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xNovel - Stacked Hot Mom


Stacked Hot Mom

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“Ow!” Tony grimaced, twisting on the bed as his mother rubbed his back. “Be careful, Mom! That really hurts!”

“I’m sorry, darling,” Sylvia sighed. She sat straddling his hips, kneading her thumbs into the aching muscles paralleling his spine. “I’m doing my best. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to get used to this kind of pain if you keep playing football.”

Tony said nothing. He lay naked on his stomach, a towel modestly covering his bare ass, a tall, lean, handsome teen who wanted nothing more than to be the star wide receiver on his varsity football team. In practice that day, he’d hurt his back after leaping for an overthrown pass. Sylvia had worked as a nurse during the early years of her marriage, and she knew that the injury was nothing more than a back spasm that would disappear within a few days.

“It’s so embarrassing,” Tony sighed. “I haven’t even made the team yet, and I have to get injured.”

“Now, now,” Sylvia chided. “You know it’s not your fault, darling.”

“I wish we didn’t look so much alike,” Tony said softly.

“Oh? What’s wrong with us looking alike?” Sylvia smiled.

She had short, wavy, dark-brown hair, like her son, and they also shared their naturally olive-tan skin and wide brown eyes. People always immediately identified Tony as her son, but they often thought that Craig, was adopted. Craig was a blond, like her kid sister Jill.

“Well, everyone could tell you were my mom,” Tony protested. “I mean, they all know it was my own mom driving me home after I got myself hurt.”

“What did you want them to think?” Sylvia giggled, playfully pinching his ass through the towel. “That I was a mysterious older woman?”

“I’ll bet the other guys don’t have their own mothers take them home from practice,” Tony grumbled. “I mean, they were all staring at you and everything.”

Sylvia felt her cheeks flush. “I… I think you know that men usually have other reasons for staring at me, honey.”

Tony didn’t answer, but his expression told Sylvia that he knew what she meant. Sylvia had just turned thirty-seven, and she wondered if she would ever be old enough not to have problems because of the extreme voluptuousness of her body. She was delicately built, with the slender bone structure of a model or a dancer, but every inch of flesh on her seemed to have been sculptured to make her a sex object.

Her legs were well-toned and curvaceous, shapely at thigh and calf. Sylvia’s buns were round and firm and plumply protuberant. She had lost count of the times she’d turned suddenly on the street to find some horny male with a bulging crotch staring transfixedly at her ass. Her waist was only twenty-two inches; she hadn’t gained an ounce since her eighteenth birthday.

But the main problem with her body, of course, was the size of her tits. Sylvia sighed as she looked down at herself, still rubbing Tony’s back, seeing how her huge, firm tits stretched the terry robe. Her tits would have been just the right size if she’d been a broad-shouldered, tall female basketball player. But they were obscenely oversized for her delicate bone structure, and her nipples were just as outrageous, wide and deep red, with big, protuberant tits. It was impossible to go outdoors without having countless men gawk at her enormous, round tits — and gawk was the word for what half of Tony’s football team — had been doing when she’d picked him up that afternoon. More than once she’d caught even Tony and Craig ogling the incredible voluptuousness of her figure.

“Rub lower,” Tony said. “Shit, it hurts.” Sylvia slid farther down his waist, wishing that she’d worn panties, flushing as she felt her furry pussy pressing Tony’s bare thigh as she straddled him. She rubbed his spine briskly, trying to remember the techniques she’d once learned as a nurse. Suddenly Tony moaned and clutched desperately at his upper leg.

“Oh, fuck!” he gasped. “My thigh! It’s killing me!”

“Sometimes the pain shoots down there,” Sylvia said, wincing sympathetically. “It’s normal.”

“Oh, fuck!” Tony bit his lip. “It’s like a knife!”

“All right. Turn over, honey. I better rub you there too.”

Tony swiveled quickly onto his back, in so much pain that he didn’t notice that the towel had almost fallen from his hips. Sylvia knelt beside him and briskly rubbed his upper leg. Slowly Tony relaxed.

“It… it’s getting better flow,” he sighed. “It was just this really sharp pain, just for a few seconds.”

“That’s what back spasms are like,” Sylvia said, briskly rubbing and kneading his thigh, staring down at it. “Your leg probably won’t hurt again tonight, I’ll bet. The whole thing’ll probably disappear tomorrow. Does your leg feel better now, honey?”

But Tony didn’t answer. Several seconds passed, and Sylvia glanced curiously at his face. There was something strange in his expression now. His eyes were very wide. Why was he staring at her like that? Then Sylvia looked down at her body.

“Oh, Tony!” she gasped. “I’m so sorry. How careless of me!”

The carelessly-knotted robe had come completely open while she’d changed positions. Her son was staring helplessly at her naked body, at her dense pussy triangle and her round belly and what had to be the biggest firmest tits he’d ever seen in his life. Sylvia felt embarrassed to realize that her nipples were stiff, her fat tits protruding from the wide, crimson circles like eraser tips. She tried to close the robe hurriedly, but she was so nervous that she couldn’t seem to grab the sash, and the movement just made her giant tits jiggle more seductively.

“Oh, darling, I’m so sorry! I should have worn my clothes, I… oh, Tony! Oh my Lord!”

Tony watched his mother’s lips and eyes open wide with amazement. Then he saw what she was staring at. The towel had slid completely off of his hips, actually pushed aside by the sudden, dramatic stiffening of his extremely large cock. Sylvia stared in wonder at the gigantically long, fat hard-on now standing stiffly out of her son’s cock-fur, his fuck-shaft twitching obscenely over his belly, his cock-knob red and bloated with cum. Looking at his mother’s naked body had given her son the biggest hard-on she’d ever seen in her life.

“Good Lord, Tony!” Sylvia whispered breathlessly. “It’s simply huge!”

Moaning with embarrassment, Tony tried to cover his huge cock with his hands and started to roll onto his stomach. But he couldn’t. He gasped as the pain shot through his spine again. All he could do was lie helplessly on his back, looking guiltily at his mother as his mammoth cock continued to pulse obscenely in front of her.

“Oh, shit, this is so embarrassing!” he mumbled. “I’m really sorry, Mom.”

“You… you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

But Sylvia hardly heard her own words. She tried to stop staring at his huge cock, but she couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away, and soon she felt herself trembling with an irresistible, shameful lust. Lord, what a big cock, she thought, over and over… my son has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen…

“Mom, I’m really sorry about this,” Tony mumbled. Guiltily he slid his hands back to his sides, knowing that he couldn’t possibly conceal his hard-on. “I guess you better go now.”

Sylvia hardly heard him.

“Look at how stiff it is, Tony,” she whispered breathlessly. “It’s throbbing so ltd. Did looking at my body do that to you?”

“I… I guess,” Tony admitted.

“You’ll have to jack off, won’t you?” Sylvia murmured. “You’ll never be able to get to sleep when your cock’s this hard. Do you think you’ll be able to?”

“I… I don’t know. It hurts to move my arm.” He chuckled nervously. “I guess I’ll have to hope for a wet dream, huh?”

Sylvia didn’t answer. Her cunt was throbbing very hard now, her pouting cunt-lips growing wet and swollen with her intense lust for her son’s cock. Dazedly she continued to stare at his cock, completely forgetting that her robe was still open. Gradually Tony’s guilty eyes returned to her body. He stared at her lush, naked tits again, and Sylvia gasped as his massive cock throbbed harder than ever.

“Oh, Tony, your cock looks like it’s going to explode!” she whispered. “Do you want me to help you?”


Sylvia raised her arm, her hand trembling, sliding her fingers up her naked son’s thigh. Tony gaped at her in amazement as she wrapped her hand tightly around the fat base of his cock. His cock was so thick that she could barely get her hand around it. Sylvia shuddered as she lewdly started jacking his enormous hard-on, lovingly stroking her own son’s cock.

“Mom! What’re you doing?”

“I’m helping you,” Sylvia whispered. “You need me to help you beat off, Tony. Your back hurts too much. I need to help you shoot out all that cum!”

Tony just gaped at her. Sylvia switched hands, gripping his huge prick with her left fist, pressing her palm on his spongy cock-crown. She jacked his massive cock-tool slow and very hard, making her son shudder as his piss-hole squirted out more oozing jizz. Sylvia moved her palm on his cock-head, coating her hand with the goo. Then she returned her right fist, lubed with spunk, to his jutting cock-shaft. The precum was sticky and plentiful, lubing his aching cock almost as well as oil or Vaseline. The horny mother’s huge tits jiggled firmly as she started jacking her son’s cock fast and hard, whipping her right fist rhythmically up and down his giant, throbbing cock.

Tony groaned as his cock bucked wildly between her fingers. He gave in, gasping and trembling with pleasure, letting his own mother beat his cock-meat. Sylvia jacked his big cock harder and harder, making more spunk ooze out of his piss-slit, pausing occasionally to press her palm on his spongy cock-knob to catch more of the lube. It was perfectly natural and wholesome, she told herself dreamily, to jack her son’s cock like this. She’d had to do it many times as a nurse, when an immobilized patient would develop an enormous hard-on while she gave him a bath. Many of the other nurses, too, had regarded it as part of their duties to relieve the painful stiffness of a client’s cock with a brisk jacking session. They always slept so much better after she jacked out a big load of cum.

“Does this feel good, Tony?” Sylvia panted. Her fist was a blur now, whipping feverishly up and down her son’s huge cock. “Is this making your cock feel better?”

“Oh, Mom…” Tony trembled beneath her, shuddering as his cock throbbed and oozed, his balls loaded with cum. “Harder, Mom… oh, fuck…”

“I… I don’t think this is so awful, do you?” Sylvia said, trying to convince herself more than she was trying to convince him. “I mean, I know that most mothers don’t… don’t give their sons hand-jobs, but I’m just trying to make your cock feel good. You’d never get to sleep if I didn’t help you shoot your cum like this. Do you think it’s awful, Tony?”

“No. No, Mom! Oh, fuck…”

“But you… your cock is so huge, Tony. I don’t know if I can do it with just my hand. I… I better do more than just jack on your cock to make it cum. I think l’s going to have to suck on it too.”

Tony gaped at her in horny bewilderment. Sylvia leaned down, her huge tits swaying pendulously, her mouth watering in shameful anticipation of sucking the hot goo out of her own son’s enormous cock. She whimpered with pleasure as her lips touched his oozing, shiny skinned cock-knob, tasting the musky, meaty taste of his cock for the very first time.

She opened her mouth wide and plunged her lips onto his cock-shaft, slurping in over a third of it, locking her lips in a wet, ovaled circle around the swollen shaft of his cock.

“Oh, Mom! Mom!”

Sylvia started sucking, her eyes closed and her cheeks flushed, hungrily slurping and sucking the tasty stiffness of her own son’s cock. Lovingly she gripped the root now, squeezing and milking it, feeling his cock-shaft pulse.

Her buttery mouth bathed his flared cockhead with saliva, the spit mingling with the jizz oozing from his piss-slit. Sylvia swirled her tongue around and around the spongy head of his cock, shuddering with lust as she lapped up her own son’s salty, milk-white cum.

“Oh, Mom, it feels so good!” Tony gasped. “Suck it, Mom! Suck it, make me cum!”

I’m sucking my own son’s cock, Sylvia thought dazedly. The knowledge of the obscene reality of what she was doing to him made her pussy throb even more wetly, her clit tingling and her pouting cuntlips pulsating with desire. Deep down inside she’d always been aware of her lust for her sons, the lust that, to her, was only an extension of maternal love. She’d never thought it could happen, but now it was.

She felt Tony’s eyes staring down at her, watching his own horny mother with her mouth stretched around his cock, slurping feverishly on his big cock. She was actually giving a blowjob to her own flesh and blood.

The giant prong oozed heavily now, throbbing wildly between her ovaled lips, continually oozing cock-juice onto her laying, lapping tongue. Sylvia heard her own slurping, gurgling sounds emanating from her throat, as she continued to suck loudly and wetly on her son’s magnificent prick. Her tongue dug into his pisshole, then lovingly swabbed his spongy cock crown with spit. Her belly ached for the spurting load of her son’s delicious cum.

She wanted to ask how good her sucking was making his cock feel, but she didn’t want to take his cock out long enough to speak to him. Instead she hungrily sucked his giant fuck-tool harder than ever, nearly choking herself as she thrust her face onto his hairy crotch, taking his cock even farther between her lips.

She couldn’t open her mouth any wider now. Her lips were utterly gorged with his cock, stretched to bursting around the aching, oozing stiffness of his hard-one Sylvia kept gurgling and slurping and sucking, covering his cock with so much hot spit that it oozed out of her ovaled lips around his cock.

Her cheeks were very red, puckered sharply to increase the suctioning pressure around his cock-meat. Sylvia pumped them in and out like a bellows, puckering one moment, puffing out the next, now sucking her son’s enormous cock as hard as she possibly could. Her cock-sucking noises were so loud that she couldn’t even hear Tony moaning over them. Sylvia’s fingers clung to the root of his cock-shaft, then started jacking his prick again, stroking hard from the base to her sucking lips.

“I’m gonna cum!” Tony gasped. He raised his arms, ignoring the pain in his back as he clutched her head, holding her wet, sucking mouth firmly onto his cock-meat. “Suck it, Mom! Oh, Mom, jack it harder! It feels so good, Mom! Ahhh, Mom! I’m gonna cum!”

His enormous cock throbbed to an incredible new stiffness, pulsing violently on the roof of her mouth. Sylvia’s pussy creamed as she realized that she would soon be gulping down cock-juice. She panted through her nose and sucked his aching cock as hard as she could, her fist a blur as she jacked the cock-shaft, urgently trying to coax the sappy load out of his balls.

“Oh, Mom! Mom, Mom…”

His cock exploded, bucking hard between her lips, spraying a geyser of thick, milky cum down the horny mother’s throat. Sylvia shuddered happily as she tasted her son’s seed, as the salty jizz lashed and splattered around the inside of her mouth. Expertly she sucked and jacked his gushing cock harder than ever, struggling to milk out all of his cum.

His pent-up cum-load raked out of his wet, throbbing prick, squirting her belly full of cum. Sylvia’s pussy spasmed as she nursed his spouting hard-on, whimpering as the white torrent spewed across her tongue, bathing her tonsils with fizz. Tony pulled her hair and writhed beneath her, almost unable to bear the intensity of his orgasm. Sylvia kept sucking and jacking feverishly long after the cum had subsided, craving every drop of her son’s hot, tasty fizz.

Then she knew she had to look at him again. His enormous cock remained as hard as stone, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. Slowly Sylvia slid her lip off of his mammoth cock, gulping down the last of her spit and his cum. The blood pounded in her cheeks as she looked at his dazed, sweaty face, Tony knew how much she loved cock-sucking now. What would he think of her now that his own mother had willingly sucked his cock?

“Well… that was something, Tony,” she mumbled breathlessly. Quickly she moved her tongue around the corners of her mouth, licking up his jizz. “I… I guess that was pretty shocking, wasn’t it? I guess I shouldn’t have done that for you, Tony. No, I know I shouldn’t have. But… but you did shoot an awful, awful lot of cum, honey. So now maybe you can get some sleep.”

Tony didn’t answer. She was sitting up again, and the robe was still wide-open, and Tony was again staring at his sexy mother’s naked body. Sylvia looked down at her huge tits, seeing how stiff her nipples had grown from the pleasure of cock-sucking, how her rubbery tits now protruded nearly an inch from the wide, crimson circles. Then she looked back at her son’s giant spit-dripping cock, and then her pussy burned even more uncontrollably with incestuous lust.

“Why, T-Tony,” she stammered. “Your cock isn’t getting soft. It isn’t getting soft at all!”

His enormous cock looked as stiff as ever, pulsing over his stomach as he gazed transfixedly at his mother’s naked body. Sylvia slid her hand up again, shuddering with fuck-need as she lewdly fondled his prick.

“It’s still such a hard-on, Tony,” she panted. “But you just came so hard. I was swallowing for over a minute isn’t it going to get soft now?”

“I don’t think so,” Tony said.

“Oh, Tony. You… you need another cum, then, don’t you? I guess it wasn’t enough for you, just shooting out one load. You’ve still got more cum in your balls. Do you…” she moaned, squeezing his cock harder, “… do you want me to help you cum again?”

“I guess.” Tony stared at her body, licking his lips. “Mom, could you take off your robe the rest of the way now?”

“… all right, Tony. If that’s what you want.”

She rose from the bed, standing beside it, her face flushed with shame and desire. Sylvia peeled the robe off of her delicate shoulders and let it fall to the floor, revealing to her own son the incredible naked body that men had ogled for as long as she could remember. She turned to let him see all of her, wiggling her round, plump ass salaciously. When she turned back, her son’s cock throbbed even more stiffly than before, his wet cock-shaft jerking and twitching painfully over his navel.

“Mom, could you get on top of me?” Tony murmured.

“But… but, oh, Tony.” The naked mother trembled with lust, realizing what her son wanted. “I really don’t think we better. I’m your mother. You can’t want to fuck your very own mother.”

“Please,” Tony winced. “Please, Mom…”

“Oh, sweetheart. Oh, this is so wrong…”

But she was already crawling onto the bed with him, shaking with incestuous passion, already knowing that she was going to succumb to her wanton need to give her pussy to her own son. Sylvia’s nipples were painfully stiff, and her cunt was so hot and wet that it hurt, dripping with juice, creaming on the insides of her thighs. She gasped as she crawled onto her son, straddling him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his lean hips.

“Tony, this is incest now. We both know it. Are you sure you want to do this with me?”


“Oh, my precious baby…”

She dropped her hand between her thighs, again grasping his huge, wet cock with her trembling fingers. Sylvia stared down at her hairy pussy, lowering her hips, until the oozing knob of Tony’s cock pushed onto her cunt.

His cock was so huge that it was hard to get it into her tight pussy. Sylvia wiggled her ass, gasping as his spongy cock-head nudged into her clasping, pouty-lipped pussy. She forced her hips down, shuddering as his massive cock stretched its way into her narrow, dripping, horny cunt.

“Oh, Mom!” Tony stared at her hairy pussy triangle, sighing as he saw his veined cock-shaft disappearing into her small, tight cunt. “It feels so good, Mom! It feels even better than when you sucked me! Fuck me, Mom! Fuck me!”

“Oh, Tony, this is so wrong. It’s such a sin… fucking my own son.”

Her pussy throbbed and sucked around the tip of his cock, growing even wetter and hotter, anticipating the full, skewering length of his cock. Sylvia leaned over her body, her enormous, stiff-nippled tits jiggling over his chest as she clutched his shoulders for support. Gradually she started humping and wiggling, grimacing and biting her lip with intense pleasure as she made his giant hard-on go farther and farther up her creamy cunt.

“Oh, Tony!” she gasped as the pleasure coursed through her loins, as her small, wet, curly-haired fuck-opening spasmed repeatedly around his prick. “It… it’s just so big, baby! I can hardly believe what a big cock you have! Unnggghh! Oh, Tony, I’m getting awfully horny now. My pussy’s so wet. Do you like the way Mom’s wet pussy feels around your cock?”

Tony just groaned with pleasure, watching his rigid, veined fuck-pole disappearing between the curls of his naked mother’s pussy. Sylvia eagerly started wiggling and humping faster, her beautiful face contorting with lust as his massive fuck-tool gushed deep inside her belly. Then she was sitting flat on top of him, wriggling her bare ass on his upper thighs, the entire length of his giant prick buried in her drippy cunt.

“Oh, Tony! Oh, it’s so big, son! I… I can’t help it! I’m so horny!” Sylvia clutched his shoulders and feverishly started humping her ass up and down, sliding her wet, clinging pussy up and down on his cock. “Fuck your mother, Tony! Oh, I can’t help it! Fuck Mom’s pussy, fuck Mom’s horny cunt!”

Tony grimaced as he started grinding beneath her, so excited that he could ignore the intense pain in his back, dazedly staring at his naked mom’s giant, jiggling tits as he started stroking his cock through the clinging tightness of her cunt. His immense hard-on stroked in and out of her pussy, satisfying her hairy fuck-hole, packing her cunt to busting with every stroke.

I love my son’s big cock, Sylvia thought dreamily. She held his shoulders tightly and humped much faster, rhythmically banging her quivering buns onto his upper thighs, panting as she fucked her throbbing pussy onto the stabbing shaft of his cock.

“Harder, Tony, harder!” Already her gooey cunt had begun to spasm uncontrollably, contracting repeatedly around the stretching thickness of his cock. “Oh, darling, your cock is so huge! Fuck me hard, Tony! Please, baby, please, fuck the shit out of me! Fuck Mom, lover, fuck me hard, oh, shit, I really need to cum!”

She humped still faster, hearing the bedsprings squeak, feeling the mattress bouncing beneath them as she torridly fucked her burning, itching pussy up and down on her son’s cock. Tony was fucking as hard as his back would let him, but she was still doing most of the humping work. And her own energy amazed her. Soon the stacked, naked mother was bucking and fucking like a well-paid whore, gasping with wanton pleasure as she furiously slammed her throbbing, furry fuck-slit up and down on Tony’s cock.

“Fuck your mother, fuck your mother!” Her voice was very loud now, almost loud enough to awaken her son sleeping downstairs. “Please fuck harder, Tony! Unngghh! Awww, my baby, fuck my pussy, Mom needs your cock! I’m gonna cum, Tony, Mom’s really gonna cum!”

The sweat poured off Tony’s face as he fought the pain in his back, desperately horny for his mother’s pussy, intensely excited by the sucking, spuming pressure of her cunt around his cock. He slid his hands up her slender waist, gazing wide-eyed at her enormous, bouncing tits, finally filling his hands with the spongy softness of her huge tits.

Eagerly Sylvia leaned farther forward, shaking her tits over his face. Tony opened his mouth wide and sucked in one nipple, slurping it hungrily between his lips. The taste of her stiff, rubbery tit made his cock grow even stiffer up her pussy. Slurping on his mom’s tit, Tony fucked her cunt as hard as he could.

“Yes, Tony, yes!” she groaned and gasped with desire, her lips pulled back to bare her teeth, panting obscenely as she pounded her throbbing, juicy pussy onto his cock as fast as she could. “Unngghhh! I’m cumming, Tony! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! Oh, my baby, oh, my sweet, sweet baby, oh… unngghhh! Cumming! I’m cummiinnnngggg!”

Her pussy spewed out juice, contracting and spasming uncontrollably around his stiff, throbbing pisser. Tony let her jiggling tit slide from his mouth, sighing as the cum churned painfully in his balls. Then his cock suddenly started squirting again, blowing the second wad of milky cum deep inside his mother’s cunt.

Sylvia trembled with passion as his sticky cock-juice streamed into her pussy, splattering her glistening inner cunt-walls with spunk.

I let my own son fuck me, she thought dreamily. I let him fuck his own mother’s cunt.

Her cheeks flushed with shame again. She knew she would have to tell Tony that this would be the first and last time she relieved him this way. But for now the fuck-hungry mother continued to grind willingly on top of him, flexing her pussy-muscles, helping her son’s mammoth hard-on shoot out all of the jizz.



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