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xNovel - His Loving Little Sister


His Loving Little Sister

Cover:cover: his loving little sister
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Their progress toward California slowed down drastically after that first night. Spending most of their time fucking, they would stop at a motel around four o’clock in the afternoon and wouldn’t leave until the noon check-out time the next day. Their money was diminishing rapidly, but they were too happy to worry about it. Their thoughts were on nothing but each other’s naked bodies and their next hot fuck.

“God, I feel dusty,” smiled Brent when he and his sister checked into the next motel.

“Me, too,” giggled Robin. “Let’s take a shower together.”

Robin had seen plenty of her brother’s big thick cock lately, but when he dropped his shorts, the girl was just as thrilled as the first time. Staring at the stiff boner that was thrusting up from between his legs, she could almost feel it twisting around so deliciously in her juicy little twat. Thinking how much fun it would be to wash his precious dick, Robin quickly undressed and led him into the shower.

“God, I’m sure gad you have such a nice big prick,” she smiled when they were in the bathroom. “I just love it when you fuck me.”

Clutching his sweet little sister, Brent drew her soft, naked body into his arms, covering her moistly parted lips with his hot, hungry mouth, her soft youthful flesh was burning deliciously against his. Finally releasing her from the passionate embrace, they got into the shower together and began lathering each other with the soft soapy suds. Brent began trembling with excitement as her slippery fingers slid up and down over his soapy boner.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, staring down at the big suds-covered cock she was fondling. “I just love your big sweet tool.”

Continuing to caress his prick, Robin was lathering his balls with the thick rich suds while he soaped her firm lush boobs, his fingers strumming deliciously on her erect nipples. When his big hairy balls were completely lathered, his naughty little sister slipped her hand under his swollen nut-sac and began soaping the sensitive crack of his ass.

“Jesus, Sis,” he gasped when her fingertip slithered into his soap-covered asshole.

“D’ya like that?” she giggled, worming her finger further up into the buttery hotness of his rectum.

“Shit, yes,” he gulped as she teasingly plunged the full length of her finger up his butt, the tip of it lewdly massaging his prostate.

“I’m glad,” she whispered, twisting her naughty finger around deep in his quivering shitter while her other hand slid up and down his hard soap-lathered cock. “I want to please you so much, my darling.”

When his sister finally removed her finger from his tingling butt, Brent drew her sweet young body up tight against him, his hard thick cock sandwiched deliciously between their soapy, writhing bellies, her lush sudsy tits rubbing firmly against his broad lathered chest.

“Oh, Brent,” she sighed, pressing her hot wet lips against his. “You’re the neatest big brother a girl could ever have.”

Still holding the naked girl in his arms, Brent eased his hands down until he had her wiggly little asscheeks cupped in his palms. Writhing his hard hot cock against her smooth young belly, the boy started goosing his fingers into the soft soapy flesh between the cheeks of her ass. His cock almost shot a wad as he dug around in his sister’s sweet tender ass-flesh.

They spent a long time teasing and soaping each other’s responsive bodies before finally getting out of the shower. When they’d finally dried each other off, Brent picked up his freshly scented little sister and carried her back to the bed.

Spread out together on the fresh clean sheet, Robin was snuggled against the secure warmth of her brother, his comforting arm circling her shoulders.

“You’re such a wonderful brother,” she whispered, pressing her warm moist lips against his neck, her tongue licking his masculine flesh.

His hands were gently caressing the bare flesh on her back when she lifted her face and eased her juicy tongue between his lips. Brent sucked her delicious little tongue deep into his mouth, his stiff prick throbbing with excitement.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, twisting around and pressing as much of her warm naked body against his as possible. Nestled happily in his embrace, she opened her thighs and wrapped one of them around his leg.

Reaching down, she affectionately grasped his thick rod, that beautiful cock she loved so much. It was hot, throbbing with pleasure under her touch as she moved down and tenderly covered it with her open mouth. Gently sucking it in between her ovalled lips, the delicious thickness of his prick was pressing out against the inside of her cheeks.

Sucking deeply on his spit-drenched cockhead, Robin ground her wet naked crotch up firmly against his leg, further igniting the sweltering tissues of her dripping cunt. She continued working on his glorious rod with her lips and tongue while her hand pumped incessantly on the thick shaft.

While she was greedily devouring his thick column of rich male meat, Brent’s hands were deliciously kneading her big quivering tits together. Her nipples, all covered with little goosebumps of excitement, were turgid and erect. Writhing with lust, Robin removed her lips from the head of his prick and dove down for his balls. Licking wildly at the loose, crinkly skin of his bag, she gulped one of his balls into her mouth, rolling it around her tongue. Releasing it, she gently sucked on his other sperm-filled nut until Brent was writhing in ecstasy.

Unable to stand the wild pleasure any longer, he grasped his little sister’s hips and pulled her loins up against his face while the girl continued mouthing his cock and balls. Forcing his face up between her soft thighs, he was staring at her dripping pussy and the soft white cheeks of her ass. Shivering with excitement, he kissed the soft wiggly buns, and then forced his tongue up into the deep crack between them.

Little Robin began sucking even harder on his big juicy cock when she felt his tongue leaving a fiery trail of wetness as it licked ever closer to her quivering asshole.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she whimpered, gulping more of his prick into her mouth when he brushed his hot, wet tongue across her tight little shitter.

Brent continued circling the tiny hole several times with his tongue, feeling his sister quivering with anticipation then pointing the tip of his muscular tongue, he forced it up into her tight little shitter with relative ease. After drilling it in and out for a few brief moments, Brent removed it and moved on to her juicy little slit.

It felt to Robin as if a string of firecrackers were going off in her loins when his tongue began licking her clitty. The hard little nub of her clit responded wildly to his lingual caresses as it throbbed, jerked and twitched with electrified joy.

“Oh, God!” she squealed, momentarily pulling her mouth away from his cock. “Yes! Oh, yes!”

Her soft ass was squirming wildly as the pretty youngster ground her wet, sopping cunt down tighter against her brother’s slurping mouth as he forced his swirling tongue into the dripping depths of her, lusting little pussy. Robin had never heard of anyone licking a girl’s twat, but it sure as hell felt good. Her drooling pussy was pouring a stream of boiling juices over his tongue and into the back of his throat.

“Oh, it’s so good,” she squealed as his tongue danced around in the juicy hotness of her slippery slit.

Brent’s tongue was making rapid-fire jabs into her twat, playing a wild tune on her clit as her entire body trembled and jerked from the intense ecstasy. When she gulped his cock back into her mouth, Brent began sucking and pulling on her wiggly cuntlips, letting the deliciously hot juices of her aroused cunt spill into his mouth.

Clutching the base of his shaft in her hands, Robin was passionately sucking and licking his massive cockhead. She twisted her lips and tongue all around his big smooth knob until it was a fiery-purple color. Taking more of his delicious prick into her mouth, Robin reached down between his thighs and lovingly caressed his big swollen balls. His big lusty cockhead filled her mouth, but she continued taking more of it until it was lodged deep in her throat.

With his face squeezed between her soft thighs, Brent was battering her clitoris with his tongue until his little sister could hardly stand the intense ecstasy. Squealing with joy, Robin began grinding her cunt down so hard on his face that her brother’s teeth were grating on the soft tissues of her cuntlips. She was starting to climax and her fiery young cunt was creaming all over his face.

Grasping tightly to her sweet young ass, with both hands, he kept her climaxing slit welded to his mouth as her spasming twat rippled and jerked around his swirling tongue.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked, releasing his throbbing cockhead from her mouth. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming! OH, SHIT, HOW I’M COMMMIIIIINNNGGG!”

As the wild climax slowly abated, Robin plunged her mouth down over his thick meaty prick again, anxious to draw his delicious juices from deep in his loins. Brent’s sperm-swollen balls began tingling with excitement, ready to unleash the pent up jizz that was screaming for release. Each deep suck of his little sister’s sucking, pulling lips was bringing him closer and closer to an ejaculation. Still licking the hot juices from her cunt, he knew the supreme moment was almost there, that delicious moment when he’d release his burning jizz into his sister’s mouth.

Robin could feel his thighs tensing, his cockhead swelling to new extremes. Knowing that he was about to cream, she couldn’t wait for the explosive moment. A wild lust streaked through her loins, thinking about drinking his thick, rich jism, swallowing it down and loving every slippery drop of it.

His big cock suddenly exploded a gush of cum into her mouth, streaming down the back of her throat. This was followed quickly by another blast against her tongue, filling her cheeks with the tasty fluid. She continued sucking and drinking from his spewing prick until it was completely drained.

When it was over, she licked every delicious drop from around the edges of his cockhead until the shiny knob was thoroughly washed.

Completely satisfied and relaxed, Brent lay back and let her baby-soft lips clean his wilting dick.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered when she’d finished cleaning him. “You’re so wonderful.”

“So are you, Sis,” he smiled, drawing her back up into his arms.

They spent the next half-hour in silence with their naked bodies pressed lovingly together.

“Brent,” his sister finally whispered. “Are you ready to fuck?”

“Shit, yes,” he panted.

“Here it is,” she giggled, pointing down at her naked little twat. “Why don’t you get busy and use it?”

Staring down between her open thighs, Brent could see the slippery juices dripping out of his cute little sister’s twat. He could clearly see the hot, slippery inner flesh of her creamy slit as the youngster parted her cuntlips with her naughty fingers.

“It’s all ready,” she whispered. “Now it’s up to you.”

Crouching down between her open legs, he placed the back of her knees over his broad shoulders.

“Ready,” he smiled, moving forward until his cockhead was snugly lodged between her hot, open pussy lips.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned feeling the tip of his prick burning hotly against the opening of her twat.

Not driving his cock all the way in, the boy just wiggled around in the hot slippery entrance, letting it tease against her erect little clitty.

“All the way in,” she panted, trying to lever her cunt up around his prick. “Please don’t torture me.”

Not wanting to upset his sweet little sister, Brent suddenly lunged forward, driving the full length of his tool deep into her slippery cunt.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed with joy when his thick shaft drilled up through the slick, slippery flesh of her little fuck-hole.

With his cock buried to the hilt in the little blonde’s quivering belly, Brent couldn’t get over the hot tightness of his sister’s little cunt. The way her hot, juicy cunt walls squeezed against his throbbing boner was absolutely incredible.

“Oh, Brent,” she sobbed, frantically screwing her wiggly little slit up tighter around the thick base of his shaft. “You’re just wonderful.”

Reaching under her butt, Brent was goosing his fingers into the soft pliant flesh between her quivering asscheeks as his thick rod glided in and out between her hot sucking cuntlips.

“Oh, honey, that feels so good,” whimpered Robin as her brother’s big virile cock pumped into her scalding little fuck-hole.

When he parted her asscheeks with his fingers, Robin’s smoldering young cunt also spread, letting his massive shaft drill deeper into her belly in a series of fast, jabbing thrusts.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she squealed as her brother’s juice-slickened rod speared into her cunt from different angles while his finger teased around the sensitive ring of her asshole. The way he was changing the tempo and the angles of his thrusts was driving the child wild. The slippery hardness of his bloated shaft was deliciously pulling the hood back and forth over her clitoris, sending a screaming ecstasy through every nerve of her body.

“Oh, sweet Brent!” she squealed, pulling her brother’s body down tighter against her own, feeling her big firm tits squishing back and forth under his chest as he drilled his thick cock in and out of her tight, clinging fuck hole. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Feeling the boy’s big rod pounding into the scalding depths of her tight little twat was pure heaven to the girl. Although only recently introduced into the wonderful world of fucking, the unbelievable joy was beyond her wildest dreams. She had secretly enjoyed the intense sensations when her stepfather raped her, but that was nothing compared to the thorough fucking she was getting from her big brother.

Crazed with the feel of Robin’s little gold-fringed cunt, Brent was fucking into her with a wild passion, his virile young shaft storming furiously into the girl’s writhing belly, sending wave after wave of unbelievable joy screaming through her writhing young body.

Feeling her brother shift into another position that seemed to intensify her pleasure, Robin snaked her legs up over him, lifting her slit up tighter around the base of his plunging rod.

“Oh, darling!” she squealed. “You’ve never fucked me like this!”

“Practice makes perfect,” he panted. “Do you like it, honey?”

“I love it! I love it!”

“I’m glad,” he gasped, still fucking furiously into her lurching cunt. “Because you’re sure a sweet little fucker.”

“Good,” she cried, thrusting her frothy little pussy up to receive every plunge of his cock. “Are you gonna give me a nice cuntful of jizz?”

“You’re not just shittin’,” he panted. “And soon.”

“That’s what I want, honey,” she whimpered with joy. “I want you to fill me up with it.”

Mewling with pleasure, the horny youngster was frantically writhing her ass down into the mattress as each of her brother’s lusty strokes drove deeper and harder into her little belly. God, how Robin wished she and her brother could live together forever. She loved him with a passion she’d never felt for anyone else, and the thought of him leaving her someday was absolutely terrifying. God, how she’d miss this beautiful big prick of his if he ever went away.

“Christ, Sis!” he panted, pounding deeper and deeper into her little fifteen year-old pussy. “You’re sure a hot little fucker!”

“I know!” she squealed. “And I hope you won’t forget it!”

Her excited squeals seemed to spur him on and he began violently increasing the wild tempo of his frantic screwing. Pumping into his little sister, he was vividly aware of the intense pleasure she was giving. Brent had fucked two or three of the girls back home, but had never found a cunt that sucked and squeezed and clung to his cock like this one. He also knew that every time he fucked his sister, it was better than the last as their techniques improved.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she began screaming hysterically as the boy poured it to her at an even faster tempo, literally lifting her hot little ass off the bed with every thrust.

Robin’s battered little twat had never taken such a beating in her life, and she was thoroughly enjoying every second of it. The delicious friction of her brother’s thick dick sawing in and out of her slit was lifting her to new heights of ecstasy. Each hard plunge felt better than the last as the intense joy mounted in her loins.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she began screaming. “I’m almost there, honey… almost there!”

Robin’s body was filled with such intense heat that she thought she’d explode. She and her lurching brother were locked lewdly together by the massive cock that her clinging cunt was squeezing and massaging. Her little pussy was frantically milking on his prick with a wild frenzy.

Brent’s tingling dick was aflame with fires that were reaching every nerve in his body. He couldn’t believe that any snatch could be as tight and hot as his young sisters’ ravenous pussy. Feeling an explosive climax building up in his sperm-swollen balls, he hoped he could hold back until Robin could reach her own orgasm.

“Oh, honey!” she suddenly screamed, locking her arms and legs around his lurching body. “I’m coming! I’m coming! COMMMMUINNNGGG!”

As her thunderous orgasm streaked through every nerve and muscle of her body, Brent fucked harder and deeper into her cunt, wanting to prolong her climax, making it the most intense she’d ever had.

“Oh, God!” she shrieked, feeling his thick hot cum gushing into her twat. “That’s it, darling! Squirt me good, you sweet fucker!”

Writhing her cunt up tightly around the base of his spewing cock, she clung desperately to him as he rapidly filled her hot little hole with his thick, slippery jizz.

“Oh, Brent darling,” she whispered when her brother finally pulled his spent prick out of her sopping cunt. “That’s the best fuck you’ve ever given me.”

“God, honey,” he panted. “You’re the sweetest, hottest little girl in the whole fuckin’ world.”

“I’m glad you think so,” she whispered puffing his mouth down against her soft parted lips. “Are you going to fuck me again tonight?”

“You know damn well I am,” he whispered, running the tip of his finger up and down the slippery wetness of her little sperm-soaked slit. “We’ll fuck as long as I can keep getting a hard-on.”



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