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xNovel - Family Raped And Ravaged


Family Raped And Ravaged

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“Christ, you sleep too much,” he said.

Ellen Wagner groaned. She was still half-asleep. Phil was already out of bed, dressing for his trip. She mumbled an answer.

She was aware the sheet was down at her hips, her body uncovered. She pulled at the sheet and covered herself. She didn’t want him to start anything. He had a habit of wanting to fuck at the most unlikely times.

This morning, he was leaving to go on a business trip, but that wouldn’t stop him. Cindy, their teenage daughter, had slept at a friend’s house last night, and Phil might decide to take advantage of the fact that they were alone.

She was right. He suddenly sat down on the bed and leaned over her. He was still in his underwear. He stretched out and cuddled behind her. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass as he kissed her neck.

“You’re not sleeping,” he said.

It was clear he wanted to fuck. He fondled her tits. He stroked her ass. She was naked under the sheet. She wanted him to go away.

“Please, Phil.”

“Come on, let’s have a little.”

“I’m not awake yet. It’s too early.”

“I won’t see you for two weeks.”

“You should have thought of that last night.”

“Come on, Ellen. Last night you had that TV show you were watching. And the night before, it was something else. You don’t like it at night and you don’t like it in the morning. What the hell are you saving it for?”

He continued kissing her neck. He squeezed her tits under the sheet. Then his hand slid down over her belly and between her legs. She couldn’t stop him.

They’d had long years of marriage and she’d never liked the fucking. Not ever. The problem went all the way back. She’d had a religious upbringing. A childhood filled with Sunday school and Bible reading and sermons against smoking and drinking and lust. Her mother always spoke against sex. They told her the devil was hiding everywhere. Then she grew up and met Phil and they got married. Devil or no devil, she didn’t like fucking. Sex was so messy, and sometimes it seemed sinful. Phil seemed to want to fuck all the time. Sometimes she blamed herself for their problems, but mostly she blamed Phil. He was a man, and men were like animals when it came to sex. Her mother had always said that, and she’d been right. It was sinful to take pleasure in sex.

She wanted more children, but Phil was against it. He insisted they stop with Cindy, and now she wouldn’t have a second child, because she was already thirty-five, a good-looking thirty-five. Phil always told her how beautiful she was, and her friends told her too. Ellen knew men found her sexy. Sometimes she liked teasing them. She liked the idea that she could turn a man on. She liked getting their cocks up. She’d always liked that part about being a woman. She was something of a cock tease. In high school, she had liked getting the boys turned on, but she’d never done anything with them. It was the wickedness inside her. She felt awful about it.

She liked getting Phil aroused. It made her feel like she had some power over him. But at the moment, she wished he would go away. She groaned in protest as he forced her legs apart. In a moment he had his fingers in her pussy. She could feel his hard-on, his stiff cock pressing against her ass. He had his cock out of his shorts, and he kept pushing it between her ass cheeks. She could feel the heat of his prick-knob as he slid his cock back and forth in the crack of her ass.

Then the sheet fell off, and she was completely naked. She chided herself for sleeping without anything. No wonder he was turned on. It was all her own fault. She hated it when he fucked her, and yet, she liked turning him on. It was crazy. Now he was at her and he wouldn’t stop once he got like this. He had a long trip ahead of him, but he didn’t care. He cared about nothing now except fucking her. Phil kept insisting, and finally she had to give in.

She told him it would have to be a quick one. “You don’t have time for anything else. You’ll be late for your plane.”

He laughed. “Let me worry about that.”

He quickly pulled his shorts off. He stroked her ass, and she felt him pulling her ass cheeks apart to look at her ass crack. She hated sex in daylight. It somehow made it so much more sinful to do it in the light. He stroked her cunt from behind. He muttered something about her being dry. He reached over to get the bottle of baby oil off the night table. In a moment, she felt his oily fingers in her pussy. He lubricated her cunt hole. Then his cock was pushing at her cunt mouth. His cock fucked inside her cunt hole. Phil groaned as he slammed his prick home. He held her hips as he screwed his cock around in her cunt.

“Yeah, that’s good, honey.”

He liked fucking her from behind. He always said she had a great looking ass. He liked fucking her when they were both on their sides, and she had her back to him. Now his hand squeezed her tits as he started fucking his cock in and out, and she felt violated. He had a big cock and she hated having it invading her body. She couldn’t help it. She supposed some women might like fucking, but not her. She always remembered her childhood, the church, the way everyone said sex was bad, and pleasure a sin. Getting married didn’t change a thing.

She groaned now as Phil fucked her. She prayed that he would finish soon. She hated the wetness down there. She hated the way he behaved like an animal when he fucked her. The rest of the time, he was easy to get along with, but when he fucked her, it was awful and she hated him. It was almost as if he suddenly became transformed into a complete stranger. He became a drooling victim of the devil. Or maybe he wasn’t a victim at all. Maybe it was just what he wanted.

She was always afraid about Cindy. She didn’t know what to do about Cindy and her boyfriends. Phil always encouraged Cindy to enjoy herself with her friends. Sometimes Ellen wondered how they ever got together in the first place. Maybe she and Phil didn’t even belong together.

As he fucked Ellen, Phil was also thinking about their marriage. He always had a good time fucking her. After all the years, she still turned him on, and he still enjoyed plowing in the old furrow. She had a great body, riper now than when she’d been a girl and even sexier. Solid tits and a gorgeous ass. Great legs and firm thighs. He loved fucking her like this. She had such a tight cunt when he took her like this. He’d always had fantasies about fucking her ass, but he’d never done it. She wouldn’t allow it. She was old-fashioned about sex.

He was afraid that she would ruin Cindy. He hated the idea of Cindy growing up to be inhibited like her mother. A girl couldn’t be happy like that. He hated Ellen’s family. They were all religious nuts. They thought the answer to everything was in the Bible. Fuck the Bible! Phil thought.

Ellen’s tit felt so good in his hand. She had fat juicy nipples, the tips long and thick, just the kind that he liked. He liked heavy tits that hung a bit from their weight, like Ellen’s. She was still a great looking woman. She always drew the eyes of people when they were out somewhere. The people who looked at her probably thought she was hot-blooded. He was the only one who knew the truth. She wasn’t hot-blooded at all, she was inhibited and repressed, and all the rest of it, that came with a religious brain-washing during childhood. That stupid fucking Sunday school, and her tight-assed parents. The preachers, the Bibles, and all the bull shit talk about the devil. If there was such a thing as the devil, then people like Ellen’s mother and father worked for him.

He had no idea if Ellen had ever had an orgasm. Sometimes it seemed that something was happening when he fucked her, but he thought she faked it. He loved everything about her, except her attitude toward sex. In the meantime, Ellen was still praying that Phil would hurry up and finish with her. She tried not to move. She kept still, and let him fuck her any way he wanted. She could feel the wetness between her thighs. Her juices were running. She hated it. She hoped he wouldn’t make her roll over on her belly. Sometimes he wanted to fuck her like that. She would lie flat on her belly and he would get it in from the back. Or he would have her kneeling like a dog. She hated that the most. It was so obscene, like two animals. Sometimes he even played with her ass hole, and she had to push his hand away. That was the filthiest thing he ever did.

She could tell he was having a hot time now. She could hear him breathing hard as he churned his fucker in her cunt. Yes, he was having a ball doing it. Well, she wasn’t. She hated it as always, but he was going on a trip, and she told herself she had to fulfill her wifely duties. It was sinful the way he took so much pleasure in fucking her. They were not having children anymore, and she didn’t need the fucking.

Then she felt him speeding up. He was ramming her cunt now. She could hear him grunting. His hand squeezed her tit with more force. How she hated it. Like two beasts. That big prick of his fucking in and out of her pussy. The way he grunted each time he slammed against her. His hand was hurting her tit. The bed was shaking now. She was glad Cindy was out of the house. She hated it when Phil was so vigorous like this.

Then he made a raspy noise in his throat as he started cumming. She could feel him pumping his cum-load in there. He groaned as he pounded against her ass. His cock was like an animal burrowing inside her body. God shouldn’t have made it like this. It was too awful for a woman. She couldn’t bear it. She could feel his jism gushing out. She hated the sticky slime that came out of his cock. One time, he had cum in her hand, and she had been thoroughly disgusted with it.

He was finished now. His hand opened to release her tit. He pulled back, pulled his slimy cock out of her cunt as he rolled over on his back with a groan.

She quickly left the bed and went to the bathroom. She closed and locked the door, and she sat down on the toilet to let his jism run out of her cunt. How disgusting it was. She wiped her pussy. She wanted to get to sleep again. She was glad they’d agreed he’d have breakfast at the airport. Now he’d get out of the house and leave her alone. When she went back to the bedroom, she found him already out of bed and dressing to leave. She climbed onto the bed and pulled the sheet over her.

Phil looked at her and smirked. “Tired?” he asked.

Ellen closed her eyes and replied, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“If you liked fucking, you wouldn’t be so tired.”

“Let’s not have a fight.”

“You really don’t like it, do you?”

“I like it as much as I can.”

“Bull shit!”

“Phil, you’ll be late for the plane.”

“You’re frigid, Ellen.”

“I’m not anything. I’m just an ordinary woman.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“I can’t help it the way I was brought up.”

“You’re like an icebox in bed.”

“And you’re like an animal.”

“Oh, shit!”

They continued bickering with each other and gradually it became hotter. She wished he’d leave. She wanted to cry, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Thank God, Cindy was out of the house. Then finally Phil was ready to leave. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Okay, let’s forget it. Let’s not fight about it,” he said, then leaned over and kissed her good-bye.

She kissed him back. She did love him. They were just two ordinary people, and they needed each other. He patted her cheek and smiled at her. “Take care of yourself while I’m gone. And Cindy too.”

Then he walked out. She waited until she heard the front door close, and then she sighed and relaxed. All right, he’s gone, she thought. After a while, she left the bed and turned the television on. She was depressed about the argument. The news was on, but she was too distracted to listen. She vaguely heard something about escaped convicts. She paid no attention to it. She had her own problems.

She yawned and rubbed her eyes as she walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes were bleary. She smiled at herself. Life wasn’t that bad. She didn’t have a hard life, not like some women. She and Phil had a nice house, and it was far enough away from the city to almost be in the country. Far enough away to hear the crickets at night. She liked it this way. She liked the isolation.

Sometimes Cindy complained it was too dull, but there was something to be said for being all the way out here, away from the wickedness of the city. She was happy that Phil made enough money to keep her at home. But now that Cindy was growing up, Ellen had been thinking about a job. She was in no rush.

She squeezed some toothpaste out on the brush and brushed her teeth. After that she went to the kitchen and had some orange juice. She poured out some of the coffee Phil had made, sipped it and put it down. She thought about Phil fucking her before. Of course he was right about her being cold. She just didn’t like fucking. She wasn’t turned on by sex. Men didn’t turn her on at all. She didn’t like looking at Phil’s cock and balls when he was naked.

Sometimes it was nice when he touched her. If he was very gentle, she sometimes liked to be touched. She liked it when he whispered in her ear. That was the way he’d courted her. It seemed so long ago, she could hardly remember it. All those evenings on her front porch, with her parents carefully watching them from inside. She liked romance. She liked it when he told her she was beautiful.

She finally left the kitchen. She went back to the bedroom and into the bathroom again. She climbed into the shower and turned the water on. In a moment she was drenched.

She felt better under the shower. Phil would be gone a few weeks and maybe she’d have time to do something in the garden. She might even go into the city to do some shopping. It wasn’t a bad life. A woman had to learn how to cope.

She lathered her body with a bar of soap. She thought of Phil again as she ran the soap over her tits. He always liked her tits. She fondled her body as she soaped herself. She slipped a hand between her legs to do her pussy. She ran the bar of soap between her cunt lips. Her pussy was still tender from the fucking. When she had her cunt gash soaped up, she touched her clit with her fingers. She remembered how Phil had once told her she had a big clit and that he was surprised because women with big clits were usually turned on to sex.

Well, he didn’t know everything, did he? She started rubbing her clit slowly. She was no stranger to masturbation. She’d always done it. She couldn’t remember the first time, but it had to be when she was very young. No matter how much she disliked fucking, she always came when she masturbated. Her little secret. Of course, it was sinful. But she told herself it was only a little sin. A woman needed some way to relieve the tension.

Now she tried her middle finger inside her cunt hole. She screwed the finger around a bit. Part of it was to get clean, but it did feel good if she did it just right. She used another finger to touch her ass hole. Every once in a while, Phil talked about fucking her ass. Of course, she wouldn’t allow it. It was a filthy idea. And she was certain it would tear her apart if he tried ass-fucking her.

She kept rubbing her cunt until she had a small orgasm. She never allowed herself anything more. Just a small climax to get some of the edge off her nerves.

She finally finished in the shower. She came out and dried herself off on the bathroom rug. She brushed her hair, then she put a robe on and went back to the kitchen.

The coffee in her cup was cold now, and she poured another cup out of the simmering pot. She sat at the kitchen table drinking the coffee as she stared out the kitchen window to the garden.

She wondered what went on in other marriages. The nearest home was a good distance away. Two old people. She didn’t have many friends. Not since they’d moved here from Denver. She didn’t mind it. Cindy seemed happy. And Phil was doing very well in his job.

Of course, she had this restlessness inside her. She told herself it was natural, because she wanted more children and it hadn’t happened. Then suddenly she heard a noise somewhere in the house. Or maybe it was outside the house. She wasn’t concerned. She’d always felt safe out here. Then she heard a noise again, and this time it was clear it was inside the house.

Another noise. She suddenly had a knot of fear in her chest. Then she gasped when a man suddenly appeared in the doorway to the kitchen.

He grinned at her. “Take it easy, baby. Just take it easy and don’t try anything.”

She sat there staring at him, paralyzed with fear. For the first time now, she noticed he had a knife in his hand. He wore a blue jumpsuit. Then she remembered the prison ten miles down the road. The convicts in the prison always wore blue jumpsuits.



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