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xNovel - Daddy's Girl


Daddy's Girl

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CHAPTER TEN—Shauna Gets Hot Lessons

The last spurt of goo pumped from Don Janis’ throbbing penis splattered onto Cindy’s arm as she reached back behind her, and sexual electricity in the room reached yet another peak.

Daddy Don’s cock, having already spewed two loads of cum, was still rock hard and twitching as he watched Cindy’s 12 year-old daughter’s eyes locked onto his penis. Janis was overwhelmed by the situation and had lost all control. The same was apparently true for Cindy. He knew she had seen Shauna in the doorway, skirt up, no panties and playing with herself as he fucked her mother from behind. He also knew she had allowed it to continue, even now as he kneeled there on the bed with his hard penis waving and wet from Cindy’s juices and his own cum. What really made his cock stay hard was Shauna’s question.

“Please Mom. Can I touch it now,” said the girl, moving closer to the bed, eyes still locked onto Janis’ cock, one hand still glued to her pussy and clitoris. Her hand moved faster in her crotch as she got closer and closer to the bed. “You promised you’d ask.”

But Cindy remained immobile and unable to speak, as if frozen there on her hands and knees, ass in the air with her daddy’s cum glistening on her butt and back. She was still groping behind her back, trying to find his cock. She felt his hand take hers and guide it to his member. It was still as hard as a rock, and that fact nearly made Cindy climax again. She saw Shauna moving toward the bed, heard her speak, but the words didn’t register. The 27 year-old mommy was still lost in her fantasy, and she had her daddy’s cock in her hand, his cum on her body.

Shauna, ever-brave when it came to her new-found sexual interest, kept coming closer and closer. Finally, she was right next to the bed, her legs touching it, her skirt up, hand in her crotch.

“Can I Mom? Can I touch it? Can I make it cum like that? Can I touch his cum?” Shauna kept asking. It was the most exciting thing the young girl could have ever imagined, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of Daddy Don’s cock, all wet and goo-covered. Her mother’s hand kept pumping as the couple remained there on the bed, letting Shauna see what she wanted.

Cindy’s hand squeezed a final goblet of cum from Daddy’s cock and it ran down her fingers. Her face was nearly buried in the bed clothes, her chest flattened against the sheets, her ass still propped up with pillows to give her daddy easy access.

Still getting no reply from her mother, Shauna turned to the professor, the man her mommy had kept calling “Daddy”. It was something she still didn’t understand, but if it was O.K. with her mom and obviously it was just fine with him, then it was just dandy with Shauna too. In fact, it was kind of a dream come true for Shauna—a daddy and a cock all in one nice man. She managed to tear her eyes away from his cock for a moment and looked him in his eyes as he knelt behind her mother. He was rubbing his cum into her butt and back now with his hands, and Cindy continued to pump his hard dick from her awkward position.

“Daddy?” asked Shauna, uncertain that it was the right thing to say. Could she call him that?

Janis suddenly jerked his hips forward at her question. He began fucking Cindy’s grasping hand and making what Shauna thought were odd noises. He made a low sound and returned the girl’s gaze as he fucked her mother’s hand. If Cindy wasn’t going to answer her, he decided he would.

“Uh, yes, honey. Come a little closer and you can see Daddy’s cock better,” he said, dying to stick it into the little girl’s mouth and tight little slit.

Cindy, so vocal during the playing out of her sexual fantasy, was now silent as her daddy fucked her hand and her daughter moved even closer to get a good look. Cindy’s conscience was beginning to fade as she felt Don’s hands rubbing his cum into her body. Her fantasy had come true. She was having sex with her daddy. But she had never seen Shauna as part of this dream until the girl had asked about Daddy Don’s penis. Involving her daughter with Daddy sexually turned her on, made it even hotter. She made what decision there was left to make, raised her head and turned it to look at Shauna.

“Go ahead Shauna. You don’t mind do you Daddy?” Cindy asked.

“No baby. Yes, Shauna, you go right ahead and get a good look. You can touch it if you want to,” he said.

He felt Cindy’s grip on his cock tighten when he said that, but then her hand was gone and she was rolling over in the bed, moving to watch Shauna touch her first cock. She returned her hand when she sat upright facing her daddy and Shauna. She continued to pump it and began speaking as if the scene were the most normal event in the world, teaching her little girl about sewing or the like.

“Here Shauna, take hold of it like this and pump it up and down like I’m doing,” she said, reaching out with her free hand and guiding Shauna’s hand to her daddy’s dick.

Shauna didn’t say a word as her mother guided her hand to his cock, but she nearly peed when she finally made contact with it. Her mother put her hand on top of Shauna’s, wrapping her fingers around Shauna’s and then moving the girl’s hand up and down, teaching her how to jack off her daddy.

It was their daddy’s turn to remain silent now. Everything was moving so fast, and he wanted to savor every moment. He wished he could cum again right that second as Shauna quickly learned her mother’s cock-jacking lessons. He felt Cindy let go of her daughter’s hand, and Shauna took over all on her own. He looked at Cindy and saw her eyes fixed on the scene. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed, her pussy exposed. One of her hands dropped to it and she started fingering herself.

“Ooo, that’s good Shauna. Just like that. Jack Daddy’s cock good now,” he said, reaching over to her and stroking her hair as Cindy watched and diddled herself. He arched is back so his cock stuck out farther for the girl. “Now take your other hand and play with Daddy’s balls.”

“Can I call you Daddy too, like Mom does?” she asked, concentrating on pumping his penis and fondling his scrotum at the same time. She bent closer to get a better look. She looked up for a moment, turning to her mother and asked her the same question: “Is it O.K. Mom? Can he be my daddy too?”

“Yes, Shauna. If he wants to be your daddy, it is fine with me. You need a daddy, don’t you?” Cindy countered.

“Oh, yes, Mommy! I do! Will you be my daddy too? Can I call you Daddy? Please.” She turned to look at Janis again, pumping his cock all the while. She learned quickly. In a sudden flash of brilliance, Shauna bent and licked the head of his cock, wiping a light trail of cum up and into her own mouth.

“OOO… that’s nice baby… yesss… Yes, I want you to call me ‘Daddy’ just like your mommy does, but if I’m going to be your daddy, don’t you think you ought to let Daddy see you naked too?”

Janis looked toward Cindy to see if she would object, but she didn’t. She nodded.

“Yes, Shauna, take off your clothes,” ordered Cindy. “If you really want to learn about a man’s penis, Daddy and I will teach you, won’t we Daddy?” Cindy could hardly believe the words were coming from her mouth, but down deep she knew she had made this decision that day in her kitchen when Shauna asked to see his cock. Involving Shauna in her sexual relationship with Don turned her on.

Janis nodded and added: “Yes, Daddy’s gonna teach his little girls all about taking care of his dick today. How does that sound to you, sweetheart?”

Shauna’s affirmative replies were muffled as she pulled her skirt over her head and started unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a white cotton camisole which she proceeded to rip off over her head, finally revealing the tiny breasts that Janis so wanted to suck, lick, fondle…

Meanwhile Cindy took over for Shauna on Daddy’s cock. She held it and jacked it gently as they watched the 12 year-old girl tossing her clothes aside. She felt her daddy’s cock throb as he soaked in the sight of Shauna standing before him totally naked. She took the cue and jacked a bit faster, then looked up at him and said: “Yessss, Daddy, look at your daughter now. Do you like her, Daddy? Do you want to fuck her, Daddy?”

Janis’ face contorted and he humped Cindy’s hand in even higher arousal in response to her question.

“Do you Daddy? Would you like to fuck your little girl Shauna? Come on Daddy, what do you want to teach us first?” Cindy turned her attention to his cock, twisted her face and curled her tongue outside her lips as she jacked him even faster, hoping to make him cum now that he seemed so near. She bent and licked it too, just as Shauna had.

Finally, he calmed enough to reach down and grab Cindy’s wrist. He stopped her movement and gathered his wits. It was clear to him now that Cindy and Shauna were his to do with as he pleased. The mere thought nearly made him shoot, but he held it back when he stopped Cindy’s pumping hand.

What Janis really wanted was to jump the girl and fuck her like a mad man, but he knew this was something special so special that it was worth dragging out and playing out some scenes he had read in adult novels that he loved. It was Shauna who broke the silence and Cindy who took over the decision-making.

“Daddy, can I help Mom now?” she said, placing one knee on the bed and starting to climb up with them.

Janis saw her hairless mound and tight-lipped vagina as she spread her legs to boost herself onto the bed. He groaned as his eyes swept over her tiny breasts, capped with large, cone-shaped nipples like her mother’s.

“Yes, Shauna, you take hold of my cock now, but I want you to lay back on the bed with me. Come,” he said, pulling her down beside him as he reclined. He pulled Cindy to the other side and told her to watch.

“Now, Daddy’s going to feel your body while you hold onto his cock. You just keep holding it now, don’t jack it—that’s it—now, give Daddy a kiss.”

Shauna came to his lips without hesitating, but she was surprised when he rammed his tongue into her mouth and started moving it in and out in fucking motion. As he did this, his left hand started at her face and slowly moved along her neck to her shoulders and down her arms. Then he ran it back up her spindly arms and onto her chest. Shauna thought it felt better than anytime she had ever touched her budding breasts, and when he moved his head and began licking around her big, erect nipples, she started squirming on the bed.

“Oooo, Daddy, that feels good.”

He looked up briefly and smiled, but his hands were down to her crotch now, exploring her little pussy.

“Spread your legs for Daddy,” he ordered. She did and he moved down lower so that his body lay in between her legs. He ripped his cock from her hand, and he took it himself, stopped and turned to Cindy: “Cindy, take my cock and rub it over Shauna’s pussy.”

“Yes Daddy,” she replied, scrambling into position beside him. She wrapped her hand around it again, loving the way it stayed so hard, and began rubbing the tip of his cock all over her daughter’s pubic area. This made Shauna squirm all the more, especially when Cindy ran it just inside her virgin pussy lips.

“Oh, Mommy! Daddy! It feels so good!” squealed the young girl as her mother pushed just the head of his huge, rock-hard penis into her daughter’s virgin pussy about and inch. They both looked down to soak in the pure white, unadulterated eroticism of the scene.

“There Daddy. It’s inside her now. Go ahead and fuck her daddy, fuck her! I want to see it go all the way in Daddy, go on, push it into her!” demanded Cindy, driven into a sexual frenzy by her lust.

Cindy climaxed as she saw Don exert pressure and his big dick began disappearing into her daughter’s dripping wet vagina.

“Ow, Daddy, ow!” cried Shauna. She squirmed now in a vain attempt to escape the monster invading her little cunt. It was no use.

The girl’s protests were too late. Her new daddy had just rammed his cock all the way into her and broken her maidenhead. Cindy smiled and said: “Good Daddy. Now fuck her!”



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