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xNovel - A Mother Without Panties


A Mother Without Panties

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Karen bathed again, knowing she was going to have to face her daughter sooner or later. She could not avoid Judy. She had no idea what her daughter was thinking, what she felt when she saw her hairy cunt in Robbie’s face, or his hard cock stuffed into her mouth.

She was very nervous as she pulled on a skirt and sweater, and remembered she was naked under them. Shrugging, thinking no one would know, she went to find her son and daughter.

She found Robbie alone in the living room, wearing an old pair of faded jeans, cut off at his thighs. Although she had not heard him, he had obviously showered, too. His hair was still damp.

“Where’s your sister?”

“Still in her room, I guess,” he shrugged.

“I’ve got to talk to her,” Karen said. “I’m afraid she might tell your father what she saw us doing.”

“It looks like we’re in trouble, huh?”

Karen, standing near him, ran her fingers through his damp hair. “I don’t want to give this up, baby. I’ve enjoyed myself the past two days more than I have in years. Fucking is very important to me. I need it very much, all the time, I’d say.”

“I don’t know what we can do, Mom,” he said softly, and she knew he was as worried about it as she was.

She pulled his head against her stomach, holding it tightly. She was trembling, partly with what could happen to her and her family, but also with the insatiable hunger her son had brought back to her.

“I don’t have panties on,” she whispered. “Want to feel me?”

Robbie ran his hand down the back of his mother’s legs, then under her skirt, to her ass.

He clutched her naked ass, then slipped the edge of his hand between her thighs, rubbing at the slit of her cunt. Karen purred and waggled her ass, hugging his head tighter against her quivering stomach.

“God, baby!” she moaned. “You make me so wet… make mother’s cunt so fucking wet and hot! I need your cock again, right now!”

“But Judy…”

“Just lick my ass a little, then,” she said. “I’ll have to be satisfied with that for now.”

She pulled her skirt to her waist, turning her ass to her son, jutting it at him. She wiggled, making the rounded cheeks bunch. Robbie held her hips and kissed her creamy ass cheeks.

“Ahhh, that’s nice, darling!” Karen purred, twisting her ass at his face.

Robbie slipped his hand around her hips, his palm pressing to the soft hair of her cunt, pulling her ass back. He licked the satiny flesh of his mother’s ass, making her squirm and whimper.

“Lick between the cheeks!” she gasped. “Taste mother’s ass hole!”

Eagerly, Robbie pushed his tongue into the crack of his mother’s ass, licking the fiery pucker of her asshole. Karen cried out in a throaty sound, her hand behind her, on his head, smashing his face into her ass.

“Ohhhhh, I love that! Lick mother’s asshole! Tongue me in that hot ass, Robbie! Ahhh, so good… I think you could make me come this way, if we had the time.”

But they didn’t have the time.

“Oooooh, what you’re doing!” Judy squealed.

“Oh, my God!” Karen yelped, yanking her naked ass out of her son’s face and jerking her skirt down swiftly, her face hot with embarrassment as she sat down next to her son, nervously watching her daughter. “Not again!”

Judy, her blue eyes sparkling, had changed in a sun dress, with narrow straps across her shoulders, tight at the waist, but loose around her hips and legs. Her face was shining and she was grinning from ear to ear. She stood in the center of the room, facing her mother and brother.

“I caught you again, it looks like.”

Robbie was not as nervous as his mother. He liked it when his sister jacked him off, and he liked it when he came in her face. He wasn’t as worried that Judy would say anything to their father as his mother was.

“What are you going to do about it, Judy?” he asked.

“I’m not gonna tell,” she said, nibbling the tip of her thumb and looking at them, shy but bold. “Did you think I was gonna tell Daddy?”

“That’s what I figured you’d do,” her brother said. “You know we’d get into a lot of trouble, don’t you?”

“Well, I’m not gonna tell, so it’s okay,” Judy said. “But you gotta let me play with it again, any time I wanna.”

“Judy, that’s blackmail,” Karen said, but a grin was spreading on her face. “Blackmail isn’t nice.”

“What Robbie was doing to you, Mommy, was that nice?”

“When, before or… just now?”

“Both times,” Judy said.

Karen couldn’t stop a pleased giggle. “Very!”

With her thumb tip still stuck in her mouth, Judy lifted her dress to her waist, watching her mother to see if she would stop her. But Karen had no intentions of stopping her daughter. Judy had put on a fresh pair of panties, a pale blue pair with white lace.

Then, with a wanton little giggle, Judy turned her back to them, holding her dress high. She pulled her panties into the crack of her succulent young ass, and waggled it lewdly.

“Do that to me, too, Robbie,” she mewled softly.

Robbie looked at his mother, who was gazing upon the sweetness of her daughter’s little ass with steamy eyes. She barely nodded her head, and her son slipped off the couch and sat on the floor behind his sister’s ass. Judy, with deliciously wicked giggles, backed up with her feet parted, her little hands holding the cheeks of her ass, her panties pulled in tight. Spreading her small ass, she looked behind her at her brother, his face close to her ass.

“Do it to me, too!” she whimpered. “The way you were doing it to Mommy!”

Karen pushed her fists into her crotch, leaning forward, her eyes blazing as her son kissed those sweet little ass cheeks. She saw his tongue slide from his mouth, and lick over the satiny flesh. Judy squealed and waggled her ass into his face, and Robbie, moaning in pleasure, licking his sister’s ass, pulled his cock from the side of his cut-offs. Karen dropped to her knees close to them, her hand taking hold of his cock, pumping it as her eyes burned, watching her son now sliding his tongue up and down the split of her daughter’s wiggling little ass.

“Ahhhh, does it taste good, Robbie?” she moaned. “Does Judy’s sweet little ass taste good?”

“Mmmmm, she has a hot little ass, Mom,” Robbie said, working his tongue between Judy’s thighs, dragging it along the crotch of her panties, then to her ass again.

“Let me…” Karen shoved her finger into her daughter’s panties, stretching them to one side, the pink pucker of Judy’s tight little asshole crinkling. “Ooooh, lick her right there, Robbie!”

Robbie probed his sister’s fiery asshole.

Judy, whimpering softly, jutted her sweet, tight ass back into her brother’s face, her hands on her ass cheeks, parting them. Although her eyes were unfocused with hot pleasure, she saw her mother take her brother’s cock in her hand. That, and the wet heat of her brother’s tongue against the crinkled heat of her small asshole, brought a low cry from her throat, her sugary cunt vibrating in ways she had never imagined.

“Oooooooh… ahhhhhhh!” she sobbed, straining her satiny ass against Robbie’s face.

Karen, sitting on the floor, her son’s cock in one hand, the other holding the seat of her daughter’s panties far to one side, gasped with excitement as she watched Robbie’s tongue lick up and down the creamy crack. Drawing her knee up, swinging it open, she squirmed her ass.

“I see you, Mommy!” Judy squealed. “I see you!”

“Yes, honey!” Karen moaned, swinging her knee back and forth, gripping her son’s cock tightly. “Shove your pretty ass in his face, Judy!”

Robbie, holding his sister’s hip with one hand, her thigh with the other, lapped wetly, swirling his tongue around his sister’s steamy asshole. He moved his finger to where his mother was holding Judy’s panties, and when he grabbed them, Karen darted her hand between her thighs, thrusting her middle finger into her juicy cunt, beginning to fuck herself.

“Oooooh, Mommy!” Judy gasped, watching. “You’re making wet sounds!”

“I know,” Karen purred, parting her knees, her crotch widely exposed, her ass lifting a little to push her cunt onto her finger.

Robbie drew his face back, looking up at his sister’s ass. “You taste as good as Mom, Judy!”

Judy wiggled her jutting ass in pleasure. Robbie, and his mother could see the succulent, smooth, hairless clit of Judy’s tender cunt, her lovable ass and her little pink asshole. Robbie’s cock throbbed with need inside his mother’s fist, his balls tight and full. Karen gasped softly as she kept up a steady thrust of her finger into her cunt. Judy, her eyes glazed, watched her mother, then turned her eyes to the head of her brother’s cock bulging from their mother’s tight fist. Leaning down as if to touch her toes, she ran her fingers into the side of her brother’s shorts and pulled his balls free, holding them in her hot little hand, her ass again in Robbie’s face.

Robbie swirled his tongue against his sister’s asshole, then pushed his face up and between her thighs, the tip of his tongue flicking at the exquisitely tight, bubbling slit of her cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, Robbie!” Judy cried out, bending her knees until she was half-squatting, ass jutting back into his face. Her small hand squeezed his balls, and his cock jerked in his mother’s hand.

“Oh, Robbie, lick her pretty little pussy!” Karen mewled in a hot voice. “Lick your sister’s pretty cunt!”

Bringing his thumbs down below Judy’s ass, he spread the soft, hairless pussy open, and worked his tongue into the scalding tightness.

“Robbie!” Judy cried out, trembling, heat searing her more than ever now.

Karen, her eyes glazed, began to feverishly fuck her cunt with a rigid finger, her moist lips sliding over her daughter’s smooth thigh, her tongue licking the velvety flesh. Her tongue lapped up, and swirled around a small asscheek, her face pressing at her son’s. She pulled her dripping finger out of her cunt and moved her hand below her daughter’s stomach and found Judy’s knotted clit. She agitated it, twirling her fingertip on it, rubbing firmly, while her son tongued the fiery slit.

Judy, almost out of her young mind with ecstasy, gripped her brother’s balls, shoved her other hand between her mother’s thighs, and rubbed at the hairy wetness of her cunt. She strained hard into her brother’s mouth, gripping his balls and rubbing at her mother’s juicy cunt with tight, moaning squeals. Karen, pushing her cunt into her daughter’s hand, fell back onto her elbows weakly. Spreading her legs wide, she shoved her cunt into her daughter’s hand, staring up between Judy’s thighs as her son drew his tongue along the soft slit of her cunt to her asshole, then back again.

Judy felt things happening between her legs, and she was afraid she was going to pee again, and her brother would be mad if she did it in his face. He would be so mad that he wouldn’t do this for her again, she thought through the intense ecstasy she was feeling.

With a cry, she pulled her ass out of his face and stood up, turning around and looking down at them. Her small hand was drenched with the juices of her mother’s cunt, and her own felt like she was about to pee real hard again. With her dress high, her panties slipped over her pussy, and Judy cupped it with her pussy-wet palm, wiggling her hips.

“What did you do that for, Judy?” Robbie said. “Didn’t you like what I was doing to you?”

“I was about to pee again,” Judy giggled. “I think I still am.”

Karen was shaking with need. Watching her son lick her daughter’s cunt and asshole had caused a real burn in her pussy. Although she heard Judy say she felt she was about to piss, her need was so great, her fingers clawed at the front of her son’s cut-offs, unsnapping them, dragging them down.

“Lift your ass!” she panted. “I want these off!”

She yanked her son’s cut-offs from his feet, and Judy’s blue eyes grew wide as she saw her brother naked, his cock standing up so very hard. She pulled her panties up, tightly, into the slit of her cunt.

Karen, feverishly, turned onto her hands and knees, jerking her skirt over her naked ass.

“Now, Robbie!” she cried. “Shove it in me now!”

Her ass jutted into the air, her knees drawn beneath her body. Judy, breathing heavily, saw her mother’s ass spread, saw the hairy slit of her juicy cunt push back from her thighs. She began to shake hard as her brother stood on his knees behind their mother, his cock jerking up and down as he rubbed the head along that wet cunt. She stared with fascination as her brother’s cock stretched their mother’s cunt, then disappeared into it, hearing her mother’s hot intake of air.

“So that’s how it works!” Judy giggled. “It looks like it would hurt, Mommy.”

“It hurts so good!” Karen gasped, pushing her ass back, her songs cock deep. “It hurts so much I can’t ever get enough of it! Now, Robbie… now!”

Robbie held his mother’s hips, and stabbed his cock in and out. Judy stared down the spread of her mother’s ass, watching his cock plunge, her mother’s light brown asshole sucking inward. She stood with her skirt at her narrow waist and rubbed her palm wickedly at her pantied cunt, her sweet little ass bunching, tight squeals coming from her.

Karen felt so lewd, so wanton, with her young daughter watching Robbie fuck her. Her cunt seemed to swell, expand, yet the swollen lips clung to his hard cock, the soft, wet walls caressing the head and shaft. She clawed at the carpet as she cried out in delight, shaking her uplifted ass with mindless abandonment.

With his cock ramming wetly into his mother’s cunt, Robbie pushed his sister’s hand away from her pussy, and replaced it with his own. As he rubbed at the sugary pussy, Judy held her skirt high, pushing her hips into her brother’s hand. She wiggled and cried out, the feeling she was going to pee very strong, but now she didn’t mind. Peeing in his hand was different than in his face, she felt, and he wouldn’t be mad at her if she did. Her eyes were a blue fire as she fixed them on her mother’s grinding ass, watching those wet, hairy lips take her brother’s cock easier than she would have thought.

“You’re fucking Mommy, huh, Robbie?” she panted, squirming her ass as she rubbed at her cunt. “You’re fucking Mommy!”

It was Karen who answered. “Yes, he’s fucking Mommy! He’s fucking Mommy’s pussy… fucking Mommy’s hot cunt!”

Judy giggled lewdly. “Fuck Mommy, Robbie!” she said. “Fuck Mommy’s hot cunt and pussy.”

Karen was excited to hear her sweet daughter saying those things. Judy was such a sweet, adorable girl that the words sounded more lewd and exciting than they would have otherwise.

Her hand caught Judy’s ankle, and although she wasn’t really thinking about it, she pulled. “Judy come here.”

Reluctantly, Judy stepped toward her mother’s head, craning to try and keep watching her brother’s cock push in and out of her cunt.

Karen pulled at her daughter’s leg, and Judy understood. She sat down on the floor at her mother’s head, and Karen spread the slender thighs along her shoulders. Judy, sensing what her mother was doing, leaned back, her eyes big as she watched her mother kiss the soft inside flesh of her thighs.

“Are you gonna do what Robbie done, Mommy?” she asked breathlessly.

“Yes!” Karen sobbed, licking up her daughter’s thigh, arching her shapely ass high for her son. She was so aroused, so hot, she couldn’t help herself. Burying her face into her daughter’s panties, she opened her mouth and sucked at the crotch.

“This way, Mommy!” Judy squealed, jerking her panties to one side. “Kiss it without my panties on it!”

Robbie, pounding hard into his mother’s cunt, groaned when he saw her head pushed between his sister’s thighs. His cock swelled, throbbed with greater power as he watched his sister push her hairless cunt into their mother’s face.

“Oooooh, Mommy, I like that!” Judy sobbed, grinding her cunt in little sideways motions, then churning it up and down.

Karen felt the heat of her daughter’s cunt sear her face, her lips. She kissed feverishly at the soft pussy, opening her mouth and sucking at the hairless slit, sliding her hands beneath the twisting little ass, cupping it, lifting her daughter’s cunt tight against her mouth. She swished her tongue over the knotted hardness of Judy’s young clit then sucked it vigorously. Judy gasped and rammed her crotch frantically into her mother’s face, falling onto her back, her legs stretched out very wide. She grabbed the back of her mother’s head, her fingers pulling at Karen’s hair. Her small ass whipped up and down as she sobbed in ecstasy.

Karen pushed her tongue into the fiery tightness of her daughter’s cunt, and stabbed it wickedly, tongue-fucking Judy’s virgin pussy in a hungry frenzy, her son fucking her cunt with wild, powerful lunges. Squeezing her fingers into the tight little ass, Karen cried with ecstasy as she sucked and licked and ran her tongue up the fiery slit. The delicious sweetness of her daughter’s cunt surprised her. It was so very soft, yet so very hot, and the wetness made her shiver in a wonderful sensation. She lapped up and down Judy’s exquisite cunt, sucking hard, then tongue-fucking her again, her own gripping her son’s cock, with a desperate wetness.

“Kiss it, Mommy!” Judy cried, her long blonde hair swirling about her face as she twisted her head from side to side, shoving her cunt hard into her mother’s mouth. “Kiss it for me! Ooooh, are you sticking your tongue in me, Mommy! Is that your tongue in my pussy?”

“That’s Mom’s tongue, Judy!” Robbie gasped as he kept banging relentlessly into his mother’s scalding cunt, his hands holding her gyrating ass. “Mom is licking your cunt, sucking your pussy!”

“Her tongue is inside my pussy!” Judy whimpered, staining her cunt over her mother’s tongue. “She’s got it inside my pussy!”

“Mom, suck Judy’s cunt!” he yelped. “Suck her cunt like you suck my cock!”

Karen heard them, their excited words inflaming her. She ran her tongue as deep as she could into her daughter’s ever-so-tight cunt, plunging it in and out as her hands dug into the small cheeks of Judy’s ass. She slipped one hand inside her daughter’s panties to feel the satiny flesh, leaving the other on the outside. The crotch of Judy’s panties was tight at the corner of her lips, but remained to one side so she could suck and lick and taste the fiery slit.

On her knees between her son and daughter in this wanton position, Karen was experiencing tremendous rapture. When her son ran his cock up her cunt from behind, it pushed her mouth tighter onto her daughter’s cunt. Her tits swung in a tight sway beneath her body, her nipples ready to burst.

“I’m going to come pretty soon!” Robbie growled, jerking his cock in and out faster.

Judy was sobbing, grinding her cunt frantically into her mother’s mouth, the sensation of peeing very strong. The feeling was so good, she didn’t want to jerk her pussy away from her mother’s sucking mouth, but if she didn’t, her mother might be mad and not do this to her anymore. She clutched the back of her mother’s head, slamming her cunt as hard as she could against Karen’s open mouth, squealing now as the exquisite feeling became unbearable.

“Take it, Mom!” Robbie groaned, driving his cock deep into her cunt, his hands pulling her ass back. “I’m going to come… right up your fucking hot cunt, Mom!”

Karen wailed into her daughter’s pussy, the strong squirts of her son’s triggering an orgasm. Her hairy cunt pulled at his spurting cock, and she mouthed her daughter’s cunt with even more of a frenzy, her tongue racing up and down the steamy slit, from the bottom to the little vibrating clit.

Judy cried, tears streaming from tightly closed eyes. She breathed as if she were strangling, trying not to piss, but the feeling was overwhelming.

With a mindless scream, she slammed her cunt against her mother’s mouth, gripping the back of her head, and came, came very hard. With the contractions of her cunt, she spurted hot piss, piss that squirted into her mother’s open mouth. Karen tasted it, and she drew her daughter’s cunt into her mouth as tight as she could, sucking and lapping furiously, her cunt rippling through the sweetest orgasms ever — her son’s cock gushing into her, her daughter’s cunt spasming against her lips, hot piss coming in squirts over her tongue.



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