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xNovel - Stacked Hot Mom


Stacked Hot Mom

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Several hours later, Sylvia began to second guess her decision as she drove to her kid sister’s cozy bungalow on the other side of town. She knew that she had to stop fucking her son and she knew that Jill was the only person who would be utterly horrified by the story Sylvia was going to tell her. At the same time, she wondered seriously if Jill would keep her hands out of Tony’s jeans.

Jill was a slut. There was no use mincing words, Sylvia knew, because that was what Jill called herself. She was twenty-eight years old now, a tall, long-legged blonde with mischievous blue eyes acute ass and a nice pair of tits. Jill looked like a sweet, wholesome girl at first glance. But Jill had a constant need for sex.

She’d already divorced two husbands, both of whom had caught her with her legs wrapped around another man’s back. Jill never blamed herself for cheating on them. She blamed her ex-husbands, for not giving her the constant, violent fucking she craved. Sylvia’s kid sister apparently didn’t think it was too much to ask a man to cum five times a day. Fortunately — or unfortunately — there was no chance of Jill marrying again. The last husband had inherited money, and Jill was quite content living alone in the cottage off of his alimony checks.

Sylvia parked her car at the curb, and was halfway up the path to Jill’s little house when the door opened in front of her. Out stepped what looked like a college student, a tall, muscular teen with a dreamy, contented smile on his face. The teen was buttoning his shirt. He grinned at Sylvia as they passed each other gazing shamelessly at her huge tits. Sylvia turned, watching as the teen hopped into a gray convertible and drove away.

The door was still open. Blushing, Sylvia looked inside the house. Jill was sprawled on her back on the couch, stark naked. The nympho blonde was finger-fucking as fast as she could, grimacing up at the ceiling, humping her round ass off the sofa in a frantic fucking motion. Sylvia stared helplessly at her sister’s curly-haired pussy, watching her fingers going in and out, seeing how wet and gooshy Jill’s cunt looked. The college kid had obviously just finished fucking the shit out of her. It was just like Jill to jack off right after some stud had shot a big load of jizz up her cunt.

“Unngggggghhhhh!” Jill moaned. “Oh, so good… unh, unhhhh…”

Red-faced with embarrassment, ashamed of the hot tingling she felt in her panties, Sylvia quietly shut the door. She stood on the step, counting the seconds, then finally rapped firmly. She heard Jill curse, followed by the protest of the couch springs as the naked blonde hopped off the sofa and padded to the door.

“Who is it?”

“Guess,” Sylvia said sarcastically. “I called you an hour ago. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Well, come on in…”

Jill swung the door open, obviously completely unconcerned with her nakedness, or even with the white drops of spunk that showed clearly inner thighs next to her pussy. Jill turned on her side and Sylvia stared helplessly at her sister’s round, peach-shaped ass. The cheeks were flushed pink, obviously from all the humping Jill had done that morning.

“Okay, shoot,” Jill said. She sprawled on the couch, wiggling her back on the padded armrest and carelessly spreading her long, slender legs apart. Sylvia blushed, trying not to look at her sister’s wet cunt. “What do you want Tony to stay with me for?”

Sylvia’s blush darkened, and she averted her eyes in embarrassment. Then she told the story. It was the truth in nearly every respect, the story she’d agreed upon with Tony that morning, the only story that Jill would believe. She left out only the fact that her incestuous lust for her son had actually been consummated, that she had naturally fucked her very own son.

“Wow!” Jill’s eyes shone as she listened to the story. “This is really a turn-on! Okay, what happened after he got a hard-on?”

“I… I got very excited,” Sylvia admitted, wringing her hands together. “I’m afraid I just couldn’t help myself. I was very horny, and I decided right then that it would be wise to get Tony out of the house for a few days. Tony agreed with me. He was very ashamed when his cock got hard from looking at his own mother’s body.”

“Wow, this is too much,” Jill murmured. “Does Tony have a big cock?”

Sylvia stared at her sister in horror, her eyes widening as she watched Jill slide her hand between her slim legs, darting a finger in and out of her wet, just-fucked cunt.

“Jill, I don’t think that’s any of your fucking business,” Sylvia said hotly. “And no matter how much I could use your help, I won’t let my son stay here if I think you’re going to give a blow-job to your own nephew the first night he stays here.”

“Okay, okay,” Jill sighed, reluctantly popping her finger out of her pussy. “It’s just a real turn-on story, that’s all. I’ll bet you must still be super, super horny.”

“I already admitted that,” Sylvia said stiffly. “Ummmmm. You better do something to take care of your pussy, Sylvia. Or you’ll be so horny that you’ll just wind up begging Tony to fuck you as soon as he gets back.”

“What… what do you mean?”

“Well, why don’t I show you?”

Suddenly the naked blonde sat up on the couch, sliding across the cushion until she was sitting beside her big sister. Sylvia’s lips parted in shock as Jill brazenly thrust her hand under her skirt, pressing her fingers lewdly on Sylvia’s horny cunt.

“Jill, stop that!”

But her legs wouldn’t obey her mental command to clamp shut. She just sat there.

“Wow, your panties are all wet!” Jill giggled. The blonde shamelessly rubbed her big sister’s pussy, expertly stroking her cunt-slit through the sheer panty-crotch. “Oh, fuck, it really feels hot. Wow, Sylvia, you have got a super, super horny cunt.”

“Take your filthy hands off me,” Sylvia gasped.

But she didn’t try to shut her legs. If anything, she spread them wider.

“I think you need someone to suck this horny pussy and make it feel better,” Jill purred, in a baby-talk voice. “Want me to lick your cunt and make it cum?”

“No!” Sylvia gasped. “No, this is so awful!”

“Why don’t you knock off the shit, big sister?”

Jill giggled as she slid off the couch, kneeling in front of it, reaching up to roughly yank off Sylvia’s skirt. The panties went next, leaving her naked from the waist down except for her sandals. Roughly Jill pulled Sylvia’s ass to the edge of the couch, pushing her legs wide apart, groaning shamelessly at the sight of her big sister’s hot, throbbing, dripping-wet cunt.

“Wow,” Jill purred. “Now that’s what I call juicy!”

“Oh, no!” Sylvia whined. “No, please…” But by then Jill had already buried her face between her big sister’s spread-eagled legs. Lewdly the nympho blonde pressed her mouth on Sylvia’s throbbing pussy, moaning with pleasure as she smelled and tasted the heavy flow of musky fuck-juices flowing from Sylvia’s fuck-slit. Sylvia trembled helplessly as Jill feverishly began licking and sucking, lapping her tongue greedily between the swollen, hairy folds of Sylvia’s cunt.

“Unngghh! No, stop, no… unnngggghh!” Sylvia shuddered as the intense pleasure mounted in her loins, as her furry, drippy pussy responded to Jill’s urgent licking. “No, don’t do that! It’s so filthy, it’s… ungghhh! Oh, Jill! Oh, oh… ungggh! Unngggghhh!”

Red-faced and guilty, shocked by her own lesbian incestuous passion, Sylvia realized that she was now much, much too horny to make her nympho sister stop. Her ass started moving off the couch, her enormous tits jiggling as she wiggled and humped. Her hands came down, clutching Sylvia’s head, curling in her long, blonde hair. Then she started humping in a delirium of passion, groaning and whimpering, fucking her throbbing pussy on her sister’s face.

“Hold still,” Jill said. The nympho blonde raised her head momentarily, giggling as she pushed two fingers in and out of Sylvia’s cunt. “Wow, you really are horny, aren’t you?”

“Suck it some more,” Sylvia gasped. “Oh, please…”

“Did your cunt get this wet when you looked at Tony’s big cock?” Jill whispered. “It’s okay to fantasize about it, Sylvia. Would you like to think about your son’s big hard, cock while I suck your pussy?”

“Oh, you’re awful. You’re such a slut.”

Jill just giggled, again burying her face between her big sister’s splayed, trembling thighs. Now she sucked her hairy, throbbing pussy with concentration, peeling her swollen cunt-lips delicately apart, exposing the glistening pink interior of her big sister’s painfully horny cunt.

Jill mooned, loving the taste of the brunette’s fuck-juices. Avidly she licked and lapped and sucked, as if determined to lick all of the cunt cream out of her big sister’s cunt. Her mouth moved gradually high, her tongue popping out to thrust deep inside the gooey fuck-opening. Then Jill started licking directly on her swollen, aching clit, making Sylvia’s whole body quiver helplessly with lust.

“Oh, fuck!” Sylvia whined. Desperately she clawed the back of her sister’s head, trying to hold Jill’s mouth on her clit. “Suck it! Please, please, suck it, lick it! Oh, fuck, fuck.”

“Wow,” Jill purred, lifting her head long enough to admire the large, swollen bud. “You’ve got a big one!”

Jill wrapped her lips around Sylvia’s aching clit, sucking it hard, as if she were trying to nurse milk out of a stiff nipple. Three fingers straightened, gliding deep inside Sylvia’s burning, horny pussy. Jill jacked off her cunt fast and hard, sucking the tingling clit, licking the underside hard with her tongue.

“Oh, shit, oh, fuck, fuck…” Sylvia clawed the back of Jill’s head, writhing and humping, her expression obscenely contorted as the intense pleasure of the sucking throbbed through her loins. “Suck it! Oh, fuck, it feels so good! Suck… annnhhh, not so hard! Ohhhh, ohhhhh…”

But Jill sucked very hard, puckering her cheeks around her throbbing clit, slurping so feverishly that the pleasure became painful and unbearably intense at the same time. Sylvia writhed as mindlessly as a horny animal, shuddering and moaning, not knowing whether to pull away from her sister’s vacuuming mouth or to thrust her cunt on Jill’s mouth as hard as she could.

“I’m cuming!” she shrieked. “Oh, fuck, fuck, suck on it! Ahhhh, fuck, fuck, suck on it! Ahhhh fuck, fuck, cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her cunt spumed violently, sucking the fingers that pounded in and out of her hairy fuck-hole, her clit pulsing like a tiny heart between Jill’s lips. Jill finally stopped sucking so hard, instead using just enough pressure to make the cum last a long time. Helplessly Sylvia writhed in ecstasy on the couch, clawing Jill’s neck, humping her ass until the contractions finally diminished deep inside her cunt.

“Oh, motherfucker!” Sylvia moaned. “Oh, that was… oh, Jill… Jill…”

Jill didn’t answer for nearly a minute. The naked blonde was still busily lapping the musky fuck-juice out of her big sister’s pussy, holding the swollen cunt-lips open as she shamelessly tongued all the cream out of Sylvia’s cunt. When Jill finally raised her head, the cunt-juice shone in a blotchy circle all around her mouth. Jill giggled unconcernedly.

“You liked that, didn’t you, Sylvia?” Jill licked your lips. “Ummm, your pussy really tasted good! You ought to come over and let me suck your cunt a lot more often.”

“You’re… such a slut,” Sylvia moaned. “I’m your sister. You don’t even care.”

“Wow, Sylvia, look at your nipples,” Jill murmured. “Look how stiff they are!”

Suddenly Jill had joined her on the couch again, straddling her bare thighs, wiggling her naked ass on her legs as she filled her hands with Sylvia’s enormous tits. Hungrily Jill kneaded and squeezed the giant tits, then started to pull up Sylvia’s blouse.

“Stop it,” Sylvia moaned.

“Wow, you’ve got such huge tits,” Jill sighed. “I mean, I’ve got big ones too, but yours are really whoppers. I swear, I used to really spend a lot of time staring at your tits when I was a kid. I used to think about them when I jacked off, even before I started thinking about cocks.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“I want to see ‘em!”

Jill roughly pulled off the blouse, groaning at the sight of her sister’s mammoth tits. Hurriedly Jill undid the clasp, letting the giant tits wiggle out of confinement. Sylvia’s nipples were at least three inches wide, dotted with little goosebumps, now swollen to a deep violet in color. Her rubbery teats protruded nearly an inch.

“Oh, shit, they feel so good!” Lewdly Jill rolled her enormous naked tits under her palms, sighing as she kit the spongy softness of her tit globes. “Can I suck on them?”

Jill lowered her head, opening her mouth as wide as she could, enveloping all three inches of Sylvia’s stiff, sensitive nipple. Jill puckered her cheeks and started sucking very hard, basting her teat with saliva, slurping noisily on her big sister’s tit. Sylvia moaned as her pussy started throbbing again, as the wet, horny tit sucking made her cunt burn with fresh need. Shamefully she cradled her blonde sister’s head, silently encouraging Jill to suck her stiff nipples as hard and long as she liked.

“Mmmmm, I like that!” Jill sighed. The blonde finally lifted her head when both teats were even stiffer than before and wet with saliva. “I’ll bet that made your pussy all juicy again, huh?” She giggled, sliding her hand back between Sylvia’s thighs, feeling her gooey, horny cunt-slit. “Wow, now it’s even wetter. Want me to suck it again?”

“Oh, please,” Sylvia moaned submissively. “Please!”

“But Sylvia, you’re not really being fair to me. My cunt got all wet too.”

Then Jill stood up on the couch, wiggling her toes on the cushions to either side of Sylvia’s hips, smiling down at her, her hairy fuck-mound now level with her big sister’s face. Jill lifted one long leg, resting the knee on the back of the couch. Now Sylvia found herself staring straight at the wet, red, pouting lips of her sister’s tight cunt, with the college student’s milky cum still shining on her cunt.

“Did you see that kid leaving when you came in, Sylvia?” Jill purred. “The one with the car? You did, didn’t you? Do you know what he just finished doing to me?”

“No,” Sylvia moaned. But at the same time she couldn’t help feeling the shameful lesbian desire, helplessly excited by the strong, musky smell of the just-fucked pussy. “Oh, you’re such a slut.”

“He just shot a big load of jizz in there. He fucked me all night and all morning, and I didn’t clean myself once. We were too busy humping.” Jill giggled, clutching the back of Sylvia’s head, thrusting her horny pussy on Sylvia’s mouth. “So I guess you get to clean it up for me, big sister. Come on, pussy-juice is good for you. I know you’ll love sucking out all that hot cum!”

She dug her fingers sharply into Sylvia’s neck, wiggling her naked ass, lewdly rubbing her wet, spunky pussy all over her big sister’s mouth. Sylvia shuddered with submission, her own cunt throbbing, loving the taste of her sister’s pussy in spite of her guilt.

“I’m getting impatient with you, Sylvia. I want you to start licking my pussy right now!”

Sylvia obediently thrust out her tongue, feeling strangely helpless, burrowing it deeply between the hot, pouting lips of her sister’s cunt. She glued her mouth to her sticky fuckhole, sucking it, vacuuming the milky cum-juice from the depths of Jill’s always-horny cunt.

“That’s right,” Jill giggled, looking down at her. “You like the taste, don’t you?”

Sylvia knew she did. The mixture of pussyjuice and jizz was intensely arousing. She almost felt starved for it eager and willing to suck every trace of her sister’s pussy-juice. Her hands slid up Jill’s long, slender thighs, clutching the ball-bearing globes of Jill’s humping, wiggling ass. Then Sylvia started eating pussy in earnest, sucking and then licking again, sluicing her tongue busily up and down between the swollen, tingling folds of her sister’s cunt.

“Ummmm, I’m getting real horny now,” Jill sighed. The wanton blonde wiggled her ass in a rotating motion, making Sylvia’s lips and tongue push higher on her pussy-hole. “Now lick my clit, Sylvia. Doesn’t it feel all hot and swollen? I want you to suck it for me, just like yours. Oh, fuck, I’m getting so horny! Please suck my clit please make it cum!”

Jill dropped one hand, skillfully opening her pussy-folds with her fingers, letting her big sister get at her tingling, pulsing clit. Feverishly Sylvia started licking it, loving the cunt-sucking now, anxious to make Jill cum on her mouth. Jill’s clit was large and located very close to her small, pouty-lipped fuck-hole. It probably got more than its share of friction every time a horny guy slid his cock inside her. No wonder her sister craved fucking so much.

Sylvia pursed her lips, slurping in the swollen, wet clit. Jill shuddered and dug her fingers into her neck again, humping rapidly now, fucking her throbbing pussy on Sylvia’s mouth. Sylvia kept her mouth glued to Jill’s clit nubbin, sucking it gently but forcefully, now straightening two fingers to goosh them into the narrow, clasping interior of her blonde sister’s cunt.

“Suck it harder!” Jill whined. “Oh, fuck, I’m horny! I like it to get sucked hard!”

Sylvia did as her nympho sister asked, sucking very hard on the swollen, aching nubbin, slurping the clit between her lips. Feverishly she banged her fingers in and out of Jill’s throbbing fuck-hole, marveling at the tightness of her sister’s horny cunt. Jill’s whole body trembled, bucking and wiggling as the cum mounted deep inside her loins.

“Ahhhh, shit, that’s goood!” Jill gasped. “Unh, fuck! Oh, fucking shit! Oh, that’s right, suck it, suck it good, I’m gonna cum now! Awwwnnhhhh! Cuming! Suck my clitty! Awwww, cuummmiinnnggggg!”

A heavy stream of fuck-juice flowed out of the naked blonde’s pussy, coating the fingers that kept pumping wildly in and out of her exquisitely-tight cunt. Sylvia kept her lips around the throbbing, cumming clit sucking it hard, lapping it with her tongue. Jill clawed the back of her neck hard enough to draw blood, moaning and crying as the cum pounded again and again through her cunt. Finally a wanton, satisfied smile spread across her face. She hopped off the couch and again knelt on the floor before her big sister’s legs.

“Now don’t you feel a whole lot better?” Jill said. “I told you you’d like licking my pussy, didn’t I?”

“You’re… you’re not going to seduce my Tony, are you?” Sylvia panted. She felt ashamed and horny, painfully conscious of the taste of cunt in her mouth, and the way the throbbing fuck-need persisted between her legs. “I mean it, Jill. You keep your dirty hands to yourself while my son is staying here.”

“Oh, Sylvia, don’t be like that,” Jill purred. “I’m his aunt. You don’t think I’d try to fuck my own nephew.”

“He’s not so little anymore, and you know it!”

“Now, now, Sylvia. Don’t worry about a thing.”

Jill giggled, sliding her hands between Sylvia’s thighs, meeting no resistance as she spread them wide apart.

“Want me to lick it again?” she asked, sliding her finger back into her big sister’s hairy, throbbing pussy. “Wow, Sylvia. Now it feels wetter than ever. You do want me to lick it, don’t you? You need another cum.”

“Go ahead,” Sylvia whispered shamefully. Smiling triumphantly, Jill again pushed her face between her sister’s legs, greedily sucking the fresh flow of musky fuck-cream from the swollen lips of Sylvia’s cunt. She loved the taste of a nice, juicy pussy, particularly her sister’s, but she still loved sucking on a big, throbbing hard-on even more.

Like her nephew’s. Jill smiled secretly to herself as she worked between Sylvia’s trembling thighs, hungrily lapping the tasty cream out of her sister’s cunt. No way she was going to keep her hands off Tony, no matter what she’d promised.

Besides, she thought, she’d be doing Sylvia a big favor by fucking the guy. Maybe Tony wouldn’t get big hard-ons in front of his mother if he knew how much his sexy aunt loved sucking cock.



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