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xNovel - Hot Virgin Niece


Hot Virgin Niece

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The kids, seeing the owner of the motel standing in the doorway, immediately made a wild scramble for their clothes. There was such confusion that Bobbie Joe had no chance to find her little black dress. She simply grabbed the first pair of panties that she saw and wriggled into them. But they must have belonged to a very skinny girl because most of her ass was still fully exposed, even after stretching the flimsy garment.

Standing there in her too-tiny panties, Bobbie Joe looked about at the mad rush of kids. She saw her two cousins go out the back window, presumably to circle around and enter their own apartment without their father even knowing they were here. She wished that they had taken her with them, but she realized that in the confusion they were probably unable to find her.

By now mast of the kids had fled from the room, past her uncle, and into their cars. They were in various stages of undress, and were quite a sight. As the last of them ran about the room, searching for their clothes, Bobbie Joe gave up trying to find her dress and decided to hide in the closet.

She was sure her uncle hadn’t seen her, and so she waited quietly until the panic died down. Soon she heard the cars drive off, and she could just barely detect her uncle’s angry cursing above the roar of the car engines. She figured it would be safe to leave in a little while, just as soon as her uncle returned to the apartment and went to bed.

She waited for several minutes, spending the time continually pulling the tiny panties out of her asscrack. She had taken a big chance in coming here in the first place, especially after her cousins had warned her about her uncle. But now it looked as if she might get away with it after all.

When all was quiet again, Bobbie Joe opened the closet door just a little and peeped outside. The place was a mess! Bras and panties were scattered about the floor and blankets and pillows seemed to be everywhere except where they belonged. Mattresses were lying half on and half off the beds and furniture was overturned. Uncle Roy would be mad as hell, she knew.

Well, she would clean it up in the morning, she told herself. But right now all that mattered was getting back to her room without her uncle catching her.

Quiet as a mouse, Bobbie Joe stepped out of the closet. Almost at once she noticed her black dress, draped over an upside down chair. Breaking into a smile, she took two steps towards it, but almost had a heart attack when a strong hand seized her shoulder.

“SO, you thought you could bide from me, did you?” said Uncle Roy, stepping out from behind the door. His normally clean-shaven face had a five o’clock shadow. “Hell, I saw you run in there, you little bitch! I just waited right here until you came out. So, you couldn’t be good, could you? You just had to be bad! Well, I guess I’ll just have to teach you a lesson that’s all. No niece of mine is going to spread her legs for every boy who comes along! Let’s go!”

“Where are you taking me?” asked Bobbie Joe as her uncle grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the room. “Ouch!”

Uncle Roy didn’t say another word. He simply pulled the girl along through the dark night, his fingers digging into her biceps. Bobbie Joe stumbled again and again, finding her uncle’s long strides hard to match in her bare feet. She had no idea what he was up to.

The man dragged her around back and led her along the rear of the building, passing many lighted windows, until they reached the end of the row. There they stopped while the man fumbled in his pocket for keys. Bobbie Joe stood trembling, her tits rising and falling from her heavy breathing.

It wasn’t until her uncle had the keys in his hand that she noticed a small flight of concrete, steps leading down to an areaway. It was dark down there, but she could see the outline of a door. She was half dragged half carded down these steps and, after a twist of the key, literally shoved through the door. She fell on her ass in the dark room and watched as her uncle stepped in and closed the door behind him.

Uncle Roy flipped the light switch, and the darkness vanished. Bobbie Joe pulled herself off the floor, and again dug her panties out of her asscrack as she looked around the room. What she saw scared the shit out of her.

There was a large bed against the wall and each of its four posts had a chain and shackle attached to it. The sight of all that iron made Bobbie Joe tremble. Surely her uncle was joking.

Her eyes traveled around the room. There were more iron chains and shackles fixed to the walls, and also several dangling from the ceiling. In the middle of the room stood a long wooden bench with leather straps attached to it. This top booked sinister, it reminded the girl of something she had seen in a horror movie!

“Uncle Roy?” she shouted, not believing her eyes. “What is this place?” Her eyes now felon a metal chest in a corner.

“It’s where I bring bad little girls like you,” he said, licking his lips. “I warned you, didn’t I?”

Uncle Roy then grabbed her arm again and dragged her over to the bench. He forced her to lie face down on the hard wood and then fastened her down with the straps. Bobbie Joe groaned as the leather bit into her back and legs. In no time she was made totally powerless.

“This is what I should have done to my wife,” said Uncle Roy as he crossed the room towards the metal chest. “If I had this room then, I could have turned her into a good girl.”

“Yes, but your wife is gone now, Uncle. You don’t have to worry about her anymore.” She watched him open the chest.

“Shut up, bitch! Don’t tell me what I don’t have to do.”

“But don’t you see? You’re trying to punish everyone for what your wife did to you. Why don’t you just forget about her? You’re still a young man and you’re real handsome. You can find another woman. Just forget about your wife.”

After rummaging through the chest for several seconds. Uncle Roy pulled out a black object. Seeing it, Bobbie Joe choked on her words. It was a leather handle, and from the handle dangled a multitude of thin leather strands. He returned to her, his lips curled up in a sly grin.

“You’re all the same,” he said. “All bad girls!”

“But Uncle Roy!” she cried. “I’m your niece!” That fact didn’t stop him from ripping her panties off, tearing the flimsy thing from her body in three separate pieces. Bobbie Joe, her arms pinned to her sides, could only groan.

“You’ve got a nice ass, bitch,” said Uncle Roy. “Let’s see how quickly I can turn it red.”

Bobbie Joe shivered as her uncle raised the whip. She knew now that he was not joking. She wished that she were back on the farm where things were nice and peaceful.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw her uncle strike. The whip smacked her on her ass, and the pain immediately raced up to her brain. She screamed loudly then tested the strength of the straps.

Again her uncle raised the whip and again he brought it down hard on her bare ass. The numerous strands tore into her soft flesh wickedly. It was as if someone were biting her on the ass. She screamed again as fire swept through her body.

“How does that feel, little niece? That should warm your ass up a little.”

The whip struck Bobbie Joe again and again, the leather strands tenderizing her soft meat. Her ass began to throb and burn. She could do nothing to avoid the whip, the straps prevented her. She could only howl her displeasure.

Uncle Roy made the small room resound with loud screaming and whip cracking. He punished his niece severely. Her ass was red as beet now, with dozens of long, thin whip marks.

Bobbie Joe soon lost her voice and her screams turned to sobs and whimperings. She could feel a trickle blood running down her thigh. Would this mad man ever stop? She knew she couldn’t much more. Even now her whole body was throbbing.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as the whip cracked against her ass. “Uncle! You’re going to kill me!”

Uncle Roy paid her no mind. His hand continued to rise and fall as he whipped the hell out of her big ass. The red hand now turned a deep purple. He knew she was on fin.

Then, after giving her two extra-hard strokes, he ceased the whipping and began to hit her with the palm of his hand. The bottom of his hand slammed into her big asscheeks with a loud crack. He saw the big mounds shake, and he heard her cry out. It pleased him to see her in agony.

“Uuuungh,” groaned Bobbie Joe, finding no relief in the change from his whip to his palm.

Uncle Roy made the big red assmounds quake. He slapped her so hard the room was filled with the sound of flesh against flesh. Her big ass was too inviting a target for him to show mercy. He intended to pound the shit out of it.

And that’s just what he did, slapping her nude asscheeks again and again until he was too exhausted to continue. When he was finished, he undid the leather straps and pulled her to the floor.

“That’s just the beginning,” he told her. “I’ll teach you not to disobey me if it’s the last thing I do!”

Bobbie Joe stood on shaky legs as her uncle scolded her. Her ass was on fire and she knew it would be sometime before the flame died down. Her tits were also throbbing from being pressed into the hard bench for so long. What else was in store for her? She wondered.

Uncle Roy next dragged her over to the bed where he threw her onto the mattress on her back. Though the mattress was soft, it was still murder on her sore ass. While she groaned in agony, he shackled her wrists and ankles to the four posts. Then he sat down at her side, still holding the whip.

“You’re spread wide now, little niece,” he said, stroking her shapely thigh. “You couldn’t close your legs now if you wanted to. I think I’ll try a little experiment.”

Bobbie Joe yanked at her chains, but they held fast. The iron shackles pinched her soft skin and made her very uncomfortable. Uncle Roy had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to assemble this room and she had a feeling that he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to use it.

With her arms and legs spread wide, the farm girl looked up into her uncle’s eyes, wondering what to expect next. Was he going to fuck her? Hell, he needn’t have gone this far, she would have given him a tumble any time he wanted. But no, he wasn’t going to fuck her. She guessed that he intended to abuse and humiliate her a while longer.

“So you like to fuck, huh?” He waved the whip in front of her eyes. “Well, now, let’s see if you do.”

Hearing his words, she expected him to undress and climb on top of her. But instead, he simply leaned over and poked the handle of the whip between her legs, his fingers gripping the end where the leather strands were fastened. He worked it right up against her cunt lips.

“Aaagh!” moaned Bobbie Joe. “You wouldn’t!”

“Oh, wouldn’t I?”

Uncle Roy worked the leather handle in between the girl’s wide-open cunt lips. There was a knob on the end of the handle that resembled a cock head, and it took him some time to get it past her cuntlips. After pushing and twisting, he finally got it into her fuck hole and then began to push it deeper.

“Aagh!” moaned Bobbie Joe, shaking her head from side to side. “It hurts! Please stop!”

Uncle Roy only laughed as he continued to push the leather handle up into the girl’s hot pussy.

Bobbie Joe liked to fuck, but not like this. The big knob, as well as the rest of the handle, was causing her too much pain.

Her uncle wiped the sweat from his brow as he kept pushing the leather handle deeper into her cunt. Her pussy walls were being stretched wide, and her cunt was being devastated. She groaned loudly as the pain shot up into her brain.

When the leather handle was very deep, Uncle Roy began to work it in and out of her cunt with slow, easy strokes. She gasped at the intense friction, wishing that he would use his cock instead. As it was, her pussy was jolted with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The leather seemed to tug at her delicate membranes, pulling them out and then pushing them back inside her. She felt as if she were being turned inside out. The accompanying sensations made her drool and wince at the same time.

“Uuungh!” she grunted, wiggling her still-red ass. “Why don’t you just shove your prick in me? That whip handle hurts too damn much!” She wrinkled her face in pain.

Laughing at her facial contortions, Uncle Roy kept up his assault. After shoving the leather handle in deep once again, he began twisting it in circles. This stretched and pinched her cunt walls and made her cry out.

Bobbie Joe rattled her chains to protest the treatment of her pussy. Her uncle was twisting her pussy meat as if it were cotton candy. She bit her lower lip as the pain/pleasure raced up into her guts.

“Aaagh! Oh, Uncle!” she cried. “I’m your niece! Stop hurting me!”

“You’re not my niece. You’re a bad little girl. Just like my wife used to be. I’ll teach you.”

He began plunging the thick handle up and down her pussy hole again, this time with hard strokes. Her pussy walls stretched considerably, and her juices squished and popped. Jolts of pain and ripples of bliss raced each other up into her brain. He laughed each time she groaned or gasped.

By now the whip handle was covered with froth. The creamy bubbled also covered the girl’s pussy lips. He knew she was very hot on the inside, the heat due more to his skill at torture than anything else. And this gave him a feeling of accomplishment.

With new energy he began to ram the leather cock in and out of his niece’s cunt hole. Her cries grew louder as the rough leather scraped against her tender pussy meat and set it afire. He wondered if she would come all over his whip and cover it with cream. What a sight that would be!

“Eeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, her body twisting and bouncing. “Uncle! Uncle!”

Bobbie Joe, her senses racked by the brutal torture, involuntarily tightened her cunt muscles against the hard leather cock. Seeing this, her uncle began to thrust more viciously, forcing the handle to slide up and down her clinging pussy hole. The increased friction jolted her mercilessly and made her howl.

“Oh, you’re a hot one, baby,” said Uncle Roy. “But I don’t want you to come. I want you to suffer. So enough of this!” He yanked the handle out of her cunt brutally.

“Aaagh!” cried the farm girl, wincing from the pain. If her arms and legs had not been chained, she would have doubled up in agony. As it was, she could only cry out.

Uncle Roy wasn’t completely finished with the leather handle, however. He moved up to his niece’s head and held the dripping hunk of leather over her mouth, taunting her. Bobbie Joe shook her head and closed her eyes, not wanting anything to do with it. But Uncle Roy was persistent, and she was in no position to resist.

Laughing all the while, Uncle Roy placed the cum-drenched leather cock to his niece’s soft lips. She held them closed, but he didn’t mind. He simply rubbed the shaft back and forth across her lips, covering them with pussy froth.

Bobbie Joe couldn’t even turn her head away, for her uncle held her hair tight in his fist. She was forced to accept the wet shaft as it was placed against her lips. Soon, not only her lips, but her chin, cheeks, and nose as well were covered with pussy juice.

“Hey, little niece,” said Uncle Roy, laughing at her appearance. “You look like a kid who’s just eaten a bowl of ice cream.” He gave her hair a hard yank, just to be mean.

After covering her face with froth, Uncle Roy forced the leather shaft into the girl’s mouth. He had to squeeze her cheeks tight to get her to open her mouth, but it wasn’t to difficult. He was in complete control.

He pushed the shaft against the roof of her mouth and watched while she licked it clean. Her smacking noises were loud and clear and soon most of the cum juices were down in her belly. He laughed as he pulled the wet shaft back out, once again feeling a sense of accomplishment.

“Damn, baby!” said Uncle Roy. “You’re giving me a hard-on. Maybe I should let you take care of me.”

Bobbie Joe was all for that. Hell, anything would be better than being whipped or tortured. Besides, she was sure that if she could get her uncle’s cock in her pussy, he would lose all interest in wanting to punish her — now or ever.

“Sure, Uncle. I’ll take care of you. Just throw that awful whip away first. You don’t need it anymore.”

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he said. “I’m not quite through with it yet.”

Uncle Roy then lashed out at the girl again, striking the whip against her swollen tits. The numerous leather strands cracked noisily against her hot tit meat, and she bowled in agony. But the chains prevented her from covering up.

“Aaagh!” she cried. “You’re hurting meeeee!”

“That’s the idea, little niece. You’ve been a bad girl. You have to be punished.”

Again and again the leather strands struck her tender tits and again and again she cried out in pain. She could see the redness spreading over her burning mounds. Her nips throbbed wildly. This was more than she could bear.

“Iiieeee!” she hollered. “Nooooo!”

Ignoring her pleas, Uncle Roy continued to thrash her exposed titties. The many strands struck a dozen or more places at once, leaving a crisscross pattern of long, thin red streaks. Each streak represented pain to Bobbie Joe.

Her tits were knocked about like mounds of gelatin by the slicing strips of leather, so much so that her flesh jiggled all the way down to her belly. She shrieked and sobbed, but there was no relief in sight.

“Nice titties!” said Uncle Roy. “How they must burn! Soon they’ll be as red as your ass!”

Uncle Roy did his best to fulfill that promise. His hand rose and fell repeatedly, delivering unbearable pain and misery. He made his niece’s big tits swell and throb as boiling blood gushed through them.

The man seemed obsessed with the girl’s big tits. He whipped the shit out of them, ignoring her screams and cries for mercy. Her tits were now like huge red melons, her nips like pulsating cherries. He could almost feel the heat from the flames that he knew were blazing inside her.

“Iiieeee!” screamed Bobbie Joe. She jerked about in despair, her movements rattling her chains. She had forgotten all about the pain in her ass.

When he decided that his niece’s tits had been punished enough, Uncle Roy ceased the whipping. He then looked down at the whimpering girl, his face showing nothing but contempt. She reminded him of a cowering animal that had just been branded.

“Do you feel better now, little niece? Now that I’ve put some color in your tits? I think I’ll let you take care of me this time.”

Now Uncle Roy did toss the whip aside, throwing it across the room directly beneath a set of chains which dangled from the ceiling. Then he began to undress.

He wasted no time in removing his shirt and slacks and shoes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. When he was naked, Bobbie Joe studied his strong, muscular body, her eyes running from his hairy chest, past his hairy groin, down to his hairy legs. Then her eyes came back up and fixed themselves on his long, fat cock and his heavy nuts.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Uncle Roy, grinning.

Bobbie Joe did but she was too frightened to say anything. She stared hungrily at his cock as he climbed up on the bed to join her. She just hoped that he was through hurting her.

Uncle Roy crawled up to his nieces head, lifted one knee, and straddled her thin shoulders. Looking down into her eyes, he worked his hips until his cock was rubbing against her soft lips. She knew what he wanted her to do, and so she opened her mouth, wide to do it.

Uncle Roy, still wearing a wicked grin, thrust his cock down into her open mouth then reached down and grabbed the back of her head. Instead of letting her suck his prick, he began to fuck her mouth. He forced her head up and down off the mattress, not caring how much discomfort he caused her.

“Mmmmfff!” grunted Bobbie Joe. The prick slammed into the roof of her mouth each time her head was yanked up.

Bobbie Joe didn’t like this one bit. There was no pleasure in it for her. Her head was aching from the continuous up and down movements and she was forced to breathe through her nose, but even that was restricted by the man’s thick cock hair. She felt miserable, even though she had a big cock in her mouth.

“Your mouth is very hot,” said her uncle. “I’m going to do my best to fill it with cream.”

Uncle Roy, his head thrown back in bliss, yanked her head upwards and thrust his cock downwards simultaneously. He did this again and again, fast and hard, wincing each time his nuts banged into her chin. To him it was fun.

But to Bobbie Joe, whose cheeks were being stretched wide with each thrust, it was murder. Not only was her breathing restricted, but she couldn’t even swallow. Thus she found herself choking on the spit that worked up inside her mouth.

The huge cock pummeled the inside of her mouth and her cheeks and the roof were sticky with cum. Her tongue and her gums ached. She could do nothing but hold her mouth open as the man jerked her head up and down.

“Uuuungh!” she grunted, her agony complete. She had to snort to keep the cock hairs out of her nostrils.

“Oh, shit!” moaned Uncle Roy, finding pleasure in his niece’s misery. “You’re making my prick burn! Yeesss!”

He plowed his cock into her hot mouth like a man gone berserk. His nuts slapped wetly and noisily against her chin. His cock stretched first one cheek then the other, until she resembled a well-fed chipmunk.

“I can feel my blood boiling,” said Uncle Roy. He gripped her tight and jerked her blonde head up to meet his prick.

With her mouth stuffed full, Bobbie Joe could only grunt and whimper. Though her mouth was well greased by now from all the dripping cum, the cock’s hard strokes still caused her a lot of pain. Her uncle was showing her no mercy.

But then, for no apparent reason, Uncle Roy decided to change his tactics. Perhaps his balls ached from the relentless pounding, or perhaps the girl’s teeth were doing too much damage to his cock shaft. Whichever the case, he stopped his hard thrusts and began to grind his cock into her mouth.

His powerful hips forced the girl’s head down into the mattress. He moved slowly, in circles, his cock sliding round and round her wet mouth. Bobbie Joe could hardly breathe at all now. But at least her head wasn’t pounding.

The hot prick continued to stretch her cheeks as it filled her mouth with heat and cum. She groaned and gasped as her throat muscles tried to clamp down on the intruding bulb. Her dry, aching lips were surrounded by thick, black cock hair. This was not the kind of cocksucking that she had learned to enjoy.

“I should grind you right through the fuckin’ mattress!” said Uncle Roy, towering over her. “It’d serve you right.”

Still holding her head tight, the man began to move his hips faster and faster. His big balls twisted her lips out of shape, while his bulb nearly choked her to death. He gasped as he fucked, for her hot breath was burning the hell out of him.

Soon his cock was throbbing as his blood began to boil. He could feel his cum rising. The feeling was one of ecstasy as he went all out to achieve a climax.

“Aaagh!” he moaned, ramming his cock down into her throat. “You’re making me come, little niece! I can feel it!”

Gasping and moaning, grinding and humping, Uncle Roy brutalized the young farm girl’s mouth until at last his cock exploded. With a loud shout, he blew his wad deep into her hot mouth, sending it splashing off the walls of her throat.

“Uuunngh!” he shouted, pumping his cock.

Wad after wad of hot cum squirted into Bobbie Joe’s mouth. The creamy jism splashed against her checks and poured over her teeth and gums. It stuck to the roof of her mouth and coated her tongue. Her throat muscles worked furiously to contain the cum, and soon her belly was full.

“Ohhh?” moaned Uncle Roy as be finally rolled off her. “That was really good, little niece. You’ve got a real hot mouth!”

Bobbie Joe licked her lips and smacked her gums as she cleaned herself of her uncle’s cum. Her mouth was sore and sticky, and there were still several cock hairs blocking her nostrils. But at least the worst was over.

Uncle Roy rested beside his chained niece for several minutes, enjoying the final waves of his orgasm. When his strength returned, he rose and removed the shackles from her wrists and ankles. For a brief second Bobbie Joe thought that she was going to be released. But her hopes were destroyed when Uncle Roy picked her up bodily and carried her over to where he had thrown the whip.

Her eyes were focused on the four chains that dangled from the ceiling.



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