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xNovel - Spread Wider, Mom


Spread Wider, Mom

Cover:cover: spread wider, mom
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“Ungghh! Shit, Mom!” Mark gasped. “Come on, you gotta let me go to school some time, don’t you? Ungghh! Oh, shit, you sure do love sucking my cock!”

It was the next morning, and the fucking twosome had already been awake for an hour. Sharon had already coaxed one load of cockjuice out of her son’s balls, and now, with breakfast behind them, she was anxiously trying to suck out a second.

Mark was overdue at school, but she didn’t care. They were both naked, Mark sprawled on the living room couch with his ass pushed to the edge of the cushion, gasping as he watched his horny, huge-titted mother slurping noisily on his cock. The youth’s giant fuck-tool was swollen as if he’d never shot a cum-load at all.

Sharon’s eyes were tightly shut, blocking out all thoughts that didn’t immediately relate to the taste, feel and stiffness of her son’s hard-on. Her right hand was wrapped tightly around his cock-shaft, lewdly gripping and squeezing. Her brown-haired head bobbed rhythmically an his cock as she fucked her mouth with his cock.

“Ungghh! Oh, fuck, Mom, you really work out on it!” Mark gasped. “The first thing I saw when I woke up was you with my cock in your mouth! Ungghh! Oh, Mom, keep sucking it! You’re gonna make me cum!”

The naked mother puckered her cheeks sharply, increasing the suctioning pressure around her son’s cock. Her head moved in a blur now, bucking on her son’s crotch, fucking his ironhard cock in and out of her mouth. She tightened her fingers around his cock and started whipping her hand up and down as fast as she could, desperately trying to coax the morning’s second load of cock-cream up from his balls.

“Any second, Mom! Any fucking second!” He pulled her hair, his spongy cock-head pulsing angrily on the roof of her mouth, signaling that he was about to spew out a huge load of cock-juice. The cock-loving mother kept sucking and jacking his tasty hard-on as hard as she could.

Finally she knew it was time to apply the finishing touch. Sucking his cock more loudly than ever, Sharon wormed her finger between Mark’s humping ass-cheeks. Her son made a yelping sound as she suddenly pushed her finger up his shitter, digging it deeply up his bowels.

“Oh, Mom, what’re you… ungghh! Oh, Mom! Mom!”

Sharon worked her finger deep inside her son’s asshole and then pumped it in and out as fast as she could, massaging his prostate gland. Her right hand was a blur as it tore up and down his hard-on, coaxing the cum-juice to shoot heavily into her mouth. Her jaw ached as she sucked madly on his cock-head, waiting for the stream of hot fuck-seed to spew out of his cock.

“Ahhh, Mom! Here it comes!”

A giant wad of thick, salty cum-cream spewed out of his cock, spurting on the roof of his mother’s mouth and then gushing down her throat. Sharon started swallowing hungrily, jamming her finger up his asshole and franticly pumping his prick with her fist, desperate to bring up every drop. Repeatedly his delicious cum squirted out of his cock-knob, until his balls had no more cum-cream stored up to give her, until the mother’s belly was finally full of cum.

“Mmmm, Mark! That was really a good one!” Sharon giggled as she finally let his big cock pop out of her mouth, gulping down the last of his cum-juice. Her smile became mischievous as she slid her finger out of his ass.

“You liked that last thing I did, didn’t you, Mark?” she purred. “When I stuck your asshole with my finger? I’ll bet that made you cum harder than ever, didn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Mark admitted. “Yeah, it sure did.”

“Mark, darling, would you like to learn about playing with Mom’s asshole, too?”

Mark’s cock answered for him, throbbing more stiffly than ever, dripping a lurid mixture of saliva and cum. Sharon could feel both her pussy and shit-ring pulsing now, as she realized that she was about to initiate her son into the forbidden picas of asshole stimulation. She got on the living room carpet on her hands and knees. She turned so that her ass faced him. Then she reached up and spread her ass-globes with her fingers. Mark groaned at the sight of her shitter.

“Oh, fuck,” Mark sighed.

“Get down here with me, baby,” Sharon purred. “Mom wants you to do some asshole licking now, honey. Come on, Mark, get that nice tongue of yours in Mom’s ass.”

Sharon had thought that her son might be reluctant to lick her asshole. Instead he surprised her with his eagerness. First he just explored her shit-ring with his fingers, making her shudder as he wormed his middle finger into the puckered ring, exploring the rubbery interior of her bowels.

Then he applied his tongue and lips. Sharon squealed as her son started licking her asshole, swiping his tongue back and forth across her puckered pink asshole, sending waves of pleasure shooting through her body. Sharon thrust her hand under her belly, shamelessly finger-fucking her dripping cunt. Suddenly she realized where she wanted to feel her son’s gigantic cock-shaft pounding next.

“Son, you want… unh! You want to fuck Mom’s asshole now, don’t you?” she panted. “That’s what you want, isn’t it, Son? You want to shove that big, stiff, fucking cock of yours right up Mom’s ass!”

“Y-y-yes,” Mark stammered. His face was red and his cock was very hard. “Yeah, I really do.”

“All right, baby. Mom will let you then. Mom will let you shove that big, hard cock up my asshole, and shoot out all your hot cum. But Mark, first you have to do something to lube me up. My asshole’s just too little to take that giant cock of yours without some lubrication. There’s some Vaseline in the bathroom. Would you be a dear and get it for me Mark? Then you can fuck Mom’s asshole as hard as you want!”

Mark practically ran into the bathroom, his naked body shining in the curly morning sunlight, his enormous fuck pole throbbing stiffly before him. Sharon gasped her ass-cheeks and spread them even wider, eagerly opening her asshole completely for the for the coming invasion of her son’s cock.

“Hurry, Mark!” Sharon panted, as she saw him return. “Hurry, baby, lube up Mom’s asshole! Mom needs your big fucking cock up her ass!”

Mark knelt on the floor, beside his stacked, horny mother, uncapping the jar of petroleum jelly. First he smeared the yellowish goo liberally all over his cock. Then he took out another glob, and Sharon gasped as he pasted it on her shit ring. Mark wormed first one, then two fingers up her narrow, clasping shit-tunnel, basting the inside of her asshole until the rubbery sheath was hot, gooey, stretched and ready for his prick.

“Okay, Mark, that’s enough!” Sharon squealed. “Now fuck Mom’s asshole, baby! Please, my asshole’s so fucking horny! Put your big cock in, Son, fuck the shit out of Mom’s ass!”

Mark mounted his fuck-starved mother, aiming his swollen cock-head at the invitingly distended ring of her asshole. Sharon shuddered with pleasure as his massive cock started to push into her, instantly stretching her shit-ring to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his cock.

“Oh, fuck, it’s so tight!” Mark moaned. He winced with pleasure, feeling his mom’s rubbery shit muscles sucking and contracting around his cock. Sprawled top of her, he started to hump his ass, fucking his huge cock into the welcoming tightness of his mother’s shit-tunnel.

A shameless smile of intense sexual pleasure curled Sharon’s lips as she felt his meaty hard-on plowing up her ass, filling her hole.

“Deeper, Mark!” she pleaded, as she torridly started humping beneath him. Her asshole sucked and spumed uncontrollably, nursing the driving stiffness of her son’s huge prick.

Mark could hardly believe what a tight, hot little asshole his mother had. The harder he pushed his cock into her bowels, the more lusciously her ravished shit-ring seemed to suck around his prick.

Finally his cock was embedded to the hilt, and his mother’s asshole was clamped around the root of his cock. The mother thrust her hand under her belly and started finger-fucking again, her fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy. Mark started reaming out his mom’s juicy asshole, pumping his huge cock through the rubbery grip of her shiner.

“Ass-fuck me!” Sharon pleaded. “Harder, Mark! Unh tank unit, don’t worry about hurting me! Oh fuck, oh, shit, your big cock feels so good! Go ahead and fuck Mom’s horny little asshole, baby! Unggh, unh, unh, fuck your cock up my ass!”

Mark picked up the pace of his asshole reaming, panting as he drilled his freshly cum-laden cock between his mom’s jiggling ass-cheeks. In and out his giant cock sawed, rooting into the innermost depths of his mom’s ass. Sharon fingerfucked as fast as she could, already feeling herself drawing close to a cum.

“I said fuck my asshole, Mark!” she cried, almost shouting out her need to have her shit channel reamed by her son’s gigantic cock. “Harder, Mark, harder! Fuck Mom’s asshole! Ahhhh, yes, Mom’s asshole loves your huge prick!”

Panting loudly, Mark started fucking his mother’s asshole as hard as he could, making her ass-cheeks jiggle. Sharon finger-fucked madly, her face red and contorted with the ecstasy of sodomy. Finally she felt herself cuming, her rubbery shit-tunnel sucking and contracting uncontrollably around the pounding stiffness of Mark’s big prick.

“Fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole!” she gasped. “I’m cumming, Mark! Ungggghhh, unggghhh, oh, shit, oh, fuck! Fuck Mom’s asshole, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Then the morning’s third load of cock-juice spewed up from his balls, gushing in a torrent deep into his mother’s ass. Sharon whimpered in ecstasy as she felt his milky cum spraying into her ravished asshole. Wantonly she flexed her shitting muscles around his cum-shooting cock, helping her son shoot all of his jizz into her shit-tunnel.

They were still lying like that, with his cock buried deep in her asshole, when the phone rang a few minutes later. Mark sighed as he pulled his cock out of his mom’s asshole. Sharon giggled as she went for the phone, still feeling the lurid mixture of Vaseline and spunk squishing between her ass-cheeks as she moved.

Her expression was one of pleasant mystification when she returned to the living room five minutes later.

“Mark, you’ll never believe who that was.”


“It was my friend Emily. You remember her. The one with the big…” Sharon’s words trailed off into a giggle as she gestured at her own huge tits. “Well, I haven’t talked with her far ages, and now, believe it or not, Emily wants to swap sons with me! She wants you to stay at her house for a week while Paul stays with me.”


“It used to be my idea, believe it or not,” Sharon elaborated. “I once told her that I thought it was a good thing to do if one of us were having trouble with our sons. I mean, just to give the teen a new environment for a while. And now, I guess Emily’s decided to take me up on it! I don’t know why! She won’t tell me what the trouble is with Paul.”

“Well, you’re going to tell her to fuck off, aren’t you?” Mark insisted. He winced, stroking his cock. “I mean, who’s going to take care of my cock if I go live with her for a week?”

“Maybe she will, baby,” Sharon giggled. She knelt beside her son, already staring hungrily at his cock. “And maybe I’ll wind up taking care of Paul. I don’t know. But something’s telling me to say yes.”

Mark opened his mouth to protest, but Sharon silenced him by wrapping her fingers around his cock. Then she started jacking his enormous fuck-pole as fast as she could, staring at the Vaseline-smeared, cum-oozing crown of his cock-meat.

“Mark, I think I’m going to give you a note to take to school today,” she purred. “It’s going to let you miss your last period class every day for a week. That way you can come home every afternoon before Paul does, and give me a nice, hard fucking for the week Paul stays with me. Would that all right, lover?”

“But I want to keep fucking you, Mom!”

“And you will, baby. Every afternoon, all week. But you might just wind up fucking Emily as well. As I said, lover, something’s just telling me to say yes!”

Mark seemed confused, but then he forgot everything except his throbbing cock. His mother’s pumping fist had made it as stiff as if he’d never cum at all. Sharon licked her lips, staring down at his fuck-meat.

“Mom loves your cock, Son,” Sharon whispered. She curled up on her side next to his hips, sliding her hand to the root of his cock. Then she opened her mouth and plunged his stained, dripping cock down her throat, wrapping her lips wetly around it, sucking her son’s big cock as hard as she possibly could.



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