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xNovel - Sister's Hot Thighs


Sister's Hot Thighs

Cover:cover: sister's hot thighs
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Jenny, under her father’s horny gaze, rocked on his leg. “I’m thinking about your cock sticking in my pussy,” she purred. “It’s making me cream.”

“Yeah,” Darren grinned. “Mover my leg.”

Jenny glided her pussy over his knee, leaving a trail of sticky pussy-cream on his flesh. She humped his thigh, then leaned over and slapped his limp prick with her tongue.

“You’re just like your mother, baby.”

Jenny purred and licked his prick and nuts. She inched her wet frothy pussy into his muscular thigh and spasmed as she sucked his cockhead into her mouth.

“Goddamn,” he aroused as her greedy mouth brought new life to his spent cock.

Jenny popped her mouth off his prick. She ground her cunt into his thigh and scratched her nails over his wrinkled nut-sac. “When you watched me get myself off did it get you hot?”

Darren twitched as she raked her nails over his balls. “It blew my fucking mind,” he rasped. “Your mother’s too.”

“God,” Jenny gasped as her cunt contracted. “Mom saw me too?” She swooned.

“Yeah. We got so fucking hot I took her back to bed and fucked the hell out of her.”

Jenny sighed dreamily. For a second, she closed her eyes and pictured her mother. “Did she really get hot?” she moaned.

“She got so damn hot she creamed,” Darren said. He groaned as Jenny straddled his hips and pound her wet dripping pussy on his cock.

Jenny was shaking with excitement. She rocked, bathing her father’s cock in warm frothy pussy-cream. “Did you think of me while you fucked Mom?” she wanted to know.

The sizzling heat from his daughter’s pussy was making his prick grow. His balls swelled with a new load of jizz. “Yeah, and I’ve been thinking about your pussy ever since.” He reached up and grabbed the jiggling meat of her plump tits.

Jenny shuddered and leaned into his pawing hands and wondered what her mother had been thinking. “You’re getting hard,” she gasped as she glided her hot virgin pussy over his thickening cock.

“I know,” he rasped. He twisted her tits and pulled her down to his hungry mouth.

Jenny gobbled on his mouth and wiggled her hips. She could feel his cock throbbing against the velvety meat of her virgin pussy. She rolled her hips, then yanked her mouth off his. “I want you in me,” she sighed.

Darren’s prick was rigid. “Anytime you’re ready,” he mouthed.

Rocking back and forth, Jenny nodded. “I know. I can feel it.” She felt lightheaded as the bloated head of his cock brushed against her swollen clit.

“Put it in, baby,” he said huskily.

Leaning into her father’s pawing hands, Jenny reached between her juicy thighs. She grabbed his hulking cock in her fist and dragged his fat spongy head between the folds of her virgin pussy. Spasms racked her flesh and for a moment she thought she was going to faint.

“C’mon, baby,” Darren coaxed. “Put it in.” Pussy juice flowed over the head of his cock and down his throbbing cockshaft to his balls.

Shaking, her dream about to come true, Jenny eased the bloated head of his prick into her pussy. “Ooooh, Daddy!” she gasped as the pressure against her cherry made her cream.

Darren saw the flush of excitement on her face. He lurched up from the bed, ripping away her cherry with one stab.


Jenny gasped as his cock tore into her pussy. “Daddy! Daddy!” Her eyes rolled in their sockets. “Daddy!”

Darren’s breath hissed out as hot spongy cunt muscles grabbed at his prick. “Take it all,” he urged. “All of it.”

Swooning, Jenny plunged down. His cock ripped deep into her virgin pussyhole. “Daddy!” she wailed as she impaled herself on his cock. “Daddy!”

“You got it,” Darren rasped as her tight hot pussy enveloped his throbbing fucker. “God, you’re tight.”

“It hurts, Daddy,” she whimpered, her body in shock. “It hurts.”

“Take it easy, baby. Easy.” He mauled her tits and watched as the pain on her face slowly disappeared.

Hot frothy juices flowed, from the stretched walls of her spongy cunt. Muscles started pulsing around her father’s, buried prick. She swayed, the pain gone, replaced with pleasure.

“Daddy. You’re so deep.” She rocked on his cock, bathing it in warm sudsy cream. “So deep. I can feel you throbbing inside me. God, it’s wonderful!”

She leaned forward, her face flushed, her mouth drooling. “I waited and dreamed about this for so long.” She rolled her hips, her cunt now adjusted to the invasion of her father’s prick.

“Ride it, baby. Enjoy yourself.” He massaged her tits as the buttery cream from her pulsating cunt flowed from her hole and seared the wrinkled skin of his cum-crammed balls.

“Yesss, Daddy,” she cooed. She lifted her ass. Using his tit-pawing hands for support, she reached between her, spread thighs and grabbed the thick meat of his shaft. “Daddy, your cock’s all gooey.” She swooned, her pussy pulsing rapidly as she lifted her ass until only his cockhead was inside her.

“Put it back,” Darren groaned. He jerked his hips and tried burying his prick back into the sizzling wet heat of her tight teenage pussy.

Jenny stroked his juice-drenched cock. She shuddered, then yanked away her hand. “Daddy.” She slammed down, her eyes popping as his cock ripped into her steamy cunt. “I’m not a virgin anymore.”

Jenny, out of her mind, rolled her hips. Spittle drooled from her panting mouth. She mashed her clit into his hard groin and spasmed.

Darren groaned. He humped, slamming his cock deep into her pussy as he brutally pawed her tits. “You like fucking, huh?”

“I love it,” she babbled. She looked into his face and wiggled her hips. “I want you to keep your cock in me forever.”

Twisting, Jenny yanked her tits free from her father’s rough hands. She sat up straight, her tits, imprinted with her father’s fingers, jutted out proudly. She rolled her hips, her tits flopping as the pleasure of his buried cock made her head spin.

“Ride it, baby,” he groaned. He lurched up, making her wail with joy as pussy juice squished from her cock-stuffed cunt and flowed down over his churning nuts.

Jenny was in bliss. She swayed, her pussy impaled. “I’m creaming, Daddy. It’s so fantastic.” She leaned back, shuddering with delight as the bloated head of his prick poked into the cushiony walls of her tight gripping pussy. “Ooooh… Daddy!”

Darren humped. His cock ached. He stretched his arms, grabbed her tits and pulled. “C’mon, baby.” He dragged her into his arms and rolled.

Jenny gasped with surprise. She writhed beneath him, her eyes wide as she stared up into his grinning face. “Ooooh… Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Martha rolled over in bed and groped for her husband. Not feeling him next to her, she opened her eyes and flicked on the light. “Damn!”

A hot smile spread across her face as she realized where Darren might be. Naked, she climbed out of bed and slipped on a robe. She walked out into the dark hall and made her way cautiously to her daughter’s room.

The door was closed, but she heard Jenny’s voice. She quivered and quietly opened the door just enough to see inside. What she saw made her cream.

“Please, Daddy,” Jenny whimpered. She clawed her father’s arms and hairy chest. Her hips jerked, but Darren moved with her, keeping only the head of his prick inside her juicy pussy. “Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Damn watched his daughter thrash beneath him. He winced as she raked his chest and arms. “You fuck it, baby!” He rocked his hips and groaned as her cunt muscles tried to gobble up his throbbing cock.

“Don’t tease me, Daddy,” Jenny whimpered. She clutched his arms and lunged. “Ooooh… Daddy!”

This time he didn’t move and she humped wildly, fucking herself blind on her father’s cock as he leered wild-eyed down into her twisted face.

Martha, her pussy on fire, stared into the bedroom. She gulped back the lump in her throat.

“You horny bastard,” she whispered under her breath. “You horny fucking bastard.”

“I like that, baby,” Darren groaned as she humped his cock. “You’re a fucking alley cat just like your mother.” He pulled back, tormenting her as she thrashed maniacally beneath him.

“You bastard, Daddy,” she moaned deliriously. “Gimme your cock. Please!” She dug her nails into his shoulders and lurched up from the bed.

Jenny gasped as she filled her pussy with her father’s cock. She ground her clit into his groin as she swiveled her hips and milked his buried fucker.

Darren groaned as her cunt muscles greedily mauled his dick. His gut churned and his balls swelled. “Baby,” he rasped. He slammed into her, driving her back into the bed. “Baby!”

Jenny gasped with joy as he pinned her writhing body to the bed. “It’s so deep, Daddy. So fucking deep!” She bucked her hips and milked his cock as he kept it buried to the hilt.

Martha, her legs weak, stared. She knew the torment Jenny was going through. She shuddered, her own cunt pulsing. “Fuck her,” she mumbled softly. “Don’t tease her like you do me.” She gripped the wall as she gawked at her husband’s ass and his huge nut-sac. “Fuck her!”

Darren pulled back slowly until only the fat head of his cock was inside his daughter’s scalding cunt. “You’re like an oven,” he groaned as the muscles of her cunt tried to keep him captive. “A fucking oven!”

“Don’t take it out,” Jenny gasped. “Please!” She lifted her ass and gobbled his prick into her cunt.

Darren, his prick engorged with blood, was through tormenting his lust-crazed daughter. He slammed into her cunt and jerked his hips. He pulled back slowly, then lunged again, driving his cock deeper and deeper with each powerful thrust.

Jenny went insane. “Faster, Daddy,” she begged. The slow withdrawal and the hard fast punching jabs had her out of her skull. “Faster! Faster.”

For the moment, Darren ignored his daughter’s ranting pleas. He fed her his cock with a hard jab, then slowly yanked it out, fighting her cunt muscles. He plowed again, the squishy juices of her cunt gushing from her hole and splattering his rumbling balls.

Jenny, lost in a world of lust, lunged up to meet his driving jabs. She groaned as their bodies clashed, then gasped as the power of his thrust smashed her back into the bed. “Fast! Harder! God… fuck me!”

Martha, her legs trembling, spasmed as her daughter’s voice penetrated her lust-sopped brain. Her mouth watered and she thought about Chip sleeping in his room. She wanted him, wanted him so badly that her cunt began to ache.

She started to leave, but her daughter’s voice and her husband’s groans kept her rooted to the spot. She had to see and hear them cum. Then she would go to her son.

Darren, his balls aching, picked up speed. He plunged hard, shortened his stroke and pounded his wailing daughter with quick punching jabs.

Jenny gasped with relief. “Yesss, Daddy! Yesss!”

Darren pounded his daughter’s cunt with hard vicious jabs. His cock squished through her juicy cunt, plunging deep as her hot spongy pussy muscles attacked his cockshaft and her frothy cunt-cream kept it greased for speed. Arms stiff, chest heaving, he watched her twist beneath him. “Baby,” he groaned. “Cream. Cream your fucking brains out!”

“Yes,” Martha mouthed silently. “Cream, Jenny. Cum!” She swooned, her cunt in spasm. “Cream!”

“I’m getting there, Daddy,” Jenny moaned. “I’m getting there.” She humped, meeting his powerful jabs as she ground her pulsing clit into his hairy groin.

Darren, his cock swollen to the bursting point, fucked away at her body. His hips became a blur as he tore into her writhing body at blinding speed.

With her father drilling her pussy with lightning jabs, Jenny raced to the peak. She clutched his arms, her ass thumping against the bed each time he slammed into her. “I’m ready! I’m gonna cum, Daddy! Gonna cum!”

“Cum, baby. Cum!”

Watching her face contort and her tits flop, Darren speared her cunt and took her screaming into her orgasm.

“I’m cumming, Daddy,” she squealed as her cunt exploded around her father’s jabbing cock. “I’m cuming!”

Martha almost collapsed as her daughter’s words echoed in her skull. “Jenny,” she sighed. “Ooooh… Jenny!”

Hot frothy pussy-cum gushed from her spongy cunt walls and washed over her father’s cock. Her cunt muscles mauled his stabbing cockmeat. “I’m creaming, Daddy! Creaming!”

Darren sliced methodically through her climaxing cunt-hole. The hot greedy muscles and the sizzling cunt-cum swelled his prick and rumbled the jizz in his balls. His face twisted and he gritted his teeth as his balls burst.

“I’m cumming too,” he bellowed as he spurted jizz into her climaxing pussy. “I’m cumming too!”

Hot squirting wads of jizz splashed into Jenny’s orgasming pussy. “I feel it, Daddy! I feel your cum! It’s squirting in my belly!” She went insane as her father’s erupting cock triggered another orgasm in her body.

“I’m cumming again, Daddy,” she shrieked. “I’m cumming again!”

Martha jammed her hand into her robe and massaged her hot buttery pussy as she watched her husband and daughter in the throes of orgasm. She moaned softly as the sudsy juices flowed from her pussyhole and saturated her exploring fingers. “God,” she sighed breathlessly as she listened to their passion. “God!”

Darren stabbed deep and squirted Jenny’s pussy. She lunged up, crashing into his hard driving frame. Cum squished from her pussyhole. She screamed. Darren groaned.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she wailed as jizz and pussy-cum gushed from her twat and flowed down to the crack of her humping ass. “I can’t stop cuming!”

“Me neither, baby,” he roared as he slashed into her overflowing cunt. Hot jizz and pussy cum splattered his balls each time he skewered her pussy. “You’re draining my fucking nuts.”

Jenny thrashed on her back. Her legs stiffened, then curled around his pounding frame. She dug her heels into his back and clutched his arms.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Martha’s mouth watered. She wanted to go in and drink her husband’s cum from her daughter’s pussy. She stopped herself. There would be plenty of time for that. Right now, she needed her cunt stuffed with her son’s cock. She closed the door quietly and leaned against the wall, as she caught her breath. There would be no rush. She knew Darren would want to fuck again and from the sound of her daughter’s voice, she knew she would want it too.

Jenny thrashed and screamed. Her body turned rigid, as her nails dug into her father’s arms. She collapsed back on the bed and began whimpering as her father continued to fuck away at her body. Her legs melted from his back and her arms dropped to her sides.

Darren, his balls almost empty, plummeted her limp body until the last wad of jizz spewed from his cock. He groaned, his arms giving out.

Jenny gasped as he covered her with his body. She writhed beneath him and sighed dreamily as his prick slipped from her pussy. “Daddy,” she purred as she caressed his back. “That was fantastic.”

Darren rolled off his daughter. His chest heaved as he caught his breath. “You’re a wildcat, baby.”

Jenny squirmed down on the bed. She licked his limp dick, savoring the exquisite taste of pussy-cum and her father’s jizz. She lapped his balls clean, then wriggled up into his arms.

“Can we fuck again?” she asked.

Darren held her in his arms. “Sure, baby.” He stroked her hair. “Let’s just hope your mother doesn’t wake up and wanna get fucked.”

Jenny giggled, then started stroking his prick. Images of the entire family making it together swept through her mind as she cuddled in her father’s arms. “Maybe,” she purred to herself. “Maybe, it’ll happen.”

“You say something, baby?”

“No, Daddy,” she sighed. “Not a thing.”



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