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xNovel - Mom In The Middle


Mom In The Middle

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When she was eighteen years old, Debby Griffith had never fucked a boy, or had her pussy eaten, or even seen a man’s naked cock. A lot of other teenagers in her high school slept around and gave their boyfriends blow jobs, but Debby considered herself a good girl. She was saving herself for the man she married.

It was hard to be a good girl when you were very pretty. Debby was one of the prettiest girls in the whole county. She had long, thick blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and a soft cheeked, ripe-lipped face that might have belonged to a movie star.

Debby’s best feature was her breasts. They were so big that they almost embarrassed her. She had trouble finding a large enough bra, and even the thick Maidenform-type couldn’t conceal the size of her huge, red nipples. Even with a bra on, her tits jiggled and swayed under a blouse; it made her blush the way men gawked at her when she walked down the hall.

The rest of her body was just as voluptuous. She had a slim bone structure, and her legs were long and shapely, and her ass was full, round and very firm. All her female, classmates were jealous of her, and half of the boys thought about fucking her whenever, they jacked off.

But Debby was a good girl, and she never let them touch her. The only boy she made out with at all washer boyfriend, Robbie.

Robbie was a twenty-year-old student at the local junior college. He was very handsome, Debby thought; he had a tall, slender body, brown hair, and a boyishly good looking face.

Tonight was a special time. It was their first anniversary; they’d been going together one whole year. To celebrate they’d gone to see the triple feature horror movies at the nearby drive-in theatre.

Now they were parked on the fourth ramp from the front, in Robbie’s hot-rodded 1955 Chevrolet hardtop. The weather wasn’t really very good for seeing the movie. It was drizzling rain, and cold, and the old fashioned blower heater under the dashboard had blanketed all the windows in steam.

Robbie didn’t mind. He was too busy feeling up Debby’s big tits.

Her blouse was open, unbuttoned to her waist. The front clasp of her bra had been unfastened, and the huge cups hung at her sides. Robbie’s fingers squeezed and kneaded the spongy softness of her right breast, occasionally pulling on the stiff nipples.

Debby sat with her eyes closed, giving herself up to the tit massage. She allowed Robbie to go this far with her, but it worried her. Sometimes, when he fondled her tits, she got so horny that it was hard to keep herself from fucking him.

All of a sudden, Robbie dropped his face to her jiggling breasts. Before Debby could stop him he took the circle of her big nipple deep into his mouth, sucking it hard.

“Stop it, Robbie!” Debby protested. She grimaced and tried to push his head away. “You know you’re not supposed to do that!”

Robbie said nothing. Instead he only made crude, slurping sounds as he sucked on her tit. His tongue rolled around the stiff tip of her nipple, teasing it, making it exquisitely hard.

“Unhhh… oh, Robbie… unhh!” Debby grunted. A wanton blush spread through her cheeks; she felt herself becoming dangerously turned on. “Don’t do that to me… you’re making me so hot… stop it, unhhhhh.”

“You ain’t gonna make me suffer anymore,” Robbie grumbled. “I been waiting on this for a whole fucking year!”

Robbie kept on sucking her huge white tit, chewing the stiff nipple between his lips. Debby didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to fight with her boyfriend, but he was making her so horny that she was about to lose control. Under her panties, her curly haired pussy slit was a sopping, dripping mess.

Then Robbie did something even more unexpected. He thrust his hand under her dress between her soft thighs. Debby felt his fingers groping under the crotch band of her panties. The next thing she knew he was pumping his finger in and out of her virgin cunt.

“Unnggghhh!” Debby groaned. In spite of herself she felt her clit stiffen, and her pussy walls clasp hungrily around his finger. “Stop it this instant!” she cried, pummeling his back feebly with her fists. “I mean it Robbie! I’m going to start screaming.”

Debby tried to shut her thighs around Robbie’s hand. But Robbie kept on fingerfucking her, thrusting his finger knuckle deep into the clasping wetness of her tight little hole. Soon Debby felt an irresistible warmth spread through her loins. Her cunt was actually throbbing now, spewing her fragrant pussy juices all over Robbie’s hand.

Then Debby simply couldn’t stand it. She’d always been afraid of losing control. Now it had finally happened.

Debby bit her lip, trying to restrain herself a second longer. Then she whimpered and spread her thighs as far apart as her dress would let them go, relinquishing her burning pussy to the pleasures of Robbie’s fondling.

“Unggghh! Do it now Robbie, play with me!” she gasped. Uncontrollably she humped her ripe ass off the car seat, fucking her cunt on her boyfriend’s hand. “Unh! Harder Robbie, do it hard!”

Robbie leaned over until he was about to fall off the seat. To Debby’s horror, he thrust his head under her dress. Before she could stop him he pulled her crotch band aside and buried his face into the steaming fissure of her pussy, beginning to eagerly lick up the juices that flowed from her cunt.

Debby was shocked. She had never dreamed of letting a boy suck her pussy, and couldn’t imagine why Robbie would want to do such a depraved thing. But she was too horny to resist him. She simply spread her thighs further apart and pulled at his hair, letting him have his way between her legs.

Robbie was entranced by the smell, feel and appearance of his girlfriend’s virgin pussy. It was a very pretty cunt, soft and plump, covered thickly with curls of light brown hair that spread up Debby’s lower belly.

He started licking her aching pussy as if he’d been doing it all his life. Squirming on the car seat, he thrust his tongue deeply into her fuck hole and pumped it in and out. Then he found her stiff clit and sucked it deep into his mouth, at the same time fingering her pussy slit with his hand.

“Unggghhh! Oh Robbie… oh God, that’s gross, unhhh! Awww, Robbie, nnnggg…”

Debby couldn’t believe that her body could feel so good. Her clit tingled wildly against Robbie’s tongue, and her cunt was so wet that her inner thighs were damp with her dripping juices.

Debby grimaced feverishly and shook her head back and forth against the back of the seat helplessly, gasping and whining with pleasure. She pulled Robbie’s hair and humped her ass rhythmically, overcome with desire, fucking her cunt all over his face.

“Take off this God damn dress,” Robbie muttered, breathing the words around her steaming pussy. “I want to see what I’m sucking!”

Debby didn’t hesitate. She whipped off her dress and hurled it onto the back seat, leaving herself naked from the waist down except for her black, high-heeled shoes. Then she tore her panties completely from her body.

Even in the dim moonlight that filtered through the steamed windows, her hairy pussy mound looked juicy and wet. It was like she’d been waiting for Robbie to make her cum all night.

“I’m gonna fuck you now,” Robbie muttered. Staring at her dripping pussy, he fumbled hurriedly with the belt and zipper of his pants. “I’m sick of getting blue balls from making out with you!”

“No, Robbie!” Debby clamped her thighs together and looked at him fearfully. “You can’t do that! I’m a virgin!”

Robbie knew how to get his girlfriend to submit. He returned his mouth to her pussy and sucked her clit extremely hard, holding apart her cunt lips with his fingers, nipping and tugging and licking at the tiny bud.

Debby whined and bucked her ass off the seat as if she’d been shot. Just as Robbie had expected, her legs spread wide apart.

Robbie withdrew his mouth and pulled his pants and boxer shorts down to his knees, exposing his throbbing stiff dick. His was the first cock Debby had ever seen in her life. Immediately she found that it made her much hornier than she’d been before, that she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

It looked like a real big one. The pink, blue veined shaft that stood out of Robbie’s cock hairs was at least seven inches long, crowned by a bulbous, spongy head that was almost purplish in coloring. Even as Debby looked at his prick it jumped and jerked up and down, there was white, liquid oozing from the little hole in his cock head, and Debby guessed that was his jism. From the hardness of his cock, it looked as if he was going to start shooting cum all over her body at any moment.

“Gonna fuck you now,” Robbie sighed. “Gonna fuck your sweet cunt!”

Debby was too busy staring at his throbbing dick to realize that she was about to lose her cherry.

Robbie crawled between her spread thighs. He leaned forward until the tip of his twitching prick nestled between the pouting lips of her cunt. Then he grabbed her naked ass cheeks in both hands and plunged downwards, burying the first several inches of his aching hard-on into the clasping warmth of her virgin pussy. “Awwwww!” Debby squealed. “Oh Robbie, Robbie, it feels so… unhhh!”

There was no pain at all. Debby felt her cunt walls separating around the invading shaft of Robbie’s prick, as if she’d been waiting for a man to fuck her all her life.

It felt very, very good to have a man’s prick inside her pussy. Her cunt lips sucked around it; her clit chafed deliciously against the upper side of his dick.

“You like that, baby?” Robbie whispered. “You want some more?”

Debby didn’t care about being a good girl anymore, or staying a virgin, or anything else except Robbie’s big, hard dick. She grabbed him by the hips and tried to pull his prick further up her hole. At the same time she began to buck and hump her ass wildly off the seat, in the unmistakable motions of fucking.

“Give it to me, Robbie. I want it all!” she whined. “Fuck me now, fuck my cunt!”

Robbie began to work his hips, sighing with pleasure as he felt Debby’s pussy walls sucking and slurping around the stiffness of his prick. She had a very tight cunt, even for a virgin; it was difficult getting all of his hard cock inside her.

Finally it was all the way in, the entirety of his throbbing cock buried balls-deep in the clinging warmth of her cunt. Robbie humped his ass back and forth, in and out, sliding his throbbing hard-on through the gurgling lips of her fuck hole.

Debby bucked her ass up to meet every stroke. The car springs creaked madly beneath them, and she thought she heard the sound of giggling through the windows, as if every other couple at the drive-in could tell that they were busy fucking.

But she didn’t care. With every thrust of Robbie’s cock she could feel her cunt walls tugging around it, drawing it into the root of her belly. It felt incredibly good being fucked. She knew she was being a bad girl now, but the shame was worth the intense pleasure accompanying the forbidden act. Debby had to wonder why she hadn’t spread her legs for Robbie’s wonderful prick a year ago, when they’d first met.

Her pussy was gushing now, spewing fuck juices around the pistoning stiffness of Robbie’s cock. Debby held his ass eagerly and humped her cunt as hard as she could. She panted with the effort, and her knee knocked painfully against the stick shift on the floor. She just had to get Robbie to fuck her even harder!

“I’m gonna cum now, baby,” Robbie sighed. He groaned as he hammered his dick in and out of her cunt grimacing as his balls thudded against the crack of her ass. “You’ve got my meat so fucking hard… my nuts feel like lead!”

“Keep fucking meee!” Debby gasped. Her huge tits jiggled wildly on her chest as she squirmed and bucked on the seat; the tips were as hard as rocks with desire. “Fuck my cunt! Ungghhh! Ungghhh! I’m gonna cum too!”

Robbie dropped his head into Debby’s swaying jugs. As he fucked her pussy he began to suck on her nipples, alternating between breasts, tugging the stiff pink bulbs into his mouth as hard as if he expected to draw milk.

That was too much for Debby. As soon as Robbie had her fat red nipples in his mouth she started cumming, shooting off all over his thrusting, throbbing cock.

“Fuck me now!” she moaned loudly. As she came, her cunt muscles sucked wildly around his cock. She clawed her fingernails into his back and humped her ass up as hard as she could. “Unggghhh! Fuck me Robbie, fuck me… awww cuuummmiiinnnggg…”

Robbie’s prick trembled to absolute, swollen stiffness inside Debby’s steaming pussy, the jism leaking freely from his purplish head. Immediately he pulled his dick completely out of her cunt.

He had to. Debby wasn’t on the pill. As horny as he was, he couldn’t, risk getting her pregnant.

“Suck my dick, Debby,” he said thickly. He stood up inside the car, his head and shoulders pressed against the roof. His rock-hard dick twitched and jerked in front of her face. “I’ve got to cum now. Suck the cum out of my prick!”

Six months ago, if Robbie had dared to make such a request, Debby would have slapped his face. At that time she had never even seen or touched a man’s prick, let alone taken it into her mouth to drink down his cum.

But tonight was different. Robbie’s big hard-on had just made her come, and she was still extremely horny. His hard dick looked good to her now. She was dying to find out what that huge, stiff shaft would taste like.

Debby squirmed off the seat and fell silently to her knees on the car floor. Again she heard giggling through the windows but she paid no attention. If the other teenagers in the drive-in could see her going down on her boyfriend, that was their business. She just hoped it wouldn’t be anyone she knew.

Debby slid her hands up Robbie’s thighs. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the bloated shaft of his prick, feeling a man’s hard-on for the first time.

It felt good to her. Robbie’s huge cock was so long and swollen, bursting with cum. She could feel the warmth of it against her palm, the texture of the blue veins, the way the shaft of his dick throbbed and pulsed with the need for release.

“Suck it now!” Robbie pleaded urgently. He thrust his hands into her thick blonde hair. “I can’t stand this, help me cum!”

Debby dropped her left hand between Robbie’s legs and fondled the sac of his cum swollen balls. Her other hand was clenched tightly around his dick. She moved her fist up and down the shaft, jerking his meat off.

Then she opened her mouth and dropped her face to the drooling head of his cock. She took the purplish knob between her lips and closed her mouth around it. Her cheeks puckered; instinctively she started to suck off his aching prick as hard as she could.

“Ahhhhh,” Robbie sighed. He pulled Debby’s hair and rocked his hips back and forth, fucking his dick down her throat. “More baby! Jack me off, suck it hard!”

Debby started stroking, pumping her fist up and down the blue-veined pole. Her wet mouth made obscene slurping, gulping sounds around the bulbous crown of Robbie’s cock. Her throat filled with saliva. A stream of spit mixed with cum burbled from her lips and ran down her chin.

“Suck it hard!” Robbie pleaded. “Suck my cock! I’m gonna cum!”

Very horny now, her pussy warming and juicing between her thighs, Debby worked out on her boyfriend’s cock. Again and again she slurped and sucked the head of his tool, managing to force more of it down her throat.

It tastes good, she thought wantonly. The white stuff is coming out of his cock… it’s so salty… I want him to cum now… his prick is so big and hard… I like sucking off Robbie… I want to do it some more!

Robbie screamed and bucked forward. His cock exploded in Debby’s mouth.

The thick cream poured out of his balls. Gusher after gusher squirted from the slit in his cock head, pumping hotly down Debby’s throat.

Debby didn’t know what to do; she liked the taste of Robbie’s jism, but she had no idea there was so much of it stored in a man’s balls. Clumsily she withdrew her mouth from his spurting cock, even while he was still cumming.

The cream shot off all ova her face then, burning and gushing furiously out of the swollen knob. Debby gasped as she felt his jism running down her cheeks and neck. She held his throbbing prick in both hands and continued to jack him off, staring hungrily at his cock until the last drops of cream oozed from his twitching slit.

“Ohhhhh Christ,” Robbie sighed. He smiled as he looked down at his slowly wilting prick. “That was so good. I never shot off so much in my life!”

“I… I like it too,” Debby admitted, blushing with shame as she realized how true her words were. “It felt really good. I guess I… kind of want to do it again.”

“I do too,” Robbie replied. “Hey, you know where the highway overpass is, near your house? I was just thinking, why don’t we meet there tomorrow night as soon as it’s dark.”

“But Robbie,” Debby protested confusedly, “that’s outdoors, with all those cars going by! It’ll be so dirty!”

“It won’t be bad. They’ve got lots of really soft sand under that overpass. It’s quiet enough. I used to play there when I was a kid.” Robbie grinned. “Besides, I can get some rubbers from my older brother Steve. We can fuck all night!”

“But I don’t even know Steve! I mean, what will he think of me!”

“Doesn’t matter what he thinks of you. His rubbers are good. That’s what counts. They’re Trojans.”

Debby tried to think clearly for a moment, but found it impossible. Her cunt was still so hot that it hurt her. Deep down inside she knew she was going to say yes.

Gulping meekly, Debby nodded her head.

“All right, Robbie,” she whispered. “I’ll be there tomorrow night. As soon as it gets dark.”

Robbie smiled. They left the drive-in quickly after that.

On the way put Debby looked through the window, and for the first time she saw how many of her classmates used the drive-in as a place to screw. At least half of the cars parked on the ramps were bouncing rhythmically up and down. Debby was innocent, but she knew that a sight like that could only mean one thing.

Tonight she found it reassuring. Now that she’d lost her own cherry, it was nice to know that all the other boys and girls in her high school were happy and busy with their fucking.



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