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xNovel - Stacked Hot Mom


Stacked Hot Mom

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Sylvia went straight to bed after that, more ashamed than ever, wondering if she would ever be able to look herself in the mirror again. She paused outside her son’s bedroom door, relieved to hear Craig snoring peacefully. Then she went to her own room and crawled under the covers without washing, without wiping the crusty white flakes of her son’s dried cum from her inner legs. The size of Tony’s cock and the joy of fucking her own son had both relaxed and satisfied her. Despite her guilt and confusion, she fell fast asleep.

She awoke abruptly six hours later, at the crack of dawn, immediately aware of an intense, pounding need deep inside her cunt. Sylvia immediately knew that she’d been having a wet dream about fucking her son. Her pussy was swollen and dripping wet, and the remembered image of her son’s huge cock loomed irresistibly before her mind’s eye.

It’s so sinful, Sylvia told herself. It’s so wrong to want to fuck my own son. But her pussy still pulsed violently, and she knew she’d never be able to get through the day with her cunt feeling like this. Hurriedly she kicked the covers to the foot of the bed, exposing her stacked naked body in the grey first light. Her rounded ass wiggled into a good humping position on the center of the bed, and she splayed her curvaceous thighs as wide as she could. Then she put her hand on her hairy pussy and immediately started finger-fucking, thinking helplessly about her son’s big cock.

“Oh, Tony!” Torridly she banged her fingers in and out of her dripping, hairy cunt-slit, shuddering as she remembered how it had felt when her son had shot his cum-load down her throat. “Oh, Tony… fuck me, Tony… Mom’s so horny… fuck me, fuck Mom’s cunt!”

The whispered obscenities continued to burble from her moistly parted lips. The naked mom shut her eyes, blocking out the real world as she jacked off her horny pussy as fast as she could. She didn’t open them until she suddenly felt the mattress give beneath her, and realized that someone was joining her on the bed.

It was Tony. Her naked son grinned down at her as he crawled into position, his enormous cock throbbing before her wet, curly-haired fuck-hole. Before Sylvia could say a word to him, he’d nudged his spongy cock-head into her cunt.

“My back feels all better, Mom,” he whispered. “All it needed was a couple of hours sleep. I woke up early, just like you. Slit, Mom, I’m so horny for you!”

“No,” Sylvia panted. “No, Tony, we can’t do it again! It’s a sin, oh, Tony… oh, don’t push it in… don’t slide it up my pussy, unngggghhhhhh… oh, it’s stretching me… it’s so big… unnggghh! Oh, Tony… ugghhh!”

She lay spread-eagled beneath him, shuddering and panting shamefully as her hung son worked his hips rhythmically, spearing his enormous fuck-tool deeper and deeper into the clinging tightness of her cunt. Sylvia’s pussy throbbed violently now, greedily contracting around his prick. Her guilty, shameful thoughts gradually gave way to a wanton craving that was as strong as the night before.

Sylvia wiggled beneath him, gasping as his massive cock pushed deep inside her pussy. Suddenly she lifted her legs high in the air, tossing them together around her son’s back. Her arms came up, twining around his shoulders. Then the ashamed, naked mom started humping rhythmically, fucking her tight wet pussy onto the satisfying length of her own son’s cock.

“Fuck me, Tony!” she panted. “I can’t help it. I just can’t. Mom wants you again! Unnnggghhh! Oh, baby, fuck my pussy deep now! Really hard, Tony! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”

Tony slammed his lean hips down hard, his back obviously completed recovered, panting with pleasure as he bored every inch of his stiff pisser into the clinging tightness of his mom’s fuck-tunnel. Sylvia shrieked with pleasure, wailing as his enormous cock speared up to her womb. She clung to her son’s body and started humping in a frenzy of fuck-passion, pistoning her horny, throbbing pussy onto his cock.

“Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!” she chanted, her blushing ass driving feverishly off the bed. “Ram it in, Tony! Oh yes, fuck Mom’s pussy just as hard as you can!”

Tony sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her enormous, round tits under his chest, panting on her shoulder as his aching cock soaked in the gooey tightness of her pussy. His cock felt incredibly stiff, just as stiff as it had been before she’d sucked it the night before. Tony slid his hands down, clutching the sides of her humping, heaving ass-cheeks. Then he commenced a slow, driving fuck-rhythm, groaning every time he speared his throbbing cock into the gushing sheath of his naked mom’s cunt-tunnel.

“Harder!” Sylvia gasped. Her whole body shook as the lust mounted in her belly, her pussy nipping and spasming around his cock. “Fuck Mom’s cunt! Uunggunhunggg fuck me, unh ungg fuck Mom’s cunt!”

Tony fucked harder, breathing on her shoulder, driving her ass onto the mattress with every spearing stroke of his mammoth cock. Eagerly Sylvia heaved to meet his strokes, the bedsprings squealing and her groans filling the room as she fucked her hairy pussy onto his cock-meat. Then mother and son were nakedly humping in unison, lost in pleasure, oblivious to everything except the in-out pumping of his big, hard cock.

Sylvia lifted her legs higher, until her knees nearly reached their joined shoulders, completely opening her gooey fuck-passage for the skewering strokes of his cock. It occurred to her that she was moaning too loud, that it might very well awaken her son sleeping down the hall.

Sylvia told herself to keep her mouth shut while her son fucked her pussy, but she was too horny not to voice her lust. Soon she was practically wailing out her passion, frantically bucking and humping off the mattress, fucking her own horny son as fast as she could.

“Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!” she gasped, her pussy contracting and juicily sucking his cock-shaft. “Ungghl! Oh, fuck, gonna cum! Harder, Tony! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… oh… ohhh… ohhhhh, Tony! Unggghhh! Oh, fuck! Unngghh! I’m cumming, Tony! Annhhh, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

It was a long, violent orgasm, pounding through her throbbing, cock-gorged pussy, making her hairy fuck-hole spasm and juice uncontrollably around Tony’s cock. Tony moaned, fucking her cuming cunt harder than ever, suddenly sighing as the morning’s first cum-load blew out of his balls.

“Oh, Tony.”

She squealed as his hot, milky cock-juice spewed into her pussy, squirting rhythmically deep inside her cunt. Again and again the white torrent gushed out of his cock-head, sucked out by the instinctive flexing of his mother’s cunt.

Sylvia began to feel ashamed again as she lay beneath her naked son, keeping her legs wide open, letting him drain all the jism into her wet, pulsating cunt.

“All right, Tony,” she murmured. “Take it out now. I have to talk to you.”

Tony looked at his mother, then slid his big cock out of her pussy and flopped on his back beside her on the bed. Sylvia curled onto her side next to him, her huge tits resting on his shoulder. She felt ashamed and determined to end their incestuous affair, but her pussy wouldn’t stop tingling lewdly. She couldn’t resist fondling and squeezing his dripping, throbbing hard-on as her wide, luminous brown eyes met the eyes he’d inherited from her.

“Tony,” she whispered. “I suppose you know this has gone far enough.”

“No.” Tony shook his head stubbornly. “I don’t know it at all.”

“Well, it has,” Sylvia sighed. “Darling, please try to understand. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like it, and I know that you do too. But I just can’t keep on spreading my legs for you every time that big cock of yours gets stiff. Mothers simply do not fuck their own sons!”


“Don’t you know how much noise we just made?” She glanced nervously at the door. “I mean, it’s a miracle we didn’t wake up your little brother. Can you imagine what Craig would think if he knew his big brother was fucking Mom every night? You’re going to be a full grown man very soon, darling, and I want you to meet a nice girl and be happily married. You’re never going to bother finding a wife if you’re busy fucking your own mom every time your cock gets hard.”

“I can fuck both of you.”

“Tony, no.” Sylvia took a deep breath. “I… I’m going to visit your aunt this afternoon, honey. I know she’ll let you stay with her a few days. It’ll at least give us time to think about what we’re doing. Please just do this for me, baby. You don’t have to promise to stop fucking me yet. We’ll just take a little break.”

“Well…” Tony sighed, looking into his mom’s eyes, then shrugged in reluctant agreement. “Okay, Mom. If that’s what you want.”

“Thank you.”

But even as she spoke the words, Sylvia felt a little stab of disappointment. She almost wished he weren’t such a good son, that he would just sneer and crawl on top of her gorgeous, naked son again, and keep fucking her wet, horny pussy whenever his cock got hard. Her hand was still holding his cock, and she sighed as she realized how big and stiff it still was, glistening with a lurid sheen of pussyjuice from his own mother’s cunt.

“It… it’s still so hard, darling,” she panted, lewdly fondling his prick. “Do… do you always cum twice in a row?”

“When I’m really horny.”

“Tony, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if… would you like me to suck it again?” Sylvia asked eagerly. “I mean, this will be the very last time, and you are going to be away for a few days. Would you… I’d like to suck it again, Tony, if you wouldn’t mind. One last time.”

Tony grinned, his giant cock pulsing eagerly between her fingers. Sylvia quickly slid off the bed, her nipples tingling stiffly and her pussy throbbing as she dropped to her knees beside it. Her asshole felt hot and tingly, and she suddenly realized what she craved most of all — a good, deep ass-fucking, the stiffness of her own son’s cock pounding up her shiner. But no, Sylvia thought shamefully, she wouldn’t ask her son to do anything so obscene. He would think his mother was a whore.

“Sit up on the edge of the bed, honey,” she panted. “Mom can suck your cock best that way.”

Tony did as she asked, sitting up on the edge of the mattress, his enormous fuck-organ pulsing in front of his mother’s face. Sylvia wrapped her fingers tightly around his cock-shaft, groaning with pleasure, as she started beating his cock-meat again. It was long and fat, she thought wonderingly. How on earth could a teen be blessed with such a gigantic cock?

“It’s leaking again, Tony,” she panted, as her jacking fists made pearls of cock-juice ooze out of his throbbing pisser. “I’ll bet your cock feels awfully good now. Ready for Mom to suck on it?”

Tony gulped, nodding. The naked mom opened her mouth wide, whimpering as she plunged her lips onto the throbbing stiffness of her own son’s cock. Quickly she wrapped her mouth around it, forming a wet, sucking circle around the jutting hardness of his hard-on. Lovingly Sylvia milked his cock-root as she started slurping and smacking, sucking her own pussyjuice off her son’s meaty prick.

“Oh, Mom!” Tony groaned with pleasure as he gazed down at her, loving the sight of his beautiful mother with her mouth stuffed with hard cock. “That feels so good! You’re such a good cock-sucker, Mom! I never knew getting sucked could feel as good as this!”

Sylvia squealed shamelessly around his throbbing cock, lewdly excited by the compliment. She shut her eyes tightly, panting through her nose, thinking of nothing but the feel and taste of her son’s enormous cock. The slurping, gurgling sounds of a good cock-sucking grew progressively louder as she worked on his aching prick, swirling her tongue around his spongy fuck-knob, lapping up his oozing cum-cream.

But still she couldn’t stop thinking of her horny asshole. Her hairless pink sphincter only itched for a good reaming when she was extremely horny, but the itch could get very intense. Sylvia had given her pussy to her late husband nearly every night during their marriage, but she’d only ass-fucked him once every few weeks. It had always happened on a weekend, after they’d spent a whole day fucking their brains out in bed. After the third or fourth fuck in a row, Sylvia’s asshole would start throbbing and burning unbearably. Sometimes she had refused to let her husband leave the room until he’d satisfied the intense need throbbing in her shitter.

And now she wanted her son to fuck her asshole too. Torridly the naked mom kept sucking his giant, tasty hard-on, slurping and smacking her lips on it, lapping the oozing cum from the knob of his aching pisser. She tightened her fingers around his cock-shaft, jacking it hard and fast, from the root to her wetly-sucking lips. But she wiggled her ass more and more as she knelt before him, and then she knew that she couldn’t let her son leave either until she’d felt his massive cock ramming between her rounded ass-cheeks.

“Tony…” Sylvia popped her wet mouth off of his hard-on, blushing as she jacked on it, looking into his eyes. “I… I hope you won’t think I’m a slut, but I want you to do something special for me. I… I’m very, very horny, Tony. I can hardly think straight. Tony, have you… have you ever ass-fucked a girl before?”

Tony grinned as he guessed what his mother wanted, his cock pulsing eagerly between her fingers. “A couple of times.”

“Oh, that’s good,” Sylvia sighed. “Tony, please, baby, would you fuck my asshole for me? I know it’s awful. It’s just so horny, lover. I really need a good ass-fucking, honey. I need it awful bad.”

Tony smiled. “Get on the bed, Momma.”

“Oh, Tony!”

Swiftly she crawled back onto the mattress, her asshole tingling and burning in anticipation of his cock. She leaned across the bed, opened the nightstand drawer, and withdrew a little jar of Vaseline. She handed it to her son, then sprawled on her stomach on the bed, thrusting a pillow under her hips.

Oh, fuck, her asshole was so hot and itchy! Sylvia reached behind her back, digging her fingers into her round, plump, mouthwatering ass. Then she spread her ass-cheeks wide, revealing her puckered asshole to her son.

“Lube it up, Tony!” she panted. “Hurry, son, hurry!”

Tony uncapped the jar, smearing the Vaseline heavily on his staining prick. Sylvia shuddered as he pasted it on her rubbery shit-opening, thrusting one, then two lube-coated fingers deep inside her asshole. Sylvia’s shit-muscles sucked eagerly around his fingers, and she realized that she would have had to spend the whole day jacking off her asshole if Tony hadn’t agreed to fuck her up the ass.

“That’s enough!” she panted. “Fuck Mom’s asshole right now, Tony! Hurry, baby, Mom needs a big cock up her ass!”

Tony swiftly mounted his naked, horny mother, aiming his dripping cock-head at her throbbing shit-opening. Sylvia bit her lip, grimacing as her muscular sphincter stretched to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock. Then the grimace turned into a wanton gasp as she felt his massive cock plowing into her asshole, inch by inch, invading her tenderly sucking bowels.

“Oh, Tony! Oh, my darling, you’ve got such a big cock!” Sylvia frantically started humping, shuddering as her asshole sucked convulsively around his cock, eagerly thrusting her itchy ass onto her own son’s cock. “It feels so good, Tony! Ahhhh, shit, fuck Mom’s asshole! Ram it in, Tony! Fuck Mom’s horny asshole with your big, stiff cock?”

Tony had been afraid that his giant prick would hurt his mom’s asshole, but her moans of passion made it obvious that pain was the last thing on her mind. The Vaseline felt hot and slippery now, heated up by the spasming pressure of her asshole around his cock. Tony slid higher up his mom’s jiggling ass, so that his huge cock would spear straight into her bowels. Then he humped much harder, stuffing every inch of his blood-swollen cock into the forbidden tightness of his mom’s shit-tunnel.

“Oh, Tony!” Sylvia’s face contorted obscenely as her asshole sucked his cock, bolding it deep inside her bowels. “Fuck Mom’s asshole, Tony!”

She released her jiggling ass-cheeks, thrusting her hand between her pillow and her belly, immediately beginning to finger-fuck her gooey pussy as fast as she could.

“My asshole is so horny, baby! Aww, please, fuck Mom’s asshole! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck my horny ass!”

Spurred on by his mom’s obscenities, Tony started reaming her tender shit-tunnel with deep, pelvis-jarring strokes of his huge cock. The itch finally disappeared from the mother’s stretched bowels, scratched deliciously by the repeated thrusts of her son’s cock. Sylvia finger-fucked in a shameless frenzy of passion, smiling obscenely as her asshole sucked pleasurably around his prick.

“Oh, my baby… that’s what Mom needs…” Her obscene desire continued to burble mindlessly from her lips, as she voiced her lust for her son’s cock. “Yes, yes, fuck Mom’s asshole. So big up my asshole, so big and stiff. Oh, Mom loves ass-fucking… unggghh… harder, Tony! Naaaanhhh, fuck my asshole, fuck it deep and good! Gonna cum, baby! My asshole’s gonna cum!”

Tony sprawled on top of his naked, horny mother, panting and sweating as he started ramming his aching hard-on into her asshole as deep and fast as he could. The bed springs started squeaking again, as Sylvia finger-whipped her pussy and whipped up her ass with all the strength in her loins. Her stretched, rubbery asshole was starting to spasm now, contracting uncontrollably around the driving stiffness of her own son’s cock.

“Fuck my asshole, fuck Mom’s asshole!” Her voice was very loud now, but she was too horny to think of her son down the hall. “Unnnggghhh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, gonna cum now, Tony! Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole! Ahhhh, yes, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The intense fuck-pleasure pounded through her abused, stretched asshole, making her burning shit-tunnel contract even more tightly around her son’s cock. Tony feverishly reamed his mom’s tingly ass as hard as he could, moaning as the cum churned in his balls. Sylvia almost screamed as she felt his hot cock-juice spewing up her asshole, basting her horny shit tunnel with a torrent of milky cum. Shamelessly she flexed her shit-muscles around his throbbing, gushing cock, her sucking asshole drawing out every drop of her son’s cum.

“I’ll… I’ll go see my sister today,” she said at last, ashamed that she felt so much regret at her own decision. “You might as well just go to Jill’s house after school today. I’m sure she’ll say yes.”

Craig was four inches shorter than his big brother. His hair was blonde, like his Aunt Jill’s, and he also had his aunt’s blue eyes. Craig knew he had a surprise for the girl who would eventually pop his cherry — his cock was just as large as Tony’s, and, in contrast to his slightly-built body, it looked even bigger.

It was rock-hard now, as the son stood silently in the hallway, listening through Sylvia’s bedroom door, realizing that his big brother had finished fucking their mother up the ass. It was time to go, or he’d be caught. Craig returned to his bedroom, his enormous cock protruding obscenely through his pajamas. He felt hurt, and angry, and jealous. It wasn’t fair that his big brother got to fuck their sexy mom. He wanted to fuck her too.



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