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xNovel - Mom Without Panties


Mom Without Panties

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Richard avoided her eyes the next day, but he hung about the house. She knew he was looking at her when she had her back to him. She could feel his stare on her body. She wondered if it had been as good for him as it had her. If so, why was he being so cool toward her? Well, not exactly cool, but sort of distant. Yet, his eyes glowed when she caught him looking at her. Maybe it was shyness or embarrassment, he felt. He disappeared often during the day, concealing himself in the bathroom. She was sure her son was jacking off. If he wanted to jack off, it was his cock. Still, she was available to him. The problem was to let her son know she was willing for a repeat fuck when he was ready for her.

Richard wanted to fuck her again; she saw that in his eyes and the way he looked at her. Yet as soon as she glanced in his direction, he would lower his eyes and a faint flush would come over his face. Karen, later in the afternoon, dressed in a pair of white, very tight, shorts and a small, thin halter. Her long, creamy smooth legs were exposed by the high cut of the shorts, and the half-moon swells of her ass were exposed, especially when she leaned over. Her nipples protruded against the thin fabric of her halter. The waist of her shorts were tow on her hips, showing her dimpled belly button and flat stomach. She felt very lewd, yet shy at the same time. She had to almost force herself to twitch her tightly clad ass around, inviting her son’s stare. She had never acted the wanton before, and it embarrassed her a little.

Still, Richard only looked at her when she wasn’t facing him. In a way it amused her, but in another way it made her angry. She was doing everything but grabbing his cock to let him know she wanted very much to fuck him again.

They spent the say in nervous yearning, neither making a move toward the other. In the evening, as they sat before the television set, their eyes caught and locked. Each could see the desire in the other, yet neither said anything. Karen lowered her gaze to her son’s crotch. She saw his cock swell inside his pants, and he remained where he sat, making no effort to conceal his hard-on. She sat with her legs wide, sometimes drawing them up, resting her chin on her knees, knowing her son had a very good view of her crotch this way, and although Richard now looked at her with fire in his eyes, he stayed in his chair.

Finally, frustrated, Karen got to her feet. “Shit!” she exclaimed. “I’m going to bed, Richard. Turn off the lights when you finish here, okay?”

In her room, undressed and lying on her bed naked, she stared at the ceiling, wondering what in the hell was wrong with her son. She had given him a very good fucking, yet he seemed afraid to come to her for more. The only thing she could do now was grab his cock and tell him bluntly she wanted more of it. Of course, she would walk around naked, finger-fucking herself. Maybe he would do something then.

It was a long time before she fell asleep.

Richard’s appointment was for five in the afternoon. Karen noticed that her son was eager to go, and she could well understand. What bothered her, but only a little, was she knew that what Sissy had done with her son before was most certainly not part of any physical exam she had heard of.

Dressing for the appointment, Karen found herself becoming excited. The thought of watching Dr. Sissy Reed manipulate her son’s balls and cock, making him come off again, excited her. Why should she would want to watch another woman fondle her son to climax, Karen wasn’t sure. Yet she wanted to see it happen again. Maybe it was some medical, test. Karen knew little or nothing about medicine. But somehow she felt that Sissy Reed enjoyed manipulating her son that way, that it was not some test.

Karen wore a white cotton blouse, her tits naked with her nipples thrusting out, a pale green skirt with a long slit up the left thigh, a pair of thin, frilly panties with nylons and garter belt, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. She appeared mouth-wateringly beautiful. On the way to Richard’s appointment, they remained silent in the car, yet there was unmistakable tension.

No one was in the outer office when they arrived, and so they sat and waited. A few minutes after five, the blonde girl came out of the doctor’s office, smoothing her hair. Her eyes lit up when she sat Richard. The girl’s lips seemed to glisten wetly, and it didn’t look like lipstick to Karen.

“Doctor Reed will be with you in a minute,” the blonde girl said.

Karen sat with her son, again facing the girl’s desk. She now noticed that all the waiting room chairs faced that desk. From any position in the room, one could look up the girl’s white dress. The girl shuffled papers about, and it seemed to Karen that the girl was pretending to work. Her knees parted slightly when suddenly the girl dropped a pencil on the floor. When she leaned over to pick it up, one leg went wide. The blonde curls of the girl’s cunt were revealed, as well as the pink lips of her pussy. The girl was not wearing panties today.

As the girl straightened, she grinned, a little wickedly, Karen thought. But today, the girl looked at Karen, not Richard. Karen had the distinct impression that the girl had exposed her cunt not to Richard, but to her. She was certain if it when the girl’s gaze moved boldly along the expanse of her thigh where the slit exposed her creamy flesh.

“My favorite patient,” Sissy Reed murmured from the office door. “Come in, Richard.”

Karen followed her son, catching a slight frown from Sissy. Karen felt the doctor would have preferred she wait with the blonde girl. The office had been rearranged since the week before. Now, instead of a chair for Karen to sit on, there was an identical high stool. When Sissy perched on her stool, the only place for Karen was the other one, unless she wanted to stand. Hooking her high heels on the rung, her skirt open at the slit, Sissy glanced at Karen’s thighs. With a clipboard on one thigh, Sissy allowed her other leg to be straight, foot on the floor. Karen could peek under the doctor’s skirt almost to her panties. Richard, too, was watching the doctor, his eyes bot as he stared openly at her long legs. Karen noticed her son’s cock was bulging inside his pants.

A few minutes later, Sissy said, “Okay sweetheart, you just hop onto the table. This won’t take long.”

Karen watched her son jump onto the table, a grin on his face. “You gonna check me like last time, Doctor Reed?”

“Oh, you enjoyed the physical, did you?”

Sissy grinned at him, paying no attention to Karen. “Yes, I have to try something today.”

“It’s not serious,” she said to Karen. “It’s just something I would like to know, that’s all.” Sissy, standing on the other side of the examining table, facing Karen, opened Richard’s pants swiftly. Karen noticed the doctor’s tits rising and falling inside her blouse, the expression in her eyes expectant, excited. As Sissy pulled Richard’s pants down, his hard cock sprang up immediately. Sissy sucked in a breath, her tongue moving about her lips. None of it was missed by Karen.

As before, Sissy began to fondle Richard’s balls, trying to appear professional. But Karen knew that what Sissy’s hands were doing had nothing to do with medicine. It was obvious to her that Dr. Reed enjoyed playing with Richard’s balls. She saw it not only in the manner of that hand, but in the woman’s eyes and the way she breathed.

She was looking at her son’s cock and balls, watching Sissy’s hand, her own tongue moving about her lips. She glanced up to see Sissy staring at her, as if challenging Karen to question her examination. Karen, with her heels perched on the rung of the tall stool, knew her knees were parted. When Sissy glanced at her knees, still caressing Richard’s balls, Karen felt the wildest urge to spread her legs. Before she could think, gazing into Sissy’s eyes. Karen parted her knees. She saw the glint in Sissy’s eyes.

Sissy, squeezing gently on Richard’s balls, looked between Karen’s thighs, gazing hotly at the flimsy crotch of the lacy panties Karen knew now that Sissy wanted her, desired her, even as she wanted to feel her son’s balls. She felt she knew, too, what was going on between Sissy and her pretty receptionist.

Sissy cupped Richard’s balls, giving them a shake, but her eyes burned on Karen’s exposed crotch. Karen, running her tongue suggestively over her lips, widened her legs more, lifting her skirt with one hand. A soft gasp came from Sissy, and she lifted her other hand to Richard’s cock. Now, it was Karen who gasped, seeing the doctor close her fist about her son’s cock and begin jerking it up and down slowly. As Sissy held his balls, jacking on his cock, she kept looking under Karen’s dress.

“Everything feels perfect,” Sissy whispered. “I don’t find anything wrong at all. In fact, it’s all very beautiful.”

Karen knew what the doctor was talking about. She was talking about Richard’s hard cock and balls, about her exposed cunt. The excitement shot through her like wildfire, her pussy seeping against the crotch of her panties.

The game was over now.

Sissy pumped her fist up and down on Richard’s cock vigorously, squeezing his balls in her other hand. Karen watched Sissy jacking her son’s cock with hot eyes, her cunt bubbling until her panties were soaked. She head her knees wide, her skirt up, letting Sissy look all she wanted.

Richard looked down his body, watching Sissy jacking him, then scooted his hot gaze toward his mother. Karen noticed a smile spread over Sissy’s lovely face as she saw Richard look up his mother’s dress.

Richard arched his hips up, ramming his cock into the doctor’s pumping fist, bringing a mewl of pleasure from Sissy. Sissy held her fist down hard, letting Richard fuck her fist. She kept holding his balls and still peered under Karen’s skirt.

“Ohhhhh! Oh!” Richard groaned.

“Oh, my,” Sissy murmured. “Oh, yes!”

Her fist jacked up and down his throbbing cock, her fingers tight around it. Sissy was staring at his flaring piss hole, her lips parted as she breathed with excitement. Karen, too, was now gazing at the head of her son’s cock.

With a loud grunt, Richard came.

“Ohhhhh!” Sissy whimpered as the creamy come juice squirted high, her fist jacking wildly. A splash of jism spattered Sissy’s blouse, right where a nipple protruded. Her fist beat frantically on his cock, making Richard squirt copiously until, as before, his stomach was coated with it. Sissy’s fist, too, was smeared by his come.

Karen almost came, herself, as she watched her son spewing jism. She didn’t know if Sissy did or not, but the woman was shaking.

Handing Richard tissue to clean himself, Sissy again perched on her high stool. She wrote something on her clipboard, but her knees were again wide. This time Karen could see all the way up the doctor’s dress. She saw the woman’s fuzzy pussy now, and when Richard had pulled his pants up and stood next to her, she knew he, too, was staring at Dr. Reed’s cunt. More, she knew Sissy was aware of where mother and son were looking.

Sissy smiled at them and placed her clipboard on her desk. “Richard is a very healthy young man, Karen,” she said, her voice throaty. “However, I’d like to see him at least once a week for a while.”

Karen could see why. It was not for medical reasons at all. The next thing Sissy said confirmed it.

“Of course, you won’t be billed for these extra sessions.”

Sliding off her stool, her skirt riding up momentarily, Sissy pulled Richard against her body, her hands holding his face.

“You’re a very good patient, Richard,” she said. Looking directly into Karen’s eyes, she placed Richard’s lips on her tit. “Now, if you will, Karen, I’d like to speak with you later, in confidence.”

“Of course,” Karen replied, unable to keep the quiver from her voice. “I’m available anytime.”

Sissy smiled and turned Richard around. Karen knew Sissy had turned him so he could see under her green skirt. It seemed to tell Sissy what she wanted to know, Karen thought.

“How about now?” Sissy asked. “I don’t have anymore patients for the day.” Without waiting for Karen to reply, she turned to Richard. “You can wait out there, honey.”

Richard left, not at all reluctantly. Karen knew he would enjoy himself, looking at the pretty blonde girl. After he closed the door, she looked at Sissy.

“You’re divorced, right, Karen?” Sissy asked.

Karen nodded.

“Richard is very good-looking,” the doctor said, her gaze drifting between Karen’s legs again. “He’s very healthy and… virile.”

“I’d say horny,” Karen grinned.

“Yes, that, too.” Sissy replied. “You know why I wanted to be alone with you?”

“I think so,” Karen whispered.

Sissy stood before her, placing her hands on Karen’s shoulders. Slowly she pulled Karen toward her, pursing her lips. When the woman’s soft, warm lips pressed against hers, Karen felt a sensation unlike any she felt before. She enjoyed the feel of the doctor’s lips on hers, and she began to kiss back. A moan came from Sissy, and she flung her arms about Karen, holding her close as her wet tongue slithered past Karen’s lips.

“You’re so beautiful,” Sissy whispered, moving a hand between Karen’s hot thighs. “So very beautiful Karen.”

Karen shivered, feeling the woman’s hand caressing along her inner thigh, the fingers now at the top of her nylons. She stared into Sissy’s eyes, her gaze hazy with bubbling desire. When she felt Sissy’s fingers rubbing lightly up and down the crotch of her wet panties, she almost came. Sissy, knowing it, smiled lewdly cupping Karen’s cunt and squeezing it hard.

“You’re quite hot, aren’t you, Karen? Seeing me jack your son’s cock off made your cunt very wet.”

Karen squirmed her ass, on the stool, mewling softly. She was holding Sissy’s waist, waiting, eager and willing for whatever Sissy wanted. Sissy kissed Karen once more, then stepped back, perching her round ass on the examining table. She lifted her skirt and parted her legs, showing her bushy cunt.

“Kiss my cunt, Karen,” Sissy said softly.

Karen gazed at the woman’s hairy cunt, licking her lips. She could almost taste that wet cunt, but she held back.

“Kiss my pussy, Karen!” Sissy said firmly. “Suck it! I want you to suck and tonguefuck my cunt!”

“No,” Karen said in a shaking voice. “I’ve never done that before. I don’t want to do it now.”

“Oh, but I’m sure you do,” Sissy said in a low, seductive voice, rubbing at her pussy. “There’s always a first time, darling, and my cunt is perfect for that first time. Ask Diana. She loves to eat me.”

Karen gazed at Sissy’s wet, pink pussylips, her swollen clit, her exciting, creamy thighs. Sissy’s cunt glistened wetly, and she moaned softly when Sissy began to finger-fuck herself with abandonment, unashamedly.

“This feels wonderful,” Sissy whispered, “but your sweet lips sucking me would feel better. Your tongue up my cunt would feel better than my finger, Karen. You want to suck my cunt, I can see it in your eyes. You want to lick my pussylips and suck on my clit. You want to shove your tongue up my hairy, hot cunt and fuck me, don’t you, Karen?”

“No,” Karen protested in whisper, but her eyes stared hotly, seeing the woman’s cuntlips spread around Sissy’s finger, watching it go deep, then up to rub her inflamed clit, only to thrust once more inside. “No, I don’t.”

“Richard has a beautiful cock, don’t you think, Karen,” Sissy said as she finger-fucked herself. “His cock is so beautiful, hard or soft, it’s beautiful. Do you get excited when I play with his balls, jack his cock off? Doesn’t that make you want to fuck your son’s cock, Karen?”

Karen couldn’t answer.

“I bet Diana is showing Richard a good time,” Sissy said. “She’s a very exciting girl to have around. Why should your son enjoy himself out there with Diana, and you have no fun? Kiss my cunt, darling. You’ll love it, I promise.”

Karen’s mouth watered up. She wanted to do what Sissy asked, yet she held back. She could imagine the way the pretty blonde receptionist was entertaining her son, showing her cunt to him, maybe even fucking him on her small desk. She thought if she went out there right now, she could catch the girl fucking her son furiously.

Karen watched the doctor plunging two of her fingers swiftly into her cunt now. The woman’s body began to shake, and her head was thrown back, her mouth open in an oval of sheer ecstasy. The soft, bubbling squeal that Sissy, made was enough to tell Karen that Sissy, was coming.

She watched until Sissy finished, then Karen slipped from her stool. She touched Sissy’s knee lightly. “Sissy,” she said in a husky voice, her gaze on the woman’s hairy cunt.

With a groan, Karen leaned down, shoving her head between Sissy’s thighs. As the doctor pulled her finger from her cunt, Karen pressed her lips against the wet heat, feeling Sissy’s curly cunt hairs on her cheeks. She kissed the woman’s seeping cunt, her lips parted slightly. She kissed Sissy’s cunt again, then nervously pressed the tip of her tongue against her inflamed clit.

“Oh, yes!” Sissy murmured. She grabbed the back of Karen’s head, pulling her face tightly into her cunt. “Ohhh, suck it, Karen!”

But Karen jerked her face out of Sissy’s hairy cunt. She stared at Sissy as she stood upright. “No!” she said, turning to run from the room. “No, never!”



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