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xNovel - Spurt By Spurt


Spurt By Spurt

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One morning, a week or two later, Marjorie slipped out of bed early. She slept with Alan and Cynthia in their bed regularly except for the nights Bobby came over and banged her almost all night long in her own bedroom. Hardly a day passed without her having the boy’s cock in her as well as her cousin’s smaller prick. She gladly fucked them both as much as they wanted!

Caressing her breasts with her hands, Marjorie looked around for her bikini. Catching sight of her nudity in the wall mirror, she knew she’d end up masturbating until she came if she didn’t find her bikini quickly. Ah, there it was. Putting it on, she thought of the previous night. Alan and Cynthia had made her crazed with desire all night! Alan had fucked her three times with his hard cock before she exhausted herself! Much as she loved the feel of Bobby’s big prick, she still liked being fucked by her cousin better.

Beautiful Cynthia had been kept happy, too! After Alan had fucked her the first time, he turned to his sexy wife and sucked her off. Then, after getting a second screwing from Alan, Marjorie pressed her mouth to Cynthia’s lovely cunt and ate her pussy until it came. Then, a third fuck from Alan, during which she experienced a long, humping orgasm, although he didn’t cum off. Cynthia masturbated herself as she watched the last exciting fuck. When it was over, Marjorie went down on the older girl’s hot asshole.

Mmmmm! It still excited her to think how she had spread the bouncy white cheeks of the youthful wife’s ass! She had run the flat of her tongue up and down the crack between the soft globes, and smelling the pungent odor of Cynthia’s asshole, she had inserted the tip of her trembling but lustful tongue straight into it! Her own pleasure increased intensely as she licked the asshole. Cynthia reacted passionately to the sexy treatment. She shook her breasts and wiggled her ass and humped wildly as she masturbated to climax. Marjorie, for her part, kept her lips glued to Cynthia’s ass and frigged her own cunt to a cum. Alan jerked off in a froth of cum, his prick now capable only of shooting out a few, weak spurts of thin, white cum.

Breathing hard and trembling a little at the memory of her first real asshole sucking, Marjorie walked out of the house barefoot in her skimpy bikini and walked across the lawn toward the beach they shared with the Turners. The hot sun felt wonderful on her nearly naked body! She glanced down at her sexy bareness, and she wanted to be more naked than she was. She took off her bra and rolled her panties down until they were a twist of cloth covering only part of her pussy and almost none of her ass! Gently, she caressed her bare belly, her bare tits, and her bare ass! She loved being naked and feeling herself under the hot sun!

Turning the corner of the line of shrubs protecting the private beach from view, she stopped short. Good God! Howard and Bobby were there, stark naked, their long pricks hard and excited! The end of Howard’s huge shaft was encircled by the boy’s small, hot mouth! Only a few feet away, she could hear Bobby sucking and slurping. Bobby’s mouth was too small and the bulging head of Howard’s prick so big that it kept slipping out of the boy’s mouth.

Quietly watching the panting, moaning pair, Marjorie silently slipped off her bikini so that she was as stark naked as they were. Using both hands, she played with her nipples and pussy as she watched. It was the first time she had seen two males making love, and she found it terribly exciting.

Howard spotted her just as her fingers were bringing her to the first brink of shivering pleasure. The man and the boy immediately invited her to join them. There was not the slightest delay on Marjorie’s part.

She knelt down beside the naked, kneeling boy — his mouth still crammed with big cock — and began to play with his hard prick.

“Keep sucking him, Bobby!” she murmured, “The big prick loves it!”

Leaning forward, she pressed a pretty cheek against the smooth cheek of the boy and licked Howard’s prick at the same time Bobby sucked its big head. She ran her lips and tongue up and down its length, and then kissed and licked the big, hairy balls underneath all over until he groaned for her to stop or he would shoot off!

He withdrew his prick from the mouths of the younger boy and girl and caressed the big thing gently and skillfully with both hands. “Okay, you two, stand up and press your lovely smooth bodies against me! Mmmm! That’s right! Ahhhh! A pretty prick and a cute cunt at the same time! Now, kiss me together. Mmmmmmm! Mmmm!”

Soon, all three were highly aroused and lying on the blankets, each one taking care his or her thighs were spread open to allow the other two easy access to kiss, suck, and lick! For a while, Marjorie had her lips wrapped around Howard’s big prick while Howard was sucking Bobby and Bobby was lapping her cunt. Then, they all switched, and she sucked Bobby’s prick, he sucked Howard, and Howard licked her! They switched and switched until, with cries of joy and whimpers of delight and grunts of lust, they came off, one by one, in heaving orgasms.

The three lay resting after a long nude swim in the cool, refreshing water. Slowly, the sun dried their wet bodies, and by the time they were dry again, they were hot again! Marjorie lay on her back and spread her legs wide apart. Reaching down with both hands, she opened the lips of her cunt and displayed every part of her hot, young cunt to the excited man and boy.

“This time, fuck me!” she pleaded.

“Which one of us?” grinned Bobby, his sizeable organ rapidly growing hard as he masturbated himself.

“Both! You first, then Howard!”

“What?” Howard cried. The man already had a huge hardon and was jerking it off slowly. “Get this big prick up your cunny? Bobby says you’re twice as tight in the cunt as Adrian is!”

“How do you know, you dirty prick!” Marjorie playfully slapped Bobby’s young cock. Then, she realized! An intense excitement gripped her! “Oh, Bobby! You’ve been fucking your own sister!”

“We suck each other off, too!” the boy grinned.

“I saw her jerk you off the other day and knew you liked each other — but fucking? Mmmmmm!”

“Like the idea, honey?” Howard asked.

“Oh, yes! It makes me hot!”

“Me, too!” muttered Howard, “I love to see Adrian get it from another prick, but watching Bobby ram her with his fat prick got me jerking off with both hands for an hour.”

“Oh, God! Fuck me, Bobby!” Marjorie moaned, aroused beyond measure at what Howard was saying. The seventeen-year-old girl arched up her pretty body, cunt forward, and begged for it!

Bobby threw himself on top of her. Squirming on top of her legs and belly he slid his hard, long, slippery prick up her cunt to the hilt in one sweeping plunge! Marjorie gasped! It filled her. Rivers of delight ran from her cunt and coursed through her young body in an agonizing sensation of fuck-fuck, sheer, unadulterated fucking!

“Give it to me, Bobby! Oh, give it to me!” Marjorie panted. “Give me every inch of that big prick you have! Oh, fuck me hard, Bobby! Fuck me hard!”

“Oh, baby! Do I want to fuck you hard! Spread your fucking legs!”

“Then, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh damn you, you big prick! Fuck me!”

“Mmmmmm! I’m going to! Oh, shit, honey!”

“Fuck me! Ahhhhhhhhh! Harder! Harder! I’m cuming!”

Suddenly, Howard, panting with passion, grabbed the boy’s small, smooth body around the slender middle and yanked him roughly off the writhing, fucking girl! Throwing Bobby down on the blanket, Howard went down on him, sucking Bobby’s prick and frigging it at the same time with his hands.

“Oh, suck it, Howard! Suck my prick! I’m cuming! I’m cuming! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Bobby’s cum spurted into Howard’s mouth, and although he did try to swallow it all, some of it seeped out the sides of his mouth.

Meanwhile, Marjorie was frigging herself avidly to crest after crest of delight, carefully not allowing herself to cum off. She knew she was about to get a fucking from Howard’s big, thick prick! He turned to her his lips wet from the boy’s cum.

“Fuck me!” she said, “Oh, Howard, please fuck me, now!”

He positioned his excited body close over her and prodded her pussy with the hard head of his prick. Then, with slow, strong prods, he forced it inside her. Slowly, the big prick buried itself in her soft, giving cunt!

“Ooooo! It’s so thick! Ooo!” squealed Marjorie. “If I weren’t so damn hot, your big cock would be hurting me terribly! Give it to me, darling! Oh, give me more of it! Give me more!”

The huge prick moved steadily and slowly into her pussy until it seemed to fill her twice as much as Bobby’s hard prick had an hour before! Still, he pressed it into her, and she thrust up at him, determined to take his beautiful cock to the hilt. It hurt, but she wanted more and more of it. She squeezed her slim, girlish thighs together to increase the feel of the hot flesh deep in her cunt! Then, his prick hair mingled with her wet cunt hair!

She cried out with delight. He was in her all the way! “Oh, Howard! Oh, darling! Fuck me! Fuck me silly with your big cock.”

Bobby lay beside them, his hand working on his prick frantically to get it hard and hot again. His lips were close to hers, and Marjorie kissed the boy. “Oh, Bobby! He’s got his big, fat cock in my cunt!”

“How does it feel, Marjorie?” the boy grinned.

“Ohhh! Just wonderful! God, I love fucking!”

“Then, fuck!” Howard cried.

“Fuck me faster!” she panted.

“Fuck him, Marjorie!” Bobby cried. “Fuck him hard! I’m jerking off!”

“Yes! Yes! Whack yourself off, honey!” moaned Marjorie, slamming her small belly into Howard’s, whimpering and moaning as she squirmed. “Jerk off hard and shoot your hot cum all over us!”

“Ohhhh!” cried Howard. “Your cunt is terrific!”

“Keep fucking, darling! Give it to me hard!”

“Oh, shit, baby! You’re the tightest I’ve fucked in years! Oh, God, you’re a hot, tight screw!”

“Oh, screw me, darling!”

“I’ll fuck you good and hard! Feel that?”

“Ah, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Fuck her hard, Howard!” the panting, masturbating boy cried, his voice thick with lust. “Fuck her as hard as you can!”

“Oh, screw me, baby!” Marjorie cried shrilly. “That’s it! Screw me good! Ahhhhhh! That’s gooooood!”

“No wonder Cynthia loves you to fuck her so much!” panted Marjorie. “Your prick’s so fucking big! It splits me in two!”

“But, you love it!”

“Oh, shit, yes! Oh, fuck me, Howard!”

Suddenly, his body began to shiver and jerk. He plunged the whole length of his prick in and out, faster and faster. He pumped his sperm deep into her, but his oily prick was still spurting cum as he drew it out of her drenched, dripping pussy. Marjorie’s own pleasure was fantastic as she finished her long orgasm with her fingers.

Her body wet with perspiration, still trembling in the aftermath of her wonderful cum, Marjorie took the oozing head of Howard’s prick in her mouth and licked off the last drops of cum. She glanced at Bobby as she did so, suddenly aware the young boy was engaged in another hot masturbation.

“Jerk off, honey!” she murmured to the handsome boy. Bobby’s prick was red and swollen from the friction of his hand and the contrast of his abused cock to his innocent body was exciting.

“You like jerking off about as much as fucking, don’t you, Bobby?” she smiled knowingly.

“Oh, yes! I love jerking myself off, Marjorie!” The boy gazed at his up-thrust, sturdy, young tool, hard and hot in his frigging hand. He was rubbing it vigorously. At first, he had teased it, but now he was jacking it hard! He was sliding his hand up and down the entire length of his pulsating shaft.

“Oh, shit! It’s cuming! Oh, Marjorie, if I keep this up much longer, I’ll cum! Mmmmmmm!”

Marjorie rose to her feet and knelt in front of him. He stood with legs well apart as he jacked off.

“Turn around, darling,” she murmured gently, “and show me your cute ass.”

Suspecting what the beautiful girl intended to do, Bobby complied immediately. Howard came over, yanked the boy’s hand from his prick, knelt down in front of him, and took the big wet head of Bobby’s prick into his mouth. As Marjorie heard Howard begin to blow the boy, she slowly spread his asscheeks apart.

Later that day, Marjorie was sun bathing on the patio of Alan’s house. Nude, she felt completely relaxed beneath the hot sun. Gradually, she felt the sun’s heat warm her pussy. Mm! It felt good.

Suddenly, an image of Bobby’s naked, little asshole, stretched open to her probing tongue and lips, made her want to masturbate. Lying back on the rug, she stretched her body out lazily and began to jerk herself off. Mmmmmm! She had forgotten how good it felt to frig in the sun! Ahhhh!

She heard a soft laugh above and behind her. She looked around. Good God! It was Edwin! The huge black man looked seven feet tall from where she was! He was wearing only a tight bathing suit, and the bulge of his cock was large.

“Hello, dear,” he murmured. “Having fun?”

Tearing her eyes from the fascinating sight of Edwin’s cock, Marjorie smiled a quick greeting and then stuck out her tongue at him.

“Do you always go around watching little girls jerk off?”

He nodded caressing his large chest sensually. Although his belly was flat and his build muscular, his black, hairless pectorals were the size of soup plates! Marjorie saw they were considerably larger than her breasts!

“You can see the effect it has on me,” he grinned, passing a hand down to his crotch and pressing his prick through the cloth.

“My God!” Marjorie cried, “It’s getting huge!”

“And hard, baby! Hard, big, and hot!”

His prick was erecting rapidly, growing incredibly large, straining at the cloth of his bathing suit, bulging out so far it pulled the cloth from his groin and she could see part of his big, blackballs.

OOOO, shit!” she whispered. “It’s got to be three inches thick down there!”

“Want to measure, honey?”

She scrambled to her knees and eagerly thrust her hand under the bathing suit. She clutched his prick.

“Wow! I can’t believe this!”

“Like what you feel, baby?”

“Oh, yes! Yes! It’s gigantic, Edwin! Oh, I wish you could fuck me!”

“I’ll fuck you in a few days, honey, you just wait!” Edwin grinned. “Right now, though, I wish you’d start frigging your hot, little pussy again!”

“Mmmmm! Oh, yeeessss! Like this?”

“Oh, that’s it, baby! More! Rub it harder!”

“Ooooo! I’ll cum in a minute! Like this?”

“Yes! Oh, that’s great! Keep frigging yourself!”

“Mmmmm! Yes! Listen to how juicy my cunt is.”

She thrilled as she masturbated with one hand before his glistening eyes. She knew watching her doing that was exciting him tremendously! She worked her hand deeper under his bathing suit.

“I want to feel more of your prick, darling!”

“Go on! Goon! Feel all of it!”

“Oh, honey! Your pole is so huge! I can’t get my fingers around it! Oh, I’d love to jerk this big, hard thing off! Or watch you do it!”

“Oh, baby! Keep feeling me like that! It feels great! Oh, rub it, honey, rub it! I’m going to strip off this bathing suit and jerk off with you!”

“Oh, yes! I’d love seeing you jerk your big prick off!”

She felt his balls and fondled the huge things gently and then a little harder.

“These balls are so big, they must hold an awful lot of cum. Oh, Edwin, you’re so fucking big!”

Suddenly, she pressed her face into his belly and licked his navel as she began to work hard at his big, throbbing cock with her hand.

Edwin pulled down his bathing suit. He proudly displayed his thick black prick before the girl’s awed eyes!

“Oh, Edwin, it’s fantastic! I never dreamed a prick could be so big! God, what a fucking it must give a girl! You could never get that in my cunt!”

“We’ll see about that,” he laughed. “Now, let’s finish the hand job.”

“Oh, yes!” Marjorie cried, grabbing his hard, swaying prick with both hands and jerking him off hard!

“Oooooo, baby! That is it!” he moaned, “Rub my big hard cock!”

Pulling his prick from her lewd fingers, he jerked himself off for a while as she watched avidly.

They lay down next to each other. Marjorie cried out with pleasure as his big, black forefinger sank into her oozing slit. As she continued to flutter her clit with mounting excitement, he frigged her hard! The sight of his black hand fucking her little, blond pussy was highly erotic! She saw his eyes glisten with his lewd enjoyment of her girlish nakedness.

It was terribly exciting!

“Oh, fuck me peep with your fingers, Edwin, darling! Deeper! Ah, that’s good! Finger me off! Finger me off! Let me help you jerk yourself off! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”



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