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xNovel - Daddy's Darling


Daddy's Darling

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The next day was a Saturday, which meant that not only were both the girls home from school, but their father was staying home from the office. Both of the girls had compared notes with each other about their encounters with their father the night before, and now they both felt sure that, as long as everything was out in the open now, they could both look forward to an entire day of fucking and sucking with their dear old dad. It would add an element of spice to the relationship, what with both of them in bed with him at the same time, since up until now they had only had him individually.

“Just think of it,” Daphne was telling her older sister excitedly as they both were on the way downstairs to join their father for breakfast, “with the three of us all fucking and sucking together it has to be a really interesting day!” And Tricia couldn’t help but agree that her sister was probably right.

As soon as they got downstairs, however, it appeared that things were not quite going to be as they had originally planned. Their father was nowhere to be seen, and taped prominently to the door of the refrigerator was a note in their father’s handwriting that only served to make things that much more confusing.

“Dear girls,” the note read, “have gone to the train station to pick up your Uncle Paul who is coming to town on business. He’ll stay at our place for as long as he’s here. I should be home around five.” The two girls finished reading the note and then looked at each other, each of them feeling about a half a dozen different thoughts simultaneously.

“Daddy’s bringing Uncle Paul home!” Daphne crowed with delight. “That ought to be really interesting. Then there’ll be two cocks for us to suck, instead of one. I can hardly wait until he gets here.”

But Tricia looked much more thoughtful. “I don’t think this is good news at all, Daphne,” she announced. “You’re not old enough to remember Uncle Paul, but I am. He’s a very uptight kind of gay, who probably looks down on every kind of sex unless it’s between man and wife. What I’m afraid will happen is: not only Uncle Paul refuse to fuck us, but he’s going to find some way to keep Daddy from fucking us too. And he’ll probably make Daddy feel really guilty about screwing us, which means that even after our Uncle Paul goes home Daddy won’t want to play with us any more.”

Daphne looked dumbfounded, as though somebody had just told her she had two weeks to live, “Gee, Tricia,” she quavered, and her youthful face was awash with genuine concern, “do you really think that that will happen to us? Just when everything was getting to be so good between Daddy and us, too! Are you really sure about it?”

The older girl nodded reluctantly, remembering what her Uncle Paul had been like the last time she had met him, more than ten years ago. Uncle Paul had been an ex-vaudevillian, cracking jokes and singing terrible songs while smoking a big black cigar. One of the hallmarks of his act had been that he had absolutely refused to do any material that was even faintly suggestive, no matter how much pressure he got from theatre managers to “spice up” his act. It seemed to Tricia that any man who was reluctant to do something as harmless as tell suggestive jokes to paying customers would certainly not be the kind of guy who would be in a big hurry to jump into bed with his own nieces, even though those nieces were two of the best-looking little girls for miles around. It looked to Tricia as though things had taken a turn for the worse.

She was about to point this out to her younger sister when she could hear a scrabbling noise at the front door, and then an instant later the doorbell was ringing. Both girls went to answer the door, thinking that perhaps their father had come home sooner than had been anticipated. When they got to the door, however, it turned out that the person standing there was not their father but rather an extremely voluptuous young woman.

“Who’s she?” Daphne wanted to know, wondering whether or not she ought to open the door.

Tricia nudged her sister. “You dope, that’s Sue Carson, Daddy’s secretary. You’re met her before, remember?” She giggled girlishly. “Hey, how much do you want to bet that she and Daddy have been fucking every day in the office?”

Actually, Tricia might be interested in knowing that Miss Carson and Hamilton Burns had only had sex together once. Sue Carson enjoyed sex with men, but for some reason most of her sexual relations had been with members of her own, sex. The little encounter of the night before had made her horny to jump in bed with Hamilton Burns all over again, but if he wasn’t around then anybody else would do. Including either one or both of his daughters…

The older Burns girl opened the door and stood aside so that the voluptuous young secretary could step into the house. “Hello, Miss, ah, Carson,” Tricia said quietly. “If you’re looking for my father he isn’t here right now.”

Sue Carson looked slightly annoyed. “Well, I have something fairly important to tell him that really can’t wait. Do you mind if I stay here a so I can catch him as soon as he comes in?”

The two sisters glanced at each other to debate this, but before they could arrive at a decision either way the sexy young stenographer brushed past them and into the living room beyond. She tossed her handbag and papers onto a table and then plopped into the best chair in sight. “Well, here we all are,” she announced rather cheerily, perhaps a bit too much so. “Now why don’t we all get to know each other better?” As she spoke to the two sisters she shifted to a much more provocative, position, spreading her legs and allowing her short skirt to hike its way upwards ever so gradually until it was at the very verge of revealing the moist triangle of her hairy pussy bush.

Tricia and her blonde sister Daphne exchanged glances. It was pretty obvious to both of them that this chick intended to stick around for a while, and that she’d come here for some reason other than to discuss business with their father Hamilton. The only question was: just what was really on her mind?

“Come over here where I can get a decent look at you,” the older woman was saying to both of the teenage girls, with more than a hint of seduction in her voice, “Your father is always telling me all kinds of things about both of you, but I’ve never really had a chance to meet either one of you and get to know you.”

There was an awkward pause, and then Daphne stepped forward submissively, not really wanting to obey but not really daring not to either. Tricia, seeing that there was nothing for it, waiting a few more instants and then joined her younger sister.

“There, that’s better,” Sue Carson said smugly. She was clearly enjoying her dominant role as the one who had command over the situation. Sue Carson could be quite a haughty bitch when the mood struck her. Right now the mood struck her. Slowly and leisurely she took out a pack of cigarettes, tapped one on the edge of the chair and then lit it from a cylindrical lighter, deliberately taking as long as possible. She knew that the more time she spent merely sitting here the more her captives would squirm in discomfort. At long length she deigned to look at them, somehow creating the impression that she was doing them a great favor in the process of doing so.

“You know,” she ventured to say at last, giving the ash on the end of her cigarette a lordly flick as she spoke, “you two chicks strike me as a really interesting case. To look at you just about anybody would think you’re nothing but a couple of sweet innocent little girls. But I’ve been around a bit, and I see through all that. You’ve got the look of the slut written all over your filthy little faces, both of you. Ill bet anything you like that both of you two chicks have been fucking and sucking for quite some time now.” She saw the look on the two girls’ faces and gave a feline grin, “And don’t try to deny it, either one of you, because I won’t believe you. You might as well just admit the truth: that you’re a couple of teenaged nymphos, and you’ll jump into bed with just about anything that comes along.”

Both girls were silent after that, and then Tricia gulped and ventured to make a statement: “If you please, Miss Carson,” she stammered out at length, “what makes you think that there’s any truth at all to what you’re saying?”

For an answer Sue Carson threw her head, back and laughed. There was a malice in that laugh, and a trace of sadism too. “Look, you little bitches,” she told the sisters as soon as she was done laughing, “I’ll come clean with you if you’ll come clean with me. When I was you’re age I dug the action any way I could find it: with guys, with gals, with dildos, you name it. And you want to know something? Both of you two little sluts have the exact same look on your faces that I had when I was your age. So there’s no bullshitting Aunt Sue, because I see all and know all.” She saw that the two sisters were still staring at her dumbly, and so she paused to chain-light a fresh cigarette and then stub out the old one. “The fact of the matter is,” she went on, quite calmly and slowly, “that I could really get off on fucking both you two little pussies. And I really think that you’d both get off on it just as much as I would.”

She paused for a moment to let those last few words sink in, and smiled inwardly when she saw that Daphne and Tricia were exchanging curious glances. The looks on their two faces seemed to be saying: should we? Shouldn’t we? What the hell, what can we lose?

Tricia turned to face the older woman, and even as she spoke she was beginning to unbutton her dress and pull it off. “Miss Carson,” she announced, grinning broadly all the while, “like they say in the movies, ‘this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship’.”

Afterwards it would have been impossible to tell which one of them had made the first move. Because they were all getting up at once and then collapsing into each other’s arms. Tricia could feel somebody’s mouth pressing hotly against her skin at the same time as she was lowering her lips down upon a naked expanse of tit. She didn’t know which one was sucking her and she didn’t know which one she was sucking. But she didn’t care. That was something she liked about a lesbian relationship: there was no need for anyone to come out into the open, no need for emotions or feelings. It was just you fuck me and I’ll fuck you, and the Devil take the hindmost.

By now there were three heaving body’s rolling about on the floor, and three pairs of hands were trying to unbutton each other’s clothing and peel it away. They couldn’t wait to strip each other naked, to go down on each other’s luscious boobs and glistening twats. Every one of these pussies wanted every other one with an intensity that they wouldn’t have believed possible a few minutes previously.

“Fuck me, fuck me, finger-fuck me,” Daphne moaned, already beginning to feel the mounting emotions rising within her hot body. “I want you inside me. I want you both inside me at once. Spread my cunt wide and take it, you bitches, I can’t wait any longer.”

Sue Carson grinned more widely than before. She didn’t care who did what to which just so long as it was clearly understood by all that she was the one in charge of this little fuck-scene. “That’s not the way to do it at all,” she announced. “We’re going to play a little game called chain-fuck. It’s just like sixty-nining except we form a ring. Come on now, let’s get going, because I’m getting hotter and hornier by the second.”

The two Burns sisters stole a glance at each other, and then an instant later they were both on the floor, eagerly awaiting the touch of the older woman. “Damn it, I want you to fuck me,” Daphne whispered, eyes closed and quivering in ecstatic passion. “I can’t wait a minute longer, I’ve got to have your finger up my cunt right here and right now.”

Sue Carson grinned again. She was looking forward to this, in fact she’d been dreaming of doing this ever since the first time she’d seen Hamilton’s two delicious daughters. She was pleased that the two fresh young pussies wanted to get it on with her, but she wanted to take them on in such a way that it would be clear to both of them that she was the one in charge here, that she was the dominant one. When Sue Carson went to bed with Hamilton Burns or with another man she was glad to be the submissive one; that was her God-given role as a member of the female sex. But when it came time for some lesbian action, Sue wanted to see to it that she and she alone was the one who called the shots.

Daphne and her red haired sister Tricia were both lying on their sides on the floor now, both of them stark naked and both of them eager for some hot and heavy action. “Come on, now, Daphne,” the older girl instructed. “We’ve all got to form a ring. I’ll eat you out and you can eat Miss Carson out while she’s going down on me. How’s that sound to you?”

The younger blonde girl wrinkled up her nose in disgust, “It sounds shitty, that’s how it sounds to me. You can eat me out any day of the week; right now the only tongue that I want up my crack belongs to Miss Carson. So I’ll eat you out and you can eat her out,” It was not often that Daphne overrode her older sister’s decisions, but right now she was determined to be eaten out by the sassy young secretary, and she wasn’t about to let her sister or anybody else stand in the way of that.

Tricia shrugged to show that it didn’t make any difference to her. “Okay,” she murmured softly to the younger girl, “you can eat me out, then.” And with that she was placing her ample buttocks squarely upon the floor and spreading her young thighs seductively to reveal the moistly gleaming triangle of pussy-flesh that glistened so invitingly between them. “If you want it, Daphne,” the older girl intoned, “you’re just gonna have to come on and get it.”

Daphne didn’t say anything to that, because she was the sort of girl who believed that actions spoke louder than words. Licking her dry lips slightly with the edge of her moistened tongue, she leaned forward and then eagerly rammed her face downwards into the midst of that beautiful fur-pie muff. She began to orally caress the tight opening with thick sucking motions, quaffing bigger and bigger dollops of the hot pussy-juice with every passing moment.

Even as Tricia began to bask in the delicious sensation of being eaten out by her own sister, she was suddenly aware that a cunt even juicier and hotter than her own was rapidly bearing down upon her upturned girlish face. “Come on now, you little slut,” it was Sue Carson speaking. “Come on and eat me out. That’s what you’re here for.” And with that she dropped the full weight of her body down on top of Tricia’s face, practically smothering her in the hot enfoldings of the slime-encrusted pussy. “Don’t just lie there,” the older woman gloated, clearly enjoying the red haired girl’s helpless position. “Go on and eat me out. Make me cream all over your sweet little face.”

Tricia Burns writhed helplessly, pinned as she was beneath a Mount Everest of labia. “How can I eat you out?” she managed to mumble through a double mouthful of fur pie. “I can hardly breathe under here.” As she spoke she was writhing back and forth uncomfortably, trying to free herself. Her face was unbelievably hot, and it was getting even worse by the second. “Let me get some air first before I smother and then I’ll be glad to eat you out,” the red haired girl promised.

Sue grinned maliciously, and a twinge of sadistic pleasure thrilled through her nude anatomy, “Pussy first, then air,” she promised. Sue was pretty well-versed in sexual turns-ons, but she had to admit that this was a whole new thing even to her. Imagine holding a teenage girl captive with a cunt. It was an exercise in sadism that neither one of the participates would soon forget.

Daphne had been sucking her sister’s pussy all the while, but now she was impatient for Sue to stop talking and start going down on her. “For Christ’s sake,” the blonde girl complained. “How the fuck can you expect my sister to eat you out if she can’t even breathe? Why don’t you let up on her a little bit and then bring that sweet mouth of yours right on over here so that you can start eating me out?”

The words made sense to Sue, and she put aside her sadistic sexual tendencies for the moment so that they could all get down to some serious fucking and sucking. Eagerly she shifted her weight onto her hips so as to give the red haired Tricia some much-needed oxygen, and then even more eagerly she twisted her head around to bring it down firmly in the exact center of the blonde girl’s glistening snatch. And then she began to suck on it, slowly at first but getting faster and more frenzied all the time.

“Oh, honey, that feels good,” Daphne moaned between mouthfuls of her sister’s hot twat-sauce. “Just keep on eating me out like that and don’t ever stop, Sue. I want this to just go on forever, it feels so good.” And then she stopped talking and got back to pussy-eating, tonguing the moist crevice of her sister’s hot snatch with her throbbing oral organ.

The pace was getting faster now, and the three lesbian lovers had formed a ring, each one making mouth-love to the twat and clit of the one in front of her, while at the same time being eaten out in turn by yet a third girl. For Daphne and Tricia it was a whole new and exciting experience, totally different from ay thing that they had ever done before, or even dreamt about. Sue Carson, needless to say, had done this kind of thing many times in the past. But it felt better this time than all of the other times put together, and she was sure that she knew the reason: it was because both of these girls were so young, so practically virginal. There was something about having sex with an innocent young girl that added an element of spice to fucking, a spice that one could never get from a sophisticated, mature woman of the world.

“Don’t stop it!” Daphne whispered, hardly daring to believe that something this wonderful was actually happening to her. “Keep on eating me out. I love it! I LOVE IT!” She could feel her tight pelvis beginning to shudder in the preliminary throes of sweet orgasm. “Keep on eating me out, damn it!” Her whole body seemed to shake, as the tongue ground into her eager young clit.

“You stupid little bitch,” Sue smiled as she spoke, “do you really think that I’m going to stop now? Now that I’m just getting into it? I’m going to eat you out until your juicy little twat is as dry as a goddamned bone.” And even as she spoke she was burying her face even deeper into the awesome cavern of Daphne’s juice-bloated pussy.

“Ohh, God, that tastes good,” said Sue’s voice.

“I’m glad you like it,” said Daphne’s voice.

“I’m going to eat you out now,” said Tricia’s voice.

“Can I watch?” said a fourth voice.

For a moment all three females froze in terrified panic. Then they began to turn slowly, to see who it was that had spoken to them. The voice they had heard had been a deep and gravely male voice, the sort of voice that one would expect to emerge from some sort of slavering sex-maniac. All three of the lesbian lovers were in great trepidation now, wondering exactly what manner of man had walked in here and caught them in the act.

They turned to look at him, and for a moment it seemed to both Daphne and Tricia that the man standing there was their father, and they squealed in terror. But then they saw that it was not Hamilton Burns at all, but rather another man who looked a good deal like him. The main distinguishing difference between the two though was that this man had a look of hedonistic wildness in his eyes, the sort of look that seemed to indicate a man who got his kicks from anything and everything. Both of the Burns girls knew that their father wasn’t like that at all: Hamilton Burns enjoyed screwing chicks, and maybe spanking them once in a while, but they were sure that that was as far as he would go. Little did the two girls know how wrong they would turn out to be in this respect later on.

The grinning man who looked like their father stepped forward, and as he did so Tricia noticed that with his right hand he was delicately fingering a long black cheroot. Suddenly the light of recognition flickered into Tricia’s eyes. “I know who you are,” she exclaimed eagerly, squealing in girlish glee as she spoke. “You’re our Uncle Paul!”

It had been more than fifteen years since she had last seen her father’s brother. Tricia could barely remember him and Daphne had never seen him at all, although she had managed to piece together a fairly crude conception of him from what her father had said about him.

Paul Burns came towards them with a grin on his lascivious face, obviously pleased at having been recognized. “That’s who I am, by crackies,” he told her exultantly, “I told your daddy that I’d be arriving by train, and he should come and pick me up at the train station. Little did he know that I flew in.” And then, almost as an afterthought, he added: “By plane, that is.” He took a few steps towards his two naked nieces, and as he did so his lust-filled eyes happened to catch sight of the third naked female form, which was that of Sue Carson. “I don’t believe I know who you are,” he confessed to her. Then, almost as an after thought, he added: “Who are you?”

She stood up readily, making no attempt whatsoever to conceal her unclad form from this man. “I’m Sue Carson,” she informed him, “your brother Hamilton’s secretary.”

“Secretary, hey?” The ex-vaudevillian allowed his eyes to rove freely up and down the girl’s naked physique. “When I was your age we didn’t call gals like you our ‘secretaries’. We said that they were our ‘relatives’ from out of town, by crackies. Hee, hee, hee!” And then the man was dissolving into a fit of helpless laughter.

The three naked females exchanged questioning glances. It was patently obvious to all three of them that as long as this refugee from a crematorium was around there would be no lesbian fucking and sucking in sight for any of them. Grasping the true nature of the situation, Tricia decided that it was up to her to make the first move. Moving toward her uncle, and trying to assume the virginal look of innocent young schoolgirl, she asked him coquettishly, “Uncle Paul, instead of just watching the three of us get it on together, why don’t you join us? It’ll be a lot more fun that way.”

For a few seconds her uncle looked so startled that Tricia didn’t think he had heard the question right. “Are you asking me to FUCK, child?” he screeched at her, as though not daring to believe his ears. “Why, you young whippersnapper, I’ll have you know that I haven’t engaged in the sinful pleasures of the flesh since nineteen-oh-fifty-eight. That was when my late wife and I were doing the two-a-day back in Asshole, Wisconsin. It was an open-air theatre, and it rained for three weeks solid, so the whole town floated away. Me and Babs were stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, so we fucked.” And then, almost as an afterthought, he added: “That bitch sure could give head, by crackles!”

“Never mind about your vaudeville days,” Tricia cut in hastily, coming ever closer to her uncle as she spoke. Her breasts were hard and erect by this time, quivering with excitement and ready for some action. “My sister and Miss Carson here are trying to have a little fun, and we don’t like to have people hanging around and watching. So either come on and join us or else leave us alone and come back later.” She paused for a moment to let the words sink in, since she wasn’t too certain about her uncle’s ability to comprehend words of more than one letter. Then, thinking that she actually detected a glimmer of understanding on the old man’s face, she said, “So what’s it gonna be? Either join us or leave us alone, but don’t hang around watching us.”

Upon hearing that, Uncle Paul’s face split open into a grin so broad that for a moment Tricia was afraid his mouth would go all the way around his face and his head would fall off. “Why I’d just love to fuck a fine young pussy like yourself, by crackies,” he drawled leisurely. “So just give me a minute to get these here clothes off and then we’ll just let nature take its course.” And then, almost as an after thought, he added, “By crackies!”

It took only a few seconds for Uncle Paul to rip all his clothes off and stand naked before them. Looking at the unclad man both of the Burns girls and their friend Sue were all pleasantly surprised. They had expected to see the naked body of a withered old man, with wrinkles galore and testicles that dangled down to his knees, but instead of that they found themselves admiring a trim and almost youthful body, one that almost any male would envy. A body that was rather obviously eminently suited for sexual activities of every sort.

He could see that the three sluttish females like his body and he was glad that they found it attractive. “Okay, you young pussies,” he roared out exuberantly, “I think it’s time for an old-timer to start showing you a trick or two.” And with that he was coming steadily closer to the trio of tawdry bitches, his cock rising steadily as his sexual excitement mounted to a fever pitch.

Sue Carson seemed to actually be interested in this. At her first glance of the man she had dismissed him as a senile old coot, who got his rocks off fucking knotholes, but now that she was getting to know him better she could see that he might make an extremely interesting fuck-partner indeed. “I think I’ll take this guy on,” she murmured to the two throbbing Burns sisters. “You can keep eating each other out.”

Daphne drew her mouth up into a youthful pout. “Why should we let you have the cock all to yourself?” she complained bitterly. “Irish and I live together, we can suck each other off any time we like. But we’re never gonna have a chance to get it on with Uncle Paul here!”

Tricia was having similar ideas, but she wanted this man all to herself. “You’re too young for him, Daphne,” the red haired girl declared staunchly. “Why don’t I try him on for size and you and Sue here can keep on doing what you were doing.”

“Nuts to that,” Daphne complained. “I want Uncle Paul to shove his meat up my hole.”

“Nuts to both of you,” Sue Carson cut in, “I’m the boss here, and say that I get him. Understand?”

“Oh yeah?” And then the three naked vixens were scratching and clawing at each other, each of them desperate for the honor of being the first one to spread her legs for this man. Seeing that fighting amongst themselves would do no good at all they all jumped on top of the guy simultaneously, snatching at his prick with all six hands and each of them trying to cram it into a twat, a mouth or an asshole all at the same time.

At that instant there was a splintering noise, and then a voice was saying something that sounded like: “Aha!” Instantly both girls looked up from the tangle of balls and tits to see who it was that had spoken.

Standing in the doorway was their father!



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