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xNovel - Daughter's Wide Open Lips


Daughter's Wide Open Lips

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Amy was always excited when she went to stay with her father for a few days, and this visit was no exception. She loved her dad very much, and it had deeply disturbed the youngster when her parents got their divorce. As much as she always liked staying with him, it had been so much more fun ever since he got into her panties about six months ago. Now they spent most of their time sucking and fucking while she was with him, and the horny little youngster thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Hi, Daddy,” she squealed with delight when he answered the door.

“Oh, you sweet little darling!” the man exclaimed, taking her into his arms when she was inside.

Her father lovingly lowered his mouth down to her softly parted lips. Wild excitement raced through both of their bodies as their tongues sensually entwined. With a delicious warmth washing over the clinging couple, neither of them was in any hurry to break the sweet embrace.

With her hot little pussy gently pressed against his groin, Amy could feel her father’s cock starting to grow and throb beneath his fly, sending exciting tingles shooting up her spine.

With his hand on the small of her back, he pressed her young body closer to him while she writhed her cunt up against his ever-stiffening cock. Their slippery, hot tongues were doing an obscene dance as they darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

Unable to control her passions, little Amy, slipped her hand down against his crotch, and she gently rubbed his lurching prick through the material of his pants.

Crazed with excitement, her dad lifted the back of her dress. He pressed his fingers into the soft, fleshy crevice between her bare asscheeks, pleased that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Drawing her soft little body tightly against his, the man could feel his stiff prick throbbing in his pants.

“That little devil feels like he wants to get out,” she said with a giggle, lightly flicking her tongue against his earlobe.

“Christ, yes, he wants out!” her father gasped, his entire body aching with desire for his cute little daughter.

“Oh it’s so nice and hard!” she whispered, deftly lowering his zipper, then withdrawing his hot stiff prick.

His cock began throbbing wildly in her fingers as his hands moved up the youngster’s bare legs making contact with the yielding flesh of her inner thighs.

The feel of his big, hard prick sent delightful tingles burning through her fuckhole as she squeezed and massaged his lust-bloated cockhead.

Gently caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her inner thighs, the man’s hand was slowly moving up toward the oozing muskiness of her steaming fuckslit. Their hot mouths were passionately locked in a deep kiss, and their hands continued lewdly exploring each other’s naked flesh.

“Oooooooooh, Daddy,” she whimpered when his probing finger finally made light contact with her quivering cuntlips. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

As her father’s blunt fingertip slowly slipped through her creamy little pussylips, she began sliding his silky, smooth foreskin up and down over his big stiff cockshaft. She could feel his big, muscular body lurching with excitement.

“Daddy,” she whispered. “Why don’t you take off your dumb clothes?”

When he stood up to disrobe, Amy quickly slipped but of her dress, the only garment she had on, and lay back against the cushions.

Hot, prickly sensations washed through her cunt when he dropped his pants, revealing his beautiful body. There was nothing that the horny youngster enjoyed more than the sight of a hard-on, and since the first time her dad fucked her, she’d thought his prick was one of the neatest she’d ever seen.

Looking down at his naked daughter sprawled out on the sofa, the man felt his blood surging faster through his swollen cock. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her luscious little fuck slit as the soft, pink flesh of her cuntlips glistened with hotly dripping juices.

When he slowly walked back to the couch, little Amy reached out, and she gently grasped his throbbing prick. Sifting up and holding his cockshaft, she began slowly licking the tip of his hard prick with her hot, wet tongue.

Holding his cock in one hand, she continued licking it as she reached up between his legs with her other hand. She gently caressed his balls while her fingers occasionally brushed lightly against his asshole. Then, slowly opening her mouth, her warm lips wrapped around his blood-bloated prickhead. Sucking gently on the swollen bulb, she flicked her tongue all around the sensitive nerves of his cockhead.

“God, that tastes good,” she whispered, her wet lips moving back and forth over the end of his fleshy fuck tool.

Removing his prickhead from her mouth, the cute youngster began licking the underside of his spit-soaked cock shaft. When she’d completely saturated it with her warm saliva, she began licking and slurping on his lust swollen balls. After they were completely drenched, the girl again inserted his big cockhead into the moist warmth of her baby soft mouth.

Feeling his body tensing, she quickly released his prick to prevent an early ejaculation. He shook with excitement as he dropped onto the couch beside her, drawing the youngster’s soft, warm body against his.

Clutching him to her, little Amy covered his lips with her hot, open mouth, passionately thrusting her tongue deeply into his throat. She grasped his hard cock, and she rubbed it against the soft warmth of her smooth belly.

“Please fuck me, Daddy,” she whispered, rolling onto her back and spreading her shapely young legs. “Please fuck me now.”

He eagerly crawled up between her open thighs while she slowly guided his cockhead toward her steamy little fuckhole. Her young body trembled with excitement when his hard knob probed against her hot, slippery fuckslit. As she arched her hips up to assist him in his penetration, she could feel his prick slipping through the hot, juicy opening of her sizzling cunt.

It felt so wonderful to the man as he slithered his cock up through her slick inner flesh, squeezing so delightfully around his throbbing prick. The beautiful sensation became even more intense as his sensitive cockhead continued sliding up through the youngster’s hot tight cuntflesh.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Amy sobbed at the feel of his glorious cock stretching the walls of her little pussy, sending thrill after thrill pulsing through her body.

When he’d finally reached full penetration, they lay perfectly still in a warm embrace, enjoying the rapture of their loving fuel. After several motionless moments, the man began gently sliding his hard prickshaft in and out of her hot, slippery fuckslit.

Amy writhed in ecstasy as his thick cockshaft slithered in and out between the moist walls of her grasping fuckhole. The top ridge of his bloated prick was rubbing against her clit as her hot cunt sucked and pulled on his wonderful cock.

“Oh, Daddy!” she panted, listening to the erotic slurping sound of his prick pumping in and out of her slippery cunt.

She could feel her juices oozing out and dripping down over her ass where his big, warm balls were slapping against her wet flesh.

Amy felt like she was floating, suspended under this beautiful body that was giving her so much pleasure.

“Oh, Christ, Daddy!” she squealed when he began speeding the tempo of his long, smooth thrusts. “That’s it, honey! Give it to me good!”

It felt like her whole body would explode as he began fucking faster and deeper into her little pleasure-crazed pussy.

“Oh, Daddy!” she groaned, clutching him tighter. “That’s it, you sweet fucker! That’s it, honey! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Rapidly approaching an ejaculation, the man was no longer in control of his own movements. Muscle spasms were frantically thrusting his jerking cock in and out between the slippery ridges of her tight, scalding hot passage.

“That’s it, Daddy! That’s it!” Amy shrieked as his hard prickmeat ripped madly in and out of her feverish pussy.

The cute youngster’s squeals, of delight seemed to heighten her father’s wild excitement, causing him to fuck even deeper and faster. His steel-hard prick was ripping and tearing into her flesh with ruthless abandon.

“Oh, shit, Daddy!” she suddenly screamed. “I’m coming! Oh, sweet Jesus, I’m coming!”

Feeling her father’s hot cum gushing up into her shuddering fuckhole sent the little girl into the most intense orgasm she’d ever had in her young life.

“Oh, God,” she whispered a few minutes later as she covered his mouth with her moistly parted lips. “Oh, Daddy, that was so fuckin’ good.”

“It sure was, honey,” he smiled. “Now… would you like to go up to my bed where we’d be more comfortable?”

“Sure! But you’ve gotta promise to fuck my tail off.”

When Amy awakened the next morning, she couldn’t remember where she was at first. It was only when she looked next to her and saw her dad that she recalled all the wild fucking they’d enjoyed last night. The feel of his big, warm body next to her sent little shivers of excitement racing up and down her spine.

Snuggling up against him, she reached down and searched for his wonderful cock. She soon found it hanging limply between his legs, still damp and sticky with the combination of her cunt juices and his jizz.

Slipping down under the covers, Amy took his limp penis between her thumb and forefinger, and she placed it in her warm little mouth. Gently licking and sucking, she soon had it clean of the sticky secretions that had been clinging to it. Although the stale cum hadn’t tasted as good as hot, fresh jizz, it was still delicious.

“Oh, God,” she heard her dad moan when his cock began swelling in her mouth.

“Good morning, Daddy,” she greeted him from under the covers as she momentarily removed his prick from her mouth. “It’s time to rise and shine, and I’m trying to get him to rise.”

“Don’t worry,” the man yawned. “He’ll be up and ready in a few seconds.”

True to his word, Amy soon had the biggest and hardest cock she’d ever found filling her mouth. Her excited father was writhing on the bed, his hands grasping the sheets.

When she realized he was in a sexual frenzy, the horny youngster quickly straddled his hips, and she lowered her juicy young fuckslit down over his big purple prickhead.

“Ooooooooh, Daddy,” she whispered with delight as his thick, hard cock slipped smoothly up into her fuckhole. When she’d finally lowered herself all the way down, she could feel his throbbing prick pulsing against the very end of her cuntslit.

Amy tenderly smiled at him as he reached out and gently grasped her firm, young tits. She began rotating her hot little pussy around the base of his deeply embedded cockshaft. Her squeezing fuckslit slowly worked around his stiff prick as his hands kneaded and twisted her erect nipples.

After sensuously rotating her pussy around the base of his prick for a long time, she changed to a slow up-and-down movement. Her slim body quivered from the fantastic feeling of his big, hard cock fucking in and out of her slippery little fuckhole.

“Oh, Daddy,” she sobbed, quickening her movements. “You’ve got such a neat, hard cock.”

Looking down over his belly, the man excitedly stared at his thick prick as it glided in and out between her sweet, gold-fringed cuntlips. His cock was glistening with the slippery discharge that was squishing out of her hotly oozing fuckslit.

Crazed with a mad lust for his adorable young daughter, he began thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her sizzling young cunt. The man was frantically lurching toward a shattering climax when Amy suddenly pulled back and let his prick flop out of her.

“Don’t come yet, Daddy,” she whispered, dropping to her knees between his legs. “Let’s make it last a long time.”

Smiling at the cute youngster, her dad was intrigued with the mischievous expression in her eyes as she slipped her hot, wet lips down over the end of his throbbing cockhead.

“Shit, you’re cute,” he said.

“So’s your prick,” said Amy, giggling.

With her mouth gently sucking on her father’s big, bloated cockhead, Amy’s wet tongue swirled around it.

As he watched her sweet youthful face working up and down over his hard-on, the man was writhing and lurching with ecstasy. Her eyes were staring up at him as she sensed that he was about to explode a hot load of delicious sperm into her mouth.

His hands were frantically entwined in his little daughter’s long blonde hair. The man could feel his impending climax building up deep in his loins. The whole room seemed to explode into a shattering cyclone when he suddenly felt his hot jizz gushing wildly out of his throbbing cockhead.

Amy was more than ready for the delicious fuck-juice when it started squirting into her eager mouth. She sucked, swallowed, licked and milked it until she’d drawn the last drop from his big, fleshy prick.

“Jesus Christ, that tasted good,” she whispered, removing his spent cock from her mouth while frantically licking her cum-drenched lips.

The man lovingly caressed his little daughter’s cute face as she rubbed her cheeks against the sticky flesh of his prick.

“Amy,” he suggested, “I think we’d better get up and have some breakfast.”

“Fuck breakfast,” she said, giggling. “I feel more like fucking.”

“You’re really something,” he said with a grin.

“See what I have for you,” Amy whispered, as she rolled onto her back with her arms behind her head, her thighs seductively spread to expose the pink, moist flesh of her fuckslit.

“But I’ll need a stiff cock to take care of that hot little cunt,” her dad said.

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” she cooed, gently brushing his limp prick with her soft fingers. “It won’t take me long to get that beauty hard.”

Feeling his cock starting to throb from her light touch, Amy began massaging it a bit more briskly, until it gradually expanded into a nice, big hard-on.

“God, I love to play with your prick,” she whispered, tenderly cupping his big balls.

“And I love you to play with it,” her father said.

Suddenly grasping his own hard cock and getting up onto his knees, she began brushing the swollen prickhead of it over her erect nipples.

“Oh, shit, Daddy, that feels good!” Amy gasped, feeling his burning cockhead rubbing against her sensitive hippies.

Encouraged by her excited squeals, he gently straddled her waist without putting any weight on her and placed his cock in the soft valley between her firm, young tits.

Excitedly taking her tits in her hands, Amy squeezed them around his throbbing cock as he began thrusting it back and forth between them.

“D’ya like fuckin’ my tits?” she asked, giggling, and looking down at his plunging cock sliding back and forth in the soft cleavage between her tits.

“Christ, yes!” he gasped, almost out of his mind from the erotic sensation of his prick sliding between her hot young tits.

After several minutes of this stimulation, he crawled down and buried his face in the warm dampness of her gold-fringed fuckslit.

“Oooooooooh!” she squealed with delight when his tongue plunged into the darkness of her slippery cunt. Her young body was writhing and lurching with delight as his probing tongue worked deeper and deeper into her juicy pussy.

“Oh, shit, that feels good!” she cried, arching her cuntmound up against his mouth while he grabbed his hair, pushing his face down harder between her trembling thighs.

Panting excitedly, the man sucked her tingling clit into his mouth.

“Oh, Daddy! Suck! Suck! Suck!” she screamed in ecstasy as his tongue flicked around the sensitive little organ. “Don’t stop, Daddy! Don’t ever stop! You’re driving me crazy!”

With her squeals of pleasure sending maddening thrills through his loins, he started moving his tongue at an even faster tempo.

“Eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaagggghhhh!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m gonna come, Daddy… gonna come!”

Quickly moving his mouth away, he spread her thighs with his hands, then drove his hard cock up her slippery little fuckhole with one savage thrust.

“Aaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh!” she squealed with ecstasy. “That’s it, Daddy honey! Fuck me good!”

Clutching at his ass, the youngster slammed her hips up to receive every plunge of his savagely pounding fucktool.

“I’m coming, sweet Daddy! I’m coming!” she sobbed, her orgasm exploding around her as she felt her father’s hot cum gushing into her lurching pussy.

A little later when their passion-spent bodies finally recovered from their shattering orgasm, they went into the kitchen for some breakfast. Staring at his naked daughter’s bare ass as she fried their bacon and eggs, the man felt his cock once more explode into a horrendous erection.

The moment they finished eating, the two of them hurried back to the bedroom, where he once more drilled his thick cock into her hot little cunt. “Oh, sweet Daddy!” she squealed as the man began feverishly fucking her.

There was something about the way he was driving his prick in and out that was whipping her into a wild frenzy.

Trembling from the intense pleasure, Amy let her passions take completely over. Feverishly slamming her hips up, she was making it easier for him to bury his plunging prick deeper into her slippery little fuckhole.

With each plunge of his cock, Amy was wriggling her hips in a circular motion, titillating her swollen clit against the thick, hard base of his prickshaft. As her grasping cunt sucked and pulled on her father’s juice-slickened cock, Amy thought she had never felt so delightfully filled with cock in her young life.

The man, too, had never enjoyed anything as much as this wild fuck. He pumped his scorching prick in and out of her little pussy. His hands were exploring the soft, young body he was riding. Sliding one hand under her ass, he groped into the soft crevice between her asscheeks, letting a finger tease around her puckered anal opening.

“Oooooooh, Daddy!” she squealed as his finger slipped through the tight little ring. “That feels so fuckin’ good! Oh, so fuckin’ good!”

His lewdly embedded finger seemed to put even more action into her little swirling ass as she slammed her cunt up harder to receive his big, pounding fuckshaft. Even as hard as the man was drilling his cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy, he was trying to hold back his ejaculation, preferring to fuck and fuck for as long as he could stand the excruciating ecstasy.

“Oh, sweet Daddy,” she crooned. “It feels so good… so good!”

Suddenly realizing that the youngster was almost ready to climax, he began pounding his prick in even deeper.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed, sinking her teeth and nails into his shoulders. “I’m coming, sweet Daddy! I’m coming… coming!”

Feeling her spasming cunt muscles squeezing and sucking on his pleasure-crazed cock, the man blasted a massive load of jizz into the cute youngster’s fuckhole.

“That’s it, Daddy!” she sobbed, still clinging to him as he writhed her climaxing pussy up around his spurting prick. “Squirt me good, Daddy! Shoot me full of it!”



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