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xNovel - That Naughty Neighbor Girl


That Naughty Neighbor Girl

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George Jackson got his fishing equipment out of the back of his brother’s pick-up camper. It had been a long day, and he was tired as he walked up the winding sidewalk to his front door.

Wondering if Susie was still waiting up for him, he pushed open the door.

“Jesus!” he hissed.

What shocked the older man was the sight of his daughter standing in the dimly lit room. All of the lights were off, but the twinkling coming from several candles made the room into a reddish, dream-like world. A low mellow sound was coming from the stereo.

In the middle of the room, Susie was waiting for her father. The big-titted blonde was in a long, black nightgown that was covering just enough of her luscious young body to make it much more sexy than if she was totally naked.

Susie’s hair was shining from the brushing that she had given it. Under that almost see through gown, the sexy teenager had touched a finger coated with perfume to several spots. The heady aroma of musk came up from her throat, then down in a curving line to each mountain of titflesh, then down through the tiny hairs on her flat belly. When the scented line reached her furry bush over her slippery pussy, Susie had circled down to her thighs before touching the last spot, the back of each knee. The horny teen was ready.

“Hi, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Jesus, Susie,” he hissed again.

“Let’s go to bed, Daddy,” she said with a smile. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

The voluptuous teenager had been fully introduced to all of the forms of sexual passion by her, neighbors, and she loved everything that she had learned. Susie couldn’t seem to get enough sucking and fucking. The pretty teen loved everything about it. Just thinking about a hard cock would now make her tight pussy begin to get wet and itchy. Thinking about her daddy’s hard cock had her in a frenzy that had kept her on edge all night.

As her father entered their home, the quivering girl took his hand and walked in front of him back to the bathroom. Without speaking, she turned on the shower, getting the water just right for him. Her nimble fingers stripped his still muscular frame. Before she left, she tipped her face back and kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue into her mouth for a few seconds of pleasure for them bath.

George washed off the sweat and fishy smell in the hot shower. He toweled off. As he walked into his bedroom, he was in for another pleasant surprise.

Susie had spent a lot of time planning how she was spread out on her father’s big bed. She had arranged her long blonde hair over the pillows. On her back, her heavy tits were pushed up by her arms as she hugged them up mostly out of the black nightgown.

While he had showered, the gorgeous blonde had moved the candles into the bedroom, so she could see her dad’s naked body as he came to her.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered as he walked to the foot of the bed, looking down at his daughter. “I still can’t believe that we’re doing this.”

George’s cock was throbbing hard, standing out in front of his belly. The sight of his daughter on his bed was so exciting for him. Quickly getting up onto the bed, he crawled up between Susie’s legs as she opened them for him.

His hands pushed up the long, shimmering black material. His daughter’s hips arched up as she helped him. Looking down, he saw that lovely tight blonde pussy that had been the only thing on his mind, ever since he had touched it far the first time that morning.

“Yes, Daddy,” she cooed.

“Beautiful,” he moaned again.

“Do it,” she begged as she squirmed on the bed. “Lick on my hot pussy, Daddy.”

The delightful words moved the hungry man into action. He stared at the blonde fringed cunt slit of pinkness as she opened up her thighs wider for him. She began slowly gyrating her ass on the bed as she anticipated what he was going to do in just a few seconds.

“Oooh, yes!” she heatedly panted as she felt his hands touching her inner thighs.

Gently spreading the swollen outer pussylips on his own daughter, George licked up through the moist heat of her, luscious cunt slit. She shivered under his face, the slippery hotness of the silky slash of pink pussy rubbing up over him as she responded.

“Lick it, Daddy,” she urged. “Make me come nice. I’ve got something special for you, Daddy. Get me good and hot. Ooooh, yeah! Just like that.”

Tasting the wild flavor of his daughter’s soaking wet pussy, the older man eagerly tonguefucked his warm flesh in and out of her hot, slick cunt. She grinded up higher, quickly reaching that body-shaking point of orgasm.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” she sobbed. Reaching up as he felt her instant climax begin, George flicked over the pointed clit, making Susie’s big, soft tits dance on her chest as she came.

Susie let the first gasping climax engulf her sweet body. What she had in mind was something entirely new for the horny girl, and she wanted to be hotter than she had ever been before, to try it with her father. His exciting tonguing was a good start to the shuddering blonde teenager, reaching that point.

“Noooo,” she groaned as she pushed his face away from between her clamping legs.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she cooed. “I love it. You lick on my pussy really nice, Daddy.”

“Then why stop me?”

Reaching down with a searching hand, the aroused girl found his thick hard cock throbbing out from his naked waist. The strings on her gown fell, exposing Susie’s tits. She wrapped her fingers around her father’s enormous hard-on, feeling the pre-cum that was leaking make her fingers all slippery.

“My turn,” she cooed. “That’s all.”

Wanting it to last, Susie began slowly at first. She ran her tongue around her own lips to wet them, then moved those shiny lips down over the tip of his jumping, stiff prick. Pulling back, she strung the tasty pre-cum out.

“Is this it?” he asked.


“The special thing that you are going to do for me,” he said, his voice breaking as he shuddered.

“Was it sucking on my cock, baby?”

“No!” she giggled.

“It sure feels like it to me,” he groaned as he arched his back.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned with delight as she repeated the lewd gesture of stringing out a shiny long bead of pre-cum from her lips to the head of her father’s beautiful purple cockhead. “Good. I’m glad you like it.”

“Oooh, Susie!” he hissed as he felt his daughter’s lips on his throbbing hard cock.

“Is this all for me, Daddy? God, you’re hot. Your cock is dripping.”

“All I could think about all day was you, Susie,” he admitted.

“Enjoy,” she moaned as her head dipped down farther over the rubbery tip of his prick.

The whimpering girl grasped her father’s big thick cock in her soft hand. She squeezed, forcing up more of the delicious tasting pre-cum. Instead of licking off the shiny bubbles, she leaned down and rubbed the slippery fluid on the inside curves of her soft tits.

“Hold him up,” she whispered.

Knowing what she had in mind, George pointed his stiff prick up in the air. His daughter lowered her massive soft tits around his cock, running them up and down for a few exciting seconds until he was jumping and panting again. His cock was wrapped in a delicious young tunnel of titflesh.

The sweet-looking teenager used her body like the aware woman that she had turned into. Each teasing shrug of her shoulders worked to milk her pink tits around her father’s throbbing hard cock. She only stopped when she saw that he didn’t want to come, yet.

“Should I stop?”

“Yes,” he groaned.

“Was that nice?” she asked.

“God, Susie,” he groaned. “Is this what you were planning for me?”

“No,” she cooed.

“God, what is it?” he gasped.

“Mmmmm,” Susie moaned back as she opened her mouth to suck him again.

Wrapping her juicy hot lips around his big throbbing cockhead, the sexy girl took her father’s prick into her mouth. She mouth fucked her way down farther, taking over half of his thick long hard-on into her sucking mouth.

“Oooh, my God!” he panted.

Susie raised up her cocksucking face and smiled up to her father from between his legs. “You like it deep?”

“That was great,” he answered.

“I can take more,” she bragged. “Watch me, Daddy. Watch me deep-throat your pretty prick.”

Quickly lowering her mouth down again over his lust-stiffened cock, Susie felt the swollen, over stretched prick sliding between her lips. Opening wide, the heavenly teenager swallowed the tip of her father’s thick prick right down into her clutching throat.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned again, the vibrations making George’s prick throb wildly deeply in his daughter’s throat as she sucked harder.

As the magnificent big-titted teen used her mouth in an incestuous, torturing blowjob, she felt the deep throbbing that meant he was going to come. She eased off, just holding his prick in her mouth for a long minute until he was back under control. Her mouth raised, and she kissed the still dripping tip with her pursed lips.

“That was fantastic,” he groaned.

“That still wasn’t it, Daddy,” she laughed. “What is it?”

“Are you ready?”

“Jesus?” he hissed again.

“I want you to fuck me,” she started. “To fuck me where no one has ever done it to me.”

“Where?” he panted.

“Up my asshole,” she said.

“What?” he sputtered.

“Will you put your big cock up my ass, Daddy?” she begged. “I can’t be a virgin for you, but this is the next best thing. I’ve never taken a prick up my ass. You can be the first one to cornhole me, Daddy. Please? I want to feel your big hard prick up in my asshole.”

As she was begging her daddy, Susie rolled over and knelt in front of bin with her creamy ass cheeks up in the air. The black gown was bunched at the waist, making a lewd picture as she wiggled the inviting looking target of her brown puckered shitter.

“Please,” she moaned.

Coming up to his knees on the big bed, George touched the inner thighs of his daughter. She obeyed, opening them up farther. Her cute, soft bottom quivered as he ran his hands over it.

“Sure, baby,” he said. “I’d love to fuck you up your ass.”

His prick was slippery from Susie’s spit and his own lubrication. He wanted to get her ready, and bent forward to lick his moist tongue over the brown asshole. He gave it a long lingering tonguing, hearing his daughter’s low moaning grow as he probed deeper with his tongue into her tight virgin asshole.

“Oooh, Daddy,” she moaned. “This is so naughty. I love it! God, this is going to be awesome.”

Shuddering with the intense pleasure that she was feeling, Susie felt the hot slippery tongue gliding in and out of her wiggling shitter. Her daddy was sending unbelievable jolts of pure lust through her body. He pointed the lewd tongue, fucking it up into her body as his fingers entered the lower juicy pussyhole with the same timing.

“Please!” she panted. “Put it up in me. Ooooh, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Knowing that she was mote than ready, George nudged his cockhead up against the quivering softness of Susie’s asscheeks. His hands spread the fleshy buns, and the purple tip of his prick slipped in a little deeper between them.

“I feel him, Daddy. Put it up in my ass… Ooooh, yes! Butt fuck me, Daddy.”

Spreading the tight rings of her ass wide as he separated his daughter’s ass cheeks, the older man pressed the tip of his prick into the brown tight opening.

She hissed, the pain sharp as the huge head of her father’s hard-on stretched her virgin ass.

“You push back on me,” he instructed his daughter as his big cock stretched the tight channel of her asshole. “Go easy, baby.”

After holding still for a few seconds, the luscious girl raised up her body. She had been crushing her tits on the bed as he forced his cock into her virgin whole, but now she was ready for more.

Pushing back slowly, Susie felt the rings of muscle guarding her guts giving way to the urgent prick that her father was shoving up into her. Her elastic ass molded to his size, and she got another inch of his pretty prick into her slippery asshole.

“Oooh, Daddy! It’s getting better. Yeah! Your cock is feeling better and better!”

Almost unable to stand it, the beautiful big titted blonde’s father had been waiting, without moving his throbbing hard-on. Now that the muscles in Susie’s ass were relaxed, he grasped her hips in his strong grip and began slowly stroking in and out, moving only a few inches.

“Yes!” she hissed.

“Is it all right?”

“Oooh, yes!” she panted. “Harder, Daddy! Fuck my asshole! Fuck me harder!”

Totally out of control from her cries, George’s grip on his daughter’s hips tightened and he started to fuck his long thick prick up into her sweet shitter as hard and fast and deep as he could manage.

“That’s it, Daddy!” she screamed with passin. “Oooh, yes! Yes! Yes!”

Susie pushed back as her daddy fucked into her tight asshole. She could feel his cumfilled balls as they slapped up against her blonde pussy. The gushing slit of her cunt was nibbling on the hanging hairy globes on each stroke, wanting to suck them into her pink pussy.

Knowing that his cum would be filling Susie’s ass in only a few seconds, George reached around and found the swollen clit on his horny daughter. He flicked over the swollen joy button until she was coming like a wild, woman. Only then did he throw his head back and begin to pound into her defenseless sitter for his own orgasm.

“Oooh, Daddy!” She was sobbing over and over again. “Come for me. Please. Ooooh! He’s so big. I know you’re close. Your cock is so big up in my ass. I can feel it jumping. Ooooh, come, Daddy!”

Susie was right. The next stroke into her tight asshole was the longest yet. Her father’s panting stopped. He arched his back, and flushed a fiery wave of cum up into her sweet ass.

“Yes!” she screamed as she felt her daddy’s shuddering climax begin. “It burns, Daddy. It burns so damn nice up in my asshole. Don’t stop! Please. Ooooh! Fuck me through it, Daddy. Fuck me!”

The pretty blonde girl woke an hour later with her father’s weight still on her back. She wiggled out, snuggling with him with his head on her full tits.

Her life had changed so much in the last week, and Susie knew that she could never go back to being the virgin that she had been. After tonight, she was glad.

Susie sighed, contented as she drifted back off to sleep with her arms around her father.




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