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xNovel - The Naughty Virgin


The Naughty Virgin

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Rebecca ran down the stairs two at a time and went into the back yard. She stayed there, out of sight behind a blueberry bush, until she heard David and Martha leave the house and drive away in the blond girl’s fancy car. She was trembling over what she’d heard through the keyhole. Her mind spun with the infinite world of sex that had just been displayed for her.

“I wonder what it looked like,” she breathed to herself. All she’d been able to make out by peeping through the keyhole was blurred shapes moving wildly. Once she’d caught a glimpse of Martha’s bare foot kicking high. But it was the sound of their wild lovemaking that had really gotten to her. Rebecca had never imagined that two human beings could create such a symphony of gasps and cries and whimpers! She’d gotten her attitudes about sex from her Aunt Lana and though Lana would never dream of discussing anything so taboo she gave the impression that sex between a man and a woman was calm, premeditated and mechanical.

Rebecca had tried to imagine such a love match before. The woman on her back with her eyes closed. The male resting gently against her body. No words spoken, no moans or cried. In Rebecca’s mind the act would take only seconds. Just enough time for the male to implant his semen inside the female’s womb. Rebecca had never been quite sure how this was done. Aunt Lana strictly forbade any literature on the subject. But Rebecca had gleaned a few details from friends at school.

She knew that male sperm was stored in those things that dangled below his cock. The girls at school referred to these reservoirs as “balls”. So that meant that somehow the man had to insert his penis into the female body. For years she’d thought that the girl had to take the sperm into her mouth to become pregnant. Then a friend had her about virginity. Now Rebecca realized that she too was capable of having sex with a male. All that had to happen was for her hymen to be breached. It sounded a little frightening. And at the same time daring and exciting. But she tried to keep such fantasies out of her head. Until she’d heard Martha and David going at each other like wild dogs!

“Oh, they sounded awful,” she said to herself, picking a dandelion roughly from the grass. “I’d never act like that! Maybe Aunt Lana is right about sex. It’s embarrassing and dangerous and…”

Rebecca had noticed that the cotton crotch band of her panties was very damp. She rose and went to the house. She was thinking of changing her panties. But in a corner of her mind she wondered if it wasn’t just an excuse to get naked again. So she could poke at her tender cunt. No, she had to resist the temptation. She was pouring herself a glass of milk when she heard her aunt pull up in the driveway.

“You’ll never guess who I just met,” her aunt bubbled, putting down the butter she’d just purchased. “I was coming out of the market and ran into Nate Winslow. You know Nate, that man who’s restoring the old Ritz movie theater. He tells me he’s going to turn it into an art theater.” Rebecca watched her aunt make a little fact. “I suppose he’ll show those foreign films and things. But he’s a very charming man. And, he’s looking for summer help.” Aunt Lana looked at Rebecca.

“I don’t think it’d be much fun sitting in a ticket booth half the summer.”

“Oh, he can fill those jobs easy enough.” Lana poured herself some coffee and gave Rebecca another knowing look. “He needs someone to assist him in running the place. A sort of girl-Friday. Of course I suggested you.”

“Oh, Aunt Lana, I don’t know anything about that kind of stuff. I don’t know anything really. He wouldn’t hire me.”

“Well you can at least stop by and talk to him. I gave him my word that you’d be over sometime this morning.”

Though she was embarrassed by her aunt’s meddling, Rebecca couldn’t wriggle out of seeing Nate Winslow. She changed, into a summer skirt and found a blouse to match. Then she spent some time with her hair and examined the final results in her mirror. She sighed, wishing Lana would let well enough alone. She had no hopes of actually being hired by Nate and guessed that he’d agreed to interview her simply out of politeness to Lana. She was in for a surprise.

“When can you start?” Nate said, pushing his chair away from his desk and coming over to where she sat. They were in an office just off the lobby of the theater the man had just bought. Outside Rebecca could hear the workmen redecorating the lobby.

“Right now, I guess,” she gasped with surprise. Nate put his hands on her shoulders. He was standing behind her chair and as his fingers massaged the muscles of her neck, she felt a tingle go down through her belly and loins. She swallowed hard. Wasn’t he being a little familiar?

Rebecca gently twisted away from his hands and stood up, facing him. She was trembling a little and she felt her cheeks flush as he looked unblinking into her gray-green eyes.

“I want you to know,” Nate said, “that I must be able to trust you implicitly. I’ll be paying you well and I expect loyalty. Total loyalty.”

Rebecca hadn’t expected to get much for the job. After all she was just fifteen. What did Nate mean he’d pay her well? Nate put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer. She felt a pang of fear. What in the heck was he doing now?

“You do trust me, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, I g-g-guess so.”

“Then kiss me,” he breathed. Rebecca went rigid. She could see his handsome face coming closer. A curl of brown hair dangled over his forehead. For some reason she focused on that. She was too scared to move. His lips were so close to her own that she could feel the heat of them. She was holding her breath, paralyzed, about to faint. Then he brushed her mouth with his. It was a soft, gentle kiss. His big hands pressed up against the small of her back and she felt her willowy body being pulled into Nate’s embrace. Shivers of pleasure went up and down her skin. Rebecca was too shocked to really enjoy them but they were making her panty crotch very, very wet. She gave a weak whimper and Nate released her. Her lips felt wet from his kiss. She remembered to breathe at last.

“Well, you don’t entirely trust me yet, but I think you’ll do just fine.”

As her normal consciousness returned, Rebecca felt anger. Just who did this guy think he was, kissing her like that? She had a good mind to tell him what he could do with his job. He was probably just making fun of her, anyway.

“Will five dollars an hour be okay to start with?” Nate asked. He had his back to her as he fooled with some papers on his desk.

“Five…” Rebecca rubbed her sweaty palms on her skirt. “Oh sure, Mr. Winslow.”

“Call me Nate from now on. That’s an order.” He turned, smiling at her. “Now let’s see if you trust me any more than the last time.”

Though she was still resisting, Rebecca let the strong man take her in his arms and kiss her again. The kiss was a little more intimate, a little wetter, a little longer. It was long enough to make her tremble. Nate sensed that she was having trouble breathing and released her. She had to brace herself against a chair. At last she was able to return his grin with a small smile of her own.

“I don’t believe in taking on employees without some exhibition of trust.” He winked at her. “Of course with the boys a handshake is usually sufficient.”

Rebecca laughed and wiped a hand across her mouth. She had been kissed less than a dozen times by a member of the opposite sex so she wasn’t all that used to the intensity of such intimate contact. After Nate had put her to work on a list of films he wanted checked, she could hardly concentrate. All she could think of was her handsome boss and his strange behavior. Once she giggled out loud, knowing that aunt would have fainted dead away if she’d known that Nate had started her employment with a hug and kiss. Rebecca was still in shock herself. But as the morning wore on, she found her new employer thoughtful, easy-going and patient. By late afternoon she was beginning to get the hang of things.

“I put a little star by all the comedies,” she told him, handing the sheet over. “And here are the names of those distributors in that thick book. I’m not a very good typist but I think I corrected all my mistakes.”

“You did fine.” Nate put the sheet in a folder and put it in his drawer. “It must be getting late, so why don’t we knock off for today?”

“I sure enjoy working for you, Mr. Winslow… I mean, Nate.”

“What if you called your aunt and told her you were having dinner with me this evening? Think she’d let you go?”

Rebecca felt the tightness in her chest again. Part of it was the way Nate looked at her when he spoke. Like he wanted to take her in his anus again. And that scared her. Scared her in a funny kind of way. Like she almost wanted to be scared. This guy was in his thirties and she was just fifteen and he wanted to take her out to dinner! No, she wouldn’t know how to actor what to say. And if he hugged her again.

“Here,” Nate said, picking up the phone, “I’ll call her myself.”

“I… Nate, maybe…” But he ignored her weak protest. She listened to him charm her aunt and when he hung the phone on the hook she knew that it was decided.

The evening was a rush of unbelievable things. Nate’s big white car with plush leather seats and stereo. The restaurant where everyone thought she was his daughter. Until they danced. Rebecca had never danced with a man like that before. He held her so close his lips almost touching her ear. Sometimes they did touch. But she felt ill-at-ease in her school clothes and clunky shoes. Nate didn’t treat her like a schoolgirl though. And when they were back in his car, be pulled her over close to him. Rebecca didn’t want to act silly about it so she snuggled without seeming to act wanton. All that wine she’d drunk made her feel so lightheaded and giggly.

“I told your aunt I’d bring you home later,” he said. “Why don’t we go to my apartment and I’ll play you some records and…”

“No, I’d really better go home.”

Rebecca tried to pull away a little. Because she knew what was coming. Another kiss. Another kiss that started behind her ear and grew wetter and hotter until Nate cradled her small face between his hands and gingerly feasted on her lips. She moaned with the exotic thrills that burst up through her. She’d never experienced anything so powerful, so overwhelming! She couldn’t think, couldn’t make herself react like Aunt Lana would expect her to. And what was he doing with his hand? It slid down her arm and suddenly was pressing against her side, her hip! Then down, down her thigh… Even through her dress she could feel the warmth of his palm.

“Nhhoo,” she groaned, twisting her head to the side. But Nate’s lips captured her earlobe then and he began to bite the lobe. Rebecca found herself panting. Her mind spun. She tried to push her hands against his chest but was so weak from the strange passion that burned through her that she couldn’t make him let her go.

When he did, she almost sprawled across the seat. She stared at him with scared eyes, her small breasts rising and falling rapidly. When he picked up her foot and slowly removed her shoe, Rebecca stared at him like he was a being from another planet.

“Nate, I want to go home.”

“In a little while,” he smiled. His voice was reassuring. And as he dropped her shoe and slid his hand up her ankle, a jolt of pleasure went up her long leg and into the mushy heat of her cunt. She whined with the hot, incredible feeling. Then still feeling the thrill of his fingers on her ankle, she watched as he brought the sole of her feet up to his mouth. Then he kissed her there and Rebecca writhed on the seat, her head falling back as she gave in to him.

“Ohhhhh, Nate! Ohhhhh God, what are you doing to me?”

“Loving you,” he said, his tongue sliding between her littlest toe and the one next to it. The soft, wet friction made her body jerk. She knew that she was behaving in an unforgivable manner. But how could she make him stop doing something so heavenly? Her cunt glowed and she felt her juices flooding out to drench the crotch of her thick, cotton panties. As Nate had lifted her leg, her skirt had slipped up her thigh. She made a weak effort to pull it down again but was too wiped out from the throbbing, titillating thrills that surged though her.

“Stop… ohhhhh, don’t do that any more! Ohhhh, Nate, no!” He was taking her little toe between his teeth now. He was chewing it! Sucking it! Another flood of sex juice spilled into her panties and she rocked her hips. It was an instinctive, hungry movement, something she had no control over.

“You lovely little nymph,” he murmured.

“Nhhhuuhh,” she groaned, wishing she would think straight. What had happened to her will power? Her dress slipped higher on her thighs. She was barely aware of the way her legs had become exposed. But Nate saw. He continued to suck at her toes as he slid a hand over her calf and then patted the soft spot behind one knee.

“Nhhuuuhhh, nhhhaaahh,” Rebecca sighed, putting a trembling hand out. Nate ignored her weak gesture and petted his way up her thigh. She groaned and her hips lurched. It was like she was out of control! She was ashamed and embarrassed. But the most powerful emotion was that of pleasure! She couldn’t make him stop doing those lovely, wet things to her toes!

Nate’s fingers paused for a second at the cotton panties that clung to her upper thigh. Then he petted his way upward until she felt the gentle pressure directly against her cunt! Rebecca grabbed his wrist with both hands. But she had no strength. She couldn’t stop him from touching her, stroking her. And as he stroked, her cunt grew even wetter. He knew how wet she was too! Oh, she felt terrible for allowing him to become so intimate. Rebecca had heard sexy stories from girls at school about letting guys feel them up. Now she knew what getting felt up was really like! And it shamed her to know that she was letting it happen to her.

“Don’t! Ohhhhh, Nate, stop it, please stop it now!”

She wasn’t sure if she meant those words or not. She knew how she should behave and she knew she wasn’t coming up to her aunt’s standards. Not by a long shot. But with Nate’s fingers gouging tenderly at the cotton panel that stretched damply against her young cunt, she couldn’t reason or think.

“Does that aunt of yours make you wear these?” he asked.

“Yes.” Rebecca felt herself blushing. She thought of someone walking by Nate’s car and looking in and she blushed even more.

“How would you like a pair of real silk panties?”

“I couldn’t wear them. Not around my Aunt Lana.” It felt so odd talking about female undergarments while Nate stroked her cunt. What must he think of her? Yet there was only affection and admiration in his eyes.

“Well, I’m going to buy you some nice ones,” he said, bending to kiss her thigh.

“Can I put on my shoe now?”

Nate laughed and shook his head. “You’re even more innocent that I’d hoped. But I guess you can if you want. That is, if you’ll let me kiss your breasts.”

“Mr. Winslow!” she blurted, wanting to disappear. How could he say such things to her? And he didn’t look embarrassed at all. “I really had better get home now, don’t you think?”

“I’d like to show you my apartment first,” he said, shifting back under the wheel. Rebecca didn’t say anything as he started up and left the parking lot. She didn’t want to appear impolite for the kindness he’d shown her. But when they were on their way up to his rooftop apartment, she shivered and backed into the corner of the elevator.

“Just because I’m turned on by you,” Nate said, “don’t think I’m some maniac…” He put out a hand and she took it. “Come on over here and let me put an arm around you.”

The elevator opened directly at Nate’s door and he let them in and flicked on the lights. The lights of town spread below the open balcony, and while Rebecca gazed out into the night Nate poured her a glass of wine. But as soon as they were sitting on the couch together, he started working on her.

“I’ve got to kiss those lovely little breasts of yours,” he whispered, turning a special dial by the end table to dim the lights. Rebecca wiggled backward but came up against the arm of the sofa and stopped. With an easy motion, Nate got both his hands under her skirt, hooked his thumbs in her cotton panties and skinned them off over her bottom. She had her head about her this time and she kicked at him. Nate just knocked her legs aside and tossed the cotton panties across the room.

When she started after them he dragged her down onto his lap. Her skirt was hiked up and he began to rub his fingers gently at the insides of her thighs.

“Ohh, you promised you’d be nice.”

“I am being nice,” he laughed. “If you’d let me show you more, you’d understand just how nice I really want to be.”

“No!” She tried to get up but Nate pulled her by the hips and she flopped across the sofa cushions. Like a hungry lion, he burrowed his head under her skirt. She gave a cry of surprise. She was naked under there and suddenly his face was sliding up between her thighs. Now she knew she should never have trusted him. He’d just been trying to get her to his place so he could take advantage of her. Just like Aunt Lana had warned about men.

“Stop! Ohhh God, stop it now!” Rebecca made an effort to kick at him but Nate used the moment to force her knees wider and then her cries turned to deep moans as she felt his open mouth fit tightly around her young and feverish mound.

At first she froze, her muscles trembling as she held herself rigid against the slow, hot licking. The strokes of his tongue went deep into her crevice as he smeared her clitoris with spit then rubbed it the other way.

“Yeahhhhhh!” she gasped, her fingers fanning out against his shoulders. She was still pushing at him but not with much force. She felt her shoes being slipped off. Then Nate draped her long legs over his shoulders, never pausing for a moment with his mouth. He worked it back and forth against her swelling pubes as her sex honey dripped down like hot rain.

“Whhuuhhhh, ohhhhh God…”

Rebecca knew pleasure. But this thing that Nate was doing to her went beyond mere pleasure. It was like she was floating free of all worry or care. All that seemed to matter was the gentle rub of his lips and tongue against her squishy vulva. And at last she could keep still no longer.

“You!” she groaned, digging her fingers into his hair. “Ohhhh you awful, awful man!” Then her ass plunged as she rubbed her hot cunt up and down against his mouth. Doing this made her feel wrong but it made her body feel so good. She thrust her hips again but immediately felt the guilt and saw her aunt’s face as if it peered down on her terrible sin.

“You must dig it,” Nate breathed, looking up over her heaving belly, “you’re squirming like a snake.”

“I… I can’t help it. It feels so strange!”

“Strange is good,” he said, pushing his mouth down against her cunt again. Her juices flooded hotly and she could tell that Nate’s cheeks must be smeared with the slickness. When she plunged she could feel her throbbing pussy sliding against Nate’s mouth like the surfaces were oiled with butter. The sound of it was slurpy too and she could hear him feasting on her soft, pink parts.

“Ohhh, ohhhh stop! Ohhhh, you’re going to kill me! Ohhh, Nate, this is wrong!”

But struggle as she did, she knew he would never let her up until he was satisfied. She had no idea what pleasure he might be getting from it all. Her own pleasure throbbed more intensely with each passing second.

It started as an itchy tingle, an itch she couldn’t scratch enough. Because the more she rubbed herself against Nate’s hungry mouth, the more intense the tickle became! Now she was being self-conscious. She was writhing under him, humping her ass up and down as he licked wildly at her cunt. Sometimes his tongue even skittered into the crack of her ass.

“Nhhhhh, ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhh!”

It was getting so intense, this pleasure she felt, that she could hardly bear it. She was panting hard. Her eyes wouldn’t focus and she felt a dizziness sweep over her as the tickling in her loins reached up into her belly.

Spit leaked down her thighs and into the crack of her ass. She felt so hot and wet down there! Nate was covering her with spit, his hot tongue never pausing for a second. She dug her heels into his back. She hated herself for the way she was acting. But it was like another person had been set free inside her. She squealed as the itchy pleasure grew intense. Then, as if it had been kept a secret from her until that moment, Rebecca knew she was going to have a climax!

“Oh no! Ohhhh God…”

Aunt Lana had always implied, never dared to say, that ultimate sexual pleasure was somehow wicked, but instead of feeling wicked, Rebecca felt helpless. She wanted to give up, to spread her knees for the hungry man who was eating her pussy. Her legs fell weakly apart, opening her cuntlips completely. With a hot slurp, Nate wallowed harder against her tender pink folds, the juice spilling down his chin.

“Mnnnuuuhhh! Ohhhhh God, ohhhh what’s happening to me?”

“You’re getting your hot little cunt eaten out,” Nate growled, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her thighs. He seemed crazed. Rebecca felt that it was the steamy musk from her open cunt that was helping make him this way. She knew how boys acted after just one kiss. And a friend had told her that once a guy smelled a girl’s cunt juices he was really hard to turn off. With Nate actually eating her, it was no wonder he was behaving like the wolf man.

Her dress was tangled up around her waist as the big man burrowed and licked her young crevice. The muscles in her legs tightened as she felt the pleasure increase. She plunged her hips back and forth, too caught up in the passion of the moment to be ashamed.

“Uhh, ohhh, Nate, you’re going to make me faint! Ohhh, it feels so crazy! I can’t t-t-take it!”

But Nate slid his hands under her quivering ass again, his fingers pressing into each cheek until Rebecca felt helpless. His mouth opened wide as he tried to take her whole mound in one bite. His tongue fluttered back and forth between the swollen, clasping lips. She began to thrust her cunt up and down against his licking, her movements more rhythmic than before. She was raking the itch of total pleasure until it grew like a volcano and she was screaming and pounding his shoulders with, her small fists.

Then she came.

Rebecca hadn’t been ready for it. It wasn’t just a tingle or a burn of something good. It was total release. She soared on a wave of ecstasy as the throbbing pleasure made her squeal and buck around wildly on the divan. Nate’s mouth seemed hotter than ever. Hungrier than ever. It sucked powerfully at her youthful juices and she dug her fingers into his hair to pull him even tighter against her. The sound was shameful. But as she was past caring. Rebecca could only growl like some animal and rub her aching, climaxing cunt against the slippery heat of the strong man’s mouth.

“Uhh, uhhh, uhhh,” she moaned in rhythm to her hunching hips. Nate moved his tongue even faster. She couldn’t get enough and yet felt that if she let him suck and lick her any longer she’d lose her sanity. Then the turbulent sensations peaked and for an instant she lost consciousness. When she found herself still aware of her surroundings she knew that the moment of total excitement had passed and miraculously she was still alive.

Twitching, squirming with breathless little cries gurgling in her throat, Rebecca began to relax. Nate eased his wet caresses, too, as if he knew that too much of a good thing wasn’t any good at all. When he pulled his lips free of her with a smack, Rebecca shivered and sank into the cushions of the couch. She felt total exhaustion. And every nerve seemed drained of its tension. She was panting weakly when she felt Nate’s lips on her cheek.

“Now, aren’t you glad you let me do that?”

“Let you?” she gasped weakly. “I didn’t have any say at all… ohhhh, just let me be. Just leave me alone.”

And he did. When at last she lifted her head and glanced around the room, she found that Nate had pulled her skirt back down to hide her swollen, devoured pussy. But she knew what he’d done before he’d covered her nakedness. Because he held an expensive-looking camera in his hand. Then she remembered the small click she’d heard while drowsing.

“I couldn’t resist it,” he said, giving her an apologetic look. “Please forgive me.”

“You’ve got to destroy that film!” she cried. She felt totally incapable of bearing any more of this. Her new boss had brought her to his apartment, seduced her into carnal acts no self-respecting girl would ever allow. And then he’d taken a picture of her freshly eaten pussy! She got weakly to her feet. He caught her as she almost fell.

“Hey, you’d best better take it easy. I don’t think you’re used to that much action.”

“Just take me home! Please…”

Rebecca didn’t know what she was going to do. But her mind was too confused and full of embarrassing images for her to reason her problem out. All she wanted to do now was sleep.

But as Nate helped her out to his car, she felt her body respond to his warm embrace. Even with the sexual energy drained from her by his hungry, yearning mouth, she still tingled when he hugged her against him. Then they were in the car and he held her, face and kissed her mouth over and over and over again. He kissed her until her small hands crept up his shoulders and then Rebecca was clinging to him, letting him push his tongue between her teeth. She was ashamed. But she kept kissing him, whimpering from the power this man seemed to have over her.



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