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xNovel - Married And Swinging


Married And Swinging

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David came into the bedroom and set an ice bucket and two glasses on the dresser. Heidi was lying in the middle of the bed with the soles of her shoes together and both knees kinked to the side, idly fingering her slit, and he stood by the bed, admiring her voluptuous, naked body.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, his voice husky with carnal emotion. “You’re actually glowing with lust.”

“Because I’m so happy, darling.”

“That little scene in the living room was fantastic. I didn’t think you’d do it.”

“You wanted me to, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, you bet I did!”

“Then you should have expected it, darling,” she said sweetly. “I was just being a good little sex slave. Do you think I’m indecent for what I did?”

“To tell you the truth, you’re like a totally different woman and I haven’t figured out what you are yet, but you aren’t indecent.” He let his eyes drift quickly up and down her nearly naked body. “I do know that you’ve found another way to worm your way deeper into my heart.”

“You’ve got the worm,” she giggled. “Well, no, I’ve never seen a worm that big. What you’ve got is more like the key to the kingdom.” She stuck her tongue out and wiggled it vigorously, then giggled again.

“You look so fucking provocative in that outfit. Where did you get it?”

“I borrowed it from Traci. You ought to see some of the stuff she’s got. She’s going to lend me her catalogs, and I’m going to buy some of my own. The instant I put this thing on, I felt so wanton, so audacious, like somebody had turned on a switch. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you, but I can’t ever again be the shy little mouse who won’t say fuck unless you’re doing it to me.”

“Break my heart,” he said wryly, then laughed out loud.

Heidi looked at his cock and grinned. “Looks like you’re ready to go again. Do something to me you’ve always wanted to do but wouldn’t ask.”

“What I want to do is pretty kinky. Maybe it will turn you off.”

“It can’t be any kinkier than what I did with your buddies,” she laughed. “Besides, I’m your sex slave, don’t forget, so I can’t get turned off.” She laughed again. “I don’t think I ever will again anyway.”

“I’ve never seen two more startled guys,” David said.

“It was fun, darling, but quit stalling and tell me what you want to do to me.”

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” he said quietly, unconsciously holding his breath as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

“Okay,” she replied brightly, “just get me all heated up first.” She smiled hotly at him and caressed her full, sensuous lips with the tip of her pink tongue.

He lay on the bed by her, and, dominated by passion, she went into his strong arms and curled her arms around his neck and rubbed her hot, lush body against his. His hard cock prodded her belly as she covered his face, neck and mouth with hot, wet kisses, then plunged her tongue deep into his mouth, exploring impetuously, and running her hands over his body, feverishly feeling him up. Just touching him thrilled her.

He cupped the cheeks of her ass and kneaded the firm flesh. “You’ve always been passionate,” he chuckled, “but tonight, you’re as hot as a potter’s oven.” He held her close, feeling her body tremble, feeling her solid tits mashed into his chest. “I want to fuck you so badly.”

She shivered and sighed out loud as she tilted her head back and smiled dreamily. “I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t,” she whispered.

His groin felt tight and his hard cock ached. He ran his hands over her tits, stroking the magnificent mounds lovingly. “When you blew Tom and Jerry, how did you feel?”

“Like a promiscuous tart,” she giggled. “I almost expected them to pay me.”

He kissed her nipples lightly, then licked her belly, stopping short of her mound, teasing her deliberately.

“For Pete’s sake, David, don’t torment me,” she moaned. She shook all over, her shapely legs trembled with desire, fiery passion ate at her insides, and she could actually feel the walls of her cunt quivering. “Go down on me!”

“Pete isn’t here,” he said, ignoring her impassioned plea, taking his time, savoring each delightful moment, “and Tom and Jerry went home.”

Her lust running rampant, making her impatient, she pulled back, her tits heaving, her face flushed with desire, a bundle of dynamite, ready to explode any second, and jutted her tits out, exhibiting them for him, her nipples tingling under his horny gaze.

David feasted his eyes on his wife’s breathtaking twin globes of creamy, smooth tit flesh. They were like the first melons of the season, succulent and firm, with no hint of sag in spite of their massive size, and her dusky-rose nipples were swollen with lust. His throat constricted and his cock ached painfully. “Your tits are magnificent,” he husked.

She basked in his compliments, reveled in his gaze burning into her tits. The appreciation and adoration she saw in his blazing eyes made her feel magnificent. She cupped her tits and scratched the nipples lightly with her sharp nails, and the buds swelled more, grew longer and thicker. “I’m glad you like them,” she breathed hoarsely, squeezing the pliant flesh, making her nipples swell even more.

He pushed her hands away from the firm mounds and kneaded the velvety flesh, her nipples like the tips of bullets, boring into his palms.

She pressed against his hands and gasped, “You’re driving me crazy!”

“Get off the bed and turn around,” he said, “show me your ass, the way you showed it to Tom and Jerry.”

Lookey-lookey games weren’t what she wanted, but she was his sex slave, at least for a week, and she did as he asked. Her insides a jumbled mass of quivering nerves, she got off the bed and turned slowly and paused to give him a view of her profile — her long, shapely legs, her flat tummy, her gorgeous tits rising and falling with excitement, her classically sculptured profile with long brown tresses that cascaded to her waist, enhancing her ravishing beauty.

She stopped with her back to him and bent way over to accentuate her shapely ass, and spread her legs so he could see her snatch from the back.

He sat on the side of the bed with his feet on the floor and ogled her stunning ass and the deep crevice that radiated a hint of hidden delight, a delight that would no longer be hidden when he finished with her. Her luxurious hips flared out after running out of shapely leg, her narrow waist swept inward, and his head reeled from her beguilement and sexuality. “You’re a very fuckable woman,” he said softly. “Your pussy is perfectly positioned for fucking from the rear, and your buttocks aren’t a bather, the way they are in some women.”

“I wouldn’t know,” she replied, “I’ve never fucked a woman.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” David said quietly, trying to keep his voice casual.

“Is that what you’re going to ask me to do next?” If he did ask, she’d do it, she knew she would. She’d thought about it more than once, especially when she was around Traci. While Traci had never come right out and said that she was bi, she’d dropped some pretty broad hints. “After you fuck me in the ass, are you going to debauch me even more by making me go down on a woman?”

“I’m not a soothsayer, I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day.”

“That’s no answer.” She shook her ass impatiently. “Do you like my ass?”

“I can’t decide if I like to look at your ass or your tits.”

“Well, you can’t see both at the same time, so make up your mind.”

“If I look between your legs, I can,” he laughed.

Heidi straightened up and turned to face him again, melting under his laser-hot stare, her creamy flesh covered with goose bumps. She was anxious to do more than pose for him. Riding his cock in the living room in front of his buddies had strengthened the storm that was brewing in her pussy, and it was about to get out of control. “If you don’t do something soon, my damn pussy is going to explode and burn the fucking house down!”

She giggled lewdly. She felt no embarrassment, only gluttonous passion and a brazen longing to fuck her brains out. Her hands roamed over her body without shame, pawing her burning flesh, then her fingers sought the sizzling slit between her thighs and she kinked her knees and teased her clit.

Numb, in a blinding sexual trance, she kept her finger on her agitated love button and took two small steps forward. Every fiber of her being tingled with joy and her naked body shuddered in expectation and her face reflected the desire that surged rapidly to the surface.

He pushed her hand away, put one hand behind her ass and his other hand in her crotch and slipped two fingers into her sultry hole and finger-fucked her slowly.

She eyed his raging hard-on jutting up from his lap like a steel girder and quaked with longing, knowing that he was going to fuck her with his bloated prick until her eyeballs rattled. Lust overwhelmed her. Holding onto his wrist to keep his fingers in her, she fell sideways onto the bed and squirmed onto her back and spread her legs. “Fuck me, baby,” she moaned hotly, “put out my fire!”

His eyes wandered over her lush figure, her bulging tits, her undulating hips, her squirming ass. “Not yet, your fire isn’t burning bright enough yet.” Could the simple act of putting on a seductive leather outfit change her into a sexual tiger in just a matter of hours? Well, something had, that was for sure. Whenever he wanted to fuck her, she was always willing and receptive, but she’d never begged like a wanton bitch for him to fuck her, and he couldn’t resist teasing her, just to see how far she’d go. “Do you like my cock?”

“Oh, baby, I don’t like it,” she hissed, desperate for him to stamp out the fire raging in her pussy, “I love it! It’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait until you plug my hole with it!” She fondled her pussy, parted the swollen lips and exposed the red inner gash. “See how juicy my pussy is? It’s drooling for your cock, baby. Fuck me, baby, before I go crazy!”

He looked at her glistening cunt and grinned like a wolf, then straddled her body and sat over her tits with her hard nipples rubbing the cheeks of his ass. “Play with it,” he said, leering down at her, “give it a little suck.”

“Ohhhhh, God!” She wiggled her arms between his legs and hefted his heavy balls in her left hand and wrapped her right fist around his huge spear.

“Aaahhh,” he grunted. He jabbed his raging hard-on through her hot fist and his balls, loaded with cum, rolled around in her palm. “Oh, baby, you’re a hot fucking bitch!”

“I’m your hot fucking bitch,” she bawled softly. His swollen cockhead enthralled her, and she licked her parched lips as she jerked him disorderly, watching the blood-gorged love muscle throb. “Your cock is so fucking big,” she whispered, “so fucking big, so fucking gorgeous!”

“In your mouth,” he grunted. Her hands were driving him berserk, and he forgot that he was going to fuck her in the ass. “Take it in your mouth, suck it!”

“Yesss,” she crooned, agreeing with wholehearted gusto, “I’ll suck the fucking thing until you scream.” Nearly out of her skull with wanton desire, she also forgot that he’d set out to fuck her in the ass. Jerking and tugging, she pulled him forward until the tip of his dick touched her lips. “I love to suck your awesome cock and drink your sweet cum.” She opened her mouth wide and let it sink into the heated wetness. “Mmmmm,” she gurgled with sublime rapture.

Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock, her mouth sucked, her fingers stroked his long, rigid shaft, then she synthesized everything — lick, suck, stroke, lick, suck, stroke, lick, suck, stroke — marinating his cock with her hot spit as she made love to the only part of him she knew existed at that moment.

“God damn,” he groaned deliriously, his ass lurching back and forth as he fucked her greedy mouth, staring down at her, watching his prick bore between her clinging lips, listening to her slurping sounds. “You look so fucking enchanting with my cock in your mouth, baby,” he said softly, tracing a path around her tightly stretched lips with the tip of his right forefinger, feeling his cock fuck her face.

She blinked her eyes rapidly and gurgled and hoovered him more dynamically.

His hot wife was sucking him blind, and he felt a formidable pressure growing in his balls. He tried to control himself, but the task was impossible. Obviously, she was bent on emptying his balls, and he decided to let her have her way. He caressed her forehead and grunted, “Oh, fuck, baby, you’re sucking me so fabulously.” His body tensed and his muscles rippled. “You’re going to get it, baby, going to get your mouth full of cum.”

Heidi threw herself headlong into the exquisite task of sucking him dry, relishing it, feeling his cock swell even larger in her mouth. David combed his fingers frantically through her hair, holding her head firmly in his grasp, fucking her mouth in a blaze of passion, his balls swinging wildly, whacking her drooling chin.

Lost in passion, she welcomed his sudden frantic fucking. Being helpless added spice to the game, and she moved her hands to give him all the room he needed to fuck his entire lance down her gullet and took his bulky length without gagging. He fucked harder, stretching her throat muscles, and she grabbed his ass with both hands and raked his buttocks with her sharp nails. He howled, and she clawed his ass like a wildcat and wallowed in the zealous satisfaction of getting her face fucked furiously, keeping her eyes open, leering up at him, watching his face as he ravaged her plush, clinging lips.

His prick erupted like a machine gun, spraying her mouth and throat with a steady barrage of hot cock cream, and her cheeks bulged out like a chipmunk’s full of nuts. She swallowed rapidly, but his juice came too fast for her and oozed between her lips with each forward thrust. She scraped his spouting prick with her teeth, making him squirt harder, and the last few drops of cum left in his body expelled at jet speeds.

He eased back, dragging his limp prick out of her clinging mouth and sat down on the bed with a soft thump.

“Ummmmmm,” she gurgled, her mouth full of cum. It seeped out and dribbled down her cheeks, and her tongue flashed out and swiped up as much as she could reach. “I guess we got carried away and forgot that you were going to fuck me in the ass.”



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