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xNovel - Sister's Hot Thighs


Sister's Hot Thighs

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“Christ, Sis. You were fantastic!” His cock lay limp on his thigh as he tried catching his breath, “Fantastic.”

Hot, her cunt boiling over, Jenny leered drunkenly at her brother. “You ready to take of me now?”

Chip ogled his naked sister. Even though she had just given him the best climax of his life, the sight of her lush naked body still overpowered him. He nodded. “Anytime you’re ready,” he mouthed. “Anytime.”

Burning up with lust, Jenny threw herself on her back. She spread her legs wide and wiggled her hips. “This is a dream come true,” she moaned.

Chip ogled his sister. “This is the first time I’ve seen you sprawled out on your back.”

Jenny sighed softly and rolled her hips. “I rub my clit into the sheet,” she moaned. She skimmed her hands down her sizzling body and spread the puffy folds of her cunt. “See my pussy?”

Chip’s breath caught in his chest. He nodded, his mouth watering for his sister’s lush virgin body.

Jenny used her fingers, moving the sheath back until she exposed her clit. “This is my clit, Chip. I want you to lick it, then bite it. I wanna cum all over your face instead of the sheet.”

She swooned as her own words made her dizzy. Displaying her cunt and blood-swollen clit added to her passion and she couldn’t stop from shaking as she sizzled under her brother’s horny eyes.

“I’ll get to your pussy when I’m ready,” Chip sneered, ready to torment his sister as she had tormented him. He jammed his fist up against her twat, then twisted it, crunching the puffy folds into his knuckles.

Jenny convulsed. Her ass came off the bed and her hips swiveled. “Chip,” she moaned deep in her throat. “Oooooh — Chip!”

Cream soaked Chip’s fist. He pulled his hand away and watched her twitch. “I’m gonna drive you crazy,” he rasped.

“Yes, Chip,” she moaned. “Do whatever you want to me.”

Chip grinned. “You mean fuck you?” She shook her head, a dirty smile playing at the corners of her mouth. “No. I’m saving my cherry for Daddy.” She wiggled her hips, enticing him to punch her cunt again.

“You’re crazy,” he said, obliging her. He jammed his fist against her pussy and listened as a choking moan of pleasure rushed from her mouth.

“Maybe,” she gasped as she humped her cock into his fist. “Maybe, Daddy will sneak in my room some night.”

“He won’t,” Chip grinned. “But, I’ll be back every night until I get your cherry.” He pinched her clit then threw himself at her.

“Oooooh, Chip,” she whimpered as he gobbled a jiggling tit into his mouth. “Suck! Bite it! Suck it!” She creamed, then crushed his mouth to her tit as she rocked her hips and whimpered with joy.

Chip devoured his sister’s tit. He chewed the milky flesh, his hands roaming her body. He kneaded her hips, then jammed his fist against her cunt as he sucked one of her ripe pink nipples into his mouth.

“Bite, Chip,” she gasped. She humped her pussy against his punching fist and scratched her nails through his hair. “Bite my nipple.”

Chip sunk his teeth into her nipple and shuddered as her shriek of joy caromed through his skull. He worked his mouth over the soft flesh, marring it brutally with his teeth. He sucked, leaving a trail of passion bites in her white tit meat as she writhed beneath him.

Jenny was out of her mind. She slammed her cunt into his fist and pulled on his hair. “My other tit,” she gasped, pulling him toward her other jiggling tit-globe. “Oooooh… yes, Chip! Yesssss!”

Chip feasted on her tit, maiming it with his mouth as her cunt-cream soaked his fist and her whimpering sobs of delight made his gut churn.

Jenny thrashed wildly on the bed as her brother devastated her tits. “I love it,” she moaned dreamily. “I love it.” Each deep biting suck on her nipple sent a tremor down to her virgin pussy. “Keep sucking, Chip. Go… do it all over!”

Chip ravaged his sister’s tits. He turned the creamy white meat to a glistening mass of red blotches. He lifted his head, his face smeared with spit, his eyes glowing as he surveyed the damage. “Damn!” he said.

He punched her cunt, then leaned over her, pawing her marred tits brutally with both hands as she whimpered and writhed beneath him.

“Oh, Chip,” she rasped. “I’ve never been this hot in my life.” She scratched his arms and chest like an alley cat. “Eat my pussy rough with your mouth.” She squirmed, her hips jerking as she humped her cunt at an imaginary prick. “Please.”

Chip grabbed her arm and pulled. He rolled her over, then gawked at her wiggling ass. “This is the way I see you every morning,” he groaned.

Jenny, sprawled out on her stomach, writhed like a snake. Legs spread, she pounded her pussy into the mattress as she clawed the sheets with her nails. “Eat me, Chip,” she babbled. “Eat my pussy.”

Chip crawled between his sister’s outstretched legs. “Damn,” he moaned, feasting his eyes on her ass and pink pussy-slit. “This is a lot better than watching from the fucking doorway.”

Jenny shuddered as he started pawing her ass. It was a wild dream come true. If only her father were here with Chip. She spasmed from the thought and jammed her ass back at her brother’s mauling hands.

“Eat me, Chip. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Maybe I’ll just let you cum this way like you do every morning,” he taunted. He dragged his fingers through the crack of her ass, then down to the puffy meat of her oozing pussy.

“You bastard!” She convulsed as Chip manhandled her pussy. “Eat me. Eat me!” She pounded the pillow with her fists as her brother continued to torture her virgin cunt.

Chip’s prick hardened as he watched his sister thrash on her stomach. His balls swelled and began to ache. He whacked her across the ass, the sound echoing in the room. “Get on your back.”

Eagerly, Jenny rolled over. Her blonde hair was slashed across her face. Her mouth was open, spittle drooling from her lips. Her blue eyes were on fire as she stared drunkenly at her brother. “Eat me, Chip. I’m begging you.” Chip watched her writhe for a long delicious second as he settled his horny gaze on her pussy. His mouth watered. He stroked her juicy thighs, then squirmed onto his stomach between her legs as the pungent aroma of her overheated pussy inflamed his mind.

“Eat me,” she squawked as he started chewing on her thigh. “Eat my pussy.”

Chip gnawed his way up the tender flesh of her inner thigh. His prick turned rigid and his balls rumbled. He groaned, then fused his mouth to his sister’s virgin cunt.

Jenny convulsed as contact was made. She arched her back, and a choked cry of pleasure rushed from her mouth. “Chip! Chip!”

Chip licked his tongue up through her pussy. Cream flowed from her cunt-hole and coated his tongue. He groaned as the buttery juicy bathed his face. His tongue darted into her pussy and hit her cherry. Cream gushed into his mouth as he prodded the thin skin with the tip of his tongue.

“Chip,” Jenny gasped as she battered his face with her virgin cunt. She swiveled her hips violently. “I feel your tongue inside me.”

Chip skimmed his hands under his sister’s humping ass. He pawed her jiggling asscheeks, his blunt fingertips sinking into the firm white meat. Pussy juice rinsed his mouth and he swallowed as he mauled her ass and tormented the entrance to her cunt with his snakelike tongue.

Jenny’s body contorted. “Oooooh… Chip,” she gasped. “Suck. Bite. Oooh… Christ. Make me cum.”

Chip sucked, drawing into his hungry mouth all the puffy folds of her pussy. He chewed on the tender meat as pussy-cream washed out his mouth and trickled down his throat.

“Fantastic, Chip,” she whimpered. His sucking mouth was making her cunt pulse. “You’re gonna suck out my cherry.”

Jenny scratched her nails over the sheet. Her head snapped up and she stared wild-eyed at her brother. “Bite! Bite me! Chew me all up!” Her head dropped back to the pillow as a ragged gasp choked from her throat.

Chip chewed on her cunt. He sucked deeply, swallowing greedily to keep from choking as pussy-cream flooded his mouth. He pawed her humping ass, his fingers searching, then finding her crack.

“Chip,” Jenny wailed as he chewed on her cunt and prodded the wrinkled crack of her shitter. “Oooooh, Chip. Put your finger in my ass!”

Using his tongue like a whip on her cunt-slit, Chip jammed a finger into his sister’s virgin asshole. Tight hot muscles clamped around his finger as he probed her virgin shitter and sucked diligently on her frothy pussy.

“I’m in heaven,” Jenny moaned dreamily. Her eyes widened as she slammed her ass down on his invading finger. “God… it’s fantastic!”

Chip chomped on her cunt and fingered her tight asshole. Cream drenched his face and flowed down his neck. He sucked, then tongued as his prick throbbed and his balls churned.

Jenny beat her cunt into her brother’s face. “Make me cum, Chip,” she mowed. “Bite my clit.” She bucked her hips and spasmed as his invading finger drove her wild. “Make me cum!”

Chip slapped his tongue up through her slit and over her blood-swollen clit. He jammed his mouth tight against her pussy-hole, then sucked her clit between his lips. He held the pulsing fuck button and slashed the tip with his tongue at the same time, he gouged her shitter.

Jenny raced to the peak and hovered. “I’m there, Chip! I’m there!” She rolled her hips, savoring the invading finger as his slashing tongue kept her at the peak.

“Bite it, Chip! Bite my clit and make me cream!” She humped wildly, battering her clit into his teeth as she tried to get off.

Chip tormented her for a second, then sunk his teeth into her clit. He jammed another finger into her narrow asshole and gouged the balls as he took Jenny into her orgasm.

Jenny’s virgin pussy exploded. “I’m cumming, Chip! I’m cumming!”

Pussy-cum gushed from the contracting walls of her virgin cunt. Cum flooded her pussy-hole and overflowed. “I’m creaming. Creaming.” She squealed as the intensity of her orgasm turned her into a thrashing mass of jiggling flesh. “I’m creaming!”

Pussy-cum saturated Chip’s face as he devoured her clit. He ravaged her asshole as pussy-cum flowed down to the crack of her twitching asshole and his jabbing fingers. He chomped viciously on her blood-engorged clit as pussy-cum filled his mouth and flowed down his throat.

Jenny’s back arched. Her plump tits flopped.

“Chip,” she moaned as another orgasm tore through her cunt like a bolt of lightning. “I’m cuming again!”

She pounded the bed with her fists. Her head snapped back and forth as spittle and garbled words choked from her open mouth. “Bite! Bite!” She clamped her thighs together, holding him prisoner as she slammed down on his ass stabbing fingers and battered his face with her climaxing cunt.

Chip bore the brunt of his sister’s tongue. Quick gulps kept his throat cleared. Cum drenched his face and his probing fingers. Juice stained the sheet and flowed down his neck. He attacked her pussy, chewing everything he could get his teeth into as his sister beat her pussy into his mouth.

Ass humping, shoulders wrenching, Jenny climaxed again and again on her brother’s chomping mouth. She stiffened, her mouth open.

“Chip!” she screamed.

The next second, she collapsed back on the bed, whimpering and twitching as her orgasms drained her.

Chip groaned and released her clit as her thighs melted away from his head. He eased his fingers from her asshole, then sat back on his haunches and stared at her quivering body.

“You liked it, huh?” he grinned. Blinking, her vision still blurred, Jenny nodded. “It was fabulous,” she panted. Her vision cleared and she saw her cum all over his face. Her eyes dropped to his hard-on and she shivered. “Let me suck you off again,” she moaned.

“Sure.” He straddled her head and jammed his prick into her mouth. In minutes he flooded her hungry mouth with cum.

“Christ,” Jenny moaned as Chip toppled off her. “This has been one terrific night.”

“My balls are sore,” he panted. Jenny writhed on her back and licked the cum off her lips. “You’d better get back to your room,” she giggled.

“Yeah.” Chip stood, his legs weak. Jenny watched him put his pajamas on. “You gonna come back tomorrow night?”

“I sure am,” Chip said. He walked to the door. “I’m gonna break your cherry too.”

“Maybe,” she purred. She flicked out the light as he opened the door.

With the room dark, Jenny stared up at the ceiling. Her body quivered with joy. “No more getting myself off,” she sighed. “Fabulous.” She rolled to her side and pulled the covers up over her naked body. In seconds, she was asleep.



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