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xNovel - Spread Wider, Mom


Spread Wider, Mom

Cover:cover: spread wider, mom
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When Emily opened her eyes early the next mowing, she was still in her son’s bed, her son beside her, slumbering contentedly with his enormous cock half-swollen across his thigh.

Emily rose from the bed. She felt completely degraded by her own uncontrollable lust. Her nipples were stiff and sore, not from desire but, rather, from how hard her son had sucked them the night before.

Emily looked down at herself, blushing as she saw the crusty mixture of cock-juice and pussycream staining her inner thighs. Her son’s enormous cock had opened her fuck-hole very wide, and now her cunt-slit was tender and swollen. As much as her cunt hunt from last night’s wild fucking, she knew that the rawness and irritation added to her horniness. She was already horny right now, only moments after opening her eyes.

Emily padded to her own bedroom downstairs her huge tits jiggling as she took the stairs.

She ran a brush through her hair, then donned a short, terry robe and knotted it tightly around her waist. Then she went to the kitchen to start breakfast.

It would be as if nothing had happened, Emily swore to herself as she took the eggs and bacon out of the refrigerator. When Paul came downstairs, she would explain to him that they had committed a sin, and it could never be repeated again. She was sure she could never live with herself if she continued to give her pussy to her own flesh and blood.

Paul entered while Emily was concentrating on the bacon frying on the stove. She gasped as she felt his hands sliding around her waist, pulling apart the halves of her robe to reveal her huge tits. Dropping the spatula, she swiveled around to face him. Paul was naked, his hard-on looking bigger than ever. He filled his hands with his mom’s big tits.

“Morning, Momma,” he said. “Hey, I’m not hungry. Let’s just skip the breakfast and do some more fucking instead!”

“Paul, no!”

Emily pushed his hands roughly away and stepped back. Paul just seemed confused.

“Paul, I know we… we had a good time last night,” she said. “I’m not going to try to pretend that I didn’t enjoy it as much as you did.”

“Then why can’t we do it again?” Paul sputtered.

“Because it’s a sin, Paul, that’s why! It’s a sin for a mother to fuck her own son. I feel ashamed of myself for what I did with you last night, and I’m determined to try to forget the whole thing. Now would you please just sit at the kitchen table and let me get on with the breakfast?”

Paul gazed at his mother a moment longer, then shrugged and went to the table. Emily was surprised by his quick concession, and then felt ashamed as she felt an unmistakable stab of disappointment. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, she was hornier than ever for her son. Deep down inside, she now knew she wished he’d fucked the piss out of her already ravished pussy right on the kitchen floor.

“How do you want your eggs?” Emily asked after a minute of silence.

Paul didn’t answer. Then Emily gasped as she felt his horny hands on her body again, this time lifting the hem of the robe up her back. Emily squealed as she felt something long, fat and meaty nudging between her upper thighs, brushing back and forth through the cleft of her rapidly-moistening cunt.

“Paul, no! Paul, take your hands off of me! I already told you!”

“I gotta fuck you again, Momma,” Paul panted. Still thrusting his giant cock against her hairy, moistening pussy, he again opened the halves of her robe to fondle her huge tits. “Don’t you remember how good I fucked you last night, Mom? Don’t you want to feel my big cock inside you again, fucking your cunt?”

Emily squealed and turned to face him. But Paul just embraced her again, sliding his enormous cock between her slender legs. Emily moaned, feeling herself giving in. Paul opened the robe completely, his greedy hands helping themselves to her tits. Already her nipples felt stiff and tingly, pulsing on his palms. Her cunt was juicing very heavily now, and she was sure he could feel her wetness on his cock.

“Oh, Paul, how can you want to do this?” she asked desperately, even as she felt her ass beginning to hump, grinding her pussy onto the cock probing between her legs. “Don’t you feel ashamed for wanting to fuck your mother, Paul? Your very own mother? What would you think of the other guys in school, if you learned they fucked their mothers’ pussies every day before they went to class? What would…”

But Paul silenced her with a wanton kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth as he writhed his naked body on her own. Emily moaned on his mouth as he dropped his hand, slipping a finger up her tight, buttery cunt. Then he started finger-fucking her, pumping his middle finger rapidly in and out of her cunt. Emily clutched her naked son, eagerly humping her ass, fucking her hairy pussy on his finger.

“Want to fuck you,” Paul gasped.

“No, let me suck it again,” Emily mewled. “Yes, yes, let me just please suck your huge fucking cock!”

Emily wrapped her delicate, long-fingered hand lightly around the root of his cock. She started jacking his cock again, making his sticky pre-cum ooze out of his piss-hole. Then she dropped her head, planting ha lips on the flared tip of his cock-head, giving it a long, sucking kiss.

His jism was delicious, the first of the morning. Emily lapped her tongue on his spongy cockhead, savoring the pre-cum, realizing that he’d had all night to store another cum-load in his balk. Gradually she let her lips part, shamelessly sucking in inch after inch of her son’s straining fuck-stick.

“Oh, Mom!” Paul gazed down at her, feeling that his blonde mother looked more beautiful than ever with her lips stretched around his hardened cock-meat. “That’s right, Mom, suck it good for me! It’s full of cum, Mom. Oh, please, suck the fuck-juice out of my prick!”

Her son’s words made the cock-loving mother hornier and hornier. She stopped trying to stuff his enormous fuck-tool down her throat, instead wanting herself with the first half of the gigantic cock that was already stretching her mouth to bursting.

Emily clamped her full, pink lips in a tight, greedy circle around the veined stiffness of her son’s fuck-pole then she started sucking his cock extremely hard, as if she were starved for the cum-juice clogging his balls. She thought of his hot, spewing cum as she bobbed her head to meet the rhythm of his hips, wantonly letting her son fuck his tool down her throat.

His giant cock was throbbing very hard now, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. His puffy, crimson, shiny-skinned cock-knob felt especially large, and the horny mother tasted a steady flow of cock-sap as she caressed his swollen cock-helmet with her tongue. Skillfully she dug her tongue into his dilated piss-hole, making Paul yelp as his massive hard-on squirted out another drop of pre-cum into her mouth. It was so, so good, Emily thought deliriously. Her own son had the best-tasting cum on earth.

Her nipples red and stiff, her pussy throbbing wetly between her thighs, the horny mother shut out everything except the lewd, forbidden joy of giving a good blow-job to her own son. She could easily hear the sounds of her own cocksucking now, the slurping of her tongue laying his cock-head, the smacking of her greedy lips around his cock-meat. Emily forced her face closer onto his hairy crotch, her cheeks reddening as she made another half-inch of his fuck tool jammed between her lips.

Now his giant cock was really beginning to throb, and Emily knew she was about to start swallowing a hot shower of jizz. She sucked his huge cock as hard as she could, alternating between puckering her cheeks sharply inward and then bellowing them out, working on Paul’s cock like a sexual milking machine. She tightened her fingers around his cock-root and started beating his cock-meat again, racing her hand in a blur up and down his massive prick.

“It’s cumming, Mom!” Paul gasped at last. “Oh, shit, swallow it! Swallow my cum, Mom! Ahhhhh…”

His huge cock twitched and trembled, and then started to spew. His horny mother moaned in ecstasy around his gushing cock-rod as his long-awaited cum-load poured into her mouth, spurting across her tongue, shooting down her throat. She didn’t have her finger up his asshole this time, but the long night of sleep had obviously replenished his balls. The cum-load he vented now was even bigger than the one she’d so eagerly swallowed the night before.

Again and again the sticky, frothy white cum juice sprayed out of his cock-head, nearly drowning her in the tide of his salty cum-cream. Emily clung feverishly to his erupting hard-on, jacking and sucking it as hard as she could. Her cock-sucking efforts were rewarded with a cumload that spewed up from his balls for nearly a half-minute straight.

Even Emily couldn’t swallow that much cum. Her cheeks puffed up as she tried to gulp it all down, and then his tasty cock-juice bubbled back out of her lips, oozing down her chin. When she finally popped her son’s huge cock out of her mouth, big drops of cock-sap were speckled all over her enormous tits.

“Fuck me now, Paul!” Emily panted.

She stared at the big, wet cock that continued to throb stiffly in front of her face. Then she slipped her robe off, leaving herself completely naked.

“Time to fuck your mother again, Paul!” she mewled, exciting herself with her own obscene words. She felt swiftly into the dog-fucking position on the kitchen floor. “Hurry, baby! Mom needs a good fucking, Paul! Hurry, Paul, fuck Mom’s juicy cunt!”

Paul stared at his mother’s upturned ass-cheeks and felt his cock rising more stiffly than ever. He dropped to his knees behind her, clutching her slim hips as he moved forward, so that the tip of his cock nudged into her curly haired pussy.

Her pink cunt-slit felt incredibly raw and swollen from the savage fucking he’d given her the night before, but Emily didn’t care. Her pussy might have been irritated, but it was also dripping wet. She felt his cock boring into her, again filling the creamy interior of her hot, tight cunt.

“Ram it up my pussy!” Emily gasped.

Her enormous tits jiggled and slapped sweatily together as she started to hump and wiggle, thrusting her cunt onto the satisfying stiffness of her son’s cock.

“Ungh unh unh, it’s going into me, Paul! Oh, shit, it’s really going in good! Ahhhh, yes, you’ve got such a big cock baby! Fuck your mom, honey! Fuck the piss out of Mom’s cunt!”

Paul held her hips tightly, staring at his mother’s ass-cheeks as he stuffed her pussy with his cock. He could see her stretched, sucking cunt-lips, her hairy fuck-hole stretched to bursting as it admitted his cock. He could see her asshole, too, watching her puckered shit chute throb and contract.

Paul pushed forward, finally ramming every inch of his cock into his mom’s juicy pussy. He started fucking her in a hard, driving rhythm, slamming his cum-swollen cock in and out of her cunt.

“Oh, Paul! Harder, Paul!” The shameless mother humped madly to meet his strokes, grimacing as she felt her tight hot pussy spasming and oozing fuck-juice all over his cock. “Unh unh unh, oh, Paul, oh, shit, it’s just so long and fat! It’s going all the way up my belly, baby! Oh, please, oh, yes, keep fucking your mother, Paul! Fuck me, lover, fuck me, fuck your mother’s cunt!”

Paul fucked his naked mother, relentlessly drilling his stone-hard fuck-pole into the gooey sheath of her cunt. Emily knew she was on the verge of an extremely hard win. She felt the beginning waves of the cum all the way up her pussy.

She felt it in her asshole too. Emily felt her shit-chute contracting, as if it wanted a big cock of its own to suck on. No, she thought dazedly, as she continued to hump her son. No, she wouldn’t stoop that far. She’d let her husband fuck her asshole only once, when she was very drunk. Yes, it was true that she’d enjoyed it. But no, not now. Not with her own son!

“Paul!” Emily gasped. “Paul, play with my asshole!”

Paul didn’t seem to understand what she meant. He held onto her hips and kept fucking her pussy as hard as he could. Emily winced with both lust and frustration, knowing that she would cum if he didn’t catch on, without feeling his finger up her ass.

“Paul, play with my asshole,” she repeated, “…ungghhh! Put it up my asshole, lover! Oh, shit, just jack off Mom’s asshole, baby! Hurry, Paul, hurry!”

Paul finally understood what his mother craved. He put his forefinger on her asshole and started rubbing her puckered shitter very hard, in a circular motion, as his massive fuck-tool slammed in and out of her cunt. His mom’s asshole felt slick, and it throbbed on his finger. Finally Paul pushed his finger deep inside her ass.

Emily gasped as her rubbery shit-tunnel spumed and sucked, holding his finger deep inside her. Then her pussy came, practically gushing fuck-juice all over her son’s hammering cock, as the contraction swept through her fuck-tunnel again and again.

“Fuck me, baby fuck my ass off!” she cried. “Mom’s cumming, Paul! Oh, please, keep fucking my pussy! Jack off my asshole, darling! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The cum lasted so long that the naked mother thought she might black out from the sheer intensity of orgasming so violently on her son’s pounding cock. When she came to, Paul was still pounding his cock into her pussy, panting as he approached his own cum.

Suddenly Emily knew where she wanted to feel the morning’s second load of cock-juice squirting next. Yes she had to feel it there, she thought dazedly. Up her asshole… her own son’s enormous cock, hammering between her ass-cheeks, rooting deep inside her tender, nearly virginal bowels.

“Paul,” she panted. “Would… would you take it out now? I know you want to cum in my pussy, darling. But Mom wants another kind of fucking instead.”

Paul reluctantly pulled his huge fuck-tool out of her hairy pussy. Emily glanced over her shoulder, seeing how violently his enormous cock throbbed, how it dripped pussy-juice and his own oozing cum.

Red-faced with shame and passion, she stretched out on her belly crushing her huge tits on the linoleum. She glanced up, seeing that the jar of Crisco shortening was still on the stove. Then she reached behind her back, grasped her peach-shaped ass-cheeks and spread them as wide as she could, showing her puckered shit ring to her son.

“Oh, fuck, Mom!”

“Paul, would you get the shortening from the stove?” Emily asked, in a voice that cracked with her feverish lust. “Paul, Mom needs a good ass-fucking now. That’s right, Paul. I want you to stick your big cock right up my juicy little asshole and fuck the shit out of it for me will you do that for your mother, Paul?”

Paul rose, his enormous, wet hard-on throbbing and jerking stiffly before him as he grabbed the jar of Crisco. He pasted it liberally all over his cock, then again knelt between his mother’s thighs. Emily shuddered as her son attended to her itchy little asshole, coating her sphincter with a generous application of lube.

“That’s enough, baby!” Emily spread her ass-cheeks even farther. “Now go ahead and fuck Mom’s asshole, lover! Hurry, Paul, hurry, Mom needs a cock up the ass right now!”

Paul mounted his horny mom, aiming his cock-head at the rosy ring of her shitter. Emily gasped with intense pleasure as she felt his cockmeat cleaving into her bowels. Her asshole was stretching wide now, much wider than it had once stretched around, her husband’s cock. Paul was humping on top of her, plowing inch after inch of his giant, cum-swollen cock into her ass.

“Oh, my baby! Oh, Paul! It’s so big, baby, it feels so fucking good!”

Emily thrust her hand under her rounded belly, whimpering with impatience as she rooted through her juice-matted pussy-curls for the gooey opening of her cunt. Then she caught her clit under her fingertip and started rubbing it hard, simultaneously thrusting her burning asshole onto her own son’s cock.

“Fuck my asshole, Son!” she cried, humping faster and faster. “Ungghhh! Mom loves it, darling, Mom loves your huge, fucking cock! Harder, Paul, ram it up my shitter! Oh, Paul, oh, shit, you’re making me cum!”

Paul shuddered with pleasure as his mom’s narrow, rubbery shit-tunnel compressed juicily around his driving cock. He sprawled flat on top of her, panting on her shoulder as he humped. The blood-laden inches of his cockpole stabbed relentlessly into her shit-chute, until the naked mom had every inch of her son’s enormous cock rammed up her bowels.

Emily finger-fucked as fast as she could, groaning and panting as she thrust her tender, itchy asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of her son’s cock.

“Unh unh unh, feels good, Paul, it feels so fucking good! That’s right, baby, stroke my asshole! Just like you fucked my pussy, Paul! In and out, baby… faster, honey… oh, please, fuck my asshole as fast as you can!”

Paul’s huge, quivering cock seemed to ram deeper up her shiter with every thrust. His mother’s finger was a blur as it rubbed her clit as her asshole spurned and contracted uncontrollably around his big, stiff cock.

“Fuck my asshole, fuck Mom’s asshole!” she pleaded. “Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I’m cumming! Mom’s cumming again, cuummiiinnnggg!”

Her asshole contracted violently, the shortening squishing around her son’s cock as her shit tunnel pleasured itself on his cock-meat. Paul sawed his cock to the hilt up her bowels, finally letting his second load of cum-cream escape from his balls.

His jizz spewed heavily into his mother’s shit tunnel, squirting onto the narrow, rubbery walls of her ass-channel. Emily sighed as she felt his milky cum-load geysering into her bowels. Still playing with her pussy, she lovingly flexed her shitting muscles, making her puckered sphincter suck every drop of cum out of her son’s cock.

Twenty minutes later her son had dressed, wolfed down breakfast and departed for school. Emily managed to dress and eat too, but she knew she wouldn’t get any housework done. Instead she spent the morning in a constant state of shame and frustrated passion, but feeling her pussy moisten as she remembered how good his cock had felt up her cunt.

She knew, on one hand, that she couldn’t keep giving her pussy to her son. On the other hand, she now knew that she couldn’t abort that end if Paul continued to live with her. She knew she would be unable to keep her hands off of his cock.

Emily finally came up with a solution. She had an old friend, Sharon Jones, who was also divorced and who was also a single parent to a son. They had become close friends partly because Sharon was one of the few women she’d met who could sympathize with the drawbacks of being a great beauty. Though a short-haired brunette, Sharon also possessed an incredible face and body. Her tits were even bigger than Emily’s.

Over a year ago, Emily remembered, Sharon had once remarked that it might be a good idea for parents to occasionally swap sonren. It might show the son, particularly a misbehaving one, that life might not be a bed of roses in another household. As a matter of fact, Sharon had even suggested trying the experiment with Paul and Sharon’s son Mark.

Emily thought of Paul’s cock, wincing as she remembered how incredibly good it had felt pounding into her cunt. Then she decided to look for Sharon’s phone number. Just a few days, she thought, so she could get her willpower back. So she could stop giving her pussy to her own flesh arid blood.



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