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xNovel - The Sucking Stepmother


The Sucking Stepmother

Cover:cover: the sucking stepmother
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Steve, Amanda, and Fiona all turned around at once, but Amanda was damned sure she knew the reason for that screech of panic, and she found it hard to hold back a giggle when she saw that she was tight. Sam was even now shoving his stiff cock up the tender, tiny, tight, unprotected asshole of cheerleader Beverly.

“Oh, God!” Fiona gasped. “Does it hurt, Bev? Like, sex is sometimes a real pain in the ass, you know? Jesus, where does he like find the room to put that thing, anyway?”

Bev wailed again as the cock stabbed her ass once more, but the shrill agony was fading from her voice.

“Oh wow,” she said. “Like, it doesn’t hurt as much as it did, but it’s still, I mean, totally — totally…”

“Stuff a cock in this bitch’s mouth, Steve!” Sam shouted. “She’s starting to drive me up the Goddamn wall!”

Steve Webster crawled around in front of the moaning Beverly. He picked her up by the hair and stuffed his cock into her protesting mouth. She made a coughing sound as his prick entered her, and then the noise changed to a hum and she began to purr as she fed on his stiffening cock.

Steve had already come twice — once on the faces of the two girls, downstairs, and again a few minutes ago, with his cock buried in Fiona’s hot tight cunt but the touch of Bev’s tongue had an almost instantaneous effect on him. His prick began to stiffen quickly, and it got stiffer with each slurping caress of the cheerleader’s hot mouth.

Now it was Bev’s turn to be a Webster sandwich, Amanda thought smugly. And the older woman realized how she must have looked with the two boys fucking opposite ends of her body. She’d been in exactly the same position that Bev was in right now, with Sam driving a poker-stiff cock up her shithole, her mouth crammed full of Steve’s rock-hard prick at the same time.

She shivered, remembering the moment Sam’s prick had first opened up her shitter, and she envied Beverly the sweet erotic pleasure of that experience. Amanda herself had, by now, been fucked up the asshole so many times she could hardly remember what it was like to be a virgin back there.

Bev appeared to be over the worst of it now. She was sucking madly at Steve’s cock and swaying her ass as she endured the deep hard strokes of Sam Webster’s big prick. Sam’s cock came out of her smeared with brown, and it fucked back inside as if it had been coated with vaseline.

The girl’s body shuddered with each stroke, but she had her hand back there, clutching and cupping Sam’s balls, pulling him in deeper, and she made murmuring pleading sounds round Steve’s prick as she gobbled it up.

“What a cunt!” Fiona gasped. “Hey, don’t you wanna get back to what we were doing? I know I’d like to!”

Amanda sat up and looked at the slim, perky teenaged blonde. She put her arms on Fiona’s shoulders and leaned toward the girl, surprised at herself. Their mouths came together, and the hardened tips of their aroused nipples brushed too as the two females rolled into a heap on the bed-kissing, rubbing, each getting a fistful of the other’s hot pussy.

Amanda fingered the teen cheerleader with enthusiastic wrist-flips that drove her digit into Fiona with a hot and heavy insistence. The young girl’s pussy tightened up lusciously around the finger, milking it with an expertise beyond her tender years. She was juicy, slick, and squishy inside, and she made cow eyes at Amanda with each stroke. She licked her lips, and sometimes she licked Amanda’s lips too. Their tits pressed together, their nipples as hard as nails. Fiona’s wet mouth was all over Amanda’s face, then moved down to suck at the nipples of Amanda’s big lush tits.

“God, I love these tits,” Fiona said. “Mine are so small, and I envy girls with big ones. Like, sure, guys notice me, but think how much action I’d get if I had tits like these! Mmmmm, and they taste as good as they look!”

She sucked at the tits, bit them, ran her tongue back and forth over the swollen red paints of the nipples, then pulled the lust lengthened nipples into her mouth for some dreamy sucking action.

Her hand, meanwhile, was in Amanda’s crotch, playing with the tingly lips of the older woman’s cunt. She spread them and explored between them. She even tickled back to Amanda’s shitter and probed there too.

“Let’s eat each other again,” Fiona said at last, raising her face from the tits she’d been sucking. “At the same time, just like before tight-ass over there disturbed us.” She giggled. “I wouldn’t screech like that if somebody tried to stick something up my ass, you know? Oh, maybe if it was one of those big cocks, your boys carry around, but I wouldn’t holler at all if somebody would, like, maybe put a finger in me, you know? Hmmmm?”

Amanda smiled, getting the point. Fiona wanted a little back-door teasing along with her oral sex.

“I wouldn’t holler too much if somebody maybe, like, put two fingers up me,” she whispered into the giggly blonde’s mouth as they shared one last kiss before getting down to the pussy business.

The boys were still double-fucking Beverly, who seemed by now to have adjusted to it pretty well. She was a wolf on Steve’s cock, gobbling it to the base. Amanda just shook her head. And at Bev’s back door, Sam’s cock came knocking again and again, achieving deep, bed-shaking entry with each attempt. Amanda’s own ass tightened up defensively, as she imagined what the tight, tanned, terrific little cheerleader was experiencing right now.

But then Fiona’s pussy settled down onto Amanda’s face. And she forgot everything else except the swampy, hot cunt-smell that filled her nostrils, the ooze of juices from the hairless pussy and the rich pink color of the flesh within that seemed to be begging for the caress of Amanda’s tongue. She licked up into the cunt as it came down to meet her, and she found delight within its snug gates.

Fiona was already licking Amanda’s cunt, thrusting her tongue up. She wallowed in the older woman’s juicing wetness, and she sucked and slurped and chewed and licked, tracing her way up and down the long deep crack of pussy, tongue-fucking it hotly, smearing across Amanda’s hard swollen clit the juices she was siphoning out of the cunt’s depths.

Amanda looked into the young girl’s pussy. She’d never in her life seen a cunt so close-up before, and she was amazed at how pretty it was. The hair hadn’t started growing back from Fiona’s bikini-waxing, and she was smooth and tawny, her cunt slit a clean incision bisecting the cuntal bun. Her pussylips were snug and tight. They didn’t protrude in the sexy, provocative way Amanda’s did.

Fiona’s clit was smallish, but noticeable, especially when Amanda peeled back the girl’s cuntlips and squeezed the base of the sex button. It poked out of the flesh, all glistening and smooth. Knowing how good it made her feel when her clit was loved, Amanda knew that Fiona would react the same way, and she was thrilled by the teen cheerleader’s purring moans of delight when her tongue roved across her tingly bud.

In a little hollow above the sweet pussyslit lurked the dent of Fiona’s rose-pink asshole. Amanda stretched upward, pushing her tongue toward that beckoning spot. She pulled the asscheeks wide and licked the girl’s shifter, making hot love to it with her tongue.

Amanda licked the girl’s asshole till it sparkled with spit, and then she began to screw her pinky tongue into the tiny opening. Fiona moaned, and she gave a little squeal, but she was game and willing, and her body was relaxed, ready.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, I told you I liked that?”

From the way her asshole gulped and sucked in Amanda’s finger, there was no question the little blonde bitch liked it. Amanda laughed, and she thrust with her finger, burying it in Fiona’s skitter, while her mouth returned to the girl’s clit which by now was even harder than before, sticking out on its own and requiring no assistance from fingers.

Amanda kissed the girl’s clit till it vibrated. She sucked it lovingly, until the blonde girl moaned low and quivered atop her, an orgasm obviously rippling through her body. The proof of it came in the bubbles of cuntjuice that oozed from her fuckhole.

Amanda smelled the cuntjuice before she saw it. When she saw it, she could not keep her tongue out of Fiona’s hot tight pussy. She spread the curt with one hand and she fucked into it with her eager tongue, spearing deeply into Fiona’s steamy cunt to eat the hot fuckjuice.

Fiona’s shitter went taut around Amanda’s finger as another orgasm hit the young girl. Amanda kept on sucking the girl’s cunt, her mouth wet from Fiona’s spillage of juices. Her own pussy wasn’t doing badly, though she’d not climaxed yet. The longer she had to wait, the more intense she knew her explosion would be when it did arrive, and her heart pounded wildly behind her lush, plush tits, waiting for that moment when it hit.

Another howl came from Beverly, and there was no doubt in Amanda’s mind that the young cheerleader was having the grandmother of orgasms even as she listened. Beverly wailed like a coyote in heat, and the bed shook tremendously as the boys fucked into her body, anxious to keep up with their ripe young guest. For the twins, Amanda was sure, this was a dream come true. She hoped they were enjoying it as they deserved to. But she was confident they were. Her boys always made the most of a hot fuck!

Amanda was certainly having a good time learning new tricks from Fiona. The kinky blonde had kept her promise. She had two fingers up Amanda’s asshole, fucking them in and out. Two more of her fingers were buried in Amanda’s cunt, and she was using them in alternating strokes, the same way the boys had double-fucked their stepmother’s ass and pussy the night before. It was having the same effect on Amanda. She was getting as horny as a bitch in heat.

Amanda squirmed restlessly beneath the gobbling Fiona, and she fed her cunt to the eager girl’s mouth and fingers. She knew how to squeeze and clench her asshole, too, and she demonstrated that, milking her ass muscles along the length of the girl’s fingers. She heard Fiona giggle, and she felt the fingers reply with even deeper, nastier stabs that sent shivers through the older woman’s body.

“Oh, stop, I can’t take any more! You guys are such animals!” Beverly cried from the other side of the bed. “You’ve fucking ripped me open, you know?”

Amanda stole a peek and saw the sandy haired girl collapsing as the boys withdrew their stiff pricks from her mouth and ass. She flopped onto her belly and lay moaning and sobbing.

“I came, like, soooo much!” Her voice was ecstatic, but it cracked on the high notes. Bev had reached her limit.

But the guys were still long and hard, their cocks sticking up and out as they grinned at each other, congratulating themselves on a job well done and a girl well-fucked. Both of them turned at the same moment toward where Fiona and Amanda lay sucking each other’s cunt, and again they grinned. Amanda had fucked the boys often enough to know that their grins work that someone’s pussy was in for overtime. “Oh, wait a minute, guys,” she said. “We’re into something of our own!”

“That’s okay,” Sam said. “We’re gonna get into something of your own, too.”

He came around to where Fiona was munching his stepmother’s cunt and he pushed his shit-smeared cock into the blonde girl’s face. “Suck on this a minute, will ya, Fi?” he said arrogantly. “I haven’t come with you yet, and my balls are aching to drop a load all over that cute face of yours!”

Fiona giggled. “Like, after you’ve had it up Bev’s asshole?” she gasped. “No way!”

Amanda felt a flash of understanding. She had said almost the same thing to the boys yesterday when the same topic had arisen, and she remembered vividly what the response had been.

“Awffff!” Fiona gasped, and Amanda didn’t have to see it to know what had just happened. She remembered the taste of Sam’s cock entering her own mouth, stained with the flavor of her asshole, and she giggled girlishly.

Amanda could hear Fiona groaning and slurping, and she knew that the blonde girl had overcome her initial disgust quickly. How could you not, when it was Sam’s huge prick in the game? She almost wished it were in her own mouth. She wondered what Bev’s whole tasted like.

“Ohhhhh,” Fiona moaned, a clear tone, which meant that the cock was no longer in her mouth.

So where was it? Amanda wondered.

Amanda got her answer in another instant. Sam put the head of his cock against her asscrack, displacing Fiona’s fingers, and he fucked it in with one quick thrust, burying his cock in his stepmother’s willing cunt.

She screamed at the fury of his penetration, but she would not have had it any other way. Her cunt latched onto his cock, and he began to fuck in and out of the elastic, clinging grip of her pussy, hitting deep spots in her cunt and sending spasms of joy though his stepmother.

“I could use some too,” Steve said. He straddled his stepmother’s head and tickled Fiona’s pussy with the end of his prick.

His balls hung in Amanda’s face. She snapped up at them with her mouth, trapping one of them in her lips and sucking it hard. She spread the lips of Fiona’s cunt, and Steve fucked his cock into the tingly blonde cheerleader. Amanda watched in delight as the cuntlips spread and the big prick fucked into the girl’s tight wet fuckhole.

Steve’s cock emerged halfway from her cunt, coated in Fiona’s juicy wetness, and then it thrust back inside, jarring the girl’s skinny but ripe body. Amnanda gasped at the force her stepson was using on the teen blonde.

Amanda kept on licking and kissing Steve’s balls. There were hairs in her face and on her tongue, but she didn’t care. She pushed the boy’s balls aside and tongue-tickled his asshole. She knew he liked it almost as much as she enjoyed doing it to him. His asshole tasted of shit and sweat.

Her tongue penetrated his asshole slightly. She licked her finger till it was dripping, and she put it to his asshole, pushing when the moment was exactly right. His shitter stretched and she entered him again, then she thrust deeply. Steve yelped and fucked all nine inches of his cock up Fiona’s hot pussy.

Down below, though, Sam’s prick was once more out of Amanda’s cunt and back in Fiona’s mouth. The young girl purred and whimpered as she sucked it — purring because it tasted so fucking good to eat the boy’s cock and whimpering because his brother was fucking the living hell out of her turned-on pussy.

“Give me a taste of that mother-fucker!” Amanda gasped, pulling down hard-on her stepson’s balls.

His cock slipped out of Fiona, glistening with the juice it had picked up during its thrusts up her hot little cunt. Amanda guided it down to her mouth and sucked the flavor of the girl’s cunt off her stepson’s prick. She slurped gluttonously, getting a double dose of goodies.

“I need to fuck her again, Mandy!” Steve moaned, wiggling his prick out of his stepmother’s mouth and bringing it back up to Fiona’s cunt.

“No,” Amanda said. “Don’t fuck her there, honey.”

“Yeah!” Steve laughed. “Why not?”

Fiona stopped gobbling Sam’s prick. “What are you guys trying to doooooo!”

Her voice rose to a shriek as Steve and Amanda put themselves to the task they had in mind.

Amanda took hold of her stepson’s cock and pushed the tip against Fiona’s tight little asshole.

“Here,” Amanda said to Steve. “Fuck her right here.”

His cock was wet from Amanda’s sucking, and Fiona’s shitter had been stretched out a bit by the kinky fingering Amanda had given the young girl. Steve’s prick was big, and it was as hard as a rock, but the girl had already been opened up, and with Steve’s and Amanda’s combined determination, there was no way Fiona could hope to evade an assfucking.

Amanda watched in awe as the big cockhead fucked into the tight, tiny asshole. She held her breath. She still had her finger up Steve’s shitter, and she pressed him onward, upward, with naughty caresses to the bulbous swelling of his aroused prostate gland.

“Jeeesus!” Fiona gasped. “Like, I am already full!”

But she wasn’t. There was room in her shitchute for something else, and it was the nine inch prick that Steve Webster was force-feeding her. The girl moaned as her ass was lifted by the intruding cock, but she was game, and she was also horny.

“God!” she panted. “Do it even if it kills me!”

From the howl she let out as the cock slammed into her, killing Fiona was a distinct possible outcome. Amanda watched as the girl’s body tensed and resisted, then suddenly went limp, taking the whole thrust of Steve Webster’s prick.

Amanda lifted her face and resumed her eating of Fiona’s cunt. It seemed to have a soothing effect on the little bitch, and it didn’t taste half bad, either! The juice was oozing from her cunt, stirred up by the deep, hard fucking it had gotten from Steve’s cock, and the girl’s elk tingled like a joy buzzer as Amanda’s tongue caressed it again and again.

Meanwhile, Sam was back inside Amanda’s hole, fucking her while Fiona tried to regain the rhythm of clit-licking. Fiona wasn’t very coordinated, but from the look of her asshole full of Steve’s cock, it was easy to understand why. But Sam was fucking hard enough into Amanda that the older woman didn’t miss Fiona’s oral attention too much.

“Oh!” Fiona wailed. “It’s not fair! Why don’t you fuck her like your brother is fucking me? Stick it up her Goddamn asshole too, you prick!”

“Yes!” Amanda panted between slurps at Fiona’s cunt. “Why don’t you stick it up my ass, too, Sammy?”

A moment later, he was in her. The day before she’d have trembled at the very idea. And with his cock buried in her tight shitter, she was in heaven.

The two boys were dearly digging it too. Here they were, transformed almost by magic from high school jerks to cool studs, fucking the two sexiest cheerleaders in school. They’d never have to take a back seat to anyone again.

Sam’s prick felt even bigger than usual. God! Amanda thought. The boy hadn’t even come once yet. He’d fucked his way through Bev’s mouth and pussy without spilling his load.

“Oh, Jesus!” Steve gasped. Amanda had heard that sound before.

“Yes!” she cried beneath him. “Do it! Come in her asshole and let me eat it out of her!”

Steve pulled halfway out of Fiona. Amanda had her thumb on the blonde’s clit, and she felt the orgasm begin to ripple through the girl’s cunt. She stuffed her thumb up Fiona’s pussy and ground it hard into the soft melting flesh within.

Steve thrust again, burying his cock in the girl.

“Do it!” Amanda moaned. “Oh, will you fucking do it?”

Again he pulled back, but the snapping gasp in his throat told her that this was it. Steve groaned and his cock rabbit-fucked straight up.

Fiona’s ass, his cum squirting into her belly. Then he pulled out of her, his cock drooping already. As his cock emerged, cum began to ooze from Fiona’s fucked-out asshole. Steve moved aside and Amanda raised her face. She kissed the asshole, stuck her tongue into it, then sucked out the creamy spunk Steve had squirted into Fiona. It was enough to send Amanda hurtling into a climax of her own.

Her asshole clenched so fiercely on Sam’s cock that she spat him out of her tight backdoor tunnel.

“Damn!” he cried, but his cock was idle only for a moment. Fiona grabbed it and sucked it into her mouth just in time to catch the blasting explosion from his balls. She filled her mouth with the boy’s jizz, then drooled it down onto Amanda’s cunt and sucked it back again.

“God!” she gasped. “That was incredible! But the best part is that nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever have to know that it happened!”

An hour later, after the two girls had staggered into their clothing and headed home, Amanda and her stepsons sat in the TV room, giggling as they watched the replay.

“You’re nasty,” Amanda said. “And I suppose you’re going to blackmail those dirty little girls with these tapes? Use them as a lever to make Fiona and Beverly spread their legs for you whenever you get your cocks hard?”

“That would be nasty,” Sam said, his voice cracking into the giggle Amanda had once thought so funny.

“Guys like us would never even be smart enough to think of anything like that!” Steve exclaimed. He leaned back. “Oh, Christ, we’re gonna be up to our necks in cheerleader pussy!”

“But not till tomorrow,” Amanda said. “Does either of you happen to be busy right now, I wonder? I’m sure I can come up with something for us all to do.”



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