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xNovel - Spread Wide Sister


Spread Wide Sister

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When her brother kissed her on the mouth, Robyn was so shocked that she didn’t even try to make him stop. Her green eyes went wide and she made a soft, weak sound in her throat. The second time her, brother kissed her, a rippling wave of thrills went through her belly and seemed to spread along the exposed, swollen flesh of her pussy.

Kissing her very own brother? It was unheard of. She’d never even thought of doing it. But, now that it had happened, the soft, wetness of his caress was making her tremble. When he kissed her the third time, she went all buttery inside and her lips parted. Doug pushed his tongue between her teeth.

“Mmmmmhhhuuhhh!” she gasped, feeling his cock against her thigh. He rubbed it there, his hands touching her small waist, sliding toward her tits. She struggled weakly, but couldn’t seem to make herself react in time. She couldn’t think clearly. The swirling pleasure was taking her breath away.

“You’re soft!” Doug breathed. “And so warm.”

“Doug, don’t do anything else. Let me up now.”

He was kissing her ear and the thrills went down her back like high voltage. Robyn babbled something and tried to push her brother away. His cock had slipped upward until she could feel the head throbbing against one lip of her cunt. Doug squirmed around until her pussy-lips parted and the slick head brushed against her smooth, inner flesh. It was a silky, sexy feeling and for a moment, Robyn forgot what was happening.


Even though she knew it was wrong, she couldn’t help but squirm. The squirming made her folds open even wider, letting the head of her brother’s cock slide between her silken cunt-lips. Robyn dug her nails into his back and panted.

“You’d better stop now,” she breathed. “Doug! Are you listening to me?”

Doug didn’t stop moving. He pushed the head of his cock tighter into the seeping heat of her pussy. Her cherry was being pushed in. Robyn was breathing so fast by now she could hardly speak.

“Doug! Ohhh, don’t, Doug! Don’t!”

Doug kissed her on the mouth again, and though she was trying hard to make him listen, Robyn kissed him back hungrily. His mouth was hot and wet and when his tongue slid between her teeth, she bit down on it instinctively.

“Robyn, you’re so pretty,” Doug whispered, his cock thrusting against her delicate cherry. She felt each movement of his hips, each bump of his cock-head against her slippery pussy-lips. Her ass trembled and she moved convulsively. That tingling, itchy pleasure was so good it was hard to keep still.

“This is wrong,” she babbled, trying one last time to make her brother listen to reason. “You’ve got to let me up.”

“I want to fuck you, Robyn,” Doug moaned, grabbing her wrists. He pinned them beside her head, while he kissed her mouth again. His back humped up a little as he drove his hips under and up. There was a sudden sting and Robyn opened her mouth to cry out. Only a sigh came out.

“No! You’re hurting me! You’re fucking me!”

“Relax! God, I’m not killing you.” Doug burrowed his mouth against her neck. Robyn tightened her pussy, but already the head of her brother’s prick was sliding into her cunt. She felt the soft flesh widen out, sliding around the streamlined shape of his cock.

“Ouch!” she whined, feeling the sting of her cherry being split. Split by the slick barb of her brother’s cock! “Ohhhhh, Doug, you’ve got to stop right now!”

“Doesn’t that feel good, Robyn? God, I’ve never done this before. It’s so soft inside your cunt. And so hot!”

“No! Ohh, don’t, don’t, don’t…”

“Relax. It doesn’t hurt does it?”


“Shhhhh.” He kissed her mouth again and again. Robyn tried to resist the shivers of pleasure that went over her skin, but she couldn’t keep from moving. Her hips jerked from one side to the other. A trickle of blood went down the crack of her ass and spilled onto the sheet. Somehow, she got a hand loose from where her brother held her down. She pushed it between their bellies, making Doug move so she could get her fingers to the place where she’d been wounded.

“Ohhhhh, you’re fucking me!” she gasped, feeling the place where her pussy flesh clung tightly to the shaft of her brother’s cock. He felt so hard! He thrust as she touched there and his prick went into her another inch. A little blood and juice squirted out as his cock-head took up more room.

“Uhh, uhhhh, uhhhh!” Doug moaned, pumping his hips steadily. His cock plowed a little deeper into her pussy. Robyn smeared her bloody fingers across his back, panting rapidly, her mouth open, eyes half closed.

Yes, she was being fucked. And the thrills she felt were incredibly intense. She couldn’t stop rubbing her clit against the hardness of her brother’s body. She couldn’t stop him from kissing her. His mouth seemed to suck her breath and she gave it willingly. She was losing all control. She scratched his shoulders with her nails, her tits now flattened under his chest. Doug had pushed her shorty nightgown up so that it was a tangled mass of silken material and her naked nipples pulsed against his skin.

Never in her life had Robyn felt the weight of a male on top of her slender body. This alone was making her tremble with excitement.

To feel Doug lurching around against her, to feel him driving his thick cock into her pussy almost made her faint with the bewitching thrill of being fucked.

To know it was wrong and wicked and against the laws of God and man made Robyn all the more excited. Even though she knew they were doing something taboo, she couldn’t think of stopping now. Her brother’s cock was fitting so wonderfully inside her cunt. It was like nothing she’d ever dreamed of. It throbbed in there, jerking as he pulled it back and shoved deep again. Her slick, tight pussy caressed him. When she wiggled, her cunt muscles squeezed him. Doug gasped, feeling this. He kissed her neck again, kissed her ear.

“Ohhh, Doug! I feel so funny. My cunt is itching something awful!”

“It feels good!”

She clung to him, rocking her hips to match his movements, then shifting her rhythm so that they moved differently. Both of them were lost completely in the pleasure of this new thing they’d found. Fucking! Robyn could hardly believe it had happened so quickly. She was fucking!

“Uhhhh, it’s going into me so deep it scares me!” she cried.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No,” Robyn blurted. “No, it doesn’t hurt.”

“It feels wonderful to me,” Doug groaned. “I never guessed it would be so tight and hot.”

“Slick too! Ohhh, it’s so juicy and nice when we move around like this!” Robyn’s hips lurched as she humped her back down into the bed. Doug fucked her deeply and slowly. When his lips brushed her again, she opened her mouth to be kissed.

“Ummmmm,” she moaned through her nose. To be kissed and fucked at the same time was something so exquisite that Robyn could hardly believe it. She’d never imagined that there could be such pleasure!

“Ohhh, Robyn! Ohhhhh, shit, I think I’m gonna come.”

At first the words meant nothing to her. She was too lost in her own itchy excitement, lost in the feverish need to rub her tickling pussy against the hardness of her brother’s cock. When she caught the meaning of what he’d said, she tensed and shook her head hard.

“You really do have to stop now, Doug! Do you hear me? Doug!”

Doug kept rocking and thrusting and kissing her neck and chest. She beat upon his back and shoulders. Her heels dug against the backs of his thighs.

“No, Doug! You can’t come!”

Robyn knew she couldn’t let things go this far. She was about to cry when she heard her brother give a sigh and suddenly pull his cock from her pussy. It pressed up against her belly. She could feel the slickness of it and the pounding heat. Doug kissed her and pumped his hips, sliding his cock across her navel. The hot spurts of cum boiled out and then Robyn pulled in a quick breath.


Her cunt was about to explode too. When her brother had pulled out, she’d been left dangling. She needed to be hugged and rubbed some more. She only wished she could have his cock again.

“Touch me!” she begged. “Ohhhh, Doug, do something!”

Doug was coming. He couldn’t pay any attention to anything else. He kept pumping his ass, rubbing his cock around in the slick, cummy mess he’d made on her tummy. Robyn was almost crying now.

Doug got a hand down and pushed two fingers into her pussy. It wasn’t nearly as good as his cock had felt, but Robyn writhed around against his fingers, gasping and crying and feeling the tickle around her clit grow more intense.

“Uhhhhh, ohhhh, this is it! Ohhhh, Doug, I’m coming!”

Her ass did a wild dance against the mattress. She could feel cum dripping down her sides. She could feel Doug’s mouth lolling wetly against her nipple. Robyn bucked violently now, fighting for that razor-edged ecstasy she knew was there. Her brother finger-fucked her deeply as she arched her back and gave a low, animal groan. Her lean body shuddered as if she were being whipped.

“Yuuuuhhhhh!” she gasped, coming hard. Doug was amazed at her convulsions. He seemed to watch her as if she weren’t really his sister, but some strange, wild animal. Robyn felt wild. She couldn’t control the convulsions of her body as she tossed and kicked on the bed. Doug had rolled off of her and was, prodding her deeply between the lips of her cunt with his fingers. Her muscles squeezed down around his knuckles as she kept coming.

“Ohhhhh, Goddamn!”

“Feel good?” Doug asked.

“Can’t talk,” Robyn groaned, still bucking. For a long while she squirmed and trembled until at last the spasms had passed and she sagged, exhausted and panting next to her brother’s warmth. They were both cummy and the sharp smell made her feel strange. The shock of what had happened was starting to soak into her consciousness.

“Don’t cry, for God’s sake,” Doug said, shoving the top of his pajamas across her belly. “Why don’t you take a nice warm bath.”

Robyn sat up, her eyes waxy and red. “What we did! Ohhh, Doug, I’m so ashamed! We fucked. We’re brother and sister and we fucked!”

“You don’t have to start bawling!” Doug said, looking round nervously. “Mom and Dad don’t ever have to find out. If you don’t go blabbing.”

Robyn whimpered, burying her face in her hands.

“Hey, calm down. You’re not hurt are you?”

Sniffling noisily, Robyn looked down at her cunt. Her pussy was swollen so that her flesh bloomed out like some strange flower. She touched the tender, fuck-rubbed places.

“...I guess not. It’s kind of sore.”

“I’m sore too,” Doug said. “You were really squeezing me at the last.”

A shiver went through Robyn’s body. Her cunt was still throbbing with the afterglow of the pleasure she’d felt. She got up and walked unsteadily to the door and down the hall. She was still sniffling, but starting to calm down a bit now. She ran herself a tub of hot water, quickly soaping the drying cum from her belly. Her nipples were sore from where her brother had kissed them.

“I can’t hardly believe it,” she kept mumbling. “Doug fucked me. I fucked Doug. We fucked!”

To forget what had happened, Robyn took the money Doug gave her and hurried downtown to buy the purple bikini she’d wanted so badly. Yet, even after she’d taken it out of the store and was on her way through the park, she found herself remembering all the details of what Doug had done to her. She was confused and upset. She wasn’t in love with her brother, that was for sure. Yet, thinking of how he’d been so sweet when he’d kissed her, remembering how his cock had felt stabbing into her soft, ripe cunt gave Robyn the shivers.

“I don’t know how to feel,” she murmured to herself. She knew she didn’t want to return home quite yet. She had to think things out. She had to come to some sort of decision about what to do. Her life just couldn’t go on as if nothing had happened, could it? She turned up Main Street and headed toward her friend Julie’s house. Julie was about her own age and she had a brother too. Robyn wondered if she dared confess to her best friend. Would Julie understand? Most important, could Julie keep the awful secret?

She knocked on the door, but when no one came, Robyn went around back. The kitchen screen was open, so she went in, calling Julie’s name. Since her friend’s parents both worked, she guessed that Julie was in her room. There was a long hallway and Julie’s bedroom was near the end. Robyn started down it. That was when she heard a soft moan and a bed jiggling.

Robyn pressed herself against the wall, her head spinning. The sound she’d heard had been too much like the moans Doug had given when he’d come on her belly. It made her nervous. She almost turned and left the house. When the moan came again, she heard something else too. Something wet and slick. Sucking noises.

“Ohhhhh, Julie, you’re doing it perfect!”

Robyn couldn’t leave now. Her cunt was throbbing against the crotch-band of her jogging shorts. She began to creep along the hall, getting closer to the bedroom where the sounds were coming from. The door was open a few inches, just enough for Robyn to look in.

What she saw made her bite her bottom lip hard and hold her breath.

Julie’s brother was a college boy who’d played high school football and was doing pretty well on his college team. He was big and broad-shouldered and his blond hair hung long over his ears. He was on his back, his big chest heaving. What shocked Robyn most was that he was stark naked and so was his sister Julie. She was kneeling between his parted legs, both hands holding his big cock, her small red mouth sucked tightly around the swollen tip. Julie was a blonde, like her brother and for Robyn to see her lank hair hanging over the light curls around Bud’s cock made Robyn feel strange.

For a second, she didn’t believe what she was seeing. Julie had always been such a quiet, shy girl. And here she was, sucking her older brother’s wick! When Robyn realized this really was happening, she thought of running, of getting out of that house as quickly as she possibly could. She didn’t move, though. She was fascinated by the way Julie’s small pink tongue teased the head of Bud’s cock. It made soft, wet sounds as it curled around the throbbing prick-tip. Julie’s lips opened and her head bobbed down.

“Yeah, Julie!” Bud gasped.

Julie let his cock-shaft slide deep into her mouth, then pulled her lips back up his length and finally took her lips away.

“You sure are hard, Bud. You’re gonna tell me before you come, aren’t you?”

“Can’t you swallow it this time?” Bud asked.

“I don’t know,” Julie whined, making a face, her short nose wrinkled up.

“It doesn’t taste that bad, does it?”

“It’s weird. I’m just not used to it yet.”

Buddy pushed himself up on his elbows. “How in the hell are you ever going to get used to it if you don’t start swallowing some?”

Julie shrugged. “I guess you’re right. I just feel a little funny about it. That stuff won’t make you sick, will it?”

“It never made Hattie Fowler sick and she sucks cocks all the time.”

Julie licked her lips and gazed down at the head of Bud’s cock. Slowly, she lowered her mouth to it and kissed the dark blue flesh where it flared out. Bud dropped back on the bed and moved his hips gently, moaning with pleasure as Julie’s tongue began to caress him once again.

“Ohhhh, sis! Ohhhh, you know how to do it!”

Robyn had put a hand down to rub her cunt now. Her pussy was so wet that she was afraid it might be leaking through her panties and her shorts. She snaked a finger under the elastic and pushed between the hot lips of her cunt. Moving her hips forward and back gently, she began to rub her clit.

“Suck it all the way,” Bud said from the bedroom. Julie made slurpy noises as she tried to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

“Mmmmmuuuhhh!” she moaned.

“God, Julie, why don’t you let me fuck you?”

“How much?” Julie said, popping her mouth free as soon as she heard her brother ask.

“How much? God, I gave you some money last week, didn’t I?”

“How much?” Julie repeated, not changing her expression. She pushed her blonde hair back from her ears. Bud took a big breath and squared his broad shoulders as he sat up.

“Five bucks. It’s all I’ve got.”

“Have you got a rubber?”

“Yeah, bought a fresh pack yesterday.” Robyn was listening to all this with her eyes wide, her mouth hanging open. Again, she had the urge to flee this shocking scene. Her cunt tingled so thrillingly though that she couldn’t move. She watched, peeking carefully through the partly open door. Julie had skinned off her top and was wiggling out of her shorts. She skinned her panties down next, her pert, boyish ass quivering as she jumped onto the bed.

“Lick me first, will you?” the cute blonde asked her brother. “It made me nice and wet when you did it that other time. You go in easier that way.”

“Okay, okay,” Bud said, rolling onto his stomach and wiggling between her parted thighs. Julie bent her knees sharply and her plump cunt-lips parted. Between the blonde curls, Robyn saw the glistening pink flesh. Bud held her pussy-lips even wider with his thumbs and pushed his mouth between them.

“Ohh!” Julie sighed, her slim hips rocking. “Ohhhh, do it just like that! You know how I love you to lick me, Bud!”

Robyn was in shock. Her mouth was dry and she was breathing harder than ever. Was this really happening? Was she watching her best friend doing the same thing she’d done just a while before with Doug? Robyn tried to leave, but she was frozen to the spot. She was enjoying it!

“You’re wet enough,” Bud said, lifting himself up over his blonde sister’s body. “You’re wet enough to fuck.”



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