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xNovel - Eat Out With Mom


Eat Out With Mom

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Peggy was almost slapping at her own cunt as she watched her sister and son come.

Her hairy cunt was on fire, but her orgasm was lingering, the sensation of almost coming making her mind reel with sweet torment. She was on her knees now, both her hands at her cunt, the fingers of one ramming in and out, her hot juices coating her hand almost to her wrist. The other hand was brutally smashing and rubbing at her swollen clit, her pointed tits shaking, nipples straining upward.

Tommy gushed copiously into Cindy’s spasming cunt. Creamy white come juice seeped past the gripping lips of her pussy, running along the cheeks of her parted ass, coating her pink tight asshole. Each spurt of his cock made him grunt from the force.

Cindy was sobbing loudly as her cunt rippled and waved with one orgasm after another. She was crying with ecstasy, tears streaming down her satinlike cheeks. Her small ass kept twisting and grinding, her arms holding her knees against her shoulders tightly.

“My cunt… ohhh, my cunt!” she yelped over and over. “My cunt… my pussy… ahhhh, it’s so… my cunt is on fire!”

Peggy was brutally fingerfucking herself, trying desperately to bring on her orgasm, but it was so close, and that was where it stayed.

Tommy finished spewing into Cindy’s cunt. He slumped, his arms shaking. He felt the sucking of Cindy’s pussy on his prick, feeling her orgasm. His cock began to soften, but Cindy’s cunt seemed to close tight around it. His balls were empty, drooping now along the parted cheeks of her ass. He couldn’t remain in this position or he would fall on top of Cindy.

He pulled his cock back and felt Cindy’s cunt grab at it as though reluctant to let it go. The head came out of her pussy with a soft, wet sound, and Cindy cried out her disappointment.

As heat son sat back, Peggy stared at her sister’s cunt. Cindy still held her knees against her shoulders, her pussy and ass revealed, coated with Tommy’s come juice.

“Ohhh!” Peggy moaned, then shoved her face down into her sister’s come filled cunt. Her tongue began to lap hotly up and down the slit, around the lips, licking up her son’s come juice. Her tongue flicked at Cindy’s still contracting clit and Cindy let out a scream, pushing her pussy tightly into her sister’s face.

Peggy opened her mouth wide, covering Cindy’s young cunt with her lips. She thrust her tongue deeply into the juice flooded pussy. She licked and sucked, swallowing, as she pulled her son’s juices out of her sister’s cunt.

“Kiss it! Kiss my cunt!” Cindy gasped, still coming. “Ohhhh, Peggy, kiss my pussy! Oooo, I’m still coming so hard! Ahhhh, suck on my cunt, Peggy!”

Peggy, almost overwhelmed with passion, her hairy pussy still searching for orgasm, sucked and licked greedily at her sister’s cuny, her tongue darting into it, then swirling about the knotted clit. When her tongue slipped down the slit of Cindy’s cunt to her asshole, she licked at the tight, hot ring until she had gotten the last of her son’s come juice, then she licked at the insides of Cindy’s asscheeks, greedily sliding her mouth and tongue back to the steamy little cunt.

Tommy saw his mother’s naked ass lifted in the air, twisting. He heard her moaning and the wet sucking sounds of her lips and tongue. He moved behind his mother and thrust his fingers into her hairy cunt.

Peggy cried out, the sound muffled because her face was buried in Cindy’s cunt. She shook her ass for her son, and Tommy plunged his fingers in and out of his mother’s cunt frantically.

Peggy lifted her dripping face. “Tommy, eat me!”

Tommy jerked his fingers from her pussy, then pressed his face into it, sucking and licking. His tongue slipped and slid about, then moved over her asshole.

Peggy yelped into Cindy’s cunt, trying to take the creamy soft pussy into her mouth. She felt her pussy draw inward as her clit throbbed. She felt her son’s tongue dart into her pussy, then into her asshole. She arched her ass to his face, sliding her hands beneath her sister’s little ass, digging into the curvy cheeks, trying to get her mouth and tongue tighter against the exploding little slit.

“Ohhh, Peggy, suck it hard!” Cindy gasped, grinding into her sister’s face. “Suck me off… suck my cunt off!”

Peggy pushed her pussy against her son’s face, her tongue stuffed into Cindy’s cunt, feeling the velvety pussy squeeze it. She felt her son’s lips sucking the hairy wetness of her cunt, and, with a loud scream, she began to come. Her ass shook, grinding against Tommy’s face. Her orgasm was so strong that she jerked her face out of Cindy’s cunt and screamed over and over.

Cindy, finally calming down, lowered her ass to the floor, watching with filmy eyes as Tommy kept sucking at his mother’s cunt. It looked to her as if his whale face was buried in Peggy’s ass and cunt. She clutched his slippery cock, holding it, as her sister finally began to stop shaking.

Peggy slumped to one side, breathing hard, legs and arms flung outward, her face looking radiant, glistening with the juices of Cindy’s sweet pussy and her son’s come juice. She shivered for a while, then slowly sat up, smiling from ear to ear.

“I thought I was never going to come,” she sighed. “Thank you, Tommy.”

She leaned over and kissed him, licking at his lips.

Later, atter dinner, all of them showered, they sat in Peggy’s bedroom. Peggy wore panties, but Cindy was naked. Tommy, too, was naked, his hair still damp from the shower.

“And I thought I was fucking all this time!” Cindy laughed. “I sure was a little girl, wasn’t I?”

“You’re still a little girl.” Peggy smiled. “Not so little now,” Cindy said. “I’ve been fucked!”

“You’ll be a little girl until you get hair on your cunt,” Tommy said, tweaking a pink nipple. “Like Mom’s hair.”

Cindy looked down bashfully. “If I don’t have hair on my cunt, does that mean you don’t like me, Tommy?”

Peggy drew her sister against her tits, caress jog her head and face.

“Of course he likes you, Cindy,” she soothed. “He was only teasing you.”

“That’s right,” Tommy said. “Cindy, you have a pretty cunt. I think you have the prettiest cunt in town, even if you don’t have hair on it.”

“Tommy, that’s enough,” Peggy said. “Stop teasing her, or she may not let you fuck her any more.”

Cindy lifted her head and looked at Tommy’s cock. “I’ll fuck him, Peggy. If you want me to, I’ll fuck Tommy every day.”

Peggy hugged her little sister. “Honey, you don’t have to fuck anyone you don’t want to fuck.”

“I don’t?” Cindy asked, her eyes lighting up. “I really don’t have to if I don’t wanna?”

“Of course not,” Peggy replied.

Cindy snuggled up against her sister, cupping one of Peggy’s tits. “What if I wanna… you know, kiss your cunt, Peggy?”

“You can kiss it. You live here now, darling. We won’t restrict you.”

Cindy giggled. “I don’t have to hide under the sheets and play with myself anymore. And I don’t have to jack a boy off, either, if I don’t wanna jack him off. Ohhh, I’m gonna love living here!”

Cindy squeezed Peggy tightly, licking at one nipple, then slipped her hand between Peggy’s thighs to fondle her cunt.

“I’ll be so glad when I have hair on my pussy,” she murmured, toying with the soft strands of Peggy’s cunt hair.

Tommy’s cock was growing hard as he watched them.

“Tommy’s getting a hardon!” Cindy giggled.

“So he is,” Peggy said, glancing at her son. Tommy was leaning against the headboard of the bed, knees up and parted. His cock was lifting upright, his balls dangling to hide his asshole.

“It’s a shame a guy has to have a hardon with all this pussy around and none to fuck!” he laughed.

“Who said so?” Cindy giggled.

“Well, I’m getting his hard cock, and you two are just sitting there feeling each other up. Maybe you like pussy better than hard cock, huh, Cindy?”

“Tommy!” Peggy admonished.

“It’s okay, Peggy!” Cindy giggled, rubbing at her sister’s clit with her middle finger. “I know he’s just teasing me. Besides, I do like your cunt.”

“Are you gonna be fucking me and sucking my mom’s cunt, Cindy?” Tommy asked, his eyes sparkling with pleasure.

“Tommy, no more teasing!” Peggy insisted. “I may do that,” Cindy said, working her finger into Peggy’s cunt now. “If Peggy wants me to, I’ll suck her pussy.”

Tommy stopped his teasing, finding more interest in watching his mother and aunt feel and caress each other. His cock strained up with renewed hardness between his spread knees. He watched holly as Cindy pulled the crotch of his mother’s panties to one side and rub lightly along the hairy slit, probing Peggy’s clit.

Peggy, making little sounds of pleasure, leaned back, opening her legs very wide. Cindy didn’t have to be told what to do. She pushed her face between Peggy’s satiny thighs, licking at the inside flesh. Her blue eyes were fiery as she lapped from one thigh to the other, her small hands moving about Peggy’s hips and stomach and legs. Peggy was close enough to take hold of her son’s cock and stroke it. Tommy spread his legs wide, giving his mother plenty of room to play with him.

Cindy kissed and licked her way upward, then parted her lips and closed them around the tight crotch of Peggy’s panties, sucking at them with soft sounds. Her hand moved under her sister’s ass, cupping the cheeks.

Peggy arched and twisted, mewling with pleasure as Cindy lapped through her panties. With her other hand, Peggy pulled her panties to one side, and Cindy gave a little squeal as she closed her hot mouth over her sister’s wet, hair lined pussy, sucking hard. The tip of her tongue flicked Peggy’s tit, causing her hips to jerk.

“Ohhhh, Cindy, baby!”

Cindy’s tongue slipped in to Peggy’s cunt. When she wiggled it inside her sister’s pussy, Peggy cried out and smashed her cunt hard against Cindy’s face. Hungrily sucking at Peggy’s cunt, Cindy twisted until she was spread out between Peggy’s long legs. She squirmed her ass, the cheeks bunching as she licked and sucked.

Tommy gazed at Cindy’s sweet ass, her thighs opening and closing, listening to the erotic, wet sounds while Cindy sucked his mother’s pussy. He lifted his hips, running his cock into his mother’s gripping fist. When Peggy jacked his cock, he fucked into her hand, but his eyes were fixed upon Cindy’s lovable ass.

“Mmmmm, hot and wet!” Cindy purred into Peggy’s pussy.

“Oh, baby, suck my cunt!” Peggy gasped, grinding against her little sister’s face, one hand holding the back of her blonde head. “Suck me off, Cindy! Fuck me with your little tongue!”

Cindy, straining to get her mouth as tight as she could around Peggy’s steamy cunt, lifted her ass, pulling her knees beneath her. Tommy gasped and pulled his mother’s hand off his cock he got behind Cindy’s up thrust ass. He caressed her asscheeks as he stared at the pink tight pucker of her asshole, the sugary slit of her cunt just below. He pushed his cock forward and moved it up and down, touching Cindy’s knotted clit, dragging the head along her slit, then over her asshole, up and down a number of times.

Cindy squirmed her ass, making wet sounds as she sucked greedily at her sister’s cunt. As Tommy’s cock rubbed along the lips of her cunt again, she pushed back, trying to get it inside. But Tommy kept rubbing his cock up and down, fascinated by her small ass.

Cindy couldn’t stand it.

“Tommy, fuck me!” she pleaded with her lips only inches from Peggy’s cunt. “Please, fuck me! Shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me, Tommy!”

Peggy looked past her sister’s back at her son. “Tommy, do what she wants!”

Tommy flashed his mother a wide grin, then pushed the swollen head of his cock into Cindy’s cunt.

“Ohhh, yes, Tommy!” Cindy sobbed, pushing her ass back, her eyes dreamy as she felt her cunt spread and grip his cock. “Ohhhh, it’s so nice to have your cock in my pussy, Tommy!”

Tommy gripped her hips and slowly moved his cock back and forth, watching Cindy’s young cunt cling to the shaft.

Cindy began sucking and licking at Peggy’s cunt again, swaying her small ass while Tommy thrust in and out of her steamy pussy. Peggy could watch her son’s expression over Cindy’s back while Cindy tongue fucked her. She drew her feet back, her knees bending as she pushed her fiery pussy hard against Cindy’s face. She was holding Cindy’s head with both hands now, gasping with ecstasy.

As Tommy plunged his cock into Cindy’s cunt, he made slapping sounds against her twisting ass. Also, each time he rammed in, he pressed Cindy’s face hard into his mother’s cunt. He could see his mother’s pointed tits jiggle with movement from the way he was fucking Cindy.

“Suck Mom’s cunt, Cindy!” he groaned. “Lick her wet pussy! Fuck her in the twat with your tongue!”

“Obbhh, God, she is!” Peggy sobbed, grinding at Cindy’s mouth. “She’s sucking my cunt beautifully! Ahhhh, Cindy, eat my pussy, baby! Suck my pussy juice out! Lick my clit… the lips of my cunt… all over my hot cunt!”

Peggy squirmed at Cindy’s face, feeling her eager tongue dart about. She loved it when Cindy lapped her tongue up and down just inside her cuntlips, or sucked at her inflamed clit.

Cindy was moaning hotly as Tommy plunged his cock back and forth into her gripping pussy, smashing her face against Peggy’s hairy cunt. Her small naked body was tingling from head to toe, and she was getting intense pleasure from being fucked by Tommy while she sucked her sister’s cunt. She dug her fingers into Peggy’s ass, sliding them inside the nylon panties. Her pussy was on fire, and the hardness of Tommy’s cock seemed to fill her young, tight pussy to capacity, and she loved the stretching sensation of it as much as she did the fullness and friction.

“Ooooh, my cunt… Cindy, baby!” Peggy screamed, ramming hard against her sister’s face. “Ohhh, I’m going to come… come in your hot little mouth!”

Tommy, ramming his cook back and forth with vigorous strokes, jerked Cindy’s ass back, her fiery cunt clinging to his cock.

Cindy was whimpering into Peggy’s pussy as her wet pussy throbbed and vibrated toward orgasm.

“Now, Cindy! Ohhh, yes, now!” Peggy wailed, and her hips jerked when her orgasm exploded. “Ohhhh, I’m coming, Cindy! My cunt… I’m coming in your sweet, hot mouth, baby!”

Cindy sucked hard, tasting the flow of her sisters juices. Her small throat worked to swallow, her eyes closed as her own pussy began to contract. She screamed softly into Peggy’s hairy cunt when she started coming, pushing her pussy tightly against Tommy’s cock.

Tommy grunted, his head lifted, eyes closing. Spurt after hot spurt of come juice spewed up Cindy’s exquisite cunt, flooding her until his come juice dripped along her inner thighs.



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