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xNovel - His Youngest Daughter


His Youngest Daughter

Cover:cover: his youngest daughter
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Lilly peered fearfully out the window at the Peeping Tom. Just before he turned and ran, she saw something strange. The man had his… his big thing in his hand, and it was very hard and big, and all red, and he was jerking his hand up and down it quite fast. She stared at the window with her mouth open wide, the picture of the dirty man still clear in her mind. She realized that he had apparently been observing her naked body for some time and that what he was doing to himself with his hand had something to do with him getting to see her without her clothes or pajamas on.

When Curt came dashing into her bedroom to answer her scream, she was still behind her bed. Her face was red with shame at what the man had seen and she was trembling a little from fright.

She blurted out what had happened to her dad and he went dashing outside in his robe with a flashlight in his hand. In just a few minutes he came back and told her the man had been nowhere in sight. He pulled her shades closed and told her everything would be all right.

In her fright and panic, Lilly had neglected to even cover herself. When Curt hugged and patted her to calm her down, he could hardly help noticing that the little girl he was comforting in his arms was well on the way to becoming a maturing teen-ager. As her scared little body trembled in his arms, he could feel the tiny pressures of her two taut little nipples pushing into his thin robe. He changed positions, suddenly ashamed of how aware he was of his young daughter’s body.

But she was entirely oblivious of anything being wrong with their embrace. It wasn’t, of course, for her. But her childish legs and her tiny titties were producing effects on Curt he didn’t even want to admit, much less dwell on. He told her to get back into her pajamas. As she was putting them on, he found he was looking at her very closely. That’s when he caught sight of the few strands of golden hair between her legs just before she pulled up the pajama bottoms.

He assured her that the man wouldn’t be back, that he was undoubtedly some “old creep that runs around town trying to look in people’s windows”, and that he had probably scared him off for good. Lilly was embarrassed and ashamed to tell her dad what the man had been doing when she saw him standing there. She didn’t quite know all the words. And besides, she was afraid her dad would ask her what she was doing messing around in her room completely naked. He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and patted the covers around her neck. Inadvertently — he tried to tell himself later — his hand brushed across the covered point of one of her titties.

After a little while, Lilly went to sleep. But she couldn’t help thinking about the man and how dirty he had been to come and try to see her naked.

Curt took a bit longer to go to sleep. He explained what had happened to Karol, who was still groggy, and she had turned over and gone back to sleep almost immediately. But Curt was very aware of a certain thing that kept him from going back to sleep. Ever since he had left his daughter’s bedroom, his cock had been stiff as a board. He hated to think it was possible for him to be attracted to a twelve-year-old. The fact that Lilly was his own flesh and blood wasn’t all that important to him — hadn’t he been screwing his older daughter for three years now? But she had been all of fifteen when it began, almost a woman. It made goose pimples pop up on his skin to think of letting himself get that worked up over a kid so young.

When Curt finally went to sleep that night, his dreams were full of ugly things he didn’t want to remember afterwards. But on his way to work they kept coming back to him — shameful pictures of his watching Lilly undress, or kissing her on the mouth and strange visions of the girl appearing before him with fully grown breasts and her clothes half off, a precocious leer on her face and her panties down around her trim ankles. It was noon before he finally got control of himself and convinced himself there was nothing to be ashamed of. He had simply been excited by her scream and the presence of the man outside her window, and his state of emotional upheaval had made him react to her nakedness the way he did.

It was something that might happen to any man, he told himself. But getting himself to believe it was something else again.

I might be guilty of incest, he thought to himself, if they want to call it that. But I sure as hell ain’t no damned pervert child molester that gets his kicks from feeling up kids!

For a couple of days things went smoothly in the Carson household. He went out and played cards with the boys as he did every Tuesday night and on Thursday, Karol went to her bowling league.

But on Friday, something happened to Lilly on the way home from school that was to wind up having an effect on the entire family. She was walking home with a classmate named Gwen and the subject turned to their families. Gwen happened to be the little sister of David, the boy who had taken Kelly home a few nights before. When Gwen found out Lilly was Kelly’s younger sister, she grinned and said, “Really? Wow, you’re lucky to have a big sis like that. My brother David says she really swings.”

“All I’ve got is a little sister eight years old and my big brother,” Gwen went on. “You sure are lucky to have such a swinger for a sister. Listen, does she ever tell you anything?”

Lilly didn’t know what she meant. She said so, but the precocious young redhead grinned widely and spoke again in a conspiratorial voice. “Aw, come on, Lilly,” she begged. “You can tell me. Aren’t we best friends?”

Lilly still professed innocence. And as a matter of fact, she was innocent. She didn’t have the slightest idea what her little freckle-faced girl friend was talking about.

“You know,” said Gwen, playfully poking her in the ribs as they walked along the sidewalk. “About making out and things like. What she does with guys and when she goes on dates. Stuff like that. Doesn’t your big sister ever tell you things like that?”

Lilly said that she didn’t. It had just never occurred to her to ask such things. They got to Gwen’s house and she invited Lilly in, saying her folks weren’t home and they could go on the back porch and talk undisturbed.

“Boy, my brother sure tells me stuff,” Gwen said. “Heck, he tells me about screwing and everything.”

“Wow, about… about screwing?” repeated Lilly. She was properly impressed. “Your brother.”

“Sure,” said Gwen.

It made Lilly feel nasty to talk about such things, but it also gave a feeling of excitement and glamour to things. Gwen suggested they take their blouses off and compare titties. Hers were just starting to grow too, and she wanted to see what another girl’s looked like. Lilly was very reluctant to go along with her friend’s strange idea. She said they seemed to have titties about the same size and there wasn’t any use looking at them. But she suddenly remembered something she wanted to know.

“Tell me something, will you?” she asked, whispering into her friend’s freckled ear. “Do you… do you have hair on your thing the same color as on your head? Is it red like that or is it blonde like mine is? Or is it black?”

Gwen surprised her by simply throwing her legs apart and pulling down her panties. “Look for yourself, I’m not scared to show you my pussy! That is what you mean, isn’t it? You called it a ‘thing’ when you said it.”

Lilly was very embarrassed. She hadn’t expected such a bold reaction from Gwen. Also, it embarrassed her to use words like pussy and tits. She usually called them “ninnies” and preferred to refer to her little cunt as just her “thing”.

But sure enough, there it was right in front of her. Gwen’s tiny patch of pussy hair was red as the hair on her head and then some. That answered Lilly’s question and she felt relieved when Gwen pulled her panties back up and her skirt down again. It made her uncomfortable to see the secret parts of someone else up so close like that.

Gwen suggested that if Lilly didn’t want to compare titties, they should tell each other their deepest secret. That would be fun, she said. Given the choice of showing off her naked titties, Lilly thought she’d better participate in the exchange of secrets. She knew that Gwen meant something sexy though, and that her secret would probably be something really wild. She didn’t want to feel left out, so she told Gwen all the details about what she saw her mom and dad doing through the keyhole. Gwen seemed impressed and kept asking her details before eventually being satisfied.

When it was Gwen’s turn to talk, she made Lilly cross her fingers and hope to die that she’d never repeat her secret to a soul. Lilly did as she said. She couldn’t wait to hear what it was.

“It’s about my brother and me,” she whispered. “Sometimes when our folks are gone, we play nasty together.”

Lilly had heard of girls doing things like that before, but never with anyone in their own families. She was flabbergasted. And her brother was ten years older than she was, too! She wanted to know what they did.

“Lots of things,” Gwen said, a big grin on her face. “He takes my panties down and fools around with my pussy for a while. It really feels super to have somebody do that to you, you ever had it done to you? Then he lets me get his peter out and wow, you oughta see it, it’s giant! I get it out of his pants and jack it off for him.”

She had to interrupt herself and explain to Lilly what “jacking off” was, and when she finished Lilly still wasn’t really sure she understood. She hadn’t learned how to masturbate yet, so how could she understand doing it to someone else?

“And sometimes if he has time, he even holds the end of his cock against my pussy,” she continued ecstatically. “He says when I get big enough we can screw. Wow, I sure hope I grow fast! And another thing — we’ve been doing things together for two or three years now, but ever since my tits have started growing lately he likes me more and more. It’s really a groove to have a boy finger ‘em. Too bad you don’t have a big brother, Lilly.”

By this time Lilly saw that her secret paled in the light of Gwen’s. And hearing her tell the things her brother did with her filled her head with thoughts that made her ashamed of herself. She said she’d better go home, that she’d stayed too long.

As she walked down the street alone she was deep in thought. She was thinking about what Gwen said about her brother liking her better now that her titties were growing. She had some as big as Gwen’s were. But she didn’t have any brother. A dirty thought came to her mind. She did have a daddy.

For the next few days she started being aware of her dad. When Curt would be sitting in his easy chair reading the paper, Lilly would make a point to sit across the room with her skirt high. The results thrilled her. Unless she was badly mistaken, her daddy noticed what she was showing off and took the trouble to glance several times in her direction. This made her feel very grown up and she loved it. She kept it up.

When he would be standing at the refrigerator she’d find some excuse to squeeze past him in the narrow kitchen hall and make sure he got a feel of her soft front… sometimes her newly developing ninnies and once in a while even her thing. He always pretended not to notice but she was sure he did.

The biggest charge was once when she knew he was in the shower. She dashed past her mom and went in to borrow some of their shampoo. Curt was just stepping out and for a few seconds she saw him naked… even the big peter between his legs. When he saw her looking at it, he got kind of a funny look on his face. And after she left with the shampoo in her hot little hands, she kept thinking for a long time about the way that big long thing had looked hanging down over his two round, hairy-surfaced balls.

Another time she even caught him peeking at her when she didn’t even know about it. She was all sprawled out on the porch swing just after he came home from work one day, and Karol and Kelly were both inside. She was wearing a regular little skirt that wasn’t especially short, but the way she had her legs lying she might as well not have been wearing anything. Curt noticed her as he walked by and stopped quietly so she wouldn’t know he was there.

Gazing between his daughter’s slim little legs, he could see her panties all the way from her crotch to almost the elastic at the waist. And there between her firm, tanned young thighs was a swelling that made the thin material of her underwear bulge. She shifted her position slightly, which scared him, and he cleared his throat and mumbled a quick greeting to her before going on into the house. When she looked down and realized how she had been lying, she knew he couldn’t have missed seeing way up her legs and maybe farther. And the way he acted when he thought she had seen him was a dead give-away.

Thursday night was when things got hot. Karol took Kelly to her bowling league with her, leaving Lilly and Curt alone in the house. Curt had been planning all week for a nice little session with Kelly that night, since he knew Karol would be gone. Thursdays was the night that they had often found time to knock off a piece in the past. But Karol wanted her to go because it was Mother and Daughter Night at the bowling league so Kelly couldn’t get out of it.

Curt caught her alone for a second in the hall and said, “Damn, I sure have been looking forward to getting you in the sack tonight, Kelly. It’s been so long I’ve been really missing that hot little cunt of yours. Isn’t there some way you can get out of going to the bowling league?”

“Guess not,” sighed Kelly, “but I’ll be thinking about your cock all night while I’m there. I’m hot for it too, Dad… real hot.”

She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and a hug that pushed her soft tits against him, then they broke up and separated. After Karol and Kelly had been gone for just a few minutes Curt headed for the kitchen and took down a bottle of gin. Usually he just drank beer but he had to have something to take the place of the fine piece of ass he’d been counting on.

Lilly had been playing in her room the whole time but when she heard him slamming bottles around in the kitchen she came out to join him. It was a hot night and she had been wearing just undies — which for her meant only panties — and a housecoat. When she hit the kitchen, Curt was already on his second drink. He had entirely forgotten about Lilly being in the house till she popped up at his elbow.

“Daddy,” she asked entreatingly, “how come I don’t get to go to the Mother and Daughter thing — I’m Mom’s daughter just as much as Kelly is. Isn’t that right?”

He told her she could go to the next such event, since Kelly had attended this one. That seemed to satisfy her and she plopped down in the dining room with a magazine in her hand. Curt could hardly help noticing what she was wearing. The little housecoat was a few years old and frayed around the hem and at the shoulders. It made the poor kid look like a ragamuffin, he thought. But the age of the garment had a different effect also. The height at which it struck her thighs made it painfully obvious that she had been much younger when it was purchased for her. At that time her legs had been much shorter, but now they were so long the garment failed to serve its purpose. When she walked across the floor it rode up only a few inches below her saucy little derriere. Now that she was sitting down…

He asked her when her mother had last taken her shopping and said it was time she had a few new things — mainly a housecoat. But she claimed she liked that one because it was “comfortable”.

She glanced down from her magazine and automatically closed her legs and tugged at the hem when she saw how much it showed.

“I wouldn’t wear it around company or anything, Daddy,” she explained. “It’s too ratty looking for that, with all these frayed places on it.”

It wasn’t the frayed places that Curt was referring to — it was what you could see underneath the frayed places. But he let it drop. What he needed was another drink. It wasn’t exactly healthy for him to concern himself at the moment with what was or was not visible under his young daughter’s scanty clothes. As he mixed his third gin and tonic, Lilly asked if she could have some. At first he looked at her like she was out of her mind but she quickly reminded him he’d promised her a little taste of hard liquor some time. Both the girls were permitted to sip beer on occasion at home, and he had told her she could try something more potent some time. Kelly had already been permitted to do it and now Lilly would squawk if she was excluded.

He mixed her a sweet drink with a little gin in it and lots of ice. She went for it and drank it pretty fast. When she asked for another it was only because he was on his fourth drink that he gave in and mixed her one. Sitting at the table with her coltish bare knees high in her chair, however, was not the most ladylike position for a girl her age to assume. And Curt was quite aware of it. There was only one problem. He was now looking at the delectable young thing through the veil of four stiff drinks.

He asked her if she sat like that around boys and she said she didn’t pay much attention. She usually wore pants when she played in the streets so it didn’t make any difference how she sat, she told him. She saw him looking at her legs and grinned. It was a very coquettish expression, but she was too young to realize how it looked.

“Why, Daddy,” she asked, “does it bother you for me to sit like this in front of you? Heck, you’ve seen me ever since I was real little so you’ve seen a lot more of me than I’ve got sticking out now.”

She glanced down at the tattered holes in the garment and giggled. The alcohol was beginning to effect her.

“Yeah, but honey,” he answered, “that’s just the thing — you were real little then. You’ve gotten big enough now to…”

“To what, Daddy?” she innocently posed, interrupting his words and flashing her legs as she re-crossed them.

Her young half-naked body and her touching innocence were too much for Curt to handle. Something snapped inside him. He was drunk enough to discount her extreme immaturity and even the fact that he was her father.

“C’mere, Lilly,” he beckoned, his words slightly slurred. “C’mere and give Daddy a kiss. I’ll show you what you’re big enough for.”

She happily unfolded her long legs from the chair and started for where he was sitting. To her surprise, she staggered a little. The gin was taking its course. He met her halfway and caught her in his arms and both of them laughed.

She gave him a peck on the cheek, the kind of kiss she was accustomed to giving both parents when she told them good night. She smelled his strong, masculine shaving lotion and felt his arms sweep her up from the floor.

“No, sweety,” he said to her, his voice thick, “you’re big enough now for a real kiss. Like this.”

And for the first time in her life Lilly’s lips were covered and wetly bussed by a man… not her father, but a man who accepted her as a pretty if quite young female, a girl and not a daughter. The feel of her inexperienced lips under his was incredibly exciting to him. He felt like a monster somewhere deep inside beyond the pale of gin, but his body relished the delicious youngster in his arms too strongly for him to hold back.

He turned her around the room in a kind of drunken dance, his right hand supporting the firm I globes of her hard little ass and his left hand at I the nape of her neck under the silky abundance of her long, blonde hair. When he tore his lips away from her and looked into her eyes, he found her surprised but obviously quite receptive to his outburst of passion.

“Daddy,” she said softly, her voice sleepy with drink, “show me more. If I’m big enough for you to kiss me like that I must be big enough for a few more things.”

Curt felt his blood race at her words. He ran his hand under the thin cover of her housecoat and took I her slender thigh in his fingers, massaging it from her knee upwards.

“Sweety,” he said, “you’re big enough for lots more… just lots more things. But not here. Not here in the dining room.”

She put her mouth to his ear. “Daddy, take me somewhere else then. I want to have you show me… I don’t know the words, but you know what I mean, don’t you? Take me… take me in your room, will you? Where you and Mommy sleep?”

In her mind flashed visions of nasty things she knew she shouldn’t think about but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t help remembering what she had seen him doing with her mom the day she looked through the keyhole and watched them in bed.

Curt stumbled through the empty house and paused at the door. On it hung one of Karol’s nightgowns. The sight of the garment stopped him for a second and made him remember what a hideous thing his body was driving him to do. Lilly saw it too.

“Daddy,” she said, wily beyond her years, “I… I won’t tell Mommy. I won’t tell anyone what you show me.”

The alcohol in her young veins, with her eager, blooming desire for the warm arms of the man held her, was making her act older than her age. Her words were just what Curt needed to hear to continue the mad act.

He pushed on through the doorway and deposited her on the bed, hair flying and limbs awkwardly askew. She lay in the darkness and heard him breath heavily as his clothes fell to the floor.

“What… what are you doing, Daddy,” she asked, a trace of fear in her voice. Her heart was beating faster.

“I’m taking off my clothes, honey,” he said. “You don’t have to bother with yours though. I’ll take care of them in a minute. You said you wanted to have me show you everything, and that’s just what I’m gonna do.”

It was dark in the room but she could see his outline. He fell beside her on the bed and reached across her warm body, pulling her to him and finding the bottom of her housecoat with his searching fingers. She felt a strange and wonderful new thrill course through her body as his fingertips made contact with the slim length of her thigh.

“Daddy,” she asked softly, “kiss me again… kiss me like you did before. It makes me feel all funny when you hug me and kiss me at the same time like that.”

He pressed his lips to hers for a few delicious seconds, then moved on to her cheek and the soft skin of her neck. He heard her make a little gasp as his mouth pushed on through the sweet-scented tresses of her clean blonde hair and made contact with the tender shell of her delicate ear.

“Ever had anyone kiss you here before?” he asked, tenderly bussing the lobe and outer shell of the ear.

She giggled drunkenly. “Daddy, I’ve never had anybody kiss me anywhere. You know that. Heck, you and Mommy would spank my bottom if I ever did things like that with anybody.”

The emphasis of her completely innocent, trusting virginity hit him and fired his loins with lust. He needed to be very careful with her, to go slow and not scare her, to introduce her tender organs to the delights of fucking very gently and slowly. Yet his straining manhood pulsed hot and hard between his legs demanding its due.

“Lilly, this little bottom of yours, this sweet little ass of yours, is good for a lot more than spanking,” he said. “Now lemme get your clothes off and I’ll show you.”

He felt her stiffen a bit in the darkness. “Are you scared, sweety?” he asked. “Are you scared to be naked with everything out in the open where Daddy can see how pretty you are?”

Put in those terms it was a little easier for her to accept but she still had certain qualms in spite of the alcohol. “No, I’m not scared,” she hesitantly replied. “I’m… I’m just afraid you won’t like me because my…”

Her voice faded out into an inaudible, embarrassed kind of mumble that made him eager to hear the rest of her words.

“What, honey?” he entreated. “What did you say? Your what?”

In a small voice she answered, “I’m afraid you won’t like me because my… my ninnies aren’t big yet. And because my… my cunny doesn’t have much… you know…”

She halted at last from embarrassment.

“Because your little cunt doesn’t have much hair on it yet?” he finished for her. “Well, don’t you worry about that, sweetheart. A girl your age isn’t supposed to have much hair on her cunt or very big titties. You will have… you will have before too long. But I think you’re awfully cute just like you are, Lilly. Your daddy loves your little titties and pussy just like they are.”

She smiled and threw her arms around his naked shoulders. Her housecoat flew open and gave him a quick feel of one of her hard little nipples against his chest.

“Then go ahead, Daddy,” she told him, her voice soft and thrilling, “… go ahead and make me naked then. Heck I’m not wearing much anyway. Only thing I’ve got on under my housecoat is…”

“Are you just wearing panties under there, you little devil?” he laughed, already slipping both hands under her tattered housecoat. “Well, I’m gonna have your little cunt and tits out in the open awful damned quick, then.”

He passed his hands up the long lengths of her coltish thighs, marveling at the incredible softness of her creamy skin, and touched the leg-bands of her panties. She giggled, half from actually being ticklish on her thighs and half from nervous anticipation of what was going to happen to her.

He unbuttoned her housecoat and deftly removed it from one arm. She willingly assisted him, withdrawing her other arm from its sleeve and shrugging it from her shoulders. In the moonlight shining through the bedroom window, Curt feasted his eyes on his young daughter’s pouting tits. They stood up taut and rosy-tipped from her unblemished chest like a pair of exotic little fruits, just waiting for the touch to release their tasty flavor.

He brought his fingertips to one of them and caressed it gently. Its tip hardened and seemed to stab into the air more sharply and saucily than ever. He heard her catch her breath.

“Like that, honey?” he asked, his palms sweating.

“Ummm yes,” she enthusiastically responded. She squirmed on the bed and in his other hand he felt the sweet pressure of her thighs lock on his fingers. She drew them apart quickly. She hadn’t realized just where his other hand was, only that it was barely touching the leg bands of her panties once in a while. She was embarrassed at being so bold with her careless thighs.

Fire shot through his groin at the smooth touch of her leggy trap. “That’s okay,” he urged. “Leave your legs there. Go ahead and trap my hand, it’ll make you feel good to have something between your legs. You ever have anything there before… you ever play with yourself sometimes in bed at night?”

“No,” she answered honestly. But she was thinking of her little friend, Gwen, and thought she probably did.

“Lemme show you how, then,” Curt told her. He rubbed his forefinger against the damp crotch of her undergarment and continued to gingerly manipulate the swollen tip of her aroused nipple. She moved her body languorously under his touches and he could hear little increases in her breathing. She was quite obviously enraptured by what he was doing to her and was beginning to enjoy the thrills of having foreign hands on the parts of her body she had always thought were nasty.

She clamped her upper thighs more tightly around his hand now, shamelessly showing him she wanted more. He slipped a finger under the leg band and tweaked the crack of her asshole, then brought it up and forward to the pouting lips of her nearly hairless pussy.

“Ooooo!” she squealed.

“Feel good?” he asked.

“Whew… it sure does,” he said.

“How’s this,” he pressed, “… a little better?” He had mounted the top of her protruding organs and was about to enter the tight slit of her virginal, secret little canal.

“Ummmm,” she eagerly answered, “a lot better.”

His cock was throbbing with lust as he looked down on his daughter’s warm, responsive body. All she had on were her panties and there was no longer any use for them at all. The only reason he left them on this long was so she could see how it felt to have her young snatch rubbed through their fabric. He drew them down her legs and felt her squeeze his hand between her calves as he passed between them. He eagerly pushed upward past her knees and along the long columns of her thighs till he was back again at her pussy. This time she opened her legs and gave a little push toward him with her ass before he even touched her.

When he put his finger in her slit again it felt warmer than before and he could detect a lot more moisture there. He softly fingered her, allowing more and more of his finger to enter the tight crack.

“Daddy,” she innocently asked, “is this… is this screwing?”

“No sugar,” he replied, excited anew by her words. “This is just frigging. A girl can even do this by herself.”

“Then when are you gonna screw me, Daddy?” she innocently inquired. “When are you gonna do that? You said you’d show me everything.”



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