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xNovel - Tough To Tame


Tough To Tame

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The next morning, Claire woke late. She moved her head slightly but stopped after a moment because it seemed to have triggered a chorus of small aching pains throughout her body. She held her head still and opened her eyes slowly. There were no other sounds in the room, no breathing but her own, and after a few moments she sat up carefully, holding her head, and looked around the room. She was alone. She slid out of bed, noticing that her body was bruised and the insides of her thighs red and chafed. She found her robe, put it on, and stumbled into the bathroom. No Grant there, either. She returned to the bedroom and saw the two liquor bottles and brimming ashtrays, mute evidence of the wild orgy the night before. The shame-seized blonde sank onto the rumpled bed with a groan, her head in her hands. Then she jumped up, acutely aware of the obscene fucking that had happened here on the bed… on the floor!

“Grant?” she called, wandering to the balcony and squinting in the violent white light reflecting off the bay.

His confused young wife remembered he’d said something about needing some more data for his geological survey from the library and figured he must have gone out after only a few hours sleep. She saw by the alarm clock it was noon. What time had they quit fucking last night — rather, this morning? If she remembered correctly, it had been Grant who had urged the whole thing on, who had brought Leila to the room and insisted on Claire lying on the bed naked. Yet, after the shameless things she’d done, could she ever look her husband in the face again? And what was his relationship with the Arab girl? How had he induced her to behave so lewdly?

She was going to have to think very hard about that question, she thought, but later. Right now, it was more important that she pack up this hotel room and be ready to leave when Grant returned from his business conference. There was no point in staying in Dhahran when they could settle their differences just as easily in Ad Dammam.

Grant was so cheerful on their way home, almost as if nothing had happened the night before. She was amazed at him as, during their first night home, he’d even tried to fuck her, but she’d turned coldly away from him, pretending she was asleep, still miffed about his cruel humiliation of her.

Today, not having anything better to do, she’d gone out with him to a site he was surveying along the coast of the Persian Gulf, and had spent most of the afternoon watching the geological crew take samples from the area for further study.

The hot shimmering air of Arabia felt good on her bruised skin, and the pretty young housewife was in a bright mood. From time to time, her dark-haired husband would break off from his work and engage her in conversation, but she only pretended interest.

Secretly, she was plotting her revenge for what he had done to her. If Grant Wells thought he could get away with what he’d made her do, the night he’d brought Leila to their hotel room, he was out of his mind. Whatever she had done in the past with Lyle Rhodes or Hamid, it had never been as bad as what he had done to her. What had happened at Francine’s house, she thought back to that night, had been a mistake. She hadn’t meant to put on an exhibition in front of her husband. But next time, the situation would be different, she thought. Next time… there would be no mistakes, and I’ll shock the daylights out of my dear husband!

She looked over to where the men were working. All day, she had been admiring two young Arab men who were working at the far side of the survey site.

She didn’t hide her suggestive glances as they passed by where she was sitting to collect geological equipment from the jeeps. The curvaceous blonde would smile as they trudged past her, making it obvious she enjoyed looking at their rippling chest muscles and their bronzed skin.

In the late afternoon, Grant drove back to the compound to pick up some new equipment. The older of the two Arab men, seeing Claire’s husband was gone, dropped to the ground beside her. She looked around and saw some of the geologists were still working hard, and others were packing up their gear, making ready for the short ride back to the compound.

The young Arab man was drinking a bottle of beer. He offered Claire a sip. “No, thank you,” she at first refused, then decided she was thirsty and took a gulp.

“You very pretty,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said. “I didn’t know you could speak English.”

“We learn from the work here.”


“When your husband come back?”

“I don’t know. Why… do you ask?” She felt the color come to her cheeks.

“Nothing,” he said.

“What’s your name?” She tugged her skirt gently across the full smoothness of her thighs.

“Makumud,” he said. “My friend name is Khalid. He think you are very pretty. He said to me, she is nice girl. You no touch American woman with blonde hair like that. Let me show Khalid he is crazy.”

Makumud’s hand caressed Claire’s forearm, making her skin tingle deliciously as he moved his fingers down lightly to her wrist.

“Now Khalid knows differently.” She laughed.

The other Arab came over and stood in front of Claire and Makumud. He was taller and more strongly built than Makumud. Both young men couldn’t have been more than twenty years old. Their bodies glistened in the afternoon sun, showing off smooth sculpted muscles that had been developed through years of strenuous labor.

“Khalid.” Claire smiled at the grinning young man standing in front of them. “Why are you laughing like that?”

“You both funny,” he said.

“I tell her she come with us. We show the Hanin things she never seen before.”

Khalid laughed. “Makumud, she come with us. We show her everything!”

Moments later Claire, accompanied by the two young Arab workers, was walking the short distance to the beach and a small house. The house must have been there for years, for it was literally falling apart. The two young men had to help Claire, whose skimpy sundress made climbing over the fallen stones difficult. She could feel their hands squeezing her smoothly curved ass-cheeks as they picked their way through the rubble to the inner room.

Finally they reached the inside and from the half-blocked window she could see what seemed like the entire stretch of the Persian Gulf.

“It’s really lovely,” she said.

Khalid laughed. Claire’s eyes shifted uneasily from the magnificent view to the taller boy. His rounded features seemed to be mocking her. But it was impossible to tell what he was thinking. Though it didn’t really matter, she knew what she was thinking, and it wasn’t about the view.

“Hanin,” Makumud said. “Let me kiss you. I want to kiss you on your pretty face!”

Claire let him press his lips against her own and she felt a slight tremulousness in her throat as Makumud’s tongue snaked into her warm, receptive mouth. For some reason, her thoughts flashed back to the time she’d gone wild and sucked Grant’s prick. God! It seemed like she could never get enough cock anymore.

“You kiss real good,” Makumud said. “Hey, Khalid, the American kisses! Maybe you do the same for my friend? He is very shy. He don’t know how to ask.”

“Maybe we ought to go back,” she said, suddenly afraid.

“You stay here,” Khalid said to Claire as he came up behind his friend. “You let me have fun first.”

The taller Arab pushed Makumud aside and seized Claire by her trembling arms. Where Makumud had been gentle, Khalid was forceful, unrelenting. He pulled her to him and pressed his mouth almost painfully against her own.

“God!” she said.

“Makumud, she kisses beautiful!” Khalid exclaimed.

Claire was about to say something, but for some reason she couldn’t. She looked at the slightly built boy and felt her eyes almost caressing his skin. The strangest thing was happening to her. It almost seemed as though she could touch the younger boy’s smooth, bronzed flesh with her eyes. She tried to pull her glance from Makumud, but she couldn’t. “God!” she cried out.

“You see me. Can you see me?” Khalid shook her.

Her eyes ripped from Makumud’s lean muscular body and suddenly fixed on Khalid’s well-proportioned chest. She could see his pectoral muscles flexing, could make, out the rhythmic pulse of his heart. Khalid kissed her again, drawing her drugged mind away from looking at him to feeling him with her hands.

Suddenly, she felt another hand. It was Makumud’s. He was behind her now, touching her neck, running his hands down her arms and tweaking and kneading her hotly quivering tits beneath her blouse and white lacy bra.

“You let me kiss. You go on behind,” Makumud said.

Khalid released his grasp, and Makumud, shorter but just as powerfully magnetic to her, slipped into his place. She jerked back, momentarily afraid, but then painfully aware of the insatiable desire for pleasure. The feeling, blazing like a thousand flickering candles in her tight little belly, was accentuated by Khalid’s hands that grasped her firmly molded ass-cheeks in both his hands. He kneaded them in rhythm to Makumud’s movements — slipping his hands between her blouse and squeezing her lushly throbbing titties.

“You like this? I squeeze your tits?” Makumud cried out.

“Oooooooh,” she quivered and trembled, the helpless prey of the irresistible sensation soaring through her.

From a combination of her own burning lust and theirs, she was delirious with excitement. She could almost see her feverish desire blazing out from inside — it was so strong and ravenous.

“You get naked and we fuck!” She heard a voice, but she wasn’t aware of its origin.

She felt herself being toppled over to the ground, but it seemed as though it were in a dreamy slow motion. She felt something ecstatic blush out inside of her. She was lying on the dusty ground on the floor of some stone house. Makumud had unbuttoned her blouse. Now he was running his fingertips across the front of her sheer white bra and her nipples seared with delight as he squeezed her ecstatically quivering tits, holding them like two succulent melons in both hands.

“Yes… Makumud, squeeze my tits like that!” she exclaimed, suddenly shocked at her own voice. It seemed as though another person had pronounced those words, another mind had hold of her fiery undulating body.

Behind her, she could feel Khalid tugging down her skirt. She felt the side zipper give, then felt the delicious rush of the cotton fabric over her firm full thighs as the hot desert air raced over her belly and eased softly at her pussy lips through her sheer bikini panties.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she groaned.

“You take off the panty,” Khalid gasped at her from behind.

She squirmed into Makumud, and then ran her hands down her own body to the waistband of her bikini panties. With a slow teasing smile, she hooked her thumbs in the thin elastic waistband and rolled the flimsy material inch by inch down over her full-fleshed thighs and long tapering legs to the ground.

She looked down and noticed that Makumud’s crotch was getting hard. His thickly jerking prick was already straining tightly against his jeans and pressing against her soft little pussy mound. The lewdness seemed to increase. Everything around her seemed crystal clear, the failing sunlight freckling on Makumud’s tan-darkened shoulders and the droplets of perspiration glistening on his full upper lip. She felt so strange — almost as though she were lust incarnate. She was extremely detached, yet at the same time wildly sensuous. She felt more wicked than she had ever felt in her life.

Feeling the excited jerk of their dicks through their pants from in front and behind, she reached down and squeezed Makumud’s hotly pulsing prick, then jerked on Khalid’s lust-swollen cock through his jeans.

If only that bastard husband of hers could see her now! That would make up for yesterday!

Claire could hardly believe her own audacity as her hands seemed to move by themselves to unzip the two Arab men’s flies. Then the two heavily throbbing shafts lurched nakedly out and her hands curled automatically around each one, embracing a stiffly pulsating cock in either palm. At the same time, Khalid’s hands moved upward from behind to cup her ripely swelling young tits. His hands dipped into the cream-white cleavage and began massaging slowly over the enticingly trembling mounds while Makumud in front pulled her legs wide apart and splayed one hand over her nakedly moistening pussy. She worked the two ever-hardening cocks gently between clasped fingers for several minutes, sliding them up and over the huge lust — swollen heads until droplets of their obscene juices oozed out of the tiny slits in the centers. She’d found her paradise — a heavily pulsating cock in each hand!

Leaving her for barely a minute, both boys pulled off their jeans. She stared languorously up at their muscled profiles standing at the low window overlooking the Persian Gulf. The sun set behind them, a large red egg yolk dropping into the sea. Suddenly they jumped down on the ground once more.

“Ooooooh,” she moaned as their hands reached for her, pulling her greedily next to their naked bodies.

Claire whimpered in lewd delight. “Yes, touch meeee, touch me.” Her lust-induced moan echoed back at her as hands coursed excitedly over her nakedly hungering young loins.

The voluptuous blonde girl now lay on the earth between them, her arms loose at her sides, trembling from the wicked sensations running through her unprotected body. As he leaned over her, Khalid’s thickly pulsating cock rubbed warmly against the outside of her thigh, trailing soft wet drops of his hot juices in his excitement. It increased her delicious feeling of utter wantonness incredibly!

“I kiss you again.” Khalid’s mouth clamped hard on her lips, his tongue filling her open mouth and Claire began swaying with the hard pressure of the young Arab and Makumud, both rocking insistently against her.

Claire gave each of their hotly throbbing cocks an extra tight little squeeze as her eyes raced over their young virile flesh — one male so rugged and mature, and the other lean and boyish.

The naked young wife swallowed hard as the Arabs’ hands continued to roam with greater urgency over her softly quivering curves, their eyes and bodies straining closer and closer to her tender nakedness with each passing second. Her hands moved rapidly now over the two jerking cock shafts sliding in and out of her tight clasping fingers.

Claire felt the rising tide of implacable passion beginning deep in her spasmodically quivering belly. Oh God… fucking was so wonderful, so mind-blastingly wonderful! The very defenselessness of her position and the impending ravishment of young body brought tiny strange devils of fire dancing through her lust-inflamed nerves. Just thinking about what the two Arabs were going to do to her made hot wisps of desire pulse through her tingling pussy and rivulets of hot cunt-juices come gushing rapidly down between her legs.

Khalid began working at her slippery pussy, slowly and expertly insinuating his fingers between the blondely furred lips to widen and moisten her tight little hole for the greater entry to come.

“Ugggghh,” Claire moaned, trembling at the lewd spasms his plunging fingers sent coursing through her cunt walls.

Makumud, on her other side, dropped his head to one tiny erect nipple and began nibbling at it with hungry urgency. Suddenly he grunted, and pushed Khalid aside, surprising them both with his aggressiveness.

The older Arab placed his hands on the softly flaring curves of her hips and began slithering down over her prostrate body. Now, his face was right in line with her pussy mound. Makumud wanted to suck and lick the beautiful blonde’s enticing cunt. Claire, sensing what her Arab lover wanted, quickly obliged by parting her legs as far as she could and rotating her hips invitingly.

It took the young man only a moment to work his hotly aroused body down, and position his mouth over the older woman’s blonde-fringed pussy lips. With a quick movement of his thumbs he pulled the soft, hair-lined lips back to expose the pinkly glistening flesh of her pussy furrow and the tiny erect clit at the top.

“Oh, yes, Makumud, you’re going to suck and kiss my pussy, aren’t you?” she intoned.

While Claire continued to caress his friend’s cock, the self-assured Makumud wormed his tongue slowly up into the slippery wetness of her cunt — both of them were enjoying the steady licking movement of his tongue pressing wetly down from her clit into the pulsating smoothness of her thumb-spread pussy hole. Finally, his tongue crushed completely through the tight elastic-like ring like a plumed serpent and plunged deep up into her moist, warm hole.

“Lick it, Makumud.” She heard Khalid shout from beside her. She could feel the hotness of Makumud’s tongue slithering up inside her tight belly walls and filling her loins completely with a sense of total lewdness. Never before had the young house wife experienced such a feeling in spite of all her recent adulterous wanderings — in spite of the fact that Leila had done the same thing to her a few days before, and her own husband before that. But with a strange man doing it, it was incredibly different. She reveled in the perversely wanton feeling as Makumud drew back to nibble teasingly at her clit, and then more forcefully plunged his tongue again up into the steaming passage of her cunt.

The wild feeling of slippery wetness running up between her parted thighs and the gusts of hot breath from Khalid’s panting and watching them filled Claire’s senses with constant throbbing reminders of the depraved attack she was allowing the two men to subject her to.

She lay on her back, her eyes staring blissfully into the wild, golden-red streaked sunset. One hand stroked harder and harder at Khalid’s huge cock while Makumud’s tongue licked maddeningly over her throbbing pussy. A mounting feeling of almost animallike sensuousness thrilled through her naked body. It was ecstatic! Heavenly! If only it could go on forever!

“Roll her over. I wanna roll the American over.” Khalid’s voice came hoarsely from beside her where he continued staring down at the Arab’s mouth working obscenely up and down over her flowering cunt.

There was a moment of silence before Makumud, satisfied with the lewd situation, lifted his head. He grunted in a dazed voice. “A minute… then you fuck her.”

“No, I want to fuck her in the ass!”

“What? Khalid? You crazy?”

“No, Makumud, I got to do it,” Khalid groaned.

“Khalid… you are wild,” his Arab friend drawled, reluctant to remove his mouth from Claire’s hotly nibbling cunt. “Uh, okay, I fuck her up front. You take her nice round ass… behind.”

Taking little note of what the boys were saying, Claire moaned unintelligibly. She was in a dazed state of disappointment as she felt Makumud’s mouth pulling away from her lust-crazed pussy mound. The early evening air struck the wetness between her widely parted legs, and she gave an involuntary shudder. She had been so close, so ready to cum!

Then the meaning of what the two Arabs had said struck through her dazed consciousness with full force. It couldn’t be true! She had looked forward to pleasing both boys with every trick she’d learned these past few weeks, but this wasn’t right! It was inhuman to have a big cock ramming into her asshole at the same time as another prick was fucking into her cunt!

She clenched her legs and ass tightly together below her in frightened reaction to the horrible thought.

Through her daze, the trembling geologist’s wife felt their hands turn her over and pull her up on her hands and knees. Then, Khalid’s strong fingers sank into the softly curved flesh of her ass and drew apart the milk-white cheeks. She tried to keep them clenched together, but wasn’t able to as he applied the full force of his brutelike strength. Her legs fell open and she shivered as another rush of cool air coursed over her nakedly exposed nether crevice.

Claire could hear the Arabs suck in their breath. She realized the tiny puckered ring of her asshole was exposed to full view, and she flexed tightly at the inner sinews of her ass in a desperate effort to protect the vulnerable spot and prevent the cruel ass-fucking she knew was coming. Her whole body stiffened in fear as Khalid’s outstretched middle finger probed gently at the rubbery little circle. Then he plunged roughly forward, sinking his finger as far in as the first knuckle.

“Aggggh!” she groaned as a sharp searing pain shot through her. “No, please, no! Stop!”

But the aroused young man didn’t stop there; without giving her a moment to adjust to the strange unnatural presence in her asshole he shoved his finer deeper steadily until it was in as far as the second knuckle. The obscenely skewered blonde closed her eyes to ward off pain. His fingernail caught briefly in the soft flesh lining the tightly resisting passage, sending a momentary harsher biting pain coursing through her. She groaned and slithered on her elbows on the ground, making another useless effort to escape.

“Oh no! Please don’t! You’re hurting meeeee!” She choked hoarsely, wishing the younger boy would help her. “Makumud… please?”

But there was no response from the other Arab. She could feel his pulsing cock rubbing lasciviously against her naked thigh as he watched his friend preparing her asshole for a violent fuck. Tears of shame and humiliation began to stream down her cheeks as she realized fully that Khalid hadn’t been talking idly.

The two young men planned to fuck her together. They had aroused her, and now they were going to screw her mercilessly, both at the same time. The boys were so intensely involved in that effort that her protests of pain and unwillingness meant nothing to them.

Finally beaten, the sobbing blonde let her ass go limp to be used as Khalid wished, mentally steeling herself to endure the pain.

“She got a nice ass, Makumud.” Khalid coughed from behind, digging his fingers cruelly into her virginal asshole, widening and expanding it without mercy. The boy shoved a second finger in alongside the first and then both were embedded up in the tight narrow passage between her ass-cheeks, causing her to jerk forward spontaneously.

Suddenly Khalid pulled the fingers out of her nether tunnel and Claire sighed with momentary relief, allowing her tormentor to force her legs apart with his knees. She flushed deeply as she imagined the leering expressions on their cruel, sharp, Arab features while they peered at the naked little anus that Khalid would violate brutally in the next few minutes. She jerked down onto her belly at the strange feeling when he leaned forward to drop spittle from his lips to moisten and lubricate his entry.

“Up! Get back up on your knees,” Khalid commanded, totally confident of his obscene power over her.

The trembling young wife complied without hesitation. Moaning, she jerked her hips back up to a salacious kneeling position, the full white mounds of her ass-cheeks swaying obscenely behind her. Her ass was thrust high in the air, waving in apparent open invitation while her tightly clenched anus puckered in alternating fear and helplessness.

As Khalid knelt behind her, he placed his hands on her fearfully quivering ass-cheeks and once again drew them firmly apart. The full, blood-hardened length of his cock slid searchingly up and down the warm nether crevice, teasing her obscenely as it grew and expanded to even greater size from the lewd contact. He levered himself up on his arms and pressed forward slightly with his hips for a moment, directing his hugely throbbing cock straight at the tightly clenched circle of her asshole.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Claire gasped from the first hard pressure between her wide-held buttocks. “Oooohhhh. Nooooooo!”

It was so huge. She could never take that massive prick up in her ass without it ripping her belly in half! But before the fearfully trembling young woman could jerk away, Khalid’s hands dug into her shoulders, pressing them down hard and flat against the dusty ground. She could feel his muscularly rippling thighs pressing closer as the lewd probing of his heatedly searching cock at her puckered asshole increased.

“Aaaaahhh!” A deep soul-shattering moan escaped from her contorted lips at the searing pain that shot through her loins as her resisting tight asshole gave way before the unyielding pressure of his cock. “Ugggggghhh,” she groaned as the throbbing blood-filled head popped up inside.

It was too big… it was just too much!

The cruel unnatural invasion brought great waves of pain vibrating through every fiber of her helplessly kneeling body, and she groaned in anguish as he thrust mercilessly onward, filling her virginal rectum with his massive cock.

Time became meaningless. The dazed young American focused randomly on little dust motes floating before her eyes, trying to ward off the pain by distracting her attention. But it was hopeless. She seemed to be caught in an eternity of excruciating agony and her eyes widened as his pressuring cock increased the torture till she felt the coarse hair of his loins smack heavily against her lewdly impaled ass. The giant rod of flesh buried to the hilt in her aching asshole.

Makumud was muttering obscenities in Arabic from behind the lewdly engaged couple. “Khalid, turn her over. Turn the American over!” he shouted in a thin sadistic voice.

Claire groaned as Khalid’s ass-splitting cock nudged far up inside her painfully stretched anal passage, skewering her like a sacrificial lamb on a spit. Then his hands moved under her heaving belly, and he pulled her up and over him as he rolled onto his back on the ground. The helpless young blonde came to rest with her legs splayed out limply on the outside of his thighs, lying full length on her back, pressed tight against his stomach and massive chest.

At once, Makumud fell eagerly onto her helpless body, positioning himself between her wide-stretched legs and shoving them even farther apart. In the next second, he had his impatiently jerking prick in his hand. “I fuck her now. I put it in her pussy,” he said. He guided the obscenely bulbous head directly into the clasping opening of her wetly waiting cunt.

“Noooooo,” Claire groaned. “You’re hurting me! Ooooohhhh pleasssssssee!”

But her protests ended in a surprised gurgle as the excited young Arab youth rammed toward her with one mighty thrust that buried his lust-swollen cock deep up inside her belly, joining Khalid’s cock sunk to the hilt in her asshole. Lying there, thoroughly impaled by the two lust-driven men, the dazed young wife could feel the two massive shafts throbbing sympathetically almost side by side, with only a thin membrane of skin separating them. And then they began fucking her, thrusting up with long hard lunges that threatened to tear her loins apart.

Falling into a natural rhythm, they buffeted her body between them as though she were a rag doll as the defenseless geologist’s wife groaned in pain. She tried to tear herself from between them, but her muffled moans and whimpers merely incited them to smack their bodies against her with greater and greater force.

Claire could feel tiny ridges of her tender pussy flesh pulling out with the base of Makumud’s deeply fucking cock as it withdrew for another lunge up inside. The same was true of Khalid’s deeply fucking cock thrusting warmly in and out of her sodomized asshole.

“God! God, help me!” Her voice seemed to echo back at her from the surrounding walls.

She discovered it didn’t hurt when she didn’t try to fight the pain, which was now slowly decreasing. And then, as she became certain there would be no pain, she actually began to enjoy being fucked in the ass and the pussy at once! It was a strangely masochistic joy brought on by the very helplessness of her position and the thought of being used and abused by two total strangers at once!

Moving her hips slightly and finding that the motion didn’t hurt, the obscenely skewered blonde began undulating her ass-cheeks slowly at first and then with greater force as she gained confidence, causing a lewd thrill to course through her entire body. She began to move backwards to meet the rigid up-thrust of Khalid’s thick cock plunging into her wide-split asshole, and then rotated forward again to receive the full length of young Makumud’s lust-heated prick ramming into her hungrily devouring pussy, as her hips and ass moved in slow seductive circles between the two men’s sandwiching loins.

“Ooooooh!” she moaned as her naked young body began to twist and writhe in voluptuous abandon.

“Whaaaa…” a new voice full of anger and sheer shock grunted, but none of the lewdly entwined trio heard it.

Grant Wells, standing now at the window looking into the collapsed house, gripped the rock ledge to keep his balance.

He had walked over to the building only minutes ago trying to find his wife. All the other geologists and workers had left but he had asked Claire to wait for him, so he knew she was still there. Then he’d heard the voices coming from the stone house on the beach and he’d seen a man’s naked profile through the window of the main room, then he had heard laughter.

Now, at the window, Wells stared incredulously at the depraved scene being enacted on the dusty ground before him. Unable to believe what his eyes were telling him, he blinked, then stared again. Claire, his wife, was being fucked, not by one, but by two young Arab men at the same time! Goddamn ass-fucked! The outrageous bastards! He’d hang them both by the balls! He’d show them what happened when they messed with Grant Wells’ wife! He’d tear the two of them at once into hamburger and have them sold for dog meat down at the open market! And his wife! The lousy two-timing bitch! They stoned women for adultery in Arabia!

He peered across the room, his body shaking as he took in the soul-shattering sight. Forgotten was the night he’d forced Claire to make love to Leila, the young Arab girl. All he could think of now was that his wife was groaning with passion as the two Arab boys fucked relentlessly up into her from her ass and her cunt.

It was she who ground her heels into the slighter man’s ass, pulling his loins up tight to her pelvis and screwing herself up hard on his thickly thrusting cock by squirming her ass around. Her hands sank behind her body and wedged between Khalid’s ass-cheeks and the ground, straining and pushing to increase the force of his already violent fucks up into her asshole. Christ… fucking bloody Arabs, was the first thing that came to his mind.

And suddenly, a strange mounting desire shot like quicksilver through his loins at the sight of his naked wife sandwiched between the two dark-skinned Arabs. He’d gone through so many changes recently that he was no longer the patient scholarly man of two weeks ago. Fuck! There was nothing he wanted to do more than ram his aching prick up between his young wife’s traitorous lips and punish her as she was torturing him by her self-debasing submission to the two strange men.

Great swirls of lust-created heat pulsed through his cock’s turgid hardness until he could contain himself no longer. “Damn, damn!” he shouted as he approached them.

Claire heard his voice and then sensed a movement above her. Peering over Makumud’s perspiration-slickened shoulder, she saw her husband’s angry form coming at them. In her lust-drugged condition, she thought she must be imagining things. But it was Grant! She saw the lewd, aroused look in his eyes and knew that it was going to be all right. His body tensed as he tore off his clothing and tried to get at her. If wasn’t hard to see that he too wanted to be a part of her debasing subjugation!

“Over here, darling. Come put your cock in my mouth,” she crooned, wresting the upper part of her body slightly out from between the two hard-fucking men and putting her cheek on the ground. The two Arabs, desperately relieved at her husband’s impulsively aroused reaction, accommodated her.

Grant slipped down into the dirt and lay aslant her so that his loins hovered menacingly beside her face. He reached toward her immediately and, clamping his hands harshly onto the sides of her head, he twisted his fingers into her long disheveled blonde hair. She sensed his excitement — a combination of murderous rage and overwhelming lust — and it made her squirm her hips that much harder between the other two men.

Oh God, this is it, she thought. All the desires that she had ever repressed were now going to be simultaneously fulfilled as she was plundered by the three lusty men in her every hole!

But her thoughts were cut off with the heels of his hands digging into her cheeks. He pulled her face downward until her lips brushed over the huge, throbbing head of his cock standing out in full, blood-hardened erection between his legs. It felt smooth and hot and was slippery from the excited secretions of his loins.

“Yesssss, let me suck your cock… you’ll like me doing it while the other men fuck me, won’t you, darling?” she mewled wantonly.

His hands pressed against her cheeks, pulling her lips apart, and the long thick cock sank inward.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she mumbled. Oh God, he was going to cum in her mouth, spewing all his boiling juices into her with hard shooting bursts so that she would have to swallow to keep from choking.

More aroused now than ever, she immediately began working her lips in a tight gripping circle just under his lust-swollen cock head that steadily shuddered its way deep up inside as it plunged greedily toward her throat. It tasted deliciously tangy and pungent and she recalled somewhere in the wavering distance of the past — was it three days ago? three weeks ago? — when she had done it to him before, but this time it was different! She could tell from its throbbing pulsations that he was about to shoot out his hotly scalding cock-juices into her wildly sucking mouth at any moment.

The two Arab men below her, excited by her husband’s unanticipated participation, began to increase the force of their own mighty thrusts up into her tightly clasping pussy and asshole. They lunged into her with deep, desperate strokes, their eyes focused on the third erect prick stretching her pink lips lewdly to their limit.

To their lust-glazed eyes, the thickly pummeling cock seemed to disappear into a strange lengthened fusion with Claire’s face as her angrily aroused husband sank far into the back of her wetly sucking mouth until the coarse dark hair of his loins brushed the tip of her nose. His cum-filled balls danced beneath, slapping lewdly against his wife’s chin in unison with his hard upward thrusts.

Then, suddenly, as they watched through impassioned eyes, Grant Wells jerked his cock from his wife’s sucking lips and held his prick about two inches away as, with an agonized groan, he began spewing his hot, thick cum into her greedily opened mouth in an obscene geyser spray.

“Shit,” he gasped as the jetting spurt streamed from his ballooning cock head like water from a fireman’s hose, filling her mouth to the brim.

His young wife swallowed voraciously, trying not to lose a drop of the lust-inciting juices as her mouth bobbed up and down to keep up with the hotly jerking prick jettisoning its life-satisfying juices into her face. Her husband’s cock continued to squirt out its last remaining spurts of cum, and her mouth overflowed, thin trails of the pearl-colored liquid running out from the corners of her lips and over the rapidly working muscles of her throat that continued swallowing and gulping down the seemingly unending reservoir.

“Aaaaaagh! Aaaaaaaagh, fuck… FUCK ME, YOU BASTARDS!” Claire coughed and groaned at the mental picture of her handsome young husband obscenely shooting his cock-juice into her mouth while the others fucked deep into her ass and cunt.

She was cumming now too, and wildly writhed out her release as she continued her uncontrollable gyrations on the two expanding cocks fucking into her.

“Aaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh!” She was going out of her mind now! The thought of her husband spewing his angry cum-juice all over her helpless face while the two Arab men fucked her cunt and asshole was too much!

Her husband’s tanned, muscular body glinted with perspiration, as though anointed with magic sensuous oil — the early twilight glimmered across the Persian Gulf, waving surrealistically in front of her lust-filled eyes. Everything was more alive, more vibrant with excitement than it had ever been in her life — she couldn’t define her ecstasy as the two Arabs pumped their hotly throbbing shafts in and out of her contorting belly… she had to cum now! She couldn’t hold back any longer!

Khalid and Makumud felt her two cock-stuffed holes flowering open around their aching pricks and gushes of wet, hot liquid flooding around and down their furiously pistoning cocks.

“Khalid, fuck her hard,” Makumud hissed from in front.

They screwed faster, digging deep, deep up inside her, feeling the ecstatically aroused young wife jerk between them several times, the muscles of her frantically heaving pelvis working and sucking hungrily at the two cocks fucking deep inside as though trying to milk them dry.

Claire’s breath was coming in short desperate gasps as she felt them plunge deep inside again as the searing jets of their hot, scalding juices shot from the tips of their lust-crazed cocks into her heatedly quivering belly. The orgasmic juices mingled deep down inside her in a hot, wet pool of abandoned passion that Claire had never known could exist.

The muscles of her drained and exhausted body gave way abruptly, and her limbs fell obscenely out to her sides on the cum and sweat-dappled ground beneath them. The satiated blonde lay still, her naked back flat on Khalid’s chest, Makumud’s young body splayed over her own.

Her heart pounded as though it would burst. For several moments, she panted deeply to get her breath, sinking into a half-conscious state of joy and contentment she had never known before.

Sometime later, she was vaguely aware of movement beside her and she lightly felt a soft, tender kiss on the cheek and then the rush of air as someone left the tiny inner room of the house.



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