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xNovel - Naked Wet Daughter


Naked Wet Daughter

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The next afternoon, Barbara and her brother, Greg, were alone in the sun room. They were both naked and had been lying together on the large air mattress, working on their tans. Now and then they had exchanged a tongue-kiss and fondled each other. Greg’s hands rubbed his sister’s moistening pussy, and the young girl’s hands moved over the boy’s hardening cock.

But that was as far as they had gone, and by now, Barbara was desperate for a good fuck. When Greg got up and moved to the bar to mix their drinks, Barbara saw her chance to turn her brother on so much he would have to finally fuck her.

She lay on her back and threw her arms up over her head, her legs deliberately splayed wide so that her brother would have a good, bird’s eye view of her juicy little cunt. She knew that he wanted to fuck her and she told herself that all she had to do was to turn him on powerfully. She couldn’t wait to feel his huge cock ramming up her tight, wet pussy.

The young girl felt her pussy burning and itching with a deep fuck-lust that was almost uncontrollable. She raised herself up on her elbows and admired her brother’s handsome, muscular body as he mixed their drinks. He turned toward her, his eyes widening at the erotic picture she made there on the mattress, her legs wide open and her pussy looking wet and inviting.

Greg handed his sister her glass and settled down next to her again, quickly downing a good half of his strong drink. Barbara did the same and the two youngsters grinned at each other as the liquor turned them both on.

“You sure look sexy, Sis,” Greg murmured, his eyes moving over Barbara’s naked body, almost as if he had never really seen it before.

“Mmmmm, so do you, Brother dear,” Barbara said with a laugh and she shivered with excitement as her brother reached out and stroked her arm.

The girl’s eyes were on her brother’s big semi-hard cock and she swallowed hard as she realized that it was throbbing right before her eyes.

She glanced up at her brother and saw with pleasure that his hot gaze was fixed on her moist cunt. She shifted slightly, opening her legs even wider to his gaze.

Then she put her hand on his naked leg. Greg gasped and moaned softly and Barbara smiled to herself, knowing that she had him right where she wanted him. She no longer wondered about whether she could get him to fuck her. At last, she would feel the thrill of her brother’s big, hard cock shoving its way up her tight little pussyhole.

“God, Babs! Do you know how much you’re turning me on?” the boy asked hoarsely.

“Oh, yeah, Greg, I know exactly how much I’m turning you on!”

Babs laughed as she slid her hand up the boy’s leg to his inner thigh. The back of her hand brushed against his soft prick hairs, making Greg moan again.

Then, she reached over and stroked his big cock, which grew immediately erect in her hand. It was standing straight up in the air and she groaned with erotic excitement as she continued to rub the hard cockmeat.

“God, Babs, keep it up! Rub my cock!”

The boy groaned and Barbara grinned. She wrapped both of her small, soft hands around her brother’s bursting hard-on, slowly stroking his prick.

Greg moaned and began to stroke his sister’s big throbbing tits. He rolled the long, stiff nips between his fingers over and over again until the young girl writhed in excitement. By now her little pussy was flowing with cuntjuice. She loved the lewd sensation of her brother’s hands kneading and fondling her huge tits, but she knew that the pleasure she felt now was nothing compared to the incestuous joy she was going to feel when he finally rammed his huge, pulsing prick up her little cunt.

“Ahhhhh, baby, I love your big tits! They’re the biggest titties I’ve ever seen on a young girl your age!” Greg muttered, his voice thick with lust for his little sister who was busily fondling his ever-hardening cock.

“Thanks, Brother dear,” Barbara giggled. “And I just love your big cock!”

Sighing with happiness, Barbara cupped Greg’s churning balls for a few seconds. She squeezed them gently, making the boy groan with desire.

Then the young blonde grasped her brother’s huge cock tightly and stroked and pulled at it. She was so turned on that she could hardly stand it. She was especially turned on by his cock’s gigantic size and she rubbed harder, making his prick twitch obscenely in her greedily grasping hands.

“Ahhhhh, yesss, babe, that’s it! Rub your brother’s cock! Keep it up!” he groaned, digging his strong fingers harder into the girl’s throbbing titflesh.

Barbara stared lustfully at her brother’s huge cock as she continued to rub its full length. His cock was rock-hard now and the horny young girl couldn’t wait to feel it ramming up her juicy, tight cunt.

“Mmmmmm, Greg! Your cock’s so big and hard! I just love it!” she cried, her eyes glazing over with lust.

“I’m glad you like it, babe, ‘cause in just a few minutes, it’s gonna be fucking up your little pussy!” Greg said, almost choking on the words as a wave of fuck-lust overwhelmed him.

Barbara moaned and squeezed her brother’s prick even harder.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby! Rub my cock! Rub it harder, Babs!” Greg cried, thrusting his hips up off the mattress, pumping even more of his huge prick into his little sister’s squeezing hands.

As the young girl continued to stroke Greg’s cock, he took one hand from her bursting tits and pulled her face to his. Then he pressed his mouth hard against hers, thrusting his tongue between her lips, which parted immediately as he kissed her passionately. Over and over again the brother and sister kissed, their tongues fucking at each other.

The feel of her brother’s tongue against hers, their warm saliva lewdly mingling, his teeth nibbling on the sides of her tongue, all combined to arouse the young blonde so much that she came on the spot.

“Ohhhh, Greg, I’m coming! Aaarghhh, it’s sooo good!” she cried out as waves of hot orgasm smashed through her pussy, releasing a torrent of hot cunt-sauce.

“Yeah, baby, come! I can feel you coming right on my hand!” Greg yelled.

He thrust his hand between Barbara’s swollen cuntlips. He felt the warm cuntjuices flowing over his fingers, soaking his hand all the way to his wrist.

The feel of his kid sister’s pussyjuices on his hand aroused the young boy powerfully. He knew he would come any second, especially with the girl’s hand still clasped greedily around his prick.

As Barbara’s orgasm ended, Greg forced himself to move away from her, his breathing rapid and shallow.

“What now, Greg?” the young girl asked excitedly.

“Now… I want you to suck my cock, Babs!”

Greg reached out and fondled his sister’s huge tits, feeling the long, rose-colored nips hardening in his hands. At the same time, he thrust his hips up from the mattress, his cock jerking in the girl’s hands.

Moaning with heady anticipation, Barbara lowered her head and fastened her hot mouth on her brother’s cock-head. She licked up several drops of pre-cum as she sucked his cockmeat into her hungry mouth. She scooped her hands beneath his hairy, churning balls and gently squeezed them as she rammed his bursting prick all the way into her mouth and half-way down her throat.

The excitement of having her own brother’s huge cock sticking deep inside her mouth was so powerful for the young blonde that she had an orgasm right then and there.

“Mmmmmmfff!” she moaned around the thickness of the throbbing prick as her orgasm thundered through her tight, wet pussy.

Greg knew that his kid sister was coming. She tightened her mouth-hold on his cock, making him moan right along with her. He arched his back, fucking more of his cockmeat down her throat.

“Suck it hard, Babs! Please, baby! Suck your brother’s big cock harder!” he cried, losing control.

Her brother’s obscene words aroused the girl all the more. She pulled his big, bursting prick almost all the way out of her mouth.

Then, just as if the brother and sister had rehearsed it, Greg fucked his cock back into her mouth and down her throat as far and as hard as he could.

Barbara moaned with excitement as the huge cock slid down her throat. His prick was rock-hard and slick with her saliva and his pre-cum.

“You got it, babe! Suck my cock good, Babs!” the young boy shouted, humping his crotch up toward his sister’s sucking mouth.

Over and over, she sucked her brother’s slick cock, sliding it in and out of her hot eager mouth. She sucked its entire length all the way to his churning balls. Then she pulled his cock back out until she was just sucking its bloated tip, licking up the drops of pearly pre-cum that formed at the twitching cum-slit.

As she sucked his cock into her throat, she worked her strong throat muscles around his bursting cock. His prick-shaft jerked lewdly in her mouth.

The young blonde was intent on giving her beloved brother the best blow-job she had ever given, and she hoped, the most exciting blow-job he had ever received. Using all her skills, driven by her hot lust, she sucked his cock as hard and as expertly as she could.

Greg felt as if he were half out of his mind with desire for his sexy little sister. The feel of her hot, wet mouth fucking up and down his cock was an incredible turn-on to the young boy. He found himself longing for the moment when he would be able to pump his entire creamy load of jizz into her greedily sucking mouth. Then he planned to give Babs the fucking of her young life.

While Barbara tongued her brother’s prick from its throbbing head to its root, she squeezed his balls as hard as she could without actually hurting him. Then, groaning with lust, she slipped one hand beneath his quivering asscheeks and stabbed her middle finger into his tight asshole, reaming him out skillfully.

“Ohhhh, yeah, babe!” Greg cried.

His hips leapt up from the mattress, urging even more of his cock-meat down his sister’s sucking throat. He could feel her strong throat muscles working around his cock while her finger continued to fuck in and out of his asshole. The boy moaned and groaned with an excitement he had rarely felt in his life.

Barbara’s lips moved up and down on the pulsing hard-on in her mouth as her brother fucked her mouth with his big cock. He could feel the pressure growing in his balls until he knew that he was about to pop.

Suddenly, the boy’s cock jerked wildly in her throat, and Babs knew that her brother was about to dump his load into her busily sucking mouth. With a moan of anticipation, she continued to suck on the big prick as several large wads of hot cum jolted from the jerking cock and sprayed against her throat. They slid into her belly where they filled and warmed her.

“I’m coming, you sexy bitch!” the young boy screamed as his cock continued to shoot its creamy load.

The young girl swallowed hard, not wanting to waste one single drop of the delicious-tasting fluid. Then, the instant that her brother’s orgasm subsided, Barbara slipped her mouth off of his prickmeat and threw herself over onto her back, spreading her legs wide.

“Please fuck me now, Greg!” she begged. “Fuck me now!”



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