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xNovel - Her Husband's Boss


Her Husband's Boss

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Kathy Cummings’ pixy-like face was alight with wonder as Max Alexander ushered her and Henry into his huge house the following Sunday night. Even though the address of the Alexander family mansion had suggested that it would be imposingly grandiose, the awe-struck young blonde had not expected the sprawling house to be quite so magnificently appointed and comfortable. Built in the old California-Spanish style of the mid-eighteenth century, the stark-white walls and red-tiled floors were the perfect setting for the gay, colorful modern furniture and paintings that Max preferred. The sleekly-dressed, obviously sophisticated people milling from room to room in the lavishly-adorned house seemed just as carefully chosen for decoration as the furniture. Kathy was still not certain just why she and Henry had to go to this cocktail party, especially after all they had been through with Max in the last traumatic week, but Henry had been adamant, ignoring her mild protestations about the propriety of the whole thing. From the way most of the men and women were already paired off, drinking and chatting amiably around the generously-stocked bar and buffet table, the young blonde sensed that all the guests knew each other very well and she felt uncomfortably awkward and out-of-place as she followed her husband meekly to the bar.

Surrounded now by all these elegantly-attired strangers, Kathy wished fervently she could look to her sullen husband for companionship and support but since Friday afternoon, he had been as cold and distant as a stranger. Not that she had worried very much about his cruel, indifferent attitude toward the humiliation she had endured for the sake of their marriage; no, she had decided on the ride home from the Alexander Building that painful afternoon that he would have to learn to push aside his hurt pride or simply call off the marriage, no matter how much it would hurt them both. As a matter of fact, today she had almost reached the point where she was looking forward to the promising evening here at Max’s, if only to have break from the stony, resentful silence that filled their modest home. Even though she was perfectly willing to take her share of the blame for what had happened she was growing weary of Henry’s undoubting assumption that everything that ever had or would go wrong with their marriage was due to her innumerable shortcomings. In fact, even if he did finally recover from his anger and shock, she had a strange feeling that she would never be able to really forgive him for the way he had been treating her.

Something radical had happened to their relationship Friday afternoon in the company president’s office and nothing would ever be the same again. It was just that Kathy had stopped looking to her self-righteous young husband for the kindness and understanding she had always assumed were basic elements in marriage. She was ready now to admit the cold truth that she had actually enjoyed having sex with Max, with his pudgy little business associate, and yes, even with those three sadistic friends of June Stillson! One terrifying week of blackmail and illicit sex had changed her into something else than a simple innocent wife, someone wild and free, almost strange. For the first time, she understood that sex was not just a part of love, but a rewarding thing all by itself. Yet, how would she ever share this newfound knowledge with her sulking resentful husband?

The worst part of it, the thing she could not quite admit, not even to herself, was that she was not sure she would be satisfied with any one man again. She had experienced as much, and more sheer sexual fulfillment in the arms of complete strangers than she had ever felt with the husband she did truly love.

“I’m Will Corbin. Welcome to the club,” a friendly masculine voice suddenly invaded her thoughts.

Kathy looked up in surprise and saw an extraordinarily good-looking man standing next to her. “Thank you,” she smiled sweetly, then asked in puzzlement, “What club?”

“Oh, that’s what we old-timers call the swap group,” he explained genially. “You too should be an old-timer by the time you go home tonight,” he laughed and amended, “after the initiation ceremony I hear old Max has cooked up for you.”

“Oh, yes, of course,” the baffled blonde managed to reply as her mind worked frantically in an effort to understand what the stranger really meant. Did Henry know, she wondered, or were they both just dupes again in another one of Max’s sadistic sex games.

Quickly collecting her wits, she fluttered her eyelashes up at the man and murmured, “I certainly hope I’ll see you later, but now I have to go find my husband. I think he has my cigarettes.”

Before the attractive well-dressed man had time to offer her one from his pack, Kathy moved quickly away, then scanned the room frantically for some sign of Henry. To her relief, she spotted him almost at once, talking to a sparkling covey of expensively-attired women in a far corner of the room. Moving closer, she signaled him to come away for a moment and, after throwing her a look of utter disgust, he finally disengaged himself from the group and walked reluctantly over to where she stood waiting by the bar.

“Well, what does my darling little wife want?” he inquired with the same sneering courtesy he had used with her for the last two days.

Kathy chose her words carefully, determined to find out exactly how much Henry knew about what was planned for that evening. Assuming the most sweet and docile expression she knew how, the fresh-faced young wife humbly murmured, “Darling, I know that you’d just like to be rid of me for an evening — and believe me, I understand, I really do. I was thinking that you’d probably have a lot more fun if I just made an excuse and went on home. I’ll take a cab.”

Henry stared down at her in astonishment, his sullen anger of the past few days almost melting at his lovely wife’s sudden change of attitude. For just a moment, he was tempted to put his arms around her lovingly and say they would now go home. Actually, he was also a little intimidated by the size of the party Max had arranged for Kathy’s “lesson”. But then, just as quickly, his keen smoldering resentment returned, much too deep and painful to be assuaged by any momentary sweetness on the part of this treacherous little slut of a wife. His memory of her naked body writhing shamelessly between those two strangers’ hard pistoning cocks was still too clear in his mind to be erased by anything rational she might say now. He wanted the vengeance that Max had promised him and she wasn’t going to cheat him out of it.

“No! Stay here, Kathy,” he said with more vehemence than he had intended. Instantly softening his tone, he went on: “There are important people here tonight who might help advance my career. I don’t want to edit New World Steel for the rest of my life, you know. Now, dammit, get out there and circulate, unless you really want to be a stone around my neck.”

Without even replying, Kathy pivoted away from him and walked casually off, only her narrowing eyes showing her true feelings. His biting words had not actually affected her and she had heard only what she had been listening for in his words. There was no doubt in her mind now that Henry was in on the planned “initiation” and she had every intention of giving her husband exactly what he wanted… in spades. If Max and Henry had dreamt up any way to further humiliate and hurt her, more than they had already, they had a lot more imagination and gall than she gave them credit for.

“Excuse me, but your name is Kathy Cummings, isn’t it?”

The distractingly beautiful girl recognized the male voice this time and smiled buoyantly up at Will Corbin, the handsome man who had tipped her off a few minutes earlier to what must be her own husband’s spiteful scheme, “Yes, I certainly am,” she said sunnily, wrinkling her nose cutely as she beamed warmly at him.

“How nice to find a friend among all these strangers.”

“Well, I don’t know how to say this, but I just found out that you’re not supposed to know about what’s happening tonight,” he said with a little shrugging grimace. “Do you think you could manage to act surprised when whatever happens, happens? I’d hate to ruin everyone’s fun for the evening.”

“Don’t worry about a thing,” Kathy said conspiratorially, winking as she hooked her hand around his arm. “As a matter of fact, I have a bit more experience in this sort of thing than the people here think.”

A few minutes later, as the guests began to drift out onto the huge patio that constituted the heart of Max’s house, the voluptuous girl was not in the least surprised when two men approached her and quickly began to lead her to the far end of the immense grassy enclosure beyond the myriad of cushions spread on the ground for a purpose that was now readily apparent to her. Laughing and conversing gaily with her companions, she gave the appearance of not noticing as they guided her up to a tiny raised platform built up against the wall of the house. Willingly stepping behind the blue velvet curtain that shielded most of the stage-like balcony from the view of the many people in the large patio, she teasingly rubbed her body against the two men and did not object as they eagerly began to disrobe her. They were obviously relieved at her lack of resistance as well as damned excited by her passionate wrigglings as they teased and stroked her body, moving her steadily backwards toward a velvet-covered bed placed in the center of the platform.

It was all pretty much as she had anticipated, after her talk with Henry, and she smiled with irony to herself as she heard the excited conversation beyond the stage curtain fade into stillness and Max’s voice boom out broadly to fill the night air: “Friends, we have a nice little surprise in our entertainment schedule tonight and, as I’m sure the word has already gotten around, I won’t elaborate. Let’s bring on our old friend, Caesar, okay…”

Seated on the ground below the platform, Henry smiled with vindictive glee as he saw one of Max’s obedient servants come out of the house with a huge, black German Shepherd dog straining at the end of a short leash. If anything would ever teach Kathy a lesson, by God, this was it, he thought bitterly, and he could hardly wait to see the cheating little bitch’s face when she first realized what was going to happen to her. He didn’t even mind now, now that the whole thing was going to take place in front of Max Alexander’s little orgy club, even though he had to admit that the idea had disturbed him a little at first when one of the women he had met earlier that evening had casually divulged the actual function of the group. Hell, he thought, doing it in public would embarrass Kathy even more completely, and besides, eyeing the two gorgeous women who had apparently attached themselves to him for the duration of the show, it was the perfect opportunity for him to get a little “strange stuff” on the side, just as his wife had been doing lately behind his back.

The curtain on the stage was drawn slowly open and the audience gasped in approval as they saw the naked young Kathy seated on the stage bed, her large eyes already glassed over with anticipatory passion as two naked men brazenly ran their hands expertly over the most sensitive secret parts of her body. Henry saw the ferocious-looking dog jump up on the platform, his deep warning growls scaring the two naked stage assistants off the platform before he lumbered closer to the bed to press her knees apart with his nose and sniff automatically at the thin hair-covered slit between Kathy’s slightly open thighs. As quickly as the men’s hands left her body, the shapely young woman had become aware of the awesome, monstrous animal near her and smiling shallowly with the first traces of fear as she reached down to pat its great head, she made the beginning of a movement to close her legs and ease them cautiously away from the huge beast. Suddenly her eyes jerked wide open in real terror as the giant German Shepherd growled even more menacingly, causing her to freeze in the position in which the men had left her, leaning back on the velvet coverlet, her soft white thighs still spread wide apart. It was impossible for her to move without bringing another vicious snarl from the dog, Caesar.

“Mmmmm, he really likes her cunt,” a voice rose loudly from the audience, followed by a flurry of ribald laughter and sporadic applause. Even in his determination to have his vengeance, Henry could not help but shiver slightly when the huge black-furred animal moved a step closer to his defenseless young wife on the lighted stage before him. His first natural impulse was to leap up and go to her rescue as he had planned to do eventually, but for some strange reason — one he could not understand — he decided to wait. The very helplessness of his beautiful innocent-looking Kathy leaning back on the bed in front of all these people, shaking with fear before the snarling dog, was sadistically fascinating to him. He could not even turn away his solidly-riveted eyes from the sight. The lewd thought of the giant German Shepherd raping his naked and defenseless wife, right in front of him and all these other people sent shivers of wicked excitement tingling through him. And besides, the little whore deserved anything that might happen to her now, he excitedly rationalized as he reached out to squeeze the expensively-clad shape of one of the women beside him.

His thoughts were quickly jerked back to the scene from which his eyes had not yet wavered. The monstrous dog had lowered his head to his terrified wife’s soft, hair-covered loins and began to sniff in earnest interest. His brushy tail wagged in evidence of his excitement as though he had finally found the best mating partner of his canine life. Despite her firm resolution to “show” her husband, Kathy moaned in fright as Caesar’s cold nose suddenly made shocking contact with her tiny bud-like clitoris. She tensed as his saliva dripping tongue snaked out and licked wetly up and down the thinly fringed crevice between her thighs, the tip burrowing slightly into the wetness of her vaginal slit. For a moment, she tried to squirm away but Caesar raised his head and growled again, then began to greedily lap at the narrow pinkness of the delectable fleshy feast. He ran his tongue hotly up the full length of it, from the tightly-closed anal opening up over the fluted pink ridges of her pussy until it grazed the tiny nub of her clitoris at the top of her pubic mound. His great tongue spread through the silky softness of the hair-covered swelling like a knife through soft butter. It flicked relentlessly between the young silken haired girl’s widespread legs, pausing sometimes to curl its way deep inside her. She winced automatically, squirming under the hot wet onslaught of the fleshy member lapping and goring her cunt.

Holy Jesus, the wanton cheating bitch was actually moaning as though she liked it! At first, Henry thought his ears were betraying him but gradually he realized that the frightened sounds of before were slowly changing to soft subservient mewls of pleasure, almost inaudible above the gentle rustle of clothes being discarded throughout the audience. Not wanting to seem square to the swinging group around him, the handsome young husband began to fumble with the buttons of his shirt, but still he could not take his eyes from the unbelievable sight on the stage before him. He shuddered with forbidden excitement as he saw more and more of a change coming over his wife and the rest of the audience as he watched breathlessly. Kathy was apparently oblivious to the dozens of people watching her lewd sexual display. She was totally immersed in her own pleasure, her voluptuously naked body writhing as the saliva thickened animal tongue licked slitheringly and hotly between her helplessly trembling legs. He saw her raise her hands to hold them aloft for a moment, as though in indecision, and then drop them back down again to the sexually excited beast’s head.

Closing her eyes to the brilliant lights that flooded the platform, she grasped the dog’s ears and with a deep animal sound of her own, bent her smooth white legs, lifting them upward until her feet were resting on the velvet coverlet and the softly curved moons of her cream-white buttocks were hanging out slightly over the edge of the bed. She pulled his pointed nose forward into her hungrily moistened pussy. His long pink tongue thrust up the moist passageway like an attacking lizard, ravishing her now nakedly grinding loins without mercy. Whines and wild incoherent groans streamed from her lips, pleading and encouraging the dumb animal who was salivating so freely between her writhing white buttocks. The aroused dog worked like the savage creature he was, driven by the rutting lust of the wild in him. Below, Kathy’s husband watched his wife’s milky-white flesh quiver as the lust-maddened animal lapped wildly at the teasingly open slit. This perverted stimulation was driving her insane and she squirmed forward so that the snake-like thickness of his tongue could give her greater and greater pleasure. She was willingly now rotating her naked white buttocks up against the animal’s hotly burrowing snout, seeming to drown in the weirdness of the obscene unnatural act. The slavering dog lifted his head from her moist cuntal opening then, the impassioned young wife cried out in disappointment. My God, she was actually pleading out for more of the horrible, debasing excitement as though the very last of her natural resistance had vanished under the tortured licking of the huge German Shepherd’s tongue. She was enslaved by the huge animal panting over her, her helplessly quivering body spread-eagled under him as he reared up between her open thighs to place his forepaws on the softness of her breasts, his weight forcing her torso down to the mattress. Henry thought he would pass out from sheer shock as he saw his lust-crazed young wife reach forward under the dog with one hand to touch the thinly covered sheath that enclosed his hidden penis. His heart beat crazily as he watched her take hold of the soft skinned sheath and begin to milk it, first gently and then with increasing urgency. She seemed to flinch in fear when Caesar began to respond, his natural desire flaming up and jerking his muscles to greater life. Seemingly unaware of the many impassioned eyes trained on her perfect body, she labored steadily, carefully, gasping for breath as she squirmed back against the velvet bedcover, pushing the wet swollen lips of her cunt down hard in a useless attempt to soothe the tingling excitement growing more and more excruciating down in her defenselessly exposed loins.

From his choice position in front of the little platform, Henry observed a bizarre look of almost masochistic pleasure light his sex-hungry wife’s eyes as the glistening red penis slipped out from the dog’s fur-covered foreskin, dancing and jerking lewdly in her hand as Caesar began to make excited little humping movements and squirt tiny premature jets of clear, animal-like semen on the sparse blonde pubic hair up between her widespread legs. The young husband saw his depraved young wife sob with desire as she clenched her eyes tightly shut and thrust her smoothly rounded buttocks obscenely upward.

It was a desperate attempt to capture the steadily lengthening shaft with the hotly pulsing lips of her now more hungrily grasping cunt. What the massive dog wanted was plain to see — and the beautiful blonde wanted it too, her white globular ass cheeks lifting of their own volition and spreading themselves wide apart to his animal desire. The brutish creature’s long hot tongue had lashed her into servile surrender, crushing her resistance and pride with its unmerciful and unyielding attack on her softly sensitive vaginal crevice until she no longer cared what kind of spectacle she was making of herself in front of her own husband and this lewdly aroused crowd of complete strangers.

The shining scarlet penis had slipped all the way out of its furry casing, dripping steadily from the tapered tip, dancing in the young girl’s eagerly waiting cuntal crevice as the huge dog jerked nervously with the anticipation of sinking the thick shaft into her helplessly spread body. Henry saw his passionately writhing young wife continue to grind her cunt toward the long throbbing dog prick like a female bitch in heat and the very thought of his own Kathy actually wanting to be fucked by this brute of a dog sent another electric chill of unwanted sensation through his loins. His own heart was starting to pound like a tom-tom and he frantically tore the rest of his clothes off, tossing them aside just as the sharp tip of Caesar’s cock began to jab rhythmically between his wife’s eagerly spread legs, trying to enter her, missing again and again and even prodding accidentally down against her tiny cringing anus once or twice.

The slender, wide-eyed editor saw his blonde bride of less than a year wince and tense, jerking in an attempt to evade the bending, up-slipping prod in sudden, second thought fright, but the dog returned immediately to the attack after having had his first taste of success. Henry held his breath as he sat watching the huge dog bucking hard against his moaning wife, attempting to skewer her on the shiny head of the ever-lengthening tower of long, dripping animal penis. At last, in desperation, Kathy shamelessly grasped the dog’s rigid prick with one hand as with the fingers of the other she parted the thin hair-lined lips of her vagina, holding her mouth open in a widely ovaled “O” as the giant German Shepherd jerked forward and suddenly buried his huge penis deep up into the moistly waiting mouth between her legs.

“Ooooohh! Aaaaahhh, yeeeeesssss!” The whole patio was filled with her moans of wild abandonment as Caesar humped more heavily forward and sank the full length of his lust-hardened animal cock mercilessly up into her quivering belly. The thick cock raced in, in, in, deep into the squirming girl’s voraciously clasping cunt, filling her completely with its scarlet driving length. Henry’s eyes bulged out in disbelief as he watched the lewd thing slither forward with a wet rush until it was in her all the way up to the hilt, its very roots straining out of the hairy sheath, the sperm-swollen balls finally thumping wetly against the upturned cheeks of her firm white buttocks. Further moans of relief came from Kathy’s lips, her lovely young face contorting under the lights in a lewd smile of ecstasy as she began to rhythmically rotate her hips to meet the heavy thrusts of the excitedly panting dog. Even as the beast’s forelegs pinned her flat down on her back to the bed, she began to undulate the cream-white cheeks of her ass upwards, abandoning herself completely to the delicious animal fucking she was receiving in front of Max Alexander’s whole sex group. Her glazed brown eyes were opened wide in rapturous wantonness and her large firm breasts danced and bounced in little quivering motions as the dog pounded his poker-hot thickness into her eagerly accepting cunt.

The flabbergasted young husband shifted his gaze a little and was astonished even more for a moment at the sight of naked people passionately making love on the grass all around him. For the first time he realized that his own penis was throbbingly erect and that the beautiful naked woman to his right was caressing it hungrily as she gazed enviously toward the stage.

The filthy, fucking bitch, the Goddamned whore, she loves it! Henry repeated over and over to himself. His own sweet little wife was actually loving the lewd bestial act she was committing here, in front of all these naked people, who were so worked up by the sight of the unnatural act being performed so wantonly before their very eyes that they had completely lost control of themselves!

Christ, people whispered, Max had outdone himself this time. Henry could not believe it… it was impossible… and yet his breath, too, was coming in tight, quick gasps and his heart was pounding fiercely. The burning sensation in his slim, tensed loins grew with maddening intensity with every moment he watched his innocent young wife being fucked half to death by the hotly slavering dog. The brown-haired young man was beginning to perspire in the warm night air and his mind whirled as he fought against the strange stirrings of desire in his virile young body from the sight of his own wife being brutally violated by the huge German Shepherd. But even then the lewd spectacle sent another chill of pleasurable feeling coursing through his loins and he could now sense the seeping wetness of his semen at the end of his involuntarily hardening prick, lubricating the cool female fingers that were skillfully massaging him into greater and greater hardness.

Then, suddenly in the midst of his reverie, a piercing scream rang out unexpectedly from the stage and Kathy’s loins rammed up against Caesar’s furry belly just as he lurched forward and his scarlet cock began to jerk out its hot sticky load of sperm in hard jet-like spurts far up inside her animal-ravaged young pussy. The passion-crazed young woman’s buttocks began to pitch and toss crazily, signaling her own orgasmic upheaval deep in her quivering white belly. Thick white liquid oozed from the tightness of her vagina where it clasped and sucked at the hotly erupting prick, soaking her backside and the crevice between her wildly jerking legs as she groaned loudly and humped her open vagina forward to drive the heavily panting dog’s cock deep into her stomach for the last time. The still-spewing length of red hardness lay buried completely up inside her for another long, passion-filled second as Caesar whined and shuddered, his lower body jolting helplessly forward as the last dregs of his warmly spurting animal sperm splashed wetly back against the lusciously beautiful girl’s hungrily sucking womb.

Great raucous waves of appreciative applause began to surge through the patio even before the blue velvet curtain had finished being drawn across the stage. The hand-clapping quickly ceased as the guests regained interest in their own naturally lewd preoccupations. After everyone seemed to be lost in sexual involvement once again, Henry rose from his seat, good-naturedly squeezing the naked breast of the girl beside him before he walked away.

As he slowly mounted the stage stairs, his thoughts were a mixture of anger and pride at his passionate young wife’s lewd, unnatural performance. According to all the rules of conduct he had ever known, he had always assumed that an unfaithful wife was a bad and wicked woman. Now, though, he did not know what to think because his own male cock was harder than he ever remembered it being — all because of what he had just witnessed.

Behind the curtain it was dark but still he could barely make out Kathy’s beautiful violated body lying sprawled across the bed, the lewd white dog-sperm still glistening on her nakedly trembling thigh where the animal’s withdrawing prick had smeared it.

“Henry…” He heard Kathy’s voice as she weakly lifted her head from the velvet coverlet.

“Don’t say anything, bitch,” he snarled, searching his brain for some significant way to show her that it was him, not the dog or Maxwell Alexander or anyone else who had the right to her perfect young body. His eyes glinted coldly in the dim light as he snapped out, “Turn over, you little cunt, and kneel up. Now it’s my turn for some of that community pussy of yours!”

Kathy obeyed wearily, too exhausted emotionally and physically by her ordeal with the dog to resist. She had been just as shocked as Henry or anyone, when her body had begun to respond to the ferocious animal and now she did not know what to think about herself. Perhaps it was true that she was nothing but a dirty whore, a slut who would “take on” even a dog. She wanted nothing more than to be punished by the only man she had ever truly loved, her husband Henry. She rolled wearily over and pulled her knees up under her, against her belly, until her smooth white buttocks rose high up in the air.

“You’re mine, you little bitch,” Henry hissed as he crawled up on the bed behind her and suddenly pried apart her naked ass cheeks with both hands. Moistening one finger in the wetness of the dog-sperm still trickling lewdly from her pussy, he moistened the cringing little nether ring of her anus and then pushed his finger in with a cruel hard thrust that sank it deep up inside. “Just to show you who’s boss around here, I’m going to fuck you in the ass, you hear, right here in your ass,” he mumbled punctuating his words with small jabs and rotations of his finger imbedded deep in her tightly-clenching little anal hole.

Below him, Kathy pressed her lust-scented face into the mattress to keep from crying out from horror and the discomfort of what he was doing. It was certainly less than she deserved, she reminded herself, but she had no right to protest at anything her husband might do to her now, not after the ghastly thing she had done with that dog tonight. Through the haze of her misery, she felt Henry stretching the smooth white orbs of her nakedly trembling buttocks cruelly away from each other until cool rushes of air wafted against the hot valley between her open legs. Tears of fright and shame soaked the velvet bedcover as she realized that her own husband was really going to sink his long hard cock deep into her tight, tiny rectum in a somehow even more unnatural act of lust than the one she had just experienced.

The frightened blonde wife was aware of the tiny ring of her anal flesh throbbing in abject defenselessness as Henry rose to his knees behind her. No matter how terrible it would be, she was determined to be as brave as she could and accept the just punishment for her lewd actions a few moments ago on the stage. She gasped fearfully as she felt Henry’s thick rubbery cock-head press hard into the moist naked split of her ass. She swallowed a scream of pitiful anguish as he lunged forward with a loud grunt, forcing the knobby tip of his hard throbbing prick into the rubbery confines of her tightly-resisting anal passage.

Mustering courage she never knew she had, Kathy gritted her teeth bravely and thrust her slavishly upraised buttocks back toward him, her brown eyes gaping wide-open in agony as she felt the blunt intrusion of her husband’s rock-hard cock sliding into her virginal backside until at last, the coarse hair of his groin grazed teasingly into the youthful white orbs of her warmly rounded buttocks. His rapidly-beating prick was suddenly buried in her unused, innocent young rectum all the way to the hilt!

As Henry felt the velvety, tightly clinging skin of her back-passage stretched warmly over his deeply imbedded cock, he began to fuck in and out of her satiny rectum with greater enthusiasm, his trim pelvis smacking sharply in heavy buttock-flattening strokes against his moaning wife’s softly quivering ass cheeks. Then, as he began to realize that she was not struggling against him, but actually fucking back with the tightly clenching tunnel of her rectum and meeting his every thrust, he felt his anger begin to melt… perhaps for good. Despite everything that had happened in the last week, he knew that he would never love anyone the way he loved Kathy now and what other woman would allow her husband to use her body so cruelly without even a whimper? he asked himself.

“Am I hurting you, honey?” he whispered gently, slowing his excited strokes into her now eagerly clinging rectum.

The pain had faded and Kathy smiled to herself as she heard the surprising solicitude in her husband’s loving tone.

“Can you ever trust me again?” she gasped out through the pleasure that was building higher during every minute of their weird new sex partnership. “And do you really love me?” she asked timorously.

“Does it feel like I love you?” he groaned as he ground his lust-hardened cock deep into the sensitive depths of her excitedly clinging rectal passage. Reaching down beneath her nakedly writhing belly to rub his fingers tantalizingly over her hard, erected clitoris, he felt his hand grow sticky with the warm fluids still oozing from her ravaged, still wide-stretched pussy. “I even love you with dog cum and all up in you,” he finally admitted with a kind of smile in his voice.

“Then you can’t hurt me, darling,” Kathy said, laughing aloud in pure joyous relief at his warm words. As if to underline her statement, she drove her voluptuous young ivory loins back toward her husband’s welcome cock, gasping with delight as it reamed farther and farther up into the depths of her hotly absorbing belly. She knew now that his approval was all she had ever needed, and she knew too that the two of them would be able to get along very well on just Henry’s salary and nothing more…




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