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xNovel - Nubile Nymph


Nubile Nymph

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DN-6203B NUBILE NYMPH by Tammy Bogger


Jenny stood naked in the bathroom with her back turned to me. The shower was running and thin wisps of steam blurred somewhat the outlines of her firm buns and her strong back, just enough to make me forget that I had had that back and ass for the past ten years. She turned to the side for a moment and I saw her full, forward-jutting tits for as long as it took her to step into the shower cubicle. I sat back in my easy chair and took care not to crease up my best suit. This was the eve of our anniversary and we were going out to dinner. Ten years! Ten dinners in honor of our fidelity and durability. And I was sick of it!

For months I’d been nagged by a desire to see a new ass, a different pair of tits, and nothing Jenny could do seemed to have any effect on my desire’s growth. I leered at women at work and in the street; my imagination was feverish with all sorts of fantasies about fingering a new pussy and hearing another woman moan passionately. If only I had the nerve! She came out of the shower and dried herself off without taking any notice of me. I watched her absently, letting my eyes run over her tits, her flat belly, and the sudden brake of dark hair that marked her pubic mound. Many a night had been spent traipsing through that little jungle, enveloped in her tart, rich fragrance and sipping of her oily fluids. She’d made me happy in the past, so how come she couldn’t go on doing it?

“Almost ready, Richard,” she said, bustling past me to get to her wardrobe.

I followed her lazily, taking in the quivering of her buns and the bobbling of her tits. My cock twitched uneasily. God, I was horny! I wanted to take her right there at the entrance to her wardrobe, right away while she was bending over to pick out the right kind of shoes to wear. Her hairy, pudgy cunt bulged out from between her sturdy thighs and reminded me of those steaming nights when I had tried to crawl right up that hole. Before I could think it over I got up and walked up behind her. My hands came to rest on her big ass and squeezed into her resilient flesh with an unmistakable ardor. At the same time I pushed my loins hard into her ass and made a few fucking motions so that my cock got a light rubbing in its nest of clothing.

“Don’t Richy, not with your good suit on,” she said without looking back. “What do you think of these shoes with the lime pants suit? Would they clash?”

“I don’t know,” I muttered, “and I don’t care. Just stay like that a while and I’ll make love to you like you’ve never had it before.”

Already I was fumbling with the zip, my cock was hard, throbbing, ready to do my bidding. It was half out when she straightened up and turned to face me. There was a smile on her face, playful and cute, and she slapped my exposed cock gently.

“Come on now, Rich, don’t fool around. You know it makes me horny, and there’s no time for that right now. Let me dress or we’ll be late for our reservation.”

I tucked my cock back in and sat back down, hornier than ever. Why didn’t she take me seriously at times like these? She slipped on her panties, pantyhose, a bra, and that cancelled out her erotic qualities. Her lime pants suit went over that, the carefully selected shoes, and she was ready to go out on the town. I was still floundering about, trying to work out why I hadn’t raped her.

The restaurant was crowded and the maitre d’ asked us if we would mind sharing a table with another party. I was irritable and edgy and I snapped that, there were plenty of good restaurants in town where we could have privacy as well. But Jenny hushed me up and said we wouldn’t mind sharing at all.

“What’s the matter with you tonight, Richard?” she asked reprovingly. “Every year we come here because this is where we met. Just because the place has become more popular in that time doesn’t mean we can forget that.”

“Oh yeah,” I muttered.

As we waited for service, it all came back to me. Jenny had been so cute in those days, petite, girlish, shy, completely unattainable from where I’d been looking. On that night, the first night I’d laid eyes on her, she had worn a mini skirt and a flimsy, low-cut blouse, and she had entered the restaurant accompanied by her parents. I had been with a girlfriend, but when I saw Jenny everything else faded into the background. I couldn’t stop looking at her. And, when she got up to go to the ladies’, I had intercepted her and asked her for a date. She had been so surprised that she’d, agreed, and the rest was old history.

I looked at her now and reflected on how she had grown and matured. She was still pretty with her big dark eyes and her cupid-bow mouth, but she could no longer make me flash. We were given menus, and a little later the other party was ushered to our table. It was a family group, mother, father, and two daughters. And when I saw the daughters my heart stopped beating. They were twins, about fifteen, long, flowing blonde hair, with long fluttery eyelashes and exquisitely shaped little noses; both wore snug slacks that accentuated their pert little asses so as to make me grind my teeth, and both wore identical tops that stretched tight over their free little tits. I could see the imprints of high-spirited nipples and the slight motion of budding breasts as they walked toward the table. One of the girls sat down right… next to me and smiled at me briefly, just long enough to make my cock pop into an erection. Her perfume drifted over to envelop me and as I breathed it in I tried to analyze all the components, imagining a whiff of pussy mixed in with it all. The girls took no notice of me, however. They chatted with their parents.

I managed to act normally but only with the most grueling efforts. My brain spun around trying to find a way of getting these girls into my bed or any bed. This was my lucky restaurant, wasn’t it? The meal was served and I ate with long teeth, thinking, thinking. At last I spotted the handbag of the girl next to me, and my course of action was clear. While they were occupied I reached down into the purse and extracted her wallet from it, stuffing it into my jacket quickly and with glee.

Once I had that, I couldn’t wait to get out of the restaurant. Jenny wanted to linger but I knew how to get her home.

“I think it’s time we went on to the next phase of our dinner,” I said with a lecherous wink.

She blushed and cast down her eyes but suddenly she was in an unseemly hurry to go, too. We grabbed a cab home and as soon as the front door fell to she spun around and threw herself into my arms.

“Go upstairs, baby,” I whispered. “I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Before I went up I checked through the wallet. Her name and address were given on an ID plate, and that was all I wanted. I hid it in my chair and went upstairs, my blood boiling with new lust. The image of the twins burned on in my mind, so blonde and young, fresh, lovely, those handfuls of tit aquiver, the motion of their rounded little buns, and those secreted pussies! Just trying to imagine what their cunts would look like made me weak in the knees. I climbed the stairs unsteadily, my mind firmly stuck on what was between their legs: two blonde, practically hairless pussies! And I knew where they lived!

Jenny was on the bed. She hadn’t taken off her clothes but she was lying with her legs drawn up and wide apart so that her cunt became the focal point of the whole room. I kneeled down on the foot of the bed and ran my hands along the insides of her legs, slowly, caressing the smooth cloth of her slacks all the way to her crotch. When I pressed down on her pussy the lime green became moss green with moisture. That’s what I liked best about my wife, her ability to get very wet at a moment’s notice. I kept rubbing her pussy’s outline for a while, curious to see how badly she would stain her slacks. Jenny lay back and looked very content. Her loins bobbed up and down as I masturbated her and she was in no hurry to salvage her clothing. I leaned forward and rested my face in that moist niche of her body, rubbing onward with my nose, and now her hands came down to press my face against her cunt even harder. Her scent came through loud and clear, exciting my already overwrought faculties. I opened my mouth wide and began to eat her as if I intended to rip her slacks off with my teeth. And when I found I couldn’t, I undid the zip and buttons of her slacks and reefed them down along her hips to get at the real thing…

Jenny undulated happily under my tonguing, licking, eating mouth. I had a grip on her thighs with both hands, tugging her flesh back out of the way so that her cunt was open wide, and I dipped into her the way a bee dips into a flower, sucking up the honey and going back in for more. Her cunt was fulsome and hairy, a woman’s cunt complete with the earthy, rich smell and swollen labia, a well-fucked cunt all in all. For ten years it had been enough for all my desires, yet at that moment I wasn’t seeing Jenny’s pussy in front of me. I saw the twins’ delicate blonde pussies lying there, rosy and pale, downy rather than hairy, teenage twats that responded nervously and awkwardly to a man’s touch. Just thinking about them made my lust soar, and suddenly I had to get out of my clothes and her top had to go! I wanted her right away, wanted to drive my dick into that wet, quaking cunt, and I wanted to bury my face in the hollow of her neck so I could dream about the twins without her knowing about it.

“Oh darling!” she groaned, writhing sensually as I pulled the blouse up over her head. “What’s come over you tonight? God, look at that erection! Has it grown?”

“I just want you more than anything!” I panted.

Our clothes were scattered all over the room and she lay on the bed with her legs wide open and her splayed pussy gazed at me unblinkingly. Pink, ragged flesh ran down between her brownish labia until there was a sudden twist and the hint of a hole appeared. When she moved her loins in a certain way that implicit hole stretched open slightly, showing the darkness beyond the pink, and my cock ached to get in there.

I was on top of her, lying between her legs, and she reached down in her customary way to bring my knob up to the entrance of her cunt. It was all so familiar and cozy, and yet I couldn’t stop thinking of the twins. The glans slipped inside, lubricated by her generous outpouring of juices, and my cock didn’t stop until our pubic bones smashed together. As one we fucked. She knew just how to get the maximum out of my dick, bucking up when I came down so I’d penetrate her to the full extent of my eight niches, and then, as I pulled back for the next assault, she hovered with her ass just off the bed ready to receive me once more. I eased my hands under her cheeks and nestled into her body, my eyes closed, my mind miles away to where the twins would probably be. The girls had to be heading for home now, sitting in the back of the car, their beautiful asses on unfeeling vinyl seats, panties clinging clammily to those desirable little pussies, and the only person aware of them, able to appreciate them fully, was me! I slammed my dick into my wife with a vengeance.

OOOOOOHHHHHHH RICHY!!” she quavered.

Her nails dug into my back and her legs wrapped themselves about my waist so that she could fuck me back just as hard as I was giving to her. I was still brooding about the twins and the injustice of life, so I banged her good and hard, vicious strokes of my fully extended cock that pushed her up along the sheets until her head knocked against the headboard with every thrust.


I’d give it to her all right. My hands closed over her shoulders from behind and I used her body to lever every thrust deeper into her cunt. It didn’t feel like much to me because her hole was far too wide now, far too slippery. But Jenny was well on her way to the land of ecstasy, quivering and screaming, twisting under me like a stuck snake.

I kept going until my back tired, and then I grabbed hold of her big ass again and pressed her cheeks together to put a little pressure on my dick. The twins would be tight, barely moist, and their pussies would chafe my cock raw! But Jenny’s cunt hardly touched my dick. A fault, silky sensation slithered along my dick and that was all. Pushing her buns together helped somewhat. At least it kept me hard. But while Jenny flew and climaxed, I was just plodding through the doldrums.

I turned my mind back onto the twins, beginning with the girls as they appeared in the restaurant. Then, slowly, teasingly, I peeled off their tight slacks and their blouses to reveal those slender, youthful bodies to my mind’s eye once more. The excitement went directly to my cock, pumping blood into it until it was gorged, and making me fuck harder. Jenny was going crazy with joy! She clung to me and yelled in my ear, not suspecting for a moment that I had my mind somewhere else. At last I got my balls into gear and went for a last gallop until my load spurted out into her sopping snatch, and both of us slowed down to a dead stop.

“That was beautiful, darling,” she murmured.

She gave me one last squeeze and turned over to rest a while. I lit a cigarette and gazed at the ceiling. Those twins weren’t far from my place. All I had to do was take a cab and I’d find some way of spying on them. The risk factor couldn’t daunt me. Those beautiful blonde teenagers had triggered off something in me that had been less than dormant for years. How often had I made love to my wife with my mind on some young piece of ass that I’d observed earlier that day? Too often. There was no getting away from the fact that I longed for a tight, downy cunt around my cock and if I didn’t face up to it I might well go crazy!

I waited until Jenny was fast asleep before I got out of bed and dressed hurriedly. She didn’t stir when I walked out of the bedroom. I turned off the lights and snuck out of the house, walked a few blocks, and hailed a cab. It took me to the street on which the twins lived. When I reached their house I suddenly became very nervous. What if I succeeded in getting a glimpse of their bodies? Would I be able to just turn around and walk away? But that was a later worry. First I had to reconnoiter the street and get an idea of where I would be least visible. The house was a large one-story brick place with a garden and trees all around it. The adjoining houses were much the same, insulated from each other by hedges and paling fences. So far so good. There were lights on in some of the rooms. After making sure no one was watching through lace curtains, I entered the yard and approached the first set of windows.

The parents were reclining in front of the TV but there was no one else in the room. I crept along the walls, keeping low in case of nosy neighbors, and tried the next window. This was a narrow one and it was not only curtained, there was also steam to fog up the glass! When I listened I could hear the rush of water. One of the girls was taking a shower in there! My heart pounded wildly and I tried everything to get a look into that bathroom. No success. Goddammit! I could just see an edge of the shower curtain and what looked like her shadow, no more.

However, if she was showering that meant she’d have to go to her room to change into her pajamas or whatever she wore, I continued on around the house, and this time I struck gold! There, in the privacy of the girls’ bedroom, was one of the twins. She was sitting on the bed with a robe loosely wrapped about her, leafing through a magazine. She looked bored and yawned several times. As she brought her hand up to her mouth her robe parted slightly, just enough to treat me to a glimpse of a sudden swelling of flesh. Her tit, just one side of it, and the nipple wasn’t visible; but it was enough to get me rock hard.

The other girl appeared in the doorway. She had a towel wrapped about her torso, one of those big towels that reached down almost to her knees. Her sister got up off the bed and went to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe my luck! As soon as the girl had closed the door behind her, she let the towel drop and I could hardly focus my eyes for a moment! She had her back to me and those cute white buns were right there, full and round and edible, and all I had to do was burst through the window to grab a handful of them! Her back was beautiful, too, lean and strong with shoulders that were a little too broad for a girl. But I was zeroed in on her ass. She reached up to a shelf inside the closet and brought down something in a plastic bag, then walked quickly over to the door and peered through a crack, closed it again and sat down on the bed. She still had her back to me but I’d been treated to a brief view of her front, so brief that I’d only been able to check out her titties. What a delicious pair they were, small, firm mounds with stargazing, pink nipples, such a far cry from Jenny’s big, bouncing pair.

She wrapped the towel around her wet hair and lay back along the bed. The plastic pouch was in her hand but she was waiting for something to happen before she would take whatever it was out of there. I heard the shower going on and right at that moment the girl took the pouch and shook a slender dildo out of it. I almost fell back into the rose bushes! How could such an angelic looking girl have acquired a dildo! But that question didn’t get an answer. I was too occupied by the way she let her tongue roll about the tip of her plastic tool, slowly, sensually, so that the knob of my cock itched with longing. How I wanted her tongue to do that to me! I could see it already, her blonde hair falling down in a golden curtain over my towering cock, her tongue lolling snail-like over my knob, soft and silky, just as she was doing it to the dildo. She ran it all the way down the smooth shaft and her other hand caressed the edges of her pussy. I couldn’t see her cunt because of the way she was lying, but my imagination filled in the gaps. Her finger found the right spot and settled on it, rotating over her clit slowly, with restraint. She knew how to get herself hot, that little girl.

The dildo moved down between her legs and the tip pointed right at her hole. Her other hand held her cunt open while, the dildo pushed its way inside, and I felt faint just watching her. It slipped in easily and a moment later she was fucking herself with it as if she’d been practicing this routine for years. Her willowy body undulated rhythmically, her tongue licked her lips nervously now and then, and her head rolled from side to side, but the motion of the dildo remained steady, plunging in deep and coming out all the way before the next descent. I stood among the shrubs and opened my zip up to let out my raging erection. I rubbed it in tune with her, staring at her all the while, careless now of being detected.

Now and then the girl stopped, listened, and went on. I figured she was on the lookout for her sister, and sure enough, when the shower went off she pulled the bedclothes back and got under them. She continued to fuck herself with the dildo, with more abandon if anything, but all I saw now was the motion under the blankets. I cursed under my breath and tried to make do with watching her face. Those sweet, childish features were contorted in a womanly passion, and she bit down on her lower lip tensely as she drove the dildo deep into her pussy. But it wasn’t the same for me. The bedroom door opened and her twin came in. The motion under the blankets stopped and the girl turned her back to her sister and faced the window. She was far from sleepy but she closed her eyes anyway. Her hands were still between her legs and when she dared she jiggled the dildo about in her pussy. There was something amiss between those two girls.

The other twin had taken off her bathrobe and stood naked with her back to me, but only for as long as it took her to put on her nightie. Then she got into bed and turned off the lights. I was left with my raging lust to stand in the darkness. It was very still and a little chilly, and I felt a fool for not doing anything about my situation. But for the time being I didn’t know what to do. If I didn’t follow through I’d probably never find the nerve again to come back here. And if I did follow through… then what?

“Oh fuck it!” I muttered angrily, and with that I left all consequences to others to worry about.

I tested the window and found it opened easily. This really was a good neighborhood! I kicked off my shoes and left them outside as I climbed silently into the room and closed the window behind myself. The girls must have heard me but there wasn’t a sound. I went over to the light switch and turned it on. They were both sitting up in their beds, their eyes wide open in fear, their mouths getting ready to let out screams.

“Sssshhh!” I said with a finger to my lips. “If you make a sound I’m going to use my gun on you!” I patted my coat pocket and the girls changed their minds about giving the alarm. “Now do as I say and you’ll come to no harm.”

“Who are you?” asked the twin with the dildo. “What do you want from us? Please leave us alone.”

“You, get into your sister’s bed,” I told the other twin. “Lie close together and don’t make a sound!”

The girl obeyed and the bolder twin asked if I was going to rape them. By way of an answer I dropped my pants and showed her how hard I was. She gasped and there was a flash of lust in her big blue eyes. Her sister turned her face away and now the difference between them was clear.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

The dildo girl answered that her name was Peggy. Her sister didn’t answer. But that was all right, I liked my women a bit surly. I took off the rest of my clothes and cautioned the girls not to get any ideas.

“My gun is right here in my jacket and it’s going to be within reach the whole time, so no heroics please. You might make it to the door, that’s all. Besides, why risk your parents’ lives.”

They both looked shocked at that last statement but I left it flat and unqualified. Now that they understood my terms I took the liberty of getting onto the bed. For an excruciating moment I delayed the unveiling of the twins, and then I ripped the blankets off them and feasted my eyes on those young bodies squirming to hide from me.

“Beautiful!” I breathed, letting my eyes wander along their long legs, discerning the small bumps of nipples under the other’s nightie and seeing Peggy’s for what they were, lovely pink all-day suckers. With one quick rip I had the sister’s nightie off and when I cast it aside we were all naked and in different states of suspense.

“What are you going to do now?” asked Peggy, pretending to be fearful but actually unable to wait.

I picked up the dildo lying between her legs and held it up… She blushed and her sister threw her a dirty look, but when I began to lick it clean the prig hid her face again and Peggy flashed me that look of lust. I savored the tangy taste of her pussy fluids and she got her kicks, watching me. Her body relaxed noticeably now, no longer was she concerned with hiding her assets from me. Her pussy appeared from between her clenched thighs, blonde, downy, pink inside, just as I had imagined it. I could have taken her right there and then, but her sister needed some attention.

“Come on, baby,” I said softly, shaking her by the foot, “unwind a little. You’re going to make it hard for yourself this way. Relax now, you’re going to get it anyway.”

She bundled herself up into the fetal position all the more tightly at that, but there was only so much she could hide from me. Her legs were drawn up against her body and she faced away from me, which gave me a great shot at her ass. The sparsely haired pussy lips were puckered up at me from between her thighs and I knew just where to stick the dildo when it had been cleaned. The priggish sister almost jumped through the ceiling when the cool, wet tip of the plastic cock touched her cunt, but I was prepared for that. My free hand held her in place as the slender shaft moved back and forth to nudge its way into her virginal box, and no matter how she bore down on her cuntal muscles it wouldn’t be stopped.

“Don’t forget now,” I reminded her, “not a sound!”

“Aw, leave her alone,” Peggy said sulkily. “She doesn’t like to do anything! But I do.”

She touched me shyly and wriggled her body so that her pussy opened and closed ever so subtly for me. I was tempted but her sister presented the real challenge, and so I kept on pushing the dildo in and out of that stubbornly tight pussy until half of it was up her.

“You’re wasting your time,” said Peggy. “Penny disapproves of sex in any form.”

“Does she indeed,” I said, “well, we’ll just have to give her a taste of the real thing, won’t we?”

Peggy looked angry but nothing could stop me from going down on her sister. I left the dildo stuck up her and opened her legs up wide to get at the top part of her pussy. A deep slit ran down her pudgy flesh and much as she struggled to cover it up, I got my tongue to it and started licking her out with gusto. She wasn’t wet but she was hot and tasty. I could see how the dildo strained her flesh. She’d be as tight as a fish’s asshole! My cock throbbed with expectation. No sloppy butter-churning here, just clean, hard fucking! In a fit of impatience I threw, the dildo aside and pulled her legs over on top of mine so that she sprawled with her ass higher than her head, and her cunt was near enough to my cock to become an easy target.

I watched as my flushed, swollen knob bumped into the pink flesh of her hole. She was so tiny that it seemed impossible that such a large cock would ever enter her, but I remembered how tight Jenny had been on her wedding night and how quickly that had changed. So, when the first bump had no effect, I simply went on pushing my cock against that soft spot and hoped for her flesh to yield. Nothing happened except that she grimaced in pain and begged me not to hurt her anymore.

“Let her be,” urged Peggy. She had her finger deep in her pussy and pulled it out to let me see how juicy she was. “Come on, do it to me, I’ve been waiting for this so long!”

“I’ll lubricate myself with you,” I compromised. “You stay there, Penny, and play with yourself until I’m ready to switch, you hear?”

Penny nodded but I could see she wasn’t going to make much of an effort. I would attend to her later. For the moment I was intent only on inserting myself into that identical but wetter pussy next to hers. Peggy couldn’t wait! She had her legs wide apart and she reached down eagerly to guide my cock to the right place. But for all her willingness, she was still a girl, and a small one at that. Her cunt was just as tight as Penny’s. I pushed and I shoved but her flesh resisted my every advance. In a flash I was back down on her, slobbering lustily to get her dripping wet, and as soon as I thought she was ready and primed I turned her over on her belly and tried to get in from behind. That met with greater success. Now her round little buns parted before my eyes and the pink, slippery vale of her cunt yawned wide to stretch her tiny hole. My cock still looked out of proportion to her pussy but I knew it was plausible.

I rested my glans in that small dip and let the weight of my body move it forward slowly. She let out a long, agonized wail when my cock forced her pussy to open wider than it had ever gone. That dildo she’d been using before was just a trainer, something for young virgins to do their teething on. Now she was getting the real article, and she wasn’t sure if she liked it. Not at first, anyway. My cock crept up into her tight hole, insinuating itself with small jabs, and the more she took of it the more she squirmed and tried to escape.

“Oooohhhh God!” she groaned. “You’re too big, much too big, please give me a break!”

I didn’t bother to answer. My cock was in full pursuit of its pleasures now, sliding in and out of that section of her tunnel that had been opened to the public. Beyond that lay real resistance. It felt as if the inner part of her pussy was a clenched fist and nothing I did could open it. But I was having so much fun trying that it couldn’t throw me off. My cock thrilled to the erotic pressure of, her moist, smooth flesh, burrowing in and opening her up inch by inch with such relish that I had to hold back from coming too soon. When I looked over at Penny she was watching us closely, but the expression on her face was far from happy. There seemed to be resentment in those clear blue eyes, which led me to believe that she wanted me to fuck her instead of her sister.

“Can’t wait for your turn, baby?” I whispered, drawing her closer to us. She stiffened and looked away in undisguised anger. “You’ll get it, you’ll get it, just keep watching what’s happening. Look how your sister is enjoying herself.” I hoped that would turn her on a little but if anything it made her go even colder.

“Slut!” she said under her breath.

I had to force her around to look at us and then, just to make sure she’d be in the right frame of my mind when I was, I began to finger her avidly. Her cunt was as dry as a bone! I couldn’t figure it out. No woman could be that big a prig. I kept jabbing my finger into her and she refused to respond. Dammit, this was putting me off my fucking! I shifted my concentration back to Peggy, moaning under me, her little ass aquiver with her wriggles and squirms, and I found once more how delicious it was to be fucking her. Her pussy had all but yielded to my intruding cock by this time but it was still tight as a drum skin around me. Each stroke had to be done with an effort, pulling my dick back along the smooth walls that were so elastic and gripping, and when I went back into her it was like the first entry. Well, almost. The girl loved sex, she was a natural, and the volume of fluid oozing from her cuntal walls was enough to make it easier on me every minute.

But Penny kept bothering me by her indifference. Suddenly I pulled but of Peggy and pinned Penny down by her shoulders, holding her body in place with mine. She began to struggle in earnest now and I had to threaten her with my imaginary gun once more to keep her from screaming. She bit her lip and like a cat fought in silence. Her slender arms were remarkably strong, her body bucked passionately, and if I hadn’t been so filled with desire for her I might have given up. As it was I planted my cock a full inch into her pussy and that slowed her down. Her mouth opened wide as if to scream and I quickly pressed my lips onto hers, sticking my tongue way deep down into her throat. That nonplussed her for the moment but it didn’t slow her down at all. She kept on fighting, sweating and grunting with the effort of it, and I kept driving my cock back and forth with short strokes to impale her properly.

“Leave her alone!” Peggy said urgently. She had the dildo in her hand again and was about to plant it into her pussy, but she was going to make one last effort to dissuade me from expending myself on her worthless sister. “She doesn’t want it but I do. Please, mister, make love to me some more, it felt so good!”

When she got no answer she sighed and put the dildo to work. I could hear it slurping in and out of her overwrought cunt beside me, and I wondered why I was wasting my time on this perennial virgin. My dick was half up her now and still her cunt was like a desert. It hurt my sensitive skin and yet it also excited me wildly. It was like fucking my wife up the ass, but I kept my eyes open so I could see this angelic face beneath me twist up in pain and anger, and I gazed down at her two handfuls of tit and the pink nipples jiggling about on top of them, the flat belly, the narrow waist, right down to her obtrusive pubic bone with its skimpy covering of blonde hair. I sat up straight while I fucked her and watched my brown, veteran cock plunge into her virgin snowiness, parting those white lips to get at the startling fresh pink inside, and then I had to stop fucking for a moment to stop from blowing the works. This was like an old and lingering dream come true for me, and even as I was fulfilling the dream I couldn’t believe it was happening.

“Please, mister, please!” Peggy was in agony. She had thrown the dildo aside in a fit of pique and now crawled over to me to fondle what was visible of my dick. “I want it so bad! Please, give it to me just this once. I’ve been waiting for years for this!”

Something in her tone of voice touched me and I withdrew from her frigid sister to lay back on the bed. “Okay, you want it, take it,” I said.

I would get back to Penny another time I resolved. But for now I would enjoy the luxury of being raped by the girl of my dreams. She straddled me eagerly and almost couldn’t get my dick up herself because of her hurry. But she managed and I reclined on the pillows and watched her through half opened eyes as she bounced on top of me with youthful glee. Her pussy had expanded slightly, just enough to make a proper fucking possible, and she took full advantage of that. She moved forward and back, adjusting her position to her cunt’s demands, getting my dick to bend so it would chafe her clitoris, and the putting the pressure on her asshole with it. Whatever she wanted to do was all right with me. I was happy just to watch her white little tits bobble firmly from side to side.

And in my contentment I forgot about self-restraint. Suddenly my balls gave the warning sign, a red light flicked on in my mind, and I grabbed her about the waist with both hands to begin pumping her up and down over my cock. It was urgent now, imperative to get the best out of this bout, and for that reason I shook her and jammed her over my cock as if she was a rag doll with a hole. She squealed in delight, letting her body go limp for the extra sensations it brought her. And in that fashion we reached a staggering and mutual climax. I was impressed by her quick transition from virginity to womanhood, and more impressed by the strength of my orgasm. It felt as though every shred of lust went into that one blast, and with it went all of my nagging frustrations and obsessions.

Suddenly it dawned on me what I had done. Jenny was home in bed, alone, she could wake up at any moment and find me gone. Worse, I was in the home of these girls and for all I knew they weren’t of age. Christ, I must have gone crazy, one of those Jekyll and Hyde spells. I jumped off the bed and got dressed. Peggy begged me to stay longer but I couldn’t even think about that. I remembered to throw her the wallet I’d taken from her bag earlier, and without so much as saying “thank you” I climbed out of the window and disappeared into the night.



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