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xNovel - The Lusty Teacher


The Lusty Teacher

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Every day in art class young Bobby Wills got a hard-on looking at Miss Harris’ swell legs. Sometimes she would sit on the top of the desk and he could see between her big, pretty thighs. Wow! She had the best legs ever! What upset him the most was when Miss Harris used the blackboard. Just before she turned she would tuck her blouse into her skirt and take a deep breath. Every lad in the classroom held his breath. Miss Harris had tits that had to measure a full thirty-nine inches. At the start of the semester Bobby had watched to see if she got pissed when the boys eyeballed her tits. But Miss Harris was cool. It did not bother her and she seemed to be very proud of being a voluptuous female. He was not sure about her age. She appeared to be between twenty-five and twenty-eight.

However, Miss Harris was self-conscious about her pretty ass. She wore short tight skirts and when she turned her back the guys got an eyeful. Once in a while she would stretch up on her toes, which drew the skirt taut enough to cup her buttocks. Then it was easy to see how round and soft her cheeks were, and how they jiggled. Some days he could actually see the cut of her panties. That always made his penis even harder. When she drew on the hoard really fast, it made her ass shake like crazy. Sometimes it appeared as though Miss Harris was putting them on.

His cock would swell so big it almost busted through his jeans. He wanted to reach down and stroke it, to take the ache away, but there were girls seated all around him, so he was forced to sit there and shiver, holding back an ejaculation.

It was too much for some of the fellows. One day Louis Garcia got carried away and felt her ass. Miss Harris did not blow her top and she did not scold Louis. Then pretty soon some of the other boys started to make passes at her. At first she would snap around and indignantly sneer at the boys, silently saying, “Why don’t you grow up, kid?” But she never spoke out or made a scene, which encouraged more and more guys to try to cop a feel. Pretty soon it was on the grapevine that there were free feels on Miss Harris. But Bobby did not have the nerve to do it. He felt the whole student body could get away with it, but the moment he would try, the roof would cave in on him.

After the end of the class the guys hung around until the girls had cleared the room so they could feel Miss Harris up real good. It pissed Bobby off to see the guys take advantage of a nice lady that way. They would line up, single file, and as each one passed her, he would reach out and grab-ass — then run lickety-split out into the corridor. One day, right after the bell rang, Stevie went up behind Miss Harris while she was bending over her desk, putting away watercolors, and rubbed his cock up against her ass. He humped her like a dog while she slowly straightened up, smiled, and twisted around. Stevie left the room and as Bobby tried to sneak out, hoping she thought he had not seen what had happened, she called out to him, “Just a minute, Bobby. Stay right where you are!”

She went to the doorway, looked out into the hall both ways, then closed the classroom door. She returned to her desk satisfied that the students had left for the day. She pulled the first two shades so the corner of that side of the room would be dark. She opened the door to the supply closet, and called him forward.

“Come sit here, Bobby. I want to talk with you.” Her voice was shaky, like when you ponder something sinful. He stood before her with both hands shoved into his jeans.

“Yes, ma’am…”

“Is there something wrong, Bobby? You have a curious look on your face. You look pale.”

“No. I-I was just wondering why you wanted me to stay after school. What did I do?”

“Nothing. I just want to have a chat with you. I think you have talent. Someday you’ll be a fine artist, if you work hard. But you seem so preoccupied. Why? Don’t you enjoy my classes?” She sincerely liked Bobby for his sensitivity, which she found rare in males today.

She sat on the chair beside her desk. From where he stood, he had a clear shot of her legs. She swung her chair around so he could see under her skirt while they talked. She pretended to be interested in hearing his answers while she stretched her legs out in front of her and made sure the skirt rode up high enough on her legs. Occasionally she rubbed the insides of her thighs as if they itched.

“I don’t-don’t know, ma’am. I just got something else on my mind, I guess. I don’t know…”

“Stand still when I’m speaking to you. I want to help you. You don’t want a bad grade, do you? I’m going to have to see a better effort on your part before I can pass you. Do you understand that?”

“I didn’t know I was doing so badly in your class.”

She paused, then asked, “Bobby — do you like me?” She looked quickly around the room as if there might be someone hiding in it. Then with both hands she slowly inched her skirt up over her crotch. “I like you a lot, Bobby. You’re not like the rest of those bullies. I imagine they say all kinds of dirty things about me, don’t they? Do they say they want to fuck me, Bobby? Bobby, Bobby, look at me, no, not in my eyes — down here. Can you see my pussy?” He shook his head. “I bet you can’t guess how hot it is. You know why, Bobby? You make it that way…”

He could say nothing.

“Move your hands, Bobby. Let me see you. May I see if it’s hard or not…?”

Bobby, stunned, dropped his arms to his sides. He could not look her in the eyes, and he felt flushed. This grown woman was actually looking at his prick. He was afraid it would not be as big as some of the others she had seen. She licked her lips, looking at his crotch. What did that mean?

She rolled her buttocks on the chair, leaning back to project her pussy-center. She reached down and grabbed the insides of her panties and pulled them taut over her cunt. It swelled up and for a second Bobby thought she was a boy too.

“Have you ever seen a woman’s pussy before, Bobby?”

“No, no — not right up close. I mean, I’ve seen pictures.”

“Have you ever had a girl before?”

She pulled the material to one side and her open gash peeked out at him. It was blinding. The long pink slit was contracting and winking at him. The hairs were curling everywhere over it and down the sides of her soft thighs.

“No… no…”

“But I bet you know how. Did you ever see your mommy and daddy doing it? If you have, then that’s all you have to do. Follow me, Bobby.”

She stood up and gapped her legs, rubbing her cunt the way a man would warm up his dick.

She went to the dark corner and stood by the open supply-room door. She looked back at him where he hesitated at the side of the desk. Bobby would not budge. She swallowed her pride and went back to lead him into the closet.

There was not much room to move about inside the closet. There were art supplies and a mop and bucket, and shelves of paints. She was standing so close to him that he could feel the heat radiating from her body. The sweet perfume of her femininity rocked his male senses. Pussy! Pussy!

“What are you afraid of, Bobby?”

“Nothing, Miss Harris…”

“Then open your jeans for me. You’re not shy, are you?”

“No ma’am, but… but… but…”

“Here, I’ll do it. You must realize that you’re a big boy now.”

He wanted to reach out into the darkness to where he thought her pussy would be. He wanted in the worst way to squeeze one of her big titties. They could not be as huge as they looked, could they? But instead he stood rigid, feeling her fingers fumble with his belt buckle, then brush inside his waistline to press the heel of one palm hard into his penis, while the other massaged under his nuts.

She heard him groan in an explicit agony of heat. “Yes, darling I know how hot you are. Ill fix it. These jeans are so tight. Doesn’t it hurt your balls all jammed up this way?”

“No, I hardly notice them. I mean, I don’t know what I mean, Miss Harris. Are you going to do what I think you’re going to do?”

He had both hands up to his face, chewing away his fingernails. His face was gleaming with sweat. He looked down and saw her kneeling with her pretty face close against his fly. Oh, wow the way she stared at him. Then she had his jeans down below his buttocks.

She made herself comfortable on the floor by cocking one leg around his leg, then dry-fucked him like a horny bitch dog. It was too good to be true. Nobody would ever believe that Miss Harris was a cum-freak. It was so good and so funky that he smiled in earnest for the first time in his young life. Miss Harris — his teacher — actually doing all these wonderful sexy things to him.

His penis was not that big and he was not giving a great performance, but he was thrilled that she enjoyed it so much. He felt like a man for the first time, looking at the way she held his prick. Her eyes sexily gazed at it as though it was the most precious thing on earth. She was so loving when she skinned it back and watched it grow bigger. He felt a pain of ecstasy in his prick and she kissed it blissfully away.

The touch of her wet, juicy mouth over the head of his penis made him jerk and flatten out against the wall. In his frenzy he knocked over a pail and it clanged to the floor. They both held still for a moment — would anybody hear it out in the corridor? All the students should have been out of the building by now.

He could not stop jerking his hips, shooting out his cock, trying to find her lips again. She was cool and calmed him down by licking up and down his shaft, then she cupped her fingers under his nuts and squeezed a little. She squeezed harder and he lifted up off the floor and shot off. The spurt missed her face and splattered on her shoulder. She teased with her tongue as if to say that the prick shot had missed and to try again.

“Owee, there’s a lot of cum in there, isn’t there?” She stroked it with both hands now — keeping it hot to see if he could shoot off again.

This was why she loved going down on virile young boys. Their cocks were so uninhibited, so innocent yet. Young, dumb, and full of cum. No one had touched this kid before; he was riper than a tomato, his prick so stuffed-to-the-brim with cum that some dumb chick was not getting, that it was difficult to hold because it was so intensely hot. His juice had that Pet-Milk flavor; he was not weaned yet. There was a cornmeal substance caked around his foreskin. She licked it and it was grainy, so yummy and virile. He was at the peak of his puberty.

She sucked his dick into her mouth, then let it withdraw and kissed the tip. She skinned it down tight and teased her tongue all around the ridge. Her lips puckered the crown into her mouth, while her tongue attacked the eye of the hurricane. Each time she jabbed her tongue into the slit of his crown he lurched and fucked wildly. Then she lifted it and lapped up one side, from his testicles to the top of his crown, then down the other side to gnaw at the base of the stock.

She pulled back again and looked at its length.

“Shove it in my mouth, Bobby. You know how…” Bobby moaned and held on the best he could. She was giving him the full treatment now, the butterfly, the deep throat, the licks under the nuts, and the big tease at the asshole.

“I bet you’ve never had a blow job before, have you?” she asked with a mouthful of cock.

“No ma’am, I ain’t never.”

“Hmmm, good. I’ll show you how good it can be. You’re so young yet. Poor thing.” She puckered her lips and flicked her tongue into the slit of his crown again. The cum came seeping out of the tube and he groaned.

“I think I’m cumming…”

“Let it flow, baby! Juice my mouth! I love it!”

“Ohhhh, Miss Harris damn, you’re so beautiful. Your mouth is so hot.”

“It’s all for you, sweet thing. Am I too beautiful for you to shoot off in my mouth? My lips are hot and I love sucking your prick. You’re so strong, so long, so big… oweeee… so sweet.”

A spurt of cum shot up her nose and she sniffed, and continued to lick for the best of the load. When this kid gave it, it was going to be a gusher. And, oh yeah, she knew exactly what to do with it, you could bet your bottom dollar. Shit, she was not risking her job for nothing. If the principal walked in and caught her redhanded at this moment, it would still be a bargain to have sucked this young boy’s cock and lick away his bubbly juice — and that reminded her that she had to hurry his climax along because it was getting late. The janitor would be passing by soon.

In a husky voice she whispered to him, “I can feel your cum shooting up through your tube. Let me suck it and help it along. Is my mouth hot? Let me feel how hot your semen is. I want to swallow it.” Her mouth clenched down so hard over his big bulb that it caused him pain. He shot off a long slimy trail of semen and it splattered over the roof of her mouth. Her tongue was there instantly to catch the glob and rinse it over her mouth. But his penis was still inside and there was not much room. He would be shooting more soon and it might be more than a mouthful next time. She took it out of her mouth and savored the salty, ball-flavored taste of his cum.

“That was delicious, Bobby. What a man you are.” She patted and squeezed his buttocks.

Suddenly it flashed in his head that he knew the real definition of man and woman. That did the trick. He shot off so hard that he almost fainted dead away. He fell back and slumped down very near to the floor. She pulled him back up by the root of his cock.

“Yes, I know. It was good, wasn’t it? But see what you did? You got it all over my face and hair. I’m a mess now.”

She flicked her wrist to sling away the cum stuck to her fingers. Poor Bobby did not know if he should piss, shit, or go blind! He was flat-out embarrassed, thrilled, angry, greedy, cumming… over and over again until it seemed it went on forever. Then he had to squat and hold his legs open because of all the cum seeping down from his penis.

“Owee… we’re going to need a bucket for you, kid. Sorry, I didn’t know…” She went down for a second time to cleanse and see that nothing was wasted.

When at last she had licked him clean, she stood up. Her clothes were disarranged and her skirt was caught above her waist. The sight of her panties cutting into her fleshy thighs aroused him a little.

“Miss Harris — does this mean…”

“No it does not!”

“Oh but please, Miss Harris. Can’t I fuck you just once? I-I never did it with a girl before,” he pleaded, clutching his penis, the erection gone, but the sexual urge still there.

“Oh look, Bobby. You had a great time, didn’t you? I’m very sorry, I don’t do the other.”

She cleansed the cum out of her hair and wiped her mouth. She looked down at his penis which was growing harder the more she resisted him. She felt pity for the kid; what a man he was going to be. Already his prick was back at full length, not as wild as before, but wiser, and wanting to take it all in again slowly.

“Oh Miss Harris, I’d be so appreciative if you would just let me stick it in your pussy once…”

“No,” she smiled, “you’ve had enough.”

“Please,” he pleaded, and involuntarily lost control of his body as it began to dry-fuck. He looked down at himself in surprise as if his penis did not belong to him any more.

“Oh wow. How can I refuse when I see you so hot? I really shouldn’t, but I guess it won’t hurt.”

She raised her skirt and pulled down her panties. She poked her pussy with her finger and fucked herself for a while. Then she wiggled toward him, her skirt up, the drawers half way down her ass. She spread her legs and arched her cunt up toward him. He looked down at her white thighs, curly pussyhairs, and the pink clitoris peeking up like a periscope.

“Fuck me quick. Okay, Bobby?”

“Yeah, wow…”

“It’s going to be good when you stick it in me, isn’t it, Bobby?”

“Ohhh… wow, oh wow. You’ll really let me.”

“Just stick it in me, quick! Hurry, Bobby!”

Bobby was frantic, fumbling, trying to fit his penis into her pussy. His jeans were half off and he could not squat low enough to penetrate up into her pussy hole. He kept missing the target. She was making animal sounds deep in her throat. He fucked out toward her pussy again. Then they were both grabbing at her cunt hole to pry it open.

“No, here, let me do it. You’re too slow.”

“But I can do it. I want to put it in… the man is supposed to…”

The mere touch of her pubic hairs over his dickhead burned his crown and pleasure oozed through him. It was too late to stick it in her. The most he could hope for now was to rub it in her naked slit.

“Quick, put it in your pants now. We have to get out of here before someone sees us. And you must promise not to tell any of your friends about this. If you do, I won’t suck you again. And you liked it, didn’t you?”

“I don’t think I can walk…”

Bobby left the classroom and Miss Harris took a minute to straighten her clothes. What a mess she was with all that cum on her chin! Some was still caked in her hair. “Good heavens, Linda Harris! What kind of a harlot have you turned into? What must poor Bobby think of you?” Well… somebody had to suck his cherry.

She gathered up her papers, picked up her handbag and started for the door. She saw the janitor leaning on his broom in the corridor just outside her door. Just what she needed! A dirty old man who was also a Peeping Tom.

“Well, well, you holding class kinda late, ain’t you, Miss Harris?”

She closed the door and stepped out into the corridor. She would do her best to ignore him. Jeremy was pushing sixty-eight and still could not be trusted. She could feel his eyes undressing her. He wanted to ball her but he was no real threat. Then she realized that they were probably all alone in the building at this hour.

“What’s your hurry?” He blocked the corridor, still leaning on the broom. “Don’t you want to chat a while?”

“Look, Jeremy, we’ve gone through this before and I hate to hurt your feelings…”

He put the broom handle between his legs and started playing with himself. “What is it, Miss Harris? I’m not young enough for you? Just happened to see little Bobby Wills leave yonder. You sure kept him late today — his folks is gonna be a heap worried ‘bout ‘im.”

“Look you! I don’t like your filthy insinuations. Bobby is flunking his class.”

“Bullshit. How do you flunk art? And don’t get so riled up. I was gonna keep your secret.”

“What secret?”

“C’mon, Bobby Wills ain’t the only kid. I jus’ wonder what the principal would think ‘bout you sucking off them boys.”

“Why you leacherous old peeping goat!”

She moved to pass him and he caught her arm. He snatched her close to him.

“I’ve been watching you, how you been teasing these youngsters, makin’ their cocks all hard. How you show off those watermelon-sized tits, wiggle that sexy ass around. What you need is some of this peter I got. I’ll give you what you’re lookin’ for.” All the while he spoke he rubbed her hand over his nasty dick.

“Let go of my hand, creep. You’re too old to do anything for me. All an old man can do for me is to show me which way a young man went!”

“Yeah, well, I can suck those hot tits of yours.” He tried to feel one and missed.

“I’m warning you, Jeremy. If you don’t let go of my hand…”

“Whatcha wanna go down on that young meat for? Them boys is jus’ babies. I’ll give you a big, hard, juicy prick to suck on. Howdaya’ like that, huh, Teach?”

“Who needs it?”

Old man Jeremy dropped the broom. The sound of it hitting the floor startled Linda. Then she saw him pull out his penis. It was red and funny-looking, about as thick and round as a pickle. Might not be bad action. He skinned it back and pointed it at her. For an old man he had a pretty good-sized erection. Shit, who said old men could not get it up?

“You know you want some of this here cock. I know how hot your cunt stays. All you radical young teachers are the same — the new breed. Well, I got something that will make you smart enough to teach.”

He hunched his peter out at her. She stared down at it longer than need be, but she was momentarily hypnotized by the serpent slithering out of his fly.

“You take a good look,” she said as she shifted her papers to one arm and pulled up her skirt, “and eat your heart out, because I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last cock on earth. I wouldn’t let you sniff my pussy. And it’s good too. Young-hot-stinky pussy in its prime of goodness.” She gave him a bump and grind before she let the skirt drop.

But in that flash he caught a glimpse of her long legs and pouting pussy in white panties.

Old man Jeremy was left standing there with his mouth hanging open and his penis harder than a steel shaft. Linda turned and strutted down the corridor.

“I’ll get you, bitch,” he called after her. “One night I’m gonna pay you a visit and collect some dues.”

She crossed the school yard and noticed that there were two students on the tennis courts. As she drew nearer she saw Bill Fitz hitting the ball with Curry Grey. Her heart fluttered at the sight of Bill Fitz. “Come on,” she said to herself, “get yourself together. What’s with you today? You know what’s with you. You’re horny. But Billy Fitz is just a kid. So were the rest of the boys that you went down on. Why have a conscience about Billy Fitz?”

They were just finishing up the practice session. Linda slowed her pace to time it so they would meet at the gate.

“Hello, Billy,” she spoke, “and hi there, Curry! You feflas were really hitting that ball around.”

“Gotta work hard to stay on the team. And the only way to be a winner is to play guys like Billy here.” Curry was out of breath and pooped.

Billy looked like a winner all the way. He was tail and lanky, wiry, but quick as a cat on the court. He was headed for a professional tennis career after college. He was a superior player who was easily winning national junior tournaments.

“Don’t listen to him, Miss Harris,” Bill laughed.

“He’s as good as I am, but he just won’t practice. You gotta practice if you want to be the best at something.”

She wondered how he felt about sex.

They chatted for a few minutes and then Curry had to split. He offered to give Bill a ride to the other side of campus where his bike was parked. But instead Linda said that she was going that way anyhow, and would be happy to give him a ride. Bill accepted the ride with Linda.

They climbed into her Lancia convertible. It would be a short ride but Linda would make the most of it, although Billy was not the best talker. At every opportunity she glanced down at his shorts. He was sweaty and his raw masculine scent aroused her sexually.

“Have you made up your mind about what college you’re going to, Billy?”

She wanted to eat Billy up. All that young, tender meat. But he was not a virgin stud. Who would have thought it, but the guy had a dynamite reputation with the girls.

“I won’t be going anywhere if I don’t get my grades straight. And I don’t know if I want to goto college or not.”

“Because of tennis, you mean?”

“That, and Dad wants me to come into the business with him. I haven’t got it together yet, that’s all.”

“What is happening with your grades?”

“I’m just not here, you know? I don’t give a shit about history. It’s all a bunch of lies anyway.”

“All depends on how you look at it, Billy. I know you’ll make the right decision.”

She stopped in the parking lot beside Billy’s motorcycle.

“Thanks for the ride, Miss Harris. See you around.”

She glanced down at how the damp shorts clung to his pud and made a big bulge in his basket. She could not help but wonder what his meat tasted like. It might also be nice to suck out of his ass.

There was a blonde girl waiting on the curb in front of the bike. She called to Billy. Suzan Peters, Billy’s steady piece, thought Linda. Suzan was a nice enough girl but definitely not his type. Suzan was too mickey-mouse and bland.

“We’ll have to talk again when you’re not so pushed for time, Billy. Take care.”



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