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xNovel - Her Husband's Boss


Her Husband's Boss

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“Here, Henry, you sit down right here,” June said with counterfeit sweetness as she seized the handsome magazine editor’s arm and made certain that he was comfortably seated in one of the strategically placed chairs in Max’s office that faced both his empty desk as well as the special mirror on the wall beside it.

It was Friday afternoon, two days since Kathy Cummings had worked her first day in the “Public Relations” department for Alexander Steel, and it was also the day that Max always left work early to fly to his week-end desert home in Palm Springs to be there in time for dinner.

“Mr. Alexander said that he’ll be with you pretty soon. He’d like you to just wait here for him,” June glibly lied.

“Uh…?? Oh yeah, thanks, June,” Henry said with a preoccupied air. He was deeply lost in thought when the brunette tressed beauty slipped out of the room, back into her own office again, the door closing almost soundlessly shut behind her. This whole thing seemed very unusual and had him more than a little worried. The mysterious way that June Stillson, Max’s very own personal assistant, had come down to see Henry yesterday with only the cryptic message that he should keep his Friday afternoon free had left him guessing for all this time about what was going on.

Henry had no doubt that Max wanted to see him about the omission of the big man’s picture in New World Steel but why would he send June down again today just to escort him up to the top floor, leading him into the boss’ office through her own office, instead of through the reception room as usual? The young husband became even more apprehensive as he suddenly remembered that, curiously enough, the chief company executive never saw anyone on Friday afternoons. It just did not make sense, he decided worriedly, and with the anxiousness of a man awaiting the Last Judgment, he withdrew a budget report from his coat pocket and began to figure out what costs he would offer to cut back on when Max Alexander informed him that he was cutting down the magazine budget.


Kathy lay naked on the enormous bed in the next room, draining off the last of the third glass of the licorice-flavored liquid that June had earlier urged her to drink, little realizing what was lying in store for her. After what had happened two days ago with that disgusting little man from the silverware company, or whatever it was, the pretty blonde wife had been almost certain that Max’s “special drink” contained some aphrodisiac qualities, or she would never have had that overwhelming orgasm that she had experienced with the fat, loathsome businessman. As horrified and ashamed as she had felt, it had taken all of her willpower not to actually thank Max when he had awakened her several hours later and announced that she would be free until the next week. It had been such a relief to simply stay at home, delighting in the honest housework that had irritated her so much a few days… a relief, that is, until June had telephoned early this morning with the message that Kathy would have to come to the office this afternoon.

The beautiful young housewife had felt full of dread and self-pity when June had called right after Henry had left for work. Her sense of misgiving had increased even more when she had arrived at the receptionist’s desk a while ago and been hustled off immediately by June to the bedroom, without even seeing Max as she had before. Somehow, the fact that she had not seen the middle-aged executive made Kathy fear that June might be acting on her own authority, perhaps in retaliation for the jealousy that the older woman had obviously felt when she discovered Max with her on the couch in the executive’s office. Still, she did not dare defy June’s stern commands to undress herself and lie down in the bed, and she had been grateful when she had accepted the several drinks offered to her, hoping that they would somehow calm her nerves.

“Christ, it’s about time we got a look at this little blonde you’ve been telling us about, June baby,” a deep masculine voice sounded impatiently as the bedroom door clicked open. “If she’s just half as good as this wild pad of yours, it’ll be better than anything I’ve had since you left the Flaming Cockadoo Club.”

“Hell, yeah! The place just ain’t the same without you, baby,” two other male voices chimed in, causing Kathy’s head to jerk sharply around on the pillow to see the men who were entering the lavish bedroom. Her face gaped open in astonishment as she saw June leading in three completely naked men. By the looks of their bristly unshaven faces, the frightened young girl knew immediately that these three were not business friends of Max and she trembled as she noticed their devouring eyes flicker in open appreciation of the delicious feast of her naked body spread out on the bed before them.

“Kathy, my dear, today I’ve brought some of my friends to be entertained,” June’s saccharin-sweet voice murmured as, still completely dressed herself, she led the unsavory-looking trio up to the over-sized bed. “I want you to be as nice to them as you were to Max’s friend the other day. Do anything they want, do you understand?”

“But… but I work for Max,” Kathy protested feebly, her big beautiful eyes wide with real fear now.

“That’s only when he’s here to protect you, kid,” June rejoined smoothly. “And by the way, this room has been completely sound-proofed, so feel free to struggle and make as much noise as you like. You certainly won’t bother anybody.”

The stunning older woman cast one last cruelly triumphant smile toward the cowering naked girl and then moved gracefully out of the room, closing and noisily locking the door behind her.

Kathy’s terrified eyes flew back immediately to the little group next to the bed and as she saw a skinny, hawk-faced man with grey hair separate himself from his companions, moving determinedly toward her, the panicky realization of her dangerous position made her throw one long tapered leg over the edge of the mattress in an effort to escape. She was just on the verge of leaping from the bed when the bony, approximately fifty year-old man reached out with one oily hand and brushed his fingertips lightly over the cringing tips of her full white breasts. She recoiled back against the pillows as an indescribably electrifying shock raced through her voluptuous body, lighting tiny fires on her aphrodisiac heated nerve-ends until she relaxed involuntarily back on the mammoth mattress, helpless against the little pin-pricks of pleasurable sensation tingled over her creamy naked flesh. “Wow, I don’t know what June used to get this chick all heated up like this, but I sure could use some for my old lady,” a stumpy-bodied but powerfully-built blonde man chuckled coarsely from the side of the bed.

“Shit, who cares?” the pimply-faced, redheaded boy beside him barked impatiently. “If Lenny don’t fuck her right away I sure as hell will!”

“Just hold up there, stud,” the older wiry man named Lenny said threateningly as the ruddy-faced adolescent moved forward as if to bulldoze past him to get to Kathy. “Age before beauty, you know, and besides? You’re only here because June didn’t believe the stories she’s heard about your big cock. Now, the senior Flaming Cockadoo Club people get first dibs, you hear?”

Kathy barely heard the boy’s mumbling, abashed reply. She was too involved in trying to comprehend the insane sensations that were now shooting out of control through her tortured nerves. God, not even that first day with Max had started out quite like this — but then suddenly she realized what was happening to her. The drink! She had drunk too much, she knew now, but there was nothing she could do about it as the skinny man again leaned licentiously over the side of the bed and began running his hands over the smooth white curves of her defenseless body. Every inch of her smooth young skin seemed to be throbbing with mind-boggling surges of fiery need and her buttocks began to grind desperately down into the sheets to quench a searing passion that was licking hungrily at her trembling loins.

“Ooooohh,” she breathed tremulously as Lenny’s dirty, uncut fingernails teasingly traveled up the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, digging down between them to boldly touch the rising pink bud of her pulsating clitoris. The sweet burning itch of lust rippled out from the tiny nub, snaking over her now-quivering belly and out into the pinkly throbbing tips of her nipples at the ends of her breasts. An itch that overcame the humiliation and fear of having two strange hands roaming over her nakedness.

The skinny man’s tongue licked nervously over his twitching mouth as small beads of sweat began to form on his upper lip. Most women had always shunned him because of his bony body and frightening face, but this one was acting like she had not had a man in years. She was a beautiful, enticing young blonde and he couldn’t understand why she was already going so wild under the stroking of his fingers, but he hardly cared. If he stopped to figure it out, she might change her mind…

Clambering up onto the mattress, he pushed her gorgeous unresisting thighs wide apart with the palms of his hands and lunged eagerly between their lush white fullness. Kathy was horrified at the joy she felt as the bed squeaked faintly under the added weight of his body, but she could no longer control the workings of her body and mind. The young blonde’s delicious cunt felt like a great burning emptiness that had to be filled before she went insane. Without further thought, she reached down between her body and the hovering stranger’s to guide the thick blood-filled head of his thick, stump-like prick up to the lips of her moistly waiting cunt. Her columnar legs kicked out uncontrollably and her heels curled around his broad hips fiercely as she jerked her starving torso upward, wildly pulling him down to her writhing body. The flaring bulbous cock-head lodged securely between the moist warm lips of her pussy and then a deep groan of wild frustration tumbled from her lips as the lewdly grinning man levered up on his arms with teasing slowness and painstakingly adjusted the angle of his body. Just when it seemed as though she would go mad from the momentary wait, he crashed his loins down between her open thighs, ramming the hard fleshy cock as deep as it would go into her greedily clasping young vagina. His hairy balls slapped heavily against her upthrust buttocks and his sinewy sweating stomach thudded hard against the yielding softness of her nakedly quivering belly.

Still not satisfied, Kathy strained up against him, wrapping her slender fingers around his pillowy ass-cheeks in an effort to pull him deeper into her insanely demanding cuntal passage.

“Deeper! For God’s sake, fuck deeper!” she wailed in desperation.

Above her, the thin, grey-haired man puffed and grunted as he grasped her soft rounded hips and drove his rock-hard prick in to the hilt, but it was not enough to fill her almost inhuman need. She groaned in disappointment, splaying her legs further out over the sides of the bed to give him greater access but all her efforts were futile. It was too short.

As if to compensate for his shortcomings, the panting man rammed his tongue deep into her wide open mouth, drooling his saliva down into her throat. She sucked at it in a wild frenzy, her body caught up in an insane whirlpool of sheer raw lust that she never would have believed existed before this afternoon. She strained her muscles to meet every jerking thrust of his pistoning cock, gasping with pain each time his pelvis smacked against her tender upturned loins with a brutal thud that resounded loudly through-out the room.

Then suddenly her breathing quickened as he started to bring her to a climax with the savage pounding of his body alone. She humped wantonly beneath him, fighting insanely for the peak that was so close, when his short plunging prick abruptly stiffened and began to shoot its white hot cum juice far into the depths of her tortured womb.

Kathy cried out in miserable frustration, then furiously pushed away the now-useless body of the thin, heavily panting man, gasping in anguish as she felt the exhausted deflating penis slip maddeningly from her still-churning thighs. Her own orgasm had been but a moment away and now the fires still raged on within her drugged and frustrated body. She despaired of ever finding relief and threw her arm over her eyes as tears of disappointment streamed down her passion-flaming cheeks. Then, through the haze of her misery, she saw the red-headed youth grinning cockily down at her from the near side of the bed. “Oh, please… please… I need a bigger cock…” she murmured brokenly, her passion driving her beyond the point of caring how she must look or sound. “Oh God, get on top of me and fuck my cunt, please!”

“Shit, yeah, fuck the bitch, Red,” the aquiline man called Lenny said in angry invitation as he climbed exhaustedly from Kathy’s inflamed body and off the bed, his pride injured by the wanton young wife’s expressed dissatisfaction with the size of his prick. Then, to Carl, he added, “Don’t worry, pal, we’ll find some other place for you to put your cock so you won’t have to wait all afternoon.”

“Hell yes,” the teen-ager identified as Red assured the others as he moved hastily onto the bed, “as soon as I ram this cock of mine in her, she won’t know the difference anyhow.”

Through the stupefying haze of her lust, the blonde haired young woman barely heard him speak but was grinding her crotch around frantically below as he moved his hot and ready body up over her young lithe frame. Her fiery gaping pussy searched hungrily upward for the shaft of rigid flesh that would fill its aching need and Kathy gasped in relief as she felt the pressure of the bulging prick-head against the hotly pulsating opening.

The squirming blonde was dimly aware of the others as they whispered lewd, obscenely mocking comments from above her, but she was numbed now to any further humiliation. Nothing was important to her but the blazing tide of lust that was threatening to carry her past the edge of human endurance. Every single muscle in her sexually tensed body was arched toward that thrilling probe between her trembling thighs until suddenly the blotchy-faced boy flicked his hips forward. She felt a sudden sharp stab of pain as something monstrous, something unnaturally huge pressed past the throbbing wet lips of her cunt, stretching the soft resisting flesh almost to the breaking point. Instinctively, her hand darted down behind her upturned buttocks and she gasped in amazement as her fingers encountered the giant pole of flesh that was boring so painfully into the narrow little passageway between her legs. My God, it was huge! The long, thick organ was even bigger than Max Alexander’s giant penis, and she jerked her hand away from the mammoth fleshy staff in a reflexive action of horror. She could never take that thing inside her without its tearing her intestines to shreds! Suddenly the terrified young housewife began to squirm frantically, trying to tear herself away from the sadistically snickering youth and his inhumanely large sex organ.

“Help me hold her down you guys,” the red-headed young man suddenly barked laughingly to the two men beside the bed. “She just got an idea of what’s coming and she ain’t sure she wants it yet.”

“Oh God, it’s too big! You’ll kill me,” she whimpered in fright as she felt their hands reaching from either side of the mattress, taking firm hold of her slender ankles, men brutally levering her feet up off the bed and back over her head until the muscles of her body felt as though they would snap from the cruel strain. Her toes were touching the pillow on either side of her head presenting the whole flat plane of her defenseless hair-covered pussy up to the wildly grinning redhead to plunder at will.

“Aaaaahhh!” Kathy cried out as the youthful boy lunged forward, thrusting his hips harder than before, sinking the cruel fleshy monster into her helplessly straining cunt another agonizing inch. Though she tried desperately to kick her legs free and escape this inhuman, torturing impalement, the ruthlessly imprisoning hands held her tight to the mattress. There was nothing she could do but clench her eyes tightly shut against the hideous pain of his slow, relentless penetration.

Red propped himself up on his hands in the push-up position and flicked forward again, his toothy grin widening as the fleshy rod was buried another excruciating inch into Kathy’s wide-stretched pussy.


He thrust forward again.


Kathy felt hot breath blasting down over her nakedness as the two watchers around the bed crowded in closer, their hungry eyes fixed on the lust-inciting spectacle of this young blonde beauty being hopelessly impaled on the adolescent’s colossal prick. She was dimly aware of hands clawing greedily at her heaving satin-smooth breasts and more hands and fingers crawling hungrily over every part of her flesh until she was certain she was covered with tiny crawling animals trying to enter every opening of her body. She began to sob hysterically, tears welling in great gushes from her pain-blinded eyes.

“Aw, let the little cunt have it all,” Lenny muttered vengefully from somewhere above her.

Obeying the older man’s command, Red pressed forward with a sudden crushing lurch that plowed the giant long cock deep into Kathy’s tight still-resisting passageway, pressing great waves of her pink soft flesh rippling before it. The cringing young wife quaked convulsively as the gigantic fleshy prick burrowed relentlessly up and up into her belly, forcing her inner organs to each side of its battering path, smashing anything that resisted its entry. It felt as though it were about to come out of her throat and her mouth if it didn’t stop soon. It was tearing the soul from her agony-wracked body and was devouring it in great gulps of depraved sensuality.

Suddenly, with a bone-shaking jolt, the grunting youth’s pelvis crashed resoundingly against the wide-split crevice of Kathy’s upturned ass and his balls slammed wetly down against the tiny puckered hole of her flinching anus.

The huge thick cock was buried to the hilt inside her helplessly quivering cunt!

The insolently grinning boy hovered motionless above her until the impaled beauty’s pain-contorted face began to gradually relax, her tightly-clenched teeth opening in loose surprise as her painfully-stretched inner flesh slowly grew accustomed to the fantastic inhuman intrusion. The leering red-headed boy flexed the giant head of his prick deep inside her soft white belly bringing another groan of agonized protest from her trembling lips. He flexed again, then again, grinning more wickedly as he heard her pleading groans grow softer and softer as her hot moist channel stretched and dilated around the heavily-veined thickness of his gigantic pulsating spear of flesh. He began a slow gyrating motion with his pelvis, then, grinding his colossal prick into her defenseless vagina, straining the still-cringing walls outward until the long, invading prick fit snugly up into her wide-stretched little belly like a sword in its sheath.

June’s two other friends leered down to peer lustfully at the incredible sight of the enormously buried cock, amazed that the tight tiny hole they had seen between the young blonde’s thighs before could have swallowed the whole length of it. Again, Kathy felt hands searching feverishly over the glistening twin moons of her ass-cheeks and she felt inquisitive fingers pulling cruelly at the fleshy fuzz covered lips that clamped so tightly around the huge, completely embedded prick.

She winced as she suddenly felt an anonymous fingertip probe under the heavy dangling balls pressed into her tiny wrinkled anus, flicking teasingly at it like a wild, unrelenting tongue. She stiffened when it paused and then suddenly popped through the tight surrounding nether ring, worming deeply into the tender spongy flesh inside. It moved slowly around, expanding the tiny opening until the very palm of the intruding hand pressed, flat and hard against her rounded straining buttocks, the whole finger buried securely within the dry throbbing tunnel.

Kneeling over her helplessly doubled body the spotty-faced youth suddenly grunted impatiently and began a slow painful fucking motion in and out of Kathy’s moist, wide-stretched pussy. Grinning triumphantly above her, he used long, lunging strokes, thrusting forward mercilessly from the outmost crest of his withdrawal to slam her anguished young body deep into the mattress with every brutal stroke forward. The thick middle finger sunk in her asshole united with the massive, slow-drubbing prick as a rhythmic fucking team that brought groans of pain and yet, at the same time, gasps of ecstasy tumbling from her lips in cadence with the double invasion. The torturous pain was now miraculously fading and an odd sensation of tingling pleasure began to mingle with the glorious sheers of rapturous feeling in her cunt below, building up to form a strange masochistic excitement until she was lost in an endless soaring flight of exquisite sensation.

The muscles of her body began to flex in an unconscious rhythm with the cock and finger fucking into her vagina and wide-stretched little anus, starting her hips gyrating with ever-increasing speed to match the movements of the young brute above her. Unidentified hands still seemed to be reaching from everywhere to pinch and knead at her soft, white skin, driving the lovely blonde’s sexually intoxicated body to greater heights of drug-induced ecstasy.

“Oh, yes… fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted, squirming her sweating body to meet the crawling hands and fingers that clutched at her flushed and tingling flesh. Her eyes flickered open and she gazed around her in blurred ecstasy. Her shifting gaze moved back and forth between the two strangers bending over the bed, stroking their own rampant cocks in time to the monstrous prick fucking into her moist, wide-split cunt and the strange finger ramming ceaselessly into her now eagerly clenching rectum. She was a prisoner, a captive in this glorious land of cocks, a helpless prisoner to this beautiful ravishment of her cunt and asshole, pinioned between their battering slamming strokes like a trapped animal.

“Oh God, don’t stop, don’t ever stop! Fuck me, fuck me!” she crooned huskily into the air, rotating her upturned ass faster and faster to keep up with the two pistons of penis and finger pummeling into her like tireless fucking machines. Her entire being was centered in her loins and nothing else mattered now just the surging exciting reality of the hard, palpitating flesh ramming into her hotly steaming young vaginal furrow.

Suddenly there was a new movement in the bed, another weight pressing down the mattress beside her head and, from somewhere above her, she heard a man’s voice say, “Hey, Red, flip her over so I can fuck her mouth while she’s hot!”

Kathy was too dazed from the force of her sexual frenzy to do anything but cry out in feeble objection when the rampaging cock was suddenly withdrawn from her wide stretched pussy. She no longer struggled against the eager hands that rolled her squirming body over on the sweat and cum-soaked sheets until she was resting flat on her stomach.

“Get up on your knees, bitch,” she heard a faraway voice command her, but before she could move, the other two impatient men had grabbed her smooth white hips and jerked her to her knees. She swayed for a moment as she knelt there on all fours, her dazed brain reeling with the effort of keeping her captive body erect as they placed her in the lewdly open kneeling position. She smiled hazily and groaned as she felt the boy’s huge pulsing cock once again wedging tightly between her open legs. Unconsciously, she waved the wide stretched moons of her buttocks back at the young man and felt the huge blunt tip pressing against the now wetly flooded slit of her hungrily waiting cunt. With a loud grunt, the boy lunged forward into her, brutally skewering into her kneeling body with his short blunt prick and causing her to jump forward, her eyes round and bulging in surprise at the sudden entry.

Then, “Oh, no!” she cried soundlessly as she saw a thick, towering length of cock throbbing heavily before her eyes. She gazed at it for a moment, lost in morbid fascination over its primitive appearance, the pulsing purple veins cording its wide underside and the brittle forest of blonde pubic hair that curled around its base. She knew it must belong to the third man, Carl, and she closed her tear-filled eyes tightly shut when she saw the looming shaft of flesh move forward to within two inches of her wet, lipstick-rimmed lips. Then she felt strange fingers fumbling with her mouth, trying to force her jaws wide. She felt a spongy wet knob of rubbery flesh pressing against her lips.

“Please, please don’t,” she mumbled piteously between tightly clenched teeth. But the stocky blonde man placed the flat of his hand against her forehead pushing it back, and with the other hand was trying to force the wide fanning head of his excitedly oozing cock between the lushness of her lipstick-rimmed lips. She felt horror and revulsion and tried to shake her head away, but it was useless. The determined Carl’s strength was too great and he held her so that she could not move her head even an inch. She could only clench her teeth and lips together as tightly as she could and try to keep the vile rod of throbbing flesh from entering her helplessly vulnerable mouth. But, he would not be denied his pleasure, not when both of his buddies had already been enjoying her gorgeous young body. The excitedly perspiring man increased the pressure until Kathy felt as though her cock bruised lips were being pushed back through the sharpness of her own teeth. She heard him groan and push against the plush softness, feeling her jaw muscles give and part, tiny bit by bit, until suddenly he gave an extra hard lunge and crushed through the moist, soft opening into the velvety warmth of her mouth. She could feel the incredible hugeness slither back over her tongue, filling her cheeks until she was certain she would gag and choke on the hard fleshy thickness. She struggled against this obscene rape of her mouth but felt the boy named, Red, fucking into her from behind, viciously into her already twice fucked cunt, ramming her forward until the thick pole of flesh imbedded in her face disappeared deeper between her widely ovaled lips and wedged back hotly into the narrow channel of her expanded throat.

Her shame and humiliation returned anew as she felt her upraised buttocks being swept even wider apart by the thick long penis fucking into her defenselessly exposed pussy. Then, suddenly, it began to ram wildly against her with a vengeance and frantic growing abandon, and she could sense the men’s hands working at her full milky breasts and moving insultingly down the split of her ass-cheeks to the tiny puckered hole of her anus. Carl, in his excited state of animal lust, fucked his big cock back and forth between her roundly distended lips as he clamped one hand vice-like behind her slavishly bent head. The two lust crazed animals quickened and paced their thrusts into her to match each other’s lewdly timed fucking rhythm. Kathy kept her eyes closed, still, and felt numb to the world around her. Her tortured mind closed out the reality of the beasts slaving at both ends of her delectable young body and she barely noticed Red, behind her, momentarily slowed down his fucking into her helplessly spread loins.

“Hey, Lenny, you’d better throw that switch by the mirror, like June said,” the young boy called out hoarsely to the one man who was still free to move around the room.



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