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xNovel - Incest Mom


Incest Mom

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Bill had lost his shyness.

With a sister and mother that seemed to want his cock constantly, there was no reason to be shy. He looked at them openly without blushing, and enjoyed it when they looked at him now. He was not embarrassed when his cock became hard, which it seemed to do all the time.

He had sat on the floor looking at his mother in surprise when she darted her tongue against his asshole, but realized that was what she wanted to do. It had not been accidental.

His face spread in a grin.

“You better be careful doing something like that, Mother,” he said bluntly, his eyes glowing.

“Why honey?” she asked, sitting on her heels, her skirt halfway up her slim thighs. Tracy’s ass was back an the floor, but her legs were wide and her tits heaving.

“What happened?” Tracy asked.

“Mother licked my asshole,” Bill giggled without the faintest sign of shyness.

“What’s wrong with that?” Susan asked. She glanced at her daughter’s cunt. Her pink pussylips were wet, and come juice was seeping from them and over the rounded curves of her ass to the floor.

“I might… I could have, you know, shit,” Bill giggled, finding delight in talking this way. He used such words with his friends, but this was the first time with his mother and sister.

Susan smiled wickedly. “So what?”

Bill’s eyes widened. “Ahhhhh, you’d probably like it if I did.”

“Maybe,” Susan said. “Maybe I would.”

“That’s right,” Tracy giggled, caressing her naked tits. “You never know until you try it. Right now, though,” she said getting up and cupping her hand between her dripping thighs and holding her cunt, “I have to piss, and I don’t want to mess up the carpets.”

A shiver of unexpected pleasure rippled through Susan as she looked at Tracy. “I think I’ll go along and watch you.”

“Then you better hurry, Mother,” Tracy said, going to the bathroom quickly.

Susan got to her feet, reaching to pull her son up. “Let’s watch, Bill,” she said, her voice strangely husky, “Let’s, go watch your sister piss.”

Holding his hand, she pulled him along with her. They reached the bathroom just as Tracy was starting to sit down. She held her short skirt about her small waist, her cunt gleaming wetly.

“That way,” Susan said. “Don’t sit down, Tracy. We won’t be able to watch if you sit on the toilet.”

Tracy spread her legs around the bowl, stepping back so that she would be sure to piss into it. Her ass touched the cold water tank, and she giggled.

“Well,” Susan said, squatting in front of her daughter, her eyes bright with perverse anticipation. “Go ahead and piss, honey.”

She clung to her son’s cock now as he dropped to his knees so he could see, too. Like his mother, his eyes, were glowing with eager pleasure, straining on his sister’s cunt. Tracy’s pink cuntlips could be seen, as could the tip of her clit.

“I don’t know if I can piss standing up,” she said. “I’ve never tried before, nor with anyone watching.”

“You can do it, Tracy,” Susan urged, running her hand up her daughter’s thigh and holding her hip. “You can piss, baby. Strain a little. Come on, Tracy, piss for us!”

Excitement filled Susan like never before. Wanting to see Tracy piss was a strong, erotic desire within her, something she had not considered before. Her gaze riveted upon her daughter’s cunt, waiting to see the golden stream flow. She clutched her son’s cock tightly, gripping Tracy’s hip with her other hand.

A spurt of piss came from Tracy’s cunt.

“Ooooh, there it is!” Susan moaned, feeling a rippling stab of unusual ecstasy flood her body.

A second spurt came out, and Susan gulped, running her tongue over her lips. Bill, his cock starting to become hard as he watched his sister’s cunt, found himself as excited as his mother to see Tracy’s piss. Tracy, too, felt a strange pleasure in having them watch her, and she began to piss, making it tinkle into the water of the toilet. As she kept pining, the stream became stronger, arching out until it splashed on the rim of the toilet set.

Susan’s eyes glowed hotly and she jerked on her son’s swelling cock. “That makes your cock hard, Bill,” she hissed to her son, but she kept watching her daughter’s cunt and the stream of golden piss. “That’s what will make your cock hard, baby! Piss, Tracy… Ooooh, keep pissing. That’s a beautiful sight! Ooooh, I love seeing you piss! Don’t you like it, too, Billy?”

Bill was too absorbed in seeing his sister piss to answer. His cock was now in full hardness as his mother jacked him with a tight, hot fist. The golden stream of his sister’s piss excited him, and he could see where it came from. He moved a hand to her hip, then around to hold one cheek of her lovely tight ass.

Susan, pumping with excitement on her son’s throbbing cock, brought her hand from Tracy’s hip and moved it into the stream, cupping her palm. Tracy, looking down, as she held her short skirt at her small waist, giggled to see the piss flow from her mother’s hand.

Tracy’s piss felt warm and exciting in her palm, and Susan’s cunt began to burn again. Her fist beat frantically on Bill’s cock. Bill clutched at his sister’s ass while gazing with more excitement than he thought possible. He had seen many teens pissing, but that had done nothing for him. But seeing his sister pissing was making him so hot, he wondered if his mother’s jacking fist would make him come off.

Then Susan couldn’t help what she did next. To the amazement of her son and daughter, Susan shoved her long tongue way out, and slipped it into the stream of piss. Piss splashed on the tip of her tongue, and tasting it made Susan moan, her eyes dosing as a fantastic shiver of ecstasy went front her head to her toes.

“Oooooh!” she moaned, sliding her tongue farther into the stream, thrilled with the perverse thing she was doing. Her long tongue began to flap up and down, tasting the golden piss flowing from her daughter’s cunt. She jerked hard on her son’s cock, and then released him quickly. She shoved his hand under her skirt and between her thighs. Drawing her mouth back, she hissed huskily, “Fingerfuck me, Bill! Ohhhh, fingerfuck my cunt! I’m about to come!”

Bill thrust his fingers into his mother’s soaking wet cunt and fucked her fast, gazing at her as she shoved her tongue out again into the stream of Tracy’s piss. He could feel his mother’s cunt squeezing his hand, and his cock throbbed up and down as his excitement grew. Tracy darted her eyes from her brother’s jerking cock to her mother’s face, so excited by what they were doing that she was certain she would come while pissing. She darted her hand down to her cunt and pulled her hairy pussylips apart, causing the stream to fly higher. Tracy was now pissing directly into her wide-open mouth. But she wasn’t swallowing it. The piss streaming into her open mouth filled it and overflowed, running down her chin and soaking her blouse and tits.

She moaned deep in her throat, and started coming around her son’s darting fingers. Her pussy squeezed at his fingers so hard, Bill was having a problem fucking her with them. She wailed and pulled her mouth away from the still streaming piss, falling back on her ass while her cunt spasmed in those powerful waves of ecstasy.

Tracy grabbed her brother’s head and she jerked his face into her piss, giggling lewdly. Bill, finding her pissing into his face, yelped, gripping his cock hard.

“Drink, Bill!” Tracy urged. “Drink my piss!”

Before he could think about it, Bill opened his mouth and tasted the warm piss. His mouth filled and ran over his chin the way it had his mother’s, and he started jerking on his cock in a frenzy. As he felt his come juice boiling inside his balls, Bill began to swallow his sister’s piss. The idea of drinking her piss sent his body into shivering pleasure. Tracy, seeing his ecstatic expression, pulled her brother’s face into her cunt, his lips against her hairy pussy mouth. She was now pissing directly into Bill’s mouth, and he was swallowing swiftly.

Holding his breath, he pressed his mouth against her cunt and thrust his tongue deeply, licking and fucking her, Tracy’s piss streaming about his nose and cheeks now.

Susan, leaning against the wall weakly, watched her son shave his lips into Tracy’s cunt and swallow her piss, his fist beating frantically on his cock. Her eyes, glazed from the intensity of her orgasm, focused sharply. Her dress, at least the top, was soaked with Tracy’s piss, clinging to her tits and outlining them. As lovely as the sight was, neither Tracy nor Bill saw it. Bill had his mouth pressed hard against his sister’s cunt, thrusting his tongue into it and jacking off frantically. Tracy, holding her brother’s head with both hands, had closed her eyes with the pleasure.

Bill moved so that he had his back to his mother, making it easier for him to fuck his sister with his tongue. Susan watched his sweet, tight ass, and moved forward to shove her hands between his thighs. She cupped his balls as he jerked on his cock, then moved her hand to his prickhead, cupping it. His cock was dripping a lot now and it seared her palm.

“Come, darling!” she urged, kissing his back. “Come in my hand! Spurt your sweet come in mother’s hand! Eat Tracy’s cunt and jack off in mother’s hand! Ooooh, do it, do it!”

Bill thrust his tongue deep into his sister’s cunt, his head back and neck stretched. The feel of her silky cunt hair on his cheeks, the wetness of her sugar sweet cunt in his mouth and on his tongue, sent his cock into spasms. He squirted time and again into his mother’s hand, feeling his sister’s pussy grip his tongue. Tracy squealed as she came against her brother’s mouth, grinding her cunt brutally against his face.

When Bill finished coming, Susan withdrew her hand and she began to lick hungrily at his come juice. She lapped her tongue into her palm, swirling it into the bubbling jism and lapping it into her mouth, swallowing with a whimper of erotic desire, she smeared the come juice about her face, then licked her hand clean.

Bill pulled his wet face out of his sister’s cunt and sat on the floor, leaning against the cabinets of the sink. Tracy slumped onto the toilet, breathing hard, her knees wide. Susan, still smearing her son’s jism about her mouth and licking her palm, was giggling lewdly, her eyes gleaming as she looked from Bill’s cock to her daughter’s cunt.

There was nothing said among them. It was as if they understood that something had transpired that would from now on change the relationships they had so recently established with one another. It was a change for the better, considering the erotic nature of all three.

After a while Tracy took some tissue and she cleaned her cunt, dropping it into the toilet, then flushing it. Bill struggled to his feet, his cock dangling with his balls. Susan, too, got up, her dress drenched in Tracy’s piss.

“I’m a fucking mess,” Susan said with a soft laugh. She opened her blouse, then removed it, letting her tits free. Bill gazed at them, finding his mother’s tits as beautiful as his sister’s, only a bit larger and with longer nipples. Susan saw his gaze, and she offered him a tit. “Want to suck mother’s tit, baby?” she asked in a whisper. “There’s piss all over them, but I bet you would like that.”

Eagerly Bill shoved his mouth to his mother’s piss wet tit. He closed his lips about her nipple and sucked hard, making his mother moan with delight. He ran his tongue across the creamy softness, going from one tit to the other. The piss on them seemed to add to his pleasure as he licked it away, sucking his mother’s nipples in pleasure.

Tracy pressed against her brother from behind, lifting her short skirt to feel her cunt against his naked ass. She ran one hand down to his cock and balls, caressing them as she grabbed the cheeks of her mother’s ass with the other. Bill, shorter than either of them, felt good this way. Above his head, Susan and Tracy began to kiss each other, and Tracy tasted the lingering sweetness of her brother’s come juice on her mother’s mouth. There was also the exotic taste of her piss, too.

“My God,” Susan moaned as she pulled her mouth from Tracy’s. “We better slow down. We’re going to fuck each other to death the way we’re going.”

Tracy squirmed her hairy cunt against her brother’s back and ass, stroking his cock for a moment, then turned him around. “I doubt that will happen, Mother,” she giggled. “It feels too good to stop, anyway.”

“God, I know what you mean, Tracy,” Susan said. “I don’t think I could stop for anything, not now.”

“I won’t get fucked to death,” Bill said. “I only get to fuck Tracy.”

“Do I hear you complaining?” Tracy asked. Bill shook his head vigorously and swiftly. He didn’t want his sister to get mad. She might stop fucking him, or so he thought. He wasn’t aware that his sister was teasing.

“I think he wants to stick his cock in me,” Susan said. “Is that right, honey?”

“Mother, I haven’t even fucked your cunt. I’ve been fingerfucking you all the time.”

“Well, I suppose we can remedy that,” Susan said. “But what are we standing in the fucking bathroom for? We don’t have any room in here for anything.”

“Why don’t we leave, then,” Tracy said. “Unless anyone else has to piss, that is.” Her eyes were glowing as if she hoped her mother or brother would piss for her.

But they didn’t.

They all left and, instead of going to the living room, turned to Susan’s bedroom, the largest one in the house. Susan sat in the center of her bed, her legs crossed. Tracy propped herself at the foot, and Bill stood waiting, looking. He still wore a t-shirt, but was naked from the waist down. He could see his sister’s cunt under her short skin, but it was his mother’s cunt he wanted to see right now. Tracy pulled her light sweater off, and Bill watched her sweet, shapely tits arch and lift in movement. Now his sister and mother sat with their tits naked, nipples firm and very hard.

“Show me, Mother,” Bill said in a low, excited voice. “I wanna see your cunt.”

Susan lifted her skin, shoved it to her waist, then twisted it so it would stay high. Bill’s eyes glowed as he saw his mother’s hairy pussy. Susan lifted her ass off the bed, standing on her knees, spreading them and arching her hips. She pulled her hairy pussylips apart to let him see the pink wetness. Immediately Bill’s cock began to lift with hardness as he stared excitedly.

Tracy watched them, moving a hand between her thighs.

Susan, knowing of the teen’s voyeuristic desires, began to thrust a finger into her cunt, letting her son watch. She moved her finger in and out, and Bill saw it gleaming with her cunt juices. He licked his lips, taking his cock in his hand.

“Let me,” Tracy said, scooting toward her brother. “Let me take care of that sweet cock, honey.”

“Suck him, Tracy,” Susan moaned. “I want to see you suck your brother’s cock.”

“Mmmmm, my pleasure,” Tracy said, lapping her tongue about Bill’s prick, tasting the jism that still lingered on the tip. She closed her lips around Bill’s cock and began to suck hard, taking it deep into her throat. She clung to her brother’s hips as she devoured his prick with hungry delight, squealing softly.

“That’s beautiful!” Susan mewled, fucking herself with a rigid finger, her hand slapping wetly into her cunt. Bill began to dance about with excitement, watching his mother fucking herself, his sister gobbling at his cock greedily.

“Watch me, Bill!” Susan gurgled. “Watch me fuck myself! Isn’t it nice, seeing mother finger her hot, wet cunt? Does it make your cock get real hard, with Tracy sucking it? Come in your sister’s mouth, honey! Come in her cocksucking hot mouth! If you do, I’ll let you fuck me! Come in Tracy’s hungry cocksucking mouth and you can fuck my cunt, baby!”

Bill grabbed his sister by the back of her head, plunging his cock into her mouth, fucking her as much as she was sucking him. Tracy gurgled and sucked wickedly, her tongue licking, her throat closing about his swollen, smooth prickhead as it went deep.

With a growl, Tracy sucked off his cock, looking up at him with blazing eyes. “Come in my mouth, baby,” she pleaded. “I want you to come in my mouth, Bill! You’ll be the first to squirt in my mouth, and I want it so much!”

As she gobbled his cock back into her hot mouth, she flung her arms around his hips and clung to his tight ass, jerking his cock deep into her mouth.

Susan squealed, her fingers slapping against the wetness of her hairy cunt. “She wants it, Bill! Your cocksucking sister wants you to come in her fucking mouth! Give it to her! Stuff her hot mouth with your hard cock and come down her cunt-lapping throat!”

Tracy moaned hotly as she sucked in a frenzy. The image of all the guys that had tried to get their hard cocks into her mouth flashed through her mind. If only they had not been so rough and demanding with her, she knew she would probably have sucked them all off. Her tits smashed her brother’s thighs as she sucked with all her strength, her lips tight and her tongue a flame of fire. The hard throbbing of Bill’s cock sent shivers of ecstasy through her smooth flesh. Her cunt was bubbling once more, and she knew she would come.

With her gaze burning on her daughter’s stretching, cock filled mouth, Susan fingerfucked herself in a frantic manner, her palm slapping into her cunt wetly, two fingers driving into her cunt. Bill watched her, his eyes gleaming with delight, holding his sister’s head and pumping swiftly into her mouth.

“I’m gonna come!” he shouted.

“Come now!” Susan cried. “Come in her cocksucking mouth!”

A glob of jism burst from his piss-hole, striking the back of Tracy’s throat. She gagged but recovered, pulling her lips back until she held only his prickhead. Her tongue pressed at his gushing piss-hole so the thick come juice would not splash into her throat. Her mouth filled quickly with the hot sweetness, and her tongue flapped about his piss-hole. She moaned with pleasure, tasting her brother’s jism, loving it, swallowing now.

The wet sounds of her daughter’s sucking sent Susan’s cunt into spasms. She wailed as she came, sprawling back on the bed, legs wide, cunt in the air. Bill, even as he came, could see his mother’s hairy cunt twitch in orgasm.

Tracy gulped and licked and sucked, draining his balls of every precious drop of come juice, then pulled her lips away. She stood up, grabbed her brother about his shoulders and smashed her lips to his. Susan, her cunt calming now, watched them kissing with pleasure, seeing her son slide his hands under Tracy’s short skirt and holding her ass. She smiled as she thought of her son’s cock sliding into her cunt.

Susan would rather suck his precious cock off, but he wanted to fuck her, so she would. She would do anything for him and Tracy, as long as she could suck his cock off and lick Tracy’s sugar-sweet cunt.



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