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xNovel - Bound, Whipped & Raped Schoolgirls


Bound, Whipped & Raped Schoolgirls

Cover:cover: bound, whipped & raped schoolgirls
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It was the Fourth of July and the fireworks display at Grant Park was due to start shortly. In the girls’ shower room at Memorial High School, the girls’ gymnastics team was hurrying to rinse the workout sweat off their young bodies so they could run over to the park and meet with their boyfriends. There would be lots of making out in the bushes of Grant Park tonight as the fireworks exploded overhead. Training rules would be forgotten and abandoned. It was the Fourth of July, after all, a night to let go and celebrate.

Two of the young gymnasts, a petite brunette named Nada, and an equally petite, but slightly more curvaceous blonde named Marilyn — both of them world-class gymnasts with hopes of winning medals in the next Olympics — showered with none of the frantic hurry of the others. They took their time, letting the steaming water slide like oil over their elastic young tits, soaping their armpits and, crotches with leisurely strokes. They were waiting, as they always did, for the showers to clear out, so they could be alone — just the two of them.

Marilyn and Nada were in no hurry to get over to the park, or to give their bodies to smelly, groping boys. If they went to the park at all, it would not be to give their bodies, but to tantalize with their bodies, not to pleasure the boys, but to leave as many boys as they could begging and humiliated, with slapped or clawed faces, with balls blue enough to fall off. They were, after all, the two most desired girls in town, were fast becoming two of the most desired girls in the nation due to the celebrity status they were gaining on network TV, and no Memorial High School cock-face was going to touch their bodies without being put instantly in his place.

“Well, hurry it up!” Marilyn shouted at the other girls. “Do you wanna miss the fireworks?”

All the other girls but Nada jumped as it the fire alarm had just gone off, several of them slipping and sliding out of the showers without bothering to rinse the soap off their pussies.

A few boys tonight will get their dirty mouths washed out with soap, Marilyn mused gleefully. As they well deserve! She and Nada glanced at each other and bath of them smiled. She was sure Nada was having the same thought about boys with soap in their mouths.

The two girls stayed under separate showers, both of them waiting for the infantile jabbering and squeals of the girls in the locker room to gradually lessen and fade away. Their pussies throbbed as they watched each other, each girl admiring the other’s tits and voluptuous curves. They both turned to show off their asses and the rosy-pink puckers between the smooth, firm ass-cheeks.

Gorgeous! they both thought, and they could hardly wait to join their bodies under a single shower.

They’d been making out with each other since before either of them had sprouted hair on her pussy, and they still found each other to be the ultimate sexual turn-on. The only thing that turned them on anywhere near as much as each other was the act of teasing men with their bodies. Neither girl had ever given herself sexually to a male, and neither girl had any plans to do so. They had beauty, success, fame — and each other. What more did either of them need? Certainly not men — except for teasing and putting down.

As Nada and Marilyn got hotter and hotter, the pussy-cream oozed from their throbbing teen cunts and trickled down their legs. Nada and Marilyn displayed themselves seductively to each other, each girl got as turned on by her own vampish undulations as much as by the sight of the other’s. As they teased each ether in what they thought was complete privacy, they had no idea they were being watched through a one-way mirror by a man they had both come to despise, despite the years of work he’d put in developing them into world-glass gymnasts. That man was Coach Ross Sterling. They despised taking orders from any male.

The muscular coach had pushed his gym trunks and jockstrap down around his knees. He had his uncut cock in his hand, and his nose was all but pressed to the viewing side of the one-way mirror. He was standing in the pitch dark office of the women coaches, having let himself into the office through the usually locked door that joined the adjacent men’s office with the women’s office. He didn’t dare sneak in here often, for fear he’d be caught, but it was the Fourth of July, and it was almost a for certain that he and his girls were the only people in the school this evening.

“Damn, look at em!” he whispered, literally drooling.

His heavy breathing and the flesh-slapping noises of his thick foreskin as he worked it beck and forth over his wet cock-head were the only sounds in the dark office. The locker room outside the office was alive with girlish squeals and giggling, sounds that sent itchy thrills through his cock and asshole. He had a large collection of erotic videotapes at home, but none of them excited him as much as the sight of Nada and Marilyn naked, or the real-life sounds of squealing young girls in a locker room. If it were possible, he’d spend all his days concealed in this office, behind this one-way mirror, beating off as he watched young girls shower.

He was ready to blow his load now, but he had to hold off until he saw Marilyn and Nada go down on each other. Nothing in the world turned him on more than watching Marilyn’s blonde head bob between Nada’s thighs as Nada’s chestnut head bobbed between Marilyn’s thighs. The two girls would go at each other like hungry animals, sucking and biting, slurping up and drinking each other’s honey-like pussyjuices, tongue-fucking each other until they squirmed and squealed with mutual ecstasy. He’d been watching them eat each other for years, since their junior high days when they’d first started coming to Memorial High for special, advanced coaching.

They were the two most talented gymnasts he’d ever coached, and he’d coached many talented girls. Before coming to Memorial High School six years ago, he’d coached college and national level gymnastics. He’d served as a world gymnastics official. He’d coached several potential world-class girls, but he’d never succeeded in producing an international medal winner, so six years ago he’d thrown in the towel, the pressures and frustrations of coaching at the world-class level too much for him, and he had accepted a much lower-pressure, but well-paying job here at Memorial High. When he’d taken the job, he’d never dreamed that one day he’d be coaching the likes of Nada and Marilyn, who were not only the most talented girls he’d ever coached, but the best-looking and most voluptuous as well.

If I could just get my hands on them! he thought. Just once! The experience would blow his mind, would probably kill him, but what a way to go! All he’d been fantasizing about sexually these last few years was Nada and Marilyn naked, Nada and Marilyn together in bed with him, Nada and Marilyn fucking him.

“Oh Jesus!” He released his cock as a dangerous tremor shot through it, then held his breath, praying he wouldn’t go into spasms. He had to save his cum-load for the sight of them sucking each other. Then the pleasure when he came would be that much better.

His cock flexed wildly in the dark, dripping thick drops of cum. When the pulsations eased in it, when it settled back down to a slow throbbing, he grabbed his cock again and stroked it, more slowly this time, more carefully.

The two girls moved under one shower together, pressing their tits together and kissing as the hot water sprayed over their shoulders. Their bellies slid together. They humped, their pussy-mounds — one blonde, one dark — wet and rubbing against each other. They wrapped legs around each other’s legs, stroking hot toes up and down each other’s smooth legs…

Unfortunately, although the coach could hear the sounds in the locker room outside the front door of the women’s office, he couldn’t hear the sounds coming from the shower room. The one-way mirror was too thick, too well sealed and insulated. He heard the moans of the two kissing teenagers only in his mind.

If only he could kiss those mouths! he thought. If only I could rub myself against those silky smooth bodies! If only I could drop to my knees and worship them, licking between their legs, licking them inside and out!

He imagined himself fucking them, but he knew that he would never, never be able to have them in real life. They were the touchiest, most temperamental girls he’d ever met. He’d learned long ago never to lay a hand on them.

He’d once been clawed in the face by Marilyn when he’d tried to hug her during a televised gymnastics meet after she’d scored a perfect 10 on the balance beam. A photograph of the incident had made newspapers around the country, and the humiliation would follow him throughout the rest of his career. Even if Marilyn or Nada won Olympic medals, the media would remember him not for his years of work and dedication to make them champions, but for the time he was humiliated on national television by a five-foot-tall girl with pigtails.

As Marilyn dropped to her knees in front of Nada and started blowing her, Ross imagined himself shoving his cock in Marilyn’s mouth. He could see her lips stretch thin and nearly tear around his massively thick cock. He could see her choke as he forced his cock-head down her throat. As much as he loved his two young stars, as much as he knew he would protect them with his life, he also felt the need to punish them, to humiliate them for having humiliated him, to get back at them for having treated him as untouchable despite the countless hours he’d spent with them these last six years to make them world-class competitors.

“Suck it, bitch!” he whispered, watching Marilyn’s head bob, watching her chew at Nada’s dark-furred pussy and drink Nada’s fuck-juices.

He pumped his cock, imagining the feel of Marilyn’s hot lips sliding up and down around it. His balls swelled. As Nada’s eyes rolled with pleasure, his own eyes rolled with pleasure.

“Blow that horny slut, you cunt-sucking bitch! Blow my cock!” the coach growled.

In the darkness of the women coaches’ office, Coach Ross Sterling pleasured his cock, his eyes glued to the two cunt-hungry teenage girls making out under the steaming shower. He wanted them, wanted both of them more than he’d wanted any girls or women in his life — but he knew he’d never touch them, would never lay a hand on either of them. They thought they were too good for him. He was their coach. He’d made them the sports idols they were today. But he was also their slave. They stepped on him as if he were a worm, every chance they got. He worshipped the ground they walked on, and yet he hated them.

“Oh honey, suck that pussy!” Nada pressed Marilyn’s head between her legs, rubbed her throbbing crotch in Marilyn’s mouth. When Marilyn fought for breath, Nada pressed harder, momentarily smothering her lover.

As much as she loved Marilyn, Nada took pleasure in seeing Marilyn struggle, in seeing Marilyn suffer. They were as close as if they’d been twin sisters. They’d grown up together, had become champion gymnasts together, but they were also competitors, both of them very proud competitors. Only one of them could win the gold medal. Only one of them could be number one, number one not only in gymnastics, but in everything. Only one of them could be most beautiful, most sought after, most worshipped by the world.

Nada pulled Marilyn’s hair and jerked on her ears, scouring Marilyn’s mouth and nose with her hairy cunt. She took delight in Marilyn’s blubbering and choking, thrilled to see Marilyn’s face flush red and the snot run from her nose. She hated Marilyn for having blonde hair. It wasn’t fair that Marilyn should have been born with blonde hair instead of her!

Marilyn gnawed into Nada’s cunt until Nada screamed and released her head. She gave Nada’s clit a hard bile for good measure. Biting was the only way to make Nada lay off when the little bitch got carded away. She wrapped her arms around Nada’s legs and tackled her, pulled her down until she herself was lying on top of Nada in the sixty-nine position, grinding her blonde cunt in Nada’s mouth.

“Suck it!” Marilyn growled. “Drink my pussy-juice!”

The two girls rubbed their faces into each other’s crotch and sucked like starving calves. Their toes curled as the intense sensations saturated their swollen pussy-lips, their humping loins. The tart fuck-juice bubbled from each other’s pussy and they sucked and slurped, eating each other out. Their tongues slipped up each other’s cunt, twisting, probing, tasting.

Marilyn saw stars. She couldn’t get enough of this feeling, couldn’t get enough of the taste and smell of hot pussy. The steaming water from the shower fell on their wrinkling bodies, a continuous lubrication for their naked skin. They slid against each other, reveling in the sensation of flesh rubbing flesh, of mouths sucking cunts. Marilyn closed her eyes and groaned. She experienced the illusion that she was sucking off herself.

As their cunt-eating became hotter and more ravenous, they gnawed at each other’s cuntmeat and clit, their electrically charged teeth inflicting as much pain as pleasure. Like Nada, Marilyn got as much satisfaction out of hurting Nada as she did out of pleasuring her, and her excitement surged with each whimper of pain Nada let out.

The little bitch! Marilyn thought. She thinks she’s number one, but I’m number one. I’ll always be number one. I’m the better gymnast. I’m the most talented and the sexiest. And the toughest. I can handle her any day, and I’ll do anything necessary to stay number one. Anything!

The coupled girls rolled from side to side, sucking and biting, humping and rubbing, giving and getting pleasure and pain. At times they looked more like wrestlers than lovers, looked more as if they were trying to tear each other apart than make love. The fuck-juices poured from their burning cunts, running into each other’s mouth, down each other’s neck and tits. The hot water continued to drench them, and at times they choked on it, half drowning as they wrestled.

They were oblivious to everything around them. Coach Sterling could have walked in at that moment and they wouldn’t have noticed him. Coach Sterling didn’t walk in because he was safely concealed behind the one-way mirror, now beating his cock as if trying to rip the foreskin off it. He was so entranced with the sight of Marilyn and Nada locked in their sexual embrace that even he failed to notice the jeans-clad, barefoot, pony tailed young girl who had run back into the showers in search of her going-steady ring, which she’d removed and misplaced when she’d taken her shower.

The intruding young girl, gymnast Sissy Johnson, forgot all about her going-steady ring as she froze twenty feet from the cunt sucking twosome. Here were the idols of Sissy’s young life, their bodies locked together and rolling on the floor of the shower room, their heads grinding between each other’s legs, animal-like growls coming from their throats. Sissy’s mouth dropped open and she stood there trembling. She had never know shock till now. She was on the verge of fainting. This just couldn’t be! Nada and Marilyn couldn’t being doing this!

Nada and Marilyn exploded in unison, whining like two female cats being screwed by hard biting toms. As the spasms swept through their coupled bodies, they shuddered and jerked, writhing against the tile floor, working their toes madly as their contracting cunts exploded in each other’s mouth. They groaned loudly, eating and licking until the last fuck-thrills had pulsed through their loins.

In the darkness behind the one-way mirror, Coach Sterling exploded his creamy spunk against the concrete-block wall. The splashes were audible in the still office, and his grunts and gasps of pleasure echoed in the room, making him fear for a moment that there was another person in the dark room with him. Right now he couldn’t care. His body was gripped with orgasm, with fuck-pleasure. The cum spurted from his pulsating cock, making a mess of the wall and filling the room with a musky, alkaline aroma.

“Eat it!” he mumbled, imagining his cock in Marilyn’s mouth, in Nada’s mouth, imagining her thick cum filling their throats and choking them. “Suck it down!”

He closed his eyes, jerking on his cock, pumping out his cum-load. The warm feeling pulsed in his belly and loins. His toes tingled in his athletic shoes.

When he opened his eyes, he had to blink a few times to make sure he was seeing what he was seeing and not imagining it. Marilyn and Nada were on their feet, their fingernails sunk into Sissy Johnson, their juice-wet faces as red and flustered-looking as the younger girl’s. Where Sissy had come from, Ross Sterling didn’t know, but he could see that she was in trouble — big trouble!

Marilyn and Nada, looking meaner than Ross had ever seen them look, their usual angel-faces contorted like the faces of old witches, dragged the squirming young girl out of the showers and out of Ross’ sight. He heard her pleading with them as they dragged her into the locker room, and he cursed the architects who had designed Memorial High School.

The damned architects had installed one-way mirrors that looked from the coaches’ offices into the shower rooms, but they hadn’t even installed windows that looked from the coaches’ offices into the locker rooms. All the coach could do was press his ear to the outer door of the office and listen — listen to the pleadings and whimperings and shrieks of poor little Sissy Johnson as Marilyn and Nada punished her, as they tortured her for having caught them in the act of sucking cunt.



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