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xNovel - Hot Virgin Niece


Hot Virgin Niece

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To Bobbie Joe’s dismay, she was once again placed in shackles. Only this time she had no soft bed to lie on; she was suspended in mid air, her arms and legs outstretched, her tangled hair reaching towards the floor, her eyes fixed on the ceiling. She cursed and cried as the iron bit into her skin.

“Oh, Uncle!” she said, her face twisted in pain. “This hurts too much! Please stop!”

“You deserve it! I told you to be good, but as soon as my back was turned, you disobeyed me. Now you have to pay!”

He left her moaning in pain, and went over to the chest in the corner. After digging out something heavy and bulky, he returned to her side. Bobbie Joe’s eyes bugged out and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw what her uncle had.

He had in his hand a metal stand, which was broken down into three pieces, and an electric hot plate. He assembled the stand in seconds and placed it directly beneath Bobbie Joe’s big ass. Then he placed the hot plate on top of the stand. There were only a few inches of space between the metal coil of the hot plate and Bobbie Joe’s bare asscheeks.

The farm girl began to struggle and whimper even before her uncle had plugged in the cord. Her actions amused him, and he laughed heartily as he shoved the plug into the wall socket.

“Well, now,” he said, standing beside her. “You’ve got a hot mouth and a hot pussy. Now I’m going to give you a hot ass!”

“Please don’t, Uncle Roy! I’ll be good! I promise!”

“That’s what my wife used to say. But she never meant it. As soon as my back was turned, she did all sorts of bad things. She fucked the milkman, the mailman, the next-door neighbor, and even the delivery boy. In fact, she fucked everybody but me! And you’re just like her. Those big tits. Those long legs. And all that blonde hair — and just as bad! Well, I’m not taking any chances this time. I’m going to punish you until you change your ways.”

Uncle Roy adjusted the control on the hot plate, placing it to the lowest setting. Within seconds, Bobbie Joe was aware of a warm glow spreading over her ass mounds. It felt good to her and she began to moan happily.

She wriggled in her chains as the comfortable heat seeped into her asscrack and up into her asshole. It seemed to soothe and relax her muscles. For the time being she forgot about her situation. The chains didn’t even exist.

“I knew you’d like that,” said Uncle Roy, grinning. “Now let’s see if you like this.” He turned the control to a hotter setting and awaited his niece’s reaction.

Her warm, comfortable ass began to grow too warm, and soon she was no longer comfortable. As her ass began to burn, she began to arch her back in an effort to raise her ass high enough above the burner to where the heat could do her no harm. But it didn’t work. She was unable to raise her ass high enough.

Bobbie Joe felt like a piece of meat roasting over an open fire. Her ass was now red-hot, and the pain was spreading throughout her body. She twisted and thrashed and the chains clanked loudly, but she always wound up in the same position.

She thought she smelled herself cooking, but perhaps it was only her imagination. In any case, she was painfully hot, and she found it impossible to keep her big ass still.

Her two cheeks glowed like two huge burning coals. The heat was making her sweat and she gasped and groaned and wriggled, wondering if she were to be the main course meal.

“Hot, isn’t it?” asked Uncle Roy. He reached under her and felt her big asscheeks, squeezing them hard. “Yeah, they’re hot all right. Rut I don’t think they’re hot enough. We’ll try the hottest control setting on here and see what happens. I want that ass to cook!”

“No, Uncle! Don’t! Please, no more!”

Rut he didn’t listen. He switched the control knob then stepped back and waited. Within a few seconds the girl began to groan. In a few more seconds she began to cry. Next she began to sob. And soon she was screaming her damned head off.

“Iiieee!” The chains clanked loudly as she thrashed and bucked to avoid the intense heat. Now she was sure she smelled herself cooking. “Heeeeelp! Uncle!”

Smoke began to rise from the hot plate — or was it from Bobbie Joe’s ass? The metal coil was glowing a bright red as it rested inches below the farm girl. She wasn’t still for a second as her body constantly jerked and rocked this way and that to avoid being roasted. She seriously questioned her uncle’s sanity.

“That’s what I like,” he said, peering at her burning ass. “Hot pussy and a hot ass! You should be done in a few minutes.”

Bobbie Joe didn’t think she would last a few minutes. The heat was burning the shit out of her. Even her pussy was affected. Her silky cunt hairs were being singed, while her tender membranes were being broiled. Would her uncle never stop this madness? A sort of pain/pleasure that now gripped the farm girl. Her cooking membranes were filling her pussy with blissful heat, heat that tantalized her throbbing clit and caressed her sensitive pussy walls. On the other hand, her ass was as red as a beet, and filled with unbearable pain. Her screams almost brought the roof down.

Uncle Roy tortured her right up to her breaking point. He was glad that the chains were fastened into the ceiling as securely as possible because her mighty struggles had severely tested their strength. Now, as her screams threatened to shatter his eardrums, he reached down and turned off the hot plate.

Seeing him turn the burner off was a welcome comfort to Bobbie Joe. But it was still some time before the heat had subsided enough for her to hold still. And even then, she continued to throb with pain.

“Well,” said Uncle Roy. “You look cooked enough to eat. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do — eat you!” He removed the metal stand and the hot plate from beneath her, setting them back out of the way. Then he stepped between her wide spread legs and fell to his knees. “Oh, yes, baby. You’re done!”

Uncle Roy, his mouth level with his niece’s pussy, first began to rub her big asscheeks. They were still hot to the touch, but he rubbed them anyway, finding pleasure in their size and firmness. He decided he had cooked them just right.

Bobbie Joe was still in pain, especially her throbbing ass. She didn’t need her uncle’s nails adding to her misery. But then again, maybe his tongue would help her forget her pain.

Still rubbing her asscheeks, Uncle Roy leaned forward and began to lick her damp pussy. If she’s got to be bad, let her be bad with him, he figured. Hell, he had a right to a little fun, didn’t he?

His tongue immediately delved into her pink cunt gash, striking the delicate membranes. He tasted his niece’s cum and felt her terrific heat. Deeply aroused, the man dug his fingers into her soft thighs and buried his face deeper into her pussy.

“Eeeeeeeeeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, her chains rattling.

Uncle Roy twisted his head this way and that as he worked his tongue up into his niece’s fuck hole. His tongue stretched her tightly clinging pussy walls and spread fire throughout her cunt. With blasts of heat scorching his face, he reamed her pussy hole.

Bobbie Joe writhed and whimpered as her uncle’s long tongue burned the shit out of her pussy hole. His hot breath tortured her clit. Filled with bliss, she gurgled deliriously.

Uncle Roy held Bobbie Joe’s thighs tight as he worked his tongue deep into her tight pussy. He licked her blue-veined cuntal membranes, cleaning them of their juices. He made her cunt throb and she squealed with pleasure.

With his face nestled snugly between her legs, he began to nip at the farm girl’s pussy meat. He bit down on the tender folds of skin and stretched them wide. Then he chewed on them.

After making her scream, he released the pulsating meat and watched it shrink back to its normal size. Then he licked the reddened mass of pussy meat and soothed the throbbing. The farm girl squealed and writhed as she swung in mid air.

“Sluuurrp!” Uncle Roy enjoyed his niece’s pussy.

Bobbie Joe couldn’t keep still to save her life. Her uncle’s tongue was deep in her pussy hole, reaming her out. As the chains clanked and rattled, she gasped and drooled.

“I’m on fire, Uncle Roy! Yeesss!”

Uncle Roy began to run his tongue in circles, licking every inch of the girl’s cunt. His hard strokes spread spit and fire. When she began to buck, he went to work on her clit.

He flickered his tongue over the red button and she cried out in protest. Then be began licking it, his fingers spreading her pussy lips out of his way. She bucked wildly, but he held her tight and kept licking.

“Ohhhh!” she cried, shaking her head. “I can’t take much more! My clit is about to explode.”

Uncle Roy seemed not to hear. He kept licking her swollen clit, his tongue knocking it about. The chains clanked noisily in his ears, and her sobs grew louder. He was sure she was getting hotter by the minute, and this was pleased him.

Bobbie Joe was beside herself with ecstasy. Her tender clit never felt so good in her life. She was conscious of a growing warmth in her pussy, and she recognized it as the beginning of an orgasm.

She became hotter and hotter and her pussy juices began to drip. Spasms began to overtake her body and soon she was trembling and gurgling out of control.

“Aaagh!” she moaned, out of her mind with ecstasy. “I’m coming! Ohhhhh!”

She bucked and drooled and flooded Uncle Roy’s face with hot, sticky pussy juice. Her whole body convulsed and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Spit bubbles formed on her lips. She let out a long sigh as she continued to pump out cunt juice.

Uncle Roy lapped up the girl’s juices noisily. He worked his tongue as fast as he could, in and out of her pussy crack, round and round her pussy lips, all through her silky cunt hair. He enjoyed her orgasm almost as much as she did.

When he was finished, he stood up then removed the shackles from her ankles, letting her feet fall to the floor. With her arms still chained and held above her head, Bobbie Joe stood before her uncle on sore legs. She felt some relief, but she wished that he would unfasten her wrists too.

“What now, Uncle? Are you going to let me go?” A little pussy juice began to drop down her miter thigh.

“What do you think, you bad little girl?” Then he walked over and picked up the metal stand and the hot plate, setting them down between his niece’s legs.

“No, Uncle! You can’t! Not again!” She looked down at the sinister metal coil sitting directly beneath her open cunt.

“Don’t worry! I won’t roast your pussy! I’ll just simmer it for a while!” He flipped the control then stood back, smiling.

Bobbie Joe, her legs spread wide and straddling the metal stand, began to feel the heat within seconds. The metal coil turned a dull orange, and the heat started to seep up her legs. Before long it was tantalizing her tender cunt lips, and she began to squirm.

“Uuuungh!” she groaned. Since her wrists were still in shackles, she could not avoid the hot plate. All she could do was wriggle her hips and bounce up and down on the balls of her feet, “You’re burning me, Uncle!” she cried — to deaf ears.

Her open pussy was soon filled with intense heat. The heat seemed to funnel up her inner thighs directly into her cunt. It singed her golden cunt hair and made her juices boil.

Bobbie Joe wiggled her pussy this way and that, but she couldn’t keep the heat out of her cunthole. It was hot ass shit, worse than her ass had been. She began to groan and sweat.

A drop of pussy juice fell from her open cunt and landed on the glowing coil. It immediately sizzled and popped before evaporating. Bobbie Joe saw this and gasped. She just had to change her uncle’s attitude towards her!

The heat was slowly driving her out of her mind. Not only was her pussy hole on fire, but the heat was traveling up into her guts, cooking her. She felt like a cannibal’s dinner.

“Un-uncle! You’ve got to stop this! I can’t take much more. You’re killing me!” Sweat ran down her face.

“You’re a bad girl. You have to be punished.”

“No! Your wife was bad. But I’m Bobbie Joe, your niece. You and I can have lots of fun together. All of us can be one big happy family.”

“You wouldn’t be happy. You’ll probably end up running away too. All you bad girls are like that.”

“Na, Uncle. Just give me a chance to show you. Let me loose. I’ll show you that what you say is bad can be really good. We can go over to that bed and suck and fuck each other silly. You’ll see that there’s nothing bad about it.”

“Why should I trust you? You want me to let you loose so you can escape. I just know it.”

“Trust me, Uncle. Just give me a chance to show you. Look down at my pussy. Wouldn’t you love to have your cock in there? Just think of all that hot, buttery meat clinging to your prick. And look at my big ass! Wouldn’t it be fun to plug it up with your big cock? Just turn me loose and I’ll show you how good it can be.”

“You are a sweet-looking girl… If only you didn’t look so much like my wife!”

“Damn your wife! Unfasten me and let’s fuck!” Hesitantly, Uncle Roy switched off the hot plate then set it out of the way. Then he removed the last of the girl’s shackles, holding her until her blood began to circulate normally once again.

When she was able to stand on her own, Bobbie Joe took her uncle’s hand and led him to the bed. She couldn’t wait to feel his hairy body on her smooth skin. She’d show him how good a bad girl could be.

Bobbie Joe, now the aggressor, pulled her uncle to the middle of the bed. Then she pushed him onto his back and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue delved deep into his mouth, enjoying his spit and his heat. Uncle Roy caressed her long blonde hair while he kissed her.

Bobbie Joe then moved down her uncle’s body and began kissing his hairy chest. She tasted his hard nipple, nipping at it gently. She moved her head from one nip to the other, flicking her tongue and biting gently.

“Ummm!” moaned Uncle Roy, stroking his niece’s face. “Your lips are so nice.”

Bobbie Joe moved her head downward, running her tongue up and over the man’s belly button before following his thick cock hair all the way to his prick. Now crouched over his cock, she ran her tongue back and forth through the thick jungle of black cock hair. It scratched her nose and chin, reached up into her nostrils.

After making her uncle’s cock hair shine with her spit, she began to lick the man’s hard shaft. She stroked the shaft up and down, sampling its heat. She had waited a long time for this moment, and she meant to make the most of it.

Bobbie Joe’s flickering tongue then danced over her uncle’s swollen bulb. She tasted its meaty flavor and made it burn brighter. She captured a couple of drops of cum and gulped them down. She caressed the sensitive nerves on the rim and made her uncle jerk. Her snake-like tongue tilled the man with intense heat.

“Ohhhhhhh!” he cried. He reached down and stroked her hair. He had to brush the long strands out of her way so she could get to his cock.

Bobbie Joe tasted her uncle’s cock happily. In her eagerness, spit trickled down the shaft and came to rest in the man’s thick cock hair. She kept sucking, her head a blur, her hair flying this way and that. Wet slurping noises filled the room.

Uncle Roy reached down and guided his niece’s bobbing head. Her fiery lips were torture to him, although he had to admit it was a pleasing torture.

He could see that her face was smeared with spit and cum, and that her cheeks were bulging dangerously. Stifling a scream, he lifted his ass slightly and forced his cock a little deeper.

Bobbie Joe sucked the prick in so deep she gagged and choked and was forced to spit the cock out for a second in order to catch her breath. But even then she kept licking it with her hot tongue. In fact, she licked the cock so hard it began to sway every which way, and she had to grab the shaft with her hand to hold it still.

“Aaagh!” groaned Uncle Roy, twisting about. “My prick is going to explode!”

Bobbie Joe didn’t want her uncle to come just yet — at least not before she had had a chance to fuck him. She was determined to feel his prick inside her.

“Don’t come just yet,” she said, lifting her head. “I’m going to ride your big cock for a while. It looks so hard!”

The blonde farm girl then straddled her uncle’s hips and lowered her pussy to his erect cock. She was on her knees, with her big tits jutting outward, and she had to move her big ass this way and that in order to locate the man’s prick. When she finally felt the cock brushing against her cunt lips, she reached under her and held it still with one hand.

The throbbing, spit-covered prick burned her tiny hand, but she held it tight while she forced her cunt hole down over it. As it slid deep inside her, stretching her cunt lips and her slick membranes, she squealed loudly and shook her head hard.

“Aaagh!” she moaned, finally settling her cunt lips down on his hard nuts. “What a cock!”

“Oh, little niece!” groaned the man. He reached up and gabbed hold of her big titties. “Your pussy is driving me out of my mind! Uuungh!”

Bobbie Joe, feeling victorious, smiled down at her uncle’s twisted face — twisted from extreme pleasure — and began to move her pussy in wide circles. Her thighs and pussy lips slid over his hairy groin, setting fire to his cock. She deliberately contracted her cunt muscles every few seconds to add to the man’s pleasure. She moved happily, her pussy like a glove on his cock.

“Uuungh!” groaned Uncle Roy, lifting his ass off the mattress. “It’s so fucking hot! Your pussy is too much!”

“You’ve got a nice cock, Uncle! I’ve waited quite a while to fuck it. Now we’re going to have some fun!”

Bobbie Joe continued to move her hips in circles. Her pussy walls clung to her uncle’s cock, moving it in circles too. She shuddered as his rough cock hair scratched her soft inner thighs, but this only made her move faster.

Uncle Roy hung on to his niece’s big tits while she rode his cock. He sank his nails in deep, feeling her hot flesh envelop his fingers. They were so big — their size amazed him! He wanted to jump up and sink his teeth into her swollen nips, but her hips prevented him.

As his niece moved in circles, Uncle Roy bucked up every few seconds and rammed his cock deeper into her clinging pussy. Her writhings alone filled him with bliss and made him want to scream. But when he bucked up into her, he felt sensations such as he had never known existed. These sensations shot through his nuts, raced up his spine, and rattled through his brain.

“Aaagh!” howled Bobbie Joe, feeling her uncle’s plunging cock. “That’s it, Uncle, fuck your little niece hard!”

Uncle Roy looked up at the big ripe tits that hung heavily before his eyes. As he massaged them, he began to buck up into her pussy harder and more often. He speared her tightly clinging pussy walls so hard that he shook her whole body.

“Aaagh!” groaned Uncle Roy as he sampled his niece’s hot pussy. “You’re making me feel real good!”

Bobbie Joe gasped and groaned when she felt her uncle’s massive cock. As it slammed against her, it left a trail of fire and cum. She felt as if someone were trying to drive a wedge into her pussy crack in order to split her open.

Overcome with hot lust, the blonde farm girl ceased her circular movements and began to plop up and down on her uncle’s cock. Her lustful movements filled the room with the sounds of flesh slapping against, flesh.

“Uuungh!” moaned Bobbie Joe as she found herself impaled on her uncle’s cock. Its heat seared her flesh.

Again and again Uncle Roy bucked up into his niece, spearing her tight pussy. And again and again Bobbie Joe plopped down on his big prick, busting his nuts. Her tits bounced up and down with each plop while her hair flew about her shoulders. Uncle Roy held on to the bouncing tits, grimacing.

“Ohhh!” moaned the man, shaking his head. “I’m on fire!”

“Me too, Uncle!” said the girl, bouncing up and down. “I’m hot as shit too! And your prick is doing it to me. Aaagh!”

Bobbie Joe bounced and jiggled on her uncle’s prick as her juices began to boil. The fire rolled up into her pussy and climbed up into her belly. Filled with lust, she looked down and watched her cunt hair plunge into her uncle’s cock hair again and again. The sight fascinated her, and so she reached down and fondled his nuts and cock hair, getting her hand sopping wet.

“Aaagh!” she cried. “Your niece is about to come! Give me your cock, Uncle! Give it to meeeee!”

Uncle Roy, feeling her hands on his cock, increased his thrusts. He knew she was near an orgasm and he was determined to take her over the edge. With his eyes fixed on her pink nipples, he grabbed her slim waist and rammed his cock up into her open pussy hole brutally. His hard thrusts rocked her tits and rattled her teeth. He drove her pussy lips apart and damned near knocked her off him.

“Aaagh,” groaned the girl her tits swinging this way and that. “Heeellp!” A sudden warmth began to spread throughout her pussy. Her body started to tremble uncontrollably. Spit ran from her open mouth.

Her body jerked hard. Her head fell backwards, her long hair rolling down her back. She let out a loud scream. Then pussy juice flooded Uncle Roy’s prick.

“Damn! You little bitch! You made my cock all wet. Now I’m going to fill your cunt hole with my cum!”

“Wait!” said Bobbie Joe, lifting herself off him. “Let’s go back to the apartment and finish fucking. You won’t ever need this spooky room again. From now on, we’ll be one happy family.”

“All right, Bobbie Joe. That’s the way it’ll be from now on.”




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