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xNovel - Let's Eat Now, Mom!


Let's Eat Now, Mom!

Cover:cover: let's eat now, mom!
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“You pay me back anytime,” Becky said, giving her son a wicked grin. She was stacking the dishes into the dishwasher, her legs glistening with piss.

“You really liked it, huh, Mom?”

“I loved it, and you know it,” she said. “You felt me come again.”

He was sitting in a hard-backed chair, slumped forward, legs parted. His balls were wet with piss, his cock with the juices of her cunt. She could see the delight on his young face, in the way his eyes shined. Feeling him piss into her cunt had felt extremely pleasant to her.

Starting the dishwasher, she turned and looked at her son. The dark hair of her cunt was soaked in piss, matted to her flesh. She gazed at his wet cock and balls, then ran her tongue over her lips unconsciously.

“You were trying to get a blow job earlier, weren’t you, baby?” she asked huskily.

“I was trying to get anything I could, Mom.” He grinned.

Her eyes sparkled. “Instead, you got some pussy and ass.”

“Especially ass! You sure have a tight asshole, Mom.”

“It should be tight,” she replied. “You’re the only one that’s ever fucked it. It was almost like being a virgin again… being fucked for the first time.”

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“You can’t hurt me, baby,” she said. “Anything you want from me, you can have. There’s no way you can hurt me, certainly not with your cock.”

“You mean it’s too little?”

“Oh, no!” Becky said quickly. “It’s perfect, Ted. It fits me anywhere you put it.”

She stepped to him, kneeling and sliding her hands up his thighs to his cock and balls.

“You’re wet, with piss and my juice.”

“I’ll clean it up if you suck it, Mom,” he offered.

“I wouldn’t dream of asking you to clean up,” Becky said throatily.

“You’re gonna suck it like that? I have piss on my balls, Mom.”

“Mmmmmm, I can see,” she purred, then ran her tongue along his thigh. “You won’t think I’m… you know, nasty, if I suck your cock just the way it is, will you?”

“Nasty? You’re not nasty, Mom,” he said. “You’re the best mom in the whole world… the whole fucking world!”

Becky flicked her tongue at his flesh, seeing his hairless, wet balls, and his cock. She breathed in the scent and found it intoxicating. She moved her hands to his hips, turning to lick at his other thigh. Swirling her tongue, she went from thigh to thigh, moving closer to his crotch.

“Any higher, Mom, and you’re gonna taste piss,” he warned.

“You did, didn’t you?” she whispered with her lips against his thigh. “It didn’t bother you, did it?”

Ted grinned and ran his hand through his mother’s hair, watching as her tongue moved almost to his balls.

“Yeah, it bothered me, Mom.”

Becky looked at him.

“It bothered me so much, I want to do it again.” He grinned when he saw relief come over her face. “But if you suck my cock, you know it was up your asshole.”

“I don’t mind that, either,” she purred, tracing a wet pattern on his thigh, very close to his piss-wet balls. “I’ll suck your cock no matter where it’s been.”

“What if I fuck another girl?”

Becky considered a moment. “I couldn’t do much about that, could I? I don’t think I’d be jealous, though. I understand you young guys.”

“I meant fuck a girl and then you suck my cock.”

“Oh, so that’s it, huh?” She grinned. “You think I wouldn’t suck it if you had it in another cunt. Well, you’d be wrong, baby. I’d suck your cock no matter how many little cunts you fucked with it, even with their pussy juices still on it.”

“Now that’s nasty!” Ted laughed.

“Is it?” she asked. “I’d call it love for your cock. What’s nasty about me loving your cock?”

“Nothing,” he said.

“Besides,” Becky grinned wickedly up at him. “I like to get kinky and naughty… with you.”

“You did it with dad?”

Becky shook her head. “Only you, darling.”

“Hey, wow!”

She bit the flesh of his thigh lightly, then lapped at his piss-wet balls. She swirled her tongue beneath them, drawing it upward. Her tongue circled his balls, then with a soft mewl, she pulled them into her hot mouth. The taste of his piss sent a rippling excitement about her satiny flesh, her eyes rolling in a dreamy manner.

She pulled his cock close to her cheek, feeling the juices of her own cunt an it. She sucked lightly at his balls, twirling her tongue about, making soft sounds of pleasure deep in her throat.

After a while, she let go of his balls, and her tongue moved up the pussy-wet shaft of his cock. He was hardening again beneath the hot, wet manipulations of her lips and tongue, and she closed her lips around the head of his cock, sinking down.

Her son’s cock slid into her mouth. She found it intensely pleasurable, and every time she sucked it, the sensations seemed to increase.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred as her mouth filled, her lips at the base.

The piss on him simply added to her delight. Sliding her hands up and down his thighs and hips, she began to suck, slowly, deliciously. Ted ran his hands through his mother’s hair, trying to watch her lips around his cock. Becky twisted her head around, then the other way, making soft moans of pleasure while her lips glided up and down, from the base to the head, her tongue twirling to savor the taste.

“God, you taste good, baby,” she whispered, lifting her mouth. “Your cock tastes so fucking good!”

Her tongue swished about his hairless balls hotly, rolling them around. She darted her tongue below his balls and, pulling his ass over the edge of the chair, probed his asshole tenderly, his piss-wet balls and cock in her face.

With a soft sob of hunger, Becky quickly ran her moist lips up his cock again, taking it into her mouth swiftly, diving downward. She squeezed his hips as her lips moved up and down the shaft, finally cupping his asscheeks and lifting him as her mouth drew deeply on his prick.

“Oh, Mom, that’s good!” Ted groaned.

“Mmmmm,” she replied, rubbing at his crinkled asshole with the tip of one finger as her mouth sucked at his throbbing cock.

“Your mouth is so hot and wet, Mom! Ahhh, suck real hard! That’s it, Mom! Ooooooh, that’s great, Mom!”

Becky, with her lips tight, sucked up and down, her tongue flicking as he dripped across it. Squeezing one cheek of his ass with one hand, the other rubbing firmly at his puckering asshole, she sucked vigorously now, hungry to have his come juice spurt down her throat.

Ted lifted his legs and draped them across her shoulders, squeezing her face with his thighs, humping up as her mouth came down. Becky whimpered in delight, the hardness of his cock making her tips tingle. Her mouth became watery, and she had to swallow often. Her cunt was quivering wetly, and the rounded cheeks of her ass bunched with each suck of his cock.

Ted placed a hand on the back of his mother’s head, pushing her face down as he pressed his cock to her throat. Becky moaned. She could feel the hot smoothness of his cock at her throat, and her clit bulged in response.

Ted, his balls on fire, began to squirm as his mother sucked faster.

“Mom, you’re about to get a big mouthful!” he grunted.

“Ahhhmmmmm!” she responded, sucking faster.

“Ohhh, Mom! Suck hard! Ohhhhh, you’re gonna suck my balls off, Mom!”

Feeling her son’s cock throb hotter yet, Becky raced her mouth up and down, drawing hard, desperate to pull his come juice into it. She slipped the tip of her finger up his tight asshole, bringing a gasp from Ted, and also a lurch of his cock into her mouth.

“Now, Mom!” Ted yelped. “I’m gonna come now, Mom! Ohhhh, catch it! Catch my come juice in your mouth, Mom!”

Tasting a rapid spurt of thick, hot come juice on her tongue, Becky sobbed, her cunt convulsing. She made wet sounds as she swallowed as fast as she could, the hot juices of his balls burning at her throat. His cock pulsated against her lips with each squirt, and this time she didn’t lose any. As long as her son was coming in her mouth, her cunt rippled with hot orgasms, the hairy lips flexing as her clit throbbed.

As the hot spurts ended, Becky dung to his prick, running her tongue over, it, lapping his piss-hole, her cunt calming. There was something very enjoyable about holding her son’s cock in her mouth after sucking him off, feeling and tasting as he softened.

Ted dropped his hands from he head, but he still held his thighs against her face, his legs draped over her shoulders. He leaned back, breathing heavily for a few moments. Then he caressed his mother’s hair again as she clung to his cock.

Becky had pulled her finger out of his asshole, and she was tenderly stroking, the cheeks, a fingertip moving up and down the split to his balls, then to the base of his spine. She felt him trembling.

For a moment she wasn’t certain what was happening.

With her lips tight around the base of his soft cock, she glanced up at his face and saw his eyes glittering with mischief.

Then she realized what her son was doing. He was squirting little spurts of piss into her mouth!

Startled, she jerked her mouth off his cock.

“Ted! What the fuck?”

“Pay-back time, Mom!” He giggled.

Becky, still on her knees, her hands resting on his thighs, gazed at his delighted face, the taste of his piss in her mouth. Her eyes suddenly softened and filmed over with surprised pleasure. She ran her tongue over her lips, then laughed.

“Okay, you paid me back,” she said, but her voice was very low and husky. “I should have known you’d pull that trick sooner or later.”

“I won’t do it again,” he said, still pleased with what he had done. “I promise, but I had to do it once, Mom.”

“Sure, you did,” she replied, her eyes lowering to his cock and balls. A golden bead of piss was on his piss hole. “You just had to piss in my mouth. You couldn’t stop yourself.”

“That’s right, Mom.”

“Bullshit!” she said, but her face glowed with pleasure.

Ted giggled, wiggling his cock at her playfully. “I had to go, Mom, and since it was in your mouth, well.”

Becky stared at the golden bead of piss on his cock. She lowered her head, her tongue sliding from her mouth. She slowly licked the bead of piss from him, her eyes slitted and a dreamy expression coming over her face. She looked up at him again.

“Honey…” she said hesitantly. “Would you… would you like to piss on mother?”

“Piss on you?”

“You know, on my titties, maybe?”

“If you’d like it, I’ll do it.”

A shiver moved up and down Becky’s flesh. “I think I would, baby. I think I would love to feel you pissing on my titties… your hot piss splashing all over my titties and nipples.”


“Why not?”

“What about the floor?”

“Fuck the floor!” Becky gasped, eager to feel her son’s hot piss on her. “Piss on mother’s titties right here!”

She sat back on her heels, spreading her knees and ran one hand along her hairy cunt, the other cupping and lifting one firm tit, her nipple straining outward with rubbery hardness. Ted stood before her, his cock level with her glowing face.

“Let me hold it,” she whispered, pulling her hand from her cunt and grasping his cock at the base, with a thumb and forefinger. She stared at his piss-hole, anxious to see his piss come from it. She held her tit upward.

“Piss, darling,” she sobbed in a soft sound. “Piss on mother’s tits, splash mother’s titties with hot piss!”

Ted shoved his hips forward slightly. The golden piss came out slowly, and Becky gasped, arching her cunt to the stream. She felt it on her nipple, causing her breath to catch in her throat.

“It makes my nipple tingle,” she mewled. Ted, watching, sent a stronger stream to her tit.

“Oooooh, yes!” Becky hissed, looking down and watching her son’s piss splash over her nipple. “Harder, Ted!”

Hot piss rained over her tit, drenching it, and ran down over her stomach. She saw it soak the hair of her cunt, and she cooed with perverse ecstasy. She turned his cock, making him piss on her other tit.

“Ohhhh, I love it, Ted!” she whimpered, turning his cock loose and cupping both her tits, lifting them to him. “Hold your cock and piss on my titties!”

Taking his cock in his hand, Ted sprayed his mother’s body, swinging his prick from side to side, spurting piss over her rigid nipples. Becky closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them and ran her hands over her tits, as if washing them in his piss. His piss ran from her tits down over her stomach and into her pussy hair, and she felt it on her clit before it dripped to the floor between her feet. Her hands moved to her crotch, where she ran her fingers through the piss-soaked curls, then with a frenzy, Becky began to fingerfuck herself almost brutally.

“Piss on me!” she hissed. “Piss on mother’s titties! Oooooh, piss all over me! It’s going to make me come, Ted! Ohhhh, my cunt… so wet and hot and I’m going to come! Piss on me! Piss on mother!”

Her finger stabbed frantically in and out of her pulsating cunt while her son drenched her from her tits downward in hot piss. Becky squealed and cried out with ecstasy, her head lifted, eyes closed, lips parted as the rapture sent her mind spinning. Ted lifted his cock and sent hot piss on his mother’s neck.

Becky cried out with delight, ramming her finger wildly into her cunt, her ass twisting on her heels.

“Ohhhh, I’m coming!” she gasped. “My God… Ted, I’m coming so hard! Piss on me! Piss on my tits! Ahhh, my neck, darling! Piss on my neck!”

Ted sent a spray of hot piss over her chin. Becky gasped with pleasure, her cunt squeezing her buried finger in a gripping orgasm. As the piss stream slowed, she gave a gasp and swiftly caught the head of his cock with her lips, catching a final squirt of piss into her mouth, which she swallowed with greed.

“Ohhhh, God, baby, that was wonderful!” she whispered as her son pulled back. “Ooooh, I love it when you piss on me!”

Ted giggled, but not nastily. “I enjoyed it too, Mom.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet to me!” she moaned, hugging his ass and burying her face into his crotch.



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