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xNovel - The Neighbor's Daughter


The Neighbor's Daughter

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When she and Kent had finished making love, June experienced a few moments of intense satisfaction and deep peace. It wasn’t long enough, though. She began to worry about Rod, about her marriage. She had to go talk to her husband and try to patch things up, hopeless as it seemed.

Reluctantly she moved out from under Kent, felt his limp wet prick slipping from her. “Kent,” she said, “we better go find your father and talk with him.”

“Yeah,” Kent sighed, “I guess so.”

They didn’t bother to dress — it seemed superfluous now, after all that had happened. They heard voices downstairs, started down — and then stopped, gawking.

Below them on the couch Rod was sitting, Patty’s head in his lap. His cock was out, erect and glistening with her spit. She was sucking on it, and Rod was working his hand inside her panties.

Shocked speechless, June slowly descending the stairs, Kent following her. They walked over to the couch and stood there watching, still hardly believing their eyes. Rod and Patty were oblivious to them. Rod’s voice was hoarse with lust.

“Eat my come, baby,” he bellowed, “EAT me!”

June watched in horror as Rod came into his daughter’s mouth. Patty was coming, too, she could tell — the girl’s body writhed and shook. Patty swallowed her father’s jism, jerked her pussy around his finger…

At last Rod looked up and saw his wife and son.

“Well, Rod,” June said bitterly, “what was it you were calling me a while ago — insane? Vile? Because I made love to my own child. So what would you call yourself?”

“I-I didn’t fuck her,” Rod said weakly.

“No, you only ‘fucked’ her mouth,” June said coldly. “It’s incest just the same, Rod. You’re no better than I am, and you know it.”

“Oh, Mom, Daddy,” cried Patty, “don’t fight, please. Can’t we just forget all this and make up?”

“I hardly think so,” June said. “Your father has some explaining to do.”

“Oh, yeah, and what about you?” Rod said angrily. “How are you going to explain…”

WAIT!” said a new voice.

The Hanson family whirled around and saw their neighbor, Vicky, getting up from behind a chair. Everyone was astonished but Kent, who had smuggled her into the house in the first place.

“Vicky,” said June, “what are YOU doing here?”

Vicky marched determinedly to the center of the room. “It’s a long story, Mrs. Hanson,” she said. “Kent and I were just trying to change your mind about me, that’s all, but it got out of hand. I just wanted everyone to have a good time, but now it seems like you’re all mad at each other. That wasn’t what I planned at all.”

“Well, just what did you plan, then?” said June.

Vicky spoke slowly and thoughtfully. “Well, it seems to me that since sex is so much fun, everybody should have a chance at it, and we should be able to do it with anyone we want. Like all of us, for instance — we should be able to chose our partners, and we shouldn’t feel uptight around each other. If we’re all friends, then nobody can get hurt.”

June looked skeptical. “You mean, you want my permission to go on making it with my husband and my son?”

“Yes,” said Vicky, “and you should make it with them, too, if you want. Nobody owns anybody else.”

“I agree to a certain extent,” said Rod, “but I really don’t like the idea of June sleeping with Kent.”

“Oh?” Vicky smiled mischievously. “But it’s okay for you to make it with Patty?”

June glanced at her and grinned. “Yes, Rod, what about that? Vicky has a point there.”

Rod threw up his hands in confusion. “All right,” he said, “so I’m contradicting myself I just don’t see how your plan would work out, though, Vicky.”

“I’m afraid I don’t, either,” said June. “It sounds ideal, everybody being friends, nobody being jealous or possessive, but I don’t understand how it would work in practice.”

For a teenage girl, Vicky looked very confident. “Why don’t you let me show you?” she said.

June blushed. “You mean right here and now?”

“Sure,” said Vicky, “Why not?”

“She’s right, June,” said Rod. “What have we got to lose? I’ll try anything, that might save our marriage.”

June looked at him gratefully. “All right,” she said. “I feel the same way. I guess you can go ahead, Vicky.”

“Okay,” Vicky said. “First of all, everybody should be undressed.”

She pulled off her shirt, revealing her small round pink-nippled breasts. She reached for the zipper of her shorts. June and Kent, who were already naked, just gawked. Rod blushing, started to take off his pajamas. Patty was faster than anyone — she shucked her flimsy nightgown in seconds. She was very excited and interested to know what the pretty neighbor girl could show them.

Vicky stood naked and unselfconscious in the center of the room. “Now,” she said, “we should chose the person we want to make love to.”

Again Patty was way ahead of everyone else. She was eyeing her handsome older brother. She’d always thought Kent was the sexiest boy in the world, and she imagined it would be fantastic to find out about sex with him. His pale peter was limp now, like Daddy’s had been earlier, but Patty had learned what to do about that.

The red-haired girl jumped to her feet, pigtails flying, and said eagerly, “I want Kent.”

Kent wanted to protest. Fuck his kid sister, when he had two other beautiful women available? When he glanced at Patty, however, he began to wonder… She really was growing up. He hadn’t seen his sister naked for years, not since she was a baby. There had been some very nice changes in her body since then.

She was still short and slim like a child, but she had grown cute little pointed tits with pretty pink nipples. There was no hair on her snatch yet, but Kent was turned on by her very nakedness, by the peach-like pout of her immature muff. And he imagined her cunt would be very tiny… Yeah, it might be fun to get it on with his little sister.

“It’s okay with me,” he said.

Both June and Rod looked a little uneasy they’d just been ranting about incest, and now their son and daughter were about to make love. But if the kids wanted it, and if it would help save the marriage, then they would take a chance.

“All right,” said Vicky, “if someone else wants to make it with Kent, she can have him next. What about you, Mrs. Hanson? Who do you want for your partner?”

June felt like she was in a crazy dream. Still she and Rod were committed to trying the experiment. She glanced at her husband as he sat naked on the couch. Really, he had a splendid body — wide, hair-matted chest, powerful legs and arms, and a thick mature cock much better suited to her adult cunt than Kent’s slim rod. Suddenly she felt powerfully turned on to her husband.

“I-I want Rod,” she said, flushing. “That is, if he wants me. If he’d rather make it with you, Vicky, that’s all right.”

“Rod is my choice, too,” said Vicky, “so well just take turns. You can be first, Mrs. Hanson.”

Rod had been ogling them both, but his eyes came back again and again to his voluptuous dark-haired wife. Had he been blind all these years? June was stacked, a magnificent big-breasted female with delicious curves and silky dark skin. She made the younger girls look like starved orphans.

“I like the arrangement,” said Rod, grinning. “Let’s get started. You wanta go upstairs, June?”

“Oh, no, Rod,” said Vicky. “That’s not part of the plan. We’re all going to stay right there.”

June blushed hotly. “You mean — do it in front of each other?” she said.

“Oh, sure,” Vicky said nonchalantly, “that’s half the fun. It’s really a turn-on to watch other people.”

Rod was an old-fashioned guy, and he felt a little uncomfortable about the idea, but at the same time it turned him on. “Relax, June,” he said. “I don’t think any of us have any secrets from each other now.”

But June continued to blush. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said nervously. “I just can’t imagine making love in front of other people.”

Vicky wanted to tell her that she already had — that Vicky had been behind the curtains, then under the bed, when June balled Kent. But she could see that arguments wouldn’t change June’s mind. Mrs. Hanson was just too old-fashioned to change her opinions. Only one thing would convince her — pleasure so great that she couldn’t resist.

“I think we ought to show her how much fun it is,” Vicky said wickedly to Rod.

He caught on right away. “Yeah,” he said, grinning, “let’s just show her. Kids, help us with your mother.”

June’s blush faded, and she turned pale and started to back away from the group. “Oh, no,” she said, “no, now just wait…”

They gabbed her and dragged her down onto the soft rug. The kids — Kent, Patty and Vicky — were chuckling, and Rod was grinning wickedly. June realized that they meant to force her into group sex, and she struggled to get loose, but there were too many of them.

“Oh, please,” she said, starting to cry, “I don’t want to do this.”

“Oh, come on, Mom,” said Kent, “You’ll dig it. Just relax.”

“Yeah, Mom,” said Patty. “It’s gonna be fun.”

“Nooo,” June wailed.

She couldn’t help it. She just hadn’t been brought up to do these kinky modem things. If she had to be fucked in front of all these grinning kids, she’d die of embarrassment. Again she fought to get away, but they held her down. Oh, God, they were going to force her.

“Hold her,” said Kent. “I know something she really likes.”

Patty and Vicky held June’s shoulders down, and Rod held her legs. Kent knelt beside his mother, ogling her enormous olive-skinned tits with their big light-brown nipples. She had by far the largest boobs in the room, each as big as his head. He felt saliva rushing to his mouth as he bent low over her.

“Relax, Mom,” he whispered. “Just relax and enjoy it.”

June was far from relaxing, but she felt a sharp buzz of pleasure as Kent sucked her left nipple into his mouth. He took the whole thing, lashing and tickling it with his tongue, bathing it in his steamy spit. He sucked loudly, lewdly, in a way that never failed to excite her.

June’s face turned red, and she closed her eyes, afraid they’d reveal the intense pleasure she felt as her son sucked noisily on her nipple. She wished they were alone. She felt so inhibited with an audience.

Rod, holding her legs, decided to do this part in making his wife relax. He forced her legs apart, exposing the bright moist scarlet line of her slit. He went belly down between her long shapely legs and pressed his hot face against her plump ripe pussy. His tongue snaked out, tickling the ultra sensitive button of her clit.

“Ohhh!” June gasped.

She hadn’t been able to suppress that cry when the powerful and unexpected pleasure hit her. Nothing excited her more or got her more quickly aroused than having her clit licked. Rod’s tongue, rough and wet and expert, teased her little red nub swiftly, and she felt her whole body melting in horny enjoyment.

“I think it’s working,” Vicky said gleefully.

She and Patty were still holding June’s shoulders, looking rather enviously at the older woman’s huge thrusting breasts and lush black fur patch. Some day, maybe, their bodies would grow that voluptuous and richly curved.

Vicky couldn’t resist reaching out and touching June’s right breast while Kent sucked the left one. It was a fistful, all right, hot and swollen and deliciously silky. She understood how men got off on fondling tits. She ran her hand over the big fleshy melon, stroking, caressing.

Patty’s hand joined hers. There was room for both on June’s mountainous heaving tit. Patty explored her mother’s lush breast in awe and innocent curiosity. She prayed that she’d inherited June’s figure.

Meanwhile the room was filled with lewd wet noises as Kent sucked ravenously on his mother’s big brown nipple and Rod sucked powerfully on the wet little bump of her clit. June was having a terrible time controlling herself, suppressing her cries of delight, keeping her body still. With her breasts being deliciously fondled and sucked, with Rod tonguing expertly all over her aroused and horny clit, there was no way she could fail to be aroused.

Suddenly, to her mortification, she creamed furiously all over Rod’s face. Dammit, he knew that sign all too well. He knew it meant that she wouldn’t be satisfied till she was fucked, that her lust had gone beyond her power to control or turn off…

He raised his wet face, grinned, and said, “I don’t think you need to hold her any longer, kids.”

The three adolescents backed off, but they kept close, watching eagerly as Rod fingered his cock. It was erect now, huge and thick and rosy, with bright cream dribbling from the big purple head. Everyone seemed to be looking at June’s wet exposed pussy…

She felt dizzy with embarrassment — and lust. She just had to have her husband’s big beautiful cock. Just looking at that thick stiff dick made her cream again and again. But there was that sea of grinning faces around her…

She felt paralyzed. She couldn’t bring herself to cooperate, yet she couldn’t leave, couldn’t pass up what Rod offered. He reached for her, and she moaned. He was turning her over, onto her belly, and she didn’t resist.

“Yeah, go, Dad, go,” Kent said eagerly.

“Oh, this is so exciting,” squeaked Patty.

“It’s a real turn-on,” Vicky said huskily.

All three youngsters watch wide-eyed as Rod’s enormously swollen dick approached the wet lush pink cleft of June’s exposed pussy. Rod eyed his target. Her cunt seemed to gasp and nip with eagerness, an inviting shadowed hole. But his attention was elsewhere — on the tight little brown wrinkle of her anus.

All his life he’d had a secret letch to fuck a woman in the ass. He could imagine how tight it was, just as good as a virgin cunt. He decided to take a chance. He pressed the wet slippery knob of his cock against the little bumpy anal mouth — and pushed.

ROD!” June yelped. “No, no — not THERE…”

The kids were surprised, too. Rod had plenty of experience, knew he had the wrong hole — so what was he doing? Vicky was the first to grasp his intent. She understood how tight that little asshole would be for him, and she shivered with horny delight as she thought how crazy it would feel to a woman…

June tried to crawl away, but Vicky held her. Rod, red-faced and panting, pushed steadily against the tight wrinkled baffler of her little asshole. Suddenly there was a loud POP and his cock shot into her, sliding quickly into her fiery rectum. Rod groaned as he sank clear to his balls in exquisite silky snugness.

OHHHH!” June wailed.

Her cry was half terror and half pleasure. To her wonder, it didn’t hurt at all, though Rod’s thick meat at first threatened to split her narrow asshole. When she felt her rectum suddenly and fully stuffed with his stiff fat cock, she was astounded to find out how good it felt. Her pussy creamed furiously…

“Awww, Christ,” Rod whined, “so fuckin’ tight…”

He began to bum-fuck his wife, working his rigid meat slowly and lingeringly in her fiery tight passage. It was better than he’d dreamed. He’d never balled anything so deliciously tight in his life.

June whimpered softly and worked her horny asshole around his rigid impalement. It felt so good, she couldn’t control herself any longer. She didn’t mind the audience now…

“Ooooo, yes, darling,” she crooned, “yesss… Fuck my ass… It’s good, Rod, really good…”

Watching the grownups was fun, but Patty was getting impatient. She was highly aroused by her mother’s sighs and whimpers of pleasure, and she wanted some of that good stuff for herself. Sitting beside her brother, she kept glancing at his pale boyish cock. At first it was limp and wrinkled, but as he watched Daddy balling Mom, his cock lurched into life and grew long and hard and taut.

Patty stared longingly at her brother’s prick. It seemed prettier than Daddy’s somehow. Kent wasn’t so big and gross and hairy. His pale cock had a pretty cherry-red head, and his young balls were clean and pink and hairless. Unable to resist, Patty slipped her little hand into her brother’s crotch and began to pet his warm silky cock and nuts.

“Hey!” Kent laughed.

“Come on, Kent,” Patty said impatiently. “You said you’d be my partner.”

“Why, sure, little sister,” he said, grinning.

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to fuck,” Patty said determinedly. “Everybody’s done it but me, and I want to find out what it’s like.”

“Well, I’ll be happy to oblige,” Kent said. “Why don’t we do it right here, so we can watch Mom and Dad, too?”

“Great,” said Patty.

The slim redhead lay down beside her mother, barely a foot away, and opened her little legs wide for her brother. Kent ogled her virgin slit. Unlike Vicky and June, she had no hair down there at all. Her pussy seemed miniature compared to theirs, everything tiny and childlike and dainty. The older guys at school had told him that a virgin was the best fuck of all. Kent was definitely looking forward to this.

He took his erect swollen dick and pressed the rosy-red tip against the tiny recessed mouth of his sister’s cunt. Patty waited obediently, not moving, keeping her legs wide open for him. Kent pushed. Nothing happened. He pushed again, but he couldn’t get even the tip of his cock into her. She was much too tight.

“Dammit all,” he said.

Vicky had been watching. “Hang on a second,” she said. “I know what to do about that. I’ll be right back.”

She raced upstairs, sweet round tits bouncing furiously, and found the bathroom. She took some Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and hurried back to the group. Kneeling beside Kent, she applied a generous amount of the slippery stuff to his cock.

She got a kick out of running her fist up and down his rigid hot prick, her hand made slick and swift with the jelly. Kent sighed as she fist-fucked him. Vicky wished she could take Patty’s place — she was getting soooo horny watching the others — but she would have to wait her turn.

“Okay,” she told Kent. “That should make it easier.”

Again Kent knelt between his little sister’s legs and pressed the greased tip of his cock into her tiny hole. He pushed — and this time he popped right in. Suddenly his swollen meat was deliciously sheathed in tight hot silky flesh.

“Oooo!” Patty squealed.

It felt as if her whole belly was stuffed with her brother’s long hard rod. For a moment she was scared, it felt so big, but then she realized how really nice it felt… Kent began to ball her, working his slim slippery prick in quick deep thrusts, and Patty creamed in horny enjoyment. Fucking really was fun…

“Ooooo, YEAH,” she squealed. “Yeah, Kent, fuck me… I really dig it…”

The teenage brother and sister humped happily together, their bodies moving in perfect time. Beside them, their parents kept expert rhythm, too, June thrusting her shapely pale ass up to meet each lunge of Rod’s thick meat. He moaned each time he sank his bloated dick deep into her fiery tight asshole.

Vicky sat watching the two couples, proud of her work in reuniting the Hanson family — but also achingly horny and acutely envious. Everybody was having fun but her. Her little pussy ached with need, she just couldn’t sit still.

Carried away by her urgent lust, Vicky crawled around behind the two rutting couples and eyed the men’s tight-muscled asses and swinging rosy nut-sacs. There was something here for her after all. Crouching close, she stuck out her little pink tongue and licked Rod’s big swollen balls, lashing them mischievously.

“Yeah, yeah,” Rod moaned, “that’s great, Vicky…”

She tongued him a moment longer, then swung her head quickly and applied her wet hot tongue to Kent’s dangling pink nuts. She licked the warm silky bags hungrily.

“Awwww, Christ, yeah,” Kent whined.

Vicky grinned. She kept switching back and forth from father to son, licking and lashing their bloated nut sacs till both pairs glistened with her spit. Rod and Kent moaned, their pleasure doubled by Vicky’s naughty tonguing.

“Hey, son,” Rod gasped, turning for a second to catch Kent’s eye, “save something for Vicky, okay?”

“I’ll try,” Kent panted.

June, her asshole deliciously reamed by her husband’s thick meat, began to come, wailing shrilly. At almost the same moment her daughter began to climax, her creamy little twat nipping and convulsing around Kent’s jerking dick. Patty squealed blissfully.

No sooner had their partners come, than Kent and Rod withdrew, their cocks still hard and ready. They turned around and grinned at Vicky.

“Your turn, sweetheart,” said Rod. “Kent and I have something for you.”

Vicky hungrily eyed the two stiff wet pricks. “Far out,” she said eagerly, “but who’s going to be first?”

“Oh, we don’t have to take turns,” said Rod. “There’s room for us both. Right, son?”

Kent caught his meaning. “Right, Dad,” he grinned.

Rod swept Vicky into his arms and lay down facing her. Vicky eagerly swung a leg up over him, around his waist, and guided his big throbbing prick into her seething little cunt. In her impatience she literally stuffed the big fleshy sausage into herself. She creamed hotly around it. God, she’d needed this.

“Ball me, Rod,” she whined. “Hurry, hurry…”

“Now don’t be impatient,” he laughed. “Wait for Kent!”

Vicky didn’t understand what he meant, but in a moment she found out. She felt Kent snuggling up behind her, then the hard hot tip of his cock pressing against the tiny wrinkled mouth of her asshole.

“Oh, YEAH!” she cried.

She relaxed her anal mouth and Kent’s cock slid into her narrow slick rectum. Vicky moaned. It felt even better than she’d imagined. Her whole belly seemed stuffed with cock. Father and son began to move in her, keeping time together, reaming her cunt and asshole, their hard jerking pricks separated only by a thin wall of flesh. Vicky had never known such pleasure…

Patty was nodding off, for it was way past her bedtime. She snuggled up in her mother’s arms and was soon asleep. June did not sleep, though. She watched the scene before her, watched her husband and son balling the neighbor girl.

She felt no envy, only gratitude toward Vicky for bringing their family back together again. It had been a strange reunion, something most people wouldn’t understand, but it had worked. June looked forward to an unusual but very rewarding future.




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