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xNovel - The Naughty Niece


The Naughty Niece

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All four members of the summer cottage slept late the following morning. It was Pam who awoke first, and after she’d finished in the bathroom, ending up with a cool shower, she peered into the bedroom she shared with Tracey. It was empty. What was more, the TV set in the living room was still on. She turned the set off, noticing Tracey’s bikini was scattered around the room. So was her father’s clothing.

Her father? Tracey? Could it be, already?

She looked into her father’s bedroom, and low and behold, there he was with his arms wrapped around her cousin, she lying on top of him. The covers were off, and she could see her father’s cock, which had hardened while they’d slept, was still in Tracey’s cunt. Here it was, her opportunity, and she wasn’t going to lose it.

Entering the bedroom, she tiptoed over to the bed and carefully unwrapped her father’s arms from around Tracey. He moved a little, but it was obvious he’d had one helluva fuck-session with her the previous evening, and was too tired to awaken. But his cock was stiff and solid, and this was as good a time as any to make use of it.

Shaking Tracey awake, she held her fingers to her lips and helped her up and off her father’s thick dick. Tracey looked at her with surprise, fully aware of what she intended doing. She wanted to watch, but Pam shook her head. This first time with her father she wanted him alone.

Shrugging, Tracey left, and Pam closed the door. She stared at her father’s cock and her mouth watered. She wanted to taste it, but would wait awhile longer. She had licked Marty’s cock the previous night, but she hadn’t done any actual sucking. This time she wanted to suck, curious if men really enjoyed feeling a hot tongue against the bottom of their cocks while her lips squeezed as tightly as any cunt. She would find out soon enough.

But first, she wanted to feel the thickness of his heavy prick inside her cunt. Her father’s cock was a lot thicker than Marty’s, even if it wasn’t as long. So she mounted him and began rubbing the twitching head of his already leaking dong against her aching pussylips.

Ira Wahl was having the most fantastic erotic dream. He was dreaming he was about to fuck his own daughter, Pam. Hell, he’d dreamed it often enough, but, it had never seemed satisfying before. At least with Tracey it hadn’t been a dream and so had been more than satisfying.

Tracey? Yes, he had fucked Niece Tracey all through the night. He wasn’t the least bit contrite about it, as he should have been. In fact, he wanted more of her hot pussy, and though his eyes were closed, he could feel Tracey’s body hovering over his. Strange, but Tracey had felt so much more slender the previous night.

He opened his eyes and was startled to see Pam, his daughter, naked, with her huge, round tits bobbing back and forth as she reached don with her hand to try fitting his cock into her hole. But her twat was too dry. She needed lubrication. No longer able to resist after what he’d been through with Tracey, he said, “Let me make it wet, Pam. I’ll fit in much better. You’ll see. Lay on the bed, on your belly.” And Pam, surprised at seeing her father awake, obeyed him. He was up and on her, pressing his face against her butt, into the crack, and he felt her asscheeks tighten involuntarily, nearly trapping his tongue.

“Up on your knees,” he urged, knowing she would be more likely to keep her asscheeks parted kneeling.

She obeyed, and now he had his head on a level with her butt. He could see the pink folds of her snatchlips, glistening with the light, dainty moisture she was now emitting.

Placing his hot, flushed face against the pillows of her buns, he speared his tongue between the pink meat of her cuntlips. Gods! The girl tasted even better than she smelled. Her cunt-cream was both sweet and salty at the same time. He swirled his tongue around and around in her honeypot, feeling her alternately tighten and loosen her ass as the breath shot out of her. Each time his tongue stabbed into her gash, she moved forward for a fraction of a second, then backed into it. His nose touched the flowery bud of her asshole, a crack which had been carefully cleaned beforehand.

Now her steaming cunt was wide open to his questing tongue. He licked furiously, feeling the tender pussy flesh yield to his oral pressure.

“Oh, Dad!” she wailed in pure, unadulterated pleasure. “Please don’t stop! It feels so good!”

His lapping tongue found the hard little button of her rigid clitoris and began to lick it almost violently. He pushed his face a bit lower and closer so he could take the solid little member between his hungry lips and suck at it. He rolled the hardened bit of flesh around and around, letting the very tip of his tongue gently play across it.

Her box became more and more wet, lubricating greatly. Her fluid was always thick. It covered Wahl’s face, and still he kept gently nibbling at her almost thorn like clit. He thought he’d burn up, wondering if his cock would actually burst into flame and incinerate the rest of him.

Her thighs enclosed his flushed face, squeezing his cheeks until he felt her twat fluids literally slap him as they splashed into him. She was coming, screaming loudly, though he could barely hear anything the way his ears were covered.

Passion overwhelmed him as he pulled his face from the garden where he had been inhaling the floral like fragrances of her cunt. He moved up on his knees, squirming his hips as he pressed against her, feeling his prick worm this way and that, its sightless eye looking for the promised entrance.

For such a tiny girl she had wide hips. Her waist was like her mother’s, though not quite as thick.

Wahl looked down for a moment, staring at the way his cock was preparing to plunge into the rosy center of her cunt. He had backed off slightly, and there was some slight space between them.

“Hurry!” she begged. “Oh, please hurry. I can hardly wait!”

He spread her soft, round asscheeks so he could see her tender snatch more clearly. And then, all of a sudden, he plunged forward, the head of his cock leading the way, plunging unerringly into the warm liquidity of her surrounding cunt, rushing into the junction of her pussy, feeling its smooth, warm, wet walls inundating and swallowing up his dong.

“Oh, God!” Pam called out, her face pressed into the pillow, her mouth biting into it.

Her soft, marble-white body slammed back against him, her rubbery asscheeks slapping against his thighs. Now the skin was blushing a furious shade of dark pink. She began to automatically churn her loins, using them to surround the balance of his thighs, jamming the corridor of her creaming cunt even farther back on his impaling rod.

Wahl’s hands grabbed Pam’s thick waist as he relentlessly drove his pile-driving prong info the clinging depths of her hungering pussy. His body was sweating profusely, and he could, feel the film of perspiration covering her, as well.

His cock was a delightful excruciation as it thundered into the stretching sheath of her syrupy cunt. Against the front of his thighs, her rounded buttcheeks moved slickly.

Pam was gasping, losing all control of herself. Wahl stared at the line down the center of her back, his body overwhelmed with lust. Now he slammed against her even harder, and what little of his cock that had not entered her hole earlier, now filled her box completely. He could feel her fiery labes rub the heavy hair around his prong, and, digging his fingers into her hips, he tried holding her in place as he fucked away.

Wahl thrust his inflamed poker into her foaming box to its limit, and her quim seemed to swallow up his stiff tool as her hips rammed themselves back into his thighs.

Putting her weight on her shoulders and head, Pam, with her beautiful ass up thrust to meet her father’s pounding crotch, reached beneath her with her hands and used her fingertips to scrape along his pendulous balls. She felt them in her palm, then rubbed them, feeling how her fingers touching his wrinkled nuts seemed to spur him on to faster plunges.

Every forward lunge of her father’s cock, which filled her pussy almost to overflowing, actually moved her forward on the bed. To Pam it was as if a battering ram was working away inside her snatch. Her legs were spread as far apart as possible so she could fully enjoy his plunger, enjoy the superb feeling of pleasure his cock was imparting. Her body was a labyrinth of delightful, sensual feeling. No matter how many times he crammed his meat into the depths of her cunt he met only with sounds of sighs urging him on. Tiny as her twat was, she was able to handle the complete length of his cock, as she’d taken Marty’s.

Now he speeded up, plunging into her hot, steaming nookie with a near-viciousness. He jack-hammered away at his daughter’s sopping box, hearing his thighs slap against the cushions of her ass as she writhed, trying to move circularly on his piercing staff.

Her hands reached back and grabbed, yanking hard on his buttcheeks, tugging his weight into her, bearing everything on her knees and face, wanting to feel him flood her cunt with his jizz so she’d know she was pleasing him as much as he was pleasing her.

Her cunt had become compressed, and his bulbous cock found it difficult to push its way into her hole as it expanded in a torturous enlargement he knew had to end. He fucked and fucked with greater rapidity, hurrying to get his rocks off. The dam inside him suddenly broke, and his spunk flooded through his long, hard tool as he crammed it into his daughter’s twat with such wild vigor he wondered why she hadn’t actually began to split up the middle. And as he splashed his burning seed into her twitching hole, she muttered, “Thank God! I was beginning to think you’d never come.”

With his deflating cock still buried in her box, he collapsed on top of her. She accepted his weight without comment, secure in the knowledge she had pleased her father as much as he’d pleased her.

He lay there, feeling really good, knowing he hadn’t felt this way in a long time. Not that Harriet had lost her touch, but the newness of his daughter was what did it for him. She was smaller than Harriet. Her full tits were the full tits of a tiny woman. Harriet’s boobs had enlarged somewhat since their marriage, and though she was by no stretch of the imagination a heavy woman, her tits were almost pendulous now. The fact that Pam was the same, and yet different, was why he completely enjoyed fucking her.

“Tell me, Daddy,” she said, “do you men really enjoy being sucked?”

“Didn’t you like what I did to you with my tongue?” he wanted to know, standing up and walking over to a side table with a decanter of water on it. He poured himself a cup and drank.

“I’ve never been able to do anything like that,” she told him.

“I should hope not,” he snapped, his fatherly instincts showing.

“Still,” she teased, “I’d like to try sucking your cock.”

“I don’t think I can get it up again,” he said as she approached him.

“Is that so?” she asked, kneeling, and taking her father’s cock in her fist. And that was when he realized his prick hadn’t really gone down.

The feel of her fingers on his dong made him blush. It made his cock blush as it came erect again.

Pam leaned forward and took the knob of her father’s pulsating prick between her lips. The movement almost took him by surprise as he watched her copper hair hide her face from view. But it didn’t hide the feeling he had.

Her flicking tongue began licking his rampant rod, and Wahl began to breathe quickly. He could feel the pillows of her lips as they surrounded his enlarged prong. She moved her head forward and took half the burning prick into her mouth, letting her tongue run flatly along the underside. The warmth of her breath felt like jets of heat and the slickness of her saliva made him drool. Her jaws were oversized leeches, pulling at his meaty rod. Her head pulled back and she licked the burning cock. He felt as if this slippery piece of flesh, this tongue, was drawing the very life essence from his body.

Now she began sucking in earnest, pushing her face farther against his body, taking his swollen cock to the back of her tiny throat, pushing her face into his curling crotch hair, letting it tickle her nose as she gobbled. Wahl leaned back against the table, putting his weight on his hands and ass, watching the hungry way his daughter ate his meat. She looked beautiful.

With her teeth she nibbled on the root of his aching cock, and he squirmed. Leaning back, he let his hands rest on her head, running his fingers trough her hair, gently forcing her to keep the entire piece of meat in her mouth. Pam continued her swallowing, letting his lubricant slide down her throat, her heated breath covering his fully extended prick.

His balls were tightening again, and the agony was becoming too much. He fell back on the table, but Pam stayed with him, keeping her mouth locked on his creaming cock, burying her head between his thighs.

Now Wahl was on his back, and began bucking up and down, trying to shove his cock even deeper into his daughter’s hungry mouth, but even if there were more room for it, there was no more cock. It couldn’t grow any longer.

Her head slid up and her lips pressed on his knob for a moment, and then her mouth went back on down the saliva-shiny staff, and Wahl began to feel his own breath burn. Now as Pam continued sucking, he felt her hands caress his tight nuts, gently fondling the wrinkled sac.

Wahl ground his crotch into Pam’s face, crushing her head to him with his hands as he lay on his back, wildly gyrating and pumping up into the air. His head was too far back for him to watch her suck his dick, so he simply shut his eyes and let her continue.

Pam was too engrossed in the way she sucked the rampant tool to watch her father’s face. She understood why he had licked her pussy so well. She was enjoying the sucking of his cock as much as he’d enjoyed the eating of her pussy.

The stern of his prick kept jacking in and out of her mouth now, picking up speed. The head was no longer purple but almost a rich red as the back of her throat surrounded it and crushed each time his fiery prong thrust itself in. As it was, the cock was tingling again. His climax was only moments away. His hands pressed very hard now, and she could hardly move it. Her tongue took up most of the work now, lapping at her father’s prong and licking at his tightened nuts.

In his belly Wahl could feel the seed beginning to boil. Suddenly his balls began pumping out his load, sending the hot jizz up through his bloated cock at a furious pace.

Wahl gasped, unable to speak or even make a sound, and the way Pam was sucking his prong he knew she was too overwhelmed to even think. Razors seemed to slice through the inner part of his cock as the cum blasted from his cock, exploding into her waiting mouth. She gluttonously swallowed, draining, draining, and draining.

The heavy taste of her father’s thick sperm filled her throat, and Pam decided she liked it. She liked it a lot. It was a warm, comforting taste, teasing the back of her tongue with its sticky smoothness. The more she tasted the more she wanted, and as her father’s cock began shriveling, her face moved closer and closer to his thighs, keeping the lavender dome pressed against her tongue, squeezing out every last drop of tasty jizz.

Eventually there was no more. No matter how hard she sucked on the completely shrunken piece of meat, she couldn’t suck out any more spunk, nor could she get the tool hard again. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and released the flagging prick, then stood next to the table on which her father was now resting.

“Are you sorry, Dad?” she asked, looking into ins eyes.

“I should be, I know,” he confessed. “But I’m not. I’m glad. I only wish I’d done it sooner. Does that make me sound totally depraved?”

“Not any more than Tracey or me.”

“You know about Tracey?”

“I saw you in here with her this morning. That was what gave me the idea to do what I did. I mean, I’ve really been wanting you for the longest time, Dad.”

“And I guess I’ve wanted you just as long, honey.”

“I think you should know, I gave my cherry to Marty last night.”

“Well, after what I did with his sister, I have no right to play the indignant father.”

“I just wanted you to know. I mean, both Tracey and I love the both of you a lot. And we want to share the two of you between us.”

“I have no objection if Marty is willing.”

“Marty won’t have much choice after Tracey finishes with him.”

“You’re kidding! You mean Tracey and Marty are going to…”

“Is it any crazier than you and me, Daddy?”

“No… I suppose not.”

“We can have one heck of a ball all summer. Oh, hell!”

“What’s the matter?”

“I just remembered,” she told him. “Mom’ll probably be up here next week, like she comes every year. That’ll put a damper on the whole thing.”

“Not necessarily,” her father said. “D’you know why your mother goes away every year?”


“Much as she loves my cock, she gets tired of using the same old one time and again. She goes looking for European lovers, hoping to find someone who can satisfy her as well as I have.”

“No kidding! You mean Mom gets her share of outside action the way you do?”

“You know about that?”

“Sure, but who can blame you. Say, if Mom likes getting it from someone else, why don’t we let Marty seduce her? That way she can join us.”

“Come on, Dad. You have to give a little to geta little. What’s the difference whether Mom gets it overseas or here? And this way you get to ball Tracey and me, too. And when we go home, you still get to ball both me and Mom. We’ll even have threesomes.”

“Why not!” Ira Wahl agreed, shrugging.



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