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xNovel - All Day With Mom


All Day With Mom

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Inside the house, Tony was laughing. “It isn’t funny,” Jackie said, but she was grinning at him. “I don’t know why I came, but it’s not as funny as you make it.”

“That’s one kid who’s probably going to be jacking off the rest of the day, Mom. It’s not every day a guy can see a naked woman in a garage. Do you know who he is?”

“I didn’t get that good of a look at him,” Jackie said. “At first it startled me to see him staring, then I started coming and couldn’t see anything until my orgasm was over.”

“I’ve never heard of anyone coming just because they flash at some kid,” he said.

“I’m different, I guess. It was as much a surprise to me, you know.”

“It was your idea to fuck out there,” Tony said. “Not that I mind, Mom. It was exciting. But what if that guy starts talking about it around, the neighborhood? We’ll have guys beating on the fucking door!”

“What’s so bad about that?”

Tony looked at her, his eyes wide. “Mom, you wouldn’t?”

“Why not?” Jackie asked, stepping out of her skirt. “Getting gang-fucked by all the horny guys around here might be fun!”

“Mom, no way!”

“Just teasing,” she said, kissing him and grabbing his cock. “I’m going to soak in the tub, baby. You can come wash my back if you’d like.”

Tony watched his mother’s curvy ass sway from the room. He couldn’t believe his mother. She was bold and daring, unlike the girls his age. Those girls were shy, or pretended to be shy, always squealing and slapping at a guy’s hands when he tried to get a feel. Shaking his head and laughing softly, he went down the hall to wash her back.

As soon as he entered the bathroom, Jackie looked up at him. “You better take your clothes off, baby. You’ll get wet.”

“Just washing your back?” Tony asked, removing his clothes.

“You’re going to get into the tub with me! It’s more fun that way!”

Laughing happily, Tony stepped into the tub with his mother. The tub, fortunately, was larger than most. But with the two of them it was crowded. Tony sat in the tub with his back toward the faucets, looking at his mother’s tits as she soaped them.

“Something tells me you don’t really want me to wash your back,” he said.

“Oh, I would like that,” Jackie said softly, twisting her soapy nipples. “But I had something else in mind.”

“I know,” Tony said, shoving his toes between his mother’s thighs and rubbing them gently on her cunt. “You’d rather have a hard cock.”

“Is anything wrong with wanting a hard cock?”

“Not if there’s a hot cunt to go with it.”

“Mmmmm, can’t you tell how hot my cunt is with your toes, baby?”

Jackie squirmed her ass, pushing her pussy at his feet. Tony wiggled his big toe into his mother’s cunt and watched her eyes turn glassy for a moment. He inched his toe into her pussy and worked it back and forth. Jackie purred and squeezed her tits, returning the pressure with her cunt.

“I guess this is called a toe fuck, huh?”

“I’d rather it was my cock, Mom.”

“But, baby, is your cock hard?”

For an answer, Tony lifted his hips, pushing his cock above the surface of the water.

“Oooooh, it is!” Jackie gasped, darting a soapy hand for it. She pumped his cock swiftly, splashing water over the side of the tub. “You know, darling, I bet we can fuck in the tub.”

“Mom, why do I get this crazy idea you can fuck anywhere?”

“Maybe because I can,” she said, lifting herself to her knees.

She moved toward her son’s cock, spreading her knees along his thighs. With Tony holding his ass up, she fit the head of his cock into the hairy wetness of her cunt, sinking down slowly with a sigh of pleasure.

Water sloshed over the edge of the tub.

“The floor is getting soaked,” Tony said, sliding his hands up his mother’s thighs to her hips.

“Do you care?” Jackie asked, slipping her cunt up and down his cock, one hand on the slippery wall, the other on the edge of the tub.

Tony moved his face to her tit.

“Oooooh, suck it, darling!” Jackie groaned as her tit filled his hot mouth. “Suck mother’s tit, suck it off! Bite it — chew my tit, Tony!”

Her ass rode up and down on his cock, splashing water. Tony could not hold his ass up very long, and had to settle it down. His mother’s cunt stayed around his cock, and then she was pumping on him below the water. He sucked greedily at her tit, his tongue lapping at her swollen nipple. He slipped his hands past her hips and clutched her slippery ass-cheeks.

Squealing in rapture, Jackie thrashed her ass around, grinding up and down on his cock. She lifted her head, her eyes closed, her face glowing with pleasure. Her cunt pumped wickedly, the hairy cunt-lips holding the shaft of his cock tightly. Water splashed wildly over the side of the tub and covered the bathroom floor. Each time her ass went down, it slapped the water. Drawing her feet up, Jackie sat on his cock, bouncing gaily, stabbing her wet cunt up and down.

“You’re so hard, Tony!” Jackie gasped. “I love a hard cock in my cunt! It’s the best feeling in the world, except when I come! Coming is the best!”

Tony panted as he sucked hungrily at his mother’s tit, not moving his ass, but letting her bounce as wildly as she wanted on his cock. He gripped the cheeks of her ass tightly and his fingers pushed into her ass-crack. He felt the heat of her puckered asshole and began to rub at it.

“Ohhhh, touch it, baby!” Jackie cried out. “Touch me there — right there! Ohhhhh, God, that’s nice, Tony!”

The wild thrashing caused the plug to open, and the water drained out of the tub. Now Tony pulled his mouth off her tit and scooted down in the tub, his eyes blazing as he watched his mother’s cunt sliding wildly up and down his straining cock.

Jackie lifted her cunt until she held Tony’s swollen cock-head inside. She stared down hotly at her son.

“Tony, stick your finger in there!”

“In where, Mom?”

“My asshole, damn it! Stick your finger in my asshole!”

Eagerly, Tony got the tip of his finger inside his mother’s tight asshole and Jackie began to fuck him again. But it wasn’t working the way she wanted. She stopped.

“Let me turn around!”

Without taking her cunt off his cock, she twisted in the tub until she faced his feet. Leaning over with her hands on his legs, she arched her ass back at Tony.

“Now stick your finger in my ass!” Jackie gasped.

Tony pushed his finger past the hot ring of her asshole. Jackie gurgled as she felt it penetrate deep into her ass. For a moment, she held still, feeling the head of her son’s cock inside her cunt and his finger in her asshole.

“Now, hold your finger still,” she said. “I’m going to try and fuck your cock and finger at the same time.”

Slowly Jackie moved her crotch down.

Tony watched his mother’s cunt on his cock and his finger up her asshole. Jackie mewled softly as she felt them both go deep.

“Now, hold you finger still,” she said.

Jackie began to bounce up and down, her hands gripping his legs. Tony saw his cock and finger being pulled into her cunt and whole. Jackie panted with excitement as she increased the speed of her ass.

“Ohhhh, yes.” Jackie gasped. “This is wonderful, Tony! Abbhh, I’m fucking you with my cunt and asshole — your cock and finger! Ahhh, baby, this will make me come so fucking hard!”

“Fuck me, Mom!”

“I am, you hard-cocked motherfucker!” Jackie moaned, pounding her cunt and asshole onto him hard and fast. “I am fucking you! Can you see it? Can you see your cock in my cunt and your finger in my asshole!”

“Yeah!” Tony groaned.

“Ohhh, I wish I could!” Jackie panted, slamming up and down faster and faster, her tits swaying. “Tony, your finger feels as big as your cock!”

“Keep going fast, Mom and my cock won’t be so hard!”

“Not yet!”

She held his cock deep inside her pussy, and her asshole flexed around his buried finger.

“That’s not going to work!” Tony gasped. “Don’t come!” Jackie groaned, jerking her cunt off his cock, his finger pulling out of her asshole. “Watch this!”

She adjusted her hips and Tony stared as the head of his cock pressed at the crinkle of his mother’s asshole.

“You’re going to take it up your ass, Mom?”

“Watch me.”

Jackie slowly pushed her ass onto his cock. Tony stared hard as his prick penetrated his mother’s whole. He was holding his breath, waiting and watching.

Jackie held her breath. As her asshole opened around his cock, she felt a fiery, throbbing kind of pain, but it wasn’t bad at all. She pushed her asshole farther down on her son’s cock, feeling her asshole stretch more than it ever had before in her life.

She gasped when his prick was completely inside her asshole. She sat there a moment, her ass shaking, stuffed with her son’s cock. She turned to look at him, one hand holding his balls, pressing them against her cunt.

“Do you like that, Tony?” Jackie asked. “Damn, Mom!” he gasped. “You’re so fucking tight!”

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass before!”

“Why now, Mom?”

“You don’t like it?”

“I love it!” Tony yelped, feeling her asshole flex around the base of his cock. “You want me to come in your ass?”

“You can come anywhere you want to come!”

Pressing his hot balls against the sensitive lips of her cunt, Jackie began to lift and lower her asshole onto his prick, fucking him.

“Tony, I like it, too! I love it, in fact! Ohhh, darling, watch me — watch mother’s asshole fuck your big, hard cock!”

As she became more comfortable with his cock in her asshole, Jackie began to ride him faster, twisting her hips. She kept his balls pressed against her fiery cunt, trying to stuff them inside.

“Watch your cock go into my asshole!”

“I see it, Mom!”

Jackie could feel every throb her son’s cock made within the burning ring of her asshole. It seemed to go much deeper into her ass than her cunt, but that was probably because she had never been ass-fucked before. She found she could slide her asshole up and down his cock just as easily as her cunt, so she began to pound up and down swiftly, the spreading checks of her ass slapping on his stomach.

“Mom, you better slow down! You’re going to make me come if you keep going so fast!”

“Then come!” Jackie shouted. “I want you to come in my ass! I want to feel you come up my fucking asshole, Tony!”

Tony was gripping his mother’s hips, staring as his cock was being devoured by his mother’s fiery asshole. His balls began to ache.

“I’m ready, Mom!”

“DO it! Come in my ass now!”

She slammed down hard on him, the ring of her scalding asshole gripping the base of his cock, squeezing and relaxing, then squeezing again.

With a grunt, Tony spurted his cum into his mother’s asshole.

“Ohhhhh, Tony!” Jackie screamed, her cunt exploding with a shattering orgasm. “I feel it! I feel you coming in my fucking asshole. Oooooh, my cunt is on fire! I’m coming, too!”

Tony couldn’t believe how hard he came. He couldn’t believe the way his mother’s asshole sucked and squeezed the jism out of his balls.

Jackie soared, her cunt going through convulsion after convulsion, a rippling sensation that was very powerful. She tried to stuff her son’s balls into her cunt, but failed. Her asshole was spasming, her clit feeling as if it was bursting from her cunt. She trembled and would have fallen, but there was no place to fail.

Slowly her pussy and asshole reined and she felt her son’s cock softening inside her ass. She shivered, then began to giggle wantonly. She lifted her ass, and Tony’s cock pulled free. She turned around and sat on his legs, sliding her hands over his cock and balls, her eyes bright.

“I didn’t know that could feel so good,” Jackie said. “It didn’t hurt at all, but it sure made me come!”

She stood up on trembling legs above her son. Tony looked up between her slender thighs at her cunt and the round lightness of his mother’s ass. Jackie turned on the shower, sending a warm spray of water over them. While her son got in the tub, she soaped her cunt and ass good, washing herself, singing softly.

When she finished, she stepped out onto the floor and dried herself, her eyes still twinkling erotically. She humped and twisted her ass as she used the towel on it, then drew it up between her thighs and rubbed it back and forth. Finally, she dropped the towel on the wet floor.

“Are you going to lie in that tub all day?” she asked, turning to leave.

“I might do that, Mom. You’ve fucked me out. I’m so tired I don’t want to move.”

“You better move that lazy ass! I’ve been thinking about something!”


“I won’t tell you unless you get out of the tub.”

She wiggled her naked ass at her son, then left him and went to her dresser. She rummaged through the drawers until she found an old pair of shorts. She had never liked them. They had wide legs and she preferred tight legs. Taking a pair of scissors and a needle and thread, she sat on her bed, naked, and went to work.

She was almost finished when her son came in.

“Now, what have you been thinking about, Mom?”

She held the shorts up, her eyes bright.

“Mom, you can’t wear those,” Tony said. “You’d be showing your fucking cunt!”



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