’t we? We’re identical twins. You may be left handed and I’m right handed, but so what? We could both be a little clumsy for a while. If this works out, we have both our problems solved and nobody knows. Nobody but us.”

“No, it would never work, Candy,” said her twin. “Could it?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” said Candy wickedly.

“Well, for a little while.”

Mandy felt like a complete idiot, going along with her sister’s scheme to swap husbands. She felt as if she were cheating on Charlie. Sure, he drove her out of her skull, but she had married him and she did love him.

But this was something outrageous. It was even worse than the wife-swapping she’d read about. This was swapping without the men knowing.

“Hi-ya, darling,” said Stan as he came in the door. He chastely kissed her on the cheek and went to change clothes.

She simply stared at his retreating back. He hadn’t tried to rape her like Charlie always did when he came home. He claimed a hard day at the office made him hornier than hell. Watching all the young secretaries gave him a hard-on that lasted all the way to the front room — unless he tried to fuck her on the doorstep.

Mandy wondered about this. Was Stan so much different than her own husband? Could two men be so different? She realized there was a vast chasm between Candy and her when it came to sexual ideas. Maybe the same applied to their husbands, too.

She went into the bedroom. Stan had stripped off his shirt and was grabbing up his tattered tee-shirt.

“Do you have to wear that old thing?” she asked, shuddering a little at the sight of the dingy shirt. “Why not wear something a little nicer?”

“But you wanted me to look comfortable. You said I was always too formal for you. Why the change?”

Mandy felt a surge of panic. She had only been “Candy” for a short while and already she was making mistakes that Stan easily noticed. She tried to still her rapidly beating heart. It felt as if it might leap out of her chest. She placed one hand on her tits, as if that might stop it. Beneath her fingers, she felt the firm, resilient flesh of her tit. The irrelevant thought of how similar panicky fear and lust were, raced through her mind.

“Nothing. I… I just wanted something different. I like you in your sports clothes. They look nice.”

“That’s a real switch,” he said, dropping the tee-shirt back into the drawer. “You’re usually so hot to fuck that you want me to wear nothing but the old stuff so you can rip it off. Glad to see you’re cooling off a little. But don’t go too far in that direction, hub?”

Mandy was appalled at the idea that her twin sister would actually attack Stan like he had just mentioned. The woman tried to cover her nervousness by going over to him and planting a big kiss on his check. “You’re a darling to put up with my little quirks.”

When he touched her, Mandy almost jumped. She was used to Charlie trying to fuck her if she showed the least bit of interest. All Stan did was return her kiss, and nothing more.

And strangely, that made her feel the urges in her body more strongly. He wasn’t going to force her to do anything she didn’t want to do. That meant she could just be herself and not always be on the defensive. The woman felt her pussy begin to surge and chum, the warm juices leaking from between her cunt lips and trickling down her inner thighs.

No, she wasn’t going to be forced to fuck. Knowing that made her so horny that she had to have prick, and lots of it.

Mandy didn’t try to work out the contradiction in her head. All she knew was what she felt — and she felt like fucking.

She didn’t bother to tell the man what she was going to do. He could see it and feel it. She immediately opened the fly of his trousers and pulled out the meaty prick.

She gasped in astonishment. She thought he would be tiny, from the way that her sister talked about Stan’s cock, and balls. He was anything but small. And as she held the limp prick, it grew. When it was swollen, to full size and jumping around lustily in front of his groin, she knew that she had to give him the best blowjob of his life.

Going dawn on him thrilled her strangely. Usually, she didn’t like the idea of taking a man’s cock into her mouth. Stan’s pecker tasted temptingly different than her husband’s. She could smell his manly, virile musk odor. Her lips closed over the tip of his prick and she sucked as hard as she could.

“Watch it, woman,” he said. “You’re gonna pull my guts out the end of my cock, if you keep on sucking like that.”

“Ummmmm!” was all she said.

The more she sucked, the hotter she got. She couldn’t stop her rampaging emotions. Mandy wondered what it was that made her so eager. Sex didn’t turn her on the same way it did her twin. But she felt the overpowering need deep down inside, and she answered the call in the only way she could.

Bobbing her head, she felt the rubbery tip of the man’s cock bounce off the roof of her mouth and lodge in her throat.

“Goddamn, Candy,” he moaned, “that’s the first time you ever deep throated me! It… it’s super!”

She turned her green eyes upward and saw the pleased look on the man’s face. This only fed her own lust. She hadn’t known her sister couldn’t do this. Mandy didn’t enjoy swallowing a man’s prick whole — or she’d thought so until that minute.

Charlie had forced her to learn.

But this wasn’t force now. It came from deep inside of her. She wanted to give head. She wanted to give the man the best she could. Something of her enthusiasm transmitted itself, to the prick deep in her throat. It pulsed and throbbed harder, almost choking her a few times made her throat constrict, swallowing hard over the most delicate portion of the man’s hard prick. She loved the way that cock grew even stiffer in her mouth and throat. She knew that more and more blood hammered into his cock every second.

And she caused it!

Stan began to pull back. Gratefully, she heaved a big sigh. Sucking in enough air to last for a while, she went back down on him, his entire prick sailing past her tonsils. Her tongue cradled his cock in such a way that she could drag the roughness along the sensitive underside as he worked his prick in and out.

“Shit, baby, this is fantastic! You’re doing everything just the way I love it. You usually rush things too much. This is great!”

She smiled around the thick plug of prick in her mouth. She was able to do something better than her twin! The idea turned her on even more. Mandy wanted to prove to the man she was at least the sexual woman her sister was.

Her lips clamped into a rigid ring around his prick. She pulled back, the din of his cockhead stopping just inside her teeth. Using her pearly teeth, she lightly scraped the entire length of his prick as she bobbed her face forward again. She face fucked herself just enough to really arouse his cock.

“Keep doing it. My whole prick is on fire. It’s everything I can do to keep from jetting into your face. Ummm, God, don’t stop sucking!”

That was the last thought in the blonde’s head. She tasted a bitter drop of pre-come and almost pulled his prick from her mouth. Having a man come in her mouth had never been a favorite thing with her, but now she wondered. Would it be different if the man wasn’t forcing her to take his come?

She allowed Stan’s prick to snap free of her lips for a moment. The thick stalk of manmeat bounced wetly just inches fro her watering mouth. Her hot breath blew past the rigid boner and gusted through the tangled mat of his crotch hair.

“Would it be okay if you don’t come in my mouth?” she asked hesitantly.

“Why, it doesn’t matter. Just so long as you keep sucking. I… ummm, your hand on my balls is heaven! Jesus, Candy, this is the best head you’ve ever given me.”

“Does it matter to you if you don’t come in my mouth?” she asked, the very question making her pussy begin to flow and burn with need.

“No. I’ll try to warn you. Now get back to it, wench!”

It didn’t matter to him. It did matter to Charlie. He had to come in her mouth or it wasn’t good, or so he said. The idea — that Stan cared enough for her that he would shoot his wad onto the floor — made the girl determined to please him in any way she could.

Her cheeks went hollow under the suction she applied to the tip of his prick. Her fingers worked over his hairy little nut sac. She even reached boldly past his nuts and sought out his asshole. Her middle finger wormed its way up his asshole as her tongue began trying to drill down into his piss slit.

“I… oh, sweet Jesus, I’m already there! Better get off the end of my cock. C-c-can’t hold back much more!”

She loved the idea he actually warned her. She only sucked harder, vowing to enjoy this to the hilt. She couldn’t hope to do that if she didn’t suck some more and use her agile tongue all over the knobby head of his cock.

The bell-shaped hood at the end of his prick spread wider and wider. His prick pulled with virile power now, raw, lusty power that turned her on and not off, as it did with her own husband. There was a difference. She had done this all on her own. It wasn’t being forced on her.

The woman squeezed down hard on the man’s balls as the first spurt of jism squirted into her mouth. She felt it spatter onto her tonsils. Greedily, she nursed even harder on his prick. The second spurt smeared over her tongue.

The girl was pleasantly surprised at the taste. She loved it!

The salty tangy flavor of the man’s come made her wonder at her earlier reluctance to swallow. It added excitement to the act. She had never felt a sexual high when giving head. Mandy didn’t know if it was the idea that she was putting something over on Stan, or whether sucking actually was better with him, that turned her on so much.

When his prick flopped out of her mouth, totally limp, the man said, “You’re improving, Candy. You didn’t rush things the way you usually do. It’s as if you’d developed patience. I’ve been telling you that eagerness is great, but you have to take things one at a time.”

“I agree,” Mandy said, startled at the man’s words. It was certainly different from the way Charlie felt. He and Candy seemed to have more and more in common — just as Mandy was finding that she had more and more in common with Stan.

“Well?” he asked. “Me we going to continue or not?”

She sat on the edge of the bed, licking her lips. Mandy knew she was missing out on something again, some little point that a sexually active couple had, at which an outsider like her could only guess.

“Sure,” she said, waiting to see what would happen. She didn’t have to wait long. Stan lifted her skirt and began to eat her pussy. Mandy found out what he meant by taking it slow and easy. She’d never come so many times before.



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