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xNovel - Sometimes With Mom


Sometimes With Mom

Cover:cover: sometimes with mom
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“Mom, I want your cunt bad!” Roger stammered.

Gladys pulled her handsome, athletic son next to her. She lay back and grabbed her ankles, spreading her beautifully tapered legs wide open.

Roger’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw what his mom was offering. Her asscheeks parted, the turgid lips of her cunt spreading apart. He saw her red cunt opening. Her undulating fuckhole looked very inviting. Roger’s bulging cock jerked up and down as he looked at his mom’s open crotch holes. He’d fucked her holes with his fingers, now his cock was going to have some fun. He touched his prick as he eagerly stared at her gaping cunt mouth.

“Ooooh, Mom, this is great! I want to fuck my prick into your pussy!”

“Then do it, Roger, I’m hot and ready for you!” Gladys cried.

Roger got between his mom’s legs and knelt before the glorious altar of her cunt flesh. He displayed some reverence before being over the honor of slamming his thick hot prick into his mom’s cunthole. He stared at her pussy, delighted at the prospect of fucking her. He reached down with a trembling hand and used two fingers to part the pouting red lips of her juicy wet pussy.

“Wow, what a great fuck hole, Mom! Gosh, I got a big favor to ask of you.”

“You know I’d do anything for you,” Gladys said, eyeing him. Her gaping cunt was moist from the hot action of having him finger-fuck her.

“Can I eat your pussy? I never tasted cunt before.”

“Go ahead, dine on my pussy, Roger.”

Roger leaned forward. His mom’s pussy gaped wide open for him as she held her legs apart. Gladys clasped her ankles firmly, giving her handsome young son easy access to her fuckhole.

Roger smiled deliriously, then buried his face into her pussy. Her cunt seeped juicy pussy oil and glistened with wetness.

“Oh, this is great, Mom, I’m gonna taste your cunt!” he chortled, moving his mouth against her open fuckhole. Roger kissed her cunt deftly, then ringed his lips around his mom’s cunt mouth.

Gladys could feel her son’s mouth on her cunt and cooed delightedly.

“Yeah, do it, eat your mom’s pussy!” she cried.

Roger sucked her cunt, slurping his mother’s pussy gently.

Gladys thought a vacuum cleaner had been placed against her pussy. She loved what Roger was doing. What a cunt-sucker!

Roger kept his lips positioned around his mom’s pussy. He licked the lining of her slithering hole, gently rubbing his moist tongue all along her crack.

“Ughhh, Roger! Yesss, just like that! Ohhh, God, I love it!” Gladys yelped, wiggling her legs. She purred loudly as Roger stabbed his tongue around inside the moist mouth of her cunt. She gripped her ankles even tighter. “Ughhh, your tongue is so hot, Roger! Ohhh, eat me, lick my pussy!”

“Mmmmmm, it’s good, Mom!” Roger exclaimed, tasting his mother’s pussy juices. He licked her cunt, darting his tongue in and out and lathering the inner fuck walls of her fabulous cunthole.

Gladys quivered and shook her head from side to side, enjoying having her gorgeous son eat her wet pussy. Her lust was uncontrollable. She sighed harshly as Roger nibbled at her cunt flesh. “Ohhh, Roger! Goddamn, yesss, that’s nice! Eat my cunt, stick your tongue deep!”

Roger slurped his mom’s delicious cunt. He lathered her quivering fuckhole with his gyrating tongue. Her pussy juice and his saliva mingled, getting her cunt all wet. He slid his tongue in and out of her pussy, deftly tongue fucking his mom’s hole.

“Yessss! Ohhh, Roger, yesss! Do it! Ohhh, you’re so good! Fuck your mother with your tongue! Yesss, stir it around, just like that!” she screamed.

Roger flicked his tongue against the knob of his mom’s hard clit.

Gladys shrieked and panted, jerking her body around, but making sure her son’s face stayed firmly planted against her crotch. She kept her legs spread wide. “Shit, yesss, Roger! Ohhh, fuck me with your tongue!”

“You have a gorgeous muff, Mom!” Roger shouted as he spread her pussylips even wider.

Gladys’ deep red gash shined as her sexy son slurped it with his tongue. Her pussy oil flowed freely. Roger dabbed his moist tongue around inside his mom’s pussy. He jerked his tongue in and out of her undulating fuckhole, driving her wild. Gladys spasmed violently, crying and shuddering with passion.

“Ohhh, Roger! Yesss, fuck it deep! Love your tongue!” Gladys howled, rotating her crotch up into her son’s face, getting every square inch of his darting tongue.

Roger speared his mom’s pussy. Gladys was steaming inside, her cunthole hot. Her cunt oil streamed on his face. He ate deep, darting his tongue in and out of his mom’s luscious muff in lightning-quick jabs that left her breathless.

“Ohhh, shit! Yesss, my cunt! Roger, fuck me with your tongue!” Gladys shrieked.

She jerked her ass up and down, jamming her crotch against her son’s face. Roger stabbed his tongue deep into her pussy. His snaking tongue pummeled her fuckhole. Her cunt walls were slick and hot, and Roger could feel them collapse around his slithery tongue. He rubbed his tongue against his mom’s fuck tunnel, causing her to spasm violently and scream.

“Yesss! Eat me!” she wailed. “Lick my hot cunt!”

“Tastes damn good, Mom!” Roger slurped, lapping up his mom’s cuntjuice, drinking and eating as he did so. His teeth nicked her hard clit.

Gladys was crazed with lust. She loved having her son eat her undulating pussy. “Fuck it deep! Yesss, do it to me!”

Roger lashed away at his mom’s delicious cunt. His hot tongue whipped in and out of her pussy, causing her to scream and writhe. Her curt hole constricted tightly around Roger’s flicking tongue.

“Aghhh, shit! I’m so hot! This is incredible — eat my slit!” she groaned, shaking her head.

She screamed and her tits swayed back and forth as she jerked whenever Roger’s tongue stabbed deep into her surging pussy. Her nipples were like tiny spikes.

Roger’s stiff tongue was merciless in its onslaught; he reamed her cunt with his tongue and darted it in deeply, swirling it in her pussy. Gladys was crazed with pleasure as her son rammed his tongue into her cunt, roaming it around inside her fuck depths.

Gladys trembled with uncontrollable lust. “Yesss, I’m so fucking hot! Your tongue, yesss, slide it deep! Ohhh, eat me, Roger! Do it to me!”

Roger probed his mom’s churning cunt. Her pussy engulfed his tongue as it jabbed deeper. Her cunt walls pulsed with pleasure. Gladys yelped loudly, out of control. Intense orgasms washed through her as her sexy son ate her. Now she couldn’t wait to have his cock.

“Yesss, yesss! Arghhh, eat me deep!” she groaned. “Goddamn, oooh, my cunt! I love you, Roger!”

Roger slurped away, licking his mom’s fuckhole, lapping her juices, pistoning his tongue in and out of her undulating pussy.

Gladys let go of her ankles and wrapped her legs around her son’s head. She drove his face into her hot crotch as she shivered and writhed, feeling Roger’s savage tongue stabbing deep into her shimmering fuck guts. He was driving her over the brink and she loved it.

“Ooooh! Yesss! Suck me deeper! Yesss, just like that! Ohhh, fuck me with your hot tongue!” she screamed.

Roger pounded his stiff tongue deep into his mother’s pussy. Her cunt was boiling. Gladys tensed every muscle in her body as she spumed uncontrollably. Her cunt muscles clenched shut, grasping Roger’s stiff, thrusting tongue. She ground her crotch even harder into her son’s open mouth. Roger’s cheeks shined with cunt oil.

“Mmmm, Mom, love it!” he slurped.

“Fuck my hot pussy with your face! Yesss, do it!” Gladys groaned. “Fuck it deep, feels so good, what a tongue!”

Roger gyrated his tongue around inside his mom’s moist pussy.

Gladys jerked and pleaded and yelped as he sloshed his tongue against her slick cunt walls. She could feel his slithering tongue rub up against her fuck walls.

“God, Roger, I want your cock! Give me your cock! Please fuck your mom’s hot pussy now!” she begged.

“Yeah, Mom, yeah! I always wanted to fuck you — wow!” Roger exclaimed, withdrawing his lips from her wet cunt mouth.

He grabbed his mom’s legs and hooked them over his shouldcrs, hiking her gorgeous ass into the air. He looked down at her gaping fuckhole and he saw his saliva and her pussy juice dripping down to her ass.

“Oh, wow, this is great!”

The spread asscheeks of his mother’s butt gleamed with saliva and pussyjuice. Her pert asshole winked up at him, the small crinkled socket expanding and contracting in lightning quick spasms. The pouting red lips of her pussy were parted, her slimy cunt depths inviting him to fuck his cock into her.

Roger lifted his cock and took careful aim at his mom’s pussy. “Ohhh, God, I can’t believe this is really happening!”

“Fuck your hot momma!” Gladys shouted. “Drill your cock into your mom’s open pussy! Stick that cock in now!”

Roger placed the throbbing head of his prick against his mother’s cunt. Her pussy opening seethed with juice.

“It’s all yours, Mom, I’m going to fuck you now!” Roger circled the head of his hot cock against the swampy opening of his mother’s fuckhole. Then he drove it in slowly, inch by inch, causing Gladys to go bananas.

“Dammit, fuck me! Please, I have to have your cock now!” Gladys wiggled her ass up to meet her son’s huge cock meat. She was hot for cock. “Drive it in! Shit, I want your cock, Roger! Fuck me, fuck me deep!”

Roger shot forward, pistoning his hips. His thick fuck monster blasted through her cunt walls, stretching them open wide.

“Argghh, yesss! My son’s fucking me! Yesss, oooh, my cunt! I’m on fire, fill my cunt up, Roger!” Gladys screamed.

Roger pumped his cock in and out of his mom’s cunt. Each fuck-stroke carried him deeper into his mom’s pussy.

“Yesss, Mom! Your cunt’s great — oooo, wow! You’re a swell mother — ughhh! Love fucking you!” he howled. Roger fucked his cock farther into her pussy as her shimmering cunt contracted around his thick cock.

“Ughhh, Roger! Fuck me! I love it!” she shrieked.

Gladys rocked back, taking her son’s thick slab of fuck meat deep into her cunt. She angled her hips higher to meet his thrusting prick as Roger lunged forward, blasting himself into her pussy. Gladys’ surging cunt twisted tightly around her son’s invading fuck flesh.

Roger fucked his mom savagely, ruthlessly, plowing into her pussy.

“Yeah, Mom! Oooh, what a pussy! Yeah, love your cunt, Mom!” he yelled.

Roger’s cock was buried to the hilt deep inside his mom’s cunt, filling the moist fuck walls of her undulating pussy.

“Yesss, fuck me! God, yesss, I love your cock!” Gladys groaned.

Her hot cunt walls convulsed around her son’s cock, her pussy walls suctioning Roger’s cock. She wanted him to cum in her. She wanted her son’s thick cock milk to drench her surging fuck guts.

“Yesss, yesss, what a stud! Ohhh, Roger, fuck my wet pussy, your mom’s hot for you!”

Roger smashed his cock into his mom’s pussy. His thick cock reamed her tender pussy, distending the inner fuck walls. Roger sighed heavily as he fucked his mother’s fuckhole. His rigid cock was stirring up his mom’s fuck guts as his jackhammer thrusts left them both breathless.

Gladys gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes shut, feeling her son’s boner penetrating the deepest depths of her pussy. She wrapped her legs tighter around his tensed shoulders, getting every square inch of cock that she could. Her asscheeks were wedged higher into the air as Roger fucked his thick prick in and out, sliding it against her sensitive inner fuck walls. His fuck-thrusts were merciless, savage.

“Ohhh, Mom, this is fucking great! What a hot cunt! I love fucking your deep pussy — shit, you’re a hot one, Mom!” Roger shouted as he fucked his mom in quick, lightning-like fuck strokes.

“Yes, keep that cock coming! Gotta have your cock! God, what a stud, keep fucking your mother’s pussy!” Gladys writhed beneath him, her body spasming uncontrollably.

“Yeah, Mom, love your wet cunt! Ohhh, shit, so slick, so tight — ohhhh, Mom! I love fucking you so much!” he shrieked.

“Do it, lover, fuck your mother’s cunt!”

Roger banged into his mom’s slippery fuck hole even harder, smacking his crotch into her open pussy. He gyrated his hips, stirring up his mom’s fuck guts with his cock meat.

Gladys yelped loudly. She twisted beneath him as Roger fucked her for all he was worth.

“Yesss, fuck your mother! I’m so hot!” Gladys cried, writhing out of control.

Roger’s strong thighs slapped harshly against his mom’s upraised ass. He pushed her back on the cement, fucking her maniacally, driving his stiff prick deep into her pussy, causing her to spasm uncontrollably.

“God, Mom, what a cunt! Uhhh — fucking you so deep!” he shouted, twisting his hips.

Gladys’ cunt walls were stretched out of shape and her fuck guts gripped her son’s cock as it slid in and out of her moist pussy.

“Yesss, Roger! Fuck me, yesss! Drive it deep!” Gladys hissed.

Gladys screamed, pulling her fuck-thrusting son against her. Her quivering cunt rippled around his rampaging cock as it slammed into her. She could feel her son’s large balls smack against her assflesh as her foamy pussy engulfed his prick tightly.

Roger bucked up and down on her upraised assflesh, burrowing his fuck meat deep into her pussy. They fucked feverishly, intensely, spasming and crying out loud. Both shrieked with the thrill of a good fucking.

“Ohhh, yesss! What a turn-on! I’m so hot — what a cock!” she yelled. “Drive it deep! Yeah, cum in me, drench my hole! You’re a motherfucker and I love it!”

“Yeah, Mom, you’re gonna get it! God, I love your pussy!” Roger mumbled, jabbing his stiff prick home.

“Pound that meat into me, baby! Fuck your mom!”

“Ughhh, aaiieee, yesss, here it goes!” Roger stammered, plunging his swollen prick into the moist tightness of his mom’s cunt. He reamed her pussy walls, the head of his cock surging into her cunt.

Her cunt quivered. Her body spasmed.

Roger’s balls constricted suddenly and he felt a hot swirl of passion erupt from his cock meat.

“Yesss, it’s coming! I’m fucking you, Mom! Take it — yesss, coming in you, Mom!”

“Ohhh, I feel it, so hot — ahhh, God, thank you!” she moaned.

Hot rockets of thick gooey cum paste exploded from the head of Roger’s prick, igniting the walls of Gladys’ pulsating fuckhole. She shivered with pleasure as her son came in her, her cunt gripping his massive cock, spuming around it.

“Yesss! Goddamn, yesss! Keep fucking your mother! I can feel it fucking me deep!” she groaned. “Shit, soak my cunt! Drown my pussy! Give me your hot jizz!”

“Arghhh, Mom, I love fucking you!” Roger hissed, blasting his hot cock deep into his mother’s foamy pussy.

He shot huge wads of cum deep into her pussy. His sizzling spray of jism splattered her inner cunt walls and soaked her pussy. Roger pumped his cock meat into her over and over, his thick fuck-rod exploding like a raging volcano, spewing hot white lava into his mother’s fuckhole.

“Yesss, Roger! Give it all to me!” Gladys cooed.

They flailed mercilessly, screaming and rocking on the cement next to the pool. They fucked wildly. Wave after wave of surging cum flashed into Gladys, causing her to tense. Her passion was out of control. Her cunt was riddled with her son’s hot cum. Her lusting body heaved up as his cock shot jizz into her quivering fuckhole.

Her huge tits bounced as her muscular, son fucked his cock deep into her tight pussy. Gladys’ nipples were hard spikes, like sharp points, as Roger fucked deep, sending powerful wads of cum into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, Mom, yesss! Coming in you — arghh!” Roger yelled.

“Give it to me, I want it all, fill my hot hole!” Gladys begged.

Roger shivered as his sizzling cum splashed deep into his mom’s pussy.

“God, fuck me, Roger! Yesss, fuck me deep!” Gladys shrieked.

“Ohhh, Mom, I love your pussy!” Roger screamed.

He rotated his hips slightly as he drove his cock deep. Gladys angled her hips higher to better receive his exploding cock. Jets of cum flooded her hot pussy.

Both screamed over and over, convulsing as they came simultaneously. Roger filled his mom’s creamy cunt with his cock-milk and she loved it.

Roger kept his mom’s ass hiked into the air, and her legs were locked aver his strong shoulders. He fucked her savagely, emptying his huge cock inside her tender cum hole.

Gladys felt her son’s big balls dangling over her dilating asshole, and she shivered with delight. She spread her legs wider to get the final sizzling shots of his cum.

Roger collapsed onto his mom’s sexy body, his cock wedged deep inside her oozing pussy. They held onto each other tightly, mother and son, a tender, important moment for both of them.

“Wow, Mom, thanks!” Roger whispered.

“What’s a mom for?” Gladys said, looking up at her son and kissing him wetly.

She felt his limber cock sloshing around inside her cunt. She was proud of her sexy son. She smiled sweetly.



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