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xNovel - The Sucking Stepmother


The Sucking Stepmother

Cover:cover: the sucking stepmother
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The force of Sam’s cock penetrating her asshole was so sudden and shocking that Amanda lurched forward, swallowing Steve’s prick to the balls. She gagged and thought she was about to vomit.

Her head bounced upward and she spat out Steve’s cock, while cum drooled from her fucked-out mouth.

“Oh, you little motherfucker!” she screeched as her big-cocked stepson fucked his hard cock up her ass with an almost vengeful determination.

“I guess I am,” Sam said in that curious, almost girlisk giggle that had come into his voice in the heat of this attack on Amanda. His fingers dug into the spongy flesh of her ass and his prick dug even harder into the tight, cock-stretched ring of Amanda’s asshole.

The sensation of his cock inside her was agonizing. She’d never been assfucked against her will before, but she was certainly getting it right now. Oh, Christ! she thought, these little cocksuckers are going to pay for this! She wasn’t sure when, or how, but she would get them for what they were doing to her.

It felt as if a solid pound of flesh was already in her, stuffed into the constriction of her reluctant ass and fucking the living shit out of her. Not even the first cock that had ever penetrated her tight teen pussy, all those years ago, had felt as absolutely enormous as the cock that was even now ramming like a bulldozer into her shitter.

“The first time Dad brought you home,” Sam panted, “the only thing I could think of was how much I’d like to stick a prick up your tight asshole, Amanda! I never thought I’d get the chance to do it, though! Turn around and let me see your face! I wanna see what you look like with your shithole full, of my prick!”

She turned, tears welling in her eyes.

“Oh, it hurts, you little prick!” she moaned. “It hurts so fucking much!”

Steve cupped her tits and squeezed them hard.

“I don’t think little prick is the correct terminology for Sam,” he said smugly. “If he was a little prick, it probably wouldn’t hurt so much, Amanda.” He jiggled her full, ripe tits. “But when you get caught doing naughty things, you have to expect a little punishment, right? And isn’t this better than what Dad would do to you if he found out? We’re just fucking you. He’d probably cut you off without a cent. And you did say you just married him for his money.”

It was true. She’d said it. But the words weren’t entirely true. She’d been attracted to Frank Webster from their first meeting. He was a handsome, successful man. During their courtship he’d also been kind, generous, and attentive, and she’d thought he was crazy about her. It was only after they married that she found out sex was pretty far down his list of priorities. She’d spent more than a year trying to adjust to that fact of life and now, when she’d finally taken some minor steps to satisfy her own sex urges — the urges her husband didn’t seem interested in filling — she’d been caught by his twin boys.

Again Sam’s cock fucked into Amanda’s asshole, drilling her savagely. The boy was too young to fuck so mean! Each thrust made Amanda scream again, but she and the boys were alone in the house. Screaming would not do a fucking bit of good, and it didn’t even make her feel any better.

“You gotta kick her ass!” Sam panted to his brother. “You wouldn’t believe how hot and tight it is! Oh, man, I’ve gotta fight for every inch I get into her, but once I’m in it, it feels like the hand of God squeezing my cock!”

Amanda panted hoarsely as the boy’s cock kept on ramming her ass. She clawed at the sheets. Her shifter was on fire, and she knew it was bleeding from the violence of her stepson’s attack.

“I’ll get you for this!” she groaned intense voice. “I’ll get you both!”

“Get this,” Steve said, pulling her face down to his crotch.

His cock smelled of jizz and sweat. Despite the hefty load he’d squirted down her throat five minutes ago, he was still rigid, and he smeared his slime back and forth across her lips despite his stepmother’s mumbled whimpers of protest.

“Suck me some more, Amanda!”

She shook her head. Her lips were sealed tightly.

“Okay, then, bitch,” Steve said. “If you have to be forced [missing text].”

He pinched her nose with his fingers, sealing the nostrils shut. Amanda held her breath defiantly, while his cock continued to slide along the crease of her sealed lips.

Her lungs began to ache from lack of fresh oxygen almost as much as her asshole ached from excess of fresh prick. She tried to suck in just a whiff of air through the corner of her mouth, but she couldn’t get enough. Her lips trembled, parted, and as she breathed in some air, Steve’s cock went thrusting back into her mouth, as hard, as deep and as horny as before. She gagged, but the thrusts persisted. All she could do now was to suck him.

Amanda felt the stiffness of her stepson’s cock increasing within her mouth. Panting, she could hardly hang onto it with her lips. She reached for his balls and gave them a squeeze, then balanced the base of his cock with her fingers. Her fist locked around it and prevented the boy from ramming her all the way to the balls on each stroke. She began to suck at the cockhead, her tongue and lips working in unison up and down the swollen cock-knob.

Sam yanked his cock out of her ass and shoved it straight up her pussy. The dirty act made Amanda shiver in disgust.

But the thickness of the boy’s cock reaming her cunt with the same demonic fury he’d just fucked her shitter was exciting to Amanda. She couldn’t help it. God, she loved to fuck! And it had been so long since she’d gotten all the fucking she needed to keep her happy. Yesterday the man from the garage, today her blackmailing stepson maybe, just maybe, her cunt might finally get the kind of attention it deserved!

Still it was also degrading, at the same time and she felt terribly embarrassed to know that her body was responding to the cock that filled her pussy, that she found the taste of Steve’s prick in her mouth just as thrilling as when she blew him to his first orgasm.

“Ohhhh!” she whined around Steve’s prick, slipping it in and out of her lips and fluttering it with her tongue, while her pussy did excited ripples of arousal along the rigid shaft of his twin brother’s ramming cock.

Sam switched his cock from her pussy back to her asshole. He slapped her ass merrily as he fucked his cock into her shitter, and she wasn’t sure whether the stinging slap or the sudden thrust of his penetration was more painful. But it only hurt for a moment, and as he picked up his fucking rhythm again, her body started to hum with a renewal of the terrifying excitement that had come to take charge of Amanda Webster.

“This is so wild, Amanda,” Sam said. “All the things we always wanted to do to girls, but none of them would ever let us do — now we can do it all to you! And we’re going to!”

Oh, the fuck you are! Amanda thought in revulsion. She was only tolerating this for the sake of redeeming the videotape they had made of her and Rusty. As soon as she got possession of that tape, she would come down hard-on these little mother fuckers. But until she got the tape, she had to do what they wanted, and something told her it could get pretty nasty.

Sam was cupping her pussy while he fucked her asshole, and she felt the tingly thrill of her clit in hut as his fingers tickled back and forth across the slick pink point. Juice oozed from her cunt — she always got juicy when she was fucked — and he soaked his fingers in the stuff before he rubbed her hot hard clit.

“Let’s double-fuck her,” Steve said. “Like those guys did to the girl in that video we saw the other night? You in her asshole and me in her pussy. We’ll make a stepmother sandwich out of the hot bitch!”

“Oh, you rotten little bastards!” Amanda shouted, spitting out Steve’s cock. Drool ran like a river down her chin. She was horrified to see how much she’d slobbered over the ripe hard-on that had filled her mouth. She was even more horrified to find her mouth itching for just one more taste of Steve’s prick.

Without taking his cock out other whole, Sam lifted Amanda upward. She was on her knees now, her back straight, and the boy’s cock was still shoved up her ass, though it wasn’t moving, just marking its place. Sam pressed her from behind, stirring his cock around in her asshole, and she moaned in a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

He filled his hands with her big tits, and he bounced the mounds up and down, his fingers pawing hotly at their sweat-covered curves. He pinched the nipples as if he meant to strangle them, and the red buds erected even longer between his squeezing fingers. Each flex of his fingers was fresh torture to Amanda, but her nipples tingled with life and lust.

Steve came in from the front, his prick sticking up and out, rock-hard and dripping from his stepmother’s saliva. He made her touch it, feel it, run her fingers up and down the stiff prick.

She looked into his eyes and she said, “You are such filthy kids! You ought to be taken out and shot!”

Her hand tightened on his cock and she looked down at it. The tip was massive, an almost fiery red in color. She stroked the velvety surface of his cock with her fingertips and gulped. From the rear, Sam’s cock was beginning to fuck with authority, in and out of her whole. Though the strokes were short, they bit hard, and Amanda winced, then purred. She was discovering how fine was the line between pleasure and agony, and how much of each in the other.

Steve’s face came in close, and his mouth touched hers. She stiffened at his kiss. He was already stiff, the proof of that throbbing inside her fist. She opened her lips slightly and their tongues touched. His smooth firm chest pressed against the hard-nippled mounds of her tits. Sam gave her another shove with his cock, and she groaned into Steve’s open mouth. Her tongue thrust at him. She had no excuse for what she was doing now, no excuse at all.

She angled his prick downward slightly, moving the tip of it through her chestnut-colored pussyhair. She kissed him with the wet slice of her dripping cunt. As their flesh contacted, Steve gave a shove, and the knob of his prick entered his stepmother’s cunt.

“Oh, Christ!” she whispered. “Oh, Jesus Christ!”

As Steve began to fuck his cock up into her from the front, Sam began to fuck a little harder from the back. The three of them were squeezed together on their knees atop the bed, Amanda’s cunt and asshole crammed with their two hard young cocks. Their bodies were firm and tight against hers. She’d almost forgotten how hard and smooth a teenaged boy’s body could be.

They had little hair, except what grew around their cocks, and they were in the prime of their lives, athletic and firm and obviously possessed of a strong desire to fuck the shit out of their stepmother’s turned-on body.

“I could have you both sent to reform school for raping me!” she whispered between kisses, between moans, between lusciously responsive twitches of her pussy and ass muscles around their cocks. She turned her head and let Sam taste her mouth too. His tongue tickled its way into her mouth and she found herself sucking at it, with as much eagerness as she’d sucked on Steve’s cock a few minutes ago.

One of her arms was around Steve’s body. Her fingers played up and down his cock, then onto the firm slab of his ass. She pinched him.

“Is that as hard as you fuck?” she asked teasingly. “If you guys want my cunt, you’re gonna have to prove you deserve it! So far, you’re not doing much that hasn’t been done to me — better the past.”

She was lying. She’d never made it with two guys at once, and she’d never had anything as big as Sam’s cock up her ass — ever — let alone while her pussy was being slow-fucked by a sweet hard young prick like Steve’s.

Her legs opened, and Steve moved his body into their gap, his cock pushing a bit harder and deeper into his stepmother’s cunt.

“Oh, yeah!” he gasped, feeling his cock slide into the wet depths of her fuckhole. “Jesus, Sam, I can feel your prick moving in her asshole! Wow, this is the freakiest!”

That was a good way to describe it, Amanda thought, sucking in her breath as the two young cocks continued to ravish both her holes simultaneously.

Steve pulled her forward, with Sam pushing from the back. She didn’t hurt nearly as much as she had at first. The raw, hot agony of Sam’s initial penetration was rapidly being replaced by a frictioning intensity of emotion, centered in the cock-stretched ring of her ass, that spread throughout her body and made her pussy leak hot sticky juices onto Steve’s probing prick.

Soon she found herself atop Steve, her legs enfolding his body while his cock fucked up into her pussy. She liked being on top, she always had. But at the moment, full of her stepsons’ pricks, she was a little shocked to find that she still liked being on top.

Sam was behind her, on his knees, fucking cock up her shithole with a growing excitement. His strokes were longer and deeper now, since he had the leverage and the position to give her all of his hard young cock, and each stab sent a fresh squirt of energy racing through Amanda’s body.

“A stepmother sandwich!” Sam cried from behind Amanda, filling her once again with his prick.

Amanda strained, wanting more but ashamed of herself for it. Still, it was a hell of a fuck, and better than anything she had ever gotten from the boys’ father. And if she’d been getting anything as good from Frank, she’d never have found herself in this position to begin with. She wanted to feel guilty, but she kept telling herself that it really wasn’t all her fault. Not really.

“I’m gonna come!” Sam whispered from the rear. “Oh, Jesus Christ, I’m gonna fucking come!”

“Up my ass!” Amanda panted. “Shoot your slimy cum up my hot ass!”

Sam responded in that strange, almost girlish giggle of his. “I’m gonna shoot my cum in your sweet, hot mouth! You ate Steve’s jizz, and now you’re gonna eat mine, too!”

He removed his cock from her asshole. The sensation of emptiness was like a kick in the guts. Amanda grunted and slammed her pussy down upon Steve’s prick, as if she could make up for the loss that way. He filled her, but it was nothing like having both boys inside her body at the same time.

She reached back to tickle the still-loose ring of her shitter, and her fingertip went inside as easy as pie. She thrust into herself, and as she did, she could feel the motion of Steve’s thrusting prick, separated from her finger by only a thin membrane of interior flesh. She could almost count the pulsations that rippled through his driving cock.

“Get her turned around,” Sam said. “Remember when those guys did it in that movie. Just like this? Get ready for some hot cum, Amanda! It’s all for you, bitch!”

Amanda resisted as much as she could, but there wasn’t a lot of fight in her. Her cunt was near to a blistering climax of its own, and she was doing more moaning than fighting back as the bays turned her. Steve’s cock never left her pussy during the turn, and in a moment or less, she was turned, still straddling Steve and still fucking the slit out of his hard long prick, but she had her back to him and she was facing Sam.

Her stepson squatted on the bed, his slit smeared prick sticking up in her face. He put his hands on Amanda’s head and pulled her down to meet the tip of his cock.

“Suck me the rest of the way off!” he shouted, and she knew, that he meant it. His words, and the force of his hands an her skull, left no room for doubt.

She gagged at the touch of his sticky cock on her face.

“No, oh, God, no, not this!” she cried, but speaking was the biggest mistake of all. As soon as her lips parted, Sam shoved his prick into her mouth. Then it was too late to talk, too late to gag, too late to do anything but wrap her lips around his ramming cock.

He gave her hardly five or six strokes before his prick exploded. Only the tip of his cock was in her mouth at the time, and his cum blasted across her fluttering tongue. She could taste every drop as it squirted from him.

Amanda’s green eye enlarged in shock as she savored the jima that splattered her tongue, as she found her lips automatically tightening round the boy’s prick and sucking up and down, milking more and more of the juicy sticky cream from his gushing prick. She gargled on his jizz as she sucked him, hungry for more. It no longer mattered that she was eating a cock that had, only moment ago, been stuffed up her ass. All that counted was the hot excitement of eating her stepson’s cum.

He worked her head up and down, though he didn’t need to. She was holding the root of his cock and feeding it into her mouth, milking the shaft to coax more and more and more of the spunk from his balls. He gave her seven or eight separate bursts of cum, firing it like a machine gun, hot bullets of sticky lust flooding her mouth. She gulped and swallowed, but some of the white jism still leaked back down the long hard cockshaft, and her lips chased it downward, slurping to catch it.

“What a fucking pig!” Sam groaned. “Dad really picked himself out a slut when he got you, Amanda!”

The words didn’t bother her. She had come into the encounter reluctant, disgusted, trapped, and now she was sucking as if her life depended on it. And at the same time her pussy gobbled Steve’s cock, urging it to shoot a load of hot jizz into her. She had already tasted Steve’s jizz. Her pussy needed a drink of the stuff now. After all, she hadn’t had anything since her encounter with Rusty Parker the day before.

She was on her belly now, her head down in Sam’s lap, sucking the last of the cum from his cock while Steve fucked up into her from beneath. His hands were slapping at her jiggly ass. She didn’t care. Each stinging slap made her cunt contract around his probing prick, and her clit was about to burst with orgasmic explosion.

He got his hand under her, and he started to squeeze her clit while he kept on fucking his stepmother’s cunt. She moaned, her mouth full of Sam’s shitty prick, and she squirmed back to meet Steve’s thrusts, her body shivering as the moment came closer and closer.

“You rotten little bastard, if you don’t make me come, I’ll kill you!”

There was no danger. She couldn’t have resisted her orgasm if she’d wanted to, and a come was something Amanda Webster had never been interested in avoiding.

Steve’s cock erupted inside her at almost the precise moment she came. She squirmed down, rubbing her pussy up and down the squirting shaft of her stepson’s cock. She raised her head from Sam’s cock, which had begun to go soft in her mouth now that it had finally finished blowing its wad onto her tongue. Amanda howled out like banshee. “Ohhhhhhh shiiiiittttt!”

She scrubbed herself viciously in the shower, washing off the contamination her stepsons had visited upon her. How could she ever have done anything like that? Jesus how could she have enjoyed it so much? But at least they had given her the tape that showed Amanda fucking the garage man yesterday. She had salvaged her reputation.

When she went downstairs, the boys were in the TV room, grinning like shit-eating dogs.

“You little fuckers,” she said. “I know what you’re thinking! Well, you can just forget it! I put that tape in the VCR upstairs, and at this very minute, I’m recording over it. In another fifteen minutes, your hold over me will be completely erased.”

The boys began to laugh. She didn’t like the sound one fucking bit.

“You dumb bitch!” Steve shouted. “Don’t you know how easy it is to copy a tape? Sure we gave you one! But we have another copy! And if you sit down a second, I think you might see something that’s even more interesting!”

He flipped the remote, and the TV came alive. Amanda turned toward the screen and her jaw dropped. There she was, in living color, stark naked, with Steve’s hard young cock cuddled between her tits. He was fucking her tits, and as the tip of his prick came toward her mouth, she was opening her lips and licking, slurping and sucking at his fat purple cock-knob.

Behind her on the screen, Sam was rubbing the bulge in the front of his pants as he watched Amanda sucking his brother. He looked straight at the camera, then he unzipped his pants and took out his own prick, bringing the long hard cock into sight while grinning like an idiot.

She’d been such a fool! Of course they still had the camera in her bedroom, and her desperate attempt to save herself had only given the little bastards more ammunition to use against her!

“You wanna make arrangements to buy back this tape, too?” Sam asked, looking up at his stepmother. “I think we could come up with something, you know?”

Amanda was positive the little assholes had some very specific arrangements in mind.



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