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xNovel - Do Me, Daddy!


Do Me, Daddy!

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“Look,” I said, squirming, “I really don’t feel like it, if it’s all the same to you…”

He twisted my arm again and I bent halfway to the floor. “You little bitch,” he said hoarsely, “you don’t have any say in this. You’ve been asking for it, and now you’re going to get it.”

He forced me to turn around, and his hands found my tits. They were heaving beneath my thin T-shirt and he fondled them brutally, savaging the nipples which were erect in spite of my discomfort. And as he held me backwards against him I could feel the growing stiffness of a hard-on in his pants, a big hard-on. God, I’d almost forgotten how really big his cock was!

Roy turned me around once more, so that I was facing him. His countenance was twisted and — almost — tortured in its expression. I really didn’t know him any more. Where was the shy older stud I’d boldly seduced and wickedly teased? He was gone, and a stranger filled his shoes.

Oh, I thought, I think he’s going to rape me!

“On your knees, bitch!” he snapped. “I want you to suck my cock!”

There was no question about me doing it. His strong arms bent me to the floor and I knelt in fear. My fingers touched the bulging front of his pants, fondling the big hard tool that lurked inside, and I traced its outline with my lips.

“NO!” he barked. “I said suck my cock, and that’s what I meant!”

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled till my eyes stung with salty wetness. I unzipped him quickly, anything to stop that wrenching pain.

It was a struggle to free his cock of his shorts and get it through the undone fly, but when I did at last, the effort seemed worthwhile. His big red tool stuck out enormously through his unzipped pants, and there was a tiny drop of wetness gleaming on the huge knob. I touched it playfully with my tongue, licking away the tasteless driplet of his pre-cum, and I began to kiss and tongue him up and down the shaft. Again a savage pull on my hair, and my mouth opened in an O of hurt.

Roy punctuated that O with a fierce thrust of his cock, a driving, impaling stab that filled me with his prick and almost strangled me. I gagged as he shoved too hard at the back of my throat and for a sick moment I was positive I’d puke my guts all over him.

“Suck it, bitch!” he growled, and before I had time to begin sucking, Roy started to ram his dick in and out of me.

It hurt, believe me, it hurt. He seemed to have no concern for me, as a person, as a sex partner. All that mattered was ramming my mouth with his cock. And when his knob banged into my throat, forcing me to swallow it whether I wanted or not, I felt as if I were nothing more than a big wet fist for him to masturbate in.

His hands held my skull in place and there was nothing for me to do but limber my throat and let him fuck my face. Jesus, this wasn’t the way I’d hoped it would be! Why couldn’t we just hop into bed and screw delightfully till we both exploded in big shuddering comes of joy? Why did he have to treat me like a street-corner whore?

It was his stupid, archaic sense of morality. Just because he was married to my mom, I was off limits. A big No Trespassing sign hung from my tits and another guarded the entryway to my snatch.

So what? I didn’t care. I was willing to be lovey with him, and I really didn’t need any commitments. He could have Mom full-time, whenever, wherever he wanted, but I craved him, too. Why couldn’t he see that? Any other man would have thought he was in paradise if he took over a house with two women like me and Mom. Any other man would have bent over backwards to keep both of us happy, and himself, too, in the bargain. Mom was prime-quality pussy, and I was a choice piece of teen-age — tall, ready to go and hot to trot. Why couldn’t he understand that simple biological fact? Why did he have to stand there now, raping me in the mouth instead of making love to me?

I hated him. If I’d dared, I’d have bitten his cock and left a memorable scar. But I didn’t dare. He was in a savage, violent mood. What would he do to me if I resisted him?

And after all, I had been scheming and plotting to get at him. I should have been in seventh heaven now that I had him. But my jaws ached from the strain of sucking his cock and I was so busy working my throat that I didn’t have time to be happy. His fuck-action gathered speed like a train coming down a mountainside, and I could only hope that he wouldn’t be much longer at his sport.

His fingers dug into my skull with almost enough force to crush the bones, and I saw black, as if I were going to faint on the spot. My knees were stiff from being bent and pressed on the floor, and my feet ached, too. But nothing in my body had ever been as sore as my mouth was from the brutal lunges of his cock.

I couldn’t repress my moans of discomfort and pain as Roy kept screwing my mouth. The soft whines must have vibrated sexily along the barrel of his plunging prick, because I felt its tempo increase even more noticeably when I whimpered my muted protests. He was excited now, and I could only endure it.

“Come on, you little bitch!” he panted breathlessly. “You wanted to suck it — NOW SUCK IT!”

And the ramming jabs he gave me left no other alternative. I had to suck his cock or be murdered by it, and I didn’t want to be murdered.

Candidly, though, it wasn’t so bad. All girls have secret fantasies about being raped, even girls my age. There’s a certain unspeakable thrill in the thought of being totally at the mercy of some strong, big man with a strong, big cock, to know that he has the power and the inclination to take you as he pleases, that your sexuality has turned him into a ravening, horny beast totally beyond your control.

As I kept receiving his thrusts, I started to call up those old fantasies and images, and I found myself beginning to get warm and wet all over. The sweat oozed through my pores, my underarms were sopping, and as I swayed where I knelt, I could feel a moist tingling in the pit of my crotch. I swayed some more, to intensify that tingly feeling, and my hands clutched at Roy’s ass. If only he’d dropped his pants, I thought, this might be really neat, but he’d only unzipped and forced me to tug out his cock, so each time he jammed all of his prick in my mouth, the tab of his fly scraped my chin, and I didn’t like that.

Arousal built in me. I was getting hotter and hotter, and I didn’t hate Roy any more. Not consciously. Instead I became obsessed with the need to give him the best head he’d ever gotten. I wanted Roy to remember this experience forever and to know that even at his most brutal and callous I loved and wanted him.

My hands tightened on his ass and I began to twist my head in a wobble as he stuffed it with fresh fuck-strokes. My lips experimented with snug and loose holds, and I tried to get my tongue into action, though by now he was fucking so fast and hard my tongue was pretty useless. Still I managed to swipe his rod provocatively with it as he continued to ram in and out, and I felt his ass muscles throb and ripple as he realized what I was doing.

“Goddamn you, Jenni!” he moaned gruffly, relaxing some of the finger pressure on my temples. He was still fucking my throat, but, imperceptibly at first and then quite noticeably, his strokes became gentler, more lingering. Now he wasn’t bruising my gullet with his knob. It was an easier kind of pumping, one that let me respond with loving tongue caresses, with clever sucking swallows.

He weakened. As the slurps and smacks of my mouth became louder and more prolonged, I heard Roy make a choked sound and I knew it signified his surrender. Atta girl, Jenni, I told myself with egotistical pride. One minute I’d been a raped, ravaged sex victim, and the very next I was back in my normal role of teen-aged man-eater, eating my favorite man.

I began to hum as I sucked his prick. The throbbing flutters vibrated along his shaft and it excited him. He gave me more peter, and faster, but not with the cruel energy of before. It filled me beautifully and I sucked his cock fiercely when it was buried, damning the scrape of his zipper on my face, and then he’d pull back so that I was sucking but the tip of his rod. And, of course, in again to fill me up once more.

It couldn’t last. He’d worked himself to fever pitch when he was in control of things, and after I took charge, the absolutely sinful mouth-action I dished out was like a determined bee worrying his honey sack. My lower lip felt the tell-tale swelling of his cum-duct and I knew it was time to open up for a big drink of jizz.

He came like a broken water main, drenching me with more sperm than anyone else had ever given me anywhere. It filled my mouth and dripped from my lips and, even though I tried to scoop the overflow back inside, there was so much I couldn’t hope to drink up half of Roy’s cock-cream. I didn’t care. I swallowed what I could and let the rest ooze and drip. I wanted him to see me that way, with his cum hanging in strings from my mouth and my pink tongue coated white with his load. Maybe it would teach him a lesson.

His cock shuddered and squirted its last, but the steely firmness of his hard-on refused to go down. I sucked at his prick for another minute or two, nurturing that persistent boner, and then I climbed to my feet. Roy’s pole lanced out through his open zipper, wet and red, smeared with traces of his cum, and I patted it as I trapped his eyes in the stare of my own.

“See?” I told him. “You can’t fight it. I’m too much for you.”

He shivered visibly, his face went white, and he looked as if he were going to be sick. When he raised his head, there was a fresh madness in his eyes, a more burning, glaring demon even than he’d had before.

“You’re still playing games, aren’t you, Jenni?” he said tight-lipped.

I laughed, wiping up his cum with my fingers and sucking them clean.

“You haven’t learned a Goddamned thing.” Me? He was the one who needed to be taught a lesson. I told him so, and he seemed to go crazy before my eyes.

He reached down and took hold of his stiff prick, which even a massive eruption inside my mouth hadn’t calmed down. I wondered, when his fist closed around it, if he were about to jerk off in front of me. Would that be a sign of contempt? A show of defiance? I waited expectantly.

But he didn’t. He let go of his cock as soon as he’d grasped it, and he reached for me instead. Before I knew what was up, he had me bent forward over the edge of his desk. Papers and books and the big desk blotter slid to the floor as my hands skidded, and the sharp edge of the desktop cut into my belly.

Roy pinned me there and he yanked at my pants, pulling them and my undies down in one quick lunge that left me gasping.

“Hey!” I yelled. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing now?”

He pulled one leg out of the fallen garments and spread me wide with his body. My ass was up and my head was down, and his middle pressed me from behind. Even when I looked back, I couldn’t see anything.

“I’ll show you what the fuck I’m doing,” he snapped in a dippy tone that reeked of lunacy. My God, I thought. He’s gone freako! Absolutely freako!

His cock was sticking out of his pants and he buried it in my uplifted pussy with one sharp, burning stroke. My cunt was a bit sore still from all that playing with Kendy, and he hurt me when he jammed his cock inside my hole. I screamed and my head shook in protest.

“Stop it!” I hollered. “I’ll kill you if you don’t stop!”

He didn’t stop and I didn’t kill him. I was trapped, in no position to do anything. It was a standing doggie, more or less, though I wasn’t quite standing. My cunt was raised perfectly — they call it the “presentation position” when our four legged friends fuck, and I felt like a heifer being serviced by a bull right then.

Roy reamed me with his cock, sucking it in and out of my cunt. My hole was wet enough, but tender as a bullet-wound, too, and my vision went from normal to red in record time. Finally I tried to close my eyes to blot out the weird color effects that passed before them, but that didn’t do a Goddamned thing about the agony of what the son of a bitch was doing to me.

“I should have done this a long time ago,” he told me. “I should have fucked the shit out of you, shown you what it means to be a woman and to be taken by a man. You’re not a woman. You’re just a little girl who’s grown up too fast for her own good. Well, you’re going to take it like a woman all the same. I’m going to fuck your ass off!”

It felt like he was doing just that. I groaned and whined each time he plumbed me deeply with that big cunt-poker of his, and it was worse yet when he drew back, because I knew the next stroke would be more hellishly agonizing than the last had been.

“Stop, please, stop!” I whispered shrilly. “No more! You’re hurting me too much!”

He stopped. Thank God, I thought, he’s going to quit!

“You need to be hurt,” he said coolly, the cleverest madman on the whole East Coast. “You need to be taught a lesson for once and all.” Then he rammed me again, wiggling his cock inside my cunt where it was buried full-length. My throat was as raw as my pussy and I couldn’t even scream now.

“You need to find out just how green you are,” he said in that same cool tone. He pulled his cock out of my box, all the way out, and I whewed softly, hoping it was over. It wasn’t.

I felt the tip of his knob bump my asshole and I thought surely he’d only missed his mark. But when it began to dig at my tight shitter, I knew, sickly, just what he had in mind now.

“No, please,” I begged, “not there — it’s too tight — I’ve never been screwed in the ass before. You’ll hurt me…”

“Good.” The finality of his tone.

I closed my eyes as he began to work earnestly. His dick was dripping-wet, from my sucking, from his first come, from his humping in my cunt, and he rubbed greasily at my tight bung. I couldn’t help remembering how once I’d planned to offer him my ass, the only cherry I had left, as a special treat because I loved him so much. Now, now he was about to take it, and I wasn’t ready. Where once I’d planned a deliciously erotic experience, I was about to receive something terrible and degrading. It wasn’t fair!

“No, no, no,” I muttered again and again, my ass swaying as I tried to evade the probes of his dick. But I couldn’t sway much, because he was behind me, his thighs spreading my legs. Roy had a clear shot at my asshole, where it lifted into the air, and he had determination. What else did he need?

For one thing, a big stiff dick. But he had that, too, and I found out unforgettably just how big and how stiff it was in truth as he began to work the knob past my clinging sphincter. The muscles strained in resistance — it was like trying to shit yourself out of a spell of constipation — but his prick was so big, so hard. He pushed more viciously — I fought him with my body. And he broke the ring of my asshole and his knob slid in. My teeth chattered and my entire body seemed to have gone icy. My legs were stretched straight, the toes brittle enough to break off, and I wouldn’t want to have seen my face at that moment. It must have been strained and tense and ugly, the way I felt inside.

“There!” he announced. “Loosen up and take it! My cock’s wedged in your asshole — there’s no way you can get it out now, Jenni — I’m going to fuck the shit out of you and I hope you like it!”

He pushed me, and I slid forward as far as I could in a vain effort to escape the prodding of his dong, but the edge of the desk prevented me from moving far. So, in the end, there was really no way around it. If I were to be fucked in the ass, then I’d just have to be fucked in the ass.

Christ, it hurt! His cock moved into my butt with infinite slowness, gaining no more than half an inch at a plunge. I heard him groan and curse at my tightness, and he cumed me with vile names and thoughts, as if it were my fault his cock was being squeezed so constrictingly.

But I didn’t really listen to the names he called me. I knew that I wasn’t a whore or a bitch or a tight-assed slut. It was only Roy’s archaic values, the inner quirks that kept him from taking a piece of tail from me and enjoying it for what it was worth.

He was splitting me with his prick, tearing slowly but surely at the snug tightness of my asshole. God almighty, was it really meant for girls to be screwed in the ass? It hurt so much, how could it be right?

My fist clenched and unclenched as I reeled with the pain. Still penetrating, Roy’s cock was only about halfway up my butt by then, and I wondered if I could stay conscious long enough for him to get the rest of his tool inside. Wouldn’t I pass out first? Big deal! He’d just finish the job on my senseless body.

“No more!” I pleaded. “I can’t take any more!”

“If you want to be a big girl, Jenni, you’ll have to take it all,” he sneered back. “All.” And he pushed harder at my asshole.

Something seemed to snap inside me when I felt that determined shove. My guts turned to jelly and my flesh melted, and Roy suddenly slid home, rapping my ass with his crotch.

“Oh,” I said, knowing that I’d been buggered all the way, and then I screamed. “AAAHHNNNHHH!”

My fists beat the hardwood desk, bruising me, but the more my hands ached the harder I rapped. Roy was beginning to cornhole me for real now, his cock moving more easily in my asshole as he pulled back for another thrust.

“And when did you shave yourself?” he asked. “That’s a whore’s game, Jenni. Hookers shave themselves. It lets them pretend they’re innocent little girls again, with no hair on their cunts and no foul thoughts in their minds. Did some hooker teach you to do that? What’s wrong, little girl? You’re not talking. Say something,” and he italicized the word with a poke of his tool that made my teeth rattle. He drove deep and hard, and I knew the tip of his meat must be plunging around in the vicinity of my lower intestines now. Today’s lunch jiggled uncomfortably when he pronged me and I thought I might dump my cookies on the floor.

I couldn’t talk, could scarcely move. I could only feel, feel the splitting insertions of his cock. How had I ever thought it beautiful? Maybe it was a lovely tool for sucking and fucking, but it ravaged my ass like a demon from hell and I wished Roy and his big pecker were both in hell now, scorching on the hottest griddle available.

“Just as I thought,” he puffed. The exertion was getting to him, as well it should, driving his big pole into such a tight socket. “You’re still a little girl pretending she’s a woman. Well, how do you like grown-up games, Jennifer?”

“Fuck you!” I groaned.

He touched my pussy as he fucked his cock deep once more. His fingers slid across my shaven gash, one of them boldly moving inside. I gulped to feel his knuckles swallowed up by my cunt, and I whined when he began to jab my hole deeply.

“Enough,” I whispered, “please, it’s enough. I’ve learned my lesson — I swear to God — I’ll never bother you again.”

“Not yet,” he said in reply, his voice almost pleasant. “You haven’t had enough till I say you’ve had enough. And I won’t say so until I’ve had enough. My balls are full of cum and I want you to have a little of it. Aren’t you a big enough girl to take some of my sperm?”

“Yes,” I panted, “yes, I’m a big enough girl for that. Please, come inside me. I want to feel your cock exploding.”

He couldn’t guess how much I wanted it, for it would mean that this horrible encounter was finished. And I meant what I said. I’d never bother him again. I’d kill him, but I wouldn’t bother him.

“How about if I move faster?” he wondered, doing just that. It was too much to bear. I screamed and wept and endured as best I could. His finger moved more provocatively in my cunt. He’d found my clit now, and he was teasing it brutally, as if he meant — oh, God, as if he meant to give me an orgasm, too! Or would he build me up to the verge of a come and let me drop after he’d blown his own nuts? It would be sadistic and unfair, and I was certain that was his plan.

As much as I could, I squiggled against him, forcing him to finger my clit again and again. I’d not be cheated of my come. He fondled my cunt absentmindedly, most of his attention devoted to buggering me, and in spite of the discomfort I could feel a nice fluttery tingle beginning inside. Just a little longer — give my clit two or three more hard rubs — I’d cream and surprise the shit out of him. It wasn’t to be. Not that way at least. Roy suddenly quivered behind me and I felt the gushing spurts as his tool dumped its cum inside my ass. He jerked and shuddered as he came, and his boiling fuck-cream filled my guts with each shot. His finger abandoned clit-twiddling as he concentrated fully upon emptying his balls, and I writhed on the desk, hovering on the brink of an orgasm but just missing it.

“Please,” I whimpered in desperation, “touch my pussy again! I’m almost there! Roy, make me come!”

Instead he pulled his dick from my asshole, and the absence of his thick tool was nearly as hard for me to bear as its first thrustings had been. He stood behind me, panting, laughing softly, stroking his wet, brown-smeared prick, and I knew he was laughing at me, that he was sure he’d won. Maybe he had.

“So?” he grinned as I looked back at him with imploring eyes. “How do you like my kind of games?”

I turned around, my back braced against the sharp edge of the desk, and I jabbed fingers into my cunt. I wanted to come. The hunger gnawed me from the inside out and it had to be satisfied. His cum dripped from my asshole, which was sorer now than I could have believed possible, but when I fumbled with my clit, the little nub seemed to have grown as big as one of Roy’s balls.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned, fingering my cunt shamelessly before him. I was a slut, just as he’d said, and I used myself like a slut, not caring that he was watching and grinning. My fingers slid in and out of my raw, slick, wet gash, abusing my clitty in their passage, and my tits lifted and fell beneath the T-shirt as I battled toward the release I needed.

“Almost,” I said hoarsely, triumphantly, staring him full in the eyes. The orgasm was there, inside me, waiting. Sweat dripped from my hair, across my forehead, into my eyes, and I blinked as my vision was obscured by a watery glaze. My lips opened and closed of their own volition as I sucked in a deep breath and used my fingers ever so slightly harder — “OHH! OHHH! COOOMMIIINNGGGG!!” It hit me in the guts like a cannonball, twisting me inside out. I reeled with its forceful driving energy, and Roy caught me with his big hands. His face was cloudy again, as it always seemed to be around me, and I could see his own triumph fading visibly.

He braced me with his hands as I rocked and shuddered and gurgled and giggled, and my release soared to heights beyond anything I’d ever felt before. And as he held me upright, I continued to flog my cunt, for it still ached with a yearning pain that was almost unbelievable, and my come seemed to last an eternity, ripple after ripple vibrating through my body. My head was numb, my body was becoming so, and if Roy hadn’t been supporting me, I’d have dropped to the floor like a lead shot.

And as the climax became more frantic, more consuming, I felt a white-hot spurt of agony in my gut.

“Mmmmmm,” I told him, breaking free of his clutching hands.

I reeled where I stood, nearly falling for real, and my guts were in turmoil. The first step more stagger than walk, I made for the doorway, down the hall and into my bedroom. I kicked open the bathroom door and dashed inside.

It couldn’t have been more than thirty seconds before Roy was there with me, but I was already sitting on the john, stroking my pussy as I emptied my bowels. His face was drawn and pale when he caught sight of me — God knows what he’d been thinking — perhaps that he’d been too savage, that he’d fucked up my inside plumbing.

I gave him a tight-lipped smile, palmed my pussy, and sighed, “Roy, you’re as good as your word. You really did fuck the shit out of me.”

He sighed massively, went scarlet, and said, “My God, Jennifer, I was afraid I’d hurt you…”

“Unh-unh. But now I think I understand what those enema freaks who write to Penthouse are talking about. Jesus! I don’t know whether I love you or hate you now.”

He covered his face with his hands and turned away. I almost expected to hear him sob his heart out, but instead came his voice, soft and muted, “Jenni, I don’t know what got into me. I love you, God, so much…”

“More than you love Mom?” I challenged, wiping, standing up. “How much do you love me?”

“You don’t understand,” he said. “I’ve always loved your mother, and I always will. I love you, too, but it’s not the same kind…”

“Enough to fuck me,” I pointed out bluntly. “You love me enough to rape me and fuck me. Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“If I burn in hell for it,” he said passionately, turning around to face me, “I can’t keep my hands off when you throw yourself at me! And I will burn in hell for it.”

“Someday, maybe, but won’t I, too?”

He ignored the question. “I’m burning now. When I see you or touch you, it’s like being addicted to a drug. I want you and I can’t have you — mustn’t have you — God, I’m a rational, sensible man! Why is this happening to me? Today, knowing that you and your girl friend were making love, that she was touching you and I couldn’t — it ripped my heart out, Jenni. I had to hurt you, to make you see how much it hurts me. I didn’t want any of this to happen. If I had the last month to live over again, none of it would have ever happened. I’d never have laid a finger on you.”

“Hmmm,” I cut in with an arch of my brows. “Remember, I seduced you. You just went along with it. Do you think you could have turned me off? I wanted you, I took you. It was that easy. And you liked it. You told me you did, you just said you were addicted to me. Why can’t you just lie back and enjoy it? I’m good. Why do you have to be so Goddamned archaic?”

“You’re a child.” The lie choked him. “You’re not a child. You’re a woman, slim and beautiful and hot and desirable. Maybe the world is moving faster, Jenni. Girls are growing up more quickly.”

“I don’t want a boy,” and I put my arms around him. “I need a man. You just said I was mature. Okay. I’ll share you with Mom. As long as I get my fair share. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? Adult? Sensible? We can play our games and you and Mom can play your own.”

Beep-beep! from outside. “Oh, shit!” I groaned, letting him go. “She’s home already. You better run into the study and get me my jeans and panties. Mom might wonder why they’re lying on the floor and not covering my slim, beautiful, hot, desirable body.”

He moved quickly, nodding.

“Oh, and Roy,” — he turned — “’d better put your cock back inside your pants and zip up. She might wonder about that, too.”



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