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xNovel - The Headmaster


The Headmaster

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When Frank returned to his apartment, he was rather confident that one of the girls would soon be trailing after him. The spanking session had contained so many sexual undertones that it seemed inevitable. As a result, he was not surprised when he heard a knock on the door. Feeling relaxed and in a rather pleasant frame of mind, he opened the door.

“Bastard! Son-of-a-bitch! I ought to call the police!”

She spat the words out in a furious tone of voice. It was Betty, blushing and enraged!

“How dare you do such a thing to me?” she hissed. “That spanking was just supposed to be some kind of gag. You weren’t supposed to…”

Frank smiled at the display of spirit. “Come in, Betty,” he told her, standing aside.

The furious young woman lunged at him, and it was only at the last minute that he saw the gleaming scissors in her hand. He grabbed her wrists, deflecting the blow as she nearly fell against him. The scissors nicked his shirt and clattered noisily to the floor. Frank kept his hold on her wrist and she struggled to get away.

“Let me go!” she demanded. “Let me go! You fiend!”

“You little hellcat!” Frank spoke with a trace of amusement in his voice. Holding her wrist and dragging her inside the apartment, Frank kicked the scissors aside and shut the door.

“Let me out of here!” Betty demanded, still struggling to get free.

Frank released her wrist and she backed up, breathless and glancing warily about. She was still wearing the outfit in which she had been spanked, and Frank noted that the black jumper was a little mussed from being held above her waist for so long. He could feel a powerful erection beginning to form as he recalled that event and gazed at the outraged but inviting young woman in front of him.

“Come on, let me out of here!” Betty once again demanded. “Let me go!” Perhaps without realizing what she was doing, she reached behind her back with both hands and gingerly rubbed her bottom, which was apparently still stinging from the punishment that Frank had inflicted upon it.

“There’s nothing cuter than a well-spanked gal rubbing her bottom!” Frank told her.

“You bastard! I ought to go to the police!” she told him angrily. “You didn’t have any right to completely bare me like that!” Her face flushed a pretty scarlet as she spoke.

“Oh, come off it!” Frank told her, advancing a step toward her. By this time, his developing erection had formed a promising curve in the front of his slacks, and it would only be a moment before she noticed it. “You liked it!” he told her. “It got you all hot and bothered, and that’s why you’re here!”

“Are you kidding?” Betty flashed an angry glance at him. “Why, I… I never heard of such a thing!”

Without saying anything, Frank took another step forward. Suddenly Betty noticed the threatening bulge in the front of his slacks! Her eyes widened with a mixture of horror and fascination, and she suddenly clasped a hand over her mouth.

“Hey, you’re not…” she spoke in a hoarse voice. “Oh, for heaven’s sakes! Please! Let me go!” As she spoke, she began backing up with slow, tiny steps, like a cornered animal looking for an escape. “I didn’t come here to…”

“Sure you did!” Frank replied, advancing toward her in a confident manner.

“We got laws against rape, you know!” Betty reminded him, continuing to back up.

“Rape?” Frank told her. “You came here of your own free will. No court would ever convict me.” A confident gleam in his eye, he watched as she unknowingly backed through an opened door that led to his bedroom.

“Let me out of here!” Betty pleaded, gasping when she was in the bedroom.

Frank stepped forward quickly and grabbed her wrists. The terrified, distressed look on her face made her all the more appealing, and Frank could feel his hot, hard penis pounding with masculine urgency.

“That spanking was just the warm up!” he told her. “Now you’re going to get some real punishment!!”

“Please, you’re hurting me!” Betty protested, her voice mirroring her distress. She made something of an effort to struggle, but it was readily apparent to both of them that he was much the stronger and could handle her at will.

“Don’t fight and you won’t get hurt!” Frank replied, keeping a firm grip on her wrists and pushing her toward the bed.

“Let me go!” Betty protested, quickly becoming quite breathless. “Let me go!”

“No point fighting it!” Frank told her. “You know you want it! That’s why you came here! That spanking has gotten your little box all steamed up, and you’re just dying for it!”

“No! No! No!” Betty protested, almost in tears. “I’ll scream!”

“Then I’ll have to gag you!” he warned her.

Still holding her wrists, he forced her down on the bed on her back and used his weight to control her body under him.

“Let me go! Let me go, please!” Betty pleaded in a voice that sounded increasingly desperate.

Frank held her down until he felt her heaving, breathless body go limp under him. Her face hotly flushed, she stared up at him like a trapped animal. She had undone her pigtails and her black hair had become quite mussed in the struggle. Her jumper was well up over her knees, providing an appealing display of shapely legs and trim feet attired in sheer black stockings and fancy high-heeled sandals.

“Now, don’t fight and you won’t get hurt!” Frank told her, releasing her wrists and preparing to disrobe.

Breathing hard and continually looking around as if seeking an escape route, Betty watched as Frank hastily removed his clothes. As he stripped off his shorts to reveal the full dimensions of his huge, desire-bloated penis, Betty gasped hard and stared at it with a mixture of fear and fascination. He could see her eyes drinking in the entire length of his throbbing muscle and the two heavy, swollen balls dangling below it.

“You beast!” she exclaimed, her young body shuddering. “You can’t make…”

At the last second, the attractive young secretary decided to make a fight of it. Catching him by surprise, she suddenly came up off the bed and lashed out at him with both arms and feet. With strained gasps, the two of them started struggling. When he recovered from his initial surprise, Frank’s greater strength began asserting itself. He forced her back to a supine position on the bed, and in the struggle her black jumper came up nearly to the waist. She had not bothered to replace the panties she had forfeited earlier, and Frank caught sight of her luscious pink cuntal lips in the black vee at the fork of her legs.

“Go ahead and fight all you like!” Frank told her, finding the struggle quite exhilarating.

“No! No, please let me go!” Betty pleaded, almost in tears.

Her efforts were obviously tiring her and her struggles began to subside.

“Quit fighting it, baby!” Frank told her. “You know you want that big cock in you!”

“No, please! Oh, this is awful!” she begged in a desperate voice. “Please, don’t rape me!”

“You’re going to love that big meat in you!” Frank told her.

Satisfied that he had her under control, Frank stood up and gazed down lasciviously at her lush young feminine body. Flushed and breathing quite hard, she made no attempt to pull her jumper below her waist. Her black garter belt and matching stockings contrasted vividly with the white flesh surrounding the fluffy triangle of dark curly hair that partially obscured her glittering little jewel of a pussy. His thick, rigid manhood pounding with lustful desire, Frank licked his lips with expectation. He could see that her gorgeous buttocks were still a glowing scarlet from the thorough spanking that he had administered.

“Please don’t rape me!” Betty pleaded, looking up at him with troubled eyes.

“You’re going to be begging for it by the time I’m through with you!” Frank promised. “Now take off your clothes!”

Watching him apprehensively, Betty complied. Off came her black jumper and white blouse, and the voluptuous young secretary lay in front of him attired only in steeply pointed white brassiere, black garter belt, tautly suspendered black stockings and elegant black sandals with their neatly tied bows standing out against her trim ankles.

“That, too!” he told her, pointing to the brassiere.

Blushing with girlish embarrassment, Betty unhooked the garment and slowly removed it. Frank’s eyes narrowed appreciatively as he gazed at her brightly nippled young breasts. The two plump, saucy mounds jounced with their newly acquired freedom, and Betty ineffectually tried to use one arm to cover them up.

“Please don’t hurt me!” she pleaded, her pretty lower lip quivering.

Frank quickly produced a couple of lengths of white clothesline rope from the Bureau, and dropped down on the bed beside her.

“Don’t tie me up!” Betty exclaimed in sudden alarm. “Please! Please!”

She started to struggle again but only in a token manner. Frank quickly looped one of the ropes around her right wrist and lashed it to the bedpost.

“Please!” Betty pleaded. “Don’t!”

“Shut up!” Frank told her. “I can’t trust anyone who comes in here and attacks me with a pair of scissors.”

Wrapping the second length of rope around her left wrist, he quickly lashed that wrist to the opposite bedpost. Her arms spread-eagled to the two bedposts, Betty could do nothing but squirm helpless on the bed. She yanked at the two ropes that held her prisoner, but they were obviously quite firm.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked, her voice filled with apprehension.

Frank stood at the foot of the bed and gazed down at her lush young body attired only in garter belt, black stockings and spike-heeled sandals. Although she tried to hold her legs tightly together, there was no way that she could avoid wantonly displaying her brightly glistening pink pussy. Despite, or perhaps because of, the ordeals that she had just endured, there was a heady feminine aroma of underlying sexual arousal in the air. Her face hot from shame, she could not refrain from staring at Frank’s rigidly erect, blood-inflated prick and the two heavy sacs dangling beneath it.

“Oh, please, this is terrible!” Betty pleaded, tears trickling down her cheeks. “I’m completely helpless! Please, you can’t do this to me! You just can’t!”

“Nonsense!” Frank replied. “You know you like your sex rough! That’s why you’re here!”

Clasping the spike heels of her pretty sandals in his hands, he began pulling her ankles apart to expose her all the more. Betty did not attempt to resist but turned her head aside with revulsion as she realized only too well how lewdly she was exposed. She wanted to kick at him, but felt weak and afraid. Frank’s eyes began at her narrow ankles and slowly moved up her fully curved calves rippling beneath her sheer nylons, past her delicately rounded knees to her quivering, beautifully tapering smooth thighs. The two wide bands, one slightly lighter than the other, at the top of her stockings emphasized the marble whiteness of the flesh above them. His lustful gaze traveled up her silken inner thighs to her coral feminine treasure, a dripping oasis in a forest of jet-black hair.

“Oh, please!” Betty pleaded, her voice sounding very low and faraway. “Please, I’m so helpless and ashamed. First, you spank me and humiliate me in front of all those awful girls! And now you tie me up and abuse me!”

“Maybe if you had something real big in your mouth, you couldn’t talk so much!” Frank told her in a somewhat-irate voice.

Frank wanted his mouth to travel that same route his eyes had just taken, and stretched out on the bed at her feet. Leisurely, he kissed the bow of each pretty sandal and then the cobwebby nylon just above it. He then began kissing her nylon-clad, fully curvaceous calves, gradually working his way upward. At the same time his hands gently caressed her shapely legs from toe to thigh, massaging and enjoying every lush curve.

“Oh, how can you treat me this way?” Betty whimpered, her voice filled with self-pity.

“You have beautiful legs, honey!” he told her, ignoring her protests.

Moving upward, Frank kissed each delicately rounded knee, letting his lips linger against the tightly stretched nylon. His hands roamed high up her shimmering thighs, his fingers digging into the warm quivering flesh. Pushing her legs further apart, he began moving his face up from her knees along her inner thighs, thoroughly enjoying the feel of cobwebby nylon against his face.

“How can you torment me like this?” Betty protested, squirming and writhing against the bonds that held her in place. Her voice mingled despair with sexual arousal.

“You love it! You know you do!” Frank told her, his lips reaching the heavier bands of her sheer black stockings.

The pretty young secretary watched helplessly as her masculine assailant began kissing the incredibly smooth flesh of her inner thigh just above the tops of her tightly drawn stockings. Goose bumps formed on her legs and her entire body stiffened with erotic pleasure. Without being forced to do so, she was holding her beautiful legs wide open for him.

“Please, untie me!” she begged. “Please, it’s so unnatural! Please, it’s just awful to have to lie here while you torment me and do things to me!”

Taking his time and savoring the murky feminine odors that wafted into his nostrils, Frank worked his way up the trembling young woman’s lush inner thighs. Stroking the full length of her thighs with his hands, he began manually exploring her flowering little pussy. The initial light, tentative strokes produced moans of excitement and embarrassment, and ripe pungent juices suddenly began trickling over his fingers.

“Please, don’t hurt me! Please! I’m scared!” Betty pleaded, squirming with a combination of fear and erotic arousal. She watched with growing dismay as Frank continued moving his face upward in the direction of her pink, hotly dripping vulva. “You’re not going to…”

Lightly fingering the slippery, plump pussy lips, Frank slowly opened them up. Her back arched sharply, Betty bit her lip and wriggled with helpless vulnerability as he spread open the two pink juicy petals.

“You have a beautiful cunt!” he told her, whispering the message into the widely dilated, pink cavern.

“Oh, how can you talk like…” Betty protested, looking hotly embarrassed.

Without further ado, Frank buried his face in the wet, gaping crevice with his tongue extended its full length.

“Ohh!” Betty almost screamed at the lewd assault on her feminine treasure. Her entire body shuddered convulsively and she arched her back even more sharply as Frank’s sturdy masculine tongue sliced into the juicy playground and flicked her quivering little button. Somewhere inside her a dam broke, flooding the entire area with warm wet feminine dew.

“That’s the way, baby! Turn on!” Frank told her, nibbling on her plump outer lips as he spoke. “I’m going to have you begging for it!”

“No! No, please!” Betty pleaded. “It’s awful to be tied up like this! Please, I’m scared! Please, it’s degrading to have to lie here while you do anything to me you want!”

Frank’s tongue began moving up and down inside the wet pink furrow in a ticklish and thoroughly tormenting manner. He could feel her vibrant young body beginning to respond, slowly surrendering to sexual bliss despite her conscious opposition to it all. As she squirmed girlishly on the bed, her stockinged legs brushed against his hard masculine body in a teasing manner.

“Stop, please! Oh, stop, please!” she begged, making one last effort to ward off the raw physical pleasures to which she was about to succumb.

“Relax and enjoy it!” Frank told her. “You’re going to get eaten until you just beg to have cock in there instead of my tongue!”

“Oh, how can you talk like that?” Betty spoke with obvious distress. “How can you do this to me?”

Frank did not reply but instead resumed tonguing her lush pink interior, his darting tongue brushing past her nervously palpitating clitoris and roaming into her watery vaginal orifice. He could sense that all thoughts of resistance were beginning to melt under the spell of the magical erotic sensations that were flowing through her body. One low and faraway sounding moan followed another, and her pelvis began those instinctive coital thrusts that betrayed her own inner feelings.

“Please! Please, for the last time!” Betty pleaded, fighting back tears.

“You love it!” Frank told her. “You’re as wet and dewy as any schoolgirl!”

Once again his tongue ranged deep into the wet juicy groove, touching off electric sparks as it flicked her quivering clitoris. Sucking in her feminine juices with loud slurping noises, he flicked and stabbed at her magic button from various angles. He could feel the tiny bud responding to his lustful caresses, and it wasn’t long before the highly sensitive membrane was taut with feminine erectness. A river of feminine juices splashed against his face as the young woman finally gave way to the overpowering sexual sensations.

“Oh, please, I can’t stand it any longer!” she impulsively exclaimed. “Go ahead! Go ahead! Please, you’re driving me crazy! My cunt’s on fire!”

Frank savored his moment of triumph by lightly skimming his tongue over her choice inner meat, and then chewing and nibbling for a few moments on the succulent outer lips. The delicious feminine aroma assailed his nostrils and signaled her eager readiness. Her stocking-clad legs were open and drawn up at the knee, and he could feel the rippling muscles in her inner thighs quivering with feminine surrender.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Betty pleaded, her voice urgent with desire. “Fuck me! I can’t stand it any longer! I just have to have cock in there!”

Frank finally drew back to a kneeling position between her outstretched legs, his red-crested penis rigidly at attention and his heavily dangling balls swinging freely. Betty stared at the primitive-looking masculine organs with deep sensuous desire written all over her hotly flushed face. Her pelvis was twisting back and forth, exhibiting the damply matted hair surrounding her hot, wet cunny.

“Fuck me! Please! I need it so bad!” she begged. “Go on! You wanted me to beg, so I’m begging!”

“Well, beg some more!” Frank told her, relishing his control over the shapely young secretary.

As he spoke, he spread his knees and began crawling up over her. His purpose was quite obvious and Betty uttered a cry of despair.

“No! No! Please! In my cunt!” she begged, tears filling her eyes. “Please, in my cunt! Not my…”

He moved forward over the helpless young woman’s body until she was staring upward at his bright red masculine shaft. As he lowered himself over her, Frank caught his breath sharply as he suddenly felt his hotly throbbing penis pressing against her warm face while his balls brushed against her throat. Given no choice Betty began kissing his turgid, desire-bloated cock, moving from the sleek, purplish head to his scrotum with moist, sensuous kisses. Beneath him she felt very small and feminine, and he could sense the innate submissiveness in her helpless young body.

“Please put it in my cunt!” she begged in a low, pleading voice. “Please! Please. Oh, please put it in my cunt!”

“Put it in your mouth first!” Frank told her in a commanding voice.

“All right! All right!” she replied, surrendering without a whimper.

Her wrists helplessly spread-eagled to the bedposts, the pretty young secretary lay back on the pillow with her eyes closed and her pretty mouth open submissively. His weight resting lightly on her, Frank began moving about on top of her so that her entire face would come into contact with the bulbous head and sensitive underside of his throbbing prick. The sleek crown of his rigid shaft explored her eyes, her cheeks, her forehead, her hair, her chin and smooth throat. Dripping with female arousal, Betty squirmed and gasped as he prepared her for the insertion to follow.

“In my cunt…” she whispered dreamily.

Once more Frank explored her velvety smooth face with his hotly throbbing cock, this time concentrating on her eyes. Tormented by the massive masculine organ and eager to get on with the proceedings, Betty squirmed about under him with delightfully feminine wriggles. Once more she began kissing the sleek underside of his hard, twitching prick, working from base to tip and concentrating on the wildly throbbing vein that coursed in bas relief along the lower side. Completing the tour, she once again lay back on the pillow with her pretty mouth wide open and expectant.

Frank’s turgid brick-hard maleness quickly found the warm, moist and inviting target. Feeling the full, sensuous lips encircling the mushroom-shaped crown, he paused for a moment to savor the deliciously warm, wet sensations that suddenly engulfed him. Her little tongue instantly went to work. Frank thrust it in a little further, gradually letting her get accustomed to having the large slab of meat in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” Betty’s groan was a blend of pleasure and mild discomfort.

After another brief pause, Frank shoved it in another inch and waited. In no time, his wildly pulsating joystick was soaking wet from her saliva, and he began sliding it back and forth just between her teeth with slow but firm thrusts. Under him he could feel her soft, highly aroused young body squirming and writhing with sexual passion, and he could distinctly hear the slurping sounds as she obediently sucked on his madly throbbing penis.

Pacing himself carefully, he thrust his thick member in a little further. This time he could feel it scraping against the roof of her mouth. Betty shuddered and seemed to be trying to say something, although her well-bloated mouth made the words incomprehensible. Frank drew back momentarily and then pushed it forward again. This time the husky shaft went far into her mouth, nearly to her throat, and he could hear her gulping and gurgling submissively.

“That’s the way, baby!” he told her. “You really want that big thing in your little box, don’t you?”

“Mmmmmm!” Betty’s muffled response was highly affirmative.

Frank suddenly drew back, his glistening penis exiting from her pretty mouth with a loud plop.

FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Betty burst out, breathless and squirming. “PLEASE! PLEASE! FUCK ME! PLEASE! COME ON, I’VE DONE EVERYTHING YOU WANTED!”

With a confident smile on his face, Frank drew back until he was in a kneeling position between her outstretched legs. Beneath him he could see her pelvis simply twitching with anxious expectation. Lowering himself on her helpless body he maneuvered to align the crown of his rigidly pounding penis with her sopping wet, pungently perfumed coral slit. The bulb-shaped head cut through the juicy outer lips and slid past the lust-swollen, twitching clitoris into her wet vaginal canal. The rigid masculine saber sliced into the narrow pink tunnel with a virile, powerful thrust that lifted Betty’s hips right off the bed.

OOOOOHHHH!” Betty squealed as she suddenly found herself impaled on the thick shaft. Her vibrant young body responded to the assault with a violent shudder of erotic excitement, and shapely, stockinged legs coiled tightly around the backs of Frank’s bare legs.

His hotly throbbing penis firmly plugged into the young woman’s deliciously wet, tight vagina, Frank rested on top of her in commanding fashion. “How do you like having all that meat in you, baby?” he asked with a confident smile.

“I love it!” Betty admitted, breathless and squirming beneath him. “Even if you do spank me and tie me up and torment me something awful, I still love it! Fuck me! I need cock so bad I could just die!”

Frank began pumping back and forth on top of her bound body in a relaxed fashion. His strong, masculine body seemed to overpower her small, yielding form, and she felt delightfully feminine and dependent under him. She began writhing and twisting her hips around in a highly sensuous manner, and he recalled how she had thrown them about during the spanking he had administered earlier. Even at this early stage of the proceedings, her hotly eager, wet cunt was sucking and eagerly pulling on his aching meat, trying to get all of it inside her.

“Oh, that’s beautiful!” Betty gasped. “Oh, am I ever hot! I can’t believe my cunt could get this hot!”

His heavily hanging balls slapping against her smooth feminine flesh, Frank gradually speeded up the cadence. He was keeping his pelvis down tightly against hers, and she kept struggling to force herself upwards in response to each surging stroke. He could feel her tiny but lust-crazed clitoris scraping eagerly against his slick, aching cock as it rode back and forth inside her. Her wet, clinging little pussy continually snapped at him with beautiful little milking movements, and their madly throbbing organs became locked in a fierce struggle.

“Oh, it feels so gooood! So gooood!” Betty exclaimed. “Your big cock feels so good! Harder! Fuck me, harder! Harder!”

Frank’s long, iron-hard prick swept back and forth with long lunges, the thick crown drawing back almost to the vaginal orifice and then plunging in all the way to the cervix. Hot feminine foam bubbled up in voluminous quantities, bathing his pounding muscle with their soothing oils. As the hot, raging fire in her loins spread through her body, her buttocks tossed and writhed in a progressively more and more frantic fashion. Despite the weight he was throwing down on her, she was able to meet him thrust for thrust, humping her cute and recently spanked posterior high off the bed.

“Harder! Harder!” she begged breathlessly. Her voice was hoarse with lewd desires. “Harder! Please! Fuck me till I die!”

This little hellcat can really fuck, Frank thought to himself. No wonder her roommates wanted her spanked. He began pumping with rapid, punishing strokes that sent his weight slamming down against her helpless but wildly tossing body. Her swollen cuntal lips kept trying to suck him all the way inside her, and he could feel her rapidly twitching little clitoris slapping wildly at his surging cock. Her stockinged legs were coiled about in a tight embrace, the spike heels of her sandals scraping against his bare legs.

“Ooooohhhh! Ooooohhhh!” Betty moaned mindlessly. Completely carried away by the lustful pleasures that she was experiencing, the attractive young secretary was totally lost in sexual bliss. “Harder! Harder!” she begged, breathing almost too hard to make herself understood.

Sensing that his distraught young partner was rapidly careening toward a wild, mind-blowing orgasm, Frank abandoned all efforts at self-control. Fucking with almost savage strokes that sent his madly throbbing, burning penis deep into her lush channel with each forward thrust, he continually slammed his entire weight down against her frantically twitching body. The final, almost brutal, thrust sent his hot, murky masculine fluids bursting into her vagina with explosive force.

“Oh, my! Oooooohhhhh!” Tormented beyond endurance by the sexual punishment her beautiful young body had absorbed, Betty surrendered to an intense orgasm. Convulsed with passionate spasms that originated in her lust-swollen clitoris and vagina, the young woman climaxed with ecstatic cries of joy. The deep vaginal contractions caught Frank’s exploding penis in a tight vise, pulling him far inside her boiling cunt and milking his thick, hot semen in a hungry, demanding fashion. “Ohh! Oooooohhhhh! Ooooohhhh! Whaaat a fuck!” she moaned as her convulsions began to subside.

Breathlessly, the two of them rested on the bed with their hot bodies still lewdly glued together. Frank made no attempt to untie her wrists and, for some reason, Betty neglected to ask him to do so.

“You know,” she told him with a bright smile. “I never realized that a spanking could lead to hot bed sex like this.”

“You ought to thank those horny sorority sisters of yours for setting you up,” Frank told her, kissing her lightly on the lips.

The two of them lay quietly for several minutes, and Frank found himself drifting into a pleasant nap. Suddenly Betty’s young body stiffened with fear.

“Frank, Frank!” she whispered urgently at him. “There’s someone in the living room!”



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