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xNovel - Daughter's Wide Open Lips


Daughter's Wide Open Lips

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Sitting in the cocktail lounge, Ardean Wilson brushed the long red hair back from her face as she coyly smiled at her companion, Max Layton. She had first met him only an hour or so earlier while sitting alone at the bar, and now she could hardly wait for him to fuck her. Ardean was a beautiful divorcee in her mid-thirties. She had a teenaged son named Gil as well as her little daughter, Amy, who was a few years younger than her brother.

Ardean’s biggest interest in life was nice, hard cocks, and tonight was no exception. Max, her companion, had been looking for a piece of ass when he dropped into the bar earlier and met Ardean. Very conscious of the amorous glances she’d been giving him, he was now suddenly aware of the way she was pressing her thigh against his under the cocktail table. Becoming more excited by the moment, the man’s cock was soon throbbing vigorously in his pants. He could see the burning lust in her eyes as she teasingly smiled at him. The look of wanton desire on her face was driving him crazy.

Glancing around the room to make sure no one was watching them, Ardean slipped her hand under the table, and she brazenly rested it on his crotch.

“Oh my!” she sighed. Then she felt his prick throbbing in his pants. “I thought I’d find something nice and hard down there.”

“Now why would you think that?” asked the man, grinning.

“I could see it in your eyes,” she whispered. “I could see you wanted to fuck me as badly as I want to fuck you.”

“You’re a very shrewd woman.”

“You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“I sure do!”

“Then what are we waiting for?” she said, giggling. “Let’s go do it.”


“We could go to my place,” she whispered. “The kids will be in bed by now.”

Once they were in the hall just outside the bedroom of her home, Max drew the beautiful redhead into his arms. Kissing her moistly parted lips, be ground his stiff cock against her and felt the heat from her pussy radiating through their clothes. With his tongue passionately exploring her mouth, he began humping his groin up against her cunt. He clutched her softly rounded ass with both hands, forcing his fingers into the deep crevice between her asscheeks. He pulled her closer and pumped his cock against her.

“Oh, God, baby,” she hotly moaned, pressing her big tits against his chest. “I just want you to fuck me to death with your sweet cock.”

They were both so filled with lust that neither of them noticed Ardean’s daughter, Amy, coming out of the bathroom. Not wanting to be seen, the cute young teen stepped back in the shadows against the wall as her mother led the man into her bedroom.

“Oh, Max,” she heard her mother whisper. “I’m really gonna make your big prick hum tonight.”

Reaching down between their bodies, the horny redhead grasped his hot, thick cock through the material of his pants.

“God, I need a hot fuck,” she panted. “Give it to me, honey. Give me your beautiful cock.”

She was feverishly squeezing and pulling on his thick prick through his clothing.

“Take it out!” she panted. “Pull out your Goddamned cock!”

When he didn’t respond quickly enough, the excited redhead yanked his zipper down, and she thrust her hand in through the opening of his fly.

“Oh, Christ, what a nice, big prick,” she panted, slipping her hot, wet tongue into his mouth as she curled her fingers around the throbbing length of his naked fuck shaft. Jerking it up and down, she could feel the head of his cock swelling even larger in her grasp.

Max leaned back against the wall, and he cupped his finger around the firm mounds of her huge tits. He thrilled to the weight of her tits in his palms. He could even feel the hard stiffness of her erect nipples through the thin material of her dress.

Peeking from the hall, Amy watched her mother pull his big hard-on out of his pants. His long, thick fuck shaft was almost a milky white at the base, but the head was a shiny purple color. The cute little blonde could feel herself getting all hot and gooey between her legs as she watched her mother’s hand slowly sliding his foreskin up and down over his bloated cock. His was the biggest prick that Amy had ever seen, and she couldn’t get over the size of it.

Suddenly releasing his prick from her hand, Ardean moved across the room, and she threw herself out on the bed.

“Come here, baby,” she whispered, lifting her skirt, exposing the brief panties that barely covered her pussy. “Come over here and lick my cunt.”

Max walked slowly toward her, his naked prick spearing out from the opening in the front of his pants. His breath was coming in short gasps as intense excitement churned in his loins. The redhead’s creamy thighs were spread widely apart as he dropped to his knees between them. Lowering his face, he could see the soft, red curls that were visible through the wet crotch of her sheer panties.

“Lick it, honey!” she feverishly gasped, pulling his face against her pussy.

Inhaling the heavenly aroma of her cunt, he began running his tongue up and down, licking her oozing juice through the thin material of her panties. Her softly rounded stomach was jerking spasmodically as she squeezed her naked thighs against his handsome face.

“Take the damn things off!” she panted. “I want your hot tongue in my pussy!”

Little Amy was staring excitedly as the man hooked his fingers into the band of her mother’s panties and the redhead arched her hips up to assist him. The door was near, the bed, and Amy could clearly see her mother’s cunt when Max pulled her panties off. Her pussy was swollen and puffy with desire, and was fringed with a soft growth of lustrous red hair. Her slippery cuntlips were spread open like the petals of a flower as her moist, pink flesh quivered with anticipation.

Amy could see the hot juices leaking out of her mother’s fuckhole and running down over the crack of her ass. When Max lowered his face down into her mother’s juicy crotch, the aroused youngster wished it was her own little pussy he was licking.

“Mmmmmmm!” moaned the excited man. Ardean’s cunt was hot and wet with passion as the tip of his tongue slithered between her fleshy cunt lips. Her hot juices tasted unusually good as they flowed into his mouth. His nose was nuzzled in her perfumed pussy hair as his tongue teased around the swollen nub of her little clit.

“Oooooh, yes! Oh, yes!” Ardean shrieked, her aroused body shuddering with pleasure.

The woman began grinding her swampy fuckslit up against his slavering mouth in slow, demanding circles, screwing her slippery pussy all around the length of his tongue. His lips were feverishly kissing her cunt as his nostrils breathed in the pungent fragrance of her horny juices.

“Lick me, baby!” she sobbed. “Make me come! Lick me deeper! Make me come, baby! Make me come!”

Max began swirling his tongue around wildly as the aroused redhead begged for more. Lapping hungrily at the slick, slippery walls of her hot cunt, the man was forcing his tongue in as far as possible, his nose rubbing into the damp hair around her oozing fuckslit.

“Oh, Christ, make me come!” she screamed. “Make me come!”

Cupping her soft ass cheeks in his hands to hold her writhing body steady, Max slowly ran the tip of his tongue up along the length of her pussy until he made contact with her clit.

“Ooooooooh, shit!” squealed Ardean, shuddering from the electric-like thrill.

Max continued rhythmically stroking her clit. The sensitive little bud was stiff and hard as he lapped at it with his tongue, bringing squeals of delight from the highly aroused woman.

Ardean was becoming even more excited as he began stroking her little clit urgently, his tongue playing a wild tattoo against the sensitive nerve center. His tongue was slippery hot as the tip of it fluttered around her aroused clit.

“Aaaaauuuuuuggg! Ooooooooh, shit!” she shrieked, her voice rising higher and higher in tone, her pleasure intensifying as he nibbled and sucked on her sensitive clit.

Screaming with excitement, the aroused redhead was rubbing her sopping cunt all over the man’s face. She could feel his fingers digging into the soft cheeks of her ass as he pulled her juicy pussy up tighter against his ravaging mouth. She could feel his wonderful tongue licking and lashing at her quivering clit until she exploded into orgasm.

“Eeeeeeekkkkkk!” she screamed. “I’m coming… oh, Jesus, I’m coming!”

Her body was shuddering from head to toe, her cunt spasming wildly against his mouth as intense pleasure radiated put from between her legs to every part of her body. Max could feel the intensity of her orgasm against his mouth. Still ravenously licking her clit, he could feel her soft, naked thighs squeezing against his face. His tongue continued slithering up and down over her little nub of cuntflesh, not slowing the ceaseless tempo of his frenzied licking.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, Jesus!” she screamed, writhing her pussy more tightly against his face. “I’m coming again! Don’t stop! Oh, fuck, it’s so good… so good!”

Aware that her second orgasm was just starting to peak, he pulled his tongue away from her clit, then plunged it up deep into her hotly creaming fuckslit.

“Oooooooooooooh, sweet shit!” shrieked Ardean. “I’m still doing it! I’m still coming! Oh, so good! Oooooooh! Oooooooooh, don’t ever stop!”

Max could taste her hot juices flowing across his tongue. His mouth was filled with the cream which was gurgling from her throbbing cunt.

“Oh, God!” she whimpered, digging her fingers into his thick hair. “Please make me come again! Do it again!”

Peering at them from the hall, Amy was suddenly aware of her brother standing next to her in his pyjamas.

“God, this noise woke me up,” whispered Gil.

“Jesus,” Amy said quietly. “That guy’s really giving Mom a wild tongue-fuck.”

“He sure is,” whispered her big brother. “And look at the size of his Goddamn cock.”

“I know,” Amy excitedly gasped. “That big son of a bitch would split my little pussy wide open.”

“D’ya think Mom’s gonna let him try and put that big monster in her?”

“I dunno,” answered the cute little blonde. “But we’ll soon find out.”

Amy and her big brother could hear their hearts pounding as they watched Max pull his juice-drenched face from their mother’s cunt. Trembling with excitement, they stared wildly as Max clutched his massive prick and crawled up between her, widely spread legs.

“Oh, yes,” their writhing mother whispered as she watched his big cockhead advance toward her cunt. “Just fuck the shit out of me, honey.”

Pushing his swollen knob between her lust slickened cuntlips, Max could feel her pussy closing around his prick. Suddenly lunging forward, he drilled the thick length of his huge cock all the way into her scalding fuckhole with one heavenly thrust.

“Yes! Yes!” screamed Ardean, her beautiful face distorted with lust. “Now fuck it to me, darling!”

Max saw his cock sticking out of his open fly, and he realized for the first time that he was fully dressed. Pulling his cock out of her slurping pussy, he quickly stood up and began disrobing. While he was undressing, Ardean also removed her clothes.

While she stared excitedly at them, Amy tucked her hand inside the opening of her big brother’s pants.

“Oh, my God!” they heard their horny mother gasp as Max slipped his big, hard prick back into her cunt. “Now, fuck it to me, lover!”

Ardean’s pussy enveloped Max’s cock like a hot wet glove. He could feel the soft, slippery walls of her fuck slit squeezing the entire length of his deeply buried prickshaft, her sticky-fluids oozing all around it.

Panting with excitement, the man began fucking into her with deep, slow strokes, his prick tingling madly from the intense excitement he was feeling. His cock was thick and meaty, but it slithered easily in and out through the creamy slipperiness of her cunt walls. He would feel her hungry pussylips sucking and clinging to his hard prick as he pumped it in and out of her fantastically hot cunt.

“Oh, my God,” she sobbed. “Please come again, honey! Gonna come…”

She was gasping and moaning as he drilled in and out of her grasping fuckhole. His cock was like a burning poker as it stabbed mercilessly in and out, pounding deeper and deeper into her writhing body.

“Oooooooh! Mmmmmmmmmm!” she moaned, clutching him tighter in her arms. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

Max began slamming into her with longer and harder strokes.

“That’s the way lover!” she screamed. “Bang it to me! Fuck me good!”

He clutched her soft asscheeks in his hands and pulled her up tighter against his thrusting cock. Firmly holding her ass, he was pounding his cock into her hot, slippery pussy at an ever faster tempo.

“That’s it, baby!” she squealed.

Writhing excitedly beneath him, Ardean felt as if his steel-hard prick was driving all the way up to her throat.

From the way her muscles were contracting around his hard cock meat, Max knew she was nearing another wild climax. He began ramming his hard prick into her with a fierce intensity. He could feel his climax building up deep in his churning balls, and hoped he could bring her off one more time before shooting his hot load.

Ardean had never been so fantastically fucked in her entire life. She was heatedly arching her cunt up to meet every deep plunge of his hard prick, wanting to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her. The beautiful redhead’s face was distorted with passion as her long hair whipped all over the pillow.

“Oh, sweet, sweet fucker!” she panted, feeling her body starting to climax again. “Oh, shit, I’m coming… coming again!”

The ecstasy was almost unbearable, and when she felt his thick jizz splattering against her cunt walls, her whole world exploded round her with clanging bells and flashing lights. This orgasm was even more intense than the others had been.

“Oh, God, baby,” Ardean whispered to him a few minutes later as she lay in his arms. “I sure hope this isn’t the last time we’ll ever fuck.”

“Don’t worry about that,” he moaned, wetly kissing one of her big nipples. “You haven’t seen the last of this cock.”

Not wanting to be caught watching, Amy and Gil sneaked back down the hall.

“Amy,” he asked when they got to her door. “Is it all right if I get into bed with you?”

“God, yes!” exclaimed his little sister. “I’ve never felt so horny in my life.”



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