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xNovel - Naughty Wild Cousin


Naughty Wild Cousin

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Dom moved back down between his cousin’s splayed legs. He grinned down at the young virgin, seeing the joy and excitement in her eyes.

“Do it now, Dom! Fuck me! Pop my little cherry for me!” Sara cried desperately.

The teenaged girl thought that she must be the luckiest girl in the world to have such a good-looking boy about to take her cherry from her. She glanced down at this cock and her head reeled with excitement. What a gigantic prick! she thought to herself. God, I really am lucky! I’ve always wanted my cherry to be popped by a humongous cock just like Dom’s!

She was still panting from her orgasm. And now she was trembling with renewed lust. For even the huge climax she had just experienced had not completely appeased the ache of desire deep in her cunt. She knew that only Dom’s fat cock could give her the kind of sexual release she craved at that moment.

“Fuck me!” she repeated.

Dom nodded silently. Then he sprawled on top of the girl so he could kiss her mouth. Sara moaned, feeling his cock and balls throbbing against her thigh. Her nipples were pulsing against his broad, manly chest. The cousins tongue-fucked again and again, grinding their naked bodies together on the blanket.

“Hurry, Dom! I have to feel your hard cock inside my pussy!” Sara begged hornily.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Dom asked huskily.

“No! I’m too turned-on to be scared!”

“Good girl,” Dom said with a hoarse chuckle as he placed the palms of his hands flat on the blanket on either side of Sara’s head.

She looked up at him, wanton lust shining in her eyes. She felt at that moment as if she would literally do anything to get his cock inside her pussy. She would gladly, even eagerly, become his sex-slave for life.

The young girl whimpered with anticipation and strained to open her thighs as far as she could. She lifted her feet up and raised them high in the air. She squeezed the sides of Dom’s hips with her inner thighs. She bent her knees and crossed her ankles at the backs of the boy’s knees. She draped her arms over his muscular shoulders, pulling him closer to her.

Dom lifted his hips and jack-knifed at the waist. He grunted as he pushed down with the palms of his large hands, clutching at the blanket so hard that all of his knuckles turned absolutely white. He rose up on his toes. Then he straightened his arms and rubbed the tip of his hard prick in a small obscene circle against Sara’s burning thigh.

“Ohhhh, Dom,” she whimpered, feeling crazed with lust. She had told her cousin that she was so turned-on that she was no longer afraid of the pain which his huge cock was bound to make her feel. And she knew it was true. In fact, now she realized that she wanted the pain.

Dom supported the weight of his upper body with his left hand, already panting hard as he thought about popping his cousin’s cherry. With his right hand, he fisted his hard cock and guided it to the mouth of Sara’s fuckhole. He tensed the muscles in his ass. Then he took a deep breath.

“Oooh, hurry, Dom, hurry and fuck meeee!” Sara wailed, still hugging him with her arms and legs. She smelled beer on his panting breath and it aroused her more.

Dom lowered his head so that his face was very close to his cousin’s. She looked up at him with a wanton expression on her young face.

“Ram me!” she cried.

Dom rammed down with his lean hips as hard as he could, shoving his cock right through her cherry, popping it neatly.

“Aieeeeee!” Sara cried in a blood-curdling scream as she felt her virginity torn away from her pussy for all time. “Ohhhh, it hurts! It hurts sooooo much!”

But she didn’t mind the pain. Just as she had foreseen, the pain only enhanced her pleasure.

Dom continued to press down with his hips. Sara groaned with pain and pleasure, sensing that her cousin was not going to stop pushing into her until his entire prick was lodged in her pussy-hole.

“You love it, don’t you, baby?” he grunted, grinning down at the young girl.

“Yessss! It hurts, but it feels good! I love the feel of your cock inside me! And I can’t wait to feel your whole cock deep inside my cunt!” she cried eagerly, tossing her head from side to side, only hoping that her tiny pussy would be able to accommodate the full length of the boy’s gigantic prick.

She groaned with delight as she felt Dom’s prick pushing deeper into her straining pussy.

“Good girl,” Dom grunted with obvious approval. “A lotta girls never learn that the pain is all part of the pleasure. And it’s all a part of growing up.”

Sara opened her mouth to respond, but before she could utter a sound, Dom stabbed viciously into her, driving the remainder of his prick into her aching little cunt-hole.

Sara’s mouth opened and closed soundlessly and her eyes bugged out of their sockets. She clenched her hands into little fists and beat at the boy’s back as she struggled to absorb the intense sensations of pain and pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her.

Her pussy was stretched to the breaking-point now. Her cuntmeat throbbed and burned against the sides of Dom’s thick prick, and her pussy-muscles automatically clutched at his hard cock.

The harder and deeper Dom pushed his cock into the girl, the more it hurt her. And the more it hurt her, the more she liked it. She loved the feeling of total submission as she lay beneath the big-cocked boy, squirming with excitement.

“Take my whole prick, bitch! Take it all!” Dom cried.

“Yessss, I’ll take it all! I love it! Fuck me hard, Dom! Fuck me as hard and fast as you can!” Sara whimpered.

“Just what I had in mind,” Dom chuckled.

“I can take the pain! I love the pain!” Sara admitted with a flush.

Dom chuckled again. He liked the sexual control he felt. He could see that Sara wanted to be his sex-slave. And he was more than willing to be her master. He loved giving girls a little pain along with the pleasure when he fucked them. And Sara obviously liked it that way. They were meant for each other. Who would have thought it? he asked himself with a wry shake of his head. We’ve never gotten along… until now, that is, until I fucked my cock into her pussy! Maybe that’s the secret of how to get along with Cherry and Sara, Dom thought excitedly, Mark and I will just have to keep our cocks buried inside their little pussies from now on!

“Ohhhh, Dom, I’m gonna come soon! I can feel it! I don’t care if you come fast! In fact, I want you to! We can have a longer fuck later on! But right now, I want us both to come really soon!” Sara cried, her high-pitched voice thick with lust and excitement.

She felt as if she were right on the brink of a powerful orgasm and she wanted nothing more than to feel her cousin’s cum shooting into her when she came.

Dom groaned, delighted by his cousin’s words. Already, he could feel the insistent tickling sensation at the base of his cock, which meant that orgasm was not far away. His cum was swimming impatiently in his loaded balls.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out of his cousin’s cunt until only its broad cockhead was still nestled in the grip of Sara’s pussylips.

“Back in… shove it back in!” Sara panted.

Dom glanced down and saw that the length of his prick was wet and shiny with the girl’s cunt-juices. He groaned again, savoring the lewd sight. His bulbous purplish prickhead was holding Sara’s cuntlips gaping open.

“Pleeeeease! Put your cock back into me, Dom! I have to feel your whole cock inside me!” the young girl pleaded tearfully, shoving her hips up in a desperate attempt to capture more of her cousin’s cock inside her aching pussy.

Dom grinned down at his cousin, thrilled by her begging cries to fuck her fully. He took a deep breath and then rammed the entire length of his prick back inside her in one fell swoop.

“Ohhhhh, yessss!” Sara gasped, loving the wet sucking sound her pussy made as his fat cock brutally forced its way through her quivering cunt-flesh and all of her thick cunt-juice which thoroughly soaked her pussy-folds.

The boy’s thick prick completely filled Sara’s tiny fuckhole, its tip nudging hard against the back wall of her pussy. Sara let out a sharp grunt, followed by a high-pitched whine of pleasure. She thrilled to the dual sensation of pain and pleasure throbbing between her legs.

Dom steadily fucked his cousin for a few more minutes, sending the full length of his prick into her with each downward plunge. Sara did her part by eagerly lifting her ass up from the blanket and humping her crotch up against the boy’s, skewering her cunt on his long, thick cock.

“Ohhhh, my tits are aching… they need to be sucked!”

Dom groaned and lowered his head, licking all over the girl’s tit-mounds, coating the twin nips obscenely with his warm saliva. Then Sara took her arms from around his neck and used both of her hands to press her tits hard together, forming one gigantic tit-mound.

Dom lowered his head again and sucked both nips into his mouth. He tongued the trembling nips and felt them pulsing lewdly between his lips and against his tongue. He sucked hard, making Sara writhe with incestuous pleasure beneath him. Next, he sank the sharp edges of his teeth into the tender buds.

“Aiieeee! Yessss!” Sara shrieked, feeling more and more pussy-juice fill her cunt in response to the expert suck-and-nibble job her cousin was giving her tits.

Her cousin was fucking her forcefully, harder and faster with each deep stab of his thick prick. Sara felt her orgasm growing closer and closer. The pain increased along with the pleasure, making her entire body shudder with incestuous lust. She sensed that the orgasm Dom’s cock would give her would be far greater than any other climax she had experienced before, even the mind-blowing cum Dom’s tongue had given her.

“Gonna… pop… in a sec!” Dom panted.

His cum was swelling the base of his cock, about to spew out the swollen piss-slit.

“Do it! Come! I’ll come with you!” Sara shrilled, beside herself with excitement and the need to come.

“You got it, baby!” Dom cried as he rammed his cock deeper into the girl’s pussy than before.

The tip of his cock stretched her back cunt wall. He rode her cunt high, leaning forward, making the top of his hard, meaty prickshaft pull and push at Sara’s clit, massaging the little bud lewdly.

“Ohmigod!” Sara gasped as she felt her cousin’s cock spasming against the deeper reaches of her cunt. She shrieked again and began to come along with Dom.

Dom arched his back sharply and threw his head back, his face uplifted to the blue sky above.

“Ohhhh, I’m commmiiinnnggg!” Sara shrieked, her ankles still crossed at the backs of the boy’s legs.

The cousins crushed their crotches together and groaned as they came together.

“Oh, God, this is the best ever, it’s fantastic!” Sara sang out as her cousin’s cum bathed her inner pussy. Her body jerked and trembled beneath his. There was so much cum! It began to back out of the girl’s little cunt and run down her thighs, soaking into the blanket below.

Gallons of cuntjuice poured out of Sara’s pussy and mingled obscenely with Dom’s thick cockcream. Sara felt as if she and her sexy cousin were sharing the same exact orgasm they were that much in synch as they continued to come together.

“God, it’s good!” she cried as she felt more and more hot cum spurting against the stretched-out walls of her cunt.

“Jeeeesus, Sara! Never shot so much jizz before in my life!” Dom roared, shaking his head in disbelief.

He could feel the girl’s pussy-flesh spasming against his prick, and the lewd sensation only served to heighten his pleasure as he kept coming.

Long minutes later, the cousins’ orgasms began to subside. Dom fell on top of Sara and together they caught their breath and listened to their heartbeats slowly returning to normal. Dom began to pull his prick out of Sara’s cunt, but she clutched at his shoulders, stopping him.

“Noooo, leave it in, it feels soooo good,” Sara moaned weakly.

Dom grinned and left his cock inside Sara’s quivering pussy for a long time. The flow of cunt-juice had ebbed to a little trickle of girl-cum which dribbled down the girl’s thigh.

“God, Dom, you popped my cherry for me!” Sara cried, as if she could still not quite believe it. “And it felt so good!”

Dom chuckled, knowing with a sense of pride that he had just given the young girl the most thrilling fuck of her life. He knew that no matter how many times she might fuck during the course of her life, she would never but never be able to forget her virgin-fuck. And he knew, too, that she would always be grateful to her cousin for popping her cherry so expertly for her.

Sara sighed and ran her hands all over Dom’s back and shoulders and then down to his asscheeks. She uncrossed her ankles and placed the balls of her feet flat in the cool grass. She opened her legs wide, feeling as if she would never be able to closer her legs again. And she knew that she didn’t want to. She knew that she could be happy if she went through the rest of her life with her legs wide open and a fat cock deep inside her pussy.

Finally, Dom pulled his cock out of his cousin’s aching pussy as she groaned, reluctant to let it go. Sara raised herself up on both elbows and glanced down at the boy’s crotch. She licked her lips at the sight of his still-hard prick. She could see that his cock was all covered with juice from her pussy.

“Lick my cock clean!” Dom demanded.

With a little squeal of joy, Sara rolled onto her belly and got up on her hands and knees. She moved eagerly toward the boy’s crotch until her face was right in front of his cock and balls.

She lifted the head of his cock with her trembling fingers and began to lap happily at the thick juice and cum that had formed a lewd ring around the base of his prick.

“Mmmm!” she moaned, enjoying the flavor.

She felt privileged to have the chance to lick the very prick that had popped her cherry for her. Her tongue lapped all over his cock and she moaned again when she felt his heavy fuckmeat shuddering against her tongue and lips. She licked his big cock until it was completely clean of all juice and cum.

Sara wondered what it would feel like to take his big fat cock up her virgin asshole. The mere thought made her shitter tingle with excitement. She felt a deep sexual craving inside her bowels. She was surprised at the intensity of lust she felt. She would have thought that it would be some time before she would feel horny again. Maybe I’m a nymphomaniac, she thought, knowing that she would not mind that one bit. It would just give her a legitimate excuse to keep a cock inside her pussy at all times.



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